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Full text of "The Gloucester directory, and Rockport business directory"

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REYfv, ■ ■ ,■■,.- v , 



llll III mi 
3 1833 02140 0905 

Gc 974.402 G51g 1899-1900 
The G i oucester d i rectory 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2013 




WWffii^ffi-™, ■•7-:—', -:- : ,— .■;;:■, ■■:-: -••■■"; -..:■ ;-rrr.:-~^-i!^!Tn>^m 








Members of Association at American Directory Publishers 


JB_ 10 4 6 14 

CorvniGiiT, 1809, jsy Samtson; Muki>ock,.& Co. 




Stationery, Newspapers and Periodicals. 



Blank Books to Order. 

Also Picture Framing. 





Rand Rock Drills. 


FORCITE POWDER ^- mzmilss^ 

Laflin & Rand Gunpowder. 








Steam Pumps, Boilers and Engines, Steam and Water Gauges. 

and a general assortment of Supplies l'or Steam, Gas and Water. 


134 FEWER AX ST. AFTEK NOV. 1, 1899 


<^:t l v 7 ^ 1899. e/JflO 




( Se&le of Rods 

y/^y- b/tir.k (uic tJirouqh centre of .S/>c:/j 

.j'/*oitj j7//i Street Jtailvrxxr Htmlta 



v IV 









Members at Association of ArherlCtin Directory Publishers 


Copyright, 1899, by Sampson, Mukoock, & Co. 


Thirty years have now elapsed since the ■time when, by arrangement with 
Messrs. PROCTER BROTHERS, the well-known booksellers of Gloucester, our 
house entered upon the publication of the Gloucester Directory. In 18G9 
it was a small volume, and has increased gradually with the growth of the city, 
various improvements and additions having been made from time to time. A 
noteworthy change this year is the addition of the Towns of UOCKP'ORT, Kssi\.\ 
and MANCHESTER, which are given in full and complete form, each residence 
and place of business in the four places being visited by our canvassers tq insure 
accurate information, and the volume is issued with the confident feeling that 
it will prove most useful and valuable to the large nuinbei of our patrons, to 
whom our thanks are tendered. Advertisers in this edition get the benefit of 
a large circulation. 

We also wish to especially acknowledge the Courtesy and valuable assistance 
of the city officials, officers of societies, institutions, and others, which are 
indispensable to make a correct work oi this kind. 

It is our determined purpose to continue this publication, and give the 
citizens a reliable index to the business and professional interests, as well 
as the correct location of the homes of the inhabitants. 

Attention is directed to the table below, showing the large number of 
changes in compiling this volume, and incidentally the worthlessness. of all 
former issues now for reference. 



Names in Directory of 189G 10,343 

Names added in compiling Directory of 1891) 2,935 

f 13.278 

Names erased in compiling Directory of 18'J'J li,17«s 

Number of Names in Gloucester Department, 18'J'J *1 1,100 

Increase of Names. , G37 

*This number includes the names of about GOO persons who have died or re- 
moved from the city since the 18'JG Directory was issued, with date of death, etc. 

In addition to the above:— Names 

Kockport Department contains 1,045 

Essex " " @57 

Manchester " <» 880 

Add Gloucester Department 11,100 

Making a grand total of names in the present volume 14,1'rtL! 



Abbreviations 25 

Acoriana Beneficial Association..'. 320 

Advertising Department 51 15 to 539 

Alpine Social Club 322 

American Legion of Honor :!25 

Ancient Essen ic Order 325" 

Ancient Order of United Workmen 324 

Aunisquam Yacht Club 322 

Assessors ;i!5, 389, 413, 4-13 

Associated Charities 321 

Athletic Club 322 

Bahds'of Music 202 

Banks 202, 32'.), 390 

Blocks, Buildings, Halls, Etc 10 

Board of Aldermen 315 

Board of Health 315, 389 

Board of Trade 321 

Hoarding Houses 2lM 

Business Directory of Gloucester.. 2*11 
Business Directpry of Rockport... ."' 

Business Directory of Essex -108 

Business Directory of Manchester <C57 

Business Men's Association.. i(2 1 

Calendar 1.'! 

Cape Ann Camera Club 

Cape Ann Historical Association . . 
Cape Ann Horticultural Society... 

Cape Ann Poultry Association 

Cape Ann Scientific and Literary 


Cemeteries 329, 

Census of Massachusetts 

Churches, Etc 320, 389, 413, 

City Government — 

Clergymen 271, 882, 409, 

Clubs 322, 390, 

Col umbitr Club 

Columbian Catholic Benefit Soc... 

Commissioner of Wrecks 


Common Council 

Commonwealth Club JS22 

Constables 317, 38 l J, 413, 443 

Courts and County Officers 331 

Custom House 330 

Daughters of the Am. Revolution. 320 
Daughters of Liberty 320, 390 



Daughters of Pocahontas 324 

Daughters of lhhekah.... 823 

Degree of Honor i!25 

District Messenger ( Jompany 327 

East Gloucester Yacht Club 322 

Eastern Star, Order of 323 

Electric Light Company 328 

Essex Business Directory 408 

Essex County Club 443 

Essex General Directory '.'>\)'A to 407 

Essex Street I H rectory o'.)2 

Essex Tow n Officers 413 

Expresses 277, 383, 409, 439 

Female Charitable Association 322 

Perry 330 

Lire Departments, 310, 389, 413, 443 

Firemen's Relief Association 321 

Fire Underwriters ".'527 

Fishermen's Institute IJ21 

Fishermen's Widows' and Orphans' 

Aid Society :52l 

Gas Light Company 328 

Gilbert Home for the Aged 321 

Gloucester Street Directory 17 

Gloucester Business Directory.... 201. 
Gloucester General Directory. 25 to 20o 

(iood Templars 827 

Grand Army of the Republic. 320., 413 

Halls and Public Buildings 10 

Harbor .Master 330 

High School Association 322 

High School Battalion.... 319 



32 J 

Hotels 288, 38." 

Huntress Home for Old Ladies . . 

I ucorporated Companies. ... 

Improved Order of Led Men 

Inspectors, Superintendents, lite. 

Insurance Companies 289 

Justices of the Peace 330, 

Kettle Cove Golf Club 443 

lv nights of Columbus 325 

Knights of Honor 325 

Knights Of .Malta '324 

Knights of Pythias 324, 3!)0, 414 

Ladies' Acoriana Beneficial Asso- 
ciation 320 



Lady Foresters 325 

Lawyers. 201, Hi 

Legion of Honor 325 

Libraries 322, 11 3, -l-Ki 

License Commissioners »> L & 

Light Houses and Harbor 330 

Manchester Business Directory... 437 
Manchester General Dir....417 to 430 

Manchester Street Directory 41(1 

Manchester Town Officers 443 

Manchester Unity, LO.O.F 323 

Manufacturing OOinpanh 

Masonic Societies 323, 300 

Mass. Catholic Order Of Foresters. 325 

Master in Chancery 33 1 

Master Mariners' Association 3'22 

Medical Examiner...; ... 331 

Men Lost at Sea 1 f> 

Military 32G 

Montezuma Club :;l'2 

Music Teachers 204, 388, -4 1 li 


Registrars of Voters.. ..SIT), 38'J, 443 

Relief Association 322 

Rockport Business Directory 381 

Rockport Geneial Directory.:! 1 1 to 3SO 

Rockport Social Club 390 

Uockport Street Directory 342 

Uockport Town Officers 389 

Roundabout Club 322 

Royal Arcanum .... ;!L';i 

Royal Society of Good Fellows.... 325 

Savings Banks 303', 390 

527, 328 Sawyer Free Librar) 322 

Schools and Teachers 301), 31S 

Scottish Clans 325 

Sea Foam Club 322 

Selectmen 389, -i 1.3, 4 k; 

Sheriff and Deputies 331 

Signal Boxes 3KS 

Sisters of Mercy 321 

Societies, Associations, Etc .321 10 \'>-l 
Sons of Veterans 320 


295, 380, 4 1 1 

.205, 386, 411, II 1 

20.5, 380 

323, 390 



•rn Star 323 

Street Directory of Gloucester... . 

Street Directory of Udckport 

Street Directory o] Kssex 

Street Directory of Manche.-lc r... 

Street Riiilwaj Company 

Surveyors, Weighers, Ktc 

Teachers 294. 301 


: ; u s 

Naval Brigade... 


Notaries Public. 


Odd Fellows 

'Odd Ladies 

•Old Ladies' Hon 
Order of the Fas 

■Order of Foresters 325 Telegraph Ollices 309, 414 

Overseers oi the Fo.o r, 3 1 5,380,413,443 Telephone Offices 538 

1'arks 10 Temperance Organizations 327 

Physicians 208,380,411,441 Truant Officer 318 

Uii-rim Fathers 324. .".'JO ! Trustees (Mil Fellows Building... .. 328 

Police Departments 317, 443 I Undertakers 311, 388, 11 2 

Population of. Massachusetts 11 United Order of the Golden Cross, 325 

Population of I nite.l States, Lie.. 444 United Order of IMlgrim Fathers.. 324 

Fori Wardens 330 United Workmen. Order' of 324 

Po-t .oilices 330,387, ill, 443 Veteran Firemen's Association 322 

Probate Court ;'>.'! 1 Water Commissioners. 310, .389 

Public Administrators 331 Weighers, Gangers, .310, 389, 413, li;i 

Pythian Sisterhood 324 \ Wharves 10 

lUlhbone Sisters 324 Women's Auxiliary of V. M. C. A, 322 

Railroads '. 330 i Women's Christian Temp. Union.. 327 

Red \ieu, Improved Order of 324 | Women's Relief Corps 320; 414 

Reform Club 327 \ Yacht. Club.-, 322 

Registrars of Deeds 331 ! Young Men's Christian Assoc 322 



Adams A. B., Essex Falls 520 Growell 'J'. V. & Co.. Best 

AlexandeV W. P., .Main, junction 
Washington 524 

Allen James, Essex 520 

Andrews Albert C. 75 Main 528 

Arakelyan J. -J., Boston 

bottom line Oil back cover 

Armstrong Michael, 29 .Main 532 

Association of American Directory 

Publishers 12 

Barker Fred A. 134 Main., .back cover 

Barnard George K. 41 Connner- 

eial GBL' 

Barrington Frederick B. 9 Procter 525 

Bennett Frank D. 43 Duncan 531 

Berlitz School of Languages, Bos- 
ton a:;8 

Bolger & Hega)i, 153 -Main, front cover 

Boston Galvanizing Works 

front colored 
Boston & Lockport Block Co., Hus- 
ton front cover 

Boynton Cbarles II. rear 55 Main. 531 
Braman, Dow',..* Co., Boston, front col'd 

Brown Charles I >. 193 Main I Gloucester Net andTwiue Co., Ma- 

insido front cover j plow Ood av back cover 

Brown Edward- U. 7 Main 5L'o Gloucester Sale Deposit and Trust 

Burgess Elmer F,, Kockport... headings Co. l'.tl .Main 514 

• inside back cover 
Cushion Boot and Shoe Store, 

Webster block, 9 Pleasant.. .. 510 

Dalzell -lames, 98 -Main 520 

Davis Bros. 183 Alain and 13 to 

DJ Rogers 533 

Davis David L. 21 Porter place.... 521 

Davis George A. rear 95 Main 531 

Davis Corliam, Washington, oppo- 
site Prospect 339 

Day Alvab J'. 15 Pme 524 

Pedcovieb John A. 277 Fast Main 525 
Dodge C, Furniture Co. .Manchester 527 
Dolliver Bros. 32 and 3(3 .Mam... 520 

Dow James 15., Manchester 528 

Excelsior Laundry, Vincent street. 510 
First National Bank, 191 Main ... 51-1 

Pitch George B. 170 .Main 517 

Foley P. J; .V' Co. rear 31 Com-" 

Garland William IF 14 Pearl. . 

Gloucester Daily Times, 108 Mi 

j Gloucester Nat. Bank, opp. P. I i 


Buiniiam Bros., Wharf street 520 

Burnbam FredM., Essex 520 

Burnbam L. A. & Go. 18.1 .Main... 532 

Butman & French, 19G .Mam 517 

Cameron John A. 181 .Main 51'.) 

Cape Ann Advertiser, 110 .Main... 529 
Cape Ann Nat. Bank, 15(J Mil 
Cape Ann Printing Co. 211 Main.. 

line on back cover and 530 
Cape Ann Savings Bank, 109 Main, 

front colored 

Gray Cbarles J. 129 Main 520 

Great China and Pacific Tea Co. 

98 Main 520 

Grillhi Frank O., Maplewood av... 518 

Griflhi & Cook, L'7.". .Main 521 

Halo J.P. .V Co. 75 Maplewood av. 519 

513 I Haskell II. C. L. 97 .Main, 5J5 

j Hazel Charles 11, M . 201 Main.... 533 
Biggins & Gilford Boat Mfg. Co., 

Parker street .".. 520 

Bill II. P. 257 Main 534 

Cape Ann Steam Laundry, 288. | H ingers Henry, Kockport 517 

Main 531 | Bobart Augustus, 1 .'5 Staten 525 

Center Addison P. 119 Main 510 I Hodgkins Emery, jr. 83 Maple- 
Central Cash Market, 210 Main... 524 wood av 519 

Chlsholm William F. 101 Main.,., Mods. Ion F. D. 158 East Main 523 

top line on back cover Holmes Herbert C. 102 Main 53:5 

Clark John 11. & Co. rear 151 Com- | Hooper F. If., Manchester 5L'7 

mereial 5.'!4 | Hubbard Aug. 40 to 44 Prospect.. 340 

Coakley & Co. 150 Main 510 Hunt Thomas II. 125 Main r>\'/.i 

Cole Albert 11. 55 Main 53J Ingorsoll Bros. 350 Washington, 

Commonwealth Stable, Main, juuc- I near Biverdale Mill..- 522 

tion Washington 524 Johnson George A. Capt. 99 I.Hui- 

Cranton & Davis, 4 Spring 51 rt can . . .back cover 



Johnson & Somes, Vincent street.. 51 
Kavanagh Bros., Boston.. front colored 
Kennedy Patrick, 108 Washington 532 

Kalian Lewis, Manchester 528 

Knight William A. & Co. 875 Main 522 

Lane George R. jr. 4 Gee av 518 

Lane Win. M. J B3 Maplewqod av.. 518 

Lloyd John, 2 Western av 525 

Lothrop L. D. GO to 70 Duncan.... 51 "J 
Luce 0. W. & Co., Elm Street 

Opera Houso line on front cover 

Lufkiii Charles F. 853 Main 521 

Maddix Bros. Millett 518 

.Mason Charles A. 54 Washington. 532 

Matthews Owen, 100 Main 517 

McDonald Roderick, 5-1 Duncan... 523 
McKen/.ic F. S. & A. II. 78 Main.. 524 
.McLaughlin James M. 45 Main.,,. 524 
Mears Harry W. G9 East. Main. ... 533 

Mears Henry W., Essex... , 52G 

Merchant Box and Cooperage Co., 

Willow street 515 

Miller Frank, 17 Washington 330 Wharf 519 

Montgomery Benjamin & Son, 12 

Montgomery place 522 

Montgomery Charles & Co. 12 

Montgomery place 522 

Nauss L. B. & Sons, 42 Commer- 
cial and Kail road av 510 

Nelson Anton, 5 Sargent 522 

New England Telephone and Tele- 
graph Co. f 05 Main 5158 

Orr A. J., Manchester 528 

Osgood J. II. & Co., Boston 209 

Page Ceo. C. Box Co., Cambridge- 
port 337 

Parsons David, 12 Chapel 510 

Parsons Ceo. R. & Co. 40 Warner. 523 
l'ursous Joseph (estate), 193 East 

Main 510 

Parsons W. Frank & liro, 81 .Main 517 
Pattillo Alexander, 122 Main, ft. cover 
Pattillo A. Manion, 07 Middle, ft. cover 

Peck George P., Manchester 527 

Pew John A^Son, 327 to 33 1 Main 522 

Phelps Robert W. 120 Main 533 

Pomeroy Irving II. , City Nat. Bank 

building, bottom line on front cover 

Presson Herbert, 07 Main 517 

Procter Pros. 108 and 110 Main.. 

front cover and 520 
Pulciler Geo. H. 208 Washington. 525 

Pulsifer, Cook, & Co., Boston 839 

Rankin John S. 27 Rogers 533 

Reed George A. & Son, Myrtle sq.. 535 
Reed Thomas E. 104 East Main. .. 537 
Richardson N. Sons, 104 Wash.. .. 535 
Kicker Roscoe E. 121 Leonard 510 


Roberts &, lloare, Manchester 528 

Robinson Frank, Kowe court 534 

Rocky Neck Marine Railway Co., 

Rocky Neck 521 

Kowe Andrew J., Norman avenue, 

Magnolia ,. 535 

Kowe Arthur H. 1 .Middle 535 

Kowe George, jr. rear Derby, near 

B. & M. U.K. depot 521 

Sampson George II., Boston 

inside front cover 
Sampson, Murdock, & Co., Boston. 314 

Sargent Alphonso, 089 Wash 528 

Sawyer F. II. 32 Western av 515 , 

Sheahan Timothy, jr., Uockport. .. 527 

Shurtletl Frank M. 1U0 Main 310 

Silver M. S. 102 Main 

top and side lines on front cover 

Sleep Bros. 10 Seeall 511) 

Smith James S. 59 Washington. .. 582 

Smith L. E. 215 to 228 .Main 

inside back cover 

Smith Sylvanus, jr. 803 Main 520 

Steams A. T. Lumber Co., Boston. 580 

Steele George & Co. 201 .Mam 

inside back cover 
Stevens Munroe.10 Webster block 583 
Stoddart A. P. & Co. 230 Main... 840 

Story Cyrus, 7(3 Main. 515 

Story D. Austin, Essex 527 

Story Edward, Essex 520 

Surfside Hotel, 82 Western av.... 515 

Swords James, Boston back cover 

Sylvester F. & Co. 140 Duncan.. .. 584 
Tarr Elmer E. 13 1 Washington.... 522 

Tarr & James, Essex 520 

Thurston & Atkinson, Railroad av. 518 

Tracy T. F. rear 20 Main 525 

Upham John W. 228% Main 517 

Van Nostrand A. G., Boston ..opp. 24 
Vivian George E. 3 Washington sq. 517 
Walker George II. & Co., Boston.. 

front colored 

Walworth Mfg. Co., Boston 

inside front cover 

WatSOU Bros. 108 Duncan 535 

West End Shining Parlor, 9 Main. 525 
Wheeler Harvey, Wheeler's Point. 521 
Wheeler Percy W. 75 East Main.. 520 
Williams Henry W.. Boston, front col'U 

Winchester H. B,, Manchester 527 

Witham Warren W. 309 Main 524 

Wonson Frank P. 03 Main 532 

Wonson John F. 98 Ml. Pleasant 

avenue 585 

Wonson William H. & Son, head 

of the harbor, Parker street.. . 522 
Worth Charles A., Webster block, 

Pleasant 518 




Van. Nostrand A. C, Bunker Hill 
Breweries, 40 Alford, Boston, opp. 23 

Atlases and Maps. 
Walker Geo. H. & Co. 160 Treinont, 

Boston front colored 

Automatic Fire Kx\ intuit diers. 
Walworth Mfg. Co. 10 to li i Oliver, 

Boston inside front cover 

Blocks for Manila and Wire Rope. 
Boston and Lbekport Block Co. 142 
Commercial, Boston., front cover 


Crowell T. Y. .v (Jo. loo Purchase, 
Boston.. inside back cover 

Hook Lettering and Stamping. 
Crow-el) 1'. . Y. .V Co. 100 Purchase, 
Boston '. .inside back cover 

Hook Marbling and Edge Gliding. 

Crowoll T. Y. .Si Co. 100 Purchase, 

Boston* inside back cover 


Berlin School of Languages, 132 

Boylston, Boston 338 


Van Nostrand A. C, Bunker Hill 
Breweries, 10 to 29 Battery- 
ini.rob, Boston.... opp. 25 

Bc*x Manufacturers. 
Geo. G. Page Box Co. 3 to 13 Hamp- 
shire, Cambridgeport (wood) 337 

Box Printers. 

Geo. G. Page Box Co. 3 to 13 Hamp- 
shire, Cambridgeport 337 

BOX SllOoltH. 

Geo. G. Page Box Co. 3 to 13 Hamp- 
shire, Cambridgeport 337 


Van Nostrand A. G., Bunker Hill 
Breweries,40 A lford, Boston, opp. 25 


Broker (Insurance). 

Swords James. 9S Water, Boston.. 

back cover 

Cards and Card Board. 

Pulsifer, Cook, &. Co. 18:; to 193 
Congress, Boston 33<J 

Copyright and Trade Mark Laws. 

Williams Henry W. 131 Devonshire, 

rooms 20 ami 21, Boston, front col'd 

Differential Hoists. 

Boston and Lockport Block Co. 112 
Commercial, Boston. ..front cover 

Druggists' Boxes (Wood). 

Geo. (i. Page Box Co. :j to 13 Hump 

sldre, Cambridgeport 3;;7 

Kdge Gilding. 

Crowell T. Y. $i Co. 100 Purchase, 

Boston .inside back cover 

Electric Batteries. 
Sampson Geo. II. 1 17 Pearl, Boston. 

inside front cover 


Walker Coo. H. & Co. 100 Treinont, 

Boston front colored 

Envelope Manufacturers. 

Pulsifer, Cook, & Co. 183 to 103 
Congress, Boston 3.'!'J 

Experts in Patent Causes. 
Williams Henry W. 131 Devonshire, 

rooms L'U and 21, Boston', front col'd 

Galvanized Iron Pipe. 

Braman, Dow, & Co. *j;i;j to 245 

Causeway, Boston from colored 

Walworth Mfg. Co. 10 to 24 Oliver, 

Boston front colored 

Boston Galvanizing Works, 14a Ful- 
ton, Boston front colored 

Gas Machines. 
Walworth Mfg. Co. 1G to 24 Oliver, 
Boston front colored 



Cas, Steam, ami Water Pipe 


Brainan, Dow, & Co. 239 to - 15 
Causeway, Boston ....front colored 

Walworth Mfg. Co. 10 to 2-1 Oliver, 

Boston front coloied 


Walworth Mfg. Co. lii to 21 Oliver, 

Boston front colored 

Granite Workers and Dealers. 
Kavanagh Bros. 170 Columbus av., 
Boston front colored 


Forcite Powder, Coo. H. Sampson, 

agent, 1 17 Pearl, Boston 

inside front cover 

Lalliu & Band, George H. Sampson, 
agent, 117 Pearl, Boston (forcite 
and re'ndrock). . . . inside front eover 

Heating Apparatus. 

Brainan. Dow, & Co. 239 to 2-15 
Causeway, Boston ... front colored 

Hemp anil Wire, Hope 

Boston* ami Lock port Block Co. U2 
Commercial, Boston front covur 

Hoisting Blocks. 
Boston and Lockport Block Co. 1-12 
Commercial, Boston ... .front cover 

Hot Witter Heating Apparatus. 
B ram an, Dow, & (Jo. 239 to 2-15 
Causeway, Boston ... .Iront colored 

Bi'ainan, Dow, St Co. 239 to L' 1 5 

Causeway, Boston . . Iront colored 
Walworth Mfg. Co. 1G to 21 Oliver, 

Boston front colored 

Insurance Broker. 

Swords dames, 9,") Water, Boston.-. 

back cover 

Iron IMpe Manufacturers. 

Brainan, Dow, & Co. 239 to 215 
Causeway, Boston Iront colored 

Walworth Mfg. Co. 1G to 21 Oliver, 

Boston front colored 

Lager Beer. 

Van Noslrand A. G'., Hunker Hill 
BreweriesylOaUford, Boston, opp. 2"j 


Berlitz School of Languages, 132 
Boylston, Boston 333 

Lawyers (Patent). 
Williams Henry W. 131 Devonshire, 

rooms 20 and 21, Boston, front col'd 


Walker Geo. H. &. Co. 1 GO Treinqnr, 

Boston front colored 

Locked Corner Boxes. 
Geo. G. Page Box Co. 3 to 13 -Hamp- 
shire, Cambridgeport 337 




The A.T. Steams Lumber Co. liu, 

Devonshire, Boston f.3b 

Map I'Jngrayers. 

Walker Ceo. 11. & Co. ICO Treinonl, 

Boston front colored 

Map Publishers. 

Walker Geo. II. & Co. 1 1 -o Trcmont, 
Boston front colored 

Maps ami Atlases. 

Walker Geo. 11. & Co. 160 Tremont, 

Boston front colored 

Maps and Charts. 

Walker Geo.. II. & Co. Kid Tremont, 

Boston . ..front' colored 

Maps Reproduced. 
Walker Geo. II. & Co. Kin Tremont, 

Boston front colored 

Marble Workers; 

Kavanagh Bros. 170 Columbus av., 

Boston front colored 

Metaline Blocks. 
Boston and Lockport Block Co. 1-12 

Commercial, Boston front cover 

Monumental Works. 

Kavanagh Bros. 170 Columbus av., 

Boston front colored 

Packing Boxes. 

Ceo. G. Page Box Co. 3 to 13 Hamp- 
shire, Cambridgeport 337 

Paper Manufacturers. 

i'ulsifor, Cook, & Co. 183 to 193 
Congress, Boston 339 

Paper Warehouses. 

Pulsifer, Cook, A Co. 183 to 193 

Congress, Boston..... 331) 

Patent Solicitors and Experts. 

Williams Henry W. 131 Devonshire, 
rooms 2n ami 21, Boston (also 
foreign) front colored 

Pine Packing Box Shooks. 

Geo. G. Page Box Co. 3 to 13 Hamp- 
shire, Cambridgeport. 337 


Van Nostrand A. C, Hunker Hill 
Breweries, 40 Alford, Botton,opp. 25 

Powder fur Blasting. 

Forcite Powder, Ceo. H. Sampson, 

agent, 117 Pearl, Boston 

inside front cover 
Laliiu A Rami, George H. Sampson, 

agent, 1 17 Pearl, Boston 

inside Iront cover 


Arakelyan d. J. 293 Congress, Bos- 
ton back cover 

Walker Geo. II. & Co. 100 Tremont, 

Boston front colored 



Printers' Inking Hollers. 

Osgood J. H.& Co. 100 Milk, Boston, 299 

Printers' Materials. 

Osgood J. 11. & Co. 100 Milk, Boston. 209 

Printers' Poller Composition. 
Osgood J.'H. & Co. 100 Miik.Boston. -^ni 

Printers on Wood. 
Geo.'G. Pago Box Co. 3 to 13 Hamp- 
shire, Canibridgeport 337 


Association of American Directory 

Bubs. I".,} Franklin, Boston' 12 

Berlitz School ol Languages, 132 

Boylston, Boston 338 

Crowed ,T. V. & Co. 100 Purchase, 

Boston inside buck cover 

Walker Ceo. 11. & Co. KiO Tremout, 

Boston front colored | 


Boston ami Lock-port Block Co. 11-' 
Commercial, Boston (rubber dia- 
phragm, non-ehokable), front cover 


B'ramau, Dow, & Co. 239 to 215 
Causeway, Boston (hot water). . 

from colored 

Walworth Mfg. Co. 10 toL'l Oliver, 

Boston (steam) front colored 

Pock Drills. 

Sampson Ceo. 11. 1 17 Pearl, Boston. 

inside front cover 

K ustless Iron Water Pipe. 

Braman, Dow, & Co. 230 to 215 
Causeway, Boston... front colored 

Sample Cards and Cases. 

Crowell T. V. & Co. 100 Purchase, 

Boston inside back cover 

Shooks (Pine and Spruce Pox). 

Ceo. C. Page Box Co. 3 to 13 Hamp- 
shire, Cambridgeporc 337 

Smokeless Powder. 

Sampson Geo. II. 117 Pearl, Boston. 

inside front cover 

Solicitors of Patents. 

Williams Henry W. 131 Devonshire. 

rooms 'JO and 21, Boston (also 
foreign). front colored 

Spruce Packing Pox Shooks. 

Ceo. C. Page Box Co. 3 to 13 Hamp- 
shire, Cambridgeport — 337 


Steam Fitters' Tools. 
Braman, Dow, & Co. 239 to 215 - 

Causeway, Boston.. ..front colored 
Walworth Mfg. Co. 10 to 21 Oliver, 


front colored 

Steam, Caw, and Water Pipe 
ami Fittings. 

Braman, Dow, Si Co. 239 to 21.1 
Causeway, Boston.... front colored 

Walworth Mfg. Co. 10 tu 24 Oliver; 
Bostou front colored 

Steam Heating Apparatus. 
Walworth Mfg. Co. 10 to 21 Oliver. 
Boston front colored 

Steam Jacket Kettles. 

Braman, Dow, Si Co. 239 to 245 
Causeway, Boston ,. . . front colored 

Steam Radiators. 

Braman, Dow, Si Co. 239 to 215 
Causeway, Boston ... .front colored 

Steam Pumps. 
Walworth .Mfg. Co. In to 24 Oliver. 
Boston front colored 

Steam and Water Ganges. 

Braman, Dow, St Co. 239 to 215 
Causeway, Boston . ;; front colored 

Walworth Mfg. Co. 1U to 21 Oliver, 

Boston ... front colored 

Teachers and Schools. 

Berlitz School of Language*, 132 

Boylston, Boston 

Telephone and Telegraph Co. 

Now England Telephone and Tele- 
graph Co. 125 .Miik, Boston o, 

Trade .Marks. 

Williams Henry W. 131 Devonshire, 
rooms 20 ami 21, Boston (also 
foreign) front colored 

Trunslut ions. 

Berlitz School of Languages, B 
BoylBtOil, Boston 

Steam Fitters. 
Braman, Dow, Si Co. 239 to 215 

Causeway. Boston front colored 

Walworth Mfg. Co. 10 to 24 Oliver, 
Boston front colored 

Trucks and Wagons. 

Boston and Lookport Block Co. 1 12 
Commercial, Boston (lor factory 
use;. front Co\ er 

Tube Scrapers. 
Braman, Dow, Si Co. 239 » to 215 
Causeway, Boston ...front colored 

Valves (Steam, Water, and Gas). 
Braman, Dow, & Co. 239 to 245 

Causeway, Boston .... front colored 

Wrought Iron Pipe. 
Braman. Dow, Si Co. 239 to 245 

Causeway, Boston .... 1 rout colored 
Walworth .Mfg. Co. 10 to 24 Oliver, 

Boston " trout colored 



American Directory Publishers, 


President, DAVTD B. GOULD, St. Louis. 

First Vice President, R.. L. POLK, Detroit. 

Second Vice President, TO, E. MURDOCK, Boston. 
Secretary, W. H. BATES, New York. 

Treasurer, REUBEN H. DONNELLEY, Chicago. 

DAVID ^ uOULD, St. Louis. R. L. POLK, Detroit. 

WM. E. MURDOCK, Boston. W. H. BATES, New York. 

REUBEN H. DONNELLEY, Chicago. A. G. WRIGHT, Milwaukee. 
W. H. LEE, New Haven. J. L. HILL, Richmond, Va. 

B. D. ANNEWALT, Cleveland. 


FIRST: To improve the Directory business by interchange 
of ideas, and by exchange of competent employes. 

SECOND: To protect the public against fraudulent ad- 
vertising schemes operated under the name of directories, 
and to drive such publishers out of the business. 

THIRD : To provide permanent and continuous employ- 
ment for honest and faithful directory canvassers. 

FOURTH: For mutual advancement of the established 
and prospective interests of all who may become members 
of the association* 



M MiMM ullulllliiuu illiiijulUftl 




A Valuable Book 

of Reference, 

containing Lists of the 

Merchants, Manufacturers, Professional and other 

Business Men throughout the six New 

England States, 


Together with other useful information; also « complete 

new i^iNGJi^vivi) gazi:tteii:i:, 


Steel Plate Mn[> of 'Now 


SAMPSON, MURDOCK, & CO., Publishers, 



1899. 1900. I900. 

I ^i'ili 












^ - 




i| liSi- ^n 



_! fcr 











I 1 i ">y- !■■ ■(.. 

1 Jan... 


J 2 3 












2 3 4 .'. (i 7 8 ! 

9 10 


12 13 


9 10 





i fl hi 11 u 13 14 15 1 


15 16 17 


19 .20 


16 17 

is 19 

20 21 

; hi it ie m -.'..-i sa 









25 26 

21 28 

. ^aJWitttfi'sas'] 











; m.'h •• ; 

• . 


! Aug., 




1 Auk , I 2 3 1 5 Feb.. 











6 7 8 9' 10 11 12 















13 It 13 u; 17 IS 19 , 















2w 21 '."J 23 24 25 26: j 












3d 31 


^7 24 ,25» ;>u ;;i .. 

.. ' 









Hi' pi.. 

,.( ..1.. 



*2 IMrtr.. 

• • 











3' 4 5 















J 2 




10 11 12 



















171 18 19 




23 1 













28 29 

24 25 26 


2 b 















lj 2' 3 










5 6 

8 1 9 10 


















12 13 

15 i6'n 

















19 20 

22 23 24 
















25 26 27 

29 30 31 




































2: 3 
9 10 

5 6 7 

12 13 14 

















16 17 

19 20 21 













1!) 20 



23 24 

26 27,28 

•J 9 









26 27 

28 29 30 


.-.'.! .. 





















3 4 6 



10,11 12 



































20; 21 


24 25 26 




















.. .. 1 


25 '26 

27 28 










Names of Cities are printed in Small Caimtai .s. 


Chatham . 
Dennis ... 
Harwich .. 
Orleans ... 
Sandvs ich . 


Welltleet .. 




A Hi) nl 







Great Barringto 







Ml. Washingtoi 
New Ashtoul... 
New Marlboro.. 



Richmond ..... 




Stockbridge ... 
Tyringhuin .... 
Washington ... 
West Stoekbridj 

4,(15.5 I Chim 

1,580 I Cotta 

'.nil ! Edgat 

l.Siisi ! Gay 1 

City 1,038 

11 AM TDK! 

804 I Agawa.n 



t U Tiibury! 


•IK. ... . 

jury .. 




1 4,7!) 
. 51 
. 1,65' 

A 1 lie 
. And. . . 
1H Vhltl.Y 

! Buxford 

I Dan vers 








I.Y.N N 






l ,:i5ti 



.Mens.. ii 




Southwiek .... 




West Springlie 
Wilbraham ... 



. I.iki.) ! 

M MM.KO.u6... 

May mud 

.Ml.ui'. nil) 



N j:\vton 

North Beading-. 

Reudiiig.. '.'.'. '."..'. 


Si IM KUVU.I.K. . 
Stun. ham 

. 3,740 

. -75 i 

. 6,858 

846 | 

.5 1,52: 



. !t),u;.i 
. 0,1 '.'.'5 
. 1,710 


: ,•-, i CheslerJiel 





Wilmington ... 


Wont i;.n 




•."""M Nulmnt 



1 ,288 

: 0,135 

u ry 

N01II1 Andovcr.. 





,-y . . , 
M ... 

' Swainpseott ... 


Wei, ham 

West Newbury 

.. '303 

. 423 

e 1,257 

. 4.887 

.. 550 

Total 86,202 

nillbTOl. Oi 








Fa 1,1. Kivkk... 

Freetow n 


Nkw Bki'Kiikd, 
North Attlehoro 












1 .70; 

I'll A J 





Charlemont .... 



Die. held 


Gill.. .? 



1 '-' ; Heath 

838 Leverett 

<fM Leydeil 

«g .Monroe 

'-- I Montague 

,251 i w», 

, 803 

. 1,481) 



id, mi: 




Eastluuupton .. . 












1 ,701 

1 ,202 







4 ni 





Southampton... . 


Sutltli Hudley... 

1,1 It 





Williamsburg .. 

1 ,1155 

Worthii. -ton.... 






. 8,8ll 

.' 3,:;Lm 
. 4.717 
. 1,140 

. 7.788 

. 1,710 

! o',l50 






Wareluim !.'.' ."!!"!! 

West Uridgewatcr 

SUi Kol.K 




1 ,30 1 
90 1 

■ si,; 

1.81° Sl.elburne 

1 • ,,, . r ' < Shuteabury ... 
li ( JS3 I Sunderland... 

l.()27 Warwiek 

27,115 I \ Vl .,idell 

2.«<S ' Whately 

Total 219.019 I Total.. 









408 Btirlingtoii..., 
47(5 Cam null. uk .. 

. 744 Carlisle 

. 303 Chelmsford... 

208 Concord 

, 6,05b 1 Drae.ut 

Mill Dunstable 

. 1,851 1 EYKKKTT 

, s;aol Fraininghom . 

. 498 Groton 

, 1,500 I Uolliston 

44, . Ili.pkinton.... 

000 I Hudson 

. 500 ! Lexington .... 

5-jji , Lincoln 

. 7,-,.-, Littleton 


.40,145 I MA1.D1S 











2,0S 1 





Hyde 1'ark 


Med way 








Waloole ..'.'.'.'.'.'. 









BU.H K'l'O.S 



Last Brtdgewati 








I .Marion 

• Marshtield 

, Maltapoihctt.... 
1 Middleboro 




11, ,0:0 





Dm II. 
Fit. 1 


2,1 CO 



Hoi. ten 



Lei, ester 



. 4,207 I 


. 1,010 

. 1,'JOO 
r 2,804 
. 407 
. 2,051 
. 1,380 
. 4,810 



.Mill. -i,l 


New lli.iinlre 
N'orlhboro .. 
Northbri'dge . 
North Brook: 





Llll, eelu I, ... 


. .. 2,055 

... 1,102 

. .. 2,002 

... 1,377 

. . . 1 '.'74 

... 2,1«0 

. .. 8. 239 

. .. 0.211 

. .. 1,237 

. .. bB9 

... 8.0.VJ 

... 5,L"J2 

... 512 

... 1,940 

. .. 5.2S6 

.Id l.ta.5 





Siurbridge .... 

Templet. HI.... 






West Boylstoii 
West Brooktie 

. . b\i) 

. . 078 

.. 1 524 

.. 2.223 

.. S.250 

.. 7.014 

.. 1,213 

.. 1.9 It) 

.. 3,420 

.. 2.015 

.. 2.130 

. 3,510 

.. 4,430 

.. 7,709 

.. 5,235 

. . 2 968 

1. 1,407 

.. 1,3)5 

. . 4,400 
. 98,767 

Total 300,445 



GJ.OUGK.S I.\ -A ST01O1 


187-4 to Januaryi, 1899. 

ojivpiUMl by John J. Sdm i;.s City Cleik. 








1ST 7 







5 '2 













. U'V'J'K. 


\ i;.\ t;. 





~ •> 




18 4 














-i) years. 






A V . i; \TK 


1 2.2 



Average for 25 years, 90.52 men. 

' Average per 1009 men, reckoi ing 5000 employed as fishermen. 

klK>»e |*itiiuT« iuul information is furnished by courtesy of Procter Brothers, 
the "Cape Ann Advertiser." 




Academy of .Music, Pleasant 
Andrews Hull, 70 Main 
Borgengren Block, 128 to 13| Ma 
'Breeze Building, 211 Main 
Burnham's Block, 177 to 1815 Mai 
(Jape Ann Savings Dank Building 

Center's Block, 1 1 5 to 121 Main 
City Hall, Dale avenue and Warren st. 
City National Bank Building, 105 Main 
Custom House, Main, cor, "Pleasant 
Ferguson Block, 201 Main 
Ferguson's New Block, Washington, 

corner Gould court 
Gilbert Home. 1 Western avenue 



. Buildii 


Gloucester NaD 

Main, corner 1 Human 
Good Templars' Hall, 815 Wa 
<i. A. K. Hall, 2'.) Washington 
Huntress Home, 1 lit Prospect 
Independent Hal), 175 Fast Main,! 
deifery Hall, 108Vi> Main 
Knights of Columbus Hall, 120 M; 
Liberty Hall, 208 Essex avenue 
Low's Block, Main, corner Duncan 
Magnolia Hall, 30(5 Western avenu 
Manchester Unity Hall, 07 Main 
Mansfield Hal), 21 Main 
Masonic Hall, 175 Fast Main, E. G 

! Masonic Hall, 201 .Main 
Mechanic Hall, 38 Leonard, At 

I Mechanic Hall. 02 Alain 

I Odd Fellows' Hall, 80 .Main 

I Pew Hall, 0:5 1 Main 
i 1 I Phenix Hall, 1 si Main [Rogers 

Police Court Building, Duncan,. corner 
L*ost Office, Main, corner Pleasant 
Procter's Building, M ain,. coiner Centre 
Pythian Hall, 1 I 1 .Main 
Bed Men's Hall. 108' '■, Main 
Rogers' Block, 107 lo I 13 Main 
Sawyer Block, '.>5 to 1.01 Main 

I Scientific Ball, City National Bank 
Building, lit. - , Main 

1 Sinclair's Block, Duncan, corner Rogers 
Smith's Building, 111 .Main 
Sons of Veterans' Hall, 101 Main 
Tappan Block, 1 12 to 1 It; Mam 
Fair's Block, 2(>7 Main 
Temple of Honor Hall, 177 .Main 
Temple of Honor Hall, 1'.).') Fast Main, 

Fast Gloucester 
Tibbets' Block. 101) to l()f. Main 
Village Hall, 828 Washington 
Webster Block, 121 to 120 Main 
Webster Block. 5 to 13 I'leasant 
Yules' Hal). 103 Main 
Young Men's Christian Assoc. 87 Main 


STAGE FORT PARK', oil' Western avenue, opposite Fssex avenue 

MOUNT ANNE PARK, 50 acres, Off Fssex avenue, mar Post Olllce. West Glou- 
cester. Oiven by the Minot Brothers of Boston to the State ol Massachusetts 
for a public reservation 

RAVENS MOOD PA UK, oil' Western avenue. This park was donated by Samuel 
F. Sawyer 

GOVERNOR'S HILL CITY RESERVATION, Commonwealth avenue, Beacon 
and Lookout streets 

DOG COMMONS, east of Washington street and Gee avenue. Riverdale 


Allen's (Benj. P.), Five Pound Island 

and off 05 Fast Main 
Allen's (David G.), from 07 Rogers 
Atlantic, from 133 Duncan 
Ayer's (dames S.), foot of Pearce 
Babson's, from 375 Main 
Bennett's, from 43 Duncan 
Bovnt.on's, from 53 Main 
Bradford's, from 21 Fori square 
Bumhani Brothers' Railway, from 10 

Wharf street 
Central, foot of Parsons 
Central, foot of Porter 
Chisholm's (.John), foot of Water 
Clark's, from 13 Rogers 
Clay Cove, from 100 Bast Main 
Cook's, from 257 Main [inereial 

Cunniiwfham & Thompson's, 88 Coin- 
Dennis' (George), from 139 Fast Main 
Dodd's, from 13 Wharf street 
Douglass Bros.' Fast Main street 
Duncan's Point, foot of Duncan 
Fears', from 87 Duncan 
Fort, end of Commercial 
Friend's, Vincent street 
Gilbert's, from Commercial 
Griffins, Commercial street 
Jordan's, from 375 Main 
Lane Samuel & Bros.', Vincent's Point 
Lane's, from 103 East Main 
Langsford's, 25 Rogers 
Leighton's, foot of Pearce 
Low's (Benj., estate of), foot of Pearce 

Mansfield's from 20 Main 
McRen/.ie & Co. from 40 Duncan 
Montgomery's, foot of Montgomery pi. 
Norwood's, from 00 Fast Main 
Parkhurst's, from 10 1 Duncan 
Pariiienter & Co.'s, from 105 Duncan 
Parson's, from 150 East .Main 
Perkins, from 071 Main 
Pettengill & Cunningham's from Of. 

Pew's (Western, Central, Eastern, and 

Brown's), from 331 Main 
Porter's, from foot of Porter 
Procter's 1 Joseph <>.), from opposite 51 

Reed & Carnage's, from 217 East Main 
Sayward's, from 05 Fast Main 
Shute & Merchant's. Read of the harbor 
Smith's (Sylvanus), from 401 Main 
Somes', from 20 Rogers 
Steamboat wharf, from foot of Duncan 
Steele's, from 11 Rogers 
Story's, from 227 Fast Main 
Tarr's (dames G. & Bros.), Rocky Neck 
Todd's, from 303 Main 
Walen's (M & Sons), foot of Water 
Wonson's (Charles P.), Rocky Neck 
Wonson's (John F. & Co.'s), from 207 

Fast Main 
Wonson's (Win. C), from 1 00 F. Main 
Wonson's (William H. & Son), foot of 

Parker. Fast Gloucester 
Wonson's (Win, S.), from 107 F. Main 



Giving the locution of tho Streets, Places, Paries, Squares, etc.', and showing 
what oilier streets and places run from them; or across them, with the number 
at which they intersect. 

From this list, the location of any number on a street, or thp location of any 
public building, can be easily ascertained ; as, lor instance, wishing to know at 
what, part of Prospect Street No. 87 is located, you look at Prospect Street, and 
find that Kim Street runs from SI, ami Chestnut Street from 03, showing that 
87 would come on the right, between Kim and Chestnut Streets. 

When a street crosses another, numbers (or ciphers) are given on both sides ; 
but when it begins or ends at that street, the number is given only oh the side at 
which it intersects. .Ciphers are used where no numbers exist. 

ACACIA, from 50 Grove, opposite 
cemetery gate, to Poplar 

ADAMS AVENUE., from Cambridge 

ADDISON, from 05 Washington to 
44 School 

ALBION COVitT; fr.J353 Washington 

ALLEN, from 1.10 Prospect 
1/rft. Right. 

14 Liberty. 

ALPINE COURT, from 17 Common- 
wealth avenue 

AMERO COURT, from 1 A Bass av- 
enue to 3(> East Main 

BEACON, from 7(1 Washington to 
Centennial a\ enue 
Left, ffiyhi. 


7 Beacon-st. 
7 Wells 
14 Summer 

31 Lookout 
34 o7 Conant avenue 

Centennial avenue 

ton square to Gloucester avenue 
BECIvFOKJD, from 5 Trask 

out to I enleunial avenue 


ANDREWS, from 842 Washington to I '" Lonant avenue 

the water, Lanesville Centennial avenue 

ANDREWS COURT, from tf,l Kssex ' BENNETT, from 505 Washington to 
avenue Dennison 

ANGLE, from juuetionof Main and I;,|;( "' l " 1 '"" 1 Washington, Lauesville 

BLACKBURN PLACE, fr. 280 Main 

Western avenue to 17 Middle 
ARBOR, fr. 50 Curve to :;;{ Leonard 
ml t 

BLAKE COURT, from junction of 
Haskell and Hammond 

ARLINGTON, from 1'J L 

22 (julvo j BLOSSOM, from 55 Essex avenue 

ARTHUR, from 13 Cleveland .„, % . „„, . ^ r , „„ „„., , r „ , 

..,,.„..,.,' <„*.<,>„ * ,, , , BLYNMAN AVENUE, fr. 37 Granite 

ARTIIUR-ST. COURT, fr. Arthur | t0 t j ie rivur 

ASHLAND PLACE, from 208 Wash- 

ATLANTIC, from Concord to the sea 

avenue to tbe beach, K. G. 

AVON COURT, from 145 East Main 

BAUSON, from 7 Hovey -to 32 Granite 

RABSON'S COURT, from 40 West- 
ern avenue 

BALEORD, from 80 Western avenue 

to Dike 
BARKER, from 8*Ji Washington 
BASS AVENUE, from 2U Last Main 
to the water 

East Main 
1 'A A me to court 
23 Harmony squnre 
Atlantic avenue 

Hrightsule avenue 
BEACH AVENUE, from llaskoll, 

northerly, K. G. 
BEACH COURT, fr. 23 Commercial 
Western avenue 

1 Granite court 
Conant avenue 
23 Centennial avenue 
The river 
ROND, from loo Western avenue to 

50 Essex avenue 
BORDER, from 40 Perkins to Green 
BOULDER AVENUE, from Lexing- 


■, northeasterly, 

ton avenue, M; 
BRAY, from Sun 

to Atlantic 
BRAZIER COURT, from 200 Last 

Main, beyond Rocky Neck avenue 
BRIDGE, from 1 3G Washington to 
Centennial avenue 

Curtis square 
10 15 li. & M. it.U; crossing 

18 Harold avenue 


Centennial avenue 
BRIDGEWATER, from 548 Wash- 
ington to 35 Leonard 

BEIERWOOD, from South Kiiby, at 
Bay View 




avenue, near car-barn, to Beach 


BULEINCH, from 8 'J 5 Washington 

BURNHAM, fr. 1 Sargent to Warner 

BUTMAN AVION HE, fr. 912 Wash- 
ington to 61 Langslord, La'neaville 

CALDER, from 42 Mt. Pleasant av. 

CALEDONIA PLACE, fr. 126 East 

Leonard to the water, Annisquam 

CARLISLE, from Grove, near Maple- 
wood avenue, to Russell avenue 

CAUSEWAY, from Coucord to Rust 

CEDAR, from 6 Sargent to 35 Maple- 
wood avenue 
Left. Right. 

8 9 Pleasant 

The railroad 
14 Willow 


Maple wood avomic 

Blynman avenue to 41 Common- 
wealth avenue 
CENTER COURT, fr. 79 Washington 
CENTRE, fr. 100 Main to 63 Middle 
CHAPEL, from 134 Fast Main \o 65 
Mt. Pleasant avenue 
East Main 
7 Baptist Church 
27 Davis 
Point Primary school 
Mt. Pleasant avenue 

CHERRY, from 42 Poplar 
CHESTER 71 Leonard, 

at Annisquain < 

CHESTNUT, from 211! Main to 93 

CIIISHOLM COURT, from 18 Main 
CHURCH, from 50 Middle to 25 Pros- 


13 Procter 
16 Pine 

23 Columbia 

CLARENDON, from 25 Wonson to 

llorton, Kocky Neck 
CLAY COURT, from 123 East Main 
CLEVELAND, from 34 Sargent to 

Maplewood avenue 
CLIEE AVENUE, from Lexington 

avenue, Magnolia 
CLIFFORD COURT, from Common- 
wealth avenue 
COLBURN, from Quarry, easterly, to 

the quarries, Bay View 
COLE, from Concord to the water 
COLUMBIA, from 23 Church to 16 

COMMERCIAL, from 1 Main to Port 

6 Gilbert's wharf 

23 Beach court 
43 Commercial court 

Commercial Street- 5 — Continued . 
Left. Right. 

opp. 51 , 1. O. Procter's wharf 

GO Pettengill Si Cunning- 

ham's wharf 
07 Fort square 
88 Cunningham &, Thomp- 

son's wharf 
89 Fort wharf 


1>L2 Washington to Centennial av. 

8 5 Wells 

17 Alpine court 
26 23 Lookout 

Clifford court 
41 Centennial avenue 
CONANT AVENUE, from Blynman 
avenue to Bellevue avenue 
Blynman avenue 
O u Beacon 

Bellevue avenue 
CONCORD, from 225 Essex avenue, 
northerly and westerly, to Essex 

CROSS, from 11 Eastern avenue to 1(1 

East Main 

CURTIS SOU ARE, from 9 Bridge to 
144 Washington 

CURVE, from 9 Leonard to Bridge- 
Water, at Annisquam 

22 Arlington 

56 Arbor 

DALE AVENUE, from 88 Middle to 
65 Prospect 

High school 

City Hall 
28 O Prospect 

DAVIS, from 27 Chapel to 24 High- 
land, East Gloucester 

DAY COURT, from Essex av., W. G. 

DECATUR, from 10 Traverse to the 

DENNIS COURT, fr. 150 Leonard, 

DEN N I SON, from 511. Washington 

to Hooper's quarry 

DERBY, from 103 Washington to SG 

Maplewood avenue 

O ■ Washington 

'.) Myrtle square 

41 Maplewood. avenue 
DEXTER PLACE, from 2 Middle 
DIKE, from 85 Wostern avenue to 

Blynman avenue 

DULEY, from 836 Washington to the 

DUNCAN, from 187 Main to the 
Steamboat wharf 
Folice court building 
34 25 Rogers 

( Bennett's wharf 
43 ] McKenzie, Hardy, & 
( Co.'s wharf 
58 Locust 

81 Fears' wharf 



ESSEX AVENUE, from Western av. 
beyond the canal, to Essex line 
Left. UigM. 

' () 

Western avenue 





(Ionian's court 

Day court 

1 05 




Fernwood Lake avenue 

Stanwood avenue 


Railroad .station 

Woodward avenue 


Magnolia avenue 




09 fi 



Universalist Church 


New Way lane 


Way to Beech Brook 



West Gloucester P. 0. 



Liberty Hall 




Congregational Church 







Andrews court 



Essex line 


, from 108 Washington 

to Bridge 
ITAYAL, COURT, from 07 Friend 
FAYETTE PLACE, fr. 126 Duncan 
FEARS' COUKT, from 15G Prospect 
FEDERAL,', fr. 27 Pleasant to 16 Elm 
FEKNDALE, from 233 Essex avenue 

to Bray 

Duncan Street — Continued. 
Left. Right. 

■. 07 ( Battery wharf 

iU ' \ Parmenter & Co.'s whf. 
120 Starr court 

120 Fayette place 

120 Railway avenue 

133 Atlantic wharf 
14(5 Wharf street 

Steamboat wharf 

DUNCAN'S POINT, foot of Duncan 

FAST MAIN, from junction Main and 
Eastern av. to Eastern Point Light 
IG Cross 

10 Parker 
22 Bass avenue 

31 Parker court 
IN") Stanley's court 
3d Amero court 

55 Wall 
02 Sayward street 

65 Sayu aid's wharf 
00 Haskell 

fld Spinney's whart 
03 Norwood'* wharf 
05 Haskell'fi wharf 
00 Hammond 

100 Clay cove 
123 ("lav court 
120 Caledonia place 

131 Cliapol . 

139 Montgomery place 
130 George Dennis' wharf 
141 Norwood Court 
14 5 Avon court 
154 Highland 

100 Wrii. C. Wonsou'a wharf iruswooi) LAKE AVENUE, fr 
I' 5 * rimu Essex avenue to Essex avenue 

2!57 .1. I'. Wona »h'« Wharf „, ' , . 

• 30 tu-rrinc FEKRY, from 248 Washington, west 

SfU Mt. I'lbnuant av. 

2M llocky Sock uv. 

200 It. ikiit-r a 

325 H&Vlliorne I'OKUES AVENUE, from Lincoln 

I ■■ *-.!. rt. ivint Light iivenueto ICmorson avenue 

IVvintN AVI >t K, from junction FORES'I , from 10 -Milieu to 8 Trask 
Main ai.,» K**t M dn to UockpoN poilT SOCAKi;, fr. 07 Commercial 

FOSTER, fr. 72 Washington to Winter 

FRANKLIN SQUARE, fr. 30 Pleas- 
ant to Prospect 
FREJBONT, from 24 Kocky Neck 
avenue to Wiley, Kocky Neck 
Kocky Neck avenue 
10 7 Kack litlo 

10 Wiley 

FRIEND, from 150 Prospect to 22 

20 21 Merrick court 

-11 Sawyer sehoobhouse 
50 Kockwood pla*e 
58 Elwell 

07 Fayal court 
O Webster 

FRUIT COUKT, from 20 Magnolia 

avenue, northerly 
FULLER, from Magnolia avenue to 

Magnolia Point, to the sea 
GEE AVENUE, from 425 Washing- 
ton, at Kiversido 
opposite Commonwealth avenue to j c;ER III NO, from 2I5U East Main to 
Alma House 130 Mt. Pleasant avenue 

E8SEX, from Trask to Millett I GILBERT COUKT, fr. 53 Mansfield 

urly, to il 
III M K, fr 

25 Falter, Magnoli 




Wot* tor 





IhirriMin uv. 
Wtllimna court 
M.uu |>lrtcu 
Kockport line 


from 1 

ttrt Main to 81 l'r 

08 pec t 


Webster Opera 






Kogers sehool-h 







L, f 

rom 58 Friend to Sadler 



Elwell court 



Mt. Vernon 


L COUKT, from 10 




EM Kit A 


from 850 Was 





i : m i : 


1 VENUE, from 

15 ridge, 



330 Washington, 

Washington J land 

GOULD COURT, fr. 29 Washington ! HILLSIDE COURT, fr. T.v.i Wasli- 
GRANITE, from 40 Washington to | »"Kloi 

24 Blynman avenue 
Left. Right. 

Washington square 

18 Summer 

32 Babson 

37 Blynman avenue 
GRANITE COURT, from 1 BIynm 


Left. Right, 

]<) Wesley 

HOLLY, from 4-69 Washington to 

WOMAN'S COURT, from Essex av- 
enue, W. (I. 

GREEN, from Border, northeasterly, i ,.,.,,„„,., r ,.,.,, . XT . 

Lookout Hill JIORTON, from 00 Rocky Neck u\ 

GROVE, from 125 Washington, easl 
erly, to Mystic avenue 
30 Madison square 

50 Acacia 

58 Maplowood avenue 

GO Mystie avenue 


HAMMOND, from 'JO East Main t 

HAMPDEN, from 11 Ilovey to Blyn- J to Essex avcnu 

man avenue 
HANCOCK, from 73 Middle to 2G 

12 11 Main 


HOVEY, from 53 Summer to Dike 
11 Hampden 
HOWE, fr. 341 Main to Pew's wharf 
HUTCHINS COURT, fr. Revere at. 
IVY COURT, from 7 Locust 
CENT CIRCLE, from Western av. 

to 14'.) Washington 

HARMONY SQUARE, fr. 23 Bass 

HAROLD AVENUE, fr. .18 Bridge 

to Exchange 

HAROLD COURT, from Harold av- 
enue to Bridge 

em avenue 

HARRISON PLACE, changed to 

1IARTZ PLACE, from 0',) Eastern av. \ 

HARVARD, fr. Bridge to Morton pi. I 

HARVEY PLACE, from 238 Wash- \ 

HASKELL, fr. GO East .Main across I 

Mt. Pleasant av. to the shore 
HASKELL COURT; fr. 27 Haskell i 
HAWTHORNE, from 325 East Main j 

to the water 

HERRICK COURT, from 33<3 Main 
to 21 Taylor 

HESPERUS AVENUE, from 280 j 

Western, avenue to Magnolia av. 
HICKORY, from High, easterly, at [ 

HIGH, from 773 Washington 
HIGHLAND, from 154 East Main to j 
Opposite 88 Mt. Pleasant av. 
East Main 
LG Highland place 

24 Davis 

27 Highland court 
32 37 Mt. Pleasant avenue 

H I G 11 L A N 1) A Y I S N U I J , c rose iiig 
Adams avenue, Annisquam 

LANOSEORD, from 9 Andrews to 
Washington, Folly Cove 
L9 Munsey 

29 McLelian 
1 Butinau avenue 
Norseman avenue 
LAUREL, from 180 Essex avenue to 
Magnolia avenue 

LEIGHTON'S COURT, from 25 Ad- 
dison to Prospect 

LEONARD, from Cambridge avenue 
to Washington, rear Universalist 
Church, Annisquam 
Cambridge avenue 

'.) Curve 
19 Arlington 
20 Walnut 

27 Union court 
32 Leonard school-house 

33 Arbor 
35 Bridge water 
71 Chester square 
84 Walnut 

L50 Dennis court 

1 53 Nashua avenue 
Universalis! Church 

LEVERETT, from 875 Washington 

LEWIS COURT, from opposite 55 
Mansfield, near Western avenue 

avenue, crossing Hesperus avenue, 
at Magnolia 

LIBERTY, from opp. 05 Pleasant to 
11 Allen 

LINCOLN, from 405 Kssex avenue to 

LINCOLN AVENUE, from Biymnail 
avenue to Emerson avenue 

LINNET PLACE, from 13 Sadler 

HIGHLAND COURT, fr. 27 nigh LINWOOD PLACE, fr. 745 Wash- 
land liurton 



LOBSTER LANK, from junction of 
Hesperus avenue and .Magnolia av- 
enue, Magnolia 
LOCUST, fr. 54 Duncan to 17 Water 
Left, liight. 

7 Tvy court 
17 Water 
LOOKOUT, from :si Beacon to Ex- 
LORING'S COURT, from 4 Cross 
LOW, from Mt. Pleasant avenue 

MADISON AVENUE, see Madison 

MADISON SQUARE, from 30 Grove 

to 135 Washington 
MADISON CGURT. from Hi Rladi- 

idon Square 

beach, junction Hesperus avenue, 
crossing Western avenue, to 17- 
l.-<*. uvtiiuiu 

MAIN, from juno. Washington, Com- 
inurelal, and Angle, to June. East 
M*ln ami I" i.-i« rn nv. 
'J 1 Washington 

M.4» ui House 
IK Chihholiii ! court 

23 Mum- tie Id's wharf 
3* Short 

53 H^yn ton's w Inn I 
t»3 Porter 
D-«» Centre 

134 Hancock 

14'.) House 

1*7 Duncan 

17H I'I.mmii; 

1*0 P.-t Oillcc ami Custom 


i:»n Kim 

215 Water 

31il riii-«thiu 

237 I'uarei 
326 Vincent 

MapleAvood Avon no — Continued. 
Left. RUiht. 

79 Cleveland 

rtti Derby 

ID'. LIS drove 

llugsell avenue 
142 Rockland 

1 5G Maph-wood court 

102 lf>7 Poplar 
Maplewood avenue 

MARBLE, from I 4(5 Ml. Pleasant av- 
enue to the shore 
MARCHANT, from 8 Spring to 11.7 


MARSH, from 230 Washington to the 

MASON, from 7 School U> 37 Prospect 
IS Mason court 

() Prospect 

■MASON COURT, from 18 .Mason 


to Washington 

McLELLAN, from 8 

to 2'J Ungsford 

4 W 


29 i 

\i I 3 


2HU ■ lilikckhuru place 

331 i',..'. Ah.nt 
341 iiuwa 

353 Vv.\k court 
3(13 Uowe Mpuire 
371 Per kins' wharf 
375 l!abK..n's wharf 
Uerrick court 
303 Todd's wharf 
4<»l S. Smith's wharl 
451 Past Main 

Eastern avenue 
MANSFIIyLI), from 22 Washington 
to 41 Western avenue 

27 Kiggs 

53 (filbert court 
opp. 55 Lewis court 

Western avenue 


PLACE, fr. 

G7S Wash- 


1 1 . 1 

.l'l, f 

1 1 ' le 

■(.in 2'J West 

■rn avenue 


Western ave 



Dexter place 






St., John's K| 




Chris. Dni- 



Church strec 

Trinitj Cong 
School street 




Iniiarian Ch 
Sawyer Free 



Dale avenue 


MAI'LE, from 17 Wai 

8 Mt. 

Prospect to Maplowood court 

Railroad avenue 

7 Smith 
25 Shepherd 
28 31 Railroad crossing 

35 Cedar 

M I LLETT, from 7 Sargent 


1 1 Warner 
I!) Forrest 
27 Summit 

Fast Main 
MORGAN, from 845 Washington 
MORTON PLACE, from Harrison 

place to Emerson avenue 
MT. LOCUST PLACE, from 74 1 


G3 Haskell to 242 Fast Main 
Id Pago 

4:2 Caldei 

(50 Chapel 

Steamer No. '_' 
88 Highland 

129 Mi. Pleasant curt 
139 Cerring 
lie. .Mai hie 

East Main 

- Mt. Pleasant avenue 



Ml'. VERNON, from 120 Prospect 
to Sadler 
Left. Right. 

8 Maple 

1 Li Oak 

13 Mt. Vernon prim, school 
48 4;i Perkins 


MUNSEY, from 858 Washington to 

J '.) Langsford 
MYRTLE SOUAKi:, from 8 Derby 
MYSTIC AVKNUi:, from GG Grove 
NASHUA 153 Leonard, 

NEWTON AVENUE, from Lexing- 
ton avenue to Magnolia avenue 
NEW WAY LANK, from 248 Essex 

avenue, W. G. 
NORMAN AVENUE, from Fuller to 

the water, Magnolia Point 
ford, bey Of nl Butinan av. westerly 
NORTH 701 Washington 
NORWOOD COURT, from 1-11 Has I 

Main to the water 
OAK, fr. 19 Warner to 12 Ml. Vernon 
OCEAN AVENUE, from Headi av- 
enue, westerly, round the shore 
ORCHARD, from 54 Washington to 
Granite court 

10 .Summer 

3G Granite court 

PAGE, from 10 Mt. Pleasant avenue 

to the shore 
PARKER, fr. 19 Last Main, by Shute 
& Merchant's wharf, to G5 K. Main 
PARKER COURT, from 31 Last 

Main, westerly and southerly 
PARSONS, from L59 Main to Rogers 
PKARCK.from 237 Main to 50 Wharf 
PEARL, from TA Wash, to 50 School 
PER KINS, from 1 5 Stalen,over Look- 
out inn 

34 35 Mt. Vernon ■ 

40 Border 

Lookout Hill 
TEW COURT, from 353 .Main 45 Washington to IG Church 
PLEASANT, from 178 .Main across 
Prospect to the railroad 
11 Webster Block 



First Baptist Church 





Franklin square 






St. Anne K. C. Chun 



Babson school-house 





1 1!) 


The railroad 

PLEASURE POINT, junction Cam- 
bridge av. and Leonard, Aiuiisquam 

PLUM, from 104 Kast Main to High- 
land court 

PLUM COURT, from 730 Washington 

POND, from 35 High, at Lanesville 
POPLAR, from L'05 Washington to 
Maplewood avenue 
Left, lliqht. 

4 'J Cherry 

Go Poplar court 
G9 MaplewOod avenue 
POPLAR COURT, from 65 Poplar 
PORTER, from '.C5 Main to Rogers 
PORTER PLACE, head of Rogers St. 
PROCTER, from 13Church to School 
PROSPECT, from 55 Washington to 
312 Main 

25 Church 
14-20 High-street cemetery 

31 Collins school-house 
34 35 School 

40 Maplewood avenue 

57 Mason 
05 hale avenue 
Franklin square 
74 Pleasant 

HO Prospeet-st.M.L\ Church 

SI Elm 
93 Chestnut 
102 Prospect court 

101 Prospect square 
HO Allen 

105 Prospect square 
lO'J Winchester court 
110 Warner 

12G Mt. Vernon 

117 Marchant 
140 Taylor 

15(J Friend 

145 Spring 
1 50 Fear's court 


PROSPECT COURT, fr.102 Prospect 
PROSPECT SOUARE, from 101 to 

1.05 Prospect 
OUARRY, from 077 Washington to 

the quarries, Bay View 
RACK LI PEE, from 8 Wonson.across 

8 7 Fremont 

KA1LROA I) AVENUE, from Maple 

wood avenue to S'J Washington 
RAILWAY AVKNUE,fr.l291Juucan 
REVERE, from Oil Washington to 

Old Lock port road 
REYNARD, from 351 Washington, 

near grist mill, to ( berry 
R1CCS, from 10 .Mid. lb; to Summer 

Washington, Kiverdale 
ROCKWOOI) PLACE, fr. 59 Friend 
FaatMain to ferry landing wharf 
Fast Main 
24 Fremont 

20 Wonson 

00 II or ton 

Ferry landing 
ROGERS, from 8 Porter to 7 Water 
1 1 Steele's wharf 
13 Ceo. Clark & Co.'.-, whi 
23 Somes' wharf 
•JO Hancock 

37 D. G. Allen's wharf 



SUMMER, from 14 Deacon to Ilovey 
Left. Jt'ujht. 

7 Foster 

12 Orchard 

() 21 Granite 

-17 Liiggs 

53 Hovey 
SUMMIT, from 27 Millett to 12Trask 
i Sli.UNKK, from 300 Essex avenue lo 
SADLER, fr. 13 Elwell to 32 Webster ' 
13 Linnet place 

JKrnrl Y^Str' v # r I SVLVAN COURT, from 8 Sylvan 

ST. LOUIS MKNUE, from »-> ^ YT.OK, from . 40 Pr.,spect 

10 I 10 Staten 

10 Taylor court 

21 II. i lick court 

liofiiTH Street — Continued . 
Lr/t. Right* 

o Parsons 


00 Water 

HOWE SOUAKK, iron) 363 .Main 

wood avenue, northeasterly 
RUST, from Cedar, northerly 

Concord, West Gloucester 
SYLVAN", from 27 Cleveland 

Main, beyond Hawthorne 


SARGENT, from 1 Shepherd toCl 

U Shepherd 


34 Cleveland 

S.UMUlhS COURT, fr. .So".) Wash- | 

SAYWAMD, from 6-2 East Main to 

Itii.:, avenue 
SCHOOL, fr. 70 Mi. Idle in the railroad 


<i Steamer No. 1 

7 M»i8on 

10 < olumbla 

ad 23 

41 Addison 

f.O Pearl 

The railroad 
SCOTT, from 302 Main 
KEEALL, from 373 Washington 
SHEPHERD, from 2 Sargent to 25 

MAJllirVtoiNl ttV. Ilhc 

12 '•' Plc-Htetiit 

jr. Will, u 

2U 23 Maplovtood.avenuo 

HHORK AVENUE, from Mespelrus 

kTcuuo, Magnolia 
SHORT, from 3d Main tg 31J Middle i 
SMITH, from 7 Maylewood avcime lo 

>«>! 1 »l K1LBY, from 057 Washing- 

ion to Quarry 
SPRING, fr.2HI Main to 145 Prospect i 

H Marehant 

14 Spring cunt 

SPRING CailKT, from 1-1 Spring 

SIMUINGEIKLD.froin Gloucester av-^ 

unite, near Acacia 
STACY STREET, Eastern Point 

Western avenue 
STANLEY COURT, fr. 30 East Main 
hTAN WOOD, from -145 Washington 

to (J<'« avenue 

uv. across the railroad, north, W. G. 
STARR COURT, from 120 Duncan 
STATION, from 10 Taylor to Perkins 
STONE COURT, fr. 120 Washington 

TAYLOR COURT, from 10 Taylor 
TERRACEs from \\ Clarendon 
TOLMAN, from Williams court to 

Hart/, place 
TOMPSON, from Concord lo Concord 
TEASK, from 3'J Warner to Summit 
5 Beckford 
8 Forest 

12 Sum in it 

TRAVERSE, fr. Haskell. to Beach av. 

TUCKER, fr. 821 Washington t.. High 

UNION COURT, from 27 Leonard, 
at Annisquain 

VALE COURT, from 048 Washing- 
ton, Bay View 

VI KING, from Langsford 

V I S'CENT, from 32-fiM.ain Lo Vincent's 


VI NE, from 4 70 Washington 
VULCAN, Prom Emerald, Lanesville 
WALKER, from Sumner to Concord, 

near Essex line, West Gloucester 
WALKER COURT, from Walker, 

West Gloucester 
WAIT., from 55 East Main to Parker 

WALLACE COURT, from 213 Mag- 
nolia avenue 

WALNUT, from 2(5 Leonard to 84 
I.eonard, AhnfSquam 

WARNER, from 110 Prospect to 11 


17 .Maple 
L0 <'ak 
30 Trask 
02 57 Millett 

WARREN, from Dale avenue to 20 

1 Dale avenue 
City Hall 

10 Pleasant ' 

WASHINGTON, from 2 Main to 
Kockpoii line 


1 Mason House 

Forbes pi Unary scl 


L3 Mi. Idle 



21) Grand Army Hall 

20 Gould's com t 


Washington square 





Washington Street — Continued. 
Left. Right. 

54 Orchard 

45 Pine 

55 Prospect 

72 Foster 

(55 Addison 

76 Beacon 

73 Pearl 

02 Commonwealth avenue 

70 Center court 

HO Railroad avenue 

108 Exchange 

110 91 B. & fit. U.K. crossing 

103 Derby 

121 Oak Grove Cemetery 

125 Grove 

12G Stone court 

,135 Kii owl ton square 

'135 Madison square 

130 Bridge 

144 Curtis square 

165 Gloucester avenuo 

205 Poplar 

208 Ashland place 

230 Marsh 

238 Harvey place 

248 Ferry 

280 Wheeler 

330 Ilodgkins 

340 Hiverdalo place 

351 Reynard 

373 Se.-a 11 

380 _ Hiverdalo M. 10. Church 

125 Geo avenue 

445 Stauwood 

4(!0. Holly 

470 Vine' 

511 Deimitfon 

548 Bridgewater 

505 Bennett 

008 Leonard 

Oil Revere 

048 . Vale court 

053 Albion court 

(557 South Kilby 

(177 Quarry 

078 Mechanic, place 

701 North Kilby 

710 Sanderson court 

Ray View M. E. Church 

730 Plum court 

733 Hillside court 

7-11 Mt. Locust place 

745 Lin wood place 

773 High 

707 Young avenue 

821 Tucker 

830 Duley 

842 Andrews 

830 Saunders court 

845 Morgan 

858 Munsey 

850 Emerald 

875 Leveret t 

800 ? McLellan 

801 Barker 

805 Bultineh 

012 Butman avenue 


950 955 Woodbury 

008 ' Rockport line 
Washington to Granite 

WATER, from 215 Main to 42 Wharf 

7 Rogers 

17 Locust 

Wharf street 

WEBSTER, from 32 Eastern avenue 
to Sadler 
Left. Right. 

Eastern avenue 
22 Friend 

32 Sadler 

WELLS, from Beacon, crossing 

Commonwealth avenue 
WKSLIA, fr. 10 Hodgkins to Wheeler 
WESTERN AVENUE, from junction 
Main, Washington, and Angle stti., 
westerly, to Manchester lino 
20 Middle 
•11 Mansfield 
•1 Babson'S court 
85 Dike 
80 Balford 
Essex avenue 
Ivemp Circle 
Stage Fort avenue 
155 Bond 

Washington cemetery 
Beaehinont avenue 
100 School-house 

Hesperus avenue 
113 Magnolia avenue 
Manchester line 
WHARF STREET, fr. 110 Duncan 
to l'earce 

Dodd'S wharf 
13 I Burnham Bros.' railway 






, n | Whalen's wharf 
di 1 J. Friend's wharf 

42 Water 

50 O l'earce 

Leighton's wharf 
James S. Ayer's wharf 
R. Low's wharf 

WHEELER, from 280 Washington to 
Wheeler's Point 

W H i: E L E It S* POINT, end of 
Wheeler street 

W'll ITTEM ORE, from Curtis square 
to Annisquain river, at Capo Ann 
Anchor Works 

Wl LEY; from Hi Fremont, southerly, 
Rocky Neck 

WILLIAMS COURT, from 05 East- 
ern avenue 

WILLOW, from 15 Shepherd, across 
the railroad 

Prospect to Spring 

WIMAIIDIN, from 105 Essex av- 
enue, W. G. 

WINT.iilt.OP AVENUE, from Stan- 
wood av. to Stauwood av., W. G. 

WITH AM, from 183 Eastern avenuo 
to the beach 

WONSON, fr. 28 Rocky Neck avenue 
to Clarendon, Rocky Neck 

Rocky Neck avenuo 
8 Rack li lie 

25 Clarendon 

WOODIilJltY, from 055 Washington, 
at Folly Cove, to Edmunds avenue 

WOODMAN, from 454 Essex avenue, 
near Essex lino 

wood avenue to Essex avenuo 

YOUNG AVENUE, from 707 Wash- 
ington, across High 


T = W u :>,) 

XE3T2 rna::ir::rrj..:io.O. ; Ty 

(■?;» i j \ -,'/' *"* - 


^.. v ^Or t> ** v. ..-if^'i V*j:-: l .*;'.-;.'^Sr war irV 1H II /»>..:;, 

l::$ WW* ' 

... f 



Qvpfc$Q*& 5attle9 by § 



~Jkfr nwiYnv 





AiiUKEViATiONs.—ab., above ; agt., agent; av., avenue'; (B.), Boston ; B.&AI. 
K.R., Bos-ton & Maine Railroad ; b. or bds., boards ; bet., between ; bey., beyond ; 
blk,, block ; biilg., building ; c. or cor., corner ; ct., court; do., ditto; ]£., East; 
E. G., East Gloucester ; expY, express ; fiv, from ; ft., tool ; (J. St. U'way Co., Glou- 
cester Street Railway Co. ; h., house; jusi, insurance; la., lane; inanuf., maiiu- 
t'acturer ; Mfg., ^Manufacturing ; N"., North; p., year; opp., opposite ; pi., place; 
P. 0., PostOttice ; pies., president ; pi'Qp., proprietor ; r., rear ; rd., road ; rnis., 
rooms-; K. It., Railroad ; S., Soutli ; see., secretary ; sq.., square ; St.; street ; supt., 
superintendent; treas., treasurer; \V., West ; W. G.,' West Gloucester; Wash., 
Washington. Alter the name of the street, the word " street " is omitted. 

ABBOTT CHARLES WILLIAM, painter, house 41 Mag- 
nolia av. 

u Elizabeth 'R. widow of Eben G. died Feb. 26, 1899 

u Francis 11. bicycles, Norman av., Magnolia 

a Freeman II. & Go. {James A. Abbott), ice dealers, 120 
Eastern av. hotise do. 

a G. Frank, carpenter and builder, Russell av. house do. 

u James A. house, sign and ship painter, opposite Burnham 
Bros', marine railway; also (F. 11. Abbott el'* Co.), 126 
Eastern av. boards at Rock part 

« John L. painter, Fuller street, Magnolia 

u Joseph E. laborer, house Essex av., W. G. 

u William II. laborer, boards Essex av., W. G. 

u William II. machinist, house $6 Prospect 
Aborn J. G. 'proprietor of The Aborn, Lexington av., Magnolia 
Abrahams William, teamster, boards 8 Fayal court 
Abrahamson Edward, lisherman, boards 12 Gould court 

a Grace E. Mrs. house 10 Marchant 

u Hans, fisherman, boards 12 Gould court 
Abramson Arthur T. grocer, 00 Pleasant, house at Everett 
Acker Christopher,, boards 67 Rogers 
Acorn George, at Almshouse [9 Church 

Adams Arria B. Miss, stenographer, 111 Main, room (5, boards 

a Benjamin, house 56 Eastern avenue 

u Benjamin, jr. laborer, house 3 Myrtle sq. 

« Charles, fisherman, boards 208.1 Main 



F. died Jan 

. 5, 1899 



crayon and 





tin, h. 52 




Florence M. widow 

uf Ch 

axles F. 

. house 

9 Church 



2t) GLOlClvSTKi: [ ^V j PIHECTOW-Y. 

Adams George, laborer, house Hesperus av. 

it George C. iishermati, hoards over 46 Granite 

u Henry T. printer, house 14 Trask 

u Howard L. laborer, house 17 Dike 

a Hulda, widow of Nehemiah, died Oct. 11, 1896 

a Isaac Dr. summer res., Adams avenue 

u James B. laborer, house 35 Eastern avenue [Warner 

a Nathan A. (Gaffney & Adams), 53 Washington, house 50 

u Percy, painter, house 13 Bass avenue 

« Richard, fisherman, boards 31 1 Main 

a S. Walter, letter carrier, house 26 Exchange 

a Thomas R. fisherman, boards 9 Cleveland 

a Walter B., U. 8. N. boards 9 Church 

u William, stone cutter, house 39 School 
Addison Gilbert Hospital (The), Washington, near Marsh 
Agers Gust, carpenter, boards 27 Mansfield 
Ahala John, quarryman, house 850 Washington 
Ahern Alice, widow, house 79 Perkins 

a Bartholomew J. laborer, house ()5 Washington 

a David F. paving cutter, boards 12 Emerald 

u .John, quarryman, house 12 Emerald 

a Patrick I), stone cutter, house' 900 Washington 

u William H. blacksmith, boards 12 Emerald 
Ahlberg Otto R E. constable for civil process, 97 Main, room 

3, house do. 
Aiken John P. lost at sea 

a Margaret C. widow of John P. house 225 Western av. 
A kins Hairy C. fisherman, house 25 Chapel 
Albee Frank S. removed to Hyde Park 

Albertson Neil, fisherman, house 8 Staten [do. 

Alderman Merit P. sewing machine repairer, 4 Mt. Vernon, h. 
Alexander Alvin B. house 8 Stanley court 

a John, fisherman, boards 16 Locust 

4 LEXANDEJ1 WILLIAM P. prop. Commonwealth 
j_\_ stable, Main, junction Washington, house 1 Warren 

(see page 524) 
Allen Addison, saihnaker, house 10 Warner 

a Albert, fisherman, boards 55 Duncan 

a Alice M. teacher (Wellesley), house 36 Washington square 

a Alice W. widow of Daniel, house 12 Friend 

a Ann P v widow of James D. house 5 Beacon 

a Annie, widow, house 199 Washington 

a Benjamin F. removed to Reading 

a Betsey J. widow of William, house 78 Concord, W. G. 

a B. F. & Co. (J. Sidney Allen), fisheries, Five Pound 
Island, office end of Parker st. 

a Catharine Mrs. boards 3 Myrtle square 

a Charles, fisherman, house rear 67 East Main 

a Charles, gardener, 9 Proctor, house 5 Foster 

a Charles, laborer, house Woodman, W. G. 


Allen Charles W. carpenter, house off Essex av. above Bond 

u Daniel, house 10 Friend 

it Edgar, painter, house Concord, W. G. 

a Ernest, fisherman, boards 67 Duncan 

a Frank D. jr. student, boards 3 Warren 

u Frederick, dry and fancy good, 12 Pleasant, house 36 
Washington square 

u Freeman, fisherman, boards 20 Locust 

ti Gardner, mason, house 437 Washington 

n George, laborer, house 48 Dennison 

u George, laborer, boards G Stone court 

a George C. fisherman, house 44 Mansfield 

a George F. clerk, Gloucester Fresh Fish Co. bds. 41 Chapel 

u George K. lost at sea 

tt Horatio II. laborer, house 2 Middle 

a Horatio M. laborer, house 435 Washington 

a Ida Mrs. liouse 17 Harvard 

tt James M. supt. letter carriers, house 35 Summer 

a Joel, driver, house 2 Concord, W. G. 

ti Joseph, fisherman, boards 13 Porter [35 Summer 

a Joseph E. supt. jobdept, Procter Brothers, 110 Main, house 

tt J. Sidney (B. F. Allen & Co.), fisheries, end of Parker st. 
house 22 King, Rockport 

tt Leonard F. carriage painter, house 6 Reynard 

a Marion F. Mrs. dressmaker, 3 Warren, house do. 

it Mark L. grocer, 352 Washington, Riverdale, house 357 

tt Martha A. widow, house 435 Washington 

u Mary E. widow of Charles C. house 405 Main 

a M. Augusta Miss, boards G Stone court 

u Nathaniel E. blacksmith, David L. Davis', 21 Porter place, 
house 410 Washington 

a Ruth, widow of Robert, at Almshouse 

a Sylvan us F. bartender, 227V Main, house 61 k Western av. 

a William E. laborer, boards 405 Main 

a William H. hostler, house 8 Railroad av. 

« William L. quarrytnan, house 20 Brierwood 

a William P. foreman, 1 Main, house Railroad av. 
Allerton Louisa W. widow, house 49 East Main 
Ailing Annie P. widow of Charles S. house 109 Washington 
Allison Michael, fisherman, boards 19 Middle 
Allyn John (Cambridge), summer residence, off Magnolia av. 
Ahneda Domingues, fisherman, house 8 Elwell court 
Almshouse and Poor Farm, Emerson av. 
Alphen George W. conductor, G. St. Ry. boards 15 Bass av. 

a Henry H. died May 10, 1897 [Bassav. 

« James D. groceries and provisions, 30 Bridge, boards 15 

a William, engineer, Rocky Neck Marine Railway, house 15 
Bass av. 

n William L. reserve police, house 15 Bass av. 


Alves John, fisherman, house rear 47 Friend 

a Joseph Jason, clerk, 239 Main, house 57 Perkins 

a Manuel, fisherman, house 9 Elvvell court 
Amaral Joaquin, fisherman, boards 195 Eastern av. 

a Manuel B. laborer, house 195 Eastern av. 
Amber Brewing Co. 25 Fort square 
Ambrose Alexander, fisherman, boards 55 Duncan 

a George, driver, house 6 Caledonia place 

a Samuel, tea peddler, house 53 Bass av. 

« William A. teamster, house 4 Calder 
American Express Co., Edward Kelly, agent, 173 Main 
Amero Adrian, boards 6 Amero court 

<( Alfred, at Russia cement factory, house 6 Harold court 

tt Antonio P. jr. fisherman, house rear 47 Friend 

a Augustus, clerk, 151 Main, boards do. 

tt Charles D. laborer, house 45 Haskell 

u Cyril, mason, house 6 Amero court 

« Eli, fisherman, boards 28 Commercial 

tt Eli D. master mariner, boards 82 Duncan 

« Frank, fisherman, house 334 Main 

u George A. driver, house 10 Amero court 

a Joseph A. lisherman, boards 5 Fremont 

u Leslie F. plumber, boards 63 Haskell 

« Lucas, fisherpan, boards 217 Main 

tt Michael, wharf builder, house 03 Haskell 

a Reedy, carpenter, house 9 Amero court 

tt Whitney, painter, house 13 Bass av. 

u see also Emero and Mero 
Amerzeau Herbert, fisherman, boards 33 East Main 
Ames Albert P. engineer, freight lighter, house 14 Wells 
Anderson Alexander, stone cutter, house 85 High ' 

a Alfred A. clerk, 91 Main, boards 274 East Main 

« Alfred M. driver, 77 Duncan, house 37 Washington 

tt Ann, widow, house 77 Washington 

tt Annie 0. widow of Andrew 0. house 3 Harmony square 

a August, fisherman, boards 238 Main 

tt August, lisherman, boards 8 Perkins 

tt A. laborer, house 3 Summit 

u Carl, carpenter, house 35 East Main 

a Catharine, widow, house 107 East Main 

tt Charles, died Jan. 17,1897 

a Charles F. Mrs. house 34 Mt. Vernon 

it Edith J. and Agnes H. house 13 Traverse 

a Filing, laborer, 5 Wharf, house 9 Staten 

a Elof, fisherman, boards 345 Main 

t.t Emil, paving cutter, boards 3 Mason square 

« Eustis, fisherman, boards 7 Short 

tt Eva, clerk, 93 Main, boards 228 East Main 

tt Frank A. foreman, 66 Commercial, house 77 Washington 

a Frank E. painter, house 25 Bass av. 


Anderson Fred, laborer, house 11 Gould court 

tt George, paving cutter, house 23 Revere 

u Gorey, fisherman, boards 87 Pleasant 

tt Gustave, fisherman, boards 345 Main 

tt Harry, removed to Boston 

u Harvey, lost at sea 

a Herman E. shoemaker, house 196 Eastern av. 

u Ida, widow of Peter, house 11 Eastern av. 

u John, driver, boards 77 Washington 

a John, fisherman, and boarding house, 332 Main 

« John, fisherman, house 5 Hampden 

u John, fisherman, house 53 Fort square 

tt John, Iisherman, boards 29 Willow 

a John, fisherman, boards 7 Short 

a John, oil clothing, etc. 290 Main, house 43 Mt. Vernon 

a John A. driver, house 02 Eastern av. 

ti John A. laborer, house rear 47 Friend 

a John A. master mariner, house Sylvan 

u John A. painter, house 70 Western av. 

a John A. stone cutter, house 4 Grove 

« John A. teamster, house 21 Dike 

t( John E. clerk, 183 Main; also leader of Anderson's 
Orchestra, house 49 Western av. 

a John H. teamster, Clias. [J. Boynton's, b. 77 Washington 

a John M. ship broker, 97 Main ; also port warden, house 9 
Angle ' 

u Julius, fisherman, house 7 Exchange 

a Margaret, widow of Anton, house 18 Perkins 

tt Margaret E. widow of Charles J. house 25 Chapel 

a Mary A. widow of John S. house 5 Davis 

a Nicholas, fisherman, boards 60 Main 

a Nicholas, laborer, house 14 El well court 

tt Norman, fisherman, boards 5 Vincent 

if Olof, fisherman, boards Merrick court 

a Olof, 2d; fisher mail, boards 6 Herrick court 

a Olof, Iisherman, boards () Vincent 

a Oiphelia M. widow of Harvey, boards 90 East Main 

a Oscar, fisherman, house 37 Harrison a v. 

tt Peter, fisherman, house 7 Gilbert ct. 

it Peter T. tailor, 112 Main, house 23 Trask 

a Samuel, fisherman, boards 345 Main 

u Susan E. widow of Charles, house 9 Winchester ct. 

a Walter E. sailmaker, boards 5 Davis 

a William J. fisherman, boards 3 Harmony s<p 

a William S. clerk, 18 Main, boards 9 Winchester ct. 
Anderson's Orchestra, John E. Anderson, leader, .49 Western av. 
Anderton John, driver, house 3 Curtis square 

it Roderick, shoemaker, boards 3 Curtis square 

a William F. shoemaker, boards 3 Curtis square 


Andrews Ahbv L. widow of Joseph L 9 Andrews 

\ NDKEWS ALBERT C. auctioneer, notary public and 
jr\. justice of the peace ; also wines and cigars, 75 Main, and 
proprietor city livery stable, rear 77 do. bouse 31 Chest- 
nut (see page 528) 

a Arthur L. clerk, boards 62 Western av. [av. 

a Asa G. clerk, Chas. Parkhurst & Son, b. 8 Com in on wealth 

u Charles H. masts and spars, 25 Vincent, h. 15 Dale av. 

u C. Mason, removed to Essex 

it Edgar W. clerk, 081 Washington, boards 983 do. 

a Edward S. clerk, house 427 Essex av. W. G. 

a Ephraim R. farmer, house Walker street, W. G. 

n Fuller A. fisherman, house 20 Magnolia av. 

a Hannah E. widow, h. 281 Concord, W. G. [wealth av. 

a Horatio N. shipwright, 28 Duncan, house 7 Common- 

a Ira, restaurant, 85 Middle, house do. 

« Isaac H. boards 281 Concord, W. G. 

u Jacob R. farmer and cider manuf. 35 Sumner, W. G. h. do. 

u Joseph H. city assessor, house 983 Washington 

it Joseph Warren, farmer, house 21 Sumner, W. G. 

a Josephine L. teacher, Hovey school, b. 9 Washington sq. 

a J. Warren (Minneapolis, Minn), summer residence, Con- 
cord street, W. G. 

a Lawrence E. bookkeeper. 221 Main, house 1 Beauport av. 

u Mabel L. Miss, teacher, High school, boards 31 Chestnut 

a Malachi, stone cutter, house 3 Plum court 

it Oscar (A'i/er & Andrews Co.), fish dealers, Wharf street, 
house 9 Washington sq. 

ti Perley, janitor, First National Bank building, h. 30 Elm 

a Philander M. paying cutter, house 030 Washington 

a Ralph, bookkeeper, Aver & Andrews Co. bds. 9 Wash. sq. 

it Sarah E. widow of Stephen, house 785 Washington 

u Sarah T. widow of Frederick S. house 102 East Main 

a Walter E, laborer, boards 02 Western av. 

a Walter H. sparmaker. 5 Rogers, house 02 Wessern av. 

a Will O. (Ayer & Andrews Co.), lish dealer, Wharf st. cor. 
Pearce. house 8 Summit 

u Wolcott C. died Aug. 18, 1897 

ti W. Chester, farmer, house Sumner street, W. G. 
Annis Sarah J. widow, house 405 Main 
Annisquam Mutual Insurance Co. 11 Leonard 
Anstess Fred C. harnessmaker, 5 Main, boards 17 Myrtle sq. 

a Joseph, laborer, house 17 Myrtle sq. 
Apostolas Nicholas, fruit, 3H Duncan, rooms do. 
Appleyard James Fred, clerk, 07 Middle, house 14 Beacon 
Aptt Edward B. teamster, Shute & Merchant's, h. 132 Prospect 
Arabian John, hairdresser, house 13 Commercial 
Arbut John, laborer, house Griffin's block, Maplewood av. 
Archie Alexander, stonecutter, house 54 Dennison 


Armstrong Esther, widow of William B. house 150 E. Main 
4 IUISTKONG MICHAEL, boots, shoes, and rubbers, 29 

J. V_ Mail), house 28 do. (see page 532) 

« Patrick, fisherman, boards 9 Middle 

a William B. clerk, boards 150 East Main 
Arnberg Dennis, iisherman, boards 7 Short 
Arnold Herman, iisherman, boards 82 Duncan 

a Howard, fisherman, boards 26 Railroad av. 
Arseneau Dominick, Iisherman, boards 5 Water 

a Henry, Iisherman, boards 5 Water 
Arthur John, iisherman, boards 39 Commercial 
Arvilla Manuel F. laborer, house 8 El well 
Ashley Asa B. laborer, house 17 Laurel, W. G. 

it C. Frank, boards 17 Laurel, W. G. 

c< Ed\vard E. engineer, house 4 Sylvan ct. 

a Edward L. blacksmith, house 45 Commercial 

u , Henry H, lobster-man, boards 7 Beach court 

n Henry P. blacksmith, 19 Commercial, house 7 Beach ct. 

a Stafford B. boards 4 Sylvan ct. 
Associated Charities, Miss Lucy Lawrence, gen. sec. 4 Pleasant 
Astors John, teamster, boards 1(5 Water 
Astroin Augustus, laborer, house 52 Grove 
Atkins Charlotte, boards 32 Orchard 

.» Hurry, house 25 Chapel 

». Manson, Iisherman, hoards 14 Trask 

.« Milton, fisherman, boards 32 Washington 

.. Uriah, fiVherman, boards 30 Orchard 

.. William, ti.dh-nnan, house 43 Mt. Vernon 
Atkinson Carrie Miss, house 63 Western av. 

»» Elizabeth W. widow of Edward, holism 15 Washington 

.. Kphraim M.. U. S. A. board, 19 Dike 

.. Hat tie I-!. Miss, clerk, hoards 03 Western a v. 

.» Nathaniel, carpenter, house 50 Warner 

• i Warren S. Iisherman, house 19 Dike 

w William, iisherman, boards 19 Dike 
Atlantic Halibut Co. (Sdmitel G. Puol, J). I. liobhison,Thomas 

Jltxli/c), fisheries, Atlantic wharf, foot of Duncan 
Atwater Charles, farmer, house 18 Marble 

u John H. carpenter, 108 Duncan, house 366 Main 

»i Joseph, farmer, house 18 Marble 
Atwood Benjamin P. laborer, house 7 Pew court 

n Charles, fisherman, boards 10 Short 

►< Henry M. fisherman, house 10 Short 

a John, fisherman, boards rear 47 Prospect 

« Joshua, carpenter, house rear 34 Grove 

u Sereno, fisherman, boards 28 Friend 

a Stephen, fisherman, boards 10 Short 
Aubrey Peter, fisherman, house 9 Cedar 
Augusto Antoine, teamster, house 63 Friend 
Austin Marion Miss, milliner, boards-29 Langsford 

a Martha M. housekeeper at 37 Friend 


Austin Raymond F. stone cutter, house 29 Langsford 
a William H. Centennial Grove at Essex, house 3 Page 

Avery William E. hairdresser, 2 Duncan, boards 8 Middle 

Avina John, fisherman, boards 109 J Pleasant 
a Manuel, fisherman, house 1091 Pleasant 

Axney Foster, fisherman, boards 433 Main 

Ayer Caroline, widow of George, house 119 Pleasant 
a Hiram P. printer, 211 Main, boards 119 Pleasant 
a James S. fishery, .52 Wharf, corner Pearce ; also (Ai/er & 

Andrews Co.), house 21 Prospect square 
a Walton L. at Anchor works, boards Shepherd street 
« William A. telegrapher, 181 Main, boards 119 Pleasant 
a & Andrews Co. (Jai/ics S. Ai/er, Osear Andrews, Will 0. 
Andrews), wholesale fish dealers, Wharf st. cor. Pearce 

Ayers Lenora, milliner, 19G Main, boards 06 Washington 

BABCOCK HARRY, fisherman, boards 16 Water 
Babine C. William, laborer, house 155 Maplevvood av. 
Babson Albert P. house 5 Procter 

a Amanda Mrs. house 72 Main 

a Caroline, widow of Charles, house 12 Middle 

a Charles (Boston), hoards 12 Middle [house 3 Derby 

a Daniel T. treasurer Cape Ann Savings Bank, 109 Main, 

« Edward, died July 2, 1897 

a Elmer W. veterinarian', 11 Mansfield, b. 285 Washington 

a Fitz J. house 122 Washington 

a Florence W. widow of Everett, boards 129 Mt. Pleasant av. 

« Gustavus, died July 25, 1897 

a Hannah S. house 40 Granite 

a Harriet P. widow of Edward, house 6 Wesley 

i< Harvey L. cleik, boards 72 Main 

a Herman P. boards 115 Washington 

a Howard C. teamster, house 48 Eastern av. 

a Isabel D. Miss, teacher, Collins grammar, bds. 120 Wash. 

a John L. died Jan. 9, 1898 

a John L. 2d, driver, 29 Washington, boards 72 Main 

a Joseph, saihnaker, house 120 Washington 

a Julia, clerk, 122 Main, boards 120 Washington 

a Lucy S. Miss, house 199 Washington 

a Luther D. clerk, 88 Commercial, house 25 Chestnut 

a Lydia A. widow of John J. house 40 Pleasant 

a Mary L. -Miss, house Hodgkins 

a Moses S. grocer, 14 Main, house 33 Washington 

a Nathaniel, house 8 Angle, cor. Middle 

a Osman, farmer, house 285 Washington 

a Robert T. lawyer (Boston), boards 10 Riggs 

a Roger W. broker, boards 8 Angle 

a Rosella, widow of Abram, nurse, boards 50 Eastern av. 

a Sumner, coachman, Norman av., Magnolia 

a Sumner C. boards 120 Washington 

a Susan Miss, house 199 Washington 


Babson Waldo, confectionery and fruit, 104 Main, b. 12 Middle 

a Walter C. carpenter, rooms School-street engine-house 

a William, cashier, Gloucester National Bank, h. 10 RiggS 
Bacheler Albert W. master High school, house 36 Summer 
Back Elwood, laborer, house 41 Sumner, W. G. 

*. Hiram S. boards 41 Sumner, W. G. 
Bacon George, pilot, "City of Gloucester," house at Boston 
Bagley Frank E. engineer, house 40 Concord, W. G. 
Baguell John G. fisherman, house 10 Langsford 

a Thomas, carpenter, boards 10 Langsford 
Bagner Joseph, fisherman, boards 5 Church 
Bagwell William G. driver, 44 Prospect, boards 3 Maple 
Bailey Addison W. sailmaker, John F. Wonson & Co. house 
'JO Highland 

a Bernard, fisherman, boards 58 Duncan 

a Edward E. boards 38 Millett 

a George E. keeper Eastern Point Light, house do. 

a George K. iisherman, boards 38 Millett 

a George T. iisherman, house 38 Millett 

a George W . boards Geo. E. Bailey's, Eastern Point Light 

a Harvey L. fisherman, house 12 Parker 

*; John, fisherman, boards 58 Duncan 

*. Lewis, rigger, house 34 Orchard 

«» Nancy, widow of Joseph, house 'JO Langsford 

.. Walter E. botfrda 38 Millett 

m W. W. (New Voik city), sunnner res., \Vinoacrsheek,W. G. 
Bakenian Willie E. variety store, 08 East Main, house do. 
lUkcr Charles, removed to Portland, Me, 

*. Charles G. died April 14, 1808 

.. John, fish skinner, rear 33 Main, house 20 Orchard 

.. John, at Almshouse 

.. Uiihard, laborer, house 122 Maplewood av. 

<■> Roderick E. Iisherman, boards 17 Willow 

u Walter 11. laborer, house 48 Eastern av. 

a Watson, at Almshouse 

a William G. fish skinner, house 106 Maplewood av. 
Balcome Frank, hostler, house 5 Wall 

a Joseph K. boxmaker, house 31 Perkins 

a Manuel, laborer, house 54 Perkins 
Baldwin James, fisherman, boards 18 Water 
Balkey Robert H. iisherman, boards 254 Main 
Ball Edward G. boards 12 Oak 

a John W. fisherman, house 12 Oak 

a William G. removed to Wenham 
Ballou Dennis, laborer, house Western av., Magnolia 
Bangay Thomas, fisherman, boards 127 Prospect 
Banks John, painter, 3 Main, boards 5 Church 
Bankson Oscar, fisherman, boards 268.1 Main 
Barber Edward, died Oct. 15, 1896 

a George S. clerk, 67 Middle, boards 40 East Main 


Barber Hurt) A. clerk, boards 40 East Main 
u Ida F. widow of Edward, house 40 East Slain 
« Thomas, fisherman, boards 3 Smith 

Barbour George 0. painter, boards 10 Calder 
44 Sarah A. Miss, boards 10 Calder 

Barker Charles, fisherman, house 6 Willow 

I}ARI(ER FRED- A. apothecary, 134 Main, house 46 
j Middle (see back cover) 

a William P. granite quarry, 27 Langsford, house at Quincy 
Barnable John, fisherman, boards 41 Mansfield 

I>ARNARD GEORGE K. carriage maker, 41 
} cial, house 30 Blyninan av. (see page 532) 

a Walter, forgeman, boards 27| Exchange 
Bamd George, foreman, house 12 Rose sq. [mony sq. 

Barner Alexander H. wood turner, GG Duncan, boards 7 Har- 

u Charles, fisherman, house 7 Harmony sq. 
Barnes Bethia, widow, house 161 East Main 

tt Edna, tailoress, 112 Main, boards 19 Plum 

a George E. iron moulder, G. A. Reed & Son, hou^e 6 
Gloucester av. 

a George W. laborer, house 41 .Derby 

a St. Clare, spar maker, house 19 Plum 

u Thomas G. fisherman, boards 161 East Main 

u Webster L. mariner, boards 19 Plum 
Barnett Patrick, fisherman, house G Sargent 
Barr Simeon, ship carpenter, house 45 Bass av. 

a William, fisherman, house 14 Oak 
Barrett Albert F. police, house 62 Middle 

a Charles P. house 146 Western av. 

o C. Homer, provisions, 35 Washington, h. 146 Western av. 

<< George O. painter, 3 Main, house 7 Harold av. 

m Jacob P. fisherman, boards 33 Cleveland 

a John, fisherman,. boards 252.1 Main 

a John, fisherman, boards Grillin's block, Maplewood av. 

a Lydia A. widow of Moses, house 24 Highland 

a Sarah A. widow, house 146 Western av. 

BARRINGT0N FREDERICK R. florist, 9 Procter, 
house 7 Orchard (see page 525)' 
Barron John, fisherman, boards 11 Pearce 
Barry David, quarryman, house 900 Washington 

a John, fisherman, house 16 Millett 

a Joseph M. stone cutter, house 642 Washington 

a Michael J. paving cutter, house 87 High 

a Nellie, domestic at Almshouse 

44 Richard, quarryman, house 97 High 

<4 Richard, stone cutter, house 644 Washington 

(4 Thomas, laborer, boards 97 High 
Barss C. Elijah, carpenter, house 41 Bridge 
Baiter Eliot, variety store, Rocky Neck av. house do. 
Bai ties Henry H. fisherman, house 22 East Main 



Bartlett Grace E. Miss, bookkeeper, 120 Main, boards 15 Pine 

u Israel M. died April 29, 1808 

a I. Wyinan, removed to Cape Elizabeth* Me. 

a Rose E. widow of. Israel M. house 15 Pine 
Bartona John, paving cutter, house 22 Andrews 
Barwick Walter (Toronto, Can.), summer res. Quarry Point, 

near Eastern Point Light 
Bass Albert H. (Foster cC* Co.), apothecary, 818 Wash. h. do. 

a Clifford W. cleric, 131 Main, rooms do. 

a Horace, stone hammerer, house 52 High 

a Stephen, fisherman, boards 5 Herrick court 

« Thomas D. engineer, house 52 High „ ., 

Bassett Luke, laborer, house 111) East Main X93H81S 

u William H. died April 3, 1899 ■ 

Bates Albert L. fisherman, boards 1 'J Wonson 

u James Y. fisherman, house 18 Rack litre 

u Jesse L. fisherman, boards 12 Wonson 

a Simeon Avery, fisherman, house 12 Wonson 

« William A. clerk, J. G. Earr & Bro., Rocky Neck, boards 
12 Wonson 
Batspn George, removed to Boothbay, Me. 
Batten Benjamin, house 427 Main 

it Daniel, laborer, boards 427 Main 

u G. Wallace, died Oct. 3, 1898 

u Henry S. removed to Boston 

». Samuel, mariner, house rear 8S8 Washington 
Baxter Elizabeth T. tailoress, Webster blk. 11 Pleasant, h. 7 Pine 

.* William H. rigger, Jibuse 101 Mt. Pleasant av. 
Beacheroft House. Thomas E. Day, Eastern Point 
Beaiimn Lorenzo M. sub. letter carrier, house 58 Eastern av. 
Bearse Benjamin N. house 24 Spring 

.. Charles, siipt. life saving station, house 639 Washington 

»» C. George, jeweller, 1(54 Main, house 10 Summit 

»♦ George, pilot steamer ,k Caj)e Ann " 

>i Joseph M. master mariner, boards (5 Highland 

n Joseph N. fisherman, boards 12 Railroad av. 

lt f ilsherman, house 12 Taylor 

Beaton Daniel A. removed to Boston 

u Eugene, fisherman, boards 20 Shepherd 

o Frank, laborer, house 4 Dexter place 

" James, ship carpenter, Burnham Bros. h. 1 Babson's court 

a John, fisherman, house 13 Dike 

a Murdock, fisherman, boards 41 Commercial 

a Peter A. plumber, 221 Main, house \ij Harrison av. 

*< Ronald, master mariner, house 7 Columbia 
Beaumont Sarah Mrs. house 30 Essex av. 
Beck Abram, fisherman, boards 9 Ivy court 

u Edward, fisherman, boards 17 Main 

a Thomas, fisherman, boards 23 School 


Becknian Albion, fisherman, boards 238 Alain 

« John H. salesman, 147 Main, h. 15 Commonwealth av. 
Beckwith Allen \V. died Jan. 1G, 1899 

u Mary, widow of Allen \V. house 41 Dennison 
Beddars Christian, paving cutter, house 42 Langsford 
Bedford Mary, widow, house 1 El well 
Belden Harry L. accountant, house 31 Pleasant 
Bell James, fisherman, house 11 Marchant 

a James, tinsmith, 221 Main, house 23 Beacon 

u Thomas, teamster, house 187 East Main 

(t Thomas F. grocer, 129£ Prospect, house 129 do, 
Belliveau Leonard, fisherman, boards 10 Water 

a William, fisherman, boards 255 Main 
Belmont Hotel, F. S. Lufkin & Co. props. 151 Main 
Belong H award, fisherman, boards 71 Main 
Beinis Judson M. (Boston), summer res. Fuller st., Magnolia 
Benedict Henry, fisherman, boards 53 Mansfield 
Bengstelius John M. master mariner, boards 34 Warner 
Ben-ham Charles, fisherman, boards 104 Duncan 

u Robert B. fisherman, boards 57 Warner 
Benner Edward, fisherman, boards 332 Main 
Bennett Bertha, house 20 Commercial 

« Francis, secretary Gloucester Mutual Fishing Ins. Co. 10 
Pleasant, house 4 Lookout 

I>ENNETT FRANK 1). coal and wood, 43 Duncan, boards 
J 155 Washington (see page 531) 

u Herbert E. eating house, 141.1 Main, boards do. 

« Jeremiah, carpenter, house 15 Marble 

a John Q. clerk, house 10 Lookout 

a Lizzie P. Miss, hairworker, 73 Western av. boards do. 

« Martha, widow, died April 23, 1899 

« Mary E. widow of William E. house rear 29 Sargent 

u Warren A. 43 Duncan, house 23 Prospect square 
Benney John J. died Feb. 10, 1899 

u Sarah F. Miss, clerk, 108 Main, boards 161 Washington 
Bennie James, florist, GO Bass av. house do. 

« James, jr. hairdresser, boards GO Bass av. 

a William J. laborer, boards GO Bass av. 
Benson Alexander, fisherman, boards 19 Fort sq. 

u Alexander, fisherman, boards 11 Traverse 

« A. E(lj-ith Mrs. dressmaker, 6 Granite, house do. 

a Bernard, fisherman, boards GO Granite 

a Charles, fisherman, house GO Granite 

u Charles A. eating house, 10 Rogers, house do. 

« Edward, fisherman, boards 7 Short [Granite 

u Florence H. Miss, bookkeeper, 150 East Main, boards G 

a Fred, fisherman, boards G Vincent 

a John, U. S. N. boards 1G Columbia 

a Martin, fisherman, boards 10 Hancock 

a Oscar, fisherman, boards 2GG Main 


Bent Antoine, fisherman, house 31 Webster 

a Emeline E. widow, house 79 Western av. 

a Luther S. (Philadelphia, Pa.), summer residence, 1 Leonard 
Bentley John, foreman, Win, P. Moore & Co. btls. 22 Shepherd 
Benton Clara Mrs. principal Leonard school, h. 12 Arlington 

« Herbert E. removed to Derby Line, Vt. 
Bergstrom Carl, paving cutter, house 728 Washington 

a Jonas W. fisherman, boards GO Main 

rf Ludwig J. fisherman, boards GO Main 
Berkland Eskel W. fisherman, boards rear 53 Main 

a Thomas N. fisherman, boards rear 53 Main 
Bernard Frank, rigger, house 10 Staten 

a Harriet W. clerk, 82 Main, boards 23 Washington 

« Joseph, hairdresser, 24 Main, house 10 Commonwealth av. 

a see also Barnard 
Bernstein Harry (SeJuvartr: & Bernstein), clothing, 285 Main, 
boards G Rowe sq. [boards G Rowe sq. 

a Joseph W. (ScJuuartz & Bernstein), restaurant, 313 Main, 
Berry Benjamin A. clerk, P. 0. boards G77 Washington 

u George K. blacksmith, house G77 Washington 

a Lorenzo, ice dealer, house G77 Washington 
Berube Arthur, blacksmith, house 2 Colburn 
Betta Mazeppa D. carpenter, house 251 Essex av., W. G. 
Bibber George 11. clerk, G7 Middle, house 21.1 Church 
Bickford Edwin H, wholesale produce (potatoes, apples, and 
southern truck a specialty), Maplewood av. cor. Ceder, 
house G Foster 

.. Forest A. laborer, boards 14 Fremont 

>4 Henry W. laborer, boards 1G Fremont 

.. John, boats to let, house 16 Fremont 
Bigelow II. (). ( Bostoji '), summer residence end of Hesperus av. 
Biggi James, stone cutter, house 4 Nashua av. 

.i Oric, plumber, boards 4 Nashua av. 
Billings Charles E. Mrs. (Newton), summer residence Fuller, 
Magnolia Point 

u Charles 0. (Newton), hoards Mrs. Charles E. Billings' 
Bingham Frank D. removed to Boston 

a Joseph II. removed to Boston 

n , Joseph W. removed to Boston 
Bird William, iisherman, boards G7 Rogers 
Bishop Emma, widow of James, house G Mt. Vernon 

a Hugh G. ship carpenter, head of Walen's wharf, house G 

it John, fisherman, boards 58 Duncan 

it John, ship carpenter, 27 Vincent, house 27 Mt. Vernon 

u Miriam K. compositor, 211 Main, boards G Summit 

u William J. printer, 211 Main, house 1'IJ Sadler 
Bissett William, fisherman, boards 18 Water 
Black Charles D. fisherman, house 26 Hancock 

u Edwin, carpenter, boards 35 Friend 


Black George P. (Pittsburg, Penn.), summer res. Lexington av. 

u John W. upholsterer., cabinetmaker and interior decorator, 
1G8! Main, house 32 Granite 

u Stephen, iisherman, house 28 Friend 

a Winlield S. clerk, Hawthorne Inn, boards do. 
Blackburn Charles J. fisherman, house 5 Oak 

u George E. hostler, house 23 Lookout 

u Howard, billiards and pool, 293.1 Main, house 289 do. 

a John, fisherman, boards 35 Friend 

a William, house 132 Maplewood av. 
Blackett John C. died May 20, 1897 
Blackstone Georgie Miss, compositor, 110 Main, bds. 444 Wash. 

*< P. K. Mrs. compositor, 110 Main, house 444 Washington 
Blade Stanley, fisherman, boards 3 Millett 
Blades Kphraim, iisherman, boards 254 Main 

a Minard, iisherman, boards 311 Main 
Blagdeu Martin, fisherman, boards 27 Willow 

u William, laborer, house 27 Wallow 

a William T. shoemaker, house 31.1 Warner 
Blaine James, laborer, house 14 Myrtle square 
Blair Joseph B. iisherman, house 409 Main 
Blake Alonzo V. horse trainer, boards 7 Washington 

« Alvin, teamster, house 3 Center court 

u Asbury C. died March 9, 1897 

a Charles C. laborer, house 82 Mt. Pleasant av. 

a Charles H. helper, boards 2G0 Fast Main 

u Henry, fish curer, house 200 Fast Main 

u Heniy J. clerk, boards 200 Fast Main 

u James F. house rear 10 Rowe square 
Blanchard Elijah I), stone mason, house 234 Washington 

« Elijah - Willis, shoemaker, boards 234 Washington 

tt Gertrude B. bookkeeper, 127 Main, bds. 231 Washington 

u Warren A. grocer, 232 Washington, house 7 Marsh 
Blanchat Albert, iisherman, house 2741 Main 
Blankenbcrg John, engineer, house 4 Harvey place 
Blatcht'ord Albert, driver, boards 11! Sadler 

«i Benjamin F. boarding officer, Custom House, house 44 
Western av. 

« Brothers ( Walter and Oilman), bottlers, 140 Washington 

« Charles, house Leighton's court 

« Charles A. iisherman, house 13 Pearl 

a Charles F. iisherman, house 350 Main 

a Charles P. fish skinner, boards 350 Main 

« Finest L. bookkeeper, N. F. Fish Co. house 16 Addison 

»< Filz W. bottler, house Madison av. 

a Frank, carpenter, house 130 Washington 

a Fred, iisherman, house 32 Orchard 

a Gilman {Blatchfovd Bros.), 140 Wash. h. 11 Madison av. 

« James, iisherman, boards 380 Main 

n Lillian A. clerk, 122 Main, boards 25 Bridge 


Blatchf'ord Mary Mrs. dressmaker, house 1G0 Prospect 
a Ruth, bookkeeper, 129 Main, boards 40 Commercial 
« Samuel, at Almshouse 
a Thomas, teamster, house 40 Commercial 
a Walter (Blatchford Bros.), bottler, 140 Wash. h. 80 do. 
a William, laborer, house 100 Prospect 
« William E. teamster, foot of Vincent, house 21 Taylor 
<< William H. insurance agent, house 3 Fears court 

Bliun Charles, house 120 East Main 
n Charles F. iisherman, boards 129 East Main 
« Edgar, copper paint maker, boards 48 Warner 
« Frank, laborer, house 13 Fayal court 
u Julian, shoemaker, 11 Millett, house 48 Warner 
« William H. laborer, house 409 Main 

Blomberg Oscar, fisherman, boards 41 Washington 

Blondin Clara E. bookkeeper, 178 Main, boards Perkins 
w David, fisherman, house 6 Perkins 

Bloom John F. fisherman, house 22 East Main 

Board George, laborer, house 150 Western av. 

Boardman Charles C. sewing machines and pianos, 75 Middle, 
house 8 Liberty 
u Charles F. piano tuner, 75 Middle, boards 8 Liberty 

Bocken Anna M. widow of Andrew A. house 6 Herrick court 
«. Christian, laborer, boards G Herrick court 
u Claude L. fisherman, boards G Herrick court 

Boga Frank V\ iisherman, boards 36£ Friend 
a Joseph V. fisherman, boards 9 Fayal court 
<< Manuel V. (of 14 Elwell court), died March 17, 1898 

Bohan Thomas, stone cutter, house 5 South Kilby 

Bohlin Charles, fisherman, boards 21 Cleveland 
a George A. plumber, 221 Main, boards 11 Traverse 
u John Martin, master mariner, house 11 Traverse 
>< Thomas, master mariner, house 14 Harvard 

Bolfrey Robert, fisherman, boards 4G Main 

Bolger Martin D. Iisherman, boards 11 Locust 
u Philip L. plumber, 153 Main, house 164 Prospect 
u Thomas P. {Bolger <A; Regan), 153 Main, house 9 Trask 

T>0J,GE11 & KEG AN {T. P. IMger, F. A. Regan), plumb- 

_13 ers, stoves, ranges, etc. 153 Main (see front cover) 

Bolles Jennie, widow, boards 83 Maplewood av. 
u Michael Shepard (Boston), summer res. Lexington av. cor. 
Shore road, Magnolia 

Bolt Martha VV. widow, boards 357 Main 
u Thomas, fisherman, boards Howe sip 

Bond John, iisherman, house G Prospect 

Bonia Joseph V. fisherman, house 1 1 Cleveland 

Bonner Mary, widow of William, boards 1 G Allen 

Boomer John, fisherman, boards 60 Western av. 

Boothby Albert, clerk, boards 17 Main 
« Albert, jr. clerk, 272 Main, boards Hotel Mallard 


Borge Aiitonio, fisherman, house 53.y Friend 

u Joseph, fisherman, house 9 El well court 
Borgson William, foreman, 13 Rogers, rooms do. 
Borrett George, gardener, house 35 Magnolia av. [Pleasant 

Boston' Medical and Dental Institute, A. E. Talbot, man. 9 

ft & Gloucester Steamboat Co., Edgar Merchant, agent, foot 
of Duncan 

u & Maine freight depot, Maplewood av. opp. Smith 
Botel Joseph, fisherman, house 3.6 £ Friend 
Bott Bros. (Charles S. and Henry II. ), harnessmakers, 5 Main 

ft Charles 8. (Bott Bros.), 5 Main, house 45 Beacon 

ft Eliza A. boards 40 Washington sq. 

« Eliza H. widow of James L. house 40 Washington sq. 

ft Henry H. (Bott Bros.), 5 Main, house 19 Washington 

u James L. died April 12, 1899 

it Thomas, fisherman, house 58 Warner 
Botts Joseph, fish skinner, house 9 El well court 
Bouche' Alexander, fisherman, boards 255 Main 

a Benjamin, fisherman, boards 106 Pleasant 

a Edward, fisherman, house 5 Arthur-street court 

u Elias, fisherman, house 10 Burnbam 

a Henry, fisherman, boards 14 Marchant 

a Isadore, fisherman, house 12 Taylor 

« John, fisherman, boards 39 Commercial 

a Simon, fisherman, boards 39 Commercial 

« see also *Bushee 
Boudrow Adele, widow of Disri, house 16 Gould court 

ft Alexander, fisherman, house 55 Fort square 

ft Alfred, fisherman, house 50 Fort square 

« Benjamin, fisherman, boards 11.3 Pleasant 

ft Daniel, fisherman, house 37.} Sargent 

ft David, died March 5, 1899 

a Disri, died March 4, 1899 

tt Frank, fisherman, hoards 5 Water 

u Frank Z. iisherman, and boarding-house, 5 Water 

ft Henri, fisherman, house 12 Locust 

ft Henry, fisherman, boards 5 Haskell court 

ti Jeremiah, iisherman, house 14 Marchant 

« Julia, boarding house, 255 Main 

tt Larry, master mariner, house 37 Friend 

u Leo, oiler, Duncan, cor. Rogers, boards 16 Gould court 

ft Moses, fisherman, boards 41 Commercial 

« Nicholas, fisherman, boards 5 Haskell court 

it Octave, carpenter, boards 7 Caldei* 

a Simon, fisherman, house 38 Sargent 

it Simon, fisherman, boards 10 Ivy court 

■a Simon, painter, house 113 Summit 

ft Thomas A. fisherman, boards 255 Main 

a William, boards 20 Gould court 


Boutlier J. J. iislierman, boards 58 Duncan 

« Robert, iislierman, boards 58 Duncan 
Bowden Benjamin, died April 29, 1898 

a Benjamin T. iislierman, house 775 Washington 
Bowen Addie, clerk, 205 Main, boards 4 Riveidale pi. 

a Annie, widow of Alfred, house 3 .Grove 

a Charles H. stone cutter, boards 642 Washington 

« Elias, laborer, house 4 Riverdale place 

n James L. stone cutter, boards Quarry street. 

a John, paving cutter, house Quarry street 

a John D. florist, house 28 Marsh ' 

u John D. paving cutter, boards Quarry street 

a Ralph, bell boy, Surfside Hotel, boards do. 
Bower Mildred Mrs. (Boston), house 12 Bond 
Bowers Charles H. fisherman, boards L9 Washington 

u Emma J. widow of George K. boards 7 Prospect s<j. 

a Rupert, fisherman, boards 811 Main 
Bowes. Frederick, stone cutter, house 22 Atlantic, W. G. 

a Maggie F, dressmaker, house 1 Morton pi. 
Bowie James, master mariner, house 130 Prospect 

u James F. master mariner, house .30 Centennial av. 

u Mary, widow, house \) Liberty 

a William, fisherman, house 9 Western av. 
Bowker Carrie C. millinery, 101 Main/, rms. 1.1 Church 
Bowler MichaeL fisherman, boards 22 Locust 
Bowles Ada C. Rev. house 193 Western av. 

a Percy K. actor, boards 193 Western av. 
Bowman Edwin E. iislierman, house 329 Western av. 

u Thomas, fisherman, house 15 Columbia 
Boyd Willard R. removed to Manchester 
Boyle Edward, fisherman, boards 12 Railroad av. 
Boynton A. Heber, laborer, house 102 Wheeler 
]_>0YNT0N CUA&LKS H. coal and wood, Boynton's 
Ji) wharf, rear 55 Main, house 14 Prospect (see page 531) 

« Fred R. carpenter, boards 102 Wheeler 

» Hannah J. widow of Abraham, boards 77 Wheeler 

a Joshua, at C. II. Boynton's, house Acacia 

h Joshua Mrs. died Jan. 15, 1899 [house at Salem 

a J. Frank, Cape Ann Clothing Co. clothing, 207 Main, 

». Wallace J. clerk, 25 Cleveland, boards Acacia 
Boy-son Axel, ^removed to Cambridge 
Brackett Asa, painter, house 312 Washington 

a Charlotte, widow, house 652 Washington 

u John, fisherman, boards 12 Railroad av. 
Bradbury Lewis, bicycle repairer, boards 16 Middle 
Bradford Carrie E. Mrs. boards 300 Washington 

.. George R. president First National Bank, Gloucester Safe 
Deposit and Trust Co., Cape Ann Printing Co., Glouces- 
ter Gas Light Co., Russia Cement Co. ; also treas. Cape 
Ann Anchor Works, house 35 Middle 



Bradford Martha, widow of Lodowick H. house 336 Washington 

a Russell (Boston), summer residence, Hesperus av., Mag- 
Bradley Abiud, died Aug. 20, 1898 [pect square 

u E. Archer (S. Smith & Co.), 401 Main, house 10 Pros- 
it Fred, commission merchant, 187 Main, house 111 Wash. 

a James E. ship chandler, 52 Wharf, house 13 Allen 

a James W. 2d bookkeeper, 52 Wharf, boards 13 Allen 

u Mary E. dressmaker, house 111 Washington 

a Robert C surveyor, boards 13 Allen 

a Sarah E. Miss, Christian scientist, 05 Middle, house Nor- 
man cottage, Magnolia 

t< Thomas H. anchor maker, house Acacia 
Bradstreet Amelia J. widow, house 368 Washington 

a Charles W. foreman Gardner & Parsons', house 51 Beacon 

a Ernest, clerk, 115 Duncan, boards 22 Beacon 

a Frederick E. upholsterer, 12 Short, house 185 Essex av. 
W. G. » [con, house do. 

ii J. Oshorn, hairdresser, 52 Main ; also bill poster, 22 Bea- 
Brady James, laborer, house 91 Commercial 
Bragdon Abby ■ W. widow, house 418 Washington 

« Arthur F. painter, 2 Bridgewater, house 4 do. 

u Ernest C. removed to Cambridge 

a Ralph C. machinist, boards 448 Washington 

a William fylrs. house 4 Bridgewater 
Bragg George, fisherman, boards 248.} Main 

u Leslie R. student, boards 395 Washington 

u Samuel A. Rev. pastor Riverdale M. E. Church, house 395 
Brandt Charles II. clerk, 32 Main, boards 111- Procter 

a Margaret, widow of Charles, house 111 Procter 
Bray Aaron W. shoemaker, house 235 Concord, W. G. 

« Albion B. farmer, house 1(52 Essex av. W. G. 

a Alfred S. section hand, house 160 Essex av. W. G. 

a Alice E. bookkeeper, E. II. Bickford's, boards 13 Wall 

a Alphonzo H. grocer, Summer st. house Walker at.., W. G. 

n Alonzo, house 1 Laurel, W. G. 

t( Austin B. fish dealer, house 24 Commonwealth ay. 

« B. Franklin, laborer, house 2 Wallace court, W. G. 

a Charles, farmer, house 86 Essex av. W. G. 

a Charles A. removed to Schenectady, N. Y. [av. W. G. 

« Charles E. electrician (Buffalo, N. Y. ). house 264 Essex 

n Charles F. driver, house 90 Essex av. W. G. 

« Charles F. jr. clerk, 17 Main, boards 90 Essex av. W. G. 

a P^ben B. rooms 8 Hancock 

it Everett, boards 22 Concord, W. G. 

« George D. laborer, house 13 Wall 

u George H. blacksmith, 51 Rocky Neck av. house 2 Wonson 

« George N. laborer, house 22 Concord, W. G. 


Bray George 8. clerk (Boston), boards 290 Essex av. W. G. 

a Hannah S. widow of Addison G. h. 290 Essex av. W. G. 

a Harry F. removed to Brooklyn, N. Y . 

a Henry W. shoemaker, house 243 Concord, W. G. 

a Howard, laborer, boards 214 Magnolia av. W. G. 

« Jasper R. carpenter, house 254 Essex av. W. G. 

a Jeremiah M. laborer, boards 214 Magnolia av. W. G. 

i. John James, farmer, house 277 Essex av. \V. G. 

a Joseph W. laborer, house 214 Magnolia av. W. G. 

u J. Warren, laborer, boards 214 Magnolia av. W. G. 

n Lydia H. widow of Edward, house 205 Essex av. W. G. 

« Maria H. widow of Alex. 1). li. Braewopd, Essex av. W. G. 

,» Mary, widow of Samuel A. house 20 Concord, W. G. 

«. Mary E. housekeeper, 4, Day court 

« Percy M. clerk, boards 290 Essex av. W. G. 

>* Soloman N. jr. stone mason, house 44 Concord, W. G. 

«. Will, laborer, boards 214 Magnolia av. W. G. 

.. Willis G. stone cutter, house 44 Concord, W. G. 
Braver Alfred H. laborer, boards 242 East Main 
Benjamin S. boards 1 Brazier court 

.< Charles W. fisherman, boards 11 Wiley 

.. Eben A. fisherman, house 11 Wiley 

.. Eben A. jr. sailmaker, house 12 Cross 

.. John W. fisherman, house 178 East Main 

.. Weslover. fisherman, hoards 1 1 Wiley 
Brcen Albeit, fisherman, boards 12 Railroad av. 
Edward, cook, hunzts 7 Burnham 

.., removed to Brockton 

.. William, mariner, house 70o Washington 
B.. i,!,.u, (Jrurge, ii du-nnan, boards 12 Railroad av. 

<■ .K»m< <i E oiler, bouse rear 47 Warner 

.. Jtihxiw li' board* rear 47 Warner 

.. .1,4,0. UWi'V, bourda 7 Cedar 

M J. d,n |<,i 18 GuiihJ court), died April 18, 1898 

.. Mitbael. fuherman, hoards 19 Eort square 

4« W ilium, lUherman, boards 10 Rowe square 

». William J. foreman, Duncan, cor. Rogers, house 7 Cedar 
Hrrnnick Janus, fisherman, boards 58 Duncan 
Breatoo John, painter, house 30 Fort square 
Brevick A xel, dishei man, house 12 Perkins 
Brewer Elbridge G. lisherman, house 102 Mt. Pleasant av. 

.. Frank B. quarry man, house 10 North Kilby 

.» Isaac, fisherman, house 115 Mt. Pleasant av. 

.. Joseph, lisherman, boards 252^- Main 

u. Parker W. cook, house 7^ Wall 

>. Roland, master mariner, house 157 Mt. Pleasant av. 

u Seth L» house off Rocky Neck av. 

.» Thomas, fisherman, boards 1 1 Pearce 
Brewton Daniel, laborer, boards 386 Main 

a George A. painter, house 381) Main 

« Rachel, widow of Daniel, house 429 Washington 


Bride Mary E. widow of Charles W. house 7 Winchester court 
Bridges Elmer K. painter, 3 Main, house Dike .street 

a Fitz \V. boards 15 Addison 

it James H. painter, 3 Main, house Laurel street, W. G. 
Bridson Robert, master mariner, house 24 Mansfield [av. 

Brien Rebecca S. widow of William, at Gilbert Home, 1 Western 

a see also O'Brien 
Brier Caroline, widow of Frank, house 33 Mt. Vernon 
Brigham Charles II. fisherman, house 7 Wiley 

a Edward C. fisherman, boards 7 Wiley 

m Frank W. fisherman,, boards 7 Wiley 
Briglitson Robert, fisherman, boards 24 Mansfield 
Biimer Alexander J. house 101 East Main 

u Harvey L. hairdresser, ferry landing, Rocky Neck, boards 
101 East Main 

n Lydia A. bookkeeper, Hall & Co.'s, boards 101 E. Main 
Brine Alexander, fisherman, boards 77 Washington 

« Ida M. Mrs. house 316 Washington [Magnolia 

Brinley C. A. (Philadelphia), summer resilience, Norman av., 
Brittney William, fisherman, boards 41 Washington 
Broad John, quarryman, boards. '6.7 9 Washington 

n Samuel, fisherman, house rear 138 Prospect 
Broderick Bridget A. widow of Dennis, house 10 Fort square 

u Dennis,ulied June 14, 1899 
Brodie Peter H. stone cutter, house 00 Revere 

u Robert A. stone cutter, boards 00 Revere 
Brofsky Joseph, peddler, boards 11 Harold av. 
Brooks Alfred M. boards 6 Franklin square 

« Byron L. boat builder, house 2 Green 

u Daisy Miss, bookkeeper, 22 Pearce, boards 2 Green 

« Frederick C. fisherman, boards 10 Chapel 

n Isaac J, etc. 03 Main, house IS Friend 

u Jacob I. & Co. prop. Gloucester Loan Co. 01 Main, house 
18 Friend 

u John, fisherman, boards 10 Columbia 

a John II. carpenter, 3 Clilford court, house do. 

a Peter II. telephone inspector, 1 95 Main, house Alpine ct. 

a Reuben, with, Russia Cement Co. house 55 Essex av. 

u Stephen. H. gluemaker, house 5 Williams court 

« William H. boards 3 Clilford court 
Brophy Hfmnah, widow of Luke, house 8 Shepherd 

a Joseph P. clerk, Thomas W. Brophy 's, boards 8 Shepherd 

u Luke S. laborer, house 30 Millett 

u Thomas W. junk, Wharf street, house 8 Shepherd 
Brotherton John, iish cutter, house 40 Millett 

a William D. died Dec. 3, 1800 
Broughton George W. engineer, boards 71 Main 

« George W. Mrs. house 23 Washington 
Brousard David, fisherman, house 37.1 Sargent 



Brown Aaron, 88^ Main 
a Addison C. clerk, 138 Prospect, boards 355 Main 
a Albert, ii-b skinner, house 50 Perkins 
u Alden C. teamster, house 152 Washington 
<< Alfred M. fisherman, bouse 37 Harrison av. 
tt Ann E. widow, house 8 Alpine court 
tt Annie E. widow of Josiah, bouse 7 Washington 
u Annie P. widow of Eben C. bouse 20 Friend 
a Antoine, fisherman, house 50 Mt. Vernon 
a Anton, fisherman, bouse 10 Webster 
u Augustus, fisherman, bouse 11 Hamoden 
■.. Charles, fisherman, boards 248^ Main 
u Charles A. clerk, bouse 48 Western av. 

])IU)WN CHARLES D. postmaster; also bookseller and 
) stationer, 193 Main, bouse 10 Say ward (see inside front 
<< Charles H. grocer, 4.47 Washington, bouse 402 do. 
(i Charles J. fisherman, liouse 23 Exchange 
*> Charles (). farmer, bouse 471 Essex avenue, W. G. 
n Charles (I jr. clerk, 29J- Washington, bds. 471 Essex av. 
i< Charles R. clerk, 58 Main, boards 30 Orchard 
ii ('baric-, W. clerk, house 44 Rocky Neck av. 
•i Christina M. Mrs. boarding bouse. 17 Main 
»» Clarence E. provisions, bouse 17 Procter 
,. ' David, died July 30. 1897 
m Eben C. 2d, ma.son, liouse 14 Hart/ place 
... Edgai laborer, liouse 90 Washington 
,. Edward A. stone uu'boii, house ISO Reynard 
.. Edward C horse shoer. 19 Western av. liouse Riggs 
,U-:irt! H fanner, ii m*e,'J Hod-kins 

fUli dealer. 7 Main, house 8 Blyn- 


I ) u iin it v . I •« >, pnge 52 


I .i ha, hoitae 355 Main 
l.Utx. widow of William, house 9 Davis 
Kttii.r.r S clerk, hoards 2 Hodgkiivs 
Ernest E. stone mason, hoards 30 Reynard 
ErncHt W. printer, 110 Main, rooms '225 do. 
Ethel T. Miss, boards 336 Washington 
Eugene II. laborer, boards 33 East Main 
Erank, fisherman, boost! 10 Eayal court 
Prank, bsb skinner, house 55 Friend 
Erank, jr. iisb skinner, boards 55 Friend 
Frank E painter, bouse 5 Arlington 
Fred A. teamster, house 24 Eastern av. 
Frederick, farmer, boards 30 Reynard 
Freeman H. iisb skinner, liouse 23 Bass av. 
George, fisherman, boards G Angle 
George, bouse 48 Western av. 
Harry, fisherman, boards 433 Main 
Henry C. eigarmaker, 230 Main, boards 17 do. 



Brown Henry F. police, house 59 Washington 
u Henry VV. fisherman, house Magholia aV., Magnolia 
a Herhert, lisheiman, boards 6 Angle 
a Herman B. carpenter, house 129 Washington 
u Herman W. shoemaker, boards 32 Reynard 
<< Hervey D. farmer, house 2 Hodgkins 
a Hjalmer A. clerk, 180 Main, hoards Jl Hampden 
a Hugh G. dry goods, 117 Main, house Wheeler's Point 
a Isaac, removed to Bei erly 
« James, fisherman, hoards 9 Pearce 
a James D. lisherman, house 30 Orchard 
it James J. Mrs. house 350 Main 
a James M. hairdresser, 11 Main, house 18 Pearl 
*< James R., U. §. N. house 53 Eastern av. 
a John, lisherman, )iouse 21 Sadler 
a John, fish skinner, house 4 Cross 
it John 11. lisherman, house 387 Main 
a John H. machinist, 230 Main, boards 24 Eastern av. 
a John 0. W. removed to Boston 
<< Josej)h, fisherman, boards 38 Friend 
a Joseph F. farmer, house 10 Vine 
a Joseph W. fisherman, house rear 23 Mansfield 
« Josiah D. died Dec. 19, 1898 
a J. Herman*,. master mariner, house Hartz place 
.a Mamie, clerk, 180 Main, boards at Rockpoit 

Manuel, fisherman, house 03 Friend 

Margaret, widow of Robert, house 11 School 

Mary A. widow of John W. house 58 Main 

Mary H. Mrs. house 10 Pearl 

Mary M. nurse, Addison Gilbert Hospital, boards do. 

Osborne H. engineer, Merchants Box and Cooperage Co. 
house 28 Reynard 

Patrick, fisherman, boards 9 Middle- 

Peter, lost at sea 

Rhoda, widow of William, died Oct. 24, 1897 

Richard, fisherman, house 29 Perkins 

Robert M. billiard and pool room, 174 Main, h. 13 Mason 

Samuel 0. died July 21, 1898 

Samuel W. provisions, 15 Main, house 44 Pleasant 

Sarah E. widow of David, house 24 Friend 

Stt-pheii F. laborer, boards 10 Vine 

Stephen W. stone mason, house 32 Reynard 

Villa F. Miss, boards 336 Washington 

Waldo B. grocer, 150 Washington, house do. 

Wesley, printer, boards 225 Main 

William A. boarding house, 20 Railroad av. 

William A. fireman, house 29 Addison 

William F. fisherman, boards 355 Main 

William G. & Co. dry goods. 180 to 192 Main, branch at 
Magnolia. hou>e 1 1 S hool 

GLOUCESTER [ ]> ] DItlECTOlitf . 17 

Brown William 0. fish skinner, house 7 Blake court 
k Winnifred, clerk, 117 Main, hoards Wheeler's Point 

Browne Florence A. nurse, Addison Gilbert Hospital, bds. 'do. 
u George L. undertaker, 30 Main, rooms do. '-^ 

(< William N. carriage and sign painter, 7 East Main, house 
rear 53 Eastern av. 

Bruce Foster, laborer, house 2 Chestnut 
r. Henry J. fisherman, house 22 Hammond 
a James G. driver, 5 Sargent, boards 13 Summit 

Bruudeen John P. laborer, house 15 Acacia 
« L. Sophronia Miss, boards 15 Acacia 

Brunt Clinton A. fisherman, house 27.' Friend 

Bryant Annie T. widow of George M. house 5 Columbia 
a Mabel C. Miss, teacher, Sawyer grammar, bds. 5 Columbia 
u Ralph C. clerk, boards 5 Columbia 
« William W. tailor, 159 Main, house 25 Millett 

Bryman Thomas, fisherman, boards 42 Wharf 

Brymer John, master mariner, house 10 Commonwealth av. 

B tick arc! Charles F. fisherman, house 132 Mt. Pleasant av. 

Buckley Daniel V. hairdresser, 103 Main, house 12 Arthur 
i.i Jeremiah J. clerk, 75 Main, house 8 Water 
^ .John P. ins. agent, 92 Main, house 142 Maplewood av. 
.. M. Francis, hairdresser, 1 0.'> Main, boards 12 Arthur 
.. William, laborer, house Western av., Magnolia 

Buffet John, lost at sea 

Bullvufon Eliza A. w'nlow of Hiram S. house 34 Friend 
.. Hiram W. letter carrier, house 137 Prospect 

Buio Mary J. widow of William house 9 Liberty 

Btilkb') Albert II. janitor, hoiise 2 Mason court 
.. Albert W. freight depot, B. & M. BR. bds. 2 Mason ct. 

■ * Fannie A teacher, Hovey school, boards 2 Mason court 

... Grace C. clerk, B. & M. freight depot, b. 2 Mason ct. 

■ . Name I!, dressmaker, boards 2 Mason court 

Ball (.'• II. (Quiricy, 111), frUiiimer res. Lexington av., Magnolia 

Bullock Aiinn B. milliner, 18(5 Main, boards 241 do. 

Burhank Charles S. butcher, boards 12 Harrison av. 

Burbridge William, fisherman, boards 234 Main 

Buige Fran/. Victor E. fisherman, boards 254 Main 

B urge AS Charles, fisherman, house 5 Smith 
4» George N. rigger, house Stanwood av., W. G. 
o Lorenzo f I). engineer, Chas, Parkhurst & Son, h. 19 Allen 
»4 Mary B. teacher, Kiggs school, boards 34 Hodgkins 

Bui gin Susan C. widow of Thomas, house 251 Concord, W. G. 
.» Thomas 11. J. boards 251 Concord, W. G. 

Burke Charles, fisherman, boards 5 Water 
». Daniel, fisherman, boards 64 Rogers 
u Henry J. clerk, 181 Main, house 18 Say ward 
u James, fisherman, boards 255 Main 
a James, fisherman, boards 34 Commercial 
o John J. lawyer, 201 Main, boards 404 Western av. 


Burke Joseph, iislierman, boards 17 Shepherd 

u Martin V. police, house 404 Western av. 

it Mat tie J. teacher, hoards 404 Western av. 

« Michael, fisherman, house 1.28 Duncan 

it Michael, died Dec. 21, 1808 

u Minnie Miss, house 34 Millett 

u Peter, fisherman, hoards 128 Duncan 

a Thomas, fisherman, hoards 16 Locust 

a William, laborer, house 10 Rurnham 
Burkman Peter, iislierman, boards 208£ Main 
Burmester John Henry, laborer, house HO Eastern av. 
Burnham Abby, widow of Hardy, house 175 Western av. 

a Abel, farmer, house 20 Bray, W. G. 

a Addison P. bookkeeper, house 7 Commonwealth av. 

« Allied A. house 25 Prospect 

u Allen S. dentist, Ferguson's block, 201 Main, h. 2 Wells 

a Alphonso M. house 72 Middle 

u Amos S. trader, boards 20 Bray, W. G. 

« Annie Miss, died Nov. 10. 1897 

t)UKNHAM BIlOTIiEItS (Mlas P., farker //., and 
) Enoch), grain, hay, and marine railway, etc., Wharf 

street (see page 520) 
« Catherine, widow of Eugene, house 102 Pleasant 
a Charles AT. laborer, house Walker street, W. G. 
« Daniel S. motorman, house 55 Leonard 
a Kben N. gardener, house 8 Fruit court 
a Edward E. travelling agent, house .SO Pleasant 
a Edward K. wholesale fish, 22 Pearce, h. 50 Western av. 
a Elias P. ( liurultii m Brothers), Whaif street, house 29 Elm 
« Elmore I), clerk, 183 Main, boards 72 Middle 
t< Enoch (BiLmham J I rot hers), Wharf street, h. 81 Prospect 
u Everett 10. carpenter, house Fernwood Lake av., W. G. 
u Frank M. fisherman, house 51 Friend 
« Frank R. salesman, house 4 1 Beacon 

t» George, wood dealer. 14 Pearl, house 23 Sumner, W. G. 
« George C. boards 5 Walker, W. G. 
a Hardy Mrs. house 177 Western av. 
a Harry L. student, boards 50 Western av. 
<< Helen M. Miss, house 21 Liberty 

u Henry A. (Boston), house 28 Dale av. cor. Prospect 
a John jG. Iislierman, house Norman av. 
« John M. iislierman, boards 51 Friend 
ic Joseph, fisherman, boards 51 Friend 
a J. Melville, -photographer, 129 Main, h. 49 Western av. 
« Laura R. widow of Henry M. house 59 Prospect 
« Leonard, manager Rocky Neck' Marine R.R. h. 4 Prospect 

IXJltNUAN LEONARD A. & CO. cotton line manufs. 
y 181 Main, factory Maplewood av. ; also pres. Gloucester 
Nat. Bank, house 38 Washington square (see page 532) 
a Mark F. fish dealer, house 5 Walker court, W. G. 


Burnham Manuel, fisherman, boards 10 Gould court 

u Parker H. (Burnham Brothers), Wharf street, house 15 
Western av. 

» Roland W. clerk, 183 Main, hoards 72 Middle 

" R. Wesley, teacher, High school, h. 12 Commonwealth av. 

<» Samuel F. gardener, house Norman av. 

a Samuel M. farmer, house 21 Sumner. W. G. 

a Sarah, widow of Addison G. house 57 Magnolia av. 

u Simeon A. carpenter, house 1 19 Church 

« Solomon, died April 26, 1893 

.. William S. stationery, periodicals, confectionery and cigars, 
57 Washington, cor. Prospect, house 10 Foster 
Burns Ann. widow of Thomas, house 104 Pleasant 

*. .Augustus K. night watchman, 5 Wharf, house 4 Sylvan 

o Catharine A. bookkeeper, 45 Rogers, hoards 4 Sylvan 

iv Charles, mail carrier, house 32 Grove 

^ CJara Q. widow of Joseph J. house 79 Western av. 

.. Daniel, fisherman, house 114 Pleasant 

i. Daniel, fisherman, house 4 Oak 

i. Ivhyard J: fish cutter, boards 25 Willow 

.> H(-ni) , painter, 275 Main, hoards 5 Page 

.. James, carpenter, house Springfield street 

u James, fisherman, boards 3 Shepherd 

.. John M. tinsmith, boards 3 Shepherd 

.* M;u ia H widow of Kdw.ud ,). h. «">7 Commonwealth av. 

.. Pet, i. - ser, 42 Mam. boards 82 Grove 

.. Sm ah, \n idow, house 32 G vo\ e 

.. Stephen, lUhenuan, hoards 13 Mansfield 

.. H.mmi*, li».*iler. boards 10 Grove 

.. Tluiijiad P. police, house 25 Willow 

William K, policeman, house '.hi Maplcwood av. 

h Williauj M foieman, 3 Main, bds. 37 Commonwealth av. 

u \l clerk, fish dealer, boards 25 Willow 
Huri*** J«.hn, laborer, house Kssex av. cor. Bond John W. iMiciman. boards 15 Shepherd 
li imwiKha George W. laborer, house 400 Essex av., W. G. 

*. John li. laborer, house 7 Roberts court, W . G. 

44 Mary J. widow of Henry H. house 7 Roberts court, W. G. 

*. Nathan, fisherman, hoards 90 Duncan 
Bursey 'riioj»hiluH, fisherman, boards 9 Cedar 
Hurt ilauiiaFi M. widow of Charles T. house 5 Center court 
Burton John, fisherman; hoards 1 Cedar 

.. Thomas T. M. lishennan, house 1 Cedar 
Buseh Charles, fisherman, hoards 60 Main 
Bush Richard, fisherman, boards 433 Main 
Bushee Alexander D. fisherman, boards 255 Main 

<< Annie Mrs. house (Stauwood Cottage), Magnolia av. 

" Charles, fisherman, house 10 Gould court 

o George, fisherman, house 110 Pleasant 

u Peter, fisherman, boards 10 Gould court 



Bushee Peter J. removed to Boston 

a William, ship carpenter, house 11 Center court 

a William H. fisherman, boards 15 Willow 

a see also Bouehe' 
Bushen John, bartender, 237 Main, boards 11. Pearce 
Business Men's Association, 201 Main [h. 298 Main 

Bussell Pinder F. prop. Cape Ann Laundry, Main, cor. Spring, 
Butland Hayes, fisherman, boards 143 Prospect 
Butler Addison, fisherman, house 65 Leonard 

« Albeit E. tailor, 112 Main, house 12 Babson 

« Alfred, stone cutter, house rear 77 Leonard 

a Bertha A. Miss, house 15 Spring 

n Bridget, widow of James H. house 17 Bridge 

tt Carrie A. bookkeeper-, 8 ( .H Maplewood av. bds. 871 Derby 

u Charles K. removed to Kittery, Me. 

a Clarence E. blacksmith, 473 Essex av., W. G. house do. 

a Daniel S. died March 1, 1807 

« David, paving cutter, boards 05 Leonard 

a David, house 7 Ashland place 

a Everett, carpenter, house Western av., Magnolia 

a Frank Everett, carpenter, house 437 Western av. 

a Frank F. paving cutter, boards 65 Leonard 

a Fred G. paving cutter, boards G5 Leonard 

a George H.*died March 9, 1899 

« George W. fish dealer, house 771 Washington 

a Hannah M. Mrs. house 15 Spring 

a Henry W. farmer, house 93 Magnolia av. 

a Isabella, widow of George H. boards 527 Washington 

a James H. died Oct. 13, 1897 

a John J. laborer, house 37 V Derby 

« Joseph H. driver, house 9 Marsh 

a Joseph H. teamster, house 199 Washington 

a Richard, fisherman, house 2 Willow 

n Solomon, fisherman, bouse 65 Rogers 

a William II. paving cutter, house 243 Washington 
Butman Alfred, laborer, house rear 23 Manslield 

" Grafton {Bntiiuiu & French), 196 Main, h. at Itockport 

BUTMAN & FHEgCfl {Grafton Butman, Albert II. 
French), dry and fancy goods ami millinery, 196 and 198 
Main, and 2 Elm (see page 517) 
Butts Jame.s, fisherman, boards 67 Rogers 
a William, fisherman, boards 2.3! Main 
Byers George, laborer, house 14 Webster 
tt George E. fisherman, house 2 Cross 
a Mary, widow of John, bouse 20 Eastern av. 
a Mary F. widow of Samuel, dressmaker, 23 Webster, h. do. 
u Samuel, fisherman, house 2 Cross 
a Samuel, teamster, boards 23 Webster 
Byrne Frank, stone cutter, house 4 Mt. Locust place 
a Frank L. stone cutter, boards 4 Mt. Locust place - 



in i: Lei ui; v 

CABRAL ANTONIO, fisherman, boards 13 Commercial 
Cadoes Manuel, fisherman, boards 9 Rock wood place 

a Mary, widow of Antonio, house 9 Ruck wood place 

Cahill Daniel, removed to Beverly 
u Daniel J. removed to Beverly 
« John E. removed to Beverly 
a Joseph A. fisherman, house rear 24 Lookout 

Cahoon Abijah, fisherman, house 23G Alain 
.; Charles W. fisherman, house rear 138 Prospect 
u Frederick C. clerk, 274 Main, boards 30 East Main 
.* George M. painter, house 3 M&plewood court 
a Heber A. laborer, Atlantic Halibut Co. house 11 Spring 
it James, engineer, 5 Wharf, house 49 Prospect 
" Joseph C. laborer, house 31 G Washington 
i. Mary A. Mrs. boarding house, 6 Howe 
u Matthew J. laborer, boards rear 138 Prospect 
.» Reuben J. oil clothing, 22 Rogers, house t) Howe 
u Wallace K. laborer, bouse 118 Mt. Pleasant av. 
.. Wilson, fisherman, house 40 Centennial av. 

Caig Delia A. widow of John J. house 114 Washington 
.. Jane, widow, house 48 School 
.. Matthew, tinsmith, 221 Main, boards 48 School 
.. William R. letter carrier, boards 48 School 

Cairns James, canmakcr, house (> Mystic avenue [av. 

Culdel Bethjah, widow of Humphrey L. bds. 44 Mt. Pleasant 
.. (ieorgeli. laborer, boards 34 Kast Main 
.. Henry A. lidurtnan, bouse 98 Maplewood av. 
.. Humphre) M. removed tu New Haven, Conn. 
.. John J. variety, 44 J Ml. Pleasant av. house 44 do. 
.. Mflvui. iu«l at *eu * 
.. S.ii, .,1 <;. huu Mr 31 i:,i-t Main 
.. s no in 1 <J. jr. labour. boards .'"> 1 Kast Main 
.. WfeJter K. painter, htittbt! 20 Friend 

CaUJ John ('. *\wA Oct. i«, 1897 

.. John C. vV Go. {A thin Jtytjvrs), dry goods, 83 Main 
Calhaub Robert John, master mechanic, Gloucester Net and 

Twine Co. house Maplewood av. cor. Gloucester av. 
0*11 Albert li tinsmith, 221 Main, house 31 Friend 

.. Arthur E. letter carrier) P. 0. bds. 21 Commonwealth av. 

.t Charloa, glue maker, house 20 Friend 

.. Dorcas Ws widow of Joseph C. house 16 Stan wood 

»• F. Kdna Miss, bookkeeper. 236 Main, boards 31 Friend 

.. Joseph C. died Feb. 28, 1897 

.. Scott, sparmaker, house 10 Stat en 

.» Stephen J. house 8 Loring court 

•. Susie A. Mrs. boards 9 Warner 

" 4'baddeus F. painter, boards 21 Commonwealth av. 

.* William E. painter, house 16 Orchard [av. 

• • William R. painter, 42 Washington, h. 21 Commonwealth 


Callahan Jeremiah, laborer, house 40 Mansfield 
n Mary, widow of Edward, house 60 Prospect 
tt Robert H. janitor. Custom House, and weatlier bureau 

officer, rooms 29 Prospect square 
u William H. laborer, boards 66 Prospect 
Cameal Manuel, fisherman, house 12 Webster 
Cameron Alexander, iisherman, boards 12 Howe 
« Allen, "fisherman, house '62 Hartz place 
u Annie, widow of Angus G. house 5 Prospect 
u Clarence W. driver, 75 Main, house 54 Eastern av. 
« Clarence W. jr. clerk, 59 Eastern av. boards 54 do. 
u Daniel, fisherman, house 27 Church 

a George E. bookkeeper, Burnham Bros. bds. 54 Eastern av. 
a Hugh, fisherman, boards 55 Duncan 

C1AMER0N JOHN A., •electrical contractor, 181 Main, 
J house 17 Warner (see page 519) 

u Reuben, fisherman, house 42 Commonwealth av. 

tit Sarah A. widow of Archie, house 15 Maplewood av. 

a William J. carpenter, house 9 Rowe sq. 
Cammett Anna Mrs. boards 6 Perkins 

a John R fisherman, boards (> Perkins 

it Mamie, saleswoman, 196 Main, boards 6 Perkins 

a William J /laborer, house 6 Loring's court 
Canmbell Alexander, iisherman, house 2 Fort sq. 
' " Alexander, fisherman, boards 15 Maplewood av. 

it Athanasius, iisherman. house 1G Russell av. 

« Catharine, widow, house 12 Allen 

a Charles B. fisherman, house 73 Commercial 

tt Colin, iisherman, boards 7 Locust 

a Daniel, iisherman, boards 20 Shepherd 

a Daniel, fisherman, boards 12 Railroad av. 

a Daniel (of 15 Maplewood av.). lost at sea 

a Daniel 1). fisherman, boards 3 Maple 

tt David, cleric, 147 Main, boards 33 Granite 

« David (of 6 Beach court), lost at sea 

it Eben I), died Jan. 15, 1899 

a George, iisherman. house 109 Pleasant [Washington 

it George H. clerk, freight depot, B. & M. R. R. house 100 

« George M. clerk, house 61^ Western av. 

« Hugh, iisherman, house 2 Morton. place 

(< Jamesr, iisherman, house 265 Main 

it Jennie Mrs. house 31 Rogers 

« John, fisherman, boards 16 Cellar 

tt .John A. linemaker, boards 3 Granite 

a John .J. master mariner, house 43 Warner 

it Leo, mate, steamer City of Gloucester, house at Revere 

it Margaret G. widow of David, house 1 Blynman av. 

4< Michael, iisherman. house 41 Mansfield 

a Neil, died Feb. 2. 1S97 

« Pius, removed to Boston 



Campbell Rose 11. widow of Eben I), house 8 Oak 

a William S. agent, house 8 Western ;iv. 
Canivah Raitley, fisherman, boards 46 Fort square 

a Margaret, widow, house 4(5 Fort square 
Cann Benjaiuin, died May 28, 1897 

a William, lisherinan, boards 14 Mason 
Canney Thomas, foutuJryman, hoards 26 Shepherd 
Canning Alonzo, fish skinner, boards 52 Warner 
a Anthony E. elerk, 274 Main, boards 9 Perkins 
u Charles C. 274 Main, house 9 Perkins 
a Edward E. clerk, 112 Main, hoards 9 Perkins 
.» .Joseph, foreman, J. F. Wonson & Co. house 128 Mt. 
Pleasant aw 
Cannon M. M. civil engineer, 201 Main, house 1 Kent circle 
/ 1APE ANN ADVERTISER, Francis and.George H. 
V_V Procter, pubs- 1 10 Main (see page 529 and front cover) 

i. Ann Anchor Works, foot of Whitteinoie .■.Heel 
'/ <APE ANN RREEZE, Cape Ann Printing Co. publishers, 
V_y 21 1 and 2 If) Main (see page 530 and back cover) 
»< Ann Camera Club, 148 Main 

u Ann Clothing. Co., .J. Frank Boy n ton, prop. 207 Main 
n Ann Cycle Co., E. K. Coas, manager, .'^79 Main 
.. Ann Granite Co.. Pigeon Cove, Rook-port 
/ 1APE ANN NATIONAL RANK, Hiram Rich, cashier, 
V J 150 Main (dee .page 513) 

/ 1APE ANN PRINTING CO. printers and publishers, 
I. J 211 t,, 21T- Main (see page 530 and line on back cover) 
/ 'APE ANN SAYINGS RANK, Daniel T. Babson, treas. 
\ , 109 Main (see front c.Jm.,1 page opp. map) 
.. Ann Shoe Co.. C. S. Fuller & Co. props, shoe manufs. foot 
,.t Wiiitte re stn et 

/ MPK ANN STEAM LAUNDRY, Finder F. Russell, 
* pr«>p 2>S Main, cor. Spring (see page 531) 

('.»i.| Charles, lifdiermuii, hoards 2d Commercial 

,. Kr.*J W. lidi packer, boards 7 A Wall 

.. Prtacott O. tnh skinner, boards 1\ Wall Autoiue V. fisherman, house 73 Friend 
Cardura Antoinu, fisherman, house 11 Webster 
Cait-w Charles, fibhennau, house 81 Commercial 

.4 Doininick, fisherman, hoards 81 Commercial 

m John, iceman, hoards 105 Eastern av. 

»» 111 oman, fisherman, boards 81 Commercial 

u Thomas, iceman, boards 105 Eastern av. 
Carey James W. lisherman, hoards 295 Main 

a .John, tisherman, boards 20 Shepherd 

• » Vincent, lisherman, boards 82 Duncan 
Carleton Frank J. lisherman, house 23 Washington 
Carlctt George, lisherman, boards 17 Locust 
Carlow William, watchman, steamer City of Gloucester 
Carls John J. lisherman, house 24 Millett 

« May, clerk, 19(5 Main, boards 24 Millett 


Carlson Alfred, lost at sea 

a Andrew, boarding house, 11 Chestnut 

u Honda, fisherman, boards 11 Chestnut 

u Sven, fisherman, boards 433 Main 

u see also Colson 
Carlston Gustav, paving cutter, house 2 Barker 
Carlton Alfred, house 89 Maplewood av. 
Carlz Joseph, house 11 Ehvell 

a Joseph J. hairdresser, 219 Main, house 11 Ehvell 

it Manuel, fisherman, house 41 Mt. Vernon 

« Manuel J. fisherman, house 10 Ehvell . 
Games, see Cairns 
Carnesis George, fruit, 31 V Duncan, rooms do. 

u James, fruit, 31. V Duncan, rooms do. 
Carney James, fisherman, boards 28 Commercial 

u Thomas H. laborer, house 28 Bass av. 

« Thomas II. jr. fisherman, boards 28 Bass av. 
Carnrick Charles II. laborer, house 40 Blynman av. 
Carpenter Edward, bookkeeper, George Perkins &, Son's, house 
7 Chestnut 

a Frederick A. fisherman, boards 28 Martz place 

a Joseph H. fish cutter, boards 28 Martz place 

tt Raymond, engineer, house 6 Perkins 
Carr Catharine, widow, house 16 Vincent 

it David II. fisherman, boards 217 Main 

a Elizabeth M. widow of John B. house 99 Prospect 

a George J. fireman at gas works, house 24 Addison 

a Henry S. laborer, 5 Wharf, house 43 Warner 

u .John, fisherman, boards rear 301 Main 

a Patrick, fisherman, house 60 Warner 

a Patrick J. fisherman, boards 57 Warner 

a Peter C. fisherman, house 4 Grove 

« R. Bruce, removed to Meriden, Conn. 

u William, laborer, boards 8 Allen 
Carrier George, machinist, boards 17 Harvard 
Carrigan Elizabeth, widow of James, house 6 Shepherd 

a James, iidierman, died October 9, 1897 

a James M. Capt. house 5 Allen 

a John, laborer, house 17 Shepherd 

a John E. clerk, 147 Main, boards 6 Shepherd 

u Mary |£. widow of Moses, house 13 Beacon 

a William M. laborer, boards 6 Shepherd 
Carritt Fred, fisherman, boards 23 School 

a Louis, fisherman, boards 23 School 
Carroll Augustus, laborer, boards 6 Sargent 

a Bridget, widow of Richard, boards 86 East Main 

i< Catharine, boards 6 Sargent 

« Charles H. laborer, hoards 6 Sargent [Shepherd 

a Daniel & Co. (Charles Mason), saloon, 20 Hancock, h. 2 

a Eben C. foreman, 95 East Main, house 97 do. 


Carroll Ellen, widow, house 6 Sargent 

t< Henry, fisherman, boards 22 Locust 

a James J. fisherman, house 37 Sargent 

u John J. fisherman, house 9 Liberty 

u John J. fisherman, house 9 Cedar 

u Mary A. widow, house 7 Prospect 

a Michael, laborer, boards 7 Cedar 

a Thomas, fisherman, house 7 Cedar 

u Thomas F. fisherman, boards 7 Prospect 
. h Thomas J. (Slade Gorton \& Co), fisheries, 95 East 
Main, house 8() do. 

n William P. laborer, house 7 Cedar 
Carter Annie Mrs. boards 14 Forest 

.. A. Edwin, fish skinner, boards 52 Warner 

.. Bernard, fisherman, boards 41 Commercial 

.. Bros. {John 31. and Jesse A.), groceries and provisions, 
891 Maplewood av. 

4. Edward, mason, boards rear 53 Eastern av. 

k Edward II. fisherman, boards Leighton's court 

.. Emma A. widow of Sherman J. house 67 Washington 

.. Emma F. Miss, dressmaker, boards 67 Washington 

.. Fanny, widow of George R. house 52 Warner 

.. Fred O. butcher, 74" Eastern av. house do. 

.. Georgd It. farmer, boards 46 Poplar 

.. Harriet C. Miss, al Almshouse 

.. Hihbert M, blacksmith, 17 Western av. boards 46 Poplar 

.. J, no-, fisherman, boards 9 Middle 

■ ■ J .tint'* C. laborer, house Gloucester av. near Acacia 

• • Jaine» E, fniviuiu Gloucester Net & Twine Co. house 46 

.. Juui- i'«i l\ tUhermati, boards Leighton's court 

.. JrM*i A. [Carter firos.). 89$ Maplewood av. b. 5 Acacia 

.< John, lV»herniftn, boards 9 Pearee 

u 1). laborer, boartls 356 Main 

.. John E. l.tboi.r, house 109 East Main 

u Jutin M. (Carter lirod), 89J Maplewood av. b. 46 Poplar 

.. John S. butcher, house .35 Prospect 

.. I.ftilia A. widow, dressmaker, house Springfield street 

.. Mary J. widow of Thomas E. h. rear 157 Mt. Pleasant av. 

t» Nellie, widow of John I), house 356 Main [Summit 

.» Richard Jn-eph, laborer, 1>. & M. freight depot, house 13 

.. Robert A. fisherman, boards rear 157 Mt. Pleasant av. 

.. Sherman J. died May 8. 1897 
Caryu Edward W. rigger, house 33 School 
Casagranda Jacob, iiuarryman, house 13^ South Kilby 
Case Jerusha, widow, house 14 Beacon 
Casey Albert E. diiver, 173 Main, boards 58 Washington 

14 Andrew F. fisherman, boards 64 Rogers 

4i Charles H. fisherman,- boards 54 Fort square 

4< Edward L baker, boards 58 Washington 


Casey Eva, widow, house 58 Washington 
<( .John, salesman (Boston), house 80 Perkins 
u John J. stone cniter, hoards 13 South Kilby 
<< Joseph L. stone cutter, boards 13 South Kilhy 
« Mary J. widow ot' Lawrence, died Nov. 21, 1808 
a Putrick, paving cutter, house 13 South Kilhy 
a Patrick J. laborer, hoards 80 Perkins 
« William S. iish skinner, boards 54 Fort square 

Cash Mary Mrs. died Feb. 9, 1897 

Cashman William, Jishernian, hoards 16 Locust 

Cass Joseph 11. fisherman, house 8 Lewis ct. 

Castle Frank A. cigarmaker, hoards 41 Webster 
u John J. removed to Topsfield 
u Joseph, laborer, house 41 Webster 
u Joseph, jr. Iish skinner, house 41 Webster 

Caswell Abby S. widow of George, house 08 Middle 
a Amelia B. teacher, Mt. Vernon school, hoards 31 Elm 
u Grace Miss, teacher, Mt. Vernon primary, bds. 08 -Middle 
« Lucy Edith, teacher, Sawyer- school, hoards 31 Elm 
a Samuyl Mrs. house 31 Elm 

Cates John J. copper-paint maker, house 25 Chapel 

Caton, see Cayton, Gay ton and Keating 

Cavanagh Edwarji, laborer, boards 30 Prospect 
u James, fisherman, house 87 Pleasant 
M James, fisherman, house 14 Maplewood av. 
u Thomas J. laborer, house 40 Derby 
« William I), laborer, house 17 Willow 
a see also Kavanagh 

Ga vender James E. mason, house 278 Western av. 

Gavin John II. ins. agency supt. boards 2 Knowlton sq. 

Cayton Belle F. boakkeeper, 2 Chestnut, boards 15 Allen 
a Franklin K. hairdresser. 179 Main, boards 15 Allen 
it Thomas, bottler, house Linnet place 
u Thomas, jr. in aster mariner, boards 15 Allen 
/CENTER ADDISON P. photographer, 119 Main, boards 
\_J Marchant (see page 516) 
a Albert, removed to Somerville 
it Andrew J. carpenter, house 99 Washington 
u Edward B. driver, 131 Main, house 76 Washington 
a George, bookkeeper, Cape Ann Nat. Bank, b. 28 Granite 
u Geor^ie A. Mrs. house 357 Main 
u Harry B. student, boards 70 Washington 
a Henry, died Oct. 29, 1890 
a Isabella, widow, house 10 Beacon 
a Mary A. Miss, boards 22 Washington 
u Mira J. widow of Henry, house 28 Granite 
tt Sarah P. compositor, 110 Main, boards 99 Washington 
u Sturgis Mrs. house 22 Washington [Washington 

u Susie S. Miss, principal Mt. Vernon school, boards 22 
a William, teamster, house 7 Center court 


CENTltAL CASH MARKET, H. S. Niekerson, manager, 
216 Main (see page 524) 
Chadbourne James M. farmer, house 201 Essex av., W. G. 
Chaffey Sopjiia J. widow of John F. died Feb. 21, 1897 
Chalmers Hugh, grocer, 102 Washington, house do. 
Chamberlin Frank K. clerk, house Magnolia av. 
Chamberline John B. boards 69 Middle 

a John S. house 69 Middle 
Chandler Albeit, master mariner, boards 254 Main 

a George S. engineer, Robinson Hros. house Cherry n. Poplar 

a Mahala, widow of John, boards 312 Washington 
Ch'ane John, driver, house 4 Magnolia av. 
Chaney Ellen Mrs. stable, 704 Washington, house do. 
Chapman Alanson 15. police, city court bldg. h. 331 Western av. 

a Charles, stone cutter, house 11 South Kilby 

a Frederic, paving cutter, house 110 Leonard 

a Horace B. laborer, house 257 Western av. 
Chappie John, stone cutter, house 67 Leonard 

« Thomas, removed to Boston 
Chard Annie R. Miss, house 53 Leonard 

» Caroline L. widow of William D. house 32 Curve 

a Elizabeth C. Miss, house 53 Leonard 

a Frank W. carpenter, boards 32 Curve 

a George I), laborer, house 7 Arlington 

a William 1). died "June 25. 1807 
Charlton Allen S. assistant, Fishermen's Institute, 8 Duncan, 
boards 7 Summit 

a Charles M. removed to Perkinsville, Vt. [ Summit 

a Emanuel C. Rev. chaplain, Fishermen's Institute, house 7 

a William S. fisherman, house 9 Harmony square 
Chase Charles, hostler, rear 77 Alain, rooms do. 

a Frank, fisherman, boards 104 Duncan 

a James M. clerk, boards 10 Orchard 

a Joseph, house 4 Orchard 

n S. K. fisherman, house 104 Duncan 
Chenell Charles, fisherman, boards 3 Poplar ct. [ington 

Cheney Adelia M. widow of Joseph J. housekeeper, 32 Wash- 
Chetwynde Hiram, master mariner, house 29 Chestnut 

a Walter, lost at sea 
Cheves Alexander R. bookkeeper, boards .31 High 

a William R. stone contractor, house 31 High 
Chick Alvah, laborer, house end of Wheeler street 

a Henrietta C. widow of John G. house 34 High 
Childs William F. machinist, boards 16 Bridge 
Chisholm Anna I. teacher, Collins school, house. 23 Summer 

a Catharine, widow of John S. house 23 Summer 

a Colin, fisherman, boards 3 Maple 

a Colin, removed to New Bedford 

a Duncan, fisherman, boards 87 Pleasant 

a Edward J. laundryman, boards 23 Summer 


Chisholm Isabella Miss, house 87 Pleasant 
u James, fishernaan,? boards 128 Duncan 

it Jolin, fish dealer and ship stores, 33 Wharf, h. 9 Marchant 
u John A. plumber, boards 3 Maple 
k< Joseph, fisherman, boards 104 Duncan 
a Margaret J. widow of John, house 3 Maple 
a Martha, teacher, Hovey school, boards 23 Summer 
u Minnie B. Miss, boards 3 Maple 
« Peter, fisherman, boards 128 Duncan 
a Peter A. boards 24 Granite 
a Roland C. clerk. 101 Main, boards 24 Granite 

Clil&HOLM WILLIAM F. jewelry, watches, etc. 101 
Main, house 24 Granite (see top lino on back cover) 
a William J. sailmaker, 70} Duncan, boards 3 Maple 
Chivrie Edmund A. laborer, house 38 East Main 

u see also Shivrie 
Christensen Harry P. (A. A. Drestrup &■ Co.), riggers, Duncan's 

Point, house 10 Harold av. 
Christenson Amandus, lisherman, boards 5 Traverse 
« Edward, lisherman, boards GO Main 
it Hans, lisherman, boards 2081 Main 
« John, lisherman, boards Blake court 
a Olof, fisherman, boards 268^ Main 
Christian Charles, fireman, at gas works, house 2 Norwood ct. 
. n Manuel, fisiierman, house 55 Friend 
Christiansen Harriet, widow of Andrew, house 20 Sargent 

« Martin, master mariner, house 54 Warner 
Christopher Hannah J. widow of Thomas, house 24 Sargent 

u John F. shoe cutter, house 7 Willow 
Christopherson George R. baker, 29 Wash, bds.,25 Cleveland 
Churchill Ernest, teamster, 5 Wharf, house 44 School 

a Robert 4\ fisherman, house 33 School 
City Hand Laundry, 88 Main 

a National Bank, William A. Pew. cashier, 195 Main 
Clancy Alice, widow of Henry, house 8 Gilbert court 
it Frank W. machinist, Gloucester Net and Twine Co. boards 

52 Cherry 
a George M. laborer, boards 6 Lewis court 
u James, fisherman, boards 11 Locust 
u James E. machinist, house 52 Cherry 
tt John, fisherman, boards 10 Smith 
a John, fisherman, boards 16 Water 
u John G. removed to Middletown, Conn. 
a Walter R. painter, boards 52 Cherry 
u William, heater, house foot of Whittemore 
Clark Aaron F. confectionery and cigar team, house 11 Addison 
it Albert C. painter, house 44 Mt. Vernon 
<4 Austin W. clerk, 150 Main, boards 21 Orchard 
tt Belle M. Mrs. clerk, P. O. house 21 Orchard 
a Benjamin C. carpenter, boards 1 Mason court 


Clark Caroline D. widow of James, house G Angle 
u Denmark P. teamster, 27 Western av. house 24 do. 
a Eben P. police, house 64 Washington 
« Edward, fisherman, hoards 235 Main 
a Elizabeth Mrs. house 116 Pleasant 
a Elizabeth K. widow of George, boards 31 Pleasant 
« Francis M. wood dealer, 7 Middle, house do. 
a Fred, litter, 221 Main, house at Roekport 
a Fred C. clerk, 274 Main, house 28! Warner 
tt George, actor, house 19 Dike 
a George H. pensioner, house Leighton's court 
tt Georgianna, widow of David L. bds. 290 Essex av. W. G. 
a Herbert G. clerk, boards 112 Maplewood av. 
a James, clerk, 135 Main, boards Prospect street 
u James A. removed to Boston [8 Beacon 

a John H. & Co. wholesale fish dealers, 37 Commercial, house 
a John W. ilagman, B. & M. 11.11. house Leighton's court 
a Joseph II. (Sotnerville), summer residence, Pleasure Point, 

a Joseph H. (St. Louis, Mo.), summer residence, Eastern 

Point Boulevard, West, near JNiles Pond 
« Levi, laborer, rooms 7 Carlisle 
u Lucy, widow of John, house 22 Western av. 
tt L. Gertrude, boards 74 Western av. 
a Richard, clerk, 103 Main, boards 8 Beacon 
a Richard, fisherman, boards 6 Orchard 
« Samuel L. driver, H'ose No. 1, house 4 Mason court 
u Samuel L. jr. carpenter, boards 4 Mason court 
a Sarah Mrs. died July 6, 1897 

u Susan F. widow of Reuben A. house 4 Chester square 
a Thomas, driver, 95 Main, rooms 168 V do. 
a Walter II. hostler, 1(5 Mansfield, boards 8G Main 
a William, tisherman, boards 10 Short 
it William, painter, 36 Washington, house 8 Addison 
a William B. fisherman, house 28^ Warner 
tt William G. clerk, 186 Main, boards 8 Beacon 
a William H. clerk, P. 0. boards 11 Addison 
n William R. paving cutter, house 142 Leonard 

Clavkson Eliza J. widow of James A. house 336 Washington 

Clattenburg George, fisherman, boards 22 Main 

Clausen Axel, fisherman, boards 317 Main 
" Carl, fisherman, boards, 11 Chestnut 
it Emma, clerk, 205 Main, boards 238 do. 
a Martin, fisherman, boards 11 Maplewood av. 
a Oliver, fisherman, "boards 7 Short 
n Peter, lobsterman, house 29 Rogers 
it Seviren A. boarding house, 238 Main 

Clay John (Chicago. 111.), summer res. Quarry Point, near 
Eastern Point Light 


Cleary Julia, widow of Timothy, house 1 1 G High 

u Maurice L. blacksmith, hoards 116 High 
Cleaves Eli 0. master mariner, house 7 Marehant 

u Norman, clerk, 70 Rogers, boards 99 Prospect 
Clement Abigail G. widow, house 31 Friend 

u Annie G. widow of Charles L. house '21 Church 

u George A. master mariner, house 9 Knowlton square 

a Gertrude M. teacher (Roekport), hoards 31 Friend 

n Sarah A. Miss, teacher, Sawyer school, bds. 9 Knowlton sq. 
Clements Albert B. fisherman, boards 32 Concord, W. G. 

U Edgar B. laborer, house 32 Concord, W. G. 

« Frederick, stone cutter, house 890 Washington 

u John, fisherman, boards 7 Calder 

a Louis W. paving cutter, boards 16 North Kilby 
Clifford Simon, removed to Boston 

u Timothy, fisherman, boards 28 Commercial 
Cloake William, fisherman, boards 07 Rogers 
Clossey Joseph, fisherman, boards 6 Rogers 
Closter Christian, fisherman, boards 11 Chestnut 
Clough Elias M. clerk, 25 Fort sq. boards 49 Main 

a George H. boards 2 Chester square 

u Georgiana, widow of Isaac D. house 32 Pine 

a Harriette B. boards 49 Main 

« Joseph Mrs. house 49 Main 

a Moses H. carpenter, house 2 Chester square 
Cluett William II. matter mariner, boards 55 East Main 
Clugg Frederick, fisherman, house 10 Fort square 
Coad Caroline, widow of William, house 808 Washington 

(i William, blacksmith, house 808 Washington 
Coady Michael, fisherman, boards 6 Orchard 
plOAKLEY CORNELIUS {Coaldeij & Co.), 150 Main, 

V_7 house 20 Granite (see page 510) 
a Daniel, hackman, house 11 Man-iield 
u Honora, widow, house 14 Mansfield 

C101KLEY & CO. (Cornelius Coakley), clothing, 150 
/ Main (see page 516) 
Coas Charles H. foreman. 217 East Main, liouse 7 Gerring 
a Edward K. manager, Cape Ann Cycle Co. 379 Main, house 

264 East Main 
m Elizabeth A. widow, house 182 East Main 
« J ames, laborer, boards 2 Tolman 
a Lucy Miss, house Concord, W. G. 
u Lucy, widow of James, boards 264 East Main 
« Mary J. widow of Henry G. house 19 Highland 
(t see also Coos 
Cobb Aaron, fisherman, boards 231 Main [Acacia 

a George W. supt. Gloucester Net and Twine Co. house 22 
u Maurice D. clerk, Gloucester Net and Twine Co. house 66 


Cochran John, fisherman, boards 46 Washington 

a Joseph Seymour, fisherman, boards 6 Howe 

« Patrick, fisherman, boards 46 Washington 
Coday Alexander, carpenter, boards 25 Bridge 

a John, fisherman, boards 104 Duncan 

a Josephine, house 8 Cedar 

a Katie Miss, tailoress, boards 25 Bridge 

« Thomas, heater, boards 25 Bridge 

a see also Cuddy 
Coli'ey Benjamin, fisherman, boards 1G Locust 

a Joanna, widow of Patrick, boarding house, '28 Commercial 

a John, fisherman, house 8 Gilbert court 

a Patrick C. hostler, boards 28 Commercial 
Coffin Abbott, died Dec. 19, 1897 [37 Beacon 

a Abbott S. clerk, Boston & Gloucester Steamboat Co. bds. 

a Ada 1). Miss, house 20 Pine 

a Agnes S. widow of Abbott, house 37 Beacon 

a Benjamin P. butter and provisions, 138 Main, house 
Highland place 

a Celinda M. clerk, 122 Main, boards GO East Main 

a Charles A. clerk, 138 Main, boards G Highland place 

a Charles B. house (50 East Main [Pleasant av. 

a Charles F. teamster, 12 Montgomery place, house 117 Mt. 

a Edward C. boxrriaker, house 9 Plum 

a Guy C. fisherman, boards GO East Main 

a H. Mack ay, confectionery, etc. 1 65 East Main, h. 1 67 do. 

a Joanna D. manager. 193 Main, boards 20 Pine 

« John A. supL. gas works, foot of Duncan, h. 39 Beacon 

a John J. foreman, William Parsons, 2d, house 27 Chapel 

a John J. jr. caretaker, house Beach av. 

u Susan C. widow of John \V. house 7 Highland 
Cogan Ellen, widow of John, house 73 Perkins' 
Cogill Daniel A. fisherman, house 14 Trask 

a Isabel, widow, board's 14 Trask 
Cogswell Laura and Ellen, house 45 Mansfield 
Col berg Charles, fisherman, board's 35 East Main 
Colbey Carrie A. Miss, boards 9 Chapel 
Colby Albeitina, widow, house G Blake court 

a Benjamin, sailmaker, boards 5 Amero court 

a Charles G. fisherman, boards 7 Haskell 

it Herbert, fish skinner, house 9 Gerring 

a Mary A. widow of Stewart H. house 2G Leonard 

a Mary A. widow, house 3 Acacia 

a Samuel J. fisherman, house rear 115 Pleasant 

a Samuel V. sailmaker, D. B. Smith's wharf, 415 Main, 
house 14G Eastern av. 

a Stewart H. died July 5, 1897 

a Susan D. Mrs. house 9 Granite 

a William B. sailmaker,,415- Main, house 31 Summer 

a William H. carpenter, house 3 Acacia 


Colder George D. fisherman, house 67 Duncan 

C10LE ALBERT IS. Moves, plumbing, and heating£55 
/ Main., house 546 Washington (see page 531) 

44 Annie M. widow of Seth L. removed to Boston 

u Elizabeth G. Miss, removed to Rockport 

u Ella W. widow of John M. removed to Peabod'y 

u Enos, painter, house 25 Harrison a v. 

u Jesse F. plumber, 55 Main, house 30 Essex av. 

it John A. removed to Boston 

u Mary L. widow, hoards 44 Warner 

u William T. baker, 5 Sargent, house 40 Millett 

u see also Kohl 
Coleman Howard W. clerk, 29 Main, hoards 8 Centennial ay. 

a John H. salesman, 7 Kim., house 8 Centennial av. 
Coles Elijah, laborer, house 9 Columbia 

u Thomas, carpenter, boards 9 Columbia 
Collamore Jane, widow of Luther F. house 8 Prospect 

a John F. laborer, boards 8 Prospect 

a Robert W. rigger, house 25 Washington 

n William, laborer, boards 8 Prospect 
Colletti Guitanno, quarry man, house 87 High 
Colliard William, iisherman, boards 273 Main [Exchange 

Collins Andrew M. sec. overseers of poor, City Hall, house 

a Annie, widow, hoards 427 Main 

u A. Foster, bookkeeper, City National Bank, hds. 6 Exchange 

<< Benjamin R. house 1 Harvard 

a Betsy L. widow of Stephen, hoards 35 Pleasant 

a Emerson C. clerk., 2. Main ; also manager West End polish- 
ing parley 9 Main, hoards 18 Wells 

t4 Frank, iisherman, hoards 311 Main 

44 Frank B. driver, house 14 Parker 

44 George, boards 100 Rlaplewood av. 

44 James, laborer, house 44 School 

44 John, died Apirl 6, 1897 

44 Maurice, quarryman, bouse 12 Butman av. 

44 Otis M. carpenter, 108 Duncan, boards 82 Pleasant 

a Sarah Mrs. house 32 Friend 

44 Susan J. widow of Capt. John, house 82 Pleasant 

44 Thomas J. fisherman, boards 11 Chestnut 

44 Timothy S. laborer, house 427 Main 

44 Walter, driver, Hose No. 3, house 38 Prospect 

44 Willard F. salesman, 199 Main, house 15 Trask 

44 William H. captain, house 19 Commonwealth av. 

44 William II. teamster, house 5 Gloucester av. near Maple- 
wood av. 

44 William II. 2d, carpenter, 108 Duncan, house 5 Bond 
Colp John, fisherman, hoards 317 Main 

44 Joseph, fisherman, hoards 317 Main 
Colson Charles, fisherman, house 6 Traverse 

44 John, fisherman, hmw 3(i Mr. Vernon 





Colson John, fisherman, house 42 Friend 

u Samuel, master mariner, 9 Church 
u see also Carlson 
Coineau Agnes, widow of John, house 2 East Main 
Alfred, laborer, house 7 Calder 
August, laborer 1 , house 13 Fayal court 
Charles, iisherman, house 20 Calder 
Frank, iisherman, boards 5 Water 
George, laborer, boards' 2 East Main 
Isaac, fisherman, boards 5 Water 
Isaiah J. carpenter, boards 32 Bass av. 
John, carpenter, boards 32 Bass av. 
John B. iisherman, house 3 Border 
Joseph C. laborer, boards 10 Marble 
Joseph H. clerk, Thomas W. Brophy's, Wharf street, 

boards 5 Ivy court 
Martin, farmer, boards 2 Hodgkins 
Moses J. laborer, house 10 Marble 
Nicholas, laborer, house 6 Marble 
Nicholas,, laborer, boards .7 Calder 
Noel, fisherman, boards 5 Haskell court 
Philip J. cooper, house 339 Main 
Simeon, farmer, boards 18 Marble 
Stephen J. carpenter, house 6'Amero court 
William, fisherman, house 3G Haskell 
William J. laborer, boards 5 Ivy court 
Jomerford John F. boards 1 Gloucester av. 

Lawrence F. iisherman, house 1 Gloucester av. 
Richard M. fisherman, boards 1 Gloucester av. 
Commonwealth Club of Gloucester, 51 Main 
/COMMONWEALTH STABLE, W. P. Alexander, prop., 
\_y Main, junction Washington (see page 524) 
Como Edward T. clerk, 207 Main, boards 4 Liberty 
tt Frank II. messenger, 131 Main, boards 4 Liberty 
a Mark A. driver, boards 4 Liberty 
u Maxim, teamster, house 104 Pleasant 
tt Walter T. driver, 180 Main, house 334 do. 
Conant Gilbert R. blacksmith, 69 East Main, house 18 Sayward 
« Roger, blacksmith, house 18 Sayward 
" Thomas, physician, 30 Pleasant, house do. 
Congers Eric, laborer, house 21 Dike 
Conley Albert, iisherman, boards 208 V Main 

Coleman, fishermen's outfits, 8 Wharf, house 9 Elwell 
John, house 2 Hampden 

Martin, laborer, 5 Wharf, boards 2 Hampden 
Mary E. Mrs. boards 17 Friend 
Michael, mason, house 55 East Main 
Michael J. clerk, 145 Main, rooms Belmont House 
Connelly Hannah, widow, house 3 Border 
t< John, fish skinner 'house 52 Perkins 


Connelly Martin, laborer, house 76 Perkins 
<< Michael, fisherman, boards' 70 Perkins 
« Patrick, laborer, boards 76 Perkins 

« Thomas J. laborer, house 3 Border 
<Conners Lillie, boards 22 Millett [Millett 

u Mary, forewoman, Gloucester Net and Twine Co. house 22 
Connor John J. laborer, house 43 Mansfield 

a Josiali, laborer, boards 43 Mansfield 
Connors Albert, fisherman, boards 252^ Main 

u Andrew, fisherman, boards 19 Fort square 

a George, fisherman, boards 20 Locust 

u Jennie, widow of James, house 8 Pearl 

u John J, tailor, 112 Main, bouse 29 Cleveland 

« Margaret, widow of John, house 9 Harold av. 

a Margaret, widow of Martin, house 8 Acacia 

a Richard, bill poster, boards 11 Burnham 

ti Thomas, shoemaker, boards 15 Harvard 
Conrad Busby, fisherman, boards 11 Pearce 

44 Charles, fisherman, boards 17 Locust 

44 David, fisherman, boards 11. Locust 

44 Edlie, fisherman, boards 11 Pearce 

44 Edward, fisherman, boards 11 Pearce 

44 Henry S. fisherman, house 344 Main 

44 Hibbert, fisherman, boards 11 Pearce 

<4 William, fisherman, boards 16 Water 
Conroy Bartlett, laborer, house 19 Friend 

44 Patrick, clerk, 129V Prospect, boards 19 Friend 
Consolves Manuel, iishermaji, boards 33 Perkins 
Constance Catharine, widow of John, house 46 Mt. Vernon 

44 John, died May 26, 1898 
Content Manuel S. fisherman, house 21 Sadler 
Contrina Gasper, fisherman, house 48 Perkins 
Convent of the Sisters of Mercy, Pleasant street 
Conway Alfred, laborer, house 122 Maplewood av. 

44 John, fisherman, house 27 Chestnut [Chestnut 

44 Mary H. asst. bookkeeper, Shute & Merchant's, boards 27 

<4 William II., U. S. N. boards 27 Chestnut 
Cook Almon B. clothing, 95 Main, house 39 Western av. 

4< Benjamin C. bath rooms, 259 Main, house 7 Harrison av. 

44 Benjamin F. real estate, house 120 Eastern av. 

<4 Benjainin G. sailmaker, Leighton's vvhf. h. 148 Prospect 

44 Calvin F. laborer, house 391 Essex av., W. G. 

44 Charles H. painter, house 145 Prospect 

44 Edward, fisherman, boards 311 Main 

44 Elizabeth, widow, house 145 East Main 

44 Fannie E. Mrs. house 16 Spring 

44 Frank D. conductor, house 16 Bass av. 

»i Frank D. mason, boards 8 Spring 

44 Frank J. surfman, house 5 Plum court 

44 Freeman, fisherman, boards 217 Main 

G LOtTC EST Bit [ (J ] Dili KOTO K Y . 05 

Cook Genevieve Miss, stenographer, boards 120 Eastern av. 

« George A. clerk, boards 2 Dexter place 

« Gideon F. died March 11, 1899 

« Gideon F. Mrs. house 81 Western av. [Prospect 

" Henry A. (Grijjln & Cook), painter, 275 Main, house 145 

a Hoxie, fisherman, boards 433 Main 

a Jeremiah E. fisherman, house 30 Millett 

u John, removed to Soinerville 

u John A. artist, boards 16 Say ward 

a John R. farmer, house 8 Walker, W. G. 

a Joseph, carpenter, house 3 Mason square 

a Joseph B. foreman, house 744 Washington 

a Julia A. widow, house 81 Western av. 

a Leonard, grocer, 75 East Main, house 1(5 Say ward 

a Loring, iceman, house 122 Eastern av. 

a Loring F. clam dealer, house Walker St., W. G. 

u Mary A. widow of Edwin L. died July 4, 1898 

a Samuel, teamster, 95 Main, house; 2 Dexter place 

a Sarah A. widow of Samuel K. boards 21 Elm 

a Sarah E. Mrs. dressmaker, house 397 Essex av. \V. G. 

u S. P. F. physician, 92 Main, boards 5 Foster 

a Thomas McKay (Alleghany, Penn.), summer residence, 
Shore road, Magnolia 

a Wallace, bookkeeper, boards 12 Exchange 

a Walter E. painter at J. Abbott's, house 131 Prospect 

u William F. musician, boards 14 Spring 

a William 0. ship carpenter, house 8 Spring 

a William W. clerk, C. II- Boynton's, boards 12 Exchange 
Coolin Charles B. fisherman, house 14 Marble 

a Ellen G. widow, house 14 Raeklill'e 
Coombs Amasa C. house 5 Acacia 

a Anna M. widow of William B. house 30 Chapel 

u Austin F. laborer, boards 30 Chapel 

a Clement W. paving cutter, house 603 Washington 

a Frank E. architect (Boston), boards 42 Rocky Neck av. 

a George W. removed to Soinerville 

a Woodman C. laborer, boards 603 Washington 

u see also Coumbe 
Cooney, see Coney 
Cooper Charles J. fisherman, house 320 Main 

a Charles W. f foreman, Cape Ann Shoe Co. h. 12 Cleveland 

u Florence Miss, clerk, 186 Main, boards 14 Spring 

a Harriet B. widow of William T. house 14 Spring 

<< Nicholas, boards 16 Highland 

u William T. painter, house 14 Spring 
Coos Benjamin F. seine hanger, house 62 Eastern av. 

a Lucy, house Concord street, W. G. 

a Martha A. widow of William, jr. house 33 East Main 

a see also Coaa 
Corbett William, fisherman, boards 24 Mansfield 

66 ci.orcKs'i i:k j Q. ] directory. 

Corbiey James, fisherman, house 39 Commercial 
Corcoran K. .1. tinsmith, 221 Main 

« John, laborer, house 20 Cleveland 

a Margaret, widow of Michael E. house 9 Liberty 

a Patrick J. fisherman, house 28 School 
Cordis John, laborer, house 1 Laurel 
Cordo Thomas, fisherman, boards 07 Duncan 
Coiine Frank, fisherman, house 49 Perkins 
Corkum William C. master mariner, house 11 Prospect, sq. 

« William J. master mariner, house 1,4 Liberty 
Corliss Benjamin II. insurance agent, 201 Main, house 161 

a Charles B. clerk, 95 Main, house 7 Bond 

a Christopher R. & Son (Fred A.), oil clothing, 70 Rogers, 
house 24 Beacon 

u Clara, Widow of William, house 1.4 Forest 

« Clifford G. supt. Fish Commission, house 19 Liberty 

u Fred Mrs. grocer, 150 Western av. house 146 do. 

« Fred A. (C. B. Corliss & Son), oil clothing, 70 Rogers ; 
also (Perkins & Corliss), 69 Middle, bds. 24 Beacon 

u Frederick, inspector of provisions, milk, and vinegar, house 
146 Western av. 

u Henry D. com. merchant, house 335 Main 

u Howard FY clerk, 128 Main, boards 146 Essex av. 

it James F. driver, Hose No. 2, house 210 Fast Main 

a John, hairdresser, 42 Main, boards 14 Webster 

n Nancy, widow, house 121 Mt. Pleasant 

u William I), clerk, 141 Main, boards 14 Forest 
Correa John, fisherman, house 73 Friend 
Cosgrove Benjamin F. laborer, boards 14 Wiley 

u Edward J. fisherman, house 26 Cleveland 

u Helen M. Mrs. house 6 Davis 

« John E. laborer, house 14 Wiley 

u Mary, widow of John A. house 14 Wiley 

u Nora E. Mrs. nurse, boards 16 Addison 

u Robert F. fisherman, boards 14 Wiley 

a Thomas A. fisherman, boards 14 Wiley 
Cosman Frank, hostler, house 7 Columbia 

u George, laborer, boards 6 Causeway, W. G. 
Costa Amelia, widow, house 61 Friend 

u Antofne S. fish skinner, house 7 Elwell court 

(i Frank, fish skinner, house 18 Webster 

a Frank, jr. fish skinner, house 7 Elwell court 

u Joseph, laborer, house 42 Perkins 

a Manuel, fisherman., boards 61 Friend 

u Manuel, fish skinner, boards 7 Elwell court 

u Manuel, painter, boards 18 Webster 

u Seraphine, fish skinner, house 7 Elwell court 
Costello Richard, house 46 Washington [Washington 

<< Thomas H. (Costello & McDonald), 11 Pleasant, bds. 46 


Costello & McDonald (T/tos. JI. Costellu, John A. McDonald), 

merchant tailors, 1 I Pleasant 
Cotton Zina, widow of Moses H. boards 802 Washington 
Couillar Margaret A. widow of David, house 48 Eastern av. 
Conll John, clock repairer, 12 Pine, house do. 

u W. Wallace, clerk, house 10 Pine 
Counihan Abbie A. stenographer, 111 Main, bds. at Rockport 

u Thomas F. jeweller, 234 V Main, house do, 
Courant Antoine, fisherman, house 4() Perkins 

« Antoine, jr. teamster, D. M. Hilton's, boards 40 Perkins 

a Joseph F. cigar manuf; 272 Main, house 50 Mt. Vernon 

« Lucie G. Miss, bookkeeper, 293 Main, boards 4.6 Perkins 
Courcy Daniel J, paving cutter, boards 94 High 

u John D. paving cutter, house 94- High 

a Patrick, paving cutter, boards 94 High [Magnolia 

Covel Alphonso S. (Boston), Summer res. Lexington |av., 
Cowan "William D. paving cutter, bouse 807 Washington 
Cox C. F. (New York), summer res. Lexington av., Magnolia 

u James, fisherman, boards 19 Fort square 

a Peter, fisherman, boards 58 Duncan 
Coysh Daniel, engineer, boards 12 Duley 

u John, died Jan. 18, 1898 

a Margaret, widow of John, house 12 Duley 

" Thomas J. laborer, boards 12 Duley 

u William, stone mason, boards 12 Duley 
Craig William, fisherman, boards Howe 
Crane Carrie E. city clerk's office, City Hall, bds. 134_E. Main 

u Charles H. cooper, boards }34 East Main 

n Samuel K cooper, 135 East Main, house 134 do. 
Cranton James U. \Cvauion S: Davis), 4 Spring, h. Ill Sadler 

u Sarah, widow, house 111 Sadler 
/~1UANT0N & DAVIS "{James 11. Cranton, Horace W. 
V_y Davis), carpenters, contractors, and builders, 4 Spring 

(see page 518) 
Crawford Frank J. fisherman, house 7 Pew court 

u Frederick, fisherman, house 24 East Main 
Crawley Augustus, laborer, boards 13 Shepherd 

a Bridget, widow, house 13 Shepherd 

u Catharine Miss, bouse 9 Madison sq. 

u -lames, boots ajul shoes, 197 Main, house 9 Summit 

« John, laborer, house 22 Shepherd 

u Mary E. dressmaker, boards 9 Madison sq. 

a Matthew J. plumber, boards 8 Acacia 

« Patrick, fisherman, house 8 Acacia 

u Thomas F. fisherman, boards 9 Madison sip 

a William, junk, house 9 Madison sq. 

u William J. (Golden tt* Crawley), caulker, Burnham's rail- 
way, boards 9 Madison sq. 
Creamer Crosby, fisherman, boards rear 301 Main 
Creed Dennis, baker, 140 Prospect 


Creighton George, fisherman, boards 9 Ivy court 
Cresser Freeman, fisherman, boards 12 Railroad av. 

u George, fisherman, boards 17 Locust 
Cressy Abigail, widow of Curtis C. bouse 144 Western av. 

a Addison H. clerk, 141 Main, house 7 Allen 

a Alfred, house 17 Granite 

« Alpheus K. fisherman, boards 26 Witham 

u Anna, widow of Edwin, house 19 Addison 

a Carrie S. Miss, music teacher, boards 120 Prospect 

ci Charles C. house 12 Orchard 

ft Daniel G. house 120 Prospect 

ti Edwin, died Aug. 28, 1897 

a Edwin M. porter, boards 19 Addison 

« Fred W. groceries and provisions, 12 Millett, h. 1 Maple 

a George, fisherman, boards 20 Witham 

« Gorham B. musician, boards 120 Prospect 

« Julia A. widow of William P. boards 7 Allen 

a Maria, widow of Gihnan S. house 20 Witham 

n Walter, light and heavy teaming ; also contractor for ex- 
cavating, stone work, etc. 149 Western av. house do. 

a William, laborer, boards 20 Witham 
Crilley Charles, fanner, house 2 Atlantic: 

Crispin Andrew H. carpenter, 390 Western av. house 400 do. 
Magnolia [100 do. 

a Andrew H. jr. carpenter. 396 Western av., Magnolia, bds. 

« Fred W. civil engineer, boards 406 Western av. Magnolia 

a Joseph R. carpenter, house 18 Fuller, Magnolia 

a Joseph W. carpenter, bouse 409 Western av. Magnolia 
Critcbett Edwin W. fish skinner, house 20 Eastern av. 

a George A. fish skinner, house 8 Harmony square 

it James L. fisherman, house 20 Eastern av. 

tt James W. shoemaker, house 245 Washington 

a John, plumber, 221 Main 

a William, fisherman, boards rear 32 Millett 

a William E. hairdresser, 172 Main, house 258 do. 
Crittenden Alfred, fisherman, boards 35 Friend 

a Cora, bookkeeper, 1 Webster, boards 7 Brightside av. 

a Gilbert, fisherman, boards 35 Friend 

a Samuel, fisherman, house 4 Brightside av. 

a William B. (New York), summer residence Boulder av. 
Crocker Dean S. fisherman, house 112 Maplewood av. 

tt George (Fitchburg), summer res. Lexington av., Magnolia 

« Thomas, fisherman, boards 9 Middle 

a William B. fisherman, boards 9 Middle 
Crockett Frank H. clerk. 156J- Main, boards 53A Prospect 

a William T. shoemaker and silver polish. 07 East Main, 
house 13 Williams court 
Croft Willis, fisherman, boards 8 Elm 
•Cromwell George W. gasfitter at Gas Light Co. b. Humans' ct. 

GLGUCJ£8TEK [ (J J l>lii£CTORY . 69 

Cronin Benjamin F. clerk, Fernwood Lake Ice Co. 1 05 i Main, 
house 40 Beacon [Maple wood av. 

a Frank, foreman, Gloucester Net and Twine Co. house 130 1 

a .John, janitor Sawyer Free, Library, house 5 Pearl 

« Patrick, laborer, house 7 Pearl 

u Thomas, died July 9, 1899 

u Thomas F. fisherman, house rear 102 Washington 

n William, deputy sheiiJr", 105$ Main, house 40 Beacon 

a William II. inspector of customs, house 8 Exchange 
Crooker William W. engineer on Little Giant, rooms 12 Plum 
Crosby Edmund F. repairer of oiled clothing, 04 Rogers, house 
8 Elm 

« Edward, clerk, 274 Main, hoards 10 Short 

u Isaac, fireman, rooms 32 Warner 
Crosgrove William 11. hairdresser, 305 .V Main, house 2 Perkins 
Cross Albert II. laborer, house 36 Wharf 

a Alexander J. laborer, boards 21 Friend 

u Arthur E. painter, boards (SO Washington 

« Bernard, lisherman, boards 15 Traverse 

« Ernest R. lost at sea 

4* Frank, cook, house 15 Traverse 

u Loran A. cook, boards 15 Traverse 

a Mary, widow, house 21 Friend 

u William H. sailmaker, James G. Tarr 6c Bio's., Rocky 
Neck, house 231 East Main 
Croucher William, master mariner, boards 8 Middle 
Ciouse James W. (Schqfleld & Ctoiise), grocer, 28 Washington, 
house 1 Morton place 

u Obadiah, lisherman, boards 2 Liberty 
Crowe Charles W. dyer, 3 Washington square, h. 7 Summer 

n Vesta, nurse, Addison Gilbert Hospital, boards do. 

a Williaiij, fisherman, boards 58 Duncan 
Crowell Asa, lisherman, boards 24 Haskell 

u Burns, fisherman, boards 22 Main 

a Ephraim, lisherman, boards 9 State h 

a Herbert A. lisherman, house 11 Prospect square 

u James, driver, boards 10 Sylvan 

k Jesse, fisherman, boards 10 Sylvan 

a John, fisherman, boards 58 Duncan 

« John T. driver, 131 Main, boards 79 Western av. 

u Lemuel II. cfirpentei', house 7 Fears' court 

a Leonard, lisherman, boards 47 Warner 

a Mi ram, fisherman, boards 6 Howe 

a Stanford, fisherman, boards 9 Staten 

i» Thomas T. fisherman, house 10 Sylvan 

a Whitfield, fisherman, boards 20 Locust 

u Wilson, fisherman, boards 90 Duncan 
Crowle William, stoneeutter, house 24 Revere 
Crowley Cornelius, house 05 Washington 

u Daniel, tailor, boards 35 Main 

u see also Crawley 


Cruikshank John, died Jan. 24, 1898 

.'< Mary B. widow of John, died May 22, 1898 
Cuddehy Annie D. house 81 Balford 
Cuddy John, fisherman, house 9 Prospect 

a William, paving cutter, house 10 Duley 

a see also Cod ay 
Cudiinore Thomas, house 106 Magnolia av. 

« William, laborer, house 93 Magnolia av. 
Cullen Mary A. Miss, died Jan. 7, 1899 

u Michael, grocer, 39 Washington, house do. 
Culp George, fisherman, boards 30 School 
Culverman Bion, removed to Boston 
Cummings Charles A. summer residence, Fruit court, Magnolia 

a James W. carpenter, house 19 Russell av. 

u John, boards 19 Russell av. 

a Mary J. Miss, milliner, 180 Main, boards 32 Exchange 

a Thomas J. died Aug. 10, 1898 

u William J. carpenter, house 32 Exchange 
Cunba Antoine P. fisherman, boards 03 Friend 

a Frank, fisherman, house 9 Rock wood place 
Cunningham Albert G. clerk, 127 Main, bds. 101 Washington 

a Alice B. teacher, Babson school, bds. Common wealth av. 

u Augustus F. captain Little Giant, house 101. Washington 

" Caroline, widow of Richard I. house Commonwealth av. 

a Catharine, widow of Michael, house 723 Washington 

n Catharine A. bookkeeper, bookkeeper, boards 6 Millett 

u Charles E. variety store ; also postmaster Annisquam P.O. 
43 Curve, house 44 do. 

u Charles W. blacksmith, house 31 Mt. Vernon 

a- Guy, student, boards 12 Hovey 

a James, painter, paints and oils, 3 Main, house Millett 

u James (of 27 Chestnut), removed to Boston 

a John, insurance and real estate, 195 Main, h. 120 Wash. 

a John J. student, boards 6 Millett 

a Laura R. teacher, Collins school, bds. Commonwealth av. 

a Lizzie, widow of John G. house 23 Exchange 

u Mary, widow of George, house 25 Exchange 

a Maud M. teacher, boards Commonwealth av. 

it May, boards 101 Washington 

u Miehauh laborer, house 723 Washington 

a Ralph P. student, boards 120 Washington 

■a Richard., fisherman, boards 22 Locust 

a Richard I. died Feb. 9, 1897 

a Rufus. fisherman, house 23 Wonson 

« Sylvester (Cunningham & Tliompson), fisheries, 88 Com- 
mercial ; also president City National Bank, house 12 

a Walter, blacksmith, 95 Duncan, house 31 Mt. Vernon 

u William J. stone cutter, house 12 North Kilby 

a W r illiam N. clerk, 3 Main, boards Millett 




Cunningham William T. asst. cashier, City National Bank, 
house 218 Washington 

a & Thompson (Sylvester Cunniiajham, Win. Thompson), 
fisheries, 88 Commercial 
Curley Hugh, laborer, house rear 19 Bass av. 

a John, laborer, house foot of Whittemore 

a Michael, laborer, house 85 Pleasant 

a Patrick, driver, 221 Main, boards rear 19 Bass av. 

a Patrick, fisherman, house 24 Hammond 

a Sarah E. teacher, Point primary school, bds. 24 Hammond 

a Stephen H. clerk, 50 School, house rear 19 Bass av. 

a Stephen J. laborer, boards 24 Hammond 
Curran Arthur F. laborer, house 32 Grove 

tt Bartholomew, laborer, house 08 Perkins 

it Jeremiah, lisherman, boards 109 Commercial 

u Michael, laborer, house 10 Perkins 

it Patrick, laborer, house 50 Mt. Vernon 

n Patrick, laborer, boards 58 Perkins 

a Peter, laborer, house 58 Perkins 

tt William H. clerk, 112 Main, boards 8^ 
Currier Anna Mrs. removed to Ipswich 

it Anthony F. calker, house. Gerring 

a Anthony J. clerk, house 83 Sargent 

a Arthur B. laborer, boards 33 Sargent 

u Augusta T. clerk, 83 Main, boards 11 Allen 

a Charles B. clerk, 7 Elm, boards 33 Sargent 

n Clarence E. fireman, boards 1 1 Alien 
'u Kben D. fanner, house 230 Concord, W. G. 

a Kben L. fanner, house 2-12 Concord, W. G. 

a Edward H. house 31 Commonwealth av. 

a Edward S. farmer, house 236 Concord, W. G. 

a Ernest, removed to Ipswich 

a Ezra H. farmer, house 230 Concord, W. G. 

a George, hairdresser, rooms 108.j Main 

a George W. teamster, I). M. Hilton's, house 8 Staten 

a Jesse, lisherman, house 40 Friend 

a John J. tinsmith, 221 Main, house 11 Allen 

a Manuel, fisherman, house 10 El well court 

a William E. farmer, house 230 Concord, W. G. 

a see also Correa and Couria 
Curtin Patrick R. removed to New York city 
Curtis Alfred H. (S. Curtis & Sons), 230 Wash. bds. 224 do 

a Clifford M. carpenter, house 10 Haskell 

a Dorcas P.' widow of Charles, house 87 Prospect 

a Ernest S. (S. Curtis & Sons), 230 Wash, house 227 do. 

a Garrett, removed to Boston 

a Hannah, dressmaker, boards 5 Bridge 

a Henry, mason, house 144 Washington 

a Henry W. master mariner, house 52 Perkins 

a Howard A. tinsmith, house 5 Bridge 


Curtis John J. fisherman, hoards 35 Main 
a Leigh R. machinist, 236 Main, hoards 7 Bridge 
u Lizzie S. teacher, l\It. Vernon primary, boards 224 Wash. 
It Louise, teacher, boards 224 Washington 
a L. Richmond, farmer, house 7 Bridge 
u Samuel & Sons \Eri\esi S. and Alfred jET.), market gar- 
deners and florists, 230 Washington, comer Marsh, house 
224 Washington 
« Sarah E. teacher, Point grammar, hoards 10 Haskell 
a Sylvia L. compositor, 211 Main, boards 87 Prospect 
« Van R. trav. salesman, rear 33 Main, house at Springfield 
« William H. grocer, Gloucester av. near Maple wood av. bds. 
5 Bridge 

Curzon Geneva, clerk, 180 Main, hoards 1 Arthur 
«t John R. master mariner, house 1 Arthur 

Gushing James S. 'fish skinner, Hall & Go's. bds. 11 Hampden 

/ 1USH10N BOOT & SHOE STORE, Webster block, 

\J 9 Pleasant (see page 516) 

Cusick Joseph, master marine)', boards 317 Main 

n Richard J. stone cutter, house 38 Revere 

it Sarah, widow, died Aug. 3, 1897 

a Timothy, stone cutter, boards 38 Revere | Pleasant 

Custom House, Frank C. Richardson, collector, Main, corner 
Cutler Temple Rev. pastor Trinitarian Congregational Church, 
West Gloucester, house 345 Essex av. do. 

DADE DANIEL F. blacksmith, house 20 Andrews 

a Jason C. paints, hardware, paper hangings, crockery, and 
painter, 150 and 152 East Main, house 24 Highland 
Dady James, iisherman, house 28 Pine 
Daggett Charles H. carpenter, house 22 Gee av. 

u Elias, laborer, house 22 Gee av. 

« Ellas E. laborer, boards 22 Gee av. 

a George, Iisherman, house 4 Albion court 

a John, flagman, house 646 Washington 

a John G. clerk, 373 Main, boards 4 Mason 
Dagle Carrie S. widow of Charles, house 9 Highland 

U Charles, removed to Boston 

a Charles J. laborer, house 8 Vincent 

u Edlnund, grocer, 80 Pleasant, cor. Smith, house 40 School 

a Ozro F. sub. letter carrier, boards 9 Highland 

tt see also Deagle 
Dago Joseph, master mariner, boards 252-i Main 

it see also Duguo 
Dailey Mary A. widow of Joseph, boards rear 888 Washington 
Daily Benjamin, iisherman, boards 58 Duncan 
Dak in Anna, tailoress, 112 Main, boards 6 Sylvan 
-u Charles, fisherman, boards 311. Main 

u Charles B. sparmaker, house 6 Sylvan 

« Eugene, iisherman, boards 31.1 Main 





Dakin E. Arthur, physician (Boston), house Fuller, Magnolia 
a John C. removed to Rockport 
u J. Chipinan, carpenter, house 136 East Main 
a Mary D. physician (Boston), Fuller st., Magnolia, h. do. 

Dall John E. master mariner, hoards 82 Duncan 

Dalton David, died Nov. 27, 1808 
a Joseph H. fisherman, boards 11 Locust 
<< Patrick, fisherman, boards 80 Main 

Daly Asa S. fisherman, house 374 Derby 
a Benjamin, fisherman, boards 17 Locust 
« John, fisherman, boards 10 Water 
u John, .stone cutter, house 19 Brierwood 
d Martin, fisherman, hoards rear 47 Prospect 
u Michael, house 9 Shepherd 
« Patrick, stone cutter, house 932 Washington 
t< Timothy J. tailor, 159 Main, house 5 Willow 

DALZELL JAMES, prop. Great China & Pacific Tea 
Co. tea, coffee, crockery, and glassware, 98 Main, house 
22 Lookout (see page 520) 
Damon Albeit B. laborer, boards 152 Western av. 

Lewis P. hoarding house 15 Rogers 

Lucy, widow of Ezra L. house 152 Western av. 

Walter E, clerk, boards 3 Hammond 
Danforth Charles E, {Danforth & Griffin), painter, 23 Main, 
house 38 Beacon 

Nina F. bookkeeper, 23 Main, boards 38 Beacon 

& Griffin {Charles E. Danforth), painters, 23 Main 
Daniels Edward, fisherman, boards 6 Brightside av. 

Edward J. laborer, house Brightside av. 

Frank, asst. engineer, steamer City of Gloucester 

James W. sailmaker, hoards 8 Harmony square 

Jeremiah, fisherman, boards 20 Railroad av. 

Joanna, widow of Michael, house 9 Gould court 

John J. died July 4, 1899 

Julia P. widow of James E. house 155 East Main 

Michael, died August 23, 1898 

Patrick, conductor, G. St. R. Co. house 24 Lookout 
Danielson Carl, fisherman, boards 16 Columbia 

Zalmar, baker, 29 Washington, boards 57 Middle 
Dann Dexter D. sailmaker, house Chapel 

Joseph, boards 183 East Main 
Darcy Annie B. stenographer, 95 East Main, boards 13 Friend 

George L. carpenter, boards 13 Friend 

Hugh, ship carpenter, house 13 Friend 

J. William, clerk, 95 East Main, house 7 Friend 

Richard T. printer, 110 Main, house 13 Friend 
Darrah Fred A. clerk, house 73 Commercial 
Dashaway Fred, U. S. N. boards 15 Willow 
Dauphinee Jam^s, fisherman, house 5 Eastern a v. 



David Arthur W. teacher, 132 Main, boards o Summit 

a Everett F. clerk, A. M. Lyeett's, boards 5 Summit 

a Fred F. bookkeeper, 112 Main, boards 10 Taylor 

tt Kay W. driver, boards 10 Taylor 

u Thomas F. grocer, 3 Taylor, house 10 do. 
Davidson Annie, widow of John, house 73 Leonard 

a Charles E. driver, 257 Main, house 245 Washington 
Davis Abby L. Mrs. boards 40 Middle 

a Adaline T. widow, house 215 Essex av., W. G. 

tt Adin A. ship carpenter, rear 107 E. Main, h. 15 Haskell 

u Albert, carpenter, house Leonard 

u Almon G. carpenter, house 2 Leonard 

tt Alphonso (Georye E. Davis & i>ro.), 273 E. Main, house 
150 Mt. Pleasant av. 

it Amanda S. Miss, music teacher, boards 40 Granite 

a Annie C. widow of R. Edwin, house rear 17 Elm 

a Arthur C. student, boards 140 Washington 

tt Bertram 0. shoemaker, boards 355 Washington 

DAVIS HUGS. (Fred L.), grocers, 183 Main and whole- 
sale dealers and curers of salt iisli, 13 to I'd Rogers (see 

page 533) 
tt Bros- & Co. (Oscar S. Davis, Henri/ 0. Davis), manuf. 

expansion bits, 80 Grove 
a Charles, fisherman, house 12 Eastern av. 
« Charles E. clerk, 13 Duncan, boards 257 Washington 
ti Charles E. printer, house 138 Washington 
t4 Charles G. tray, salesman, house 215 Essex av., W. G. 
a Charles II. blacksmith, boards 17 Commercial 
a Charles O. bottler, Geo. A. Davis', house 71 Western av. 
tt Charles W. laborer, house 21 Bond 
<< Clarence T. fisherman, house 51 Leonard 
tt Daniel K. carpenter, house 1 Dike 

DAVIS DAVID L. blacksmith and blockmaker, 21 Por- 
ter place, house 257 Washington (see page 521) 
a Eben, house 12 Prospect 
44 Eben II. carpenter, house 12 Leonard 
44 Edith, widow of George, house 2 Leonard 
44 Edwin D. photographer, boards 17 Commercial 
44 Ellias, carpenter, house 10 Arlington 
44 Emsma E. boards 44 Mansfield 
44 Epes, house rear 15 Say ward 
44 Epes W. motorman, house 15 Say ward 
44 Ernest S. printer, 108J Main, boards 12 Lincoln 
44 Eunice, widow of William P. house 17 Commercial 
44 Fitz W. sailmaker, house 117 Mt. Pleasant av. 
44 Frances Mrs. house 37 Pleasant 
44 Frances C. Miss, house 14 Chestnut 
44 Francis, laborer, house 22 Cleveland 

44 Frank E. fish dealer, Central wharf, house 140 Washington 
44 Frank IL, Washington, opp. Prospect and Magnolia av. 
boards 5 Lookout 



Davis Franklin, carpenter, house 1-1 Orchard 
« Fred L. (l)aois Bros), 183 Main. house 18 Granite 
a Frederick M. farmer, house 52 Leonard 
it Freeman II. master mariner, house 102 Fast Main 
a George, died Sept. 23, 1898 

DAVIS GEORGE A. brewer and bottler, basement Saw- 
yer's block, 2 Porter, rear 95 Main, house 51 Western 

av. (see page 531) 
u George C. farmer, house 463 Washington 
a George K. & Bro. (AlpJionso), grocers, 273 East Main, 

house 281 do. 
a George II. fisherman, house 14 Marble 

a George H. pool room, 111 Fast Main, house 13 Hammond 
it Gideon L. carpenter, house 52 Leonard 
u Gilbert, carpenter, Leonard street, house 4 do. 
u Gorhain, stable, Washington street, opposite Prospect and 

Magnolia av. house 5 Lookout 
» Guy F. clerk, 81 Washington, boards 22 Orchard 
n Hannah G. widow of Fpes, house 4 Bridgewater 
44 Helen Miss, bookkeeper, Cape Ann Savings Bank, 109 

Main, house 4 Leonard 
u Henry F. clerk, 18.'i Main, boards rear 17 Elm 
ik Henry O. (Davis Bros. X' Co.), 80 Grove, house do. 
u Herbert F. oil peddler, house 83 Pleasant 
a Horace W. (Cranston So Ihivis), carpenter, 4 Spring, 

house 20.2 Taylor 
u Joanna C. widow of James, died May 21, 1899 
a John I), grocer, 40 Leonard, house 35 do. 
44 John F. clerk, Parraenter & Co.'s, h. 392 Essex av. W.-G. 
44 John J. special police, house 80 Grove 
44 John W. keeper Annistpuun Light, house do. 
44 Joseph Day, carpenter, house 5 Spring court 
44 Joseph I), ladies' underwear manuf. 7 Pearce, h. 21 Acacia 

Joseph E. (Everett), summer res. oil' Essex av. W. G. 

Joseph E. laborer, house 27 1 k Main 

Joseph R. foreman, house 44 Mansfield 

Loring, clerk, 34 Washington, boards 14 Orchard 

Luey Q. widow of Cassander, house 270 Washington 

Lucy S. Miss, boards 25 Pino 

Margaret Miss, house oil Gee av. 

Marietta C. clerk, boards 14 Orchard 

Martha Miss, house 11 Radclitfe 

Mary A. Mrs. house 9 Washington sq. 

Mary A. widow of Benjamin, died March 18, 1899 

Mary L. Miss, house 69 Middle 

Melvin II. machinist (Manchester), boards 15 Haskell 

Melvin O. carpenter, boards 129 Leonard 

Oliver, carpenter, house 355 Washington 

Oscar S. (Davis Bros, & Co.), machinist, 80 Grove, h 

Otis, carpenter, house 129 Leonard 






Davis Richard, laborer, house Western av. cor. Magnolia av. 
t< Roscoe W. clerk, boards 16 Arlington 
u R. Edwin, died July 4, 1897 

a Sebastian S. poultry raiser, house oft' Washington, at 575 
<< Susanna W. widow of Joseph, died Aug. 15, 1898 
n Thomas, fisherman, house 15 Willow 
»< Warren A. boards 11 Radclitl'e 
u William F. painter, house 22 Orchard 
u William G. carpenter, house 6 Arlington [89 do. 

ft William H. H. carriage repository, 87 Western av. house 
it William R. clerk, 1 Webster, boards rear 17 Elm 
Day Abbie L. widow of Charles, house 39 Derby 
« Alfred M. removed to Boston 
u Alonzo, foreman, house end of Page street 

AY ALVAIL P. dealer in Chebacco Lake ice, 15 Pine, 
boards do. (see page 524) 

Ann W. widow, house 109 Wheeler 

Charles C. fisherman, boards 16 Cedar 

Charles C. teamster, A. Dodge's, house 19 Cleveland 

Charles H. clerk, 173 Main, hoards at Rockport 

Charles II. teamster, A. Dodge's, house 39 Derby 

C. Arthur, shoe cutter, boards 93 Wheeler 

Ebenezer, laborer, house 41 Reynard 

Edward, iceman, boards 6 Dike 

Edward L. farmer, house 109 Wheeler 

Edwin C. letter carrier, boards 1 Day court, W. G. 

Elbridge G. laborer, house 026 Washington 

Elizabeth, widow, house 101 Wheele 

Ella F. teacher, Babsbn granim; 

Estella, widow of Elbridge, house 5 Nashua av. 

Eugene, farmer, house Pond street 

Fred A. plumber, boards Alonzo Day's, foot of Page street 

Fred T. machinist, boards 300 Washington 

George E. fisherman, boards 12 Reynard 

George F. quarry man, boa ids 300 Washington 

George II. house 92 Eastern av. 

Geoi'giana E. widow of Samuel C. house 300 Washington 

Hatlie A. teacher, Riggs school, boards 15 Wheeler 

Isaac, farmer, house 39 Reynard 

Isaac F. carpenter, boards 41 Reynard 

Isaac 0. laborer, house 93 Wheeler 

Jeannette, widow of Leander A. house 14 Chestnut 

Jerome B. port warden, 97 Main, house 1 Chestnut 

John, fisherman, boards 16 Locust 

John, fisherman, boards 6 Orchard 

John N. harnes.sinaker, 5 Main, boards 93 Wheeler 

John W. carpenter, 15 Wheeler, house do. 

Leonard G. laborer, house 91 Wheeler 

Lizzie W. widow of George A. dressmaker, b. 28 Warner 

Lucy G. teacher, Babson school, boards 4 Bridge 

school, boards 15 Pine 


Day Mabel D. bookkeeper, boards 55 Western av. 
a Martha J. widow of Philip C. S. house 15 Pine 

it Nathaniel C. lisherman, house 23 Willow 

« Samuel C. laborer, house foot of Whittemore street 

u Sargent S. house 27 Pleasant 

u Sargent S. 2d, house 55 Western av. 

a Sargent S. 2d, Mrs. dressmaker, 55 Western av. house do. 

a Thomas F. prop. Beachcroft House, Eastern Point, h. do. 

a Warner, carpenter, boards 15 Wheeler 

a William F. fisherman, boards GO Main 

u William P. iceman, house 5 Orchard 
Deagle Charles J. fisherman, boards 8 Vincent 
Dean James, lisherman, boards 17 Water 

De Bern Francisco V. Rev. pastor Church of Our Lady of Good 
Voyage, house 142 Prospect 

u Francisco V. sexton, house 142 Prospect 
Dechamp Samuel, fisherman, boards 58 Duncan 
Decker Freeman, cook, boards 150 Maple wood av. 

a Freeman, lisherman, boards 150 Maplewood av. 

u Marshall C. peddler, house 19 Western av. 

« Spencer, fisherman, boards 16 Locust 
DeCoste* Charles F. iish skinner, house 136 Washington 

u Henry, laborer, house l'.VJV Fast Main 

it Herbert, laborer, house Springfield street 

it .James, fisherman, boards 17 Shepherd 

a Jeffrey; lisherman, house 64 Rogers 

it John, lisherman, house 62 Granite 

u John J. clerk, boards 94 Pleasant 

u Joseph, fisherman, house 3 Highland place 

u Patrick, fisherman, boards Hi Water 

« Peter, lisherman, house 17 Traverse 

u Peter, fisherman, boards 26 Railroad av. [Prospect 

u Samuel, clerk, Railroad av. near B. ii, M. station, house 19 

a Samuel, lisherman, house 94 Pleasant 

a Samuel S. driver, house 23 Prospect 

u William, lisherman, house 47 Friend 

DFDCOVICIl JOHN A. teamster, house 277 Fast Main 
(see page 525) 
it Matthew B. laborer, house 264 East Main 
« Patience S. widow of Matthew B. house 277 Fast Main 

Deering Edwin, steam litter, 221 Main, boards 14 Liberty 
a Tsaac W. clerk, boards 14 Liberty 
u James A. restaurant, 44 Wharf, house do. 
it L. P. Mrs. dressmaker, rooms 8 Hancock 
<» Sarah F. widow of Isaac, house 14 Liberty 
« Sylvester D. salesman, 186 Main, house 17 Harold av. 
a William P. clerk, 112 Main, rooms 3 Winchester court. 

Degnan Fdward, laborer, house 10 Bass av. 

Delaney Barnabas, carpenter, house 2 Blynman av. 
u Fdward, fisherman, boards 2 Fort square 


•Delaney John, Iishermau, house 8 Cedar 

u John J. fish skinner, hoards 2 Fort square 

.; Patrick, house 30 Sargent 
Delano William, fisherman, boards 90 Duncan 
Delf Warren W. apothecary, Maplewood a v. cor. Cleveland, 

house 11 Forest 
DeLoid John A. tinsmith, 75 Maplewood av. house 10 Prospect 
Delotto Adolfo, paving cutter, house 918 Washington 
Delouchery James W. iishermau, hoards 124 Duncan 
Delphine House, Simpson Lysle, prop. 325 East Main 
Demarque Charles, actor, hoards 56 Eastern av. 
Demings John A. granite cutter, house 27 Liberty 
Dernpsey Corelia, widow of William, house 18 Hammond 

it Frank, clerk, hoards 18 Hammond 

tt J. Edward, fish skinner, boards 18 Hammond 

a William, died May 22, 1899 
Dench Alfred 0. engineer, lire dept. hoards 2741 Main 

it John T. D. removed to Swampscott 

a Wilmot E. fish skinner, house 20 Eastern av. 
Deneen John, teamster, hoards 149 Western av. 
Dermen Arthur W. student, hoards 2G2 Essex av. W. G. 

a Eliza, widow of William, house 221 Concord, W. G. 

u Eliza H. widow of Charles, house 297 Essex av. W. G. 

tt E. Maud, stenographer, Russia -Cement Co. hoards. 12 
Concord. W. G. 

ti Henry P. provisions, 2 Main, house 18 Wells 

a Howard N. farmer, house 12 Concord, W, G. 

a Jacob W. provisions, 202 Essex av. W. G. h. do. 

a J. Albert, farmer, house 27 Essex av. W. G. 

u Levi, died Jan. 20. 1899 

it Margaret, widow of Parker J. house 221 Concord, W. G. 

a Mary A. Mrs. at Huntress Home, 110 Prospect 

tt Ralph W. clerk, 100 Main, hoards 202 Essex av. W. G. 

a William II. house 11 Exchange 
Dennett George R. dentist, If) 1 '* Main, house 33 Pleasant 

u M. Elizabeth, widow of William, house 14 Washington s<[. 

« William, died April 20, 1899 

tt William E. fresh fish, Fort wharf, house 14 Washington sq. 

a William S. motorman, house 231 Pass av. 
Dennis George H. fish dealer, Dennis wharf, h. 159 East Main 

« Jolin B. laborer, house 120 Maplewood av. 

« Lois D. widow of George, boards 10 Say Ward 

a Philip, Iishermau, house 20 Sadler 

« William E. (Boston), house 25 Leonard 

a William P. eating house, 38 Main, house 265 Washington 
Dennison Albert E. tinsmith, house 7 Shepherd 

n Ammie P. driver, rear 33 Main, house 43 do. 

a Carrie L. Miss, teacher, Leonard school, boards 20 Curve 

a David, patternmaker, house 90 Revere 

u Elizabeth, widow of Charles \V. house 13 Middle 


Dennison Frank P. house 5 Marsh 

a Gieo;i'gianna, widow of Eliphas, house 114 Washington 

a John M, iisli dealer, 81 Washington, liouse G Exchange 

a Jonathan A. blacksmith, house Chester square 

a Mary A. widow of James W. 20 Curve 

u William W. fish skinner, rear 33 Main, h. 114 Washington 

<< William W. laborer, boards 7 Shepherd 

« Winlield 8. foreman, rear 33 Main, house 15 Harold av. 
DeNorth Noah, carpenter, house 10 Foil sq. 
Dentremont Charles W . hairdresser, 52 Main, h. 27 Mansfield 

u Eli J. fisherman, boards rear 5 Mt. Vernon 

a E. Clifford, fisherman, boards 23 Mt. Vernon 

a James, fisherman, boards rear 5 Mt. Vernon 

« Timothy, laborer, house 23 Mt. Vernon 
Deon Raymond, fisherman, h. Griffin's block, Maplewood av. 
Derbyshire James, laborer, house 51 Friend 
Deveau Constant, carpenter, house 35 Mt. Pleasant av. 

a Cyrille, laborer, boards 17 Shepherd 

<< David, fisherman, boards 7 Calder 

a Frank, removed to Somerville, N. S. 

<< George U. driver Steam Fire Engine No. 5, house 18 Taylor 

u John, laborer, boards G Angle 

a John C. carpenter, house 39 Mt. Pleasant av. 

a Joseph 11. blacksmith, house 11 Grove 
Devine Archibald, master mariner, liouse 11 Harvard 

it John, lost at sea - [ar. 

<< Lewis, master mariner, house Bridge, near Commonwealth 

ii William, fisherman, boards 311 Main 
DeVries Henry, boatman, Custom House, boards 8 March ant 
Dewan Mary C. Miss, teacher, Collins grammar, bds. G Foster 

a Michael J. iish skinner, boards G Foster 

v< Nancy Miss, at Almshouse 
DeWard James A. laborer, boards rear G Traverse 

a Jane, widow of Albert, house rear G Traverse 
De Winter James, canmaker, boards 1 Essex: av. 

tt James A. fish cutter, house 1 Essex av. 
DeYoung Albert, fisherman, boards 14 Smith 

it Alexander, fisherman, boards 14 Smith 

a Peter, iisherman, house 14 Smith 
Dexter Charles, died June 7, 1898 

« Edward F. bottler, house 18 Columbia 

« Frank 0. removed to Maplewood 

" Howard, teamster, D. M. Hilton's, house 19 Beacon 

u James H. janitor Grand Army Hall, house 2 Madison court 

u Margaret H. widow of George A. house 3 Dexter place 

a Matilda C. widow, house 297 Western av. 

« R. Howard, removed to Maplewood 

u Samuel D. died Feb. 25, 1899 

a Samuel D. jr. hairdresser, 270 £- Main, house 1G Allen 

u William D. removed to Maplewood 

u William S. clerk, 1G5 Main, house 37 Derby 



Dias Joseph, eating house, 4 Spring, house rear 44 Friend 
Dickerson Edward B. house 4 Orchard [near the heach 

Dickinson E. Having (New York), summer residence, Magnolia, 
Dickman Charles E. fisherman, liouse 20 Fort square 
Diebner Louis, laborer, house 38 Sargent 
Dier Charles F. removed to Buffalo, N. Y. 

n Julius F. clerk, 142 Main, boards 7 Harold av. 

a see also Dyer 
Diffin George, fisherman, house G Dike 
Diggdon George R. hostler, house 25 Washington 
Diggins Eva, clerk, 196 Main, boards 20 Millett 

n George, fisherman, boards 87 Pleasant 

tt Laurence, laborer, house 96 Magnolia av. 

u Patrick, fisherman, house 20 Millett 

ti Robert I. laborer, boards 58 Granite 

« Robert W. fish cutter, house 390 Main 
Dillon Daniel, died May 2, 1897 

a John, fisherman, hoards Western av. cor. Magnolia av. 
Dinn Patrick, fisherman, house 22 Shepherd 
Dion Silas, hairdresser, 812 Washington, house 6 Young av. 
Ditty Clayton, ins. agent, boards 43 School 

a Ernest, collector, house 43 School 
Divola Edward, paving cutter, house Quarry street 
Dixon Charles, fisherman, boards 217 Main 

ti Edward, teamster, house Maplewood court 

a Elizabeth, clerk, 186 Main, boards 1 Blynman av. 

a Eugene F. night watchman, hoards 7 Howe 

u George W. master maeiner, house 38 Commonwealth av. 

u Jennie, widow of John, house 1 Blynman av. 

u John J. laborer, house 2 East Main 

tt Ulysses S. engineer, Gloucester Net and Twine Co. house 
116 Maple wooil av. 

u Wilmot, fisherman, boards 38 Commonwealth av. 
Doane Albert A. fisherman, boards 363 Washington 
Dobbin David, fisherman, boards 28 Fort square- 
Dobson William, fisherman, boards 24 Gould court 
Docherty Finley A. supt. Russia Cement Co. h. 4 Beachmont av. 
Dodd Andrew W. & Co. oils and glue, 5 and 7 Wharf, house 
at Salem [house 20 Granite 

Dodge Albert, flour, hay and grain, Maplewood av. cor. Cedar, 

a Charles B. driver, boards 395 Western av. 

a Chester B. removed to Beverly 

n Frank, hostler, boards 395 Western av. [av. 

a Granville L. laborer, house Gloucester av. near Maplewood 

tt John B. carpenter, house 395 Western av. 

a Leonard A. clerk, 15 Main, house 11 Pew court 

« Stephen L. bookkeeper, Boston ec Gloucester Steamboat Co. 
house 22 Centennial ay. 

« Wendell W. motorman, house 34 Hartz place 
Dodt Fred, fisherman, boards 433 Main 






Doeble Charles F. cigar manuf. 280 Main, house 42 School 
Doherty Frank, fisherman, boards 387 Main 

tt William H. engineer, 35 Fort sq. house 330 Main 
Dolliver Annie H. Miss, clerk, treasurer's office, City Hall, house 
214 Main 

DOLLIVER imOTHHKS (JohnS. and William 6'.), 
grocers, 32 and 30 Main (sea page 520) 

u Charles II. laborer, 221 Main, boards 53 Middle 

(; Edward, city treasurer, City Hall, house 10 Chestnut 

a Elizabeth S. widow of .William P. house 31 Main 

a Frank, driver, W. H. Friend's, house 20 Taylor 

« Helen J. Miss, house 214 Main 

u John S. {Dolliver Bros.)\'d ( l Main, house 147 Washington 

u Joseph F. clerk, W. H. Friend's, house at Rockport 

« William C. (Dolliver Bros.), 32 Main ; also eating house, 
115 do, house 35 Beacon 
William 11. janitor, house 53 Middle 
mingo Joseph, fisherman, house 53.1- Friend 

a Manuel, fisherman, house 30 Friend 
Donahoe Archibald N. lawyer, 11 Pleasant, room 9 
Donahue Arthur, fisherman, boards 110 Maplewood ay. 

a Charles A. line maker, boards 48 Warner 

it John, fisherman, boards 110 Maplewood a v. 

a Matthew, fisherman, house 110 Maplewood av. 

a Thomas, laborer, boards 85 Commercial 
Donalds Edward, master mariner, boards -133 Main 
Dondero Philip F. fruit, 135 Main, house 10 Warner 
Donnelly James H. it-moved to Boston 

Donovan Daniel ,). ins. agent, 92 Main, boards at Peabody 
Dooling Charles, teamster, boards 'J73 Main 
Doran Robert, fisherman, boards 40 Washington 

». Thomas, Iisheriuan, house Giillin's block, Maplewood av. 

<< Thomas, jr. fisherman, bds. Giillin's blk., Maplewood av. 
Dorley Joseph N. hairdresser, 2 Duncan, house 37 Western av. 
Dorsett Joseph, stonecutter, house 172 Concord, W. G. 
Dorsey Elizabeth M. widow, house 12 Howe 
Dot}' William, iisheriuan, boards 301 Main 
Doucett Charles, fisherman, boards 112 Pleasant 

« Frank, laborer, house 28 Harrison av. 

»4 George, fisherman, boards 2 Shepherd 

u Jesse, laborer, house rear 102 Washington 

« Joseph, teamster at D. M. Hilton's, house 1 Scott 

" Joseph H. fisherman, house 11 Calder 

a Moses, iisheriuan, boards 10 Water 

u Patrick, fisherman, boards 255 Main 
Ramie, fisherman, boards 10 Water 

Simon J. teamster, D. M. Hilton's, house real 

Stephen, motorman, house 28 Harrison av. 
Thomas R. fisherman, boards 7 Calder 
Walter, master mariner, boards 22 Main 





Doucett William, fisherman, boards 5 Water 
tt William, ship carpenter, house 5 Derby 
it William, teamster, boards 51 Warner 

Douglass Amy F. typewriter, 181 Main, boards 140 East Mail; 
a Arthur P. calker, boards 10 Davis 
a Charles E. laborer, boards rear 322 East Main 
" Charles G. painter, house 132 East Main 
it Dorcas, widow of Thomas, house 245 East Main 
a E. M. Mrs. dressmaker, house 132 East Main 
a Frederick G. fisherman, house 28 Haskell 
tt Frederick L. laborer, house 245 East Main 
a George H. fisherman, boards 10 Davis 
« George W. fisherman, house 170 East Main 
it Herman F. tailor, 138 .J- East Main, house 140 do. 
a Jennie B. teacher, Hildreth school, boards Davis st. E. G. 
a John, jr. laborer, house 10 Davis 

tt Jonathan, confectionery, 14 Bass av. boards 3 Harmony sq. 
a Joseph G. house rear 322 East Main 
« Leonard G. painter, boards rear 322 East Main 
a Mary A. widow of William C. house 3 Harmony sq. 
u Orin H. boards rear 322 East Main 
a Robert, 3d, fisherman, house rear 322 East Main 
tt Robert, jr. fisherman, house 17 Highland court 
it Samuel C. died Feb. 22, 1898 
a Sarah J. widow of Robert, died June 21, 1808 
a Thomas, fisherman, house 6 Gerring [East Main 

it T. Henry G. general agent N. Y. Life Ins. Co. house 161 
a William C. died April 7, 1808 
a William F. boards 245 East Main 
it William H. laborer, house Magnolia av. 
tt William S. fisherman, house rear 427 Western av. 

Dow Charles H. cabinetmaker., window and door screens, 20 
Mansfield, rooms do. 
a John C. Mrs. Hummer residence Atlantic av., Bass Rocks 

Dowries Benjamin F. hairdresser, 104.] East Main, house 101 do. 
« J. W. C. tailor, house 5 Washington square 
" Solomon F. carpenter, house 70 Mt. Pleasant av. 
« William E. removed to Boston 

Downey Edward F. fish cutter, house 147 East Main 
a Thomas, fisherman, boards 00 Duncan 

Downie Charles, fisherman, boards 58 Duncan 

Doyle Anselm, fisherman, boards 82 Duncan 

Charles H. laborer, house 8 Pew court 

Charles H. jr. clerk, 131 Main, boards 8 Pew court 

Daniel, carpenter, house 149 Maplewood av. 

James J. horse shoer, house 24 Gould court 

John, died Sept. 10, 1898 

Nellie M. clerk, 106 Main, boards 8 Rowe sq. 

Patrick, fisherman, boards 6 Orchard 

Rachel, widow, house 2 Perkins 


Doyle Walter J. manager, 106 Main, hoards '217 do. 

a William, fisherman, hoards 47 Warner 
Drake David, fisherman, hoards 11 Pearce 

a Edward, fisherman, hoards 58 Duncan 

a John, fisherman, hoards 9 Ivy court 
Draper P. B. Mrs. summer residence 14 Ashland place 
Dresser Wentworth, fisherman, house 11 Gould court 
Drestrup Augustus A. & Co. (Ilarry J\ CJiristenseii, Henry 
0. Johnson), riggers and mast setters, Duncan Point, 
house 10 Harold av. 
Drew Cornelius, fisherman, hoards G7 Rogers 

u Fred K. clerk, Pleasant, hoards 4 Mason 

a John, fisherman, hoards 6 Orchard 

a Lawrence, fisherman, hoards SI Commercial 

a Michael, fisherman, hoards 387 Main 
Driggers James, fisherman, house Ivy court 

a James Mrs. hoarding house, Ivy court 
Driscoll Edward, fisherman, hoards 6 Orchard 
Drisko David W. canmaker, house H or ton street 

a Guy H. teamster, hoards Horton street 
Drohan Ellen, widow of William, house 24 North Kilhy 

a William, died April 5, J 897 
Drununond Frank 11. conductor, rooms 100 Main 
Dryer Henry W. fisherman, boards Vincent 
Duchaine Frank, paving cutter, house 783 Washington 
Duclow Alon/o 11. teamster, house 9 Beck-ford 

<i Annie C. Miss, asst. bookkeeper, 108 Main, hoards 6 Allen 

.. Anthony, died June 13, 1899 

a Anthony, jr. driver, George A. Davis', house 13 School 

»t Eineliue T. widow of' Anthony, house ti Allen 

.> Lewis H. hostler, 1). M. Hilton's, house 9 Sylvian 

.> Luella M. boards Allen 
DutVn.-y David, fisherman, bo"ards 332 Main 

.» James, laborer, house 5 Eastern av. 

n Reuben, lisherinan, hoards 10 Rowe square 
Dully Daniel, teamster, 30 Wharf, boards 52 Perkins 

a Ellen, willow of Daniel, house 52 Perkins 

a Lemuel, fisherman, hoards 11 Commercial court 

k. William F. fisherman, boards 52 Perkins 
Duggan John, fisherman, hoards 16 Locust 

u Michael J. died March 23, 1899 

a Thomas, fisherman, hoards 11 Pearce 
Duguid James, paving cutter, house 33 High 
Duguo Abraham B. fisherman, boards 9 Sargent [Friend 

a Farrell J. salesman, Cunningham & Thompson's, house 19 

a James D. painter, boards 19 Friend 

" John B. master mariner, house GG Perkins 
Duke Frank, removed to North Weymouth 
Duley Albert R. master mariner, house 18 Church 

a Mary E. Miss, house 32 Pine 


Gloucester []_)'] DiKteorouy. 

Duley M. Herbert, wharfinger, house 4 Langsford 

tt Sarah G. M'iss ; , teacher, house 32 Pine 
Dulong Mary, widow, domestic at 1 Clarendon 
Dumais Peter, quarry man, house off Hickory street 
Dunbar Jabeth \V. farmer, house 427 Western av. 

« Norris Burton, fisherman, house 41 East Main 

tt William H. blacksmith, Maplewood av. near Cleveland, 
house 143 Maple wood av. 
Duncan William F. C. teamster, house 117 Washington 
Dunham Alonzo, fisherman, boards 55 Duncan 
Dunn Henry, helper, boards 8 Trask 

a John, clerk, 266 Main, boards 79 Washington 

" John, lisherman, house 10 Smith 

it John W. clerk, boards 79 Washington 

a Joseph H. plumber, boards 79 Washington 

a Lizzie G. clerk, 113 Main, boards 79 Washington 

1 av. 

a Mary G. clerk, 115 Main, boards 4 Orchard [ 

a Maurice F. teamster, E. H. Bickford's, house 102 Maple- 

tt Peter, clerk, boards 7 Willow 

" Thomas M. at Almshouse 

a Thomas P. laborer, house 4 Haskell court 

tt William, laborer, house 79 Washington 
Dunphy Samuel, removed to Boston 
Dunsky Peter, lisherman, boards 56 Main 
Dupuy Joseph, laborer, house rear 6 North Kilby 
Durgin Margie, widow of John, house 142 Mt. Pleasant av. 
Durland Charles A. removed to Peabody 

a Charles H. blacksmith, house 85 Prospect 

a Fred H. lisherman, boards 3 Haskell court 
Durney James J. engineer, house 6 Kiggs 
Dustin Harriet B. widow of John K. house 837 Washington 

tt John K. sen. died Nov. '28. 1898 

tt John K. (J. Pew & Soil), 331 Main, house 28 Middle 

a William K. 331 Main, boards 28 Middle 

tt Worthy (Dustin & Sanders), grocer, 820 Washington, 
house 858 do. [826 Washington 

it & Sanders ( Worthy Dust in, Joseph Sanders), grocers, 
Dutra William, painter, house 4 Taylor court 
Duwart Antoine, fish skinner, house 49 Mt. Vernon 

a Antoirfe, jr. (Duwart <£ Rogers), 248 Main, house 47 Mt. 
Vernon [248 Main 

it & Rogers (.1. Duwart, jr., F. A. Rogers), cigar manul's. 
Dwyer James, lisherman, boards 9 Middle 

a Joanna, widow of William, house 13 Vale court 

m Sarah .J. teacher, Sawyer school, boards 55 Warner 
Dyer Edward J. boards 54 Leonard 

a George, bell boy, Surf side Hotel, boards do. 

a Maria D. widow of J. Franklin, house 54 Leonard 

a see also Dier 



EARLE OSMAN 0. gardener, house 237 Western av. 

Easlop William, fisherman, boards 11 Chestnut 

Eason Albert II. laborer, Atlantic Halibut Co. h. 14 Fremont 

a Albert W. teamster, 12 Montgomery pi. house 5 Traverse 

u Robert H. laborer, house 51 Mt. Pleasant av. 

a William B. laborer, Atlantic Halibut Co. house 1 Wiley 

« William H. laborer, Atlantic Halibut Co. house 10 Wiley 

(t W. Wallace, reserve police, house 100 Mt. Pleasant av. 
East Gloucester Ferry, Charles II. Boynton, prop. Central whf. 

foot of Parsons 
Eastern Point Co. real estate, Gate Lodge, Eastern Point 
Eaton Albion E. blacksmith, house 125 East Main 

u John P. carpenter', house 31 Webster 

tt Robert L. helper, boards 3.1 Webster 
Eckhoff Carl, iisherman, boards 7 Short 
Edmonds Frank II. laborer, house 132 Magnolia av. 
Edmondsun Andrew, caretaker, house oil Eastern Point, near 

Niles pond 
Edmunds Andrew J. cutter, 168 Main, house 44 Middle 
Edwards Alfred W. stone cutter, house 2 Arlington 

a Daniel, iisherman, boards 5 Water 

a Edward C. painter, house Rocky Neck av. near Wonson 

u Emil, iisherman, boards 6 Merrick court 

u Peter, iisherman, boards 18 Witter 

n Thomas, stone cutter, house Leonard, cor. Walnut 
Egan John J. physician, 52 Pleasant, house do. 

u Martin, iisherman, boards \) Prospect 
Eggers Augustus, iisherman, boards 27 Mansfield 
Eggleston William, laborer, boards 43 Essex av. 
Elder Ernest A. fish cutter, boards 12. J- Cross 

u Harriet J. widow of John J. house 12.' Cross 

<< James, iisherman, boards Tiask street 

». James 1). iisherman, house 117 Main 

u John C. carpenter, house 1 Harmony sip 
Eii'holtz John, iisherman, boards 10 Water 
Eisun John, clerk, 5(3 Washington, boards 49 do. 
Ekborg Augustus, iisherman, boards 6 Blake court 
Eklof Carl, removed to Cambridge 
Eliason Elias, farmer, house end of Quarry street 

« John B. laborer, house 16 Marble [ vard, East 

Eliot Henry W. (St. Louis, Mo.), summer res. Eastern boule- 
Ellery Benjamin F. house 24 Dennison 

u George, painter, house 30 Sargant 

u George, jr. clerk, 9 Derby, boards 30 Sargent 

a James B. boards 24 Dennison 

« John, farmer, house 202 Washington 
Elliott Alexander E. house 71 Washington 

u Eleanor M. Mrs. house 11 Forest 
Ellis Daniel, carpenter, house 17 Wheeler 

n Edward (Boston), summer residence, Beach av., Bass Rocks 



I E j 


Ellis George E. tailor, 171 Main [Chester sq. 

a George W. & Co. builders' hardware, 33 Main, house 1 1 
a John, paving cutter, house 10 Hutehins court 
a Joseph, laborer, house Griffin's block, Maplewood av. 
a Joseph, peddler, house 13 Maplewood av. 
« Joseph F. carpenter, house 6 Stage Fort av. 
« Nathaniel, carpenter, house 6 Stage Fort av. 
<< William, paving cutter, house 23 Revere 

Ellison John, fisherman, house 5 Blake court 

Elo Charles, paving cutter, house 9 Norseman av. 

Elper Morris, shoemaker, 390.V Main, house do. 

Elstrom Emil, removed to Boston 
a Eva C. widow, house 14 Highland 

El well Albert H. laborer, house 16 Highland 
u Andrew, tailor, 92 Main, house 113 Washington 
ft Annie M. Mis. boards 37 Mt. Vernon 
a Betsey, boards 76 Washington 
t< Charles W. fish skinner, house off Avon court 
u Clarence A. (Peterson & Elwell), Story's wharf, house 

5 Norwood court 
t't Dean P. boards 37 Mt. Vernon 
u Eben, fisherman, boards 12 Stage Fort av. 
it Eben, 2d, shoemaker, boards 300 Washington 
ti Elizabeth A. widow of Joseph, house 5 Norwood court 
a Ephraim W. fisherman, house 89 Mt. Pleasant av. 
a Erastus li. laborer, boards 13 Clarendon 
a Fit/ F. paving cutter, house 605 Washington 
u Flora Miss, teacher, private school, 44 Middle, boards 

21 J Church 
« Frederick, at life saving station, house 662 Washington 
>t George, house 9 Stage Fort av. 
a George K. Mrs. house 37 Mt. Vernon 
a George W. driver, boards 605 Washington 
a Guy, physician, boards 37 Mt. Vernon 
« .John J. laborer, house 300 Washington 
<( Joseph, laborer, house 344 Main 

a Kilby W. sign painter, 73 Main, house 22 Washington 
u Lydia A. widow of William A. house 21 1 Church 
« Samuel A. paving cutter, house rear 11 Gould court 
« Sarah E. Miss, house 30 Millett 
u Sylvanus B. fisherman, boards 13 Clarendon 
u Warren, teamster, Chas. H. Boynton's, h. rear 41 Mansfield 
it William, Iisherman, boards 12 Stage Fort av. 
" William E. paving cutter, boards 605 Washington 
u William H. Iisherman, house 654 Washington 

Emerald John P. lish skinner, house 15 Sadler 
n Manuel P. iisherman, house 15 Sadler 

Emerico Matthew, fisherman, boards 345 Main 

Emero, see Aiwero and Mero 

Emerson Jacob, fisherman, boards 29 Prospect 


Emery Fred, clerk, 7 Elm, house 91 Prospect 

a John D. laborer, hoards 43 Essex av. 

<< William II. photograph e«r, 162 Main, house at Boston 
Eininaii Herman, fisherman, house 39 Perkins 
English Dora J. Miss, saleswoman, 180 Main, bds. Madison sq. 
Engstroin August, removed to Boston 

« Ernest, iisherrnan, boards 34 Warner 

a Gustat' A. fisherman, boards 16 Columbia 

». Gustaf B. Iisherrnan, boards 60 Main 

a Nels, fisherman, boards 34 Warner 
Enos Antoine, fisherman, house 36 Friend 

a Antoine, jr. iisherrnan, house 36 Friend 

a John F. fisherman, house 36 Friend 

u .Joseph, fisherman, house 12 Webster 

a Joseph, fish skinner, house 00 Friend 

u Manuel, iisherrnan, house 16 Webster 

a Manuel, 2d, fisherman, 53£ Friend 

u Manuel F. hairdresser, 17 Hancock, boards 10 Lewis ct. 

« Stacy, fisherman, house rear 47 Friend 

a William, fisherman, house 16 Webster 
Enslow Frank, fisherman, house 9 Burn ham 

u George, fisherman, boards 20 Locust 

« Horatio, master mariner, boards 22 Main 

a John, fisherman, boards 22 Main 
Erickson Charles E. cook, house 147 Mt. Pleasant a v. 

u Edward 0. boarding bouse, 254 Main 

a Elleii, widow of Samuel, house 1.6 Maplewoodav. 

u Erick, fisherman, house 17 Mt. Vernon 

c< Frank L. died Nov. 27, 1898 

u Gustaf i lisliennan. boards 208.J Main 

« John, carpenter, house 73 Friend 

« Mark L. lost at sea 

(i Peter, lost at sea 

« William, quarryman, house Quarry street 
Ernst John Ii. fisherman, house 46 Washington 
Erwin Anne, widow of Robert F. house 9 Woodbury 

a Daniel P. clerk, 40 Leonard, boards 35 do. 

« Edward A. removed to Boston 

« John, quarryman, house 19 Woodbury 

u John, jr. tefamster, house 7 Woodbury 

a John J. stone cutter, house 952 Washington 

a Michael H. bartender, house 70 Main 

it Robert L. stone cutter, house 3 Albion ct. 

a Sarah, widow of James, house 48 Fort sq. 

it Thomas A. .stone cutter, boards 19 Woodbury 

tt Thomas F. stone cutter, boards 9 Woodbury 

u Thomas H. teamster, house 91 Langsford 

" William J. stone cutter, boards 9 Woodbury 

" see also Irving 
Estlin John, lost at sea 


Eustus James G. ftslierman, boards 90 Duncan 
Evans Archibald, fisherman, boards 11 Locust 

a Walter J. J. fisherman, boards 58 -Duncan 
Eveleth Edward S. physician, 20 Highland, house do. [Water 
Everdean Alice G. Miss, teacher, Hildreth school, boards 11 

a John J. cooper, 13 Water, house 11 do. 
Ewer Elizabeth Mrs. dressmaker, boards 7 Middle 
Ewers Frederick Mrs. house 53 East Main 

I^XCELSIOU LAUNDRY, Johnson & Somes, props. 
_J Vincent street (see page 516) 

FACCINI LOUIS, paving cutter, boards North Kilby 
Fairbanks William A. gvn. sec. Y. M. C. A., 87 Main, house 

4 Summit 
Fairweather Charles, fisherman, house 140 Duncan 
Fales George, laborer, house rear 42 Langsford 
Falk Anna C. widow of Mans, home rear 12 Decatur 

a Lawrence, fisherman, boards rear 12 Decatur 
Fait Austin C. stevedore, boards 172 East Main 

u Clarence M. author, boards 172 Fast Main [172 E. Main 

a Mary T. Miss, reporter. Gloucester Daily Times, boards 

a Walter M. house 172 East Main 
Fanning Edmund P. cleric, boards 4 Shepherd 

a Margaret, widow of Patrick, house 4 Shepherd 

a Margaret G. Miss, clerk, 77 Duncan, boards 4 Shepherd 

a Mary A. teacher, Forbes school, boards 4 Shepherd 

a Michael E. removed to Boston 
Fanton Jeffrey, laborer, house 5 Commercial court 

a John J. clerk, 274 Main, boards 1 Smith 

a William, rigger, house 1 Smith 

a William F. oiler, Duncan cor. Rogers, boards 1 Smith 
Fardy Katherine J. principal U ildreth school, boards 300 Main 

a Margaret, widow of David F. house 300 Main 
Farley Lydia C. Mrs. (Cambridgeport), summer res., Fuller 

street, Magnolia 
Farmer Atwill, rigger, house 33 1 Friend 

a Charles W. fisherman, house Maplewood court 

a L. G. (Boston), summer r-cs., Beach av , Bass Rocks 
Faiquhar Stephen II. mason, house 23 Orchard 
Farrell Clenmnee, died Dec. 10, 1890 

a Francis II. clerk, 197 East Main, bds. 89 Mt. Pleasant av. 

a Patrick, fisherman, boards 10 Water 

a Patrick R. iisherman, boards 58 Duncan 

a Thomas, fisherman, boards 58 Duncan [Point 

Farrington Charles F. (Boston), summer res. Fort Hill, Eastern 

a Charles II., R.R. conductor, house 23 Lookout 
Faulkner Mary li. nurse, Addison Gilbert Hospital, boards do. 
Favor Daniel M. carpenter, 108 Duncan, house 24 Prospect sq. 

a John, manager Postal Telegraph Cable Co. 181 Main, 
house 4 Forest 


Favor Samuel P. baggage express, house 3 Madison court 

a Sidney S. clerk, boards 24 Prospect square 
Fears Otis S. house 13 Liberty 

a Robert R. insurance agent, 191 Main, house 88 Prospect 
Feener Hibbert, iisherinan, boards 11 Pearce 

ti William, fisherman, house 110 Ml. Pleasant av. 
Fendle Herbert, laborer, house 50 Friend 
Fenton Arcbibald, ship carpenter nod boat builder, 50 Rocky 

Neck av. house 5.1 Radclill'e 
Ferguson Adelaide C. Miss, boards 12 Madison square 

a Alexander, grocer, 45 Granite, house do. 

u Angus, fisherman, house 128 Duncan 

a Annie, clerk, 180 Main, boards Harvard place 

u Cathciine A. Miss, boards 12 Madison square 

(< Heniietta Mrs. house 12 Madison square 

u Job ii, iisherinan. boards 23 Hancock 

u John, teamster, house 58 Granite 

« John A. laborer, boards 120 Magnolia av. 

a John J. laborer, house 5 Maplewood av. 

u J. Fred, clerk, 00 Duncan, house 02 East Main 

« T. B. (BrookUne), summer res., Shore road, Magnolia 

u William Rev. pastor Hay View M. E. Church, h. 714 Wash. 
Fernal John, fisherman, boards 10 Locust 
Fernau.ce' Emanuel, iisherinan, boards 11 Bass av. 

a Joseph, fisherman, boards 41 Bass av. 

u Mary, widow, house 41 Bass av. 
Fernandes Louisa, widow, house 7 Elwell court 
Fern wood Lake ice Co., F. W. Homans, prop. 105j Main 
Ferreira Amancio C. tailor, 250 Main, house 58 do. 

a Joseph, tailor, 250 Main, boards 58 do. 
Ferris Antoine M. hairdresser, house 10 Fayal court 

a John, fisherman, house 30 Perkins 

u John M. laborer, boards 10 Fayal court 
Ferry Frances, widow of Joseph, house 30 Friend 

u Joseph, lost at sea 

u Manuel, hairdresser, boards 30 Friend 
Fewers Anton, fisherman, house 341 Pleasant 

u Edward, fisherman, boards 10 Sargent 

a John T. iisherinan, house 22 Maplewood av. 
Fialho F. K. hairdresser, 431 Main, boards 03 Friend 
Fiander Arthur, Iisherinan, boards 217 Main 

li John, iisherinan, boards 18 Sargent 

a Philip, lost at sea [Summit 

Field Edward J. clerk, freight office B. & M. R. R. boards 4 

« James G. house 530 Washington 

u John, fish cutter, boards 12 Wharf 
Fiers James, bartender, house 140 Prospect 

« John F. master mariner, house 12 Webster 

u Jobn F. jr fish skinner, house 12 Webster 
Figuerado D'uningo, cook, house 12 Sargent 



Finance John, fisherman, house 20 Sadler 
Finnegan Daniel J. student, hoards 95 Pleasant 

tt James, hostler, 152 Main, boards 95 Pleasant 

u John J. clerk, 178 Main, hoards 95 Pleasant 

a Margaret A. Miss, grocer, 93 Pleasant, house 95 do. 

a Molly, stenographer, Gloucester Mackerel Co. hoards 95 

u Patrick, stable, 152 Main, house 95 Pleasant 
THIRST NATIONAL HANK, John Gott, cashier, 191 
J_ Main (see page 514) 

Firth William, fisherman, hoards 311 Main 
Fish Henry, fanner, house 281 Concord. W. G. 
Fisher Charles, fisherman, hoards 254 Main 

u Charles K. treas. Gloucester Safe Deposit and Trust Co. 
191 Main, house 11 Washington sq. 

it Frederick, fisherman, house 28 Haskell 

a Fred A. agent Cape Ann Anchor Works, h. 124 Prospect 

it George V. bookkeeper, 5 Main, hoards 45 Beacon 

a Sarah A. widow, hoards 45 Beacon 

a Sarah M. widow of William N. house 186 Washington 

u William, fisherman, boards 11 Pearce 

a William F. supt. Cape Ann Anchor Works, h. 143 Wash. 

a William N. died April 3, 1899 
Fisk William, shoemaker, hoards 30 Prospect 
Fitch Albert, master mariner, boards 19 Mt. Vernon 

it Charles L. removed to Boston 

ti Klvira, widow of B. house 19 Mt. Vernon 

44 Frank E. shoe cutter, boards 19 Mt. Vernon 

171TCH. GEORGE It. merchant tailor, 170 Main, boards 
1 228 Fast Main (see page 517) 

Fitzdamm Otto H. clerk, Tarr & Wonson's (Limited), house 

27 Wonsou 
Fitzgerald Fred, fisherman, boards 128 Duncan 

a James, fisherman, boards 231 Main 

44 Joseph P. foreman, L. A. Burnham & Co.'s, h. 58 Grove 

it William, fisherman, boards 22 Locust 
Fitzpatrick Edward, fisherman, boards 10 Locust 

*< John, clerk, 13 Center court, hoards 46 Main 

tt Patrifik F. fisherman, boards 10 Locust 

it Patrick J. fisherman, boards 10 Locust 

a Robert, fisherman, house 103 Pleasant 
Flagg Amanda, widow of Edwin, house 203 Washington 

tt George K. printer, 211 Main, boards 263 Washington 

it Percy M. shoemaker, boards 2(53 Washington 

« Sadie E. compositor, 211 Main, boards 203 Washington 
Flaherty Coleman, laborer, house 5 Cross 

u John F. hostler, rear 77 Main, house 3 Addison 

44 John J. lawyer, 111 Main, house 48 Pleasant 

44 Margaret, widow, at Almshouse 

tt Matthias, tinsmith, 153 Main, boards 9 Williams court 




Flaherty Michael J. iisherman, house 72 Friend 

« Nicholas, fisherman, boards 46 Washington 

u Patrick, laborer, house- 9 Williams court 

a Patrick, jr. boards 9 Williams court 
Flannigan Thomas, iisherman, boards 10 Water 

« Thomas J. fisherman, boards 115 Pleasant 
Flowers Amos K. house 118 Fast Main 

a Edward F. iishermau, boards 118 Fast Main 
Flye Alden W. jewelry, etc. 4 Centre, house ( .) Foster 

a Everett, clerk, 4 Centre, boards 9 Foster 
Flygare Albert, fisherman, boards 27 Church 

a Charles, Iishermau, house 27 Church 
Flynn Fdward, quarry man, house Sanderson court 

« Fdward P. quarryman, house 779 Washington 

u John, cook, house 7 Green 

« Patrick, lost at sea 

a William, lost at sea 
Fogarty Fstella Mrs. house 22 Commercial 

u Lawrence, Iishermau, boards . r >7 Warner 

« Maurice, fisherman, boards 238 Main 
Fogelgren Andrew F. paving cutter, house 851 Washington 
Folau Peter, at Almshouse 
Foley Augustus, janitor Mt. Vernon school, bds. 134 Prospect 

u Catharine, widow of John, house 7 Hillside court 

u Coleman, iisherman, house 8 Gould court 

a David, fisherman, house 66 Green 

u Fdward, laborer, house 09 Perkins 

« Fdward T. Iishermau, boards 69 Perkins 

i* George F. iisherman, house ^S Spring 

u James, clerk. 21 6 Main, house 3 Smith 

*. John, clerk, 289 Main, boards 254 do. 

k . John, laborer, house 64 Perkins 

u John (of 7 Hillside court), died Nov. 19, 1897 

u Margaret, widow' of Patrick, house 67 Perkins 

>i Mary, widow of John, died May 26, 1899 

>. Mary, widow of Michael, house 11 Amero court 

u Mary, widow of Stephen', house 12 Parker 

u Mary, widow, house 51 Washington 

u Mary A. Miss, dressmaker, boards 58 Middle 

a Maurice, quarryman, boards 679 Washington 

c< Maurice F. inspector of customs, boards 67 Perkins 

a Michael J. laborer, boards 1.0 Fast Main 

« Patrick, fisherman, house 1 Haskell [Prospect 

u Patrick J. & Co. wholesale fish, 37 Commercial, house 134 

h Thomas, iisherman, house 10 Smith 

« William, carpenter, house 33 Commonwealth av. 

u William, iisherman, house 13 Fayal court 

« William, laborer, boards 64 Perkins 

« William T. iisherman, boards 67 Perkins 


ji.ouoksteu [ p J dikectouy. 

Follansbee Hazen, clerk, 1ST Main, house 8 Riggs 

a Hazen L. & Co. insurance and real estate agents, 187 Main, 
house 50 Summer 

<< Natlian, clerk, 187 Main, hoards 50 Summer 

a William L. porter, Mason House, hoards do. 
Follett Elmer G. teamster, hoards 25 Langsford 

u Wallace B. driver, 30 Pearl, hoards 30 Prospect 
Fonsic Maurice K. laborer, hoards 179 Essex av., W. G. 
Foote Arthur (Boston), summer residence Fuller st., Magnolia 
Foran Alexander 0. lishermau, boards 15 Beach court 

« Michael J. laborer, hoards 10 Fort square 
Forbes Aimer, master mariner, boards 20 Locust 

u Amos, removed to Boston 

a Edward, iisherman, boards 20 Locust 

a Everett S. fish skinner, house 123 Mt. Pleasant av. 

a Hiram, master mariner, boards rear 47 Prospect 

a Warren, iisherman, boards 20 Locust 
Ford Annie G. bookkeeper, 1.41 Main, hoards 07 Perkins 

a Frederick E. (Ford & Weiss), 'boots and shoes, 6 Pleasant, 
house 120 Washington 

a James, motorman, house 12 Allen 

u James R. house 708 Washington 

« John W. laborer, boards 91 Pleasant 

u J. Frank, driver, house 85 Prospect 

a Leroy S. clerk, 080 Washington, hoards 708 do. 

a Michael, iisherman, boards 10 Fort square 

n & Wass ( Fred e rick K. Ford, Preston 0. Wass), boots and 
shoes, Pleasant 
Forest Daniel P. fisherman, house 9 Burnham 

it Francis L. iisherman, house 15 Shepherd 

u John H. paintmaker, house 7 Statun 

a Marceline, widow, boards 20 Willow 

u Robert, Iisherman, house 80 Pleasant 

u William, iisherman, boards 20 Willow 
Forristall James, iisherman, hoards rear 17 Prospect 

u Thomas, cook, boards 22 Main [do. 

Forsberg Delia S. widow of Otto W. dressmaker, 57 Middle, h. 

tt Otto W. died April 3, 1800 
Forsyth James, paving cutter, hoards 8 Mason square 
Fort Wharf Fish Co., Fort wharf 
Fortado Manuel, laborer, house 9 Sadler 
Fosberry Charles A. laborer, house 3 Babson's court 
Foster Alfred, police, house 51 Warner 

a Benjamin A. laborer, hoards 3 Magnolia av. 

u Charles El wood (Washington, D. C), summer residence, 
204 Western av. 

it Charles W.supt. cutting dept. Cape Ann Granite Co. house 
625 Washington 

a Elbridge G. watchman, boards 3 Magnolia av. 

it Eleanor Mrs. at Huntress Home, 110 Prospect 


Foster E. G. Mrs. dry and fancy goods, 18 Fuller, Magnolia, 
house 3 Magnolia av. 

a Frank, prop. Rockaway House, 7 Racklift'e, house <lo. 

a Frank F. (Pinkham & Foster), fish dealer, Dennis' wharf, 
hoards 9 Howe square 

« Fred C. saihnaker, 33 Wharf, house 47 Western av. 

a George C. (Od/ces X* Foster), fisheries, 55 Commercial, 
house 20 Washington square 

a Harry C. (Boston), hoards 3 Magnolia av. 

a Harry W. fish skinner, house 38 Fast Main 

a Howard, driver, hoards 9 Rovve square 

« Howard P. clerk, 818 Washington, boards 7 Tucker 

tt .Jeremiah, died July 14, 1898 [ton square 

a Jeremiah, jr. watchmaker, 205.} Main, hoards 20 Washing- 

u John B. removed to Boston 

« John C. harbor master, house 259 East Main 

a John F. (of 20 Middle), removed to Boston 

tt Joseph A. fisherman, hoards 10 Williams court 

a Louis, hairdresser, hoards 10 Williams court 

a L. F. Mrs. ( Foster '& Co.), apothecary, 818 Washington, 
house 7 Tucker 

n Mack, tisli skinner, hoards 100 Mt. Pleasant av. 

a Manuel A. fisherman, house TO Williams court 

u Mary A. widow of John F. house 26 Middle 

it Pearl R. stone cutter, hoards 025 Washington 

u Rose, at Almshouse 

it Susan, widow, house 77 Commercial 

a William W. laborer, 100 Mt. Pleasant av. 

a & Co. (Mrs. L. F. Foster, Albert H. Bass), apothecaries, 
818 Washington 
Fountain Charles S. fisherman, house 53 Prospect 
Fowle Lulu W. bookkeeper, 199 Main, boards 1 Forest 

a Rosa F. teacher, BabsOn school, hoards 1 Forest 

u -Warren, watchman, steamer Cape Ann, house 1 Forest 
Fowler" Betsey, widow, house 10 Bass av. 

tt James W. caulker, house 64 Eastern av. 

tt John, fisherman, hoards 17 Commercial 

a John, fisherman, hoards 22 Main 

tt Joseph E. faster, house 027 Washington 

a William"".!, mason, house 64 Eastern av. [Chestnut 

Fowles J. Frank, chief engineer, steamer Cape Ann, house 23 
Fox Alexander, fisherman, hoards 10 Fort square 

tt Flora A. widow, removed to Boston 

u James A. (Cambridge), summer res. Fuller si., Magnolia 

u John J. fisherman, hoards 1 Fort square 

it Joseph, fisherman, hoards 16 Locust 

a Thomas, removed to Boston 
Fraga Anthony S. fish skinner, house 22 Perkins 

u Manuel, fisherman, house 38 Friend 
Fralic Allen, fisherman, boards 07 Duncan 





Francis Anthony T. laborer, house 10 Sargent 

a Anton, fisherman, house JO El well 

a Anton, 2d, fisherman, hoards 10 Klvvell 

« Henry, motorman, house rear 56 Kast Main 

<t John, fisherman, house 37 Harrison av. 

a John E. teamster, house 28 Grove 

n Joseph, stone cutter, house 58 Perkins [54 Cherry 

u Joseph, fruit and confectionery, 91 Maplewood av. house 

a Lewis, painter, house G East Main 

u Lucy, widow of Manuel, house 33 Perkins 

a Manuel, fisherman, boards 16 Locust [El-well 

u Manuel, hairdresser, Prospect, cor. Railroad av. boards 10 

« Manuel F. fisherman, house 16 Mt. Vernon 

a Manuel L. hairdresser, 319£ Main, boards 33 Perkins 

« Manuel L. sen. died Aug. 3, 1898 

a Manuel S. fisherman, house 53 Friend 

a Margaret, widow of Matthew, house 'JO Liberty 

a Mary, widow of Anton, house 47 Perkins 

it Mary, widow of Joseph, house 9 El well court 

u Mary, widow of Joseph, house 31 Mt. Vernon 
Frazer Abraham, fisherman, boards 14 Trask 
FratllS Annie, widow, house rear 47 Friend 

.i Manuel V. lish skinner, house 34 Perkins 
Frawsell Abraham, laborer, house 150 Maplewood av. 
Frazier Alexander, master mariner, boards 10 Pearl 

« Alexander, tinsmith, died Fein 10, 1898 

a Arthur, fisherman, boards 20 Gould court 

u Arthur B. bookkeeper, 35 Fort sq. boards 10 Marchant 

a Benjamin, blacksmith, 32 Wharf, house 10 Marchant 

u Charles, fisherman, boards 10 Water 

a Daniel, fisherman, boards 295 Main 

a David W. foreman, Ayer & Andrews Co. h. 8' Myrtle sq. 

a Elias, fisherman, boards 113 Pleasant 

i» Felix, fisherman, boards 39 Commercial 

ti Frank K. fisherman, boards 10 Cedar 

a George, fisherman, boards 9 Columbia 

u Gregory, fisherman, boards 18 Sargent 

tt Isaac, removed to Boston 

a J elf rev, fisherman, boards 20 Gould court 

a Jeffrey, fisherman, boards 39 Commercial 

a John, fisherman, boards 295 Main 

u John M. fisherman, boards 39 Commercial 

« Julia, widow, house 2 Sargent 

u Lawrence, fisherman, boards 295 Main 

tt Margaret Mrs. boards 10 Liberty 

« Mary, widow, house 447 Main 

u Peter, fisherman, house 26 Fort square 

u Peter, fisherman, house 27 Liberty 

a Peter, fisherman, boards 14 Smith 


Frazier Peter, laborer, boards 447 Main 
*< Thomas, lisherman, boards 217 Main [house 37 do. 

Freday Alfred & Co. ( William Milne, jr.), saloon, 25 Duncan, 

Frederickson Antoine, tisherman, house 7 Traverse 
a Emilia, widow of Hendrick, house 7 Traverse 

Freeman James H. removed to Boston 
a John B. travelling salesman, Hall & Co., Fears' wharf, 

house 53 Western av. 
" William G. clerk, house 8 Pew court 

French Albert H. {Bat man & Frenck) y dry goods. 190 Main, 
house at Rock port 
a James M. grocer, 2.2 Fuller, house <lo., Magnolia 
u Jonas H. pres. Cape Ann Granite Co., Pigeon Cove, house 

030 Washington, Hay View 
a Luther K. sparmaker, 25 Vincent, hoards at Essex 
a Noyes E. clerk, 22 Fuller, hoards do., Magnolia 
u Stella E. widow of Harry G. boards 636 Washington 
u William W. lawyer, 120 Main, and special justice Police 
Court, house 149 Washington 

Frieber John E. paving cutter, house 851 Washington 

Frieberg Charles, paving cutter, hoards 3 Mason sq. 

Friend Albert H. farmer, hoards 35 Gee av. 
a Arthur G. stereotyper, 211 Main, boards 5 Howe 
<k Edward E. foreman, house 107 Prospect 
a Elhridge G. house 10 Summer 
a Elhridge H. mason, house 2 Forest 
it.' Epes E. stock broker, house 20 Suinmer 
u Ernest R. clerk, P. O. boards 8 Washington sq. 
« George H. bookkeeper, 47 Rogers, house 8 Washington scjp 
u Hannah P. widow of Elhridge G. house 77 Middle 
it Horace M. painter, house 5 Eastern av. 
u Howard M. shoemaker, house 10 Marsh 
a Israel, sailmaker, house 23.1- Elm 

a Lemuel, night watchman, City Hall, house 35 Gee av. 
" Lemuel, jr. farmer, hoards 35 Gee av. 
« Louise, cleric, 120 Main, hoards 9 Angle 
a Lucinda I), widow of Solomon A. house 5 Howe 
a Ma*y E. widow of Nathaniel, hoards 7 Howe 
" Mattie A. bookkeeper, 210 Main, hoards 5 Howe 
u Nathaniel, died Jan. 22, 1897 

a Perley P. clerk, house 5 Howe [house 9 Angle 

« Preston, bookkeeper, George Perkins & Son, 191 Main, 
u Preston Mrs. music teacher, house 9 Angle 
« Ray S. fireman, house 10 Columbia [11 Allen 

" Richard, bookkeeper, James II. Tarr, Rocky Neck, house 
m Samuel T. carpenter, 108 Duncan, house 6 Prospect sip 
« Thaddeus E. house Wolf Hill 
a William E. removed to Bristol, R. I. 

a William H. coal and wood, foot of Vincent, h. 160 Prospect 
u William J. printer, 211 Main 

96 GLpU£!P;STEU [ ( } ] DIKEQT< >KY . 

Friend William S. cooper, Rowe square, house 107 Prospect 

u William S. jr. hoards 107 Prospect 
Fritz Burns, fisherman, hoards 22 Main 
Froesell Edward, fisherman, hoards 7 Commercial 
Frost Alhert D. laborer, house 23 Hammond 

a Alhert W. fisherman, house 91 Pleasant 

•a Brainard, fisherman, house 15 Traverse 

■a Charles R. fisherman, house 16 Marchaut 

a Charles W. cooper, house 28 Millett [2 Mason 

41 David O. clothing and furnishing goods, 289 Main, house 

« Frank, cook, house 15 Traverse 

a Isaac H. fisherman, house 4 Blake court 

a Isaac AV. letter carrier, boards 15 Bridge 

u James, fisherman, hoards 10 Smith 

a James T. driver, 183 Main, house 272 Washington 

u John L. confectionery, Cleveland, near the railroad, h. do. 

tt Lpren, laborer, hoards 15 Traverse 

u Nathaniel P. chief engineer, steamer City of Gloucester 

a Sylvan as., fisherman, house 23 Hammond 

t< Thomas D. fisherman, house 7 Hammond 

a Thomas W. fish skinner, house 126 Mt. Pleasant av. 
Fuge Antoine, fisherman, house 55 Friend 

u James, removed to Qtibrey 

a John, stone cutter, house 775 Washington 

a William R. stone cutter, hoards 775 Washington 
Fulford Michael, fisherman, house 26 Addison 
Fuller Alhert H. upholsterer, 125 Main, house 41 Alpine court 

a Annie P. boards 2 Lewis court 

a C. S. & Co.. Cape Ann Shoe Co. foot of Whitteniore St. 

u Thomas H. 62 Grove, house 9 Exchange 

it Walter T. removed to Boston 

a William J. grocer, 62 Grove, hoards 9 Exchange 
Fun Charlie, laundry, 229 Main 

Furley Annette, widow of William, died June 10, 1899 ' 
Furlong Charles, fisherman, hoards 41 Commercial 
Furness John 11. laborer, house 136 Washington 
Fury Bernard, fisherman, hoards 58 Duncan 

a William, fisherman., hoards 12 Railroad av. 

GABRIEL GEORGE, laborer, house Griffin's block, Maple- 
wood av. 
Gacato John, cigars and tobacco, 287 Main, h. 60 Mt. Vernon 
Gaifney Alice M. teacher, Forbes school, hoards 06 Washington 

« Caroline, widow of Michael, house 20 Prospect sq. 

u Charles, carpenter, house 103 Maplewood av. 

u Charles E. teacher, boards 24 Blynman av. 

« Daniel, house 66 Washington 

« Edward E. died Jan. 24, 1899 

« Edward 0. house 122 Washington 

a Frank II. stock broker, house 94 Washington 



Gail'ney Frank II. jr. warehouse keeper, hoards 94 Washington 

a Howard E. clerk, hoards 20 Prospect mj. 

u Jacoh (Gajfneij & Adams), painter, 58 Washington, house 
24 Blymnan av. 

« Joseph I). B. calker, hoards 7 Pine 

a Lama, widow, house 21 Bridge 

u Mary, widow of Michael, house 7 Pine 

a Sarah J. widow of Edward K. house 10 Dike 

a William II. calker, house 10 Hodgkins 

a William M. house 337 Main 

u William M. jr. removed to Essex [Washington 

» & Adams (Jacob GajJ'itctj, N. A. Adeems), painters, 53 
Qagoon Fred, hairdresser, 179 Main, boards Mason House 
Gale David P. manager, George Perkins & Son, Rowe square, 
house 292 Main 

u Eli, car])enter, house 12 Acacia 

a Qeorge E. machinist, hoards 12 Acacia 

a John G. confectioner, 142 Main, hoards 12 Acacia 

a Lydia E. widow, house Sumner street, W. G. 

k William E. coal and wood, 28 Sargent, boards 12 Acacia 
Gallagher Ada J. Mrs. house 720 Washington 

n Charles, fisherman, hoards 23 School 

a Edward, fisherman, hoards 2.3 School 

<< James, teamster, hoards 4.3 Essex av. 

it James R. iisherman, house Rogers, opp. Porter 

u William, iisherman, house 29 Fort square 
Gallant John, laborer, house Atlantic street, W. G. 

n Maggie, widow of Michael, 119 Pleasant 
Galiivan William, laborer, house 9 ilurnham 
Gallup X. A. manager Naumkeag Branch Clothing Co. 199 

Main, house at Salem 
Galviu Daniel J. laborer, house 1 -1 A Maplewood av. 

a James, laborer, house 11 Maplewood av. 

u Thomas J. laborer, boards 1,4 Maplewood av. 
Gamage Charles H. (Heed & Gainaye), 217 East Main, house 
11 Highland 

a Emma J. widow of Charles B. removed to Lynn 

« William T. student, hoards 11 Highland 
Gamerod John E. Iisherman, house 12 Perkins 
Gannon James^C removed to Maiden 

Gardiner Jesse N. shoemaker, 91 Maplewood av. h. 132 do. 
Gardner Arthur C. cabinetmaker, house 31 Summer 

« Charles, house 30 Summer 

u Eliza, widow of George, died Sept. 0, 1898 

m Fred N. laborer, house 5 Page 

a George D. janitor, house 21 Liberty 

a Henry, fisherman, house rear 12 Liberty 

« Hollis, shooting gallery, 303 Main, house 14 Staten 

" Joseph A. master mariner, house 22 Addison 

« Lydia, widow of George T. boards 10 Pew court 


Gardner Sidney, 193 Western av. 

a Walter, .salesman, 186 Main, house 21 Curve 

a William H. (Gardner & Parsons), fisheries, foot of Pearce, 
house 13 Dale av. 

tt William H. jr. hoards 13 Dale av. 

a & Parsons ( William. 11. Gardner, William Parsons), fish- 
eries, and fresh halibut dealers, Leighton's wharf, foot of 
Pearce street 
Garland Alhert S. physician, 18 Pleasant, cor. Middle, h. do. 

" Alric, dentist, hoards 17 Dale av. 

" Amos L. carpenter, house 112 Concord, W. G. 

a George A. carpenter, hoards 112 Concord, W. G. 

« George L. house 52 Middle 

it Joseph, physician, 17 Dale av. house do. 

u Joseph E. physician, 17 Pleasant, house 19. do. 

u Mary, widow of Orlando, house 18 Commonwealth av. 

a Orlando, died March 11, 1899 

tt Roy, student, hoards 17 Dale av. [ av. 

tt Simon, carpenter, rear 11 Pearce, bds. 18 Commonwealth 

(GARLAND WILLIAM II. hay and produce, 14 Pearl, 
X house 18 Liberty (see page 523) 
Garrett Charles A. hairdresser, CO Duncan, h. 125 Prospect 
Garron Joueph, iisherman, bds. Griffin's block, Maple wood av. 

u Martha, widow of John, house Griffin's blk.. Maplewood av. 

tt Thomas, died July 7, 1897 
Garvey Henry M. laborer, house 6 Bass av. 

u John J. house 104 Pleasant 

a Joseph, boxmaker, house 328 Main 

a Michael J. saloon, 9 Commercial, house 7 Herrick court 

u William J. boards 104 Pleasant 
Gaskill John W. laborer, house 4 Wonson 
Gaspee Antoine, mason, house 10 El well 

a Catharine, widow of Antoine, house 57 Friend 

a Joseph, Iisherman. boards 70 Friend 
Gates James L. (Chicago,, III.), summer res. Beach av. n. Haskell 
Gatherill Patrick, lisheiman, boards 11 Chestnut 
Gauld Thomas, stone cutter, house 047 Washington 
Gavel Titus H. master mariner, house rear 26 Millett 
Gay Ware B. (Boston), summer res. Hesperus av., Magnolia 
Gay ton Isaac, died Sept. 24, 1897 

tt Margaret T. widow of Isaac, house 27.1 Exchange 

it see also Cayton and Keating 
Geary Henry, paving cutter, house 715 Washington 

it John, grocer, 43 Commercial, house 34 Fort sq. 

tt Margaret, widow of Edward, house 34 Fort sq. 

a Martha Mrs. house 41 Mansfield 

« Mary, widow of Lyman, house 4 Cross 

a Michael, Iisherman, house 27 Friend 

u Richard M. fish skinner, house 8 Mansfield 

u Thomas, died in June. 1897 

a William W. paving cutter, house 12 Hutehins court 

OLOL'CKSTHli | ( it ] WKKC:TOKV. 99 

Gedree, see Jockey 

Gedry Benjamin P. fisherman, hoime 99 East Main 

Germing James, fisherman, boards 7 Calder 

George Jacob, fisherman, boards 18 Sargent 

Gerrard George II. apothecary, 197 Kast Main, house 1-64 do. 

Gerring Benjamin, bouse 82 Mt. Pleasant av. 

k Betsey Mrs. at Huntress Home. 110 Prospect 

a Charles C. fish skinner, boards 252 Kast Main 

a Edward, fisherman, house 3 Highland court 

tt Ellen J. Miss, boards 1(38 Kast Main 

a Emma H. widow of Abraham C. house 252 Kast Main 

« Fit/. W. house 106 Kast Main 

tt Fred H. clerk, 193 Kast Main, boards 25 Highland 

u Frederick, house 25 Highland 

u George (of 104 Kast Main), died Jan. 4, 1807 

a Herbert, foreman, boards 252 Kast Main 

a Horace R. iisherman, boards 252 Kast Main 

tt Lizzie T. clerk, 195 Kast Main, boards 25 Highland 

u M. Howard, laborer, house 25 Highland 

n Robert W. laborer, boards 82 Mt. Pleasant av. 

a Sarah J. widow, house 108 East Main 
Gerrior Harriet, widow of Kdward, house 1 19 Pleasant 
Gerron John, teamster, F. 0. Griilin's, house 50 Maplewood av. 
Gerry John, saloon, 169 Main, rooms 111 Church 

a Joseph, stone cutter, house 27 Leonard 
Gesing Henry W. rooms 13 Church 
Getchell Ktneline, widow of John Q. house 7 Lookout 

a Isabella A. widow, house 2 1 Derby 

;. John Q. died Dec. 24, 1898 
Ghe Robert, boards 62 Pleasant 

Gheringhelli Joseph, grocer. 004 Washington, house rear 062 do. 
Gibbs Augustus M. boards 3 Shepherd 

ii Christopher, Iisherman, house ,'^ Smith 

.> Kdward F. painter, boards 3 Shepherd 

ij Henry, baker, boards 3 Shepherd 

a Margaret G. clerk, 190 Main, boards 3 Shepherd 

a Mary, widow of William, house 3 Shepherd 

tt William, harnessmaker, 133 Main, house 35 Friend 
Gibson Mary I£. Mrs. house 248 Kast Main [Magnolia 

u Montgomery S. manager Magnolia Hotel, Lexington av., 

tt Samuel L. carpenter, 47 Commercial, house 38 Middle 

tt William 0. clerk, 237 Kast Main, house 2 18 do. 
Giilin Frank, iisherman, boards 28 Friend 

tt Robinson, iisherman, boards 28 Friend 
Gilford Allen B. boat builder, boards 296 Main 

u Elizabeth A. widow of Asa T. house 290 Main 
Gilbert Andrew P. confectionery and fruit, Kast Main, beyond 
Hawthorne, boards 35*3* Kast Main 

u Arthur, conductor, G. St. R. Co. house 1 Say ward 

tt Frederick, died Dee. 17. 1898 


Gilbert Home tor the Aged and indigent, 1 Western av. 

tt James Frederick, house 31 Beacon 
Gilchrist Charles T. bottler, boards 71 Main 
Giles Lucy, widow, at Huntress Home, 110 Prospect 

u Thomas J. carpenter, boards 142 Mt. Pleasant av. 
Gill Arthur U. boards 275 East Main 
« Benjamin M. foreman, house 176 East Main 
« Charles I. foreman. 1(54 East Main, boards 6 Plum 
u Daniel A. laborer, house 275 East Main 
it Eliza A. widow of Russell G. house 218 East Main 
« Ernest A. foreman, 66 Duncan, house Hit East Main 
« Frank M. teamster, boards 6 Fremont 
u Frederick, fisherman, boards 433 Main 
a George F. Mis. house Sunset Cottage, Magnolia 
a John, shoemaker, 08 Millett, house do. 
a Maria W. widow of Israel C house 170 East Main 
a Melvin F. l)laeksmith, house 848 Washington 
tt Stella, clerk, 196 Main, boards 25 Mt. Pleasant av. 
tt Waller (). laborer, boards 176 East Main 
Gillen Peter, iisherman, house 8 Sadler 
Gillis Belle M. dressmaker, boards 13 Cleveland 
tt Daniel, iisherman, boards 90 Duncan 
u Daniel. Iisherman, boards 6 Howe 
« Daniel A. iisherman, boards 82 Dunean 
it Daniel II. Iisherman, house 58 Duncan 
u David, iisherman. boards 198 Main 
a Flora R. Mrs. boarding house;. 58 Duncan 
tt Hugh, carpenter, house 6 Cross 
u Hugh, iisherman, boards 115 Pleasant 
tt James C. laborer, house 36 Rocky Neck av. 
u .John, iisherman, boards 15 Ma pie wood av. 
a Lewis, shoemaker, Pleasant, house 13 Shepherd 
tt Sadie E. Miss, removed to Manchester 
Gillon John, iisherman, house 52 Fort square 
Gillson Samuel II. driver, boards 17 Commonwealth av. 
Gilman Charles H. tinsmith, 221 Main, boards 19 Church 
Gilmore Edgar F. ins. agent, 92 Main, rooms 08 Middle 
Gilpatrick Alden 0. stone cutter, house 012 Washington 
it Brigg^ C. iish, house Mansfield 
it Melvin, iisherman, house 07 Poplar 
a Ralph, removed to Waterville, Me. 
Ginns Henry, paving cutter, house 9 Albion court 
Girrior Julia, widow, house 13 Calder 
Glacken John, iisherman, boards 10 Water 

Glade Lizzie, widow of Oscar A. house rear 185 Essex av., W. G. 
Glauner G. Franklin, died March 11, 1897 
Gleason Edward, laborer, house rear 18 Perkins 
« James P. fisherman, house 56 Dike 

« John, house 26 Taylor [house 26 Taylor 

u John, jr. (J. W.Lufkin & Co.), sailmaker, 79£ Duncan, 
« Michael, foreman at hatchery, Ten Pound Island, bds. do. 


Gleimola Gabriel, laborer, boards 1 1 Gould court 
Glick E. L. 132 Main, house at Concord, N. 11. 
Glidden Rosin a B. widow of Jonas A. house .4 Langsford 

u William A. stone cutter, house 1G Landlord 
Gloucester Athletic Club, Webster block, Klin street 

« Hoard of Trade, 10 Pleasant 

a Business College, K. L. Glick, prop, 132 Main 

a Can Company, Israel C. Mayo, prop. 30 Granite 

« Co-operative Bank, 130 Main 

publishers,' Procter Brothers, editors and managers, 1U8 

and 110 Main (see page 529) 
a District Messenger Co., John Favor, supt. 181 Main 
a Dye House, C. W. Crowe, prop. 3 Washington square 
a Electric Co., Ernest L. Monger, supt. and man., Vincent st. 
u Fishermen's Institute, 8 Duncan 
u Fresh Fish Co., Atlantic whaif 

a Gas Light Co. toot of Duncan. /John A. Coilin, supt. 
u Isinglass and Glue Co., George II. Perkins, treasurer, 191 

Main, factory rear 195 Eastern av. 
u Lighterage Co. ollice foot of Duncan [av. 

a. Lyceum and Sawyer Free Library, 88 Middle, cor. Dale 
ti Mackerel Co., Commercial court 
u Master Mariner's Association, 207 Main 
a Mutual Fishing Insurance Co. 10 Pleasant 

\ cashier, Gloucester Bank building, nearly opp. Post- 
oflice (see page 513) 

VJ1 wood av. cor. Grove (see hack cover) 
.. Relief Association, 97 Main 

r George Li. Bradford, pres., C. E. Fisher, tr'eas.]jl91 

Main (see page 514) 

« Street Railway Co. office 100 Main 

u Water Works, ollice 10 Procter 
Glover Amos, stone cutter, house 4 Brierwood 

a Charles A. clerk, 67 Main, house 12 Reynard 

it Daniel, laborer, house 5 South Kilhy 

a David, stone cutter, house 629 Washington 

n George LI. plumber, boards 629 Washington 

» George H. Mrs. boards 5 Plum court 
Glynn John, fisherman, boards 9 Middle 

a Mary A. house 4 Willow 
Gnirke Frank, house 42 Derby 
Goddard Eli, fisherman, boards 28 Friend 
Goddart Leander, fisherman, boards 16 Water 
Godfrey David C. clerk, 20 Main, boards 22 do. 

c< Elizabeth Mrs. boards 11 Pearce 

c< Henry N. captain, steamer k Cape Ann " 


Goft' James, cooper, house 81 Commercial 

u John, cooper, boards 81 Commercial 
Goiiifj: John A. laborer, house 6 Union court 

u John VV. carpenter, house 24 Acacia 
Golden Joanna, widow of Michael, house 12 Liberty 

a Mary K. clerk, 196 Main, boards 12 Liberty 

u Nellie, tailoress, 11,2 Main, boards 351 do. 

u Thomas (Golden &, Crawley), calker, house 7 Sylvan 

u & Crawley (Thomas Golden, William J. Crawley), 
calkers, Burnham Brothers' Railway 
Goldman Harry, clothing, hats and caps, gents' furnishing 

goods, boots, shoes, etc. 821 Washington, house do. 
Goldthwait Carlton, sailniaker, house 39 School 

a Marry, conductor, boards 86 Washington 

u Herman F. hairdresser, GO Duncan, house 8 Liberty 

u Philip B. house 86 Washington 
Goodger Alfred, stone cutter, house 21 Mt. Vernon 

a Alfred J. engineer, house 77 Perkins 
Goodhue George, stone mason, house 46 Concord, W. G. 

u Warren B. stone contractor, 254 Essex av., W. G. bds. do. 

a William L. removed to Charlestown 
Goodiek Austin L. lisherman, boards 82 Duncan 

u Bernard, lisherman, boards 82 Duncan 

... Krnest, lisherman, boards 82 Duncan 
Goodman Sidney, lisherman, boards 311 Main 
Good ridge Caleb, at Almshouse 
Goodwin Angus, lisherman, boards 7 Commercial 

u Arthur, removed to Boston 

a Bowman, lisherman, boards 31 1 Main 

u Caleb, boat builder, boards 23 Hammond 

u Charles fisherman, boards '58 Duncan 

a Charh's II. carpenter, house 31 Haskell 

u Churchill, lisherman, boards 10 Short 

« Hid ward, lisherman, boards 18 Sargent 

u Edward, master mariner, boards 20 Locust 

« Gilbert, master mariner, boards 20 Locust 

u Gilman. master mariner, boards 20', Taylor 

« Henry W. laborer, boards Bray street, W. G. 

a Horace, Sherman, boards 311 Main 

u Howard, lisherman, house 21 Hammond 

a Isaac, lisherman, boards 16 Water 

" Isaac, lisherman, boards 58 Duncan 

u James A. master mariner, boards rear 47 Prospect 

a James D. cook, house 3 Haskell court 

a James H. master mariner, house 3 Willow 

a Jeremiah, fisherman, boards rear 47 Prospect 

u John, fisherman, boards 7 Short 

a Joseph A. master mariner, house 24 Haskell 

« Judson, fisherman, boards 20£ Taylor 

a Lemuel, fisherman, boards 20 Locust 


Goodwin Lorenzo, fisherman, boards 252-r Main 

ii Prince A. foundryman, boards '25 Bridge 

a Samuel, fisherman, boards 7 Commercial 

a Susan S. widow of Loring, house 2 Concord, W. G. 

»» Walter, fisherman, boards 31 1 Main 

H Whitfield, boat builder, house 87 East Main 

a William, fisherman, boards 9 Harvard 

a William, master mariner, house 32 Warner 

a William T. fisherman, house 15 Hammond 
Goon Charlie, fancy goods and laundry, 12 Main 

a Sham, laundry, 353 Main 
Gordon Edward F. teamster, house 25 Langsford 

a Leon I. teamster, boards 25 Langsford 

»* Peter, stone cutter, house 728 Washington 

a Peter, jr. stone cutter, house 711 Washington 
Gorham Joseph L. paperhanger. 07 Middle, h. 15 Madison sq. 
Gorman Alfred P. lish buyer, house 6 Oak 

a Augustus F. carpenter, 27 Lookout, house do. 

« Catharine, widow of John, house 16 Orchard 

it Grace A. Miss, teacher, Point grammar, boards Oak 

it Herbert H. clerk, boards 6 Oak 

U James, laborer, boards 58 Granite 

a John, bartender, 48 Main, house 16 Orchard 

*'< John E. buyer, house 34 Middle 

a Joseph E. clerk, 89 Washington, boards 85 do. 

^ Joseph G. eating house, 10 Main, house 32 Washington 

a Margaret, widow of William, house 58 Granite 

.it William H. clerk, boards 27 Lookout 

u William N. laborer, boards 16 Orchard 
Gorrett George W. driver, rear 77 Main, boards 46 do. 
Gorton Margaret A. widow of Skule, bds. Nathaniel Gorton's, 
Eastern Point 

t< Nathaniel (Sladc Gorton & Co.), fisheries, 95 East Main, 
house Eastern Point, E. G. 

.. Samuel, clerk, 196 Main, house 280 Washington 

u Skule & Co. {NatJtanlel Gorton, Thomas Slade Gorton, 
Thomas J. Carroll), fishery, 95 East Main 

ti Thomas Slade (Slaile Gorton & Co.), fisheries, 95 East 
Main, house at Cambridge 
Gosbee Henry ,?jr. clerk. 221 Main, boards 28 Centennial 

t< Henry E. clerk, 55 Main, house 28 Centennial av. 
Gosby Albert W. carpenter, house 10 Clarendon 

u Edward M. clerk, boards 10 Short 

a Fred, oiler. 70 Rogers, boards 10 Clarendon 

a Isaiah, fisherman, boards 16 Water 

a John C. fisherman, boards 10 Short 
Goslin William, clerk, 32 Main, house 17 Millett 

a William, fisherman, boards 11 Locust 
Oossney George, fisherman, boards 9 Columbia 

a James, boards 14 Staten 

a Joseph, laborer, house 14 Staten 



Gott Costello I), paving cutter, house 1 Hutchins court 

u Frank E. engineer, boards 20 Mansfield [Summer 

4i John, cashier, First National Bank of Gloucester, house 38 

« Susan A. widow of Abner, house rear 701 Washington 
Goucher Annie, widow of George A. house 3 Curtis square 

u Leslie P. boxmaker, boards 3 Curtis square 
Gould John J. carpenter, house 13 Columbia 

u Mary A. Mis. house 823 Washington 

u William R. master mariner, boards 142 Washington 
Gourville John B. removed to Boston 

u Mary A. Mrs. house 8 Middle 
Gove Alpheus, died April 11, 181)9 

a A. Fernando, painter, house 25 Bass av. 

a Dennis B. lisherman, hoards rear 301 Main 

u Elizabeth Mis. house 7 Harmony square 

a Finest P. boards 25 Bass av. 

4i George S. laborer, house 2 Highland 

« Robert W. printer, 110 Main, boards at Salem 

u Sarah II. widow of Alpheus, house 38 Prospect 
Gover Henry, fisherman, boards 40 Washington 
Goyash Alexander, lisherman. house 15 Willow 
Grace Antoine, fish skinner, boards 5 El well 

u Joseph, lisherman, house 12 Perkins 

a Manuel, fish skinner, house 5 Elvvell 

a Manuel, jr. fisherman, boards 5 Elwell 

a Thomas, fisherman, boards Orchard 
Gracie James, fisherman, boards 252^ Main 
Grady James T. bartender, 227 Main, house 234 do. 

a John, fisherman, boards 234 Main 

a John, fisherman, boards 87 Pleasant 

<< Michael, lisherman, boards 58 Duncan 

u Patrick, fisherman, boards 234 Main 

u Robert A. fisherman, house 15 Shepherd 

a Thomas, fisherman, house 1 1 Pearl 
Graham Charles, foreman, 88 Commercial, boards 13 School 

i< Clifford-, fisherman, boards 21 Mt. Vernon 

a Everett, fisherman, boards 217 Main 

a Frank, boards 104 Prospect 

<< Henry H. shoemaker, boards 33 Grove 

u James E. fish skinner, house 10 Babson 

« Joseph E. captain, house 5 Sylvan 

u Walter, stone contractor, 33 Grove, house do. 
Grant Alexander, died July 1, 1898 

a A. Carol, clerk, 3 Washington sq. boards 93 Washington 

u Charles, carpenter, house 10 Millett 

44 Charlotte M. widow of James, housb Grove 

44 Daniel C. fisherman, boards 22 Main 

44 Daniel C. fisherman, boards 9 Maichant 

44 Dwinal, driver, Chemical No. 1, Dale av. h. 93 Washington 

44 Eliza M. widow of Alexander, house 20 Friend 


Grant Elizabeth, widow, house 16 Sargent 

u Frank, fisherman, boards 110 Duncan 

a Frank, fisherman, boards 07 Duncan 

w Frank, fisherman, boards 16 Sargent 

u Frank, fisherman, boards 24 Pine 

u Fred A. fish skinner, house 20 Friend 

a George W* (Sargent I). Rich & Co.), saloon, 2 and 4 Par- 
sons, house 35 Kim 

a Herbert, fisherman, boards 16 Sargent 

« Ivory, jr. restaurant, 57 Pleasant, house 13 Chestnut 

u John A. carpenter, 9 Millett, house 10 do. 

u John N. fish, house 2 Fort square 

« Joseph, foreman, Fort whf. house 2 Fort square 

a Joseph D. clerk, boards 2 Fort square 

" Josephine Miss, clerk, office supt. of schools, h. 17 Friend 

a Mary, widow of John, hou§e 1 Rowe square 

u Peter, fisherman, house 12 Washington 

»t Theodore W. fish skinner, boards 20 Friend 

u William, fisherman, house 7 Maplewood' court 

a William A. fisherman, boards 317 Main 
Gray Alice B. bookkeeper, 129 Main, boards 1 Procter 

G\ RAY CHARLES J. guns, bicycles, and sporting goods, 
T 129 Main, house 128 Washington (see page 520) 

u Charlotte B. widow of William, grocer, 39 Mt. Vernon, 

house do. 

(i Elizabeth, widow of William H. house 11 Norwood court 

u Frank A. fish skinner, boards 12 Eastern av. 

u Frederick W. iish skinner, house 11 Pew court 

a Guy W. clerk, 79 Duncan, boards 9 Cleveland 

u Helen I. teacher, Sawyer school, boards 13 Forest 

it Henry II. Iish skinner, house 8 Harmony square 

u Herbert L. fisherman, house 23 East Main 

(< Howard II. clerk, 79 Duncan, boards 9 Cleveland 

u James Henry, laborer, house 2 Myrtle square 

a John J. fishermen's outfits, 131 Fast Main, house 145 do. 

»< Julia A. widow of Robert D. boards 9 Cleveland 

« Laura G. Mrs. dressmaker, house 30 Elm 

it Loran W. driver, house 1 Balford 

a Marietta S. .widow of James W. house 1 Procter 

« Morris A. fish skinner, boards 12 Eastern av. 

44 Otis, fisherman, house 30 Elm 

44 Rebecca M. widow of Frederick, house 12 Eastern av. 

44 Ronald S. carpenter, house 42 Harrison av. 

4t Samuel W. fish skinner, house 322 Washington 

4< Stephen J. fisherman, house" 13 Forest 

U Warren H. clerk, 350 Washington, boards 322 do. 

4< William H. fisherman, house 3 Avon court 

4t William P. fishermen's outfits, 79 Duncan, h. 9 Cleveland 

44 William W. stone cutter, house G Chester square 


400 GLOUCESTER | ( j ] L>i RECTI) Kl . 

Grear George, died June 1, 1891) 
a Manuel S. fisherman, 62 Friend 
it Manuel S. jr. fisherman, boards 02 Friend 

(see page 520) 
Greel Joseph F. laborer, house 15 Sadler 

a Joseph F. jr. liquors, 2301 Main, house 6 Linnet place 
Greeley Bernard, supt. Oak Hill Cemetery, house 58 Prospect 

« Frank II. clerk, 134 Main, boards 90 Middle 
Green Alfred, fisherman, house 9 Pew court 

u Charles J. fisherman, house 274 East Main 

a George H. G. confectionery, 250 East Main, and Rocky 
Neck av. cor. Wonson, boards 13 RacklilVe 

a George W. painter, house I'd RacklilVe 

tt Henry, removed to Huston 

« Honora, widow of James, died March 18, 1899 

it James, fisherman, boards 07 Rogers 

u Joseph, tailor, 281 Main, house 162 Maplewood av. 

u Robert, laborer, boards 10 Locust 

u William H. laborer, boards 322 Main 
Greencorn Levi, removed to Boston 

Greene Charles F. janitor Forbes school bldg. house 25 Pine 
Greenhalge Robert, laborer, boards 10 Locust 
Greenlaw Thaddeus, cook, house 127 Prospect 
Greenleaf Charles M. fisherman, boards 44 Beacon 

« Etta, clerk, 101 Main, boards 28 Orchard 

a George P. engineer Chemical No. 1, Dale av. rooms do. 

it Harriet, clerk, 180 Main, boards 28 Orchard 

a Mary A. Mrs. house 88 Maplewood av. 

tt Nathaniel, fisherman, house 44 Beacon 

a William H. master mariner, house 28 Orchard 

tt William H. jr. insurance agent, boards 28 Orchard 
Greenlow Abel M. laborer, boards 7 Maple 

a Albert T. master mariner, house 2 Perkins 

tt Charles W. carpenter, house 7 Maple 
Greenough Archy W. engineer, house 28 Exchange 

it D. 8. (Boston), sum. res. Eastern Point Boulevard, West 

a James, stone cutter, house 7.'$ Langsford 

tt John (New York), sum. res. Eastern Point Boulevard, West 
Greenwall *Frank, fisherman, boards GO Main 
Greenwood Andrew, fisherman, boards 14 State ri 

« Benjamin F. fisherman, house 5 Haskell court 

a Cornelius C. fisherman, boards 9 Staten 

tt Henry, lineman, boards 17 Main 

it Lafl'e, teamster, house 5 Mt. Locust place 

it Lewis A. carpenter, house Day court 

it Lorenzo, ship carpenter, house 2 Essex av. 
Greer Matthew 8. fisherman, house 37 Harrison av. • 
Gregory Thomas, removed to Boston 


Griffin Albert J. engineer, boards 7G2 Washington 
" Albert J. laborer, house 47 Leonard 
u Alvah H, saw filer, 101 Washington, house 50 Curve 
a Benjamin W. weigher, N. E. Fish Co. house at Roekport 
a Bennett, house 12 Washington square; summer residence. 

Wolf Hill 
« Carleton X. elerk, hoards 9 Lookout 
a Caroline Miss, house 1 Arlington 
a Charles, iisherman, house 139 East Main 
a Charles C. carpenter, house 1 Hickory 
u Daniel S. elerk, house 859 Washington 
« Edward, plumber, 221 Alain, boards -117 Washington 
it Edward H. suj)t. Oak Grove Cemetery, h, 417 Washington 
it Edward N. teacher of music, boards G Andrews 
« Edward S. carpenter, contractor, and dealer in building 

materials and real estate. 23 to 33 Pearl, h. 10 Granite 
u Edwin H. laborer, boards 762 Washington 
a Elias, iisherman. house 139 East Main 
u Ella E. widow of Thaddeus F. house 9 Lookout 
u Ernest H. tool sharpener, house 5 Arbor [house G do. 

u Fitz E. postmaster at Lanesville, and grocer, 2 Andrews, 
u Frank, driver, Steamer No. 3, and supt. tire alarm, house 

54 Piospect 
a Frank D.' [Griffin iC* Co.), 50 Commercial, bds. 8 Middle 
/GRIFFIN FRANK 0. lumber and builders' materials, 
vJT Maplewood a v. opp. Cedar, house 34 Commonwealth av. 

summer residence, Wolf Hill (see page 518) 
« George F. antique furniture. 53 Main, boards 81 Leonard 
< Gustavus. fisherman, house G Union court 
« Hairy M. hlacksmitb, W. 11. Dunbar's, boards 37 Bridge 
u Many M. stenograpber, boards 50 Curve 
" Harvey N. teamster, boards 417 Washington 
a .John, died Jan. 12, 1899 

.i John A. master mariner, house 48 Mt. Vernon 
i< John II. rodman, city engineer's otlice, City Hall, boards 

48 Mt. Vernon 
.i J. Hollis, bookkeeper, rear 33 Main, h. 253 Washington 
a Lester R. painter, boards G Union court 
a Orin E. farmer, house 5G Curve 
a Rose R. widow of James, house 7G2 Washington 
it Samuel H. farmer, house 21 Marsh 
u Sarah M. nurse, house 1 Arlington 

« Thaddeus (Griffin& Cook),'275 Main, h. 304 Washington 
a Willard N. (Griffin & Co.), 50 Commercial, h. 9 Addison 
" Willard P. house 2G Curve 
u William R. ship carpenter, house 12.1 Cleveland 

GRIFFIN & COOK (T. Griffin., ll A.Cook), painters, 
paper hangers, paints and oils, 275 Main (see page 521 ) 
« & Co. (W. N. and Frank D. Griffin), coal and wood, 50 

10S (;louci:stek [ J-J ] dirixitory. 

Grigg Albert, carpenter, house 140 Maplewood av. 
Grimes Andrew S. fisherman, house 15 Willow 

« Simon, laborer, house 20 Gould court 

u William P. clerk, 59 Washington, bds. 97 Maplewood av. 

<< William H. house 97 Maplewood av. 
Grodgenske Jacob, peddler, house 8 Bridge 
Gross George, master mariner, boards 9 Cedar 

a Joshua N. mariner, house 19 Willow 

a Samuel N. sailmaker, boards 19 Willow 
Grove* Ann Miss, at Almshouse 

u Annie E. died Jan. 27, 1898 

(< Augusta P. widow of Edward, house 1 1 Granite 

« Benjamin M. accountant, house 22 Granite 

u Charles E. house 31 Blynman av. 

tt Charles E. jr. died Nov. 0, 1897 

u Clara E. widow of Paul II. boards 13 Western av. 

a Edith F. Miss, boards 1 1 Granite 

a George W. foreman, W. H. Wonson & Son, house 14 Cross 

« Joseph, plumber, house 2 Winchester ct. 

a Joseph S. plumber, boards Pio/apeet street 
Groves Edward, fisherman, house 17 Prospect 

a Edward, 2d, shoemaker, 19 Hancock, house 50 Warner 

<< Margaret, cook at Almshouse, boards do. 
Guard Charles J. laborer, house 1 Traverse 

tt William, at Almshouse 
Guitar John W. fisherman, house Gould ct. 
Gunderson Chris, fisherman, house 50 Friend 
Gunnerson Charles J. laborer, boards 71 East Main 
Gustafson Charles, fisherman, house 14 Russell av. 
Gustavenson Albert, fisherman, boards 254 Main 

a August, lost at sea 
Guthrie Bridget, widow of Patrick, house 30 Fort square 

u Martin, removed to Lynn 

a Patrick, jr. fisherman, boards 05 Washington 
Gwong Charlie, Chinese laundry, 73 Duncan 

HACKETT AUGUSTUS, sailmaker, boards 14 Clarendon 
u Franklin A. tinsmith, boards 14 Clarendon 
u William J. tinsmith and plumbing, 138 East Main, house 
14 Clarendon 

Hadley Annabel!, widow of Joseph H. died April 1, 1898 
u Daniel E. blacksmith, 123 East Main, house 109 do. 
a David C. carpenter, house 23 Pearl 
u Edwin, laborer, house 2 Lewis court 
it John J. laborer, house 29 Addison 

u Joseph H. laborer, B. & M. freight-house, bds. 29 Addison 
a William F. confectionery, cigars, etc. 87 Washington, house 

115 do. 
u William H. sailmaker, boards 2 Lewis court 


Hafey John J. fisherman'; also boarding house, 11 Locust 

u Michael, fisherman, house 18 Water [Millett 

Hagan William, fishermen's supplies, 01 Duncan, house rear 38 
Hagbeisg Anna, widow of Carl, hoards 21 Addison 

u Carl, died Dec 23, 1897 
Hagen Antoitie, lisherman, house 13 Commercial 
Haggart James E. lisherinan," hoards 10 Stanley court 

a John, carpenter, 129 East Main, boards 10 Statdey ct. 
Haggas William A. C. fisherman, boards 10 Locust 
Haines Alexander, master mariner, hoards 17 Water 

a John A. fish cutter, house 61 East Main 

HALE JOHN t\ & CO. plumbing, plumbers' materials, 
stoves, furnaces, etc. 75 Maplewood av. house 34 Cleve- 
land (see page 510) 

u William, physician* 14 Pleasant, house do. 
Haley Colin W. boards 39 Commonwealth av. 

a Cornelius V. conductor, hoards 22 Grove 

a Fred L. clerk, 93 Main, boards 9 Herrick's ct. 

a Maurice, house 22 Grove 

a Maurice J. clothing, 250 Main, h. 39 Commonwealth av. 

u William, fisherman, hoards 22. Grove 

a see also Heal.y 
Hall Andrew J. carpenter, house 18 Taylor 

a Andrew W. cooper, house 5 Summit 

u Arthur \V. (Hull Bros:), C)X Main, h 384 Washington 

i< Augustus G. master mariner, house 0(5 Eastern av. 

a Bros. (Arthur W. and Theroii 7v.), pile drivers and wharf 
builders, 58 Main 

u Chancy N. clerk', 425 Main, hoards 384 Washington 

a Edwin N. died Dec. 28, 1898 

u Elmer A. shoemaker, hoards 18 Taylor 

a Frank, lisherinan, boards 21 Gould court 

« Frank II. master mariner, house 21 Chestnut [Orchard 

« Frederick T. cigars, pipes and tobacco, 58 Main, house 26 

.< Frederick T. jr. boots and shoes, 2661 Main, h. 21 Lookout 

»» George E. painter, house 12 Short 

a George W. fisherman, hoards 18 Taylor 

u Henry C. (Salem), house 61 Magnolia av. 

a. Herman M- painter, house 20 Taylor 

a James, lisherman, house 11 Maplewood av. 

a James H. (Cambridgeport), summer res. Cambridge av. 

u Michael, lisherman, house rear 5 Mt. Vernon 

u Percy (Hall & Co.), iish dealer, house 163 Washington 

u Theron D. (Hall Bros.), 58 Main, house 10 Blynman av. 

u & Co. (Percy HalL Albert T/iauer), salt iish, Fears' whf. 
Hallahan Thomas, laborer, boards 9 Gould ct. 
Hallerson Benjamin, carpenter, house 2 Harbor View court 

« Henry, painter, house 2 Harbor View court 

u Henry, jr. carpenter, boards 332 Main 

a James, carpenter, 108 Duncan, house 5 Winchester ct. 



Hallerson Lars, lost at sea 

n Niles, machinist, boards 2 Harbor View et. 
Hallett Edward B. physician, 63 Middle, house do. 

u William, carpenter, boards 37 East Main 
Halley Michael, fisherman, hoards 114 Pleasant 
Hallowell Albion Li. removed to Salem 

a William 0. removed to Burrville, Conn. 
Hallsworth Fred, carpenter, house 60 Blynman av. 
Ham Annie L. teacher, Lane school, boards 35 McLellan 

a Margaret, widow of Marshall, house 35 McLellan 
Hamilton Annie May Mrs. house 16 Maplewood av. 

« Enoch, fisherman, boards 2 Blake court 

tt James, teamster, house 748 Washington 

a John, fisherman, boards 11 Pearce 

a John, laborer, house 10 Traverse 

a N. D. Mrs. boarding house, 12 Railroad av. 

« William, lobsterman, house Fort wharf 

a William B. fisherman, hoards 3 Ivy court 

« William E. produce, house 3 Ivy court 

« Wilton B carriage painter, house 1 4 Beacon 
Hammond Eli, fisherman, boards 11 Pearce 

ti Louis, sailmaker, house 15 Myrtle square 

»< Mary, nurse, Addison Gilbert Hospital, hoards do. 

« Mary, widow, house 14 Myrtle square 

*< William C clerk, 90 Commercial, house 67 Western av. 
Ilamor Augustus B. fisherman, boards 20 Shepherd 
Handrail James E. clerk, 138 Prospect, hoards 307 Main 

i< Sarah E. widow of John, house; rear 23 Mansfield 
Ha.nham James R. fisherman, boards 217 Main 
Hankerson A. D. tinsmith. 221 Main, boards 8 Short 
Hanley Charles, machinist. 237 Main, hoards 42 Warner 

a Freeman A. carpenter, house 42 Warner 

a see also G' Han ley 
Hanlon James, fisherman, hoards 9 Middle 

u John, fisherman 1 , boards 12 Allen 

u Patriek. fisherman, hoards 17 Locust 

n Peter, fisherman, hoards 17 Commercial 

u William, fisherman, hoards 1 Cedar 
Hiimi William, fisherman, hoards 10 Locust 
Han tl.ail James, fisherman, hoards 5 Mason court 

i< Joanna, widow of Richard, house 5 Mason court 

a John T. restaurant, 70 Prospect, house 6 Shepherd 

<( Rich'ard, laborer, house 38 Sargent 
Hanrahan James, quarryman, house (j(j High 
Hanscomb Clarence N. blacksmith, house 2 Langsford 
Hanscoine Adelia P. widow of Samuel I), housekeeper, 304 Main 
Hansen Peter, fisherman, house 31 Haskell 
Hanson Abram, fisherman, house 6 Cross 

a Andrew J. driver, 221 Main, house 23 Liberty 

u Benjamin, fisherman, boards 332 Main 


Hanson Breta, widow of John, house 35 East Main 

u Charles N. fisherman, boards 38 Sargent 

« Clara, clerk, 1 80 Main, boards 35 East Main 

u Conrad R. clerk, 331 Main, boards 34 Mt. Vernon 

« Edward, fisherman, boards 11 Plum 

a Edward P. iron moulder, G. A. Reed & Son's, h. 64 Grove 

u Emma F. Miss, nurse, house 6 Maple [18 Bridge 

a George A. at Gloucester Electric Co., Vincent street, bous^j 

u George S. carpenter, house 158 Essex av., W. G. 

a Henry, rigger, house 03 East Main 

u Henry A. carpenter, house 35 East Main 

a Herman, Iisherman, boards 11 Plum 

a John, iisherman, boards rear 53 Main 

a John, iisherman, house 21 Taylor 

u Julius B. carpenter, boards 35 East Main 

« Laurena E. widow, dressmaker, 1 Friend, house do. 

« Louis, ilagman, 15. & M. R. R. house Leighton's court 

it Mamie Miss, rooms rear 259 Main 

» Nicholas, iisherman, house 40 Friend 

a Otto, iisherman, house 240 Main 

»< Peter, iisherman, boards 208.' Main 

:< Sven, tisheiman, house 9 Plum 

u see also Hunson 
Hapgood Anna \V. widow, house 43 Pleaeant 

u Lyman S. student, boards 43 Pleasant 
Haraden Elias, iisherman, house 831 Washington 

i\ Ezra, iisherman, house 13 Langsford 

.< George, carpenter, boards 831 Washington 

u George E. clerk, 93 Main, house 90 Prospect 

.» H. L. Miss, house 5 Elm 

x John, boards 5 Elm 

« Mary J. widow, house 18 Exchange 

a Soj)hia, widow of Timothy, house rear 77 Leonard 

u William, engineer, boards 13 Langsford 
Harbor View House, W. F. Osborne, prop. 1 Brazier court 
Harding Clifton, clerk, house 383 Main 

" Crowell, fisherman, house 9 Harvard 

a Dennis B. fisherman's outfits, rear 385 Main, house 294 do. 

a Fred, painter, rooms 15 Rogers 

« Howard, grocer, 381 and 385 Main, house 294 do. 

a Joseph T. fisherman, house 151 East Main 

a Thomas, iisherman, boards 10 Water 

u William, fisherman, boards 10 Water [294 Main 

t< Winnie L. Miss, bookkeeper, Gloucester Electric Co. lions* 
Hardy Calef, removed to Lockport, N. S. 

« Caroline, widow of Henry, house 39 Warner 

u Charles H. hostler, 44 Prospect, house rear 40 do. 

a Freeman, fisherman, boards 28 Friend 

«' Henry W. foreman, 17 Rogers, house 20 Trask 

" Lot, fisherman, boards 28 Friend 


Hardy Samuel N. house 19 Chestnut 

it William, printer, boards 9 Warner 
Harford Mary C. Mrs. died May 12, 1897 
Harlow Ruth S. widow of James, removed to Lynn 
Harmala Michael, quarry man, house rear 42 Langsford 
Harm an William J. fisherman, house 158 Maplewood av. 
Harmon Clarke H. motorman, boards 217 Main 
Harney James A. peddler, 59 Pleasant, rooms do. 
Harnish John F. hairdresser, 17 Hancock, bds. 10 Lewis court 
Harriman Elisha W. undertaker and coffin ware-rooms, 820 

Washington, house do. 
Harris Hart, stone cutter, house 713 Washington 

u Hart, jr. stone cutter, boards 713 Washington 

a John, stone cutter, house 11 Albion court 

a John H. clerk, 15 Main, house 54 Warner 

a John L. master mariner, house 9 Sargent 

u John R. foreman, Geo. Perkins & Son's, h. 21 Harrison av. 

n John R. jr. traveling salesman, boards 21 Harrison av. 

a Loring, farmer, house 250 Concord, W. G. 

u Thomas T. stone cutter, boards 713 Washington 

it William E. Mrs. house 13 Staten 

u William F. boots and shoes, 2081 Main, and baths, 208 
do. house G Tolman [Salem 

a William J. boots and shoes, 220 and 228 Main, house at 
Harrison Elmer E. removed to Boston 

u Francis C. fish cutter, boards 32 Fort square 

it George, carpenter, died Nov. 30, 1897 

a George E. shoe cutter, boards 32 Fort square 

a Henry P. fisherman, house 78 East Main 

a Ida M. widow of Ola, house 90 East Main 

a John J. fish, house Fort square 

a Margaret, widow of William, jr. house 32 Fort square 

<< Ola F. removed to Boston 

u Rufus B. baggage master, B. & M. depot, h. 170 E. Main 

tt Wallace, fisherman, boards 78 Fust Main 

a William, fisherman, boards 433 Main 

a William, laborer, house 7 Cross 
Harrup Arthur, fisherman, boards 70 East Main 
Hart Charles ^H. stone cutter, house Essex av. near glue factory 

a George, fisherman, boards 23 School 

a George, teamster, boards 07 Eastern av. 

a James L. fisherman, house 14 Sadler 

n James L. jr. bookkeeper, 5 Wharf 

$ John H. boat builder, house 30 Bass av. 

a Joseph P. carpenter, 936 Washington, house do. 

n Linda, widow of Frank, boards 5 Water 
Hartford Annie, widow of George W. house 3 Winchester ct. 
Hartley J. Warren, traveling salesman, 5 Wharf, h. at Rockport 
Hartwell Seymour S. crockery, 121 Main, house 9 Chestnut 

G LO IT C E ST E K [ JJ ] 1 ) I K E ( !TO tt Y . 113 

Harty Arthur M. fisherman, boards 101 Maplewood av. 

.. Charles H. master mariner, house 3 Kent Circle 

.. Frederick M. laborer, house 10 Exchange 

a Henry S. fisherman, boards 101 Maple wood av. 

" Michael, fisherman, boards 115 Pleasant 

u Samuel W. B. laborer, house 23 Haskell 

.. Sarah C widow of Michael, died June 8, 1898 

.. Walter H. removed to Chelsea 

.. William F. junk, 22£ Commercial, hoards 8 Acacia 

u William H. printer, 110 Main, hoards 9 Warner 

.. William M. master mariner, house 101 Maplewood av. 
Hartz George E. driver, 1). M. Hilton's, hoards 07 Eastern av. 

.. John E. variety store, 390 Western av. h. do. 
Harvey Arthur E. driver, 29 Washington, house 1 2 Procter 

.. Benjamin G. engineer, house 12 Ashland place 

^. Charles, sailmaker, boards 5 Mt. Vernon 

.. Charles A. stable, 22 Leonard, house 17 do. 

.. Edward, farmer (Bennett Griffin's), Wolf Hill, hoards do. 

« Edward, fisherman, house 5 Mt. Vernon 

.. Edward A. hairdresser, 27 Main, hoards 5 Mt. Vernon 

.. Edward H. hrakeman, house 32 Curve 

.. Fitz O. blacksmith, house 21 Hammond 

i. Frank E. teamster, house 150 Leonard 

.. George E. foreman, house 54 Eastern av. 

.. George G. fisherman, boards 8 Harmony square 

" George W. artist, house 47 Curve 

.. George W. stone mason, house 93 Washington 

.. Harry, fisherman, hoards 11 Pearce 

.. Ida Mrs. house 24 Orchard 

.. Lizzie, domestic at 12 Middle 

• ■ Lucy, widow of. Edward II. house 448 Washington 

.. Lucy I), teacher, boards 24 Orchard 

.. Mary Mrs. boarding house, 9 Ivy court 

.. Ralph, laborer, boauls 21 Hammond 

.. Sidney R. stable and blacksmith, rear 804 Wash. h. 780 do. 

.. Warren, farmer, house 146 Leonard 

.. Wilbert L. laborer, house 9 Ivy court 
Haskell Annabel, widow of Benjamin, jr. house 1 Spring 

.. Benjamin, died Oct. 31, 1897 

« Benjamin, Jr. died Oct. 31, 1898 

ti Ephraim C. house Walker street, W. G. 

u E. Walter, farmer, house 18 Bray, W. G. 

u George H. died March 13, 1898 

« George W. anchor maker, house 44 Grove 

HASKELL HENRY C. L. insurance agent, 97 Main; 
also grocer and postmaster, 274 and 270 Essex av.,W.G. 
house 279 do. (see page 515) 

" Horace, boots and shoes, G7 Main, house Prospect court 

a Howard, real estate, house 5 Mar chant 

•« Jacob Mrs. died Dec. 29, 1897 



H ] 




Haskell Jacob F. clam digger, house 7 Sumner, W. G. 

u John, jr. laborer, house 16 Pine 

44 John J. teamster, boards 8 Spring 

a John T. foreman at D. M. Hilton's, house 4 Trask 

44 Llewellyn, farmer, house 255 Concord, W. G. 

44 Loving 15. fisheries; and treas. lee, Bait, and Fish Co. 
Rogers ; also manager, 274 Main, house G Marchant 

a L. M. groceries, provisions, and fresli lisij, 274 and 
Main, house 6 Marchant 

44 Mary H. widow of Benjamin, house 1 Spring 

« Melvin, house 316 Main 

44 Perley, farmer, house 449 Essex av., W. G. 

a Sidney F. (Cape Ann Printing Co.), 211 Main, hoards 
264 Essex av., W. G. 

o S. Everett, musician, boards 66 Mt. Pleasant av. 

4< Warren W. farmer, boards 18 Bray, W. G. 

a William H. teamster, 5 Wharf, house 4 Trask 

44 William H. house 44 Pleasant 

a W. Murray, clerk, 6 Pleasant, house 6 Wells 
H asking Edward 0. painter, 23 Main, house 18 Exchange 

44 Elijah, fisherman, boards 104 Duncan 
Hastings Frank W. (Cambridge), summer residence, Cambridge av. 

« George, iish skinner, house 88 East Main 

44 James A. engineer, house 324 Washington 

« M. Grace, widow, died August 25, 1898 

44 Theresa, widow, house 447 Main 
Hatch Charles, fisherman, boards 20 Locust 

u Henry I), clerk, 274 Main, boards 30 Grove 

44 Henry J. foreman, 33 lingers, house 30 Grove 

4. William J. clerk, 108 Main, boards 30 Grove 
Hatcher Edgar, laborer, house rear 46 Warner 
Hatfield Bessie E. supt. of nurses, Addison Gilbert 
Hathaway Victor, hairdresser, house 12 Fayal court 
Hatt Aaron, carpenter, house 242 Main 
Haun Henry F. tailor, 119 Main, boards Mason House 
Hayenan Winlield S. removed to Waterv.ille, Me. 
Havener Samuel K. fisherman, house 389 Main 
Hawks Edward C. (Buffalo, N.Y.), smmmer residence, Wingaer- 

sheek f W. G. 
Hawley Clovius, fisherman, house 34 Grove 

u Matthew, laborer, house 153 East Main 

.. William, fisherman, house 153 East Main 
Hawson John A. clerk, W. H. Jordan's, house 9 Harrison av. 
Hawthorne Inn, George 0. Stacy, pro])., Hawthorne st, E. G. 
Hayden Clara W. teacher, Lane school, hoards 27 Langsford 

.. G. Wallace, foreman, house 27 Langsford 

.4 John, fisherman, boards 16 Water 

.> Richard, laborer, house 37 Sargent 
Hayes James, master mariner, house 5 Oak 

.* John, quarryman, house 2 Hickory 

[bds. do. 


f 11 ] 



Hayes John J. laborer, house 21 Shepherd 

. k Joseph P. boats to let, Boynton's wharf, house 35 Rogers 

>. M. W. Scott, blacksmith, Parsons, near Main, house at 

a Robert, tailor, 22 Puller, Magnolia, boards do. 

.« Thomas, fisherman, house Gl Eastern av. 

.. Walter S. blacksmith, Parsons, near Main, bds. at Rockport 

... William, driver, boards 15 Pine 
Hay ward Mary, widow, house 215 Essex av., \Y. G. 
Hazel Charles H. M. ins. agent, 201 Main, bds. 14 Prospect 

u Edwin,, carpenter, house 13 Commonwealth av. 

.. Ralph, machinist, boards 13 Commonwealth av. 
Hazelgard Olof, died May 16, 1897 

.. Oscar, upholsterer. G7 Middle, boards G4jBlynman av. 

.. Theora, widow of Olof, house 64 Blynman av. 
Head Adam F. lost at sea 
Healy Agnes, clerk, 196 Main, boards 12 Smith 

.' Fred L. laborer, boards 9 Herrrek court 

i. John, water boat, house 12 Smith 

k . J. J. Rev. prstor St. Anne's Church, house GO Prospect 

a Michael, fisherman, boards 5 Arthur 

.. William J. engineer, house 5 Arthur 

.. see also Haley 
Heaney John, machinist, house 10 Harvard 

Heaps John J. driver, house 75 Eastern av. [Magnolia 

Heard John T. ( Boston), summer residence, Norman's Wood road, 
Hearn Abbie F. teacher, Sawyer school, boards 21 Warner 

.. Bridget, widow of Edward, boards 8 Allen 

.. Edward, mason, house 8 Allen 

.. Martha M. widow of Walter, house 3 Addison 

.. Mary Mrs. house 8 Gould court 

.. Mattie G. bookkeeper, 153 Main, boards 21 Walnut 

.. Peter, at Almshouse 

u Thomas, removed to Boston 

.. see also Hern 
Heath Horace, fisherman, house 1G Maplewood av. 

.. Sarah A. widow of Walter D. house 19 Prospect 
Heberle Charles T. captain tug '• Eveleth," house 8 Summit 
Heckman George E, master mariner, house 13 Procter 

.i Noble, fisherman, house 19 Mansfield 

.. see also Hickman 
Helfeiman Dennis, fireman, house 29 Addison 
Henchey Michael, paving cutter, house 1 1 South Kilby 
Henderson Alonzo B. fisherman, boards rear 301 Main 

a Cyrus, fisherman, boards 248V Main 

« Edwin A. fisherman, rooms 225 Main 

u Isabel J. widow of Peter, house 14 Cedar 

u John, fisherman, boards 20 Commercial 

u Walter, printer, house 81 Western av. 


Hendrickson Charles, paving cutter, boards 1 Norseman av. 

u Harry, fisherman, boards 259 Main 

m Harry E. fisherman, boards 27 Chestnut 

« Jacob, paving cutter, house 880 Washington 

u John, fisherman, house 7 Prospect 

a John, paving cutter, house 7 Norseman av. 

u Jolin (of 208. Main), lost at sea 

u Mat. paving cutter, house 6 Muusey 

a Otto, quarry man, house GO High 
Henneberry David J. fisherman, boards 11 Commercial court 

a Ellen, widow, house 11 Commercial court 

a William N. painter, boards 11 Commercial court 
Hennessey Ann, widow, house 2 Millett 

a Charles P. paperhanger, boards 2 Millett 

»< Cornelius, laborer, house 38 Mansfield 

a Dennis L. clerk, 445 Main, boards 38 Mansfield 

a Joseph S. foreman, Cape Ann Shoe Co. bds. 3(5 Beacon 

a Mary, tailoress, 100 Main, boards 38 Mansfield 

« Neil, died October 15, 1890 

a Patrick, fish skinner, house 10 Fort square 

u Tbomas F. fisherman, boards 2 Millett 
Heniickson Oscar, paving cutter, boards 54 Langslord 
Herin Peter, at Almshouse 
Herman, see Harmon 

Hern Solomon L. merchant tailor, 144 Main, bds. 29 Summer 
Herran Richard, lost at sea 
Herrick Albert G. dentist, house 7 Caledonia place 

a Alexander B. farmer, boards Concord street, W. G. 

a Alice V. teacher Rogers primary school, boards 10 Forest 

u Arthur E. fruit and confectionery, 158 Main, h. 10 Forest 

u Benjamin F. house .341 Main 

(i Charles G. removed to Essex 

u Charles H. janitor. High school building, h. Myrtle sq. 

a Daniel A. carpenter, house 289 Essex av. W. G. 

a Emma II. Miss, boards 15 Chestnut 

u Ernest E. removed to Boston 

u Frank B. driver, house Harold av. 

« Gardner W. farmer, house Concord street, W. G. 

a George W. farmer, boards 185 Concord, W. G. 

« Herbert J. laborer, house 85 Concord, W. G. 

u Herman C. conductor, boards 289 Essex av. W. G. 

«. John J. mason, house 25 Bray, W. G. 

u Josiah, laborer, house 156 Washington 

u Josiah M. clerk, 365 Main, boards 10 Elm 

u Maude Miss, cashier, boards 156 Washington 

a Richard, tinsmith, 221 Main, house 151 Western av. 

« William E. teamster at C. H. Boynton's. h. 370 Washington 
Herring Richard, gardener, house 21 Warner 
Hersey Porter H. printer, 78 Main, boards 26 Railroad av. 
Hesperus House, Mrs. Orra Paige, prop. Hesperus av., Magnolia 


Hewitt George E. fisherman, boards 2 Shepherd 
Hibbard Frank W. tanner, house 116 Eastern av. 

a Helen R. teacher, boards 29 Chiirch 

u Robert L. student, boards 29 Church 

<< Rufus P. Rev. pastor Trinity Cong. Church, h. 29 Church 

u R. Percival. boards 2 ( J Clmreh 
Hibbert Nancy, widow of George P. house 7 Sayward 
Hickey Joanna, widow, boards 130 Maple wood av. 

u John, fisherman, house 1U2 Maple wood av. 

u John, iisherinan, boards 22 Main 

u John J. house 8 Burnhana 

a Owen, fisherman, boards 23 Mansfield 

u Thomas, lislierman, boards 24 Pine 
Hickman George J. fisherman, house 9 Morton place 

« see also Heckman 
Hicks Georgia, widow of James M. house 38 Western av. 

it John 8. bottler, 95 Main, boards 52 Washington 
Higgins George E. mason, house 11 3 Prospect 

a Isaac H. treas. Higgins & Gilford Boat Mfg. Co., Parker 
street, head of the harbor, rooms 168 £ Main 

a Michael, stone cutter, house 91 High 

street, head of the harbor (see page 520) 

High gate Robert, fisherman, boards 9 Ivy court 

Hiland Laban R. Mrs. (of 370 Washington), died June 25, 1898 

Hildreth Anna M. widow of Charles H. house 25 Church 
u Samuel D. lawyer, 111 Main, house 18 Conant av. 

Hill Charles E. fisherman, boards 198 Main 
u Enoch, quarryman, house 850 Washington 
a II. P. complete house furnisher, 257 Main, h. at Salem 
a Jacob, paving cutter, house over 815 Washington 
a Jacob, quarryman, boards 19 North Kilby 
it Merrill B. teamster, boards 704 Washington 

Hillier Daniel E. poultry, house GO Mt. Pleasant av. 
a James H. clerk, boards 7 Winchester court 
it Sarah J. widow of William, boards 24 Friend 

Hilton David M. stable and heavy trucking, G Pearce, house 
241 Main 
« George, shoemaker, house G Albion court 
a Richard H. dry and fancy goods ; also Catholic book store, 

75 Pleasant, opposite the church, house 1G Allen 
u William F. horse shoer, 35 Mansfield, house 29 tlo. 

Hiltz Alonzo, cook, boards 22 Main 
a Catharine, widow of Paul, died Aug. 11, 1897 
a Charles A. cooper, house 10 Rowe square 
a Daniel, house 2G Addison 
u Daniel T. removed to Pittsfield 
a Hannah L. saleswoman, boards 28 Addison 
a Maynard, fisherman, boards 1G Water 
n Stanley P. carpenter, house G Brightside av. 

118 GLOUdEStEti [ II ] DiKECTOUY. 

Hinckley David, carpenter, boards 26 Railroad av. 

a David W. carpenter, house Russell av. 

a Edward P. conductor, St. R'y, hoards 130 East Main 

a Eliza ,). willow of Elias L. house 75 Essex av. 

a F. William B. carpenter, house 130 East Main 

a Grace, widow of Fitz, house 102 JMt. Pleasant av. 

a Hugh, carpenter, hoards Russell av. 

a Margaret Mrs. house 55 Eastern av. 

a dames W. fisherman, house 397 Main 

a Wilbert A. (Boston), hoards 17 Prospect 

a William A. hairdresser, 182 Main, house 17 Prospect 

a William F. conductor, St. R'y, boards 130 East Main 

« William 0. removed to Wenham 
Hines Angus, master mariner, boards 20 Locust 

a Christiana Mrs. house 5 Washington 

a Hannah, widow of John, house 3 Myrtle square 

a Hattie, widow of Anthony, house 17 Bridge 

a James, teamster, house 30 Haskell 

a Richard E. lawyer, house 12 Liberty 

a Robert, fisherman, boards 311 Main 

a Rufns, fisherman, boards 20 Locust 

a Stanley, fisherman, boards 50 Fort sq. 

a William, fisherman, boards 15 Rogers 
Hinkley Charles D. clerk, 1 Webster, boards 147 East Main 

a Isaac, fish cutter, house 147 East Main 
Hipson Stillmau, fisherman, boards 58 Duncan 
Hisland Charles, removed to Boston 
Hives Thomas, fisherman, boards 20 Fort sq. 

H0BA11T AUGUSTUS, teamster, 13 Staten, house do. 
(see page 525) 

a Lucy J. widow of Moses E. house 13 Staten 
Hobbs Abner, farmer, house 202 Magnolia av., W. G. 

a Archibald, pile driver, house 4 Smith 

a Levi VV. laborer, house Wallace court, W. G. 

a William, fisherman, house 19 Pine 
Hodgdon Abbie E. widow of Thomas F. house 101 Washington 

a Elmer K. dentist, 800 Washington, house do. 

a George II. fisherman, boards 13 Hart/, place 

a James [j. f (Jo/nisou & Hodtjdon), 160 East Main, house do. 

a John C. foreman, house 773 Washington 

a Parkman G. master mariner, house 13 Hartz place 

a Ralph F. student, boards 101 Washington 

a see also I lodsdon 
Hodge Alonzo L. fish weigher, house 42 Centennial av. 

a John T. died Nov. 11, 1890 

a Laura B. widow of John T. house 14.V Lookout 

a Thomas {Atlimtic Halibut Co.), Atlantic wharf, house 14 
Hodgkins Abigail, widow of Daniel B. house 545 Washington 

a Albert, carpenter, house 394 Washington 


Hodglrins Amy 6. teacher, Bradstreet school, bds. 77 Wheeler 
u Annie Mi*8. grocer, 83 Maplewood av. house <lo. 
a Belle D. artist and teacher of painting, 504 Wash. h. do. 
« Benjamin A. at James II. Tarr's, Rocky Neck, house 21 

Wonson [Beacon 

« Benn {Hodgkins & Co.), grocer, 31 Washington, house 34 
u Betsey, widow of John, house 355 Washington 
u Carrie N. teacher, Wonson school, boards 'J I Wonson 
u Charles A. painter, house 9 Gee av. 
.. Charles C. mariner, hoards 396 Washington 
a Clarence, carpenter, house 432 Washington 
.. Daniel G. grocer, 79 Wheeler, house 77 do. 
.. David, miller, house 504 Washington 
.. D. B. Sons (liufuj C, Jffllvard, Howard A., Everett JV.), 

Hour, grain, hay, etc. 30 Pearl [ington 

a Eben T. draw tender, B. & M. R. E. house 145 Wash- 
i.i Kdward, clerk, 83 Main, house 5 Mansiield 
.. Kdward (D. B. Hadrjkins Sons), 30 Pearl, house 490 

'a Edward T. clerk, house 119 Maple wood av. 
a Eliza J. grocer, 360 Washington, hoards 355 do. 
.. Emery, boat builder, house 130 Washington 

nODOKINS EMERY, Jr. bicycle repairing and sail- 
maker, 83 Maplewood av. house do. (see page 519) 
a Finest E. clerk, 14 Pearl, house 110 Maplewood av. 
a Everett N. (D. B. Hodykim Sons), 30 Pearl, house 488 

.. Frank C. shoe cutter, boards 504 Washington 
.. Frederick T. carpenter, house 238 Washington 
.. George E. laborer, house 6 Stone court [Racklift'e 

- George W. seine maker, 43 Rocky Neck av. house 6 
it Herbert F. carpenter, boards 14 Hodgkins 
« Howard A. (/>. B. Hodfjkitis Sons), 30 Pearl, house 500 

u Ida M. dressmaker, boards 434 Washington 
a Isaac, laborer, house 1 1 Gee av. 
tt James H. laborer, bouse 12 Hodgkins 
a John, bookkeeper (Boston), house 15 Derby 
u John, laborer, house 51 Ferry 
a John, painter, house 355 Washington 
« John H. bookkeeper (Boston), house 17 Derby 
« John P. special officer, house 390 Washington 
;'i't Joseph E. N. died May 2, 1898 
a J. Wakefield, laborer, boards 21 Wonson 
a Kent, clerk, 83 Maplewood av. boards 130 Washington 
a Lewis P. clerk, 31 Washington, boards 34 Beacon 
k Mary E. widow of James, boards 93 Wheeler 
a Nathaniel D. carpenter, house 29 Hodgkins 
<» Nathaniel D. jr. painter, house 28 Hodgkins 


Hodgkins Rufus C. (JJ. B. Jludjkuis Sons), 30 Pearl, boards 

545 Washington 
a Samuel, jr. house 392 Washington 
a Samuel B. clerk, 232 Washington, hoards 238 do. 
tt Walter, watclimaker, 1G1 Main, house 130 Washington 
a William, 3d, carpenter, Gl Rogers, house 10 Exchange 
u William A. constable and justice of the peace, 132 Main, 

house 14 Hodgkins 
it William J. carpenter, house \4\- Maplewood av. 
u William L. carpenter, 108 Duncan, house 434 Washington 
u & Co. (JJc/in H&dgJzinSy B. F. MoJPhersoii), grocers, 31 

Hodsdon Albert I), clerk?, 158 East Main, hoards 1G Chaj)el 
tt Benjamin W . ii-dierman, house rear 12 Clarendon 
a Elbridge 1M. boards 3 Clarendon 

HODSDON FREEMAN D. provisions, 158 East Main, 
house 1G Chapel (see page 52.3) 

u Lovell J. master mariner, house 3 Clarendon 

« see also Hodgdpn 
Hogan Felix, fisherman, boards G5 Rogers 

11 John, clerk, 50 School, house 45 do. 

« John, laborer, boards 14 Gould court 

u Margaret, widow, house 11 Gould court 

m Mary F. Miss, clerk, 29 Washington, bds. 14 Gould court 

a Patrick, laborer, boards 4 Fort square 

a Percy, farmer, boards 243 Concord, W. G. 

u Thomas, iisherman, boards 9 Middle 
Hogdall Christopher, Iisherman, boards 2(58.1 Main 
Hogstran Peter, Iisherman, boards 268^ Main 
Hokanson Charles, iisherman, boards GO Main 
Holden William E. Iisherman, bouse 15 Procter 
Holland Albert, Iisherman, boards 11 Pearee 

a Albert A. foreman, F. O. Grillin's, bouse 20 Bridge 

tt Albert C. hairdresser, 2701 Main, boards 20 Bridge 

it Alexander, iisherman, boards 31 I Main 

tt James, iisherman, boards 2(5 Railroad av. 
Hoi ley Amos L. salesman, house 102 Prospect 
Holloran Mary A. widow of Timothy, house G53 Washington 

u Timothy, died Dec. 11, 1897 

it William*"!!, fish skinner, \V. F. Moore & Co. b. 25 Sargent 
Holmes Charles G. iisherman, house 18 Bridge 

tt Edward W. laborer, house 140 Essex av. W. G. 

u Hardy S. carpenter, house 34G Western av. 

HOLMES H. C. prescription druggist, 102 Main, house 
41 Pleasant (see page 533) 
tt Lena, widow of Joseph, house 140 Prospect 
u Lyman W. motorman, house 15 Say ward 
a Matthew R. removed to. Boston 
Holt Frank W. watchmaker, boards 11 Church 
Holz August, fisherman, boards 2o Railroad av. 



Homans Arthur C. ice dealer, house 4 Kent Circle 

a Charles A. iceman, house 4 Balford 

a Ernest C. iceman, house 1 Dike 

u Francis W. merchant, Proctor's wharf, and proprietor 
Fernwood Lake ice, ollice 105.V Main, house 8 Mason 

a William A. supt. Fernwood Lake Ice Co. house Fern- 
wood, W. (jr. 

« William A. jr. ice, 137 Main, house 83 Western av. 

« Willie D. farmer, house 6 Causeway, W. (.1. 
Honnors Frank, lineman, 195 Main, hoards 01 Prospect 

n George E. manager N. E. Telephone and Telegraph Co. 
105 Main, house 298 do. 

a John P. carpenter, rear 18 Pearl, house 54 Prospect 
Hood Asa, quarryman, house 1)7 Revere 
Hooper Charles J. keeper Ten Pound light, house do. 

• i Dennison, farmer, house head of Dennison st. 
<< Emery IV. clerk', 88 Main, rooms 2.6 Friend 

a George E. lireman at hatchery, Ten Pound Island, hds. do. 
a Nathaniel D. lireman at hatchery, Ten Pound island, hds. do. 
u Sullivan D. A. hds. Charles J. Hooper's, Ten Pound Island 
Hopkins Ann Jane, widow of Calvin F. house 28 Chestnut 
- Calvin F. died April IS, 1897 
u Clifford', fisherman, hoards 26 Shepherd 
u Elislm, remo\ ed to Boston 
.. Elkanah F. carpenter, house 14 Cleveland 
>> George* fisherman, hoards 252.} Main 
»> Jeremiah 11. lisheunan, liouss 14 Rocky Neck av> 
a .John, li-herinan, hoards 28 Friend 

.. Josephine W. teacher, Mt. Vernon school, b. 28 Chestnut 
a Patrick, fisherman, hoards It) Locust 

• • Richard, fisherman, boards 31 1 Main 

.. Richard (of 11 Gotdd court), removed to Boston 

.. William, fisherman, hoards 1 I Locust 
Hopple William R. tisherman, hoards 251 Main 
Horn, see Haun 
1:1 or ton Edward A. house 320 Main 

a Ed-Ward J. city marshal, house 326 Main 

u Joseph W. carpenter, hoards 98 Wheeler 
" Margaret L/widow of Ambrose C. house 98 AV heeler 
Hotchkiss Benjamin A. proprietor Presson Express Co. 131 
Main, house 61 Western av. 
- Bickford, clerk, 17 Rogers, hoards 25 Warner 
.. Edward G. (of 25 Warner), died Feb. 1 1, 1898 
k. Edward G. jr. clerk, 11 Rogers, house 25 Warner 
». Fred, sailtnaker, 79!- Duncan 

.. Henrietta B. widow of Edward G. house 25 Warner 
.» Levi J. (Hotchkiss X- Co.), 17 Rogers, house 19 Warner 
u Simeon B. clerk, boards 25 Warner 
... & Co. (Lcui J. llotc/tkiss), salt fish, 17 Rogers 



Houghton John II. fisherman, house 109 East Main 

a Roswell II. watchmaker, 130 Main, rooms 12 Procter 
Houlihan Hugh, fish skinner, hoards 24 Pine 

u Joanna, widow of Thomas, house 21 Pine 

u John, telegrapher* boards 24 Pine 

a Mary, widow of Cornelius, house rear 53 Eastern a.v. 
Hovey Henry S. (Boston), summer residence, 236 Western aw 
Howard Darius, shoemaker, 3 Liberty, house do. 

u Darius G. junk, 3 Sargent, house 12 Harvard 

<< George W. cook, 77 Main, boards 3 Liberty 

*•< Guy, clerk, 35 Washington 

" James, laborer, house 22 Taylor 

a John, electrician, Gloucester Elec. Co. bds. Mallard House 

« Joseph, fisherman, boards 24 Gould court 

« Parker B. junk, 3 Sargent, house rear 150 Maplewood av. 

a Sarah E. widow of William C. house 12 Harvard 
Howatt Frank M. foreman car stable, Bass av. b. The Harvard 
Howe Abby B. Miss, music teacher, boards 13 Spring 

u Augustus M. fish packer, house 13 Spring 

■a Edward W. apothecary, 18 Main, house '211 Granite 

a Lucy K. Miss, music teacher, boards 13 Spring 

a Parker, laborer, house 7 Willow 

u William II. house 4-18 Washington 
Howell Harry C. fisherman, boards 1.1 Gould court 

.» Peter C. laborer, house 11 Gould court 

i. William, fisherman, boards 11 Gould court 
Howes Erastus, inspector of customs, house 75 Perkins 
Howland S. Oscar, dentist, 148 Main, house 96 Prospect 
Howlett John, fisherman, house 13 Marchant 

*. Mary, widow of Patrick, house 6 Sargent 

« Michael, laborer, house 24 Maplewood av, 

« Richard, lost at sea 
Hoy Catharine, widow of George W. house rear 35 Friend 

n William, laborer, boards rear 35 Friend 
Hoyt Edward C. bookkeeper, Tarr & Wonson's, b. 2.'H Church 

a Elizabeth A. widow, boards 10 Babson 

u Elizabeth C. Mrs. boards 8 Pleasant 

tt Mary E. teacher, died dan. 6, 1899 

u Mary P. widow of Edward F. house 23} Church 

a William O. hairdresser, 77 Washington, boards do. 
Hubbard Augustus, baker, 40 to 44 Prospect, house 16 Wash- 
ington square 

u Eliot (Boston), summer res. Shore road, Magnolia 

u Frank, fisherman, boards rear 10 Howe square 

u James J. fisherman, hoards 28 Pine 

a Josie W. Miss, boards 16 Washington square 

u Patrick, fisherman, boards 2 Shepherd 

u Richard, fisherman,' house 28 Pine 

a. Simon, fisherman, boards 22 Main 

« William, house rear 10 Rowe square 

u William, jr. clerk, 207 Main, boards 363 do. 


Hubly Laura M. nurse, Addison Gilbert Hospital, boards do. 
Hudder Jessie, clerk, 180 Main, boards 14 Perkins 

a Samuel ft. master mariner, bouse 28 Trask 

u William, cooper, bouse 14 Perkins 

a William J. iisberman, boose 48 Warner 
Hudson Annie M. teacher, Hovey school, bds. 32 Centennial av. 

u Carrie, boards 32 Centennial av. 

a Joseph, fisherman, boards 20 Shepherd 

a Thomas W. iisberman, house 32 Centennial av. 

a William T. salesman, bouse 40 Prospect 
Hull' Bradbury H. carpenter, bouse 4 Curve 

.> Louisa M. widow of Leander, bouse 21 Leonard 
Hull Benjamin F. tinsmith, 153 Main, boards 5 Maple 

.. Charles H. clerk, boards 5 Maple 

a khiel, cooper, bouse 11 Taylor 

u James H. tinsmith, 117 Duncan, bouse 18 Millett 

a John J. house 5 Allen 

a J. Harding, cooper, 27 Wharf, bouse 5 Maple 

.. J. Murray, cooper, 27 Wharf, bouse 11 Oak 

u Raymond, helper, 153 Main, boards 5 Maple Joseph, iisberman, boards 9 Beach court 
Humes Freeman, iisberman, boards 17 Shepherd 

« Harry, Hibernian, boards 20 Locust 
Hunley E. Maud, bookkeeper^ 28 Vincent, boards 8 do. 

.. John R. watchman, house 8 Vincent 
li tin son Ella, widow of James A. house 11 Commercial court 

.. Hibbert, collector, boards 11 Commercial court 

a James A. clerk, A. Dodge's, house 142 Washington 
Hunt Bernard F. died toe 22, 1898 

.. Lafayette F. laborer, house 15 Magnolia av. 

- Robina C widow of Bernard F. house 45 Magnolia av. 

- Thomas II. furniture dealer, 125 and 127 Main, house 

101 Prospect 
Hunter Arthur, harnessmaker, 5 Main, boards 17 do. 

(i .James A. clerk, 134 Main, bouse 102 Prospect. 

.. Jesse Mrs. at Gilbert Home, bouse 1 Western av. 

.. Magnus, iisberman, boards 250 Main 

u Samuel C. harnessmaker, 5 Main, boards 17 do. 

« W. F. night engineer, Gloucester Electric Co. h. 1G Grove 
Huntoon Guy, enfter, 303 Main, boards 3 Dexter place 
Huntress Home for Old Ladies, 110 Prospect 
Hurd J. T. (Boston), summer res. Hesperus av., Magnolia 
Hurlburt John J. painter, house 30 Bridge 
Hurley Elizabeth J. widow, boards 8 Gould court 

a John, fisherman, bouse 55 Warner 
Hurst George, iisberman, boards 10 Locust 

a Samuel A. Iisberman, boards 05 Rogers 
Hurwitz Marks, clothing, house 11 Harold av. 
Husen John D. died Jan. 16, 1899 
Kushard Dennis, fisherman, boards 17 Water 




Hussey William, iisherman, boards 91 Pleasant 
Hatchings Sidney, keeper police station, house 4 Rowe sip 

a S. Lizzie, teacher, Sawyer school, boards 4 Howe sq. 

« Waldo L. music dealer, 19 Main, house 59 Western a v. 

a William V. boards 4 Rowe square 
Hutchins Augustus, laborer, house opp. 21 Marsh 

a Frank, died Dec. 4, 189(5 

a Frank A. clerk, 19 Main, boards 22 Church 

tt Mary E. widow of Frank, house L31 Fast Main 

a Minnie A. I\lrs. dressmaker, house 350 Main 

a Thomas A. laborer, house 350 Main 
Hutt John Jacob, iisherman, house J 7 Traverse 

a William A. died March 8, 1897 
Hyatt Alpheus Prof. (Cambridge), summer res. 510 Washington 
Hyder Albert, died Nov. 10, 1898 
Ilyland Clara, widow of Laban R. died June 25, 1898 

a-' Laban, stone cutter, boards 370 Washington 

a Michael, Iisherman, boards rear -17 Prospect 

ICE, BAIT, AND PISH CO., L. B. Haskell, treas. 33 Rogers 
Improved Process Glue Co. (The), iish glues, Foil square 
Ingalls Clarence II. iish skinner, boards 8 Highland pi. 

a Eliza, widow of William, house 356 Main 

u Guy, manager, 59 Eastern av. hoards 9 Forest 

a Henry, laborer, house 8 Highland place 

a John, iisherman, boards 350 Main 

a Joseph, Iish skinner, boards 356 Main 

it Leah, widow of Charles A. house 9 Forest 

a Lewis, Iisherman, boards HI G Main 

tt Sarah M. clerk, 193 Alain, boards 9 Forest 

a Stephen J. laborer, boards 8 Highland pi. 

a William, fisherman, board's 8. Highland pi- 
Ingersoll Ann C. widow, boards 19 Washington 

INGEUSOLL BROTHERS (J. Frank and William), 
grocers, 350 Washington, near Riverdale mill (see p. 522) 
a Charles L. printer, li 1 1 Main, boards 12 Liberty 
a Charles M. engineer, lit) Main, house 14 Grove 
tt Charles W. mason, house 14 Grove 
a Edward, saloon, house 36 Pearl 

a Fred, laborer, house 34 Hodgkins [house do. 

a Howard Ed manager Washington market, 3-1 Washington, 
a James, died Jan. 21, 1897 

a James W. painter, 275 Main, boards 181 Western av. 
a John H. laborer, house 335 Main 

a Joseph L. hostler, 1). M. Hilton's, house 2 Ivy court 
a J. Frank (Ingersoll Brothers), grocer, 350 Washington, 
near Riverdale mill, bds. oft' Hodgkins, near Washington 
a Martha Mrs. house 12 Mason 

a Mary, widow, house oil' Hodgkins, near Washington 
a Oliver W. house Leonard street 
a Samuel, driver, Hook & Ladder No. 1, house 30 Addison 


Ingersoll Seddie, removed to Melrose Highlands 

tt Walter J. fish skinner. 45 Rogers, hoards 335 Main 
a William {Iiitjersoll Brothers), grocer, 350 Washington, 
near Riverdale mill, house 357 Washington 

Ingraham William, lisherman, hoards 'J'J Main 

Iiines Andrew, lisherman, hoards 10 Ivy court 
a Roseltha, widow, hoards 22 Middle 

Ireland Alfred, farmer, house 19 Lincoln, W. G. 
u Alfred W. laborer, hoards 19 Lincoln, W. G. 
tt Ralph P. principal Collins school, hoards 15 Middle 
a William I<\ farmer, house 283 Essex aw, W. G. 

Irving Alonzo, 18.1 Main, hoards 7 Carlisle 
« Catharine, clerk, 51 Washington, boards 1 Alpine court 
a Catharine, widow of Ralph, house 1 Alpine court 
a Charles T. iish skinner, hoards 1 Alpine court 
a Fred A. printer, hoards 7 Carlisle 
a George W. foreman Merchants' Box and Cooperage Co. 

house 102 Maplewopd a v. 
a H. Nelson, carpenter, boiise 4G Prospect 
u Jane, widow of William, died Nov 3, 1896 
u John J. driver, hoards 1 Alpine court 
tt Mamie E. clerk, 180 Main, hoards 1 Alpine court 
u Mary, widow, house 10 Cedar 
,; Mary (of 29 Exchange), died Oct. 28, 1896 
a Mary E. house 29 Exchange 
i. M. G. dressmaker, 1 Alpine court, hoards do. 
.i Ralph F. driver, hoards 1 Alpine court 
u Robert T. shipper, hoards 7 Carlisle 

.. Thomas A. boat huilder, house S9 Prospect 

u see also Krwin 
Isaacson Cornelius, lisherman, hoards 7 Short 

t k Herman, paving cutter, hoards 6 Mason square 

« Jacob, paying cutter, hoards 19 North Ivilhy 
Isner Reuben, fisherman., house 3 Summit 
Isshury Qtto R. lisherman, house 44 School 
Iverson Peter A. master mariner, house 160 Maple wood av. 
Ivester John I. mate steamer ll Cape Ann," h. at Somerville 

JACINTH JOHN, fisherman, house GO Mt. Vernon 
Jack man Charles 11. mason, hoards 2 Bass av. 

a Charles H. jr. laborer, boards 2 Bass a v. 

« Daniel, fisherman, boards 6 Howe 

tt Eli, mason and contractor, Atlantic av. rear The Thorn- 
wald Hotel, house do. 

u Eli Mrs. prop. Hotel Thornwald, Pass Rocks, E. G. 

u Henry, removed to Somerville 

it Richard, lisherman, house 8 Pine 

a Richard, jr. lisherman, boards 8 Pine 

a William, iisherman, boards 8 Pine 

tt William, mason, house 14 Perkins 


Jackson Amanda S. widow of Isaac N. h. 261 Essex av. W. G. 

a Archibald, fisherman, boards 58 Duncan 

« Constant, payjtig cutter, house 3 Tucker [High 

it Francis, clothing and dry goods, 828 Washington, house 4.7 

« Isaac N. died Nov. 25, 1897 
Jacobs Abrum, fisherman, boards 50 Essex 

it Andrew A. rigger, house 50 Essex 

<< Charles A. removed to Denver, Col. 

u Charles F. laborer, boards Henry S. Jacobs' 

a Henry, fisherman, house 230 East Main 

a Henry S. fisherman, house rear 128 Mt. Pleasant av. 

a John, fisherman, house 64 Western av. 

a Mary, dressmaker, boards Leighton's court 

n Nathan, house 29 Summer 

a Norman A. clothimg and furnishing goods, 147 Main, 
house 28 Washington square 

a Solomon, master mariner, house 150 Prospect 

u Thomas W. clerk, 101 Main, boards Henry S.Jacobs', rear 
128 Mt. Pleasant av. 
Jacobson Abraham, paving cutter, house 5 Norseman av. 

it Adolphus L. plumber, 55 Main, boards o Millett 

u Albert, fisherman, boards 10 Water 

it Alexander, laborer, house 24 Maplewood av. 

44 Jacob, paving cutter, house 842 Washington 

a James, shoemaker, 32 Eastern av. house do. 

u John, clerk, rooms 100 Main 

a Thomas, paving cutter, house 54 Langsford 
James Carrie R. widow of John M. house 2 Commonwealth av. 

tt George, farmer, house 105 Essex av., W. G. 

a James W. fisherman, boards 9 Middle 

tt Samuel A. teamster, house 179 Essex av., W. G. 

« Thomas, fisherman, house 098 Washington 
Jameson Albert II. fisherman, house rear 5 Mt. Vernon 

« David, fisherman, boards 17 Shepherd 

tt Ethel A. clerk, 190 Main, boards 3 Trask 

u James, fisherman, boards 17 Shepherd 

a James (of 13 Maplewood av.), removed to Boston 

tt James F. fisherman, house 13 Pew court 

tt John Sr. fisherman, house 3 Trask 

a Joseph, fisherman, boards 231 Main 

44 Lavenia, widow of Robert L. house 15 Harvard 

44 Robert L. laborer, house 100 Pleasant 
Jamieson Davi<l, real estate;, house Flume street, Magnolia 
Janes Aubrey J. S. steward, house 21 Lookout 
Jarvis William, engineer, boards 3«i8 Main 

44 William H. fish skinner, house 13 Blake court 
Jason John, fisherman, house GO Mt. Vernon 
Jecord Frank, fisherman, boards 5 Water 
Jedrey Adrian, fisherman, boards 5 Haskell court 

44 Alexander, fisherman, boards 5 Haskell court 


Jedrey Alsed, fisherman, boards 5 Haskell court 

a Benjamin, fisherman, house 99 East Main 

a Edward, fisherman, boards 5 Haskell court 

a Everett, fisherman, house 5 Haskell court 

u Frank J. fisherman, house 15 Highland court 

a Henry, fisherman, boards 5 Haskell court 

i. Reuben, teamster, house G Dike 

a Simon, fisherman, boards Amero court 

u see also Jodrey 
Jeifery Frank, boxmaker, boards 3 Myrtle square 

u George L. printer, 1 (58 V Main, house 12 Trask 

« James A. fish skinner, house 43 Perkins. 

a James 11. reporter, Breeze, 21 1 Main, house 32 Trask 
Jeffrey Howard, died Feb. 17, 1899 

u Susan, widow of Robert, boards 1G Allen 

a William II. fish skinner, house 29 Harrison av. 
Jeffs Walter C. clerk, 9 Derby, boards GO Grove 

*» William, laborer, boards 43 Essex av. 

u William H. watchman, B. & M. R.R. house 60 Grove 
Jell oo William II. painter, house 25 Sargent 
Jenkins Lucy R. Mrs. house G Lookout 
Jenness Lydia, widow, boards 265 Essex av., W. G. 
Jennings John J. fisherman, boards 1 14 Maplewood av. 
Jensen Andrew, laborer, house rear 17 Dike 

.. Christian, shoemaker, 201 East Main, house 5 Avon court 

a Elizabeth A. Mrs. house 13 Derby 

u Frederick G. engineer, house 47 Prospect 

■ii James, brakeman, house 13 Derby 

ft Lawrence, boat builder, Parker street, house 7G do. 

.» ( )tto, master mariner, house 17 Cleveland 
Jepson Andrew, fisherman, boards 11 Chestnut 

u Nelson, brakeman, boards G79 Washington 
Jii-wet t Frank, fisherman, boards 10 Chapel 

u Fred S. (Jeieett & Co,), 113 Duncan, rooms 13 Church 

u James A. master mariner, boards 1 Forest 

u James S. [Jewett & Co.), 1 13 Duncan, house 5 Bridgewater 

a Martha E. compositor, 211 Main, boards 50 Leonard 

a Silas B. fisherman, house 10 Chapel 

u William H. bookkeeper, 113 Duncan, house 50 Leonard 

n & Co. {James S. and Fred S. Jewett), boots and shoes ; 
also tobacco and fish, wholesale, 113 Duncan 
Jodrey Annie, clerk, 205 Main, boards 9G Duncan 

a Peter, grocer, 94 Duncan ; also fishermen's outfits, 9G 
Duncan, house do. 

w William C. hairdresser, 104 Duncan, house 140 do. 

« see also Jedrey 
Johansen Samuel W. fisherman, house rear 259 Main 
John Clarence, laborer, boards 179 Essex av., W. G. 

a Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co., Samuel Merchant, 
asst. supt. 92 Main, room 13 


Johnson Albert M. fisherman, boards 170 East Main 

« Alexander, fisherman, house 23 Liberty 

a Alexander, fisherman, beards 53 Fort square 

a Alfred, master mariner, boards 392 Main 

« Alfred L. clerk, 183 Main, house 28 Cleveland 

a Andrew, fisherman, beards 17 Main 

a Andrew, paving cutter, house Mason square 

a Andrew, paving cutter, house 20 Andrews 

u Andrew (of 30 Fort sq.), died Jan. 12, 1897 

u Archie, fisherman, boards 32 Commercial 

k Augustus (of 35 Friend), died Jan. 9, 1899 

ti Axel E. fisherman, boards 345 Main 

a Benjamin, fisherman, house rear 53 Main 

» Benjamin, fisherman, boards 10 Smith 

a B. H. chef, Surfside Hotel, boards do. 

a Carl, laborer, house Russell ay. 

a Catharine, widow, house 252' Main 

« Charles, fisherman, removed to Boston 

it Charles, iron worker, boards 1 Raekliife 

tt Charles, laborer, house 9 Beach court 

« Charles J- fisherman, house 17 Commercial 

it Charles P. fisherman, boards 19 Western av. 

u Christopher, fisherman, boards 60 Western av. 

a Conrad, fisherman, boards 2G8. 1 , Main 

<c Conrad. 2d, fisherman, boards 208 A Main 

tt Delia Mrs. house 228 East Main 

u Edward, fisherman, boards Vincent 

ii Elias, paving cutter, house 706 Washington 

a Frank, carpenter, house 01 Eastern av. 

a Frank, fisherman, house 11 Eastern av. 

a Frank {Johnson & Somes) t laundry, Vincent street, boards 
Swift House ( Salem 

tt Frank E. salesman, John Pew & Sen, 331 Main, house at 

u Frank M. carpenter, house 27 Harrison avenue 

it Fred, fisherman, boards 6 Vincent 

it George, fisherman, boards 2.5 2 A Main 

TOHNSON GEORGE A. Capt. oiled clothing, 99 Dim- 
^J can, house 154 Washington (see bade cover) 

a Gustav, fisherman, boards 20 Railroad av. 

a G. laborer, house 3 Summit 

n Hans S. steam litter, 221 Main, house 2 Calder 

ti Hattie L. bookkeeper, boards 4 Hammond 

« Henry O. (A. A. Drcslrttp & Co.), rigger, Duncan's Point, 

house 5 Water 

a Horace, laborer, house 170 Essex a v. AV. G. 

u Howard R. master mariner, house 8 Harvard 

n Jacob, fisherman, house 12 Gould court 

u James, laborer, house 32 Commercial 

u John, fisherman, boards Vincent 

*< John, fisherman, boards 5 Vincent 


Johnson John, rig@er, house,- 23 Hancock 

a John A. clerk, 228-j Main, boards 11 Chestnut 

ti John E. laborer, house 8 Harold ay. 

a John J. teamster at gas works, house 32 Warner 

« John L. clerk, boards 09 Pleasant 

« John (). Jishennan, house 1 Traverse 

u John P. removed to Boston 

a Jonas B. Iisherman, house 14 Russell ay. 

ei Joseph, fisherman, 33 Pearl 

4k Joseph, iisherman, boards 5 Wate-v 

a Julia D, widow of George C. removed to Lynn 

a J. Gust, paving cutter, hoards 3 Mason square 

a Lewis, fisherman, hoards 11 Chest mil 

u Louis, fisherman, hoards 12 Could court 

u Louis C. fisherman, house 19 Williams court 

a L. John, paving cutter, hoards 03 Langsford 

». Margaret, widow ol Augustus, house 35 Friend 

n Martin, Jishennan, hoards 2(38! Main 

*. Martin E. removed to Lynn 

ti Mary, widow of Andrew, house 25 Mansfield 

« Mary A. widow of Thomas, house 12 Cross 

«i Matthias, house 8 Myrtle square 

44 Nellie M. Mrs. house" 48 Friend 

.* Nelson 31. baker, 27 and 29 Washington; also stable,. rear 

25-do, and 11 Mansfield, house 1 Babsou 

44 Nicholas, iisherman, house 29 Sargent 

.. Nicholas. Iisherman, boards It) Columbia 

4< Oscar, lUhtrman, boards 5 Vincent 

^ Oscar, iisherman, hoards G Vincent 

.. Otto, fisherman, house 334 Main 

.. Otto, Iisherman, hoards 25 Webster 

44 Otto, master mariner, house 4 Haiuiuond 

a Otto, stone cutter, house Quarry street 

44 Peter, lishennan, house 19 Western av. 

44 Sarah, widow, house 300 Main 

.4 Theodore, died Nov. 27, 1898 

44 Thomas, iisherman, house 274. V Main 

44 Walter C. hairdresser, 87 Washington, hoards 40 Middle 

44 Walter E. ^hairdresser, 87 Washington, boards Go Main 

44 William, laborer, house 21 Dike 

44 William, paving cutter, boards G Mason square 

a William (of 238 Main), lost at sea [G Highland. 

»4 William E. (Johnson &, .llodydon), 1G9 East Main, house 

u William H. shoe cutter, boards 2 Calder 

«. William J. Iisherman, boards 19 Western av. 

44 Wyman, laundryman, boards 8 Pleasant 

44 &> Hodgson ( William E. Johnson, James L. Hodtjdoii), 

grocers, 1G9 East Main 

JOHNSON & SOMES (Frw?c /ohnson, James Ii.Somes), 
props Excelsior Laundry, Vincent st. (see page 516) 

« see also Jensen 




Jolly Thomas, laborer, house 84 Grove 

Jollymore Charles, fisherman, bids. Griffin's bile, Maplewood av. 

(• Harry, fisherman, boards Griffin's block, Maplewood av. 
Jones Ambrose, carpenter, house 9 Revere 

a Ambrose, jr. blacksmith, house 9 Revere 

.t Andrew, fisherman, house 51 Beach court 

« Annie H. Miss, house 18 Summit 

tt Charles, clerk, 147 Main, boards 28 Washington square 

«t Charles, meat cutter, house 132 Washington [nolia 

a Charles W. (Cambridge), summer les. Norman's av., Mag- 

tt Edith L. widow of John H. house 6 Mechanic place 

tt Edward, carpenter, 108 Duncan, house 304 Main 

6i Edwin, fisherman, boards 821 Main 

u Eleazer J. blacksmith, house 777 Washington 

a Frances M. Miss, died June 8, 1897 

a George N. died Feb. 25, 1898 

tt Gilbert N. physician, removed to Wellesley Mills 

tt John J. gardener, house 375 Western av. 

u Loring, teamster, house 2 Brienvood 

ii Ralph E. motorman, rooms 100 Main 

tt Stej)hen I), stone cutter, house 36 Sargent 
Jordan Elizabeth, widow, house 33 Elm 

u William H. fisheries, 373 Main, house 10 Hovey 
Joseph Antoine, fisherman, house 11 Perkins 

m Aiitoine, variety store, 24 School, house 26 do. 

« David, house 13 Addison 

it Frank AV. printer, 110 Main* boards 26 School 

it Marcel ine, fisherman, hoards f>.y Perkins 

tt Paul, laborer, house 23 Webster 

a Philip, laborer, house 2G Eastern av.. 

.t Thomas L. clerk, 170 Main, boards 28 Bass av. 

tt William F. painter, 23 Main, house 22 Spring 

it William W. removed to Boston 
Josephson Jeremiah, laborer, boards 19 North Kilby 

tt Oscar, laborer, house 19 North Kilby 
Joy Ellen, widow of Nicholas, house 24 Pine 

tt John, fisherman, boards 11 Pearoe 

tt Thomas, coachman, boards 24 Pine 
Joyce Eben S. fish skinner, boards Caledonia place 

tt Edwin E. clerk, 196 Main, house 9 Traverse 

tt Guy II. blacksmith, boards 6 Caledonia place 

tt Herman R. reserve police, house 18t Exchange 

tt Isaac M. fisherman, house 6 Caledonia place 

tt John, fisherman, boards 54 Fort square 

a John, fish skinner, boards 1 Haskell 

tt Miles, fisherman, house 1 Haskell 

tt Miles, jr. fisherman, boards 1 Haskell 

tt Patrick, fisherman, boards 1 Haskell 

u Preston, removed to Boston 

« Ruel, fisherman, boards 3 Wiley 





KAINE BRIDGET, widow of James, house 83 High 

u James, died Sept. 28, 1898 
Kaler Rebecca, widow, at Gilbert Home, 1 Western av. 
Kallio Jacob N. paving cutter, house (> Mason square 
Kane Annie, widow of James, domestic at 35 Pleasant 

a Frank, fisherman, boards Griffin's block, Maplewood av. 

a James J. (McNultij ifc Kane), junk, .08 Commercial, bds. 
1 Millett 
Karcher Frederick D. boards 17 Exchange 

a John, house 17 Exchange'' 
Karsdunen Herman, blacksmith, boards 11 Gould court 
Kaulback Fannie M. widow of George P. boards 6 Stone court 
Kavanagh Edward, fisherman, boards 234 Main 

a Henry, fisherman, boards 231 Main 

ti John, lineman, boards 17 JMain 

a John, master mariner, house 33 School 

tt Peter C. lisherman, boards 231 Main 

u see also Cavanagh [Eastern Point 

Kay J. Murray (Brookline), summer residence, Quarry point, 
Kearney John H. tailor, 112 Main, rooms 100 do. 
Keating David, fisherman, boards '_?3 Mansiield 

c< Patrick, fisherman, house 23 Mansfield 

a see also Cayton and Gayton 
Kee Teng, laundry, 30 Washington, house ilo. 
Keefe James, clerk, 147 Main, boards 2521 do. 

u John, clerk, 29 Duncan, boards 31 do.' 

u John, fisherman, boards 22 Shepherd 

a John E. saloon, 29 Duncan, house 31 do. 

a John W. hackman, rear 77 Main, boards 43 Prospect 

u Margaret A. Miss, clerk, Post Oflice, boards 43 Prospect 

« Mary, widow of James, house 3521 Main 

« Michael, Outfitter, . r i3 Duncan, house 43 Prospect 

a see also O'Keet'e 
Keene Mary E. widow ot" Edward II. b. rear 373 Washington 
Kehoe Edmund, fisherman, boards 3 Harvard 

« Ellen, widow of Thomas, house 3 Harvard 

u James, fisherman, boards 3 Harvard 

a John, carpenter, house Magnolia av. 

a Michael, removed to Manchester 

» Richard, fisherman, boards 11 Pearce 
Keith Charles, shoemaker, boards 15 Harvard 

ft Jeremiah E. provisions, 12 Harrison av. house do. 

u John P. house 42 Beacon 

u Stewart, lisherman, house 5 Mason court 
Kelgrew Harry, fisherman, boards H Locust 
Kelleher Everett I. fish skinner, boards 38 Sargent 

a William, shoemaker, 4G Commercial, house 38 Sargent 

u William II. fish skinner, boards 38 Sargent 
Kelley Bridget, widow, house 10 Fort square 

« George H. clerk, boards 28 Warner 


Kelley John R. fish skinner, house, 10 Fort square 

a Robert W. hairdresser, 1(57 Main, house 28 Warner 
Kelly Alexander J. grocer, 35 Sargent, house do. 

it Charles G. painter, house 25 Trask 

a Charles G. jr. driver, 59 Eastern av. house 55 do. 

a Coleman, laborer, house 18 Say ward 

a Daniel, lisherinan, boards 15 Beach court 

it David, lisherinan, boards 12 Allen 

ii Edward, agent American Express Co. 17^ Main, house 25 
Commonwealth av. [pect 

a Horace C. foreman, A. W. Dodd & Co.'s, house 105 Pros- 

u James, saloon, L'79 Main, house Winchester court 

.* James F. lisherinan, boards 1.6 Smith 

a Margaret, widow, house 71 Friend 

a Michael, lisherinan, boards 12 Allen 

a Michael W. foreman carpenter, Charles Parkhurst & Son, 
house 57 Warner 

a Patrick, lisherinan, boards 12 Allen 

a P.. Joseph, fish skinner, boards IS Say ward 

u S. H. removed to Lynn 

a Thomas, fisherman, house rear 10 Bass av. 

n Thomas, lisherinan, boards Merrick court 

it Thomas, 2d, fish skinner, boards 18 Say ward 

a Thomas F. lisherinan, house IS Perkins 

u Thomas J. fisherman, boards 18 Perkins 

it Timothy, lish skinner, boards 18 Say ward 

a William, fisherman, house 29 Addison 
Kemp Albert 1). laborer, boards -1 Fears' court 

a Frank, lisherinan, boards 7 Short 

a .Isabella, widow of John, house 4 Fears' court 

a .John, iish skinner, boards -1 Fears' court 

tt William II. laborer, 425 Main, house 37 Western av. 
Kench John, lisherinan, boards 17 Commercial 
Kendall Ada T. clerk, 82 Main, boards 8 Foster 

tt Charles M. bottler, 150.1 Main, house 8 Foster 

it Daniel L, teamster, house rear 804 Washington 

a Herbert E. teamster, house rear 801 Washington 

ti H. Herbert, clerk, 31 Washington, boards 20 Western av. 

it John, fisherman, boards 248; \ Main 

a Lettie A. widow of John J. house 20 Western av. 

u Walter J. fireman, boards 20 Western av. 
Kennedy Coleman, laborer, boards 11 Blake court 

u Daniel, fisherman, boards 85 Commercial 

it Dennis, fruit, 332 Main, house do. 

a Henry A. baker, boards 53 Prospect 

a Hugh, clerk, boards 00 Green 

a Hugh, fisherman, house 10 Perkins 

u James, died Feb. 27, 1899 

it John J. died Oct. 8, 1890 

a Martin, laborer, boards 14 Blake court 


Kennedy Mary, widow of James, house 14 Blake court 
a Michael, fisherman, house 89 Commercial 
a. Michael, fisherman, house 50 Mt. Vernon 
i. Patrick, fisherman, hoards GG Green 

KENNEDY PATRICK, marble and granite worker, LOS 
Washington, house 1133 do. (see page 532) 

« Peter, fisherman., boards CO Green 

a Robert E. marble worker, 10& Washington, boards L33 do. 

ii Thomas, fisherman, hoards GG Green 

a Thomas, laborer, house 1 1 Blake court 

a Thomas, .second-hand fishermen's outfits, 24 Rogers, liouse 
53 Prospect 

a Thomas W., U. S. N. hoards 53 Prospect 
Kennelick Dennis, lost at sea 

a Edward, laborer, house 94 Maplewood av. 

u Thomas J. public carriage, 21 Plum, liouse do. 
Kenney Edward, fisherman, hoards 20 Locust 

u Gilbert, fisherman, boards 90 Duncan 

a John, sailmakei:, boards 9 Western av. 

a Nathaniel, removed to Boston 
Kennison John A. iisherman, boards 10 Short 
Kent James (Chelsea), summer residence, 22 Fuller 

Kentrall Mrs. house 19 Willow 

Keough Bridget, widow of John, died Feb. 5, 1899 

. k James, telegrapher, 1 «S 1 Main, hoards 53 Prospect 

-i John, carpenter, house 1 1 1 Magnolia av. 

a Richard, fisherman, boards 1 1 Pearce 
Kerr Blyth S. painter, 23 ."Main, house G Alpine court 

«"< Peter, painter, house 12 Stage Fort, av. 

.. Robert H. tanner, boards 5G Holly 

.. .Thomas, farmer, liouse 5G Holly 

>. William S. stone cutter, house 131 Leonard 
Kevany John J. tailor, 159 Main, house G Federal 

ii Michael J. tailor, J 59 Main, boards G Federal 
Kevlin Thomas, fisherman, boards 2G Railroad av. 
Key as Abbie F. Mrs. house Essex av. near the line, W. G. 

ii M. Herbert, shoemaker, house 21 Sumner, W. G. 
Keyou Lizzie U. Mine, millinery, 113 Main 
Kidder Alice V. Miss, liouse 2 Lookout 

ii Benjamin K. boards 130 Washington 

it Emma W. widow of Joseph V. house 2 Lookout 

ii Henry, laborer, boards 444 Washington 

ii Henry N. house 441 Washington 
Kilt' William, fisherman, house 3 Williams court 
Kiiskila Elu, (piarrymau, house 9TG Washington 
Kilburn Martha A. widow, house 32 Washington square 

a Mary A. teacher High school, boards 32 Washington sq. 
Kiley Patrick, fisherman, house OS Poplar 
Kilgellan Frank, laborer, house Hi Gould court 
Kilgore Charles M. clerk, 331 Main, house 20 Exchange 


Kilpatrick Claude (St. Louis, Mo.), summer residence, Lexing- 
ton av., Magnolia 

u see also Gilpatrick 
Kimball Anna E, Mrs. house 80 Washington 

« Daniel, fisherman, boards 9 Ivy court 

« Everett, elerk, boards 80 Washington 

u George, laborer, house 1G Harold av. 

« Jose])li W. painter, house 25 Revere 
Kincade B. A. type writer, 25 Fort sq. boards 22 Sadler 

a Catharine S. teacher of physical culture, boards 22 Sadler 

a John, laborer, house 22 Sadler 

u John M. laborer, house 8 Perkins 

a William II. salesman, 45 Rogers, boards 22 Sadler 
King Anton, fisherman, house 27. V Perkins 

« Daniel, died Sept. 1G, 1898 ■ 

u Duncan, fisherman, boards 17 Commercial 

« Hugh J. grocer, 49 Friend, boards 51 do. 

u J. Thomas, saloon, 227 Main, house 75 .V Western av. 

u Mabel, clerk, 205 Main, boards 4 Myrtle square 

u Margaret, widow of John II. died April 28, 1898 

a Stephen, fisherman, house 51 Friend [monwealth av. 

tt William A. & Co. fisheries, GG Commercial, house 8 Coin- 
Kinnear Hannah, widow of George, house 10 Calder 
Kinney Benjamin F. died Nov. 1, 1896 

>. Charles H. shoemaker, boards 13 Short 

>. James A. shoemaker, 11 Short, house 13 do. 

>. James II. coachman, boards 13 Short 

a John, sailmaker, boards 9 Western av. 
Kinsley William, fisherman., boards rear 42 Friend 
Kinsman Benjamin, house 291 Essex av., W. G. 

.. Benjamin K. boards 35 Warner 

.. Frederick A. picture trainer, 193 Main, boards 35 Warner 

<< M el li table H. widow of William H. house 35 Warner 

.. Sarah A. Miss, teacher grammar, bds. 35 Warner 

a William II. boat builder, house 4 Hart/ place 
Kippen Abram E. restaurant, 247 Main, house do. 

u Edward, clerk, 42 Wharf, house 20 Pearl 

ti Lambert, fisherman, boards 20 Pearl 
Kippin Eliza, widow, house 27.3 Main 

tt Henry C. shipper* Gloucester Fresh Fish Co. h. 30 Addison 

u Oscar, clerk, 28 Washington, house rear 301 Main 
Kirby Kate, widow of William H. house 70 Western av. 

u Timothy (of 85 High), died May 9, 1898 
Kirven John, fisherman, boards 58 Duncan 
Kittredge Charles II. teamster, house G Bass av. 
Klingberg John, fisherman, house GO Western av. 
Kloster Christian, fisherman, boards 11 Chestnut 
Knight Charles C. mason, house 4 Ashland place 

i'i Elbridge G. house 112 Magnolia av. 


Knight John T. city temperance missionary, 97 Main, P. 0. box 
275, house at Manchester 

KNltiHT WILLIAM A. k CO. hay and grain, 375 
Main, house do. (see page 522) 
Knights Arthur, shoemaker, boards 1.2 Beacon 

». Frank, house 12 Beacon 

a Frank H. clerk, boards 12 Beacon 
Knowles Herman T. police, house <')03 Washington 

u H. Bert, agent, B. & M. R.R. house 2 Harvard 

a James H. physician, 6 Highland, boards do. 

a Osborne, printer, 1 <58 ^ Main, house 36 Mt. Vernon 

it Thomas J. house 3 Procter 
Knowlton Albion, carpenter, house 37 High 

it Alfred P. clerk, boards 63 Magnolia av. 

u Ann E. widow, boards 6 Mt. Vernon 

n George M. engineer, Electric Light Co. house 1 1 Spring 

it Jesse F. (Chelsea), summer res. oil' Fuller St., Magnolia 

it John B. fisherman, house 63 Magnolia av.. 

« Mary, widow, at Huntress Home, 110 Prospect 
Knudsen- Isaac, driver, 5 Sargent, house 31 Mt. Vernon 

». Neil, fisherman, boards 6 Blake court 

u Thomas, boxmaker, boards 17 'Shepherd 
Knutli Harry, lost at sea 
Kuppersbiiscke Gustave, fisherman, boards 12 Railroad av. 

LABE.LL ALBERT, fisherman, house 34 Sargent 

« Louis, baker, 20 Washington, boards 6 Gould court 

« Thomas, li-berinan, boards 252.V Main 
Lacey Stephen (U.S.N.), boards lO'Smith 

*i William, fisherman, boards 10 Smith 
Lacoiirse Daniel, fisherman, boards 8! Burnham 

a Edward, fisherman, boards 3^ Burnham 
Laity John II. clerk, 210 Main, bouse 20 Cleveland 
La France Charles A. cook, house 10 Andrews 
Lager Axel, fisherman, boards 7 Short 

« Carl C. .fisherman, house 7 Locust 
Lahey Frank C. hostler, house 9 Pearl 

n James (of 66 High), died June 18, 1897 

« John, cooper, house 7 Gilbert court 

« John, pavkng cutter, boards 679 Washington 

a Richard, boxmaker, house 7 Gilbert court 

a William, fisherman, house 98 Pleasant 
Lake Joseph, fisherman, house 3 Cedar 

(c Peter, fisherman, boards J 28 Duncan 
Lakeman Annie M. principal Lane school, boards 9 Andrews 

a John, asst. ■postmaster, house Mystic av. near Grove 
Lally Charles E. clerk, 7 Main, boards 1 Fort sip 

a Mary E. widow of Anthony II. house 4 Fort sq. 
Lambert James H. house 82 Eastern av. 

it Sidney, laborer, house 14 Marble 





Landry Alexander, boarding house, 817 Main 

« Alexander, fishei man, house 1G Liberty 

it Andrew, removed to Boston 

u David, fisherman, boards 5 Water 

a Edward, fish skinner, house 23 Friend 

a Edward, laborer, boards 1(3 Cedar 

u Elias, fisherman, liouse 81 Burnham 

it Gilbert, fish skinner, bouse 23 Friend 

tt Louis, teamster, boards 43 Essex a v. 

a Maria, widow of Simon E. liouse 119 Pleasant 

tt Mary, widow of John, house 7 Highland court 

a Maurice J. laborer, house 16 Cedar 

i» Michael, fisherman, boards 113 Pleasant 

tt Simon, house 25 Maplewood av. 

a Thomas, laborer, house 698 Washington 

u Thomas, master mariner, house 3 Maple 

tt Timothy, removed to Boston 

a William, fish skinner, boards 23 Friend 

a William, laborer, house 7 Highland court 

Lane Abigail, widow, died Nov. 12, 1890 

u Agnes II. boards 123 Washington 

ti Albert, painter, 829 Washington, boards 790 do. 

a Albert F. fisherman, house 22 Reynard 

>< Albert F. jr. stone mason, house 877 Washington 

u Amanda, widow of Harvey, died May 27, 1899 

tt Ann, widow of John, house 48 Washington 

it Annie K. widow of George W. house 21 Hodgkins 

a Annie M. widow of GustavuH A. house 137 Leonard 

u Arthur, harnessinaker. 5 Main, boards 3 Gee av. 

tt Austin, peddler, house 451 Washington 

tt Benjamin F. gluemaker, liouse 26 Reynard 

a Bertha A. principal Bradstreet school, h. 17 Chester sq, 

a Charles E, bookkeeper, Samuel G. Fool & Son's, Par- 

mentcr's wharf, house 118 Maplewood av. 

a Charles F. city assessor, house 118 Maplewood av. 

u Charles J. (of 60 Washington), died May 23, 1898 

it Charles AV. mason, house 37 1 Washington 

u Charlotte and Ellen, house 8 Arlington 

it Chester A.fth iver, house 12 Langsford 

tt Clarissa L. widow of Theodore, died June 21, 1898 

tt Clifford II. machinist, boards 22 Reynard 

a Cyrus, tinsmith, 221 Main, boards 13 Beacon 

tt Cyrus K. Mrs. house 442 Washington 

a David, painter, house 3 Gee av. 

a David II. conductor, boards 24 Cleveland 

tt Edward A. provisions, 836 Washington, house 794 do. 

ti Edward E. painter, house 886 Washington 

a, Edward Francis, clerk, 35 Washington, rooms 17 Prospect 

u Edward II. paperhanger, house rear 156 Washington 

ti Edwin L. carpenter, 108 Duncan, liouse 3 School 


Lane Ellen, widow of Charles J. house 13 Beacon 

u Eugene G. teamster, boards 770 Washington 

a Ernest, laborer, boards 22 Reynard 

n Eunice, widow, house 123 Washington 

« Everett, jewelry, etc. 180 Main, house at Rockport 

a Fitz II. carpenter, house 123 Washington 

n Frank C. fanner, boards 5 Lawrence court, W. G. 

u Franklin S. mason, house 119 Maplewood av. 

a Frederick, apothecary, 29] Washington, h. 7 Madison sq. 

u Frederick T. lisherman, house 57 Middle 

i< George, mariner, house 1 5 Chester sip 

a George E. farmer, house 5 Stan wood [304; Main 

a George E. (Samaid Lane iC* Brother)^ 28 Vincent, house 

a George G. tai.kmaker, boards 13 Beacon 

u George R. mason, house rear 88 Washington 

LANE GEORGE R. Jr. mason and builder, 4 Gee av. 
house do. ; order box at J. H. Richardson's, 130 Main 

(see page f>18) 

a George W. fanner, house 5 Lawrence court, W. G. 

kk Gideon E. foreman, 28 Vincent, boards 19 Liberty 

a Gustavus A. died Nov. 9, 1894 

a Harry L. hostler, house 45 Leonard 

a Helen M. milliner, 22 Exchange, boards do. 

.<■ Henry L, fisherman* house 700 Washington 

.. Henry W. fanner, house 389 Washington 

.» Henry W. house 802 Washington 

.. Herbert E. steward, steamer Cape Ann, house at Everett 

u Herman, fisherman, house 21 Gee av. 

.. Herman E. clerk, 830 Washington, boards 794 do. 

k Unman L. teller, Cape Ann Savings Bank, 109 Main, 

house 5 School 

u Howard G. insurance agent, house 24 Cleveland 

.. [Inward P. farnu'r, house 20 Gee av. 

<< Isabel, willow of Gustavus, house 38 Granite 

u Isabel 1$. teacher, Collins school, boards 38 Granite 

« .Jennie, principal Bray school, house 38 Granite 

u Joseph F. laborer, house 14 Hodgkins 

a Judith, widow of Frederick, house 17 Chester square 

a Lewis E. (Boston), house 10 Munsey 

tt Louis, fanner, house 402 Washington 

it Louville B. plumber, house 6 Hickory 

.; Lucretia R. widow of James M. house 540 Washington 

. k Mabel, teacher, Haskell school, bds. 4 Lawrence et., W. G.' 

u Margaret, wddow, house 8 Vine 

it Medora and Edith H. Misses, summer res. 10 Curve 

u Nora M. teacher, Sawyer school, house 7 Beckford 

a Orville, mariner, boards 17 Chester square 

a Osborne W. restaurant, 99 Main, house 22 Exchange 

a Rachel H. widow of Marcus M. died Jan. 17, 1897 

*< Rlioda Mrs. at Huntress Home, 110 Prospect 



Lane Samuel & Brother (George A\), fisheries, 28 Vincent, 
house 204 Main 
a Sarah E. Mis. house Hickory 
u Sidney T. stone cutter, boards 766 Washington 
« Sophronia K. widow of George E. house 39 Leonard 
u Susie E. Miss, house 19 Prospect 
a Sylvanus C. teamster, house 796 Washington 
a Thomas M. peddler, house 7 Stanwood 
a Thomas N. (Boston), boards 7 Stiinwood 
« Timothy, carpenter, boards 390 Webster av., Magnolia 
a Ward H. removed to Cambridge 
44 Warren, house 798 Washington 
a William G. farmer, house 5 Lawrence court, W. G. 

LANE WILLIAM 31. mason and contractor, 133 Maple- 
Wood av. house do. (see page 518) 

u Willis C. harnessmaker, 5 Main, boards 766 Washington 
Langill Henry, removed to Portland, Me. [Pleasant 

Langley Albert, ■baker, 44 Prospect, boards cor. Shepherd and 

« Alexander, fisherman, house 44 Friend 

« Caroline, widow of Henry, house* 14 Smith 

« Charles H. machinist) boards 26 Centennial av. 

a Henry, fisherman, boards 30 Haskell 

h James E. fisherman, boards 12 Wharf 

« John, fisherman, house 26 Centennial av. 

a John W. fisherman, boards 12 Wharf 

ti Joseph, (piarryman, house 1 1 North Kilby 

a Moses, fisherman, house 'M) Haskell 

a Penelope, widow, house 12 Wharf 

u Simon, fisherman, house rear 38 Millett 

« Thomas, laborer, boards 12 Wharf 

U Victoria Mrs. house 77 Washington 

« William H. painter, house 33 Friend 
Langsford Albert A. bhicksmith, house 7 Munsey 

u Frank C. ice dealer, house 5 Nashua av. [Chestnut 

44 Fred C. (T. A. LaiKjsjhrd it' Sou), 25 Rogers, house 30 

» George W. fisherman, house 823 Washington 

a Lyman B. junk, 12 Water, house 35 Commonwealth av. 

a T. A. & Son {Fred 6'.), fish dealers, 25 Rogers, house 30 

a William, house 870 Washington 

a William I), bookkeeper, 13 Rogers, boards 30 Chestnut 
Laning Martin, shoemaker, 793 Washington, house do. 
Lantz Peter, cooper, house 80 Middle 

« William B. foreman, boards 80 Middle 
Larkin Albert, fisherman, boards 217 Main 

« Arthur, fisherman, boards 10 Short 

a Bromy, fisherman, boards 311 Main 

a Charles, fisherman, boards 321 Main 

a Charles, fisherman, boards 30 Orchard 

it Edgar, fisherman, boards 9 Harvard 




Lark in Freeman, fisherman, boards 217 Main 

« George, fisherman, boards 321 Main 
Henry, fisherman, hoards 311 Main 
Ira, fisherman, boards 9 Harvard 
Israel, fisherman, boards 10 Rowe square 
Murray, master mariner, boards 20 Locust, 
Walter, fisherman, boards 20 Locust 
William B. fisherman, boards 'JO Locust 
Larose James A- hairdresser, boards 87 Prospect 
Laniuist Adolpb, carpenter, bouse 7 Mt. Locust place. 
Larsen Christian, teamster, bouse 21 Cleveland 
Larson Augustus, shoemaker, boards 8 Acacia 

a Charles, stone cutter, bouse Of) Langsi'ord 

u Henry, hairdresser, 07 East Main, house do. 

n John, paving cutter, house 05 Langsi'ord 

it Ludwig, lisherman, boards 238 Main 

a Martin, paving cutter, boards 65 Latigsford 

a Nelson E. paving cutter, house 10 Laugsford 

atham Curtis carpenter, bouse 127 Prospect 

atouf Thomas, house Griffin's block, Maplewood av. 

avie John D. clerk, house 225 Main 

aw Thomas, seaman, house 17 Dike 

awler Robert, fisherman, boards 1 Cedar 

it William, fisherman, boards 231 Main 
Lawrence Amy P. Miss, stenographer, William Jordan 
390 Washington 

w Charles W. motorman, boards 21 Maiisfieid 

a Frank, grocer, 0.'> Friend, house do. 

a James A. fanner, bouse 390 Washington 

a Lucy Miss, general sec. Associated Charities, 4 Pleasant, 
house 57 Pi ospect 

u Samuel, removed to Boston 
Lawrie George W. laborer, boards 27 Addison 

u James P. fisherman, house 27 Addison 
Lawson Augustus R. painter, boards 53 Miildle 

n Charles, iisherman, bouse rear 17 Friend 

a Charles, miller, Burnbam Pros, bouse 8 Water 

a Charles J. master mariner, house 21 Addison 

a Edward, paiuter, boards 53 Middle 

(i Fred, iisherman, boards Vincent 

h George, iisherman, lost at sea 

« George F. carpenter, boards 53 Middle 

u George 11. painter, boards rear 11 Sadler 

a Hannah E. bookkeeper, 15 Main, boards 53 Middle 

a John, fisherman, boards 29 Prospect 

a John P. iisherman, house 28 Mt. Vernon 

tt Mary E. Mrs. house 23 School 

a Nels, iisherman, house 21 Sadler 

a Nels, fisherman, house 7 Gilbert court 

a Otto, salesman, 215 .Main, boards 8 Water 


Lawson Peter, fisherman, boards G Vincent 

a Sarah Mrs. domestic at 13 Western av. 

u Sven P. fisherman, boai ds G Vincent 

a see also Larson 
Lawton Thomas M. foreman, house 920 Washington 

a William H. engineer, boards 920 Washington 
Leach Susan E. widow of Edward, house 12 Beacon 
Leahy Frank C. hostler, rear 77 Main, house 9 Pearl 

u Thomas, fisherman, boards 82 Duncan 
Leany Margaret Miss, house Sanderson court 
Leary John E. fisherman, hoards 11 Myrtle square 

n Patrick, laborer, house rear 114 Washington 

u William, fisherman, house 11 Myrtle square 

u William J. lost at sea 
Leavitt Prescott A. engineer, Gloucester Elec.Co. h. 4 Alpine ct. 
Le"Bail William II. hairdresser, 2 Duncan, hoards 5 Mt. Vernon 
Lebel Oliver, quarry man, house oil' Hickory st. 
LeBlanc Damian, fisherman,, boards 55 Duncan 

t.t Eugene, fisherman, boards 23 School 

u Louis, fisherman, boards 3 Millelt 

a S^lvanus, fisherman, boards 23 Mt. Vernon 

u William, fisherman, boards 352', Main 
Ledger Augustus, fisherman, boards 1G Water 
Lee Abby, widow, boards Concord street, W. G. 

u Charles E. died Nov. 14, 1896 

« Hand, laundry, 9 Centre 

.< dames (Boston), .summer residence, Shore road, Magnolia 

a Jim, laundry, 02 Washington, house do. 

a Mabel M. widow of Charles E. hoards G Myrtle square 

a Robert, fisherman, boards 18 Sargent 

a Sam, laundry, Ml Prospect 

a Sarah E. widow of William T. house 53 Beacon 

tt Sarah E. widow of Charles, removed to Lynn 

« Thomas, fisherman, boards 22 Main 
Lefebvrtj John, fireman at gas works, house 38 Millett 

a William, fisherman, boards 1G Water |. cial 

Leheiissier Albert A. clerk, 14 Western av. rooms 17 Coinmer- 
Leidriiius Samuel, paving cutter, house 42 Langsford 
Leight John, fisherman, boards 7 Locust 
Leighton Andrew, died Dec. 29, 1898 

a Ida C. Mrs. house 45 School 

a Lizzie, widow of Andrew, house 7 Water 
Leiter William T. tinsmith, 221 Main 
Lemoine George, fisherman, hoards 58 Duncan 

a John, fisherman, boards 68 Duncan 

a Phillip, fisherman, hoards 11 Locust 

tt William, fisherman, boards 58 Duncan 
LeMos Joseph, fisherman, house 57 Perkins 
Lendinan Olivea, widow of Frederick, house 11 Man-bant 
Lengler Mary J. widow, house 7 Ivy court 

(;loi:ci:stkk []jJ directory. 141 

Lennox Henry A. produce, house 4 Harvard 
Leo Joseph, fish skinner, house 62 Perkins 

m Manuel, fisherman, boards 62 Perkins 
Leonard Ellen-, widow, house 5 Derby 
Leppo Peter, fisherman, boards 40 Main 
Leppro John, tool sharpener, house 16 Maplewood av. 
Leseur Charles, music teacher, 9 Pew court, boards do. 

a John G. carpenter, house 9 Pew court 
Lesgold Julius, manager, 118 Main, house 23 Granite 
Leslie William, dining- room, 271 Main, house do. 

a William, jr. eating house, 69 Main, house 71 do. 
Le Sueur Robert, fish skinner, rear 33 Main, house 72 Perkins 

a Thomas, boards 72 Perkins 
Letteria Santapaola Mrs. house 10 Howe 
Levante Nicholas, fruit, etc. 232 Main, house do. 
Levator Manuel, fisherman, boards 1 1 Webster 
Leveau Oscar C. house 30 Beacon 
Levie Charles A. fisherman, house 4 Essex av. 
Lewis Albert (Boston), summer res. Fort Hill, Eastern Point 

a Antoine, fisherman, house 13 Sadler 

u Dennis, died in July, 1896 

« Dexter W. died Nov. 14, 1896 

»k Frank, fisji skinner, house 10 Klwell court 

ii Frank, house 32 Perkins 

ii Frank S. fisherman, house 32 Perking 

.. Ira L. irinuved to South Framinghain 

a Jesse, master mariner, house 8 Forest 

« Joseph B. shoemaker, boards 212 Essex av. W. G. 

a Joseph G. iislnrman, house 212 Essex a v. \Y . G. 

i< Orra M. widow of Henry, ho ise 41 Western av. 

i. Parker S. painter;, 275 Main, house at Roekport 

.» Manuel, fisherman, boards 18 Webster 

« ThoinuS, master tnariner, boards 63 Friend 
Lianna John, laborer, boards 26 Railroad av. 
Libberman Abraham, boots and shoes, 311 Main 
Llberte Alfred, clerk, 186 Main, boards 25 Pleasant 
Licht'iistein Morris, tailor, 171 Main, house 22 Bridge 
Lifjlitizer George H. tinsmith, 153 Main, house 1 Trask 
Li mas Manuel J. fisherman, house 1 1 Perkins 
Lind Charles, fisherman, boards 345 Main 

a Jacob S. farmer, house 249 Concord, W. G. 
Lindberg John, carpenter, house 23 Harrison av. 

« Samuel, fisherman, boards 16 Columbia 
Lindell Charles, fisherman, boards 46 Washington 
Linden Martin, fisherman, boards 5 Water 
Lindh William A. fisherman, house >'>6 Derby 
Linnekin Joseph, fisherman, boards 217 Main 

« Osborn P. captain towboat " Startle," house 12 Lookout 

u William 0. bookkeeper, 393 Main, boards 26 Elm 
Linnett Harry, fisherman, house rear 6 Cross 


Linscott Mary J. widow of Frank G. house 5 Revere 
Lipsett Iola, clerk, 196 Main, boards 5 Forest 

a Margery, house 5 Forest 
Little Bessie A. music teacher; house 63 Western av. 

it Peter, shoemaker, 51 Pi'ospeet, house do. 
Little field Frank F. hairdresser, 77 Washington, boards do. 

a Oscar A. labour, house Homans' court 
Livingston C. M . Mrs. millinery, 90 Main, house 42 Beacon 

(( Edward J. man. Gloucester Fresh Fish Co., Atlantic whl'. 
house 130 Washington 

u Henry C. died Aug. "28, 1897 

it Jacob, fisherman,, boards 113 Pleasant 

it James, carriage; maker, house (> Addison 

« Lloyd L. salesman (Boston), house 42 Beacon 
Lloyd Aaron C. clerk, 2 Western av. boards 4 do. 

it Charles S. painter, 23 Main, house 13 Beach court 

it Edward, boards 7 Beach court 

m Edward, 2d, clerk, boards 4 Western av. 

it Elizabeth P. Mrs. nurse, house 13 Beach court 

tt Emma Mrs. house 4 Western av. 

tt James Robert, fisherman,. boards 311 Main 

ILOYI) JOHN, undertaker and coffin warerooms, 2 West- 
_J ern av. house 4 do. (see page 525) 

it Margaret J. Miss, house 15 Friend 

a Mary P. boards 4 Western av. 
Loach Henry, fisherman, boards 65 Rogers 
Locke Charles E. engineer, house 113 Prospect 

a Elizabeth, stenographer, 33 Wharf, boards 10 Bellevue av. 

a Ernest B. clerk, 183 Main, boards 43 Beacon 

a E. Frank, removed to Woods lloll 

it Francis, agent Gloucester Lighterage Co., Steamboat whf. 
house 10 Bellevue av. 

a Harriet A. widow of Francis; house 43 Beacon 

a Henry P. house 39 Magnolia av. 

a Richard J. gasiitter. at Gas Light Co. house 52 Prospect 

tt Wilbur S. removed to Winchester 
Lody Thomas Mrs. house Griffin's block, Maplewood av. 
Lofquist Martin, nurse, Addison Gilbert Hospital, rooms 238 

Logan Charles, fisherman, house Rogers street 

a Frank P. T. physician, 42 Middle, house do. 
Lohmas Solomon, fisherman, boards 11 Pearce. 
Lohnis Freeman, fisherman, boards 1 (J Water 
Lorn an Peter, fisherman, boards 128 Duncan 
Lond ergon Henry E. clerk, 197 Main, boards 7 Cross 

a Peter, saloon, 142 Duncan, house 7 Cross 
Londrigan Elizabeth A. widow of Lawrence, house 22. Locust 
Long Albert W. fisherman, house 18 Rogers 

a Goon, laundry. 55 Pleasant 

a William, tinsmith, 221 Main 


Longan Bartholomew F. foreman* house 8 Railroad av. 
Longfellow H. Nason, 6 Liberty 
Lopes Frank T. fisherman, house 22 School 

a John T. painter, house 299 Western a v. 
Lord Foreman P. lisherman, boards '.I'M Main 

a Thomas II. summer residence, Cambridge av. 
Lorentzen Albert F. lisherman, house 5, rear 27 Haskell 

« Arthur, died Sept. 2(5, 1898 

a Peter, fisherman, house 99 Fast Main 

a Thomas A. fisherman, boards 55 Fast Main 

u William E. house 55 Fast Main 
Loring Frank S. clerk, 199 Main, house 27 Harrison av. 
Lorris William, fisherman, boards 2Q& Main 
Lothrop Frank W. bookkeeper, 66 Duncan, house 1 Locust 
T OTHKOP LLEWELLYN I), fishing tackle and ship 
1_J chandlery, 66 to 70 Duncan, h. 1 Locust (see page 51.9) 
Lotman August, fisherman, boards 483 Main 
Lett John, fisherman, boards 10 Gould court 
Loud Abby L. widow of John C. (Chelsea), summer residence, 

278 Western av. 
Love Patrick, laborer, house foot of Whittemore street 
Lovegren Charles F. fisherman, house 14 Friend 
Lovell Clarence P. (Melrose), summer res. 281 Western av. 
Lovett Arthur W. teamster, boards 43 Essex av. 

it Catharine ^.. widow of John, house 277 Main 

a Charles, fisherman, boards 277 Main 

u James F. teamster, house 42 Essex av. 

it John, painter, boards rear 82 Warner 

u John U. teamster, house 43 Essex av. 
Lovis William, fisherman, boards 2081 Main 
Low Brainard, fisj) dealer, 1 18 Main, house at Roekport 

u Cecil II. bookkeeper, Gloucester Fresh Fish Co. house 84 

« Charles II. reporter, 211 Main, house at Rock port 

tt David W. real estate, house 7 Stanwood av., W. Gr. 

it D. Forrest, foreman, house 58 Eastern av. 

« Fred F. architect, boards 7 Stanwood av., W. G. 

it Henry R. porter, Surl'side Hotel, boards do. 

tt Howard, fwsh dealer, 445 Main, house 87 Pleasant 

it Lucy E. widow, house 72 Western av. 

a Lulu E. dressmaker, 72 Western av. house do. 

tt Mary A. widow of Benjamin, house 10 Millett 

u Mary E. widow of Rufus, boards 80 Prospect 

u Mary J. widow of Benjamin, house 84 Prospect 

tt Maurice, fisherman, boards 20 Locust 

u Sarah E. widow of David, house Eastern av. near Hartz pi. 

a Sylvester, carpenter, house 8 Ashland place 

u William H. sailmaker, boards 8 Ashland place 
Lowe Addison, engineer, boards 7 Forest 

u Charles H. clerk, 43 Western av. boards 55 Mansfield 


Lowe Eliza K. widow of George H. hoards 10 Eastern av. 

a William II. clerk, house 55 Mansfield 

a William 0. baker, 5 Sargent, house 8 Morton place 
Lowell Georgina Miss ( Boston), summer residence, Lexington 

av., Magnolia 
Lowrie John J. hoards 6 Traverse 

a John S. fisherman, house 38 Centennial av. 

a Joseph, master mariner, house G Traverse 

a Samuel, lost at sea 

a see also Lavvrie 
Lucas Alice J- widow of Charles W. house 770 Washington 

a Charles W. quarryman, boards 770 Washington 

a George E. fisherman, boards 770 Washington 

a H» nry 11. peddler, house 776 Washington 

a Samuel, fisherman, house 823 Washington 

a Samuel M. boards 823 Washington 

a William II. laborer, house 30 School 

LUCE CHARLES W. & CO. furniture, carpets, etc. 
Elm— Street Opera House, house 17 Chestnut (see line 
on front cover) 
a Isaac, fisherman, boards 39 Commercial 
Lufkin Alfred I shoemaker, house G Rowe square 
a Andrew, house 437 Main 
a Andrew P. truant officer, house 8 Heck ford 
it Carrie B. saleswoman, 12 Pleasant, boards 37 Warner 
a Catharine, widow of Henry, house 40 Fort square 
u Charles, died Jan. 2, 1899 

TUFKIN CHARLES F. blockmaker, 353 Main, house 29- 
J Cleveland (see page 521) 
a Charles S. janitor Sawyer school, house G Rowe square 
a Daniel G. laborer, house 322 Main 
a Edward, driver, house 29 Harrison ay. 
a Edward, stone cutter, house 353 Essex av., W. G. 
a Edward J. laborer, house G Lorihg's court 
a Edward S. milk dealer, boards 37 Warner 
a Elisha, laborer, house 5 Amero court 
a Elisha, 2d, fish skinner, boards G Loriug's court 
a Elizabeth, clerk, 19G Main, boards 40 Fort square 
a Ephraim R. farmer, house GO Concord, W. G. 
a Everett/elerk, 27 Duncan, house 32 Granite 
a Francis 'II. farmer, house 45 Sumner, W. G. 
a Frank, proof reader. Cape Ann Breeze, bds. at Pigeon Cove 
a Frank W. stone cutter, boards 22 Atlantic, W. G. 
a Fred S. & Co. {Richard T.Lufkhi), props. Belmont Hotel, 

151 Main, house do. 
a George, engineer, 89 Duncan, house 15 Taylor 
a George, laborer, house 13 Eastern av. 
a George E. fish skinner, boards G Loriug's court 
a Henry, laborer, house Concord street, W. G. 
a Henry C. saloon, 27 Duncan,. house 2 Maple 


Lufkin Henry S. house 23 Webster 

a Hervey L. laborer, house 38 Sumner, W. G. 

« Howard F. saihnaker at Benj. Cook's, house 15*- Taylor 

a Ida K. Mrs. clerk, city clerk's office, house 29 Cleveland 

a Isaac Mrs. died Dec. 31, 1898 

u Israel, died Oct. 28, 1898 

a James E. teamster, house 413 Main 

« James H. saihnaker, house 12 Sadler 

a James T. farmer, boards 209 Essex av., W. G. 

a Jane B. widow of William B. house 150 Washington 

a John J. teamster, house 317 Main 

a John P. hostler, 1). M. Milton's, boards 3 Granite 

a Joseph D. clerk, Loving B. Haskell's, boards 23 Webster 

a Joseph W. & Co. (John Gleasori, jr.), sail makers, 79^ 
Duncan, house 28 Prospect 

a Louis A. laborer, boards rear 24 Eastern av. 

a Mary, widow of Charles, house rear 24 Eastern avi 

a Mary S. bookkeeper, 147 Main, boards 37 Warner 

a Moses, boarding house, 11 Burnham 

a Moses, fisherman, house 130 Prospect 

a M. Nellie, clerk, 122 Main, boards 347 do. 

a Otis A. farmer, boards 205 Concord, W. G. 

a Ralph, clerk, 129 Main, house 8 Mansfield 

a Richard T. (Fred S. Lufkin X- Co.). 151 Main, bds. do. 

a Robert K. saloon, 439 Main, house 437 do. 

a Samuel, house 18 Eastern av. 

n Samuel, jr. fisherman, boards 328 Main 

a Sarah, widow of Eben 11. house 3 Granite 

a Sarah, widow, boards rear 195 Eastern av. 

a Sophia, widow of William, house 22 Atlantic, W. G. 

a Walter F. laborer, boards 45 Sumner, W. G. 

a William D. butter dealer, house 37 Warner 

a William D. trader, house rear 350 Main 

a William L. stone cutter, house Sumner street, W. G. 

a Winifred W. reporter, Daily Times, 110 Alain, b. al Essex 

a see also Lovegren 
Lukeman James, fisherman, boards 9 Cedar 
Lumbar Mark, ship carpenter, house 20 Traverse 

a Norman M.^laborer, house 119 Washington 

a William W. laborer, house 14 Marble 
Lund Albin, fisherman, house 5 Vincent 

a Albion, fisherman, house 39 Warner 

a Ida Mrs. house 315 Main 

a John, fisherman, house 345 Main 

a John, boarding house, Union Hill 

a John W. laborer, boards 234 East Main 

a Nels A. boards 5 Vincent 
Lunderkin James F. clerk, 143 Main, b. 27 Commonwealth av. 

a Mary, widow of James, house 27 Commonwealth av. 
Lundral Alfred, fisherman, boards 40 Main 


Lundregan Martin, fisherman, house 6 Dike 

Lundrigan Elizabeth, widow of Lawrence, house 22 Locust 

a see also Londergon 
Lung Charles, laundry, 325 Main 
Lunt George A. cook at hatchery, Ten Pound Island, bds. do. 

a Mary, widow of William, house 170 East Main 

it William, fisherman, house 38 Derby 
Lupus Henry, fisherman, house 4 Pine 
Lurch in Robert, fisherman, house 8 Staten 
Lurvey Alphonso, carpenter, house 14 Leonard 

u Mary S. widow of Joseph, house 36 Atlantic, W. G. 

a Walter C. clerk, 172 Main, boards 12 Oak 

a Walter K. painter, house 12 Oak 

« William, fish peddler, house 21 Prospect 
Lutterell Simon, fisherman, house 27 Liberty [av. house do. 
Lycett Aithur M. apothecary and grocer, Fuller, cor. Norman 

a John,- boats to let, house; 5 Fruit court [Norman av. 

a John C. clerk, A. M. Ly celt's, house off Magnolia, near 

« Mary A. postmistress, Magnolia, Fuller, cor. Norman av. 
house do. 
Lyle C. Bruce, gardener, boards 237 Washington 

u David W. salesman, 217 Fast Main, house 278 do. 

a Frank J. shipper, 7 Elm, house 31 do. 

a Ira W. bookkeeper, S. W. Oakes', h. 133 Mt. Pleasant av. 

a James J. confectionery, etc. 3 Rocky Neck av. house 1 do. 

><■ -John, painter, boards 1 Say-ward 

it Joseph A. master mariner, boards 268 East Main 

a Killiam, fisherman, boards 43 Mt. Vernon 

<< Simpson, pro}). The Delphine, 325 East Main 

a Susan, widow of David, house 294 East Main 
Lynch Dennis E. blacksmith, boards rear 845 Washington 

it Edward W. laborer, boards 28 Warner 

a James H. laborer, house 18 'Spring 

a James II. jr. laborer, house rear 42 Eastern av. 

« John A. driver, Hose No. 5, house 28 Warner 

it John J. house 14 East Main 

a Mary, widow of Michael, house rear 845 Washington 

a Michael J. engineer, boards rear 845 Washington 
Lynn Edward, fisherman, boards 268! Main 

u Mary, widow of Alexander, house 4 Willow 
Lyons Annie, widow, house 6 Rogers 

a Esther and Lizzie, bouse 42 Fort square 

"a Esther, widow of John, died March 4, 1899 

a L). M. master mariner, boards 20 Locust 

t< William, removed to Beverly 

MacAULF:Y DANIEL M. teamster, house 4J Prospect 
MacCabe Arthur, physician, 87 Middle, house do. 
MacCallum Amelia I. teacher, boards 8 Clifford court 
a Edward B. boards 8 Clifford court 



MacCallum James, carpenter, house 8 Clifford court 

a Leta M. bookkeeper, 27 4 Main, boards 8 Clifford ct. 
Macchi Romeo, quarryman, boards 54 High 
Macdonald Eleanor S. Miss, teacher, boards 5 Foster 

a George E. asst. manager, Postal Telegraph Cable Co. 181 
Main, house 2 Kent Circle 

a II. F. Mrs. (Cambridge), summer res. Fuller St., Magnolia 

u James, master mariner, house 80 Duncan 

a Mary F. Miss, house 5 Foster 
]YJACDONALD RODERICK, shipping office and agent 
JLYJL Plant Line steamers, 51 Dun call, house M Columbia 
(see page 523) 

a William 1). house 73 Perkins 

it see also McDonald 
MacDougall Alexander, fisherman, house rear 40 Warner 
Maehado Manuel F. laborer, house ol Taylor 

u Mary, widow, house 31 Taylor 
Mack George II. iish skinner, house 10 Taylor 
Mackey Henry, paving cutter, house rear 40 Langsford 

u Jacob, laborer, house rear 10 Langsford 

tt John M. hostler, rear 20 Main,. boards 22 do. 

a Michael, fisherman, house 49 Washington 

a Timothy, boarding house, 18 Commercial 
MacLeod Catharine, widow of John, house 22 Perkins 

a George F. agent, house 3 Sylvan court 

it Howard, driver, boards 22 Perkins 

u: William II. laborer, house 17 Mt. Vernon 
MacMillan Annie R. widow of Allen, house 62 Middle 

tt Ktta F. Miss, bookkeeper, 7 Kim, boards 02 Middle 

a Neil C. carpenter, boards 1G Harrison av. 

u William Everett, clerk, 177 Fast Main, boards 62 Middle 

« William P. carpenter., boards 10 Harrison av. 

tt Winslow W. apothecary, 177 Fast Main, boards 62 Middle 

« see also McMillen 
Macomber Augustus H. laborer, house 74 Fast Main 

u Fred II. conductor, boards 71 Fast Main 
Madden Henry F. bouse 8 Rogers 

]\/["ADl)IX BUGS. {Nathaniel jr. and William A.), 
1_Y 1_ carpenters, contractors and builders, 9 Millett (see page 

..« Charles H. carpenter, 9 Millett, house 25 Webster 

a Nathaniel, carpenter, 9 Millett, house 31 Webster 

a Nathaniel, jr. (Maddix Bros.), 9 Millett, h. Carlisle street 

(i William A. {Maddix Bros.), 9 Millett, house 28 do. 
Maddocks Albeit S. apothecary, 103 and 105 Main, house 19 
Dale av. 

tt Ethel M. house 17 Middle 

a Gertrude, nurse, boards 164 Fast Main 

ti Lillian B. house 17 Middle 

tt Michael J. laborer, house 94 Maplewood a v. 

u William J. died May 18. 1897 

148 GLOUCESTER [ ]\J ] 


Madison Peter, rigger, 5 Rogers, 3 Prospect 
Madson Etta H. bookkeeper, 59 Eastern av. boards 19 do. 

a Lewis, fisherman, house 113 Pleasant 

it Rasmus, laborer, house 19 Eastern av. * 
Magee Thomas, carpenter, boards 85 Middle 

a see also McGee [nolia 

Magnolia Hotel, M. S. Gibson, manager, Lexington av., Mag- 
Magnusson John, boarding house, 15 Short 

a Martin, hostler, boards 15 Short, 

a Peter, fisherman, boards 5 Vincent 

a Theodore, paving cutter, house rear 839 Washington 
Maguire Frank, saihnaker, boards 32 Friend 

a Henry S. student, boards Essex av. cor. Bond 

it Joseph B. painter, Railway av., Duncan's Point, house 
Essex av. cor. Bond [av. cor. Bond 

ii Joseph E. bookkeeper, Joseph B. Magnire's, boards Essex 

a Thomas, quarry man, house 10 Emerald 

a Willis L. hairdresser, boards 91 Prospect 

» see also McGuire 
Mahoney Daniel, clerk, 680 Washington, house 1 Colburn 

« David, laborer, house 16 Friend 

a Mary Mrs. house 249 Main 

a Maurice, engineer, house 26 Colburn 

a Thomas F. dental student, 118 Main, rooms 13 Friend 
Mailman Belle, clerk, boards 326 East Main 

« Charles (Boston), boards 159 Mt. Pleasant av. 

a Jennie, teacher, Point primary, house 326 East Main 

a John F. fisherman, boards 320 East Main [Main 

tt Susan, widow of John, summer boarding house, .320 East 

u William, fisherman, house 159 Mt. Pleasant av.. 

" see also Mehhnan 
Main Jesse M. mason, boards 3 Mason square 
Mainini Joseph, stone cutter, house 658 Washington 
Makinen Eli, paving cutter, house 6 Munsey 
Malancon Harley J. conductor, G. St. lly. boards 2,17 Main 
Mall Antoine, fisherman, boards 254 Main 
Mallett Anna V. widow of John P. house 5 Haskell court 

it Richard, messenger at Hatchery, Ten Pound Island, b. do. 
Mallette Joseph; calker, house 36 Wharf 
Malmberg Charles, fisherman, boards 46 Main 
Maloneon Joseph, fisherman, boards 16 Water 
Malone Stillman, fisherman, boards 20 Locust 
Maloney Daniel J. fisherman, boards 46 Main 
Malonson Ambrose, prop. Mason House, Main, cor. Washington 

a Andrew, fisherman, boards 22 Main 

h Annie Mrs. house 36 Wharf 

a Arthur, fisherman, boards 16 Water 

a Benjamin C. teamster, D. M. Hilton's, house 2 Liberty 

** Charles, iceman, boards 105 Eastern av. 

(( Fred, driver, house 105 Eastern av. 


Malonson George, cook, 115 Slain, boards 19 Dutton 

u George A. eating house, 19 Duncan, rooms do. 

u James, farmer, house 16 Calder 

u James H. student, boards Mason House 

i'i John A. seaman, boards 17 Commercial 

a John P. teamster, house 14 Mason 

a Maggie, widow of William W. house 140 Maplewood av.. 

»< Mai tin, teamster, boards (5 Dike 

u Michael, iceman, boards 105 Eastern av. 

« Robert, driver, boards 177 Western av. 

u Sylvan Us, laborer, house 4 Clay court 

a Vincent, teamster, house 13 Taylor 

a Wallace, teamster, D, M. Hilton's 

it Walter, laborer, boards 14 Marble 

u William, iceman, house 105 Eastern av. 

a William W. died Feb. 21, 1899 
Maney Albert J. calker, boards 21 Willow 

a John, blacksmith, boards 11 Beach court 
Mann Jennie R. nurse, Addison Gilbert Hospital, boards do. 

tt Michael, shoemaker, 47 Duncan, house Washington, near 
Annisquam bridge [Point Boulevard, West 

u Parker ( Washington, D. C), summer residence, Eastern 
Mansall Charles, lisherman, boards 268J Main 
Mansfield Abby S. widow of Allied, house Franklin square 

« Alfred {James Mansfield X- Sous), 17 Main, h. 21 Middle 

it Edward, lisherman, boards 18 Water 

a Frank A. upholsterer, 168| Main, rooms do. 

tt Helen, boards 6 Franklin square 

a James & Sons {Alfred)] grocers, 17 Main 

« Samuel 11. clerk, 17 Mam, boards 21 Middle 

u Susan, boards G Franklin square 
Mantlioine Albert, lisherman, boards 58 Duncan 

u Rupert, fisherman, boards 58 Duncan 
Manuel Jacob, fisherman, boards 24 Gould court 
Marble Abbie L. widow of David, house 6 Davis 

it Edward, iish packer, boards 6 Davis 
Marchant Albert D. clerk, 30 Wharf, boards 19 Mason 

u Benjamin B. upholsterer, house 294 Western av. 

a Beulah, widow of Jabez, house 150 Leonard 

« Caleb L. confectionery, etc. 810 Washington, house do. 

»< Charles, at Almshouse 

k Charles (of 290 Western av.), died Feb. 5, 1899 

a Charles S. soap manuf. 30 Wharf, house 19 Mason 

it Cleveland P. blacksmith, house 3 Hutching' court 

« Eliza, widow of Thomas, house 112 Prospect 

tt Frank A. mail carrier, boards 291 Western av. 

tt Frank S. lisherman, boards 973 Washington 

a Frederick N. sailmaker, house 34 Cherry 

a Henry S. fisherman, boards 695 Washington 

tt Herman L. fisherman, boards 973 Washington 


Merchant Homer R. clerk, boards 19 Mason 
a Horace, fisherman, foot of Andrews street 
« Horatio G. lishennan, hoards 150 Leonard 
a Isaac, fisherman, boards 3 Smith 
a Jabez, liouse 095 Washington 
a Jabez S. lobsters, house 15 North Kilby 
a Jacob L. died May 11, 1898 
a James E. mariner, boards 294 Western av. 
a James L. stone cutter, house 16 Revere 
a James R. lishennan, boards 13 Eastern av. 
a James W. lishennan, house 973 Washington 
a John A. salesman, house 966 Washington 
a Joseph H. clerk, Fort wharf, boards 90 Middle 
a Joseph 8. clerk, 143 Main, house 90 Middle 
a Kilby S. lishennan, boards 095 Washington 
a Kilby S. laborer, liouse 5 Revere 
a Lorenzo D. laborer, house 294 Western a v. 
« Lucy, nurse, boards IS Hurnham 
a Mary E. widow of Daniel, house 1 'J Chestnut 
a Nathaniel, at Almshouse 
u Simeon, house Peaiee's Island 
a Simon, lishennan, boards 113 Pleasant 
a Walter E. lobster dealer, house 292 Western av. 
a William B. teamster, I). M. Hilton, boards 12 Chestnut 
a William H. lishennan, boards 15U Leonard 
u see also Merchant 
Marien Nancy, widow of Joseph, house ^>7 School 
Mark Joseph, lishennan, house 12 Sargent 
Markland Otto, blacksmith, house 19 South Kilby 
Markstrom John A. master mariner, house 81 Wheeler 
Markuson Augustus, shoemaker, hoards 15 Allen 
a Olinda Miss, house 15 Allen 
u William, pipe layer, boards 15 Allen 
Marlin Joseph, cooper, Commercial court, bouse 47 Beacon 

ti Mary H. teacher, Collins school, boards 47 Beacon 
Marlow Philip, paving cutter, bouse 19 South Kilby 
Mar* Annie P. teacher High school, boards 6 Warner 
a Charles A. blacksmith, 95 Duncan ; also grocer, 7 Mt. 

Vernon, bouse .')8 do. 
a Chester? clerk, house 32 Mt. Vernon 
a Chester C. blacksmith, boards 38 Mt. Vernon 
a Frank, farmer, boards 22. Dale av. 
a George, lishennan, house 1 Rowe square 
a James P. lishennan, house 26 Millett 
a Joseph, lishennan, boards 1 Cedar 
a Lawrence, lishennan, boards 1 Cedar 
a Lillian G. teacher, boards 6 Warner 
a Parker, laborer, N. E. Fish Co. house 6 Warner 
a Patrick, lishennan. boards 366 Main 
a Ralph, letter carrier, house 5 Racklill'e 


Marsh Charles II. engineer, pumping station, Magnolia av. W.G. 
house 232 do. 

a Frank II. assistant engineer, pumping station, hoards 232 
Magnolia av., W. G. 

a Flank W. police, house 6 Staten 

u George J. died Oct. 8, 1896 

a Harry W. clerk, house 2 Concord, W. G. 

« Joseph M. driver, steam fire engine 4, h. Staten [W.G. 

u Minnie G. teacher ol" music, 75 Middle, hoards 2 Concord, 
Marshall Anthony, removed to Essex 

u Benjamin, mason, house 35 Granite 

« Benjamin E. mason, hoards 35 Granite 

a Calvin, hoards 80 Washington [Addison 

u Charles E. (Mars/tall & Marc'hant), 82 Main, house 7 

u Daniel, house Bond street, VV. G. [53 Bond 

a Daniel F. printer, Merchant Box and Cooperage Co. House 

a Daniel 0. bookkeeper, Gardner & Parsons, h. 157 Wash. 

u Emma F. widow of George house 86 Essex av. W. G. 

*< Emma L. teacher Hovey school, boards 86 Essex av. 

« Ernest L. farmer, hoards 199 Concord, W. G. 

a George, farmer, house 199 Concord, W. G. 

it George C- farmer, house Sumner street, VV. G.- 

u Horace N. eating house, 324 Washington, b'ds. 35 Granite 

a James M. lawyer, 132 Main, house at Kockport [Foster 

u James 0. clerk, Maplewood av. cor. Railroad av. house 4 

a John, fisherman, hoards I'd Fort square 

u John, master mariner, house 17 Elm 

u Manuel F. boatman, house 31 Taylor 

« Mary, clerk, 205 Main, boards 31 Taylor 

« Mary, widow of Frank, house 31 Taylor 

a Men ill, bicycle repairer, 215 Main, house Bond st., W. G. 

a Ralph I), clerk (Boston), boards 29 Orchard 

a Robert, removed to Essex 

it Thomas, fisherman, house (51 Friend 

u Thomas M. foreman, house 41 Bond 

« William F. farmer, house 7 Cole, W. G. 

u & Marchant (C. B. Marshall), confectioners, 82 Main 
Marston Amanda G. widow of Charles, house 136 East Main 

« Annie W. Miss, music; teacher, boards 10 Prospect 

u Charles 0. Shipper, Shute & Merchant's, h. 17 Say ward 

a Edwin F. boards 10 Prospect 

« Herman L. laborer, boards 17 Say ward 

u John W. Mrs. house 15 Staten 

' a Samuel, clerk, 257 Main, house 8 Procter 

u Stephen D. clerk, 206 Main, boards 8 Procter 

« Thomas, laborer, boards 104 East Main 

ii Warren, hairdresser, 132 Main, house 18 Washington 

a William F. transit man, engineer's office, City Hall, house 
182 East Main 

a William II. clerk, 183 Main, house 15 Elm 

152 GLOUCESTER [ ^\{ ] Dl It ECTOR Y. 

Martel Alexaiuler, fisherman, boards 41 Commercial 

u Frederick, fisherman, boards 'J 17 Main 
Martin Alexander, laborer, house 29 Willow 

a Antoine, painter, house 39 Cherry- 
it Arthur W. conduetor, house 91 Pleasant 

u Austin E. groceries and ice cream, 126 East Main, house 
12 Caledonia place 

u Charles, fisherman, house 78 Mt. Pleasant av. 

a Charles, machinist, 93 Main, hoards 3 Procter 

(< Charles A. fisherman, boards 78 Mt. Pleasant av. 

u Charles S. laborer, boards 5 Page 

t< Dennis, laborer, house 18 Friend 

« Elizabeth J. Miss, dressmaker, house 78 East Main 

.< Frank F. carpenter, house 57 Friend 

« Fred, hairdresser, boards 151 Page 

a George, at Almshouse 

u George B. iisberman, house 11 Hampden 

u George B. Iisberman, boards 78 East Main 

tt George 11. ins. agent, house 15 Highland 

d George H. jr. fish skinner, house 70 East Main 

u Henry W. laborer, house 74 East Main 

t< Howard, Iisberman, boards 10 Locust 

a James C. cigar mannt'. 95 Main, bouse 10 Prospect 

u James II. laborer, boards 405 Main 

u James S. painter, boards 78 Mt. Pleasant av. 

u John, iisberman, house 8 Fremont 

« John, fisherman, boards rear 42 Friend 

k John, Iisberman, boards 12 Allen 

« John D. Iisberman, boards Charles W. Elvvell's, Avon ct. 

a Joseph, painter, house 85 Prospect 

u Joseph A. machinist, 'I'M) Main, house 16 Williams court 

a Manuel I), grocer, 58 Friend; house 56 do. 

« Manuel P. iisberman, boards 63 Friend 

a Mary A. widow, bouse 'JO Railroad av. 

it Peter, iisberman, boards 31 Duncan 

« Sidney F. foreman, house 25 Harrison av. 

a Stephen J. asst. U. S. Fish Commission, h. 23 Highland 

u Theodore L. cutter, 1 12 Main, hou e 6 Balford 

u Thomas, fisherman, house 8 Wiley 

u Thomas E. laborer, house 6 Warner 

a Thomas H. fisll curer, house 33 Friend 

(( Waldo C. plumber, 153 Main, house 19 Hampden 

a Walter E. fisherman, boards 78 Mt. Pleasant av. 

« Willard.E* machinist, house 73 Western av. 

« William, at Almshouse 

u William. E. machinist, 230 Main, house 73 Western av. 
Mason Adelia J. and Althea Misses, h. 902 Washington 

«'■ Charles (Daniel Carroll & Co.), saloon, 20 Hancock, house 
85 Commercial 

MASON CHARLES A. dry and fancy goods, 54 Wash- 
ington, house 4 Wells (see page 532) 


Mason Elizabeth Mrs. at Almshouse 

a Freeman, fisherman, hoards 217 Main 

a Herman E. hoards 962 Main 

n House, Ambrose Malonson, prop. Main, cor. Washington 

u James, fisherman, hoards Orchard 

« John, fisherman, boards 20 Shepherd * [Conant av. 

« L. Walter. Hew pastor First Unitarian Church, house*15 

a Peter F. died Sept. 29, 1898 

» Thomas', fisherman, boards 8 Water 

u William, fisherman, boards 8 Water 
Master Mariners' Association, 207|- Main 
Masters Charles, branch pilot, house 19 Sargent 

» George, laborer, house 9 Stage Fort av. 

u John, teamster, house' 21 Beacon 
Matherson John A rigger, boards 42 Friend 
Matson. Andrew, quarry man', house Morgan street 

u Eli as, paving cutter, house end of Quarry street 

a Frank, paving cutter, house 82 Woodbury 

a Henry, blacksmith, house 52 Woodbury 

u Joseph, paving cutter, boards 6 Mason sq. 

a Leo, quarry man, house Morgan street 

u Louis, boarding house, l.'l 3 Pleasant 

u Mat. quarryman, house end of Quarry street 

u Mat. quarry man, boards 819 Washington 

tw Peter, fisherman, boards 7 Gilbert court 

u Willis B. clerk, 19C) Main, house (5 Forest 
li/TATTUKWS OWEN, tailor, 10() Main, house 9 Arthur 
Jj/JL (see page f> 17) 

« Rosa I\Iiss, housekeeper, CO Prospect 
Mattison Albert E. laborer, boards 8 Prospect 

a Elf/a J. widow, bouse 8 Prospect 
Mat/, Joseph, fisherman, house 40 Friend [do. 

Manil Harry 0. foreman at .Hatchery, Ten Pound Island, hols. 
Mausliardt Charles A. confectioner, 142 Main, h. 82 Washington 
Maxwell Charles N. (of 31 Langsford), diet! May 0, 1898 L JJ 

a George, lisherman, house 1 Morton place 

it Jennie I), widow of Charles N. house 31 Langsford 
May David F. clerk, 112 Main, house 38 School 

a James, nYenrian, hoards Fuller, cor. Magnolia av. 

a James, iUhermau, removed to Cambridge 

a Jonathan, carpenter, Fuller, cor. Hesperus av., Magnolia, 
house 412 Western av., do. 
Maynard Henry F. fisherman, boards 10 Water 
Mayo Albert, electrician, house 32 Bass av. 

n Annie, clerk, 18G Main, boards 62 Pleasant 

a Antoine J. fisherman, house 43 Prospect 

tt Charles, boards 62 Pleasant 

a Elizabeth, widow of George, house 62 Pleasant 

« Ezekiel, junk and paper stock, 17 Bass av. house do. 

k Frank A. clerk, 70 Prospect, boards 02 Pleasant 



Mayo George H. manager, GO Pleasant, boards 62 do. 

a Hamlin, fisherman, house 6 Fremont 

u Israel C. tin can manuf. 30 Granite, house 10 Orchard 

u Maud, clerk, 18G Main, boards 62 Pleasant 

u Wilbur S. wood dealer, 30 Granite, house 132 do. 
McAdam John, fisherman, boards 64 Rogers 
McAskell Elizabeth Mrs. house 104 Duncan 

u John, fisherman, boards 82 Duncan 
McA skill Alexander, laborer, house 120 Magnolia av. 
McAuley Annie, widow, boards 68 Prospect 

u Daniel, driver, Burnham Bros, house 43 Prospect 

ti Michael, teamster and boarding house, 18 Sargent 

a Patrick, carpenter and boarding house, 82 Duncan 

a see also McCauley 
McCaffrey Catharine, widow, died Aug. 10, 1898 

,'u Edward, foreman, house. 22 Gould court 
■ u John, shoe cutter, boards 22 Gould court 
McCaleb Charles E. house 133 Washington 

a Vinal D. house 16 Hammond 
McCallum Gideon, fisherman, boards 252^ Main 
McCarthy Dennis F. paving cutter, boards 17 Woodbury 

ti Ellen Mrs. house 7.1 Shepherd 

a Eugene, paving cutter, boards 15 Woodbury 

u Frederick, fisherman, boards 58 Duncan 

a John, paving cutter, boards 1.5 Woodbury 

a John H. fisherman, boards 58 Duncan 

u John H. fisherman, boards 11 Chestnut 

u John W. Mrs. house 126 Mt. Pleasant 

u Mary, widow, house 19 Sargent 

« Michael, paving cutter, boards 74 Langsford 

a Thomas, paving cutter, boards 15 Woodbury 

u Timothy, blacksmith, Raymond st., Magnolia, house do. 

a Timothy, stone cutter, house 15 Woodbury 

u Timothy, jr. quarry man, house 74 Langsford 
McCarty William, laborer, house 8 Bauson 
McCathern Hugh, fisherman, boards 2158 Main 

a John A. fisherman, house 9 Willow 

a Mary, widow of AHen, house 1 1 Pleasant 

a Randall, Iisherman, boards 20 Shepherd 

u see alsif McEachern 
McCauley Eben, master mariner, house 9 Marble 

a Peter, fisherman, boards 82 Duncan 

« see also McAuley and Macauley 
McCleave James, foreman, Cape Ann Shoe Co. house 46 Cherry 
McClellan Edward, fisherman, boards 20 Shepherd 
McClue William, fisherman, boards 31 Duncan . [Magnolia 
McClure Maria M. (Boston), summer residence, Shore road, 

a William, fisherman, boards 22 Main 
McCollum Margaret, widow of James, boards 19 Prospect 

a Otis, teamster, house 39 Eastern av. 


McCormaek Archibald, removed to Bangor, Me. 

a Daniel, fisherman, boards 18 Sargent 

a Daniel F, hairdresser, 31 Duncan, boards 43 Granite 

a Daniel G. clerk, B. & G. Steamboat Co. house 25 Centen- 
nial av. 

a Hugh R. fisherman, boards 16 Smith 

a Isaac, fisherman, boards Leighton's court 

tt Jennie Miss, compositor, 110 Main, b.ds. rear 24 Lookout 

u John, fisherman, boards 10 Locust 

it John A. eating house, 2 Railroad av. bouse 43 Granite 

u Joseph, carpentei'i boards 10 Smith 

a William, fisherman, boards 10 Locust 

it William C. laborer, B. & G. Steamboat Co. h. 6 Harvard 
MeCormiek Patrick, laborer, boards 7 South Kill > y 

it William, stone cutter, house 7 South Kilby 

tt William M. stone cutter, boards 7 South K.ilby 
McCray William, iisherman, boards 17 Locust 
McCue John, iisherman, boards 24 Pine 
McCuish Donald, iisherman, boards 4 Harvard 
McCulloch Henry S. harnesses, horse clothing, etc. 133 Main, 
house 2G Dale av. 

tt John, iisherman, boards 248^ Main 
McCummiskey Thomas W. iisherman, house 35] Bridge 
McCurdy Alexander, blacksmith, 133 E. Main, h. 17 Say ward 

u Charles K. laborer, boards 17 Say ward 

a James Everett, fish packer, boards 17 Kay ward 
McCuspic Daniel, iisherman, boards 295 Main 
McDermott Daniel, fisherman, boards 10 Gould ct. 
McDonald Alexander, iisherman, boards 295 Main 

ii Alexander, iisherman, boards 10 Sargent 

a Alexander, printer, 211 Main, boards 42 Leighton's ct. 

a Alfred, iisherman, boards 10 Smith 

<( Allen, iisherman, boards 1 Water 

u Allen, laborer, house 60 Western av. 

a Allen, water-boat man, house 20 Locust 

a Allen (of 8 Myrtle square), lost at sea 

(t Allen C. rigger, house 293 Western av. 

tt Andrew J. shoemaker, boards 6 Forest 

a Angus, iisherjnan, boards 82 Duncan 

a Angus, iisherman, boards 3 Addison 

a Angus, fisherman, boards 274 I Main 

" Angus, painter, boards 79 Maplewood av. 

a Angus A. iisherman, house 52 Fort sq. 

it Angus A. iisherman, boards 82 Duncan 

a Ann, widow, house 10 Fort sq. 

tt Anne E. widow of Charles, house 14 Spring 

a Annie, widow of Hemy W. house 33 Granite 

tt Annie, widow of Joseph, bouse 16 Taylor 

u Archibald, iisherman. bunds 82 Duncan 

u Archibald (of 10 Smith), lost at sea 

tt Archibald, iisherman, and boarding house, 20 Shepherd 



[ ]\[ ] DIRECTORY. 


Donald Blanche, clerk, 18G Main, boards 7 Forest 
Catharine, widow of Philip, house 9 Prospect 
Catharine A. widow, house 55 Duncan 
Charles A. carpenter, house G7 Rogers 
Charles R. carpenter, 8 Chapel, house do. 
Charles W. blacksmith, 3 East Main, house 21 Eastern av. 
Charlotte, widow, house 10 Sargent 
Clementina, house 250.] Main 
Daniel, carpenter, house rear 32 M.illett 
Daniel, fisherman, house 7 Pew court 
Daniel, fisherman, boards 10 Gould court 
Daniel (of 47 Prospect), lost at sea 
Daniel A. fisherman, house rear 5 Bit. Vernon 
Daniel A. fisherman, house 23 Mt. Vernon 
Daniel A. fisherman, boards 6 Vincent 
Daniel J. fisherman, house 4 Maple 
Daniel J. fisherman, boards 58 Duncan 
Daniel J. laborer, house 4 Oak 
Daniel W. hostler, 152 Main, boards 7 Burnham 
Duncan, fisherman, boards 16 Fort square 
Duncan D. fisherman, boards 6 Harold court 
Ernest R clerk, boards Acacia 
Ethel, clerk, 205 Main, boards 7 Forest 
Frank, fisherman, boards 120 Duncan 
George, laborer, boards 10 Gould court 
George I), driver, boards 51 Middle 
George F. removed to Philadelphia, Pa. 
Gilbert 1 1. sparmaker, house 51 Middle 
Hector D. conductor, Gloucester Si. Ry. h. 17 Hammond 
Henry, fisherman, boards 254 Main 
Hugh, fisherman, boards 20 Shepherd 
Hugh M. driver, Am. Ex. Co. boards Middle 
Hugh W. conductor, street railroad, boards 17 Hammond 
dames, carpenter, house 10 Cedar 
dames, fisherman, boards JG Marchant 
James, fisherman, boards 13 Porter 
James, fisherman, boards 217 Main 
James, fisherman, boards 1G Smith 
Jairles, fisherman, boards 15 Maplewood av. 
James, fisherman, boards 10 Pearl 
James, fisherman, boards 33 Granite 
James, master mariner, house 80 Duncan 
James, master mariner, house 43 Bass av. 
James, stone cutter, house 18 Spring 
James (of G Orchard), removed to Souris, P. E. I. 
James A. fish skinner, boards 43 Bass av. 
James E. laborer, house 4 Oak 
James L. fisherman, boards 20 Locust 
James W. fisherman, boards rear 47 Prospect 
Jerome, fishermen's outfitter, 27 lingers, h. 27 Prospect 
Jerome, jr. clerk, 47 Rogers, boards 27 Prospect 





[35 Elm 
1 1 Pleasant, 


McDonald John, clerk, boards 10 Fort square 

a John, fish cutter, house 111 Commercial 

a John, fisherman, house 10 Sargent 

« John, fisherman, hoards 18 Sargent 

a John, fisherman, hoards 10 tort square 

tt John, fisherman, house 32 Millett 

a John, hostler, hoards 317 Main 

« John, hostler, at I). M. Hilton's, hoards do. 

a John, painter, boards 67 lingers 

u John A. (Cosiello X- McDonald), tailo 

a John A. fisherman, hoards 12 Railroad ; 

« John C. fisherman, boards 9 Middle 

a John D. constable, 1 1 1 Main, boards 28 

u John F. fisherman, house 9 Acacia 

u John G. clerk, house 15 Haskell 

a John G. clerk, hoards 11 Arthur 

u John G. fisherman, boards 15 Maplewood av. 

« John -J. carpenter, hoards 27 Prospect 

a John .J. letter carrier house 22 Mt. Vernon 

it John N. variety store. 7 1 Alt. Pleasant av. house do. 

it John R. hostler, 1) M. Hilton'.s, boards (5 Pearce 

u John S. lisherman, boards 10 Sargent 

a John W. fisherman, house (5 Forest 

u Joseph, carpenter, house 115 Pleasant 

a Joseph (of 19 Shepherd), died April 3, 1895 

tt Joseph A. laborer, house 111 Western av. 

a Joseph F. iron melter, hoards Acacia 

a Joseph L. fisherman, house GO Washington 

tt Katherine M. nurse, Addison Gilbert. Hospital, bo 

tt Lawrence, fisherman, house 17 Bridge 

a Loughlin, fish skinner, house 15 Beach court 

a Margaret, widow of Michael W. house 22 Millett 

tt Mary, house 5 Foster 

u Mary, house 29 Fort square 

tt Mary, widow of Colin, house 11 Millett 

a Mary, widow of Daniel, house 28 Sargent 

u Neil, fisherman, house 1 Millett 

a Neil J. laborer, house 1 1 Prospect 

u Normarf, clerk, 236.],- Main, house 8 Blackburn 

« Paul J. fisherman, house 4 Sylvan 

tt Peter, fisherman, boards 82 Duncan 

« Peter, fisherman, house Leigh tan's court 

u Peter (Harvey & McDonald), hairdresser. 27 Main, bds. 

n Randall, carpenter, boards 26 Railroad av. 

a Randall A. fisherman, boards 53 Prospect 

a Roderick, carpenter, house 7 Burnham 

a Roderick, fisherman, boards 124 Duncan 

MCDONALD RODERICK, shipping office, and agent 
Plant line of steamers, 54 Duncan, house 14 Columbia 
(see page 523) 

lis do. 


[217 do. 




McDonald Ronald, house 97 Pleasant 

a Sarah, widow of Daniel A. house 41 Commercial court 

u Stephen J. fisherman, house 21 Dil^i 

k Sylvane, iish skinner, hoards 43 Bass av. 

a Thomas, paving cutter, house 14 Woodbury 

it William B. fish dealer, House 125 Prospect 

a William B. fisherman, house 11 Arthur 

a William D. fisherman, hoards 73 Perkins 

a William E. fisherman, hoards 11 Arthur 

it William E. hairdresser, 259 Main, house 321 do. 

u William J. clerk (Lynn), hoards 22 Millett 

u see also Macdonald 
McDonnell Duncan, fisherman, house 30 School 
McDonuugh Bartholomew J. clerk, 98 Main, h. 109 Commercial 

u Cornelius, lisherman, hoards 109 Commercial 

.< John, fisherman, house 109 East Main 

a John H. grocer, 25 Cleveland, house do. 

u Miles, fisherman, house 3 Liberty 

a Miles, fisherman, house 109 Commercial 

tt Patrick, laborer, house 3 Border 
McDougall James W. removed to Boston 

it Lauchlin, lisherman, house 20 Sargent 

it Thomas, grocer, 25 Commercial, house do. 
McEaehen Hugh J. painter, hoards 1G Smith 

a John, ship carpenter, house 10 Trask 

.i John E. lisherman, hoards 16 Smith 

a Neil, hoarding house, 16 Smith 

a Neil J. clerk 145 Main, hoards 10 Smith 
McEai'liern Albert, freight handler, hoards 7 Locust 

it Alexander, master mariner, house 3i) Mt. Vernon 

tt Angus, house 7 Locust 

a Angus 1). lisherman, boards 20 Shepherd 

a Benjamin, painter, hoards 7 Locust 

a Daniel, fisherman, boards 22 Shepherd 

a Daniel A. teamster, boards 9 Middle 

« Duncan, fisherman, hoards 317 Alain 

« Hugh, fisherman, boards 94 Maplewood av. 

tt Hugh, fisherman, hoards 20 Shepherd 

a H. Frfd, hairdresser, 20 Washington, boards 58 Warner 

u James, stevedore, house 1 Babson's court 

« James D. boards 1 Babson's court 

u Jessie A. clerk, 210 Main, boards 27 Mansfield 

a John, fisherman, boards 20 Shepherd 

a John, fisherman, boards 198 Main 

u John, fisherman, house 27 Mansfield 

a John, fishermen's outfits, 13 Pearce, boards 317 Main 

tt John A. fisherman, house 9 Willow 

u John J. clerk, B. &'G. Steamboat Co. boards 67 Pleasant 

a Mary, widow of Allen, house 2 Liberty 

a Matilda Mrs. house 63 Rogers 


McEachern Ronald, fisherman, boards 1 Babson's court 

a Stephen, fisherman, boards 15 Maple wood av. 
McEvoy Michael, fisherman, boards 31 Duncan 
McFadden Alexander, lost at sea 

a Charles A. driver, boards I Rowe square 

tt Daniel, at Almshouse 

a Franklin II. laborer, house 9 Rowe square 

a Henry H. boards Rogers street 

a James, house 8 Dike 
MeFarland John W. master mariner, house 10 Allen 

u Nelson Y. plumber, boards 10 Allen 
McFarlane James, boarding house, 11 Pearce 

" John, removed to Rockport 

a Michael, fisherman, boards 6 Shepherd 

a Peter, fisherman', house 64 Perkins 
McGee Melimla Miss, house 6 Grove 

u see also Magee 
McGeoch John, paving cutter, house 13.} South Kilby 

« Robert, paving cutter, house Dennis court 
McGilvray Angus, fisherman, house rear 102 Washington 
McGiriley Dennis, painter, boards 9 Commercial court 

n Mary, widow of Michael, house 9 Commercial court 

« Stephen, house 8 Gilbert court 
McGinnis Alexander, fisherman, boards 10 Locust 

a Angus, fisherman, boards 16 Smith 

u John, fisherman, boards 20 Shepherd 

a see also Mel nnis 
McGovern Mary, widow, tit Almshouse 
McGrath Andrew, foreman, Fort wharf, house 22 Orchard 

a Annie Miss, stenographer, Tarr & Wonson's, Roeky'^Neck y 
boards 5 Pearl 

a Ellen, widow of James II. house rear 21 Dike 

a E. II. fisherman, boards 12 Mansfield 

u Henry \V. teamster, 12 Montgomery place, house 11 
Harmony square 

a James, bartender, 279 Main, boards 321 do. 

a James, jr. fish skinner, boards 7 Derby 

a James Mrs. house 7 Derby 

a James F. fisherman, boards rear 21 Dike 

a John, removed to Boston 

a John A. tinsmith, 221 Main, house 25 Chestnut 
MaGraw John, fisherman, boards 57 Warner 
McGregor Frank, fisherman, house 9 Prospect 
McGuire Bridget, widow of J. Dennis, house 89 Pleasant 

a Charles A. fisherman, boards 9 Ivy court 

a Thomas, fisherman, boards 28 Friend 

a see also Maguire 
Mclienry James W. fisherman, house 124 Duncan 
Mclnnis Bridget, widow of Joseph, house 20 Mt. Vernon 

a James W. baggageman. B. & M. R.R. house 18 Summit: 



f M ] 


Mclnnis John, fisherman, house 2 Sargent 

a John M. master mariner., house 10 Ivy court 

a John P. fish skinner, hoards 20 Mt. Vernon 

a Joseph, jr. hoards 20 Mt. Vernon 

a Mary, widow, house 10 Ivy court 

u Roderick J. fisherman, house 891 Main 

u Stephen, hostler, 11 Mansfield, house 47 Warner 

u see also McGinnis 
Mclntire Edwin, fisherman, house 4 Parker court 

ti Edwin C. apotheeary, house 197 East Main 

u Eliza L. widow of Timothy, house 101 Prospect 

a Forest H. engineer, boards 4 Parker court 

a John I), laborer, house 17 Leonard 
Mcintosh Charles, agent, N. 10. Fish Co. house 5 Addison 

u Charles, lahorer, house 44 Wharf, 

« Colin, clerk, 204 Main, boards 321 do. 

it Fitz, city messenger. City Hall, house 12 Procter 

u George C. house 14 Addison 

it Roderick, fisherman, boards 11 Prospect square 
Melsaac Angus, blacksmith, 15 Mansfield, house 5 Clifford court 

a Charles M. fish skinner, hoards 295 Main 

u Daniel, fisherman, house 10 El well 

a Daniel, fisherman, house 3 Addison 

a Ellen, widow of .James, house 22 Liberty 

a Euphemia A. clerk, boards 22 Liberty 

it John, hostler, 29 Washington, boards 32 do. 

a J. Walter, salesman, boards 22 Liberty 
McKay Alexander, iisherinan, house 8 Pearl 

u Annie R. widow of Angus, liouse 24 Trask 

it Clement, iisherinan, boards 25 Washington 

it* Daniel, fisherman, house 12 Centennial av. 

a Frederick, fisherman, hoards 10 Locu.^t 

it Florence E. stenographer, 331 Main, boards 21 Trask 

it George, clerk, 54 Duncan 

tt James, fisherman, house 834 Washington 

a John H. fisherman, house 32 Sargent 

it Lor an, motorman, house 5 Harmony square 

a Lydia, widow, house 104 Duncan 

a Ralf)h E. clerk, 14 Main, boards 21 Trask 

a Spencer, lost at sea 

u Thomas, iisherinan, boards 104 Duncan 

a Wallace, fisherman, boards Angle 

it William, fisherman, boards Rogers 

a William, fisherman, boards 12 Railroad av. 

u William, fisherman, boards 20 Shepherd 

a William J. fisherman, boards 32 Sargent 
McKechnie F. A. house Marsh street 
McKeller Daniel, removed to Suncook, N. H. 

a Duncan, removed to Milford 

a James, machinist, liouse 23 Quarry 

u John, paving cutter, house 14 Hutcbins court 



MeKenna John, cigars, etc. basement 39 Main, house 339 do. 
MeKenney George H. captain night watch, Police station, house 
15 Commonwealth av. 

a Georgia, clerk, 83 Main, hoards 15 Commonwealth av. 

a Louis M. (Boston), house 84 Prospect 

a Nelson A. fisherman, house 29 Chestnut 

a see also M-c Kinney 
McKennon .John J. shoemaker, hoards 18 Columbia 

tt Neil, hoards 9 Cedar 

u see also McKinnon _| hoards 5 Bahson 

McKenzie Albeit 11. (F.S.Jt A . II. McKenzie), 78 Main, 

it Alice, widow of Andrew, house 8 \ Cleveland 

a Archibald, fisherman, boards 6 Ivy court 

a Burton A. teamster, house 4 Harold court 

a Ellen M. house 5 Bahson 

MCKENZIE FRANK 8. & A. H. printers, 78 Main, 
boards 5 Babson (see page 524) 
a Leonard B. shipwright, 41 Rogers, house at Essex 
a Peter, fisherman, boards 90 Duncan [ Babson 

a Robert C. auctioneer, 92 Main, and city assessor, house 5 
u Robert P. printer, 78 Main, boards 5 Babson 
a Roderick, laborer, house 10 Vincent 
u William A. carpenter, house 22 Cherry 
" William K. P. fisherman., house 95 Maplewood av. 
« William N. house 90 Middle 

McKie James, paving cutter, house 12 Andrews 

Me Kinney Charles W. foreman, house rear 5 Mt. Vernon 
a see also MeKenney 

McKinnon Augustus, fisherman, boards 5<S Duncan 
a Daniel, fisherman, house 23 Mt. Vernon 
a Daniel D. clerk, 142 Duncan, house 4 £ argent 
a Daniel II. carpenter, boards 82 Duncan 
it Duncan, fireman at gas works, house 58 Warner 
n Prances 0. telegrapher, 157 Main, bds. 44 Rocky Neck av. 
tt Hugh, fisherman, boards 252^ Main 
it Hugh, house 9 Cedar 

" James, laborer, Gardner So Parsons', house 105 Prospect 
« James A. fisherman, house 5 Shepherd 
a John, fisherman, boards 60 Main 
tt John, master mariner, house .37 Derby 
a John A. master manner, house 13(5 Maplewood av. 
a John A. boards 15 Maplewood av. 

tt- John C. sailmaker. 79f Duncan, boards 9 Western av. 
m John D. master mariner, house 37 1 Derby 
tt John F. fisherman, boards 9 Cellar 
a Marion, clerk, 180 Main, boards 19 Exchange 
tt Norman J. stoves, etc. 30 Washington, house 73 do. 
" Robert, fisherman, boards 252.1 Main 

McKoney John, fisherman, boards 58 Duncan 
a William, fisherman, boards 58 Duncan 




McLaren Benjamin, master mariner, hoards 20 Locust 

u Henry, fisherman, boards 20 Locust 

a H. L. bookkeeper, Atlantic Halibut Co. boards 35 Chapel 

« Laura A. Miss, died July 19, 1808 

u William, fisherman, boards 150 Maplewood av. 

«'. William R. janitor, house 35 Chapel 
McLaughlin Henry C. printer, 110 Main, house 11 Church 

MCLAUGHLIN JAMES H. hariiessmaker, 45 Main, 
boards 18 Cedar (see page 524) 

« John, baker, house 50 Granite 

tt John, laborer, house 18 Cedar 

u John E. removed to Pawtucket, R. I. 

n John L. laborer, boards 18 Cedar 

a Michael, tailor, 100 Main, boards 18 Cedar 
McLean Alexander, baker, boards 10 Gould court 

u Alexander, fisherman, boards 7 Locust 

a Alexander, fisherman, boards 12 Railroad av. 

it Allen, clerk, 98 Main, house rear 150 Washington 

"■ Alphonso M. cook, boards 19 Washington 

ti Alphonso M. fisherman, boards 58 Duncan 

tt Angus, cookj 57 Pleasant, house 23| Mansfield 

« Angus, fisherman, boards 28 Friend 

a Angus, fisherman., hoards Hovve 

n Archie, fisherman, hoards 41 Commercial 

n Charles, fisherman, boards 10 Cedar 

it Charles A. fish cutter, house 10 Oak 

a Daniel, painter, boards 79 Maplewood av. 

a Douglass, fisherman, house 56 Grove 

a George K. fisherman, boards 1 1 Commercial 

it George K. laborer, house 111) Maplewood av. 

a George H. lish packer, hoards 12 Mt. Vernon 

.. Hamilton R. H. coolc, boards 16 Cedar 

u James, master mariner, boards 10 Smith 

tt Jane, widow of .James, house 13 Maplewood a v. 

a John, fisherman, lioune 1 Aithur-st. court 

u John, fisherman, hoards 120 Duncan 

it John A. fisherman, boards 7 Pew court 

a -John D. removed to Boston 

u Ltfvi K. laborer, boards 12 Mt. Vernon 

u Levi N. master mariner, house 12 Mt. Vernon 

tt Lewis C. fisherman, house 5 Summit 

u Sarah Miss, dressmaker, boards 7 Pew court 

« Stephen, fisherman, house 21 Mt. Vernon 

u Vida Miss, matron, Addison Gilbert Hospital, boards do. 

u William, fisherman, boards 58 Duncan 

>« William, hoMler, hd .. Oak (Irovo, Magnolia av., Magnolia 

Mel \A\t\\\ K\U\\\ U UWUmUli, house Quarry street 

.. Alphonso, blacksmith, house 11 Vulcan 

« Archibald C. physician, died Oct. 18, 1896 

« Brvce & blacksmith, 890 Washimgton, house 45 Langsford 





McLellan Charles \V. fisherman, house 3 Mason square 

tt Edwin, fisherinan, boards 32 Sargent 

« Ellen E. Miss, house 13 McLellan 

a .Joseph, lisherinan, house 10 Locust 

a Joseph A. blacksmith, house 7 Vulcan 

u Lewis, fisherman, boards 104 Duncan [McLellan 

a Uufus, tinsmith, hardware, etc. 864 Washington, house 7 
MeLeod Alexander, fisherman, house 17 Willow 

it Alexander, lisherinan, boards 26 Rogers 

a Ellen, widow of John, house 267 East Main 

u James, laborer, house 34 Centennial av. 

a John, lisherinan, boards 10 Ivy court 

a William, lisherinan, boar<ls 10 Sargent 

.. William 11. laborer, house 17 Mt. Vernon 
McLond Alexander, master mariner, h. 131 M.t. Pleasant av. 

u John F. died Dec. 23, 1897 

u Simeon, master mariner, house 3 Mt. Pleasant court 

u Susan C. widow of John, house 3 Mt. Pleasant court 

n see also McCloiid 
McMahon Brian, house 12 Cleveland 

it Brian, jr. hairdresser, 56 Pleasant, boards 12 Cleveland 
MeMaster Allen, fisherman, boards 20 Shepherd 

u Allen, lisherinan, boards 97 Pleasant 

u Catharine, widow, house 1 Dike 

u Daniel, lisherinan, boards 15 Maplewood av. 

u Hugh, lisherinan, house 25 Mt. Vernon 
McMasters Angus, lisherinan, boards 10 Ivy court 

it Angus, laborer, house 10 Pearl 

a Donald, lisherinan, boards 10 Pearl 

tt Katie, house 15 Liberty ["St., Magnolia 

McMillan William (St. Louis, Mo.), summer residence, Fuller 
McMillen John J. driver, D. M. Milton's, boards 63 Rogers 

it Nancy J. house 10 Dike 

tt see also MacMillen and MacMillan 
McNair William, at Russia cement factory, house 6 Harold et. 
McNamara Alfred W. lish cutter, house 9 Eastern av. 

a Edward J. lish skinner, house 7 Harmony square 

it John A. died April 6, 1899 

tt Maurice A. laborer, boards 20 Eastern av. 

tt Thomas, lisherinan, hoards 34 Commercial 

tt William L. lish cutter, boards 20 Eastern av. 
McNary James, lisherinan, boards 1 Cedar 
McNear Mary, widow of John, house 1 Millett 

a Stephen S. fisherman, house 2 Clifford court 
McNeil Alexander, laborer, house 28 Exchange 

a Angus, laborer, house 32 Orchard 

tt Arthur, fisherman, boards 90 Duncan 

a Charles, fisherman, house 12 ilartz place 

a John, fisherman, house 21 Mt. Vernon 

a John, fisherman, boards 10 Pearl 


McNeil John, fisherman, boards 5 Herriek court 

n John It. fisherman, boards 1 1 Prospect square 

« Mary, widow, house 17 Prospect 

t< Neil, fisherman, house 92 Maple wood av. 

u Paul, fisherman, boards 11 Prospect square 

u Roderick, shoemaker, 08 Washington, house 8 Railroad av. 

u Roderick H. fisherman, house 11 Oak 

u William, painter, house 6 Stone court 
McNeirny Catharine, widow of Timothy, house 13 Linwood pi. 

u Michael J. lawyer, 132 Main, house 13 Linwood pi. 

u Timothy, died Jan. 27, 1898 
McNish John, stone cutter, house 9 Langsford 
McNulty Charles, bill poster, house 7 Willow 

u John J. ('McNulty & Kane), 58 Commercial, boards 25 
Maplewood av. [cial 

a & Kane (J. J. McKulty, J. J. Kane), junk, 58 Commer- 
McPhail Benjamin, teamster, boards 6 Cross 

a James W. driver, boards 15 Maplewood av. 

a Mary, widow of James, house G Cross 
McPhee /Eneas, fisherman, house 51 Friend 

« Archibald, lisherman, boards 301 Main 

u Avery T. cigar maker; 17' Duncan, boards 4 Exchange 

u Columhiis, lisherman, boards 246 Main 

a Daniel R. lisherman, boards 16 Smith 

a Daniel T. clerk. 1 G5 Main, house 75 Washington 

t< Daniel V. blacksmith, house 120 Duncan 

a Ftta, bookkeeper, 257 Main, boards 1G Millett 

i< Felix, lisherman. boards 92 Maplewood av. 

t< Francis, helper, boards Id Maplewood a v. 

u Fred E. bartender, 27 Duncan, boards 50 Main 

a Joseph, laborer, house 1G Millett 

a Joseph F. bookkeeper, Russia Cement Co. bds. 16 Millett 

u Margaret, widow of Neil, house 10 Prospect court 

a Neil, lisherman, boards 124 Duncan 

a Neil P. lisherman, boards 16 Smith 

a Neil S. master mariner, house 120 Duncan 

u Peter, died in March. 1898 

a Pius, lisherman, boards 124 Duncan 

a Piuw P. lisherman, boards 136 Prospect 

« Sadie C. machine operator, boards 10 Prospect court 

u Sylvanus, fisherman, boards 301 Main 
McPberson Alexander, lisherman, boards 317 Main 

« B. Frank (Hodgkins & Co.), grocer, 31 Washington, house 
Centennial av. near Beacon 

« Clara Mrs. house 21 Willow 

u Colin D. lisherman, boards 8 Elm 

« Donald M. blacksmith, house 58 Granite 

a John, fisherman, boards 55 Duncan 

♦< Mary A. widow of Daniel, died in Jan. 1899 



McPhetres Charles L. blacksmith, 31 Commercial, house 237 

<< Orville, blacksmith, house Magnolia av., Magnolia 
McQuarrie Archie, fisherman, boards 58 Duncan 

kk Daniel, fisherman, hoards 15 Maple wood av. 

n John N. iisherman. boards 15 Maplewood av. 

« Sarah A. hoards 8 Klin 
Mc.Quinn Herbert Mrs. house 11 Procter 

a Laura Miss, typewriter, 111 Main, room 1 , hoards 25 Plum 

u Margaret J. widow of John S. house 26 Plum 

.< Samuel W. grocer, 43 Western av. house 45 do. 
McRae Frederick^ ship carpenter, boards 9 Prospect 

u John, fisherman, house 7 Mechanic place 

a John, iisherman, boards GO Main 
McShara James, fisherman, house 25 Mt. Vernon 
McVarish John, laborer, house 287 Western av. 

a Joseph 11. iisherman, house 55 Warner 

u llandall, Iisherman, boards 4 Fort square 
Mead Andrew, iisherman, hoards It) Marchant 

« Charles (Boston), summer residence, Wolf Hill 
Meagher John, iisherman , boai'ds 12 Railroad av. 

u Joseph, iisherman, boards 30 Cleveland 

u Michael J. law student, 111 Main, rm. 1.2, house 1 Spring 

u Simon P. clerk, 201 Main, hoards at Rockport 
Meaney Albert J. ealker, boards 21 Willow 

ti Lawrence, died May 30, 1898 fat Chelsea 

Means George, second mate, steamer City of Gloucester, house 

.< Thomas-, clerk, 66 Duncan, bouse 24 Cleveland 
Mears George C. photographer, 8 Centre, house 25 Common- 
wealth av. 
•TV/r-KA'US HAltliY W. horse sheer, 69 East Main, boards 
l\i. 18 Sayward (seepage 533) 

U James F. Rev. removed to North Andover 
Medirrios Manuel S. iisherman, house 66 Friend 
Medler Fdvvatd A. concreter, house 86 Maplewood av. 

« Jane, widow of Saunders, boai'ds 250', Main 

u John S. clerk, 150 Main, boards 20 Shepherd 

u Joseph A. fish packer, boards 250! Main 
Megnerson Gusfavus, fisherman, boards 58 Duncan 
Mehlmau David E. police, Police Court bldg. h. 19 RaekliJie 

«. David N. iisherman, house 321 Fast Main 

tt John G. police, house 3 Rackliil'e 

a see also Madman 
Melancon Wallace, teamster, house 236 Main 
Melandain Henry, iisherman, boards l^5 Friend 
Melchionno Peter, bootblack, 42 Main, boards 9 Beach court 
Mello Joseph A. iisherman, house 10 Flwell 
• (< Joseph E. iisherman, house 12 Fayal court 

a K. cook, house 10 Klwell court 

« Manuel 1'. iisherman, boards 60 Friend 



Mellow Ann, widow of Thomas, house 6 Balford 
u Antoine, laborer, liouse 18 El well 
a John J. bartender, 48 Main, house Balford 
u Lezandro S. fisherman, boards 9 Rockwood place 
a see also Malow 

Melonson, see Malonsbn 

Menus Catharine, cook, Addison Gilbert Hospital, boards do. 

Merchant Albion H. hairdresser, house 196 Eastern avenue 
« Alfred P. bookkeeper, I). M. Hilton's, board, 241 Main 

Willow, cor. Cleveland (see page 515) 
u Edgar, agent Bosto.ll & Gloucester Steamboat Co. loot of 

Duncan, house 29 Commonwealth av. 
u Edwin, boat builder, house Babson's court 
« Elizabeth, widow of John H. house rear #73 Washington 
u Epes W. clerk, Merchant Box and Cooperage Co. house 5 

Franklin square 
« Fannie. P. widow of William T. house 4 Mason 
u Frank, clerk, 17 East Main, boards 1.9 do. 
u Frederick S. wood turner, house 91 Wheeler 
tt George, sen. died Jan. 1.4, 1899 .[30 East Main 

it George, seine repairer, Shute & Merchant's wharf, house 
a George E. printer, 211 Main, house 33 Eastern av. 
(< Gorham A. (of 19 East Main), died Dec. 27, 1 8 ( J7 
a Gorham A. jr. foundrynian, house 22 Plum 
a Hannah V. P. widow of Louis H. house 34 Pleasant 
a Henry E. cutter, liouse 159 East Main 
a Jeffrey, fisherman, boards 26 Addison 
u John H. died Jan. 12, 1899 
a Joseph C. foreman, house 5 Wall 

« Manton E. teacher, High school, boards 110 Washington 
u Mary E widow, house 12 Chestnut 
« Orlando, clerk, W. H. Jordan's, bouse 39 Mt. Vernon 
<< Percy W. bookkeeper, Shute & Merchant's, house Stan- 
ley court 
..< Philip, fisherman, boards 17 Locust [Liberty 

u Philip A. stevedore foreman, I). M. Hilton's, house 27 
" Ralph S. removed to Harwich 
ti Robert C. seine repairer, boards 30 East Main 
u Sally, widow of Samuel, house 18 East Main 
u Samuel, asst. supt. Julio Hancock Mutual Lite Ins. Co. 92 

Main, nn. 13, liouse 08 Western av. 
a Samuel L. (Boston), boards 34 Pleasant 
u Simeon, jr. grocer, 9 Derby, house 110 Washington 
a William T., U. S. N. boards 30 Bass av. 
« William T. (of 14 Commonwealth av.), died Nov. 23, 1890 
(i William T. jr. died March 14, 1897 
a see also Marchant 
Merlett Moses, rigger, house Laurel street, W. G. 

Merlin John A. fruit and confectionery 




[ M ] 



Mero Artemis, fisherman, boards 254 Main 

u Gustave, iceman, boards Belmont Hotel 

a Jeremiah, carpenter, house 32 Bass av. 

a Joseph, fisherman, boards 9 Pearce 

a Joseph, laborer, boards 105 Eastern av. 

<• see also Ainero and Emero 
Meridew George E. grocer, 23 Maple wood av. h. 20 Shepherd 
Merrill F. J. expressman, Magnolia av. house at Manchester 

*. Lewis A. fisherman, boards 150 Maple wood av. 

a M. E. Mrs. house 280 East Main 

u Octavia Miss, at Gilbert Home, 1 Western av. 

« Wilmarth (of 13 Hart/, place), died Oct. 23, 1896 
Merrithew Isaac, fisherman, house 823 Washington 

a Walter L. fisherman, boards 823 Washington 
Merry Catharine, widow of James, bouse 8 Cleveland 

a Charles E. fireman, Burnham Bros.' house 02 Granite 

a Frank C. laborer, house 8-.J Cleveland 

<■( George P. boxmaker, house 3 Hampden 

u James C. clerk, boards 8| Cleveland 

u James F. clerk, 141 Main, boards 8 Cleveland 

a James H. laborer, house 8 Cleveland 

a see also Murray 
Mess Helena F. widow of Samuel W. house 53 Mansfield 

a Samuel W. died Jan. 27, 1899 

a Samuel W. jr. cooper, Fears' wharf, house 50 Warner 

a Walter L. removed to Boston 
Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. 92 Main 
Meyotte Richard J. fisherman, boards 113 Pleasant 
Midland Louis, quarryman, house Quarry street 
Middleton Arthur W. farmer, house 34 Reynard 

a Charles W. laborer, house 12 Hodgkins 

a Elizabeth, widow of Watson, house 38 Reynard 

u George, harnessmaker, 5 Main, boards 12 Hodgkins 

a John J. farmer, boards 38 Reynard 
Mikado Laundry, 04 Main 
Miles Florence M. Mrs. music teacher, 11 A Madison av. h. do. 

a Thomas, fisherman, boards 230 Main 
Millard. Joshua N. (of 12.V Cleveland), died Dec. 10, 1898 

a Margaret *S. teacher, Hovey school, bds. 18 Washington 

it f widow of Joshua N. house 12^ Cleveland 

Miller Aaron, laborer, house 405 Main 

u Albert B. fish packer, boards 105 East Main 

it Andrew, bottler, 439 Main, house 409 do. 

a Augustine K. fisherman, boards 104 Duncan 

a Augustus W. rigger, house 10 Bass av. 

a Charles S. farmer, house 319 East Main 

a Clarence, boards 39 Cleveland 

a Cornelius, fisherman, boards 2 Fort square 

n Daniel, fish skinner, house 3 Page 

« David, fisherman, boards 10 Rowe square 





Miller Frank, fisherman, lost at sea 

« Frank, undertaker, 17 Washington, house 22 Church 

a Frank, stone cutter, house 39 Cleveland [st., W. G. 

ii George F. clerk, Maplevvbod av. cor. Cleveland, h. Concord 

U George W. fish skinner, house 70 East Main 

a Gustave W. rigger, House 16 Bass av. 

u Harry, photographer, 192 Main, hoards Rogers street 

« Isaac P. laborer, 425 Main, house 34 Bass av. 

a James H. laborer, boards 405 Main 

u John A. conductor, boards 22 Church 

a Joseph K. fisherman, house 55 Friend 

4. Julia Mrs. house Stanley court 

a Manuel P. fisherman, house 30 Friend 

a Maiy, widow of Jacob, house 105 Fast Main 

u Mary J. Mrs. house Leighton's court 

a Otto A. painter, house 3 Knowlton square 

rt Robert N. master mariner, house 13 Hampden 

ii Theron E. boarding house, 90 Duncan 

u Thomas, Iisherman, house 6 Decatur 

a William, fisherman, boards 07 Rogers [Warner 

Millett Arthur L. reporter, Daily Times, 110 Main, boards 35 

« Caroline II. Mrs. removed to Beverly [Mansfield 

rt Charles F. carriage painter, rear 35 Washington, house 12 

ii Emeline Miss, at Huntress Home, 110 Prospect 

U II. Frank, clerk, 134 Main, rooms 05 Middle 

<< Lewis D. Mrs. house 51 P'rOspeet 

rt Mary A. Mrs. house 8 Fine [tion, W. G. 

<i Moses, rigger, house off Magnolia av.- near pumping sta- 
rt Nina L. bookkeeper, 158 East M.ain, boards 12 Mansfield 

a William L. died May 17, 1897 

>t see also Merlett 
Mills John A. Rev. rector M iddle Street Episcopal Church, bds. 
5 Washington square 

rt John C. master mariner, boards 8 Pleasant 
Milne Lydia-J. house 10 Bridge 

a William, jr. {Alfred'Fi'edy& Co.), saloon, 25 I)u 
Minear George L. Rev. pastor East Gloucester 

Church, house 10 Plum 
Mineiiay f see Mainini 

Miskella Michael, iisherman, boards 268.V Main 
Misner Alexander, Iisherman, house 9 Traverse 

u Levi, foundry man, house foot of Whittemore street 
Mitchell Alfred, laborer, boards 28 Mt. Vernon 

a Annis T. widow of Stinson, house 909 Washington 

u Antoine, fisherman, house 9 Fayal court 

44 Antoine X. fisherman, house 00 Perkins 

44 Blanchard, engineer, house 909 Washington 
TVT1TCHELL DUART A. house, ship and sign painter, 
1VJL 11 Wharf, house 14 Sargent (see page 519) 

a Fiank, house 48 Perkins 

10 Bridge 
can. house 




Mitchell Frank P. fisherman, house 73 Friend 

a Frank S. died Dee. 5, 1897 

a Horace B. insurance agent, boards 3 Millett 

a Jason, fisherman, house 50 Mt. Vernon 

a Jennie, widow of Manuel M. house 179 Eastern ay. 

u Joseph, fisherman, house 5 Pay a) court 

a Joseph (of 9 Fayal court), removed to New Bedford 

a Joseph S. fisherman, house 70 Friend 

u Manuel, fisherman, house 9 Rock wood place 

a Manuel, fruit and confectionery, 254 Main, rooms 295*do. 

a Manuel F. laborer, house 46 Friend 

a Manuel -J. lisherman, house 88 Friend 

a Manuel M. fisherman, house 5 El well 

a Manuel M. (of 58 Perkins), died May 1, 1899 

u Manuel P. lisherman, house 38 Friend 

a Mark, lisherman, house 2 Green 

a Martin, lisherman, boards 1 Cedar 

a Mena, widow, house 28 Mt. Vernon 

a Vicentia, widow, house rear 17 Friend 

a Warren S. foreman construction, Gloucester Electric Co. 
boards 217 Main 

« Willard F. clerk, boards 14 Sargent 
Moelker William, laborer, boards 27 Wit ham 
Moissio Samuel, paving cutter, house Morgan street 
Molander Peter V. lisherman, house 10 East Main 
Mondegy John, lisherman, boards 1G Locust 
Montague James, lisherman, boards 20 Locust 
Montezuma Club, 126 Main 

MONTGOMERY BENJAMIN &.S0N (Samuel), fisher- 
ies, 12 Montgomery place (see page 522) 

IX0NTG03IERY CHARLES & CO. coal and wood, 12 

Yl Montgomery place, house 62 East Main (see page 522) 

« Henry W. engineer, house 26 Reynard 

a Nicholas W. carpenter, boards 41 Reynard 

a Rhoda A. Miss, teacher, Point grammar school, boards 62 
East Main [house 27 Highland 

a Samuel (B. Moiityomenj & Son), 12 Montgomery place, 
Montrose Isaac M. mariner, house 679 Washington 
Moody Elizabeth Mrs. boards 4 Balford 

a James M. rigger, house 4 Perkins 

a Janette. widow, house 4.V Perkins 

a John, laborer, house 9 Warner 

a Simeon T. laborer, house 4 Perkins 

a William C. removed to Somerville 
Mooney James H. brew master, 25 Fort sq. h. 81 Western av. i 

a Peter, lisherman, boards 67 Rogers 

a Philip, physician, 23 Elm, house do. 
Moore Archibald J. reporter, Cape Ann Breeze, bds\ 22 Trask 

a Dennis B. painter, boards 75 Washington 

a Frank, fisheiman, boards 345 Main 






JVIoore Frank H. teamster, 125 Main, house 15 Exchange 

a Hannah B. Mrs. muse, hoards 27^ Friend 

a James H. fisherman, house 4 Willow 

u James J. died March 19, 1898 

u John W. & Co. saloon, 165 Main, house 80 Mapl'ewood av. 

« Mary, widow of John, boards 679 Washington 

u Mary O. widow of Joseph, house 59G Washington 

u Philip P. boards 75 Washington 

u Samuel C. laborer, house Homan's court 

a Sidney, polisher, house Quarry, cor. Washington 

a Stephen, laborer, house 819 Washington 

u Teresa A. Miss, bookkeeper, W. F. Moore & Co. boards 
75 Washington [27 Commonwealth av. 

m William F. & Co. fish dealers, Parmenter's wharf, house 
Moorhouse Augustus S. teamster, house 119 Ml. Pleasant av. 
Mooring Henry, engineer, house 29 High 

« Jasper, master mariner, house 738 Washington 

a John, paving cutter, house G Plum court 

a Scott W. student, boards 738 Washington 

a William A. engineer, house rear 738 Washington 
Moran John W. supt. water works, 10 Procter, house do. 

a Martin, fisherman, boards 5 Water 

a Nicholas T. saihnaker, boards 19 Shepherd 

a Theresa, widow of Martin, house 23 Addison 
Morash Frank, fisherman, boards 1G Water 

a James A. fisherman, house 18 Spring 

i< Lindsay, fisherman, boards 231 Main 
Morey Arthur F. clerk, 134 Main, boards 13 Wonson 

a George, mason, house 10 Alpine court | son 

, « George D. traveling salesman, James H. Tarr, h. 13 Won- 

« Joseph, fisherman, boards rear 138 Prospect 

k Martha A. principal Forbes school, boards 11 Orchard 

u Richard L. house Western av. cor. Kent Circle 
M organ Bartlett, lisherman. house foot of Andrews street 

a George, fisherman, boards 22 Shepherd 

it George B. mariner, house 43 Langsfoid 

u John, manuf. and jobber of confectionery, 142 Main, house 
42 Millett 

a John E. lisherman, boards 43 Langsford 

u Thaddeus, master mariner, boards 217 Main 
M prong Frank M. fisherman, house 52 Prospect 

<< Henry F. carpenter, house G Prospect 

if James H. fisherman, house 3 Hammond 

(c John H. fireman, house 349 Main 

u Percy F. clerk, 2GG.V Main, boards 52 Prospect 
Morrill F. Gordon (Boston), summer res., Shore road, Magnolia 
Morris Antoine, clerk, 158 Main, house 9 Wonson 

« Augustus A. died March 13, 1897 

tt Charles, stone cutter, house 78 Concord, W. G. 

m Charles A. plumber, 221 Main, boards rear 294 East Main 


Morris Charles W. hostler, house 87 Walnut 

it Edward, master mariner, house 36 Beacon 

a Edward J. clerk, hoards 36 Beacon 

u Fred E. stenographer, Gloucester Fresh Fish Co. hoards 
12 Blynman 

u John, clerk, 158 Main, house 8 Stanwood 

a John I), hoards 71 Perkins 

a John M. fish skinner, house 71 Perkins 

a Joseph D. house 10 Mt. Vernon 

it Joseph I), jr. fish skinner, hoards 1G Alt. Vernon 

u Margaret H. widow of Augustus A. h. rear '294 Fast Main 

« Mary, dressmaker, house Ii7 Pleasant 

u Perley, stone cutter, hoards 78 Concord, W. G. 

u William E. expressman, hoards rear 29 I Fast Main 
Morrisc Delphenia L. widow of John, house Lincoln St., W. G. 
Morrison Alexander A. blacksmith-, house 13 Harold av. 

ti Daniel, fisherman, hoards 16 Smith 

a Daniel, jr., II. S. N. hoards 5 Shepherd 

u Daniel 1). laborer, boards 5 Page 

u Ellen, widow of Daniel, house 20 Sargent 

(i James M. paving cutter, house 7 Hickory 

« James R. driver, rear 97 Main, boards 14 Allen 

a Jessie, widow of Daniel, house 5 Shepherd 

« John A. fisherman, house 38 Wharf 

it John I). lost at sea 

tt .Malcolm, ship carpenter, house 14 Allen 

a Mary, widow, house 5 Page 

a Molfie, clerk, 196 Main, boards 14 Allen 

<< Patrick II. laborer, boards 5 Page 

a Stephen, fisherman, boards rear 47 Prospect 

a William, fisherman, boards 58 Duncan 
Morrissey Clayton Edward, master mariner, h. 113 Prospect 

a David, fisjierman, hoards rear 47 Prospect 

a Frederick, master mariner, boards 217 Main 

a James I). master mariner, house 13 Harvard 

a Michael J. saloon, 3G7 Main, house 2 Shepherd 
Morrow Charles, foreman, Oakes & Foster, house 12 Summer 

a Charles H. physician, 25 Pleasant, house do. 

tt James H. steam fitter, 221 Main, house 12 Hartz place 

a James T. carpenter, house 24 Taylor 

it James T. jr. shoemaker, house 19 Perkins 

a Thomas, farmer, house 126 Eastern av. 
Morse Abhie S. physician, 22 Dale av. house do. 

a Blanche L. Miss, boards 22 Dale av. 

a George, physician, 22 Dale av. house do. 

a George A. tinsmith, 221 Main, house 20 Prospect square 

a George H. clerk, 331 Main, house 1G0 Western av. 

u Isaac P. janitor Odd Fellows Hall, house 154 Western av. 
Mortensen Fred F. boarding house, 7 Short 

tt John, fisherman, boards 7 Short 


Mortensen Martin, fisherman, boards 26 Railroad av. 

a Thomas, fisherman, boards 46 Main 
Morton George H. house 185 Western av. 

u Wilbur E. fisherman, house 78 East Main 
Moses George, clerk, 145 Main, boards Belmont House 

a Sarah, widow of Walter S. house 21 Curve 

tt WalterS. died July 2,1899 
Mosetic John, fisherman, house 11 Norwood court 
Moshar William, fisherman, boards 10 Locust 
Mostrom Joanna C. widow of John A. house 10 Traverse 
Moulesong Arthur, fisherman, boards 225 Main 
Moulton Charles V. police, house 12 East Main 

« Charles V. jr. fish peddler, house 12 Cross 

a Orrin, fisherman, boards 7 Ivy court 
Mountain David J. clerk, 271 Mam, boards 8 Water 

" Robert T. shoemaker, rear 277 Main, house 8 Water 
Mou'zer Samuel, fisherman, boards 11 Pearee 
Mulcahy William, fisherman, boards 12 Railroad av. 
Mullane John, fisherman, boards 113 Pleasant 
Mullen Bridget, widow, house 7 Taylor 

« James, laborer, boards 16 Locust 
Mullison Octave, fisherman, boards 16 Water 
Mundy Arthur .J. (Newtonville), summer res. oft' Leonard st. 
M unger Ernest L. superintendent and manager Gloucester Elec- 
tric Co. house 24 Spring 
Muni/ John, fish skinner, house 5 Elvvell 

" Joseph, fisherman, house 16 Elwell 

« Manuel, fisherman, house 73 Friend 

a Manuel, fisherman, house 21 Sadler 

a Manuel, jr. laborer, house 46 Friend 
Munroe Angus & Co. saloon, 237 Main, house 235 do. 

u Daniel, fisherman, boards 104 Duncan 

« Delia, widow of William D. house 231 Main 

a Ernest, fisherman, boards 30 Cleveland 

a Freeman J. fisherman, house 35 Cleveland 

it George A. died Nov. 14, 1896 

a John, iisheunan, boards rear 47 Prospect 

u John (of 129 Prospect), died April 15, 1898 

" Kate B. widow of George A. house 106 Pleasant 

« Margaret, widow of Freeman, house 10 Howe 

a Mary, widow of John, house 102 Pleasant 

a William, fisherman, boards 115 Pleasant 

« William Alonzo, fisherman, house 104 Duncan 

a William A. laborer, house 9 Harvard 
Munsey Fiances M. widow of William, house 16 Harvard 
Murphy Alphonso F. removed to Lynn 

a Augustus, fishermen's outfits, 36 Commeicial, house 34 do. 

it Cornelius, stone cutter, house 89 High 

u Ellen Miss, died April 19, 1899 

a Ellen, widow of Dennis, house 67 Commercial 


Murphy Ida L. widow of John R. house 8 Sylvan 

a James, fisherman, house 27 Chinch 

a James, ship carpenter, house 3 Mason ct. 

a James T. laborer, boards 94 Pleasant 

u Jeremiah, fisherman, boards 24 Gould ct. 

<( John H. laborer, boards 823 Washington 

a John J. house 198 Main 

it John R. died Nov. 25, 1897 

a Margaret, widow, house 10 Hancock 

u Mary, widow of Michael, house 9-1 Pleasant 

a Mary, widow of Patrick, house 10 Muplewood av. 

a Michael, died Jan. 9, 1897 

it Patrick, fisherman, boards 1 1 Pearce 

a Patrick J. fisherman, boards Orchard 

u Richard, fisherman, boards 7 Arthur 

a Thomas, fisherman, boards 2- Shepherd 

a Timothy E. bookkeeper, boards 89 High 

(i William, fisherman, house 8 Acacia 
Murray Catherine, widow of Collin, house 23 Prospect 

it Charles W. glue maker, house o7 Friend. 

t't David, fisherman, house 7 Acacia 

it George' 1). fisherman, boards 23 Prospect 

a James C. fisherman, bouse 23 Prospect 

u Joachim, fisherman, boards 07 Rogers 

it John, fisherman, house 9 Prospect 

a Mary A. widow of Patrick H. house 10 Gould court 

u Thomas, fisherman, hoards f> Washington 

tc Thomas, fisherman, hoards 28 Friend 

a William, fisherman, boards IW Granite 

a William J', fishermau, house 3 Harmony sq. 

« see also Merry 
Muse Amos, removed to Lynn 

u Charles, fisherman, boards 9 Cedar 
. u Fphraim, laborer, house rear 5 ('alder 

u Frederick, fisherman, boards 28 Commercial 

a Henry, fisherman, boards 28 Friend 

a John, fisherman, boards 22 Main 

a John Z f fisherman, boards 10 Water 

a Joseph, fisherman, boards 4 Cross 

" Levi, fisherman, boards 10 Water 

a Moundy, fisherman, boards 10 Water 

a Rohert, fisherman, hoards 28 Commercial 

a William, fisherman, house 5 Washington 
Mushew .Joseph, fisherman, boards f>8 Duncan 
Mussenden Charles J. laborer, house 24 Haskell 

it George H. clerk, 112 Main, boards 02 Granite 
Myers Charles W. cooper, boards 20 Oik 

(t George, fisherman, boards 10 Water 

a Sarah M. nurse, boards 45 Bass av. 
Myrtle Thomas, fisherman, house 11 Cuininercial court 


NAGLE JANE, boards 6 Orchard 

tt Jolin, fisherman, house 6 Pine 

u John (Nayle & Powers), 10 Fort wharf, house 18 Beacon 

a Michael, fisherman, boards 6 Pine 

a & Powers (John Nagle, Charles W. Powers), fish dealers, 
8 and 10 Foit wharf 
Nally Annie N. widow of Patrick, house 68 Perkins 

tt Edward, laborer, house 27 Green 
Nainen Thomas, peddler, house Griffin's block, Maplewood av. 
Napier Charles, police, boards 24 Spring 
Narves John, fisherman, house 70 Friend 
Nash Emma C. Miss, house 20 Pine 
Mason Charles, fisherman, house 85 Commercial 

a Charles E. laborer, house 24 Hartz place 

a Frank W. lineman, house 7 Prospect sq. 

« Samuel K. physical director, Y. M. C. A. boards 322 Main 

a Susan, widow, house 322 Main 

a William, died in December, 18 ( .)7 
Natti August, paving cutter, house G Munsey 
Naumkeag Branch Clothing Co., Z. A. Gallup, man. 199 Main 
Naus Albert 11., U. S. N. boards 8 Harold ct. 

it Gilford D. fisherman, boards 8 Harold ct. 

it J. Wellington, fisherman, boards 8 Harold ct. 

a Robert M. painter, house 8 Harold ct. 
Nauss Charles S. (L B. Nciuss & Sous)', lumber, 42 Commercial 
and Railroad av. opp. passenger station, house 15 Wash- 
ington square 

a Loren H. (L. />. IfaitSS ct - Sons), lumber, 42 Commercial 
and Railroad av. opp. passenger station, bouse 25 Elm 

NAUSS LOMNG J5. & SONS (CJias S. and Loren II.), 
lumber, lime, and cement, 42 Commercial and Railroad 
av. opposite passenger station, bouse 9 Addison , (see 
page 519) 
a Sarah E. widow of Benjamin, bouse 53 Warner 
Neal Addison S.. biakeman, 11. & M. R.R. bouse 85 Washington 
a Peter, fisherman, boards 6 Orchard 

a Sturgis, biakeman, R. & M. R.ll. boards 85 Washington 
t( Willia-m J. house 87 Washington 
Neaias Josiab B. blacksmith, boards. 23 Wonson 
Ncaren Annie, widow, Louse 2-8 Fort sq. 
Neill J. H. traveling salesman, Geo. Perkins & Son, Rowe sq. 

house at Medford 
XTELSON ANTON, baker and milk dealer, Sargent, 
1M boards 10 Trask (see page 522) 
u Benjamin, fisherman, house 10 Short 
tt Charles, fisherman, boards 60 Main 
a Charles, fisherman, boards 38 Fort square 
« Charles, laborer, house 274. V Main 
it Charles C. dentist, 4 Pleasant, boards 307 Main 
ii. Charles E. draughtsman, boards 2 Walker court, W. G. 





Nelson Charles O. boarding house, 25 Main 

Charles VV. iisherman, boards 6 Vincent 

Chresten, duck preserver, 309 Main, house 307 do. 

Christen, iisherman, boards 73 Friend 

Christen, rigger, house 11 Myrtle square 

Conrad P. iisherman, boards 254 Main 

Ellen, widow of John, house 132 Mt. Pleasant av. 

Fmil M. iisherman, boards 00 Main 

George, painter, 10 Railroad av. house 132 Washington 

Hans, iisherman, house 12^- Exchange 

Henry O. house 23 Mt. Vernon 

Henry W. iisherman, boards 12 Gerring - 

Jennie H. boards 99 Prospect 

.John, iisherman, house 38 Fort square 

John, iisherman, boards 7 Gilbert court 

John, iisherman, boards 208V Main 

John, iisherman, boards Vincent 

.John, oil clothing, 30V) Main, house 15 Summit 

John, paving cutter, boards 3 Mason square 

John (of 12 Perkins), lost at sea 

John F. farmer, house 2 Walker court, VV. G. 

John F. iisherman, boards Blake court 

John P. teamster, house 11 Vincent [Washington 

John S. shoemaker, Maplewood av. opp. Cedar, house 127 

Lars P. iisherman, house 35 Mt. Pleasant av. 

Lucy F. widow of Martin, house 09 Prospect 

Mary, widow of Andrew, removed to Peabody 

May Miss, bookkeeper,, 309 Main, boards 10 Harold at. 

Nathaniel, pilot, house 30 Fort square 

Neil B. fisherman, board* Blake court 

Neil J. laborer, house 12 Summit 

Norman, died April 17, 1897 

N. P. iisherman, boards Vincent 

Oliver, mariner, house 38 Fort square 

Oscar, shoemaker, 221 Main, house do. 

Peter, fisherman, boards 240 Main 

Peter, iisherman, house 25 Liberty 

Phar, janitor, Gloucester National Bank, house 11 Columbia 

Ralph, fainter, 10 Railroad av. house 5 Willow 

Samuel, iisherman, boards 7 Short 

Samuel, iisherman, boards 208.J Main 

Samuel A. 174 Main, house 228 do. 

Sinues, iisherman, house Foster 

Sophia, widow, house 20 Perkins 

Thomas, iisherman, house 58 Dike 

Vincent, iisherman, boards 20 Locust 

William, lish market, 4 Highland, house rear do. 
Nesbitt George, fisherman, boards 04 Rogers 
Nesin Frederick, iisherman, boards 22 Main 
Neves Anton, iisherman, house 70 Friend 


Nevils Martin, fisherman, boards 11 Locust 
Nevin Bernard, laborer, house 10 Cleveland 
New England Fish Co. fresh fish, Dodd's wharf 

CO. 195 Main (see page 538) 

Newall John D. foreman, 080 Washington, house 2 Hickory 
u Joseph, boards 2 Hickory 

Newell Bertha,- compositor, 110 Main 
a Charles G. fisherman, house 52 Perkins 
a George H. dentist, 150 Main, house 9 Hovey 
u James W.( Boston), summer residence, Beach av.,Bass Rocks 

Newhall J. Frederick, fish cutter, house 312 Main 

Newman Allen F. foreman, Gloucester Net and Twine Co. 
house 1 Whittemore 
u Amanda, widow of James E. house 2 Taylor 
a Benjamin G. laborer, house 15 Revere 
a Bernard D. clerk, 168 Main, house 17 Cleveland 
a Charles F. stone cutter, house 22 Hodgkins 
a Emma F. stenographer, Russia Cement Co. boards 30 

Concord, W. G. 
u Ernest, shoe cutter, boards 2 Taylor 
a George H. laborer, boards 30 Concord, W. G. 
a Hairy R. laborer, house 30 Concord, W. G. 
a John, janitor Bradstreet school, house 030 Washington 
a John, painter, boards 2 Taylor 

Newinarsh John L. fisherman, boards 3 Harmony square 

Newton Edward H. painter, boards 8 Middle 
« George W. printer, 110 Main, house 6 Maple 
a Thomas, fisherman, house 34 Warner 
tt Walter H. clerk, 102 Main, boards 34 Warner 

Nichols Clifton II. laborer, boards 19 East Main 
a Edward A. hostler, boards 8 Columbia 
u Fiank, hostler, boards 8 Columbia 
ti George E. died July 20, 1808 
a Harry, fisherman, boards 217 Main 
u James P. driver, Steamer No. 1, house 8 Columbia 
a Mary, widow of Peter, house 140 Eastern av. 
u Maud A. teacher, Hildreth school, bds. 140 Eastern av. 
a Peter, painter, house 25 Pleasant 
ii Walter^B. engineer (Boston)., boards 25 Pleasant 
a William, clerk, 28 Washington, hoards <S Columbia 
ii William A. stone cutter, boards 9 Vale court 
a William H. house, sign and ship painter, 253 Main, house 

140 Eastern av. 
k W. Augustus, clerk, 253 Main ; also dramatic reader and 
impersonator, boards 140 Eastern av. 

Nicholson Charles A. fisherman, house 104 Maplewood av. 
<< Thomas, fisherman, house 20 Spring 
<< William A. laborer, house 7 Pew court 


Nickerson Abby, widow of Aaron, house 86 Prospect 

a Adelbert, fisherman, boards GO Main 

« Allen, lishennan, boards 7 Commercial 

it Arthur, fisherman, boards 58 Duncan 

a Bowman, fisherman, boards 4 Harvard 

.i Charles, lishennan, boards 20 Locust 

a Charles 0. rigger, boai'ds 7 Harold av. 

u Charles R. (Nickerso/i & Powers), saloon, 51 Duncan, 
house 9 Perkins 

a Daniel, lishennan, boards 58 Duncan 

u Eldridge, fisherman, boards 31 1 Main 

tt Knos, Iisliennan, boards 217 Main 

a Ernest, fisherman, boards 30 Pine 

it Foreman, iisliennan, boards .51 1 Main 

tt Fiank, iisliennan, boards 311 Main 

n George W. clerk, 123 Duncan house 24 Lookout 

u Harry S. carpenter, boards 30 Pine 

a Harry S. provisions, 21(3 Main, house 42 School 

it Henry, iisliennan, boards 234 Main 

a Herbert, iisliennan, boards 58 Duncan 

tt Hiram, prop. Ocean House, 14 Western av. 

.^ Horace, hairdresser, 219 Main, boards 5 Flwell 

n Howard, fisherman, boards 405 Main 

a Isaiah, iisliennan, boards 252 ' Main 

a James, died Nov. 6, 1896 

u Jethro W. iisliennan, house 4| Exchange 

a John, fisherman, boards 9 Harvard 

■■i John, iisliennan, boards 1 1 Locust 

a John, fisherman, boards 345 Main 

a John M. iisliennan, house 409 Main 

■ • Jonathan D. S. rigger, Burnham's Railway, Wharf street, 
house 40 Madison square 

tt Joseph A. carpenter, house G Morton place 

" Josiah, laborer, house 55 Fast Main 

a Lelia, bookkeeper, 123 Duncan, boards 9 Warner 

a Levi, carpenter, 108 Duncan, house 9 Maple 

a Levi, oil clothing, 121 to 125 Duncan, house 9 Warner 

a Lewis, iisliennan, boards 11 Pearce 

tt Lyman, fisherman, boards 311 Main 

a Minetta M. widow of Andrew L. house 26 Friend 

a Prince W. farmer, house rear G Decatur 

a Raymond, iisliennan, boards 16 Water 

<t Samuel, iisliennan, boards 7 Commercial 

« Thaddeus, fisherman, boards 9 Ivy court 

»i Wallace E. paving cutter, house 846 Washington 

" Walter, iisliennan, boards 30 Pine 

a Zenas S. laborer, 425 Main, house 30 Pine 

" & Powers {Charles R. Nickerson, Lawrence rowers), 
saloon, 51 Duncan 
Niemi Edward, paving cutter, house 842 Washington 


Nix James, fireman, boards 12 Railroad av. 
Nixon John J. iish skin her, house 397 Main 

u William W. fish skinner, house 32 Warner 
Nobhs George, boards 28 Highland [Highland 

u Samuel B. Rev. pastor Chapel-st. Baptist Church, house 28 
Noble Charles P. iisherman, house 7 Commercial court 

u Clarence K. boards rear 56 East Main 

.; Eleazer G. groceries and provisions, 8 East Main, h. 22 do. 

« James, laborer, house 22 Taylor 

a John, fisherman, boards 16 Locust 

u Mary, widow of William B. house 427 Main 

• < Samuel- S. laborer, house 4 Cross 

» William B. laborer, house rear 56 East Main 

u William F. laborer, boards 427 Main 
Nocton James, fisherman, boards 18 Hancock 
Noesworthy Moses F. iisherman, house 64 Rogers 
Nolan Ambrose, fisherman, boards 217 Main 

a Frank, fisherman, house 10 Sargent 

a James, house Maplewood court 
Nolin Frank, shoemaker, boaids 308 Washington 

it Joseph, blacksmith, house. 308 Washington 
Noon Stephen, fisherman, house 70 Friend 
Noonan George, risheiapan. house 17 Warner 
Norby Charles, fisherman, boards 15 Short 
Nordenstrom Hjalmar, clerk, 6.2 Langsford, house do. 
Norris Catharine, widow of Robert W. house 04 Grove 

it David, laborer, boards 04 Grove 

« George A. man. W. U. Tel. Co. 157 Main, bds. 64 Grove 

a John R. fish skinner, boards 48 Eastern av. 

« Thomas H. fish skinner, house 4, rear G Harmony square 

u William W. polisher, house Hillside court 
Norstrom John, iisherman, house 10 Amero court 
Nort John, iisherman, boards 4G Main 

Northway William D. paying cutter, house 745 Washington 
Norton Catharine, widow, house 8 Amero court 

u Edward L. city marshal, house 307 Main 

" James H. clerk, ISO Main, house 14 Hellevue av. 

a Margaret Miss, boards 8 Amero court 

a Maty Miss, clerk, 100 Main, boards S Amero court 

a Victor H. removed to Lynn 
Norvan Andrew, fisherman, boards G Vincent 
Norwood Aaron A. painter, house rear 17 Exchange 

a Addison, house 8 Norwood court 

a Annie, widow of John, died March 14, 1897 

" Carrie E. Mrs. nurse, boards 12 Hartz place 

u Carrie H. Miss, boards 3GG Washington 

a Charles A. carpenter, house 95 Wheeler 

a Clifford, iisherman, house 71 East Main 

a Edgar, boards 3GG Washington 

« Florence M. Miss, clerk, 122 Main, boards 5 Columbia 


Norwood Forrest C carpenter, boards 101 Wheeler 
.4 Fred, tanner, house 12 Concord, W. G. 
u Frederick, 22 Arlington 
« George, house 16 Leonard 

a Henry A. carpenter, 44 Commercial, house 14£ Exchange 
a Jennie L. Miss, music teacher, hoards 4 Woodbury 
u John F. fish market, 32 Washington, house 10.1 Wheeler 
u John H. fisherman, house 20 Hammond 
it Joseph F. clerk, 28 Vincent, house 82 Wheeler 
a Joseph W. oil manuf. foot of Norwood ct. h. 141 K. Main 
a Levi L. clerk, 14 Main, house 359 Washington 
a Mary J. Mrs. at Huntress Home, 110 Prospect 
a Mary J. widow of Abraham, died Jan. 10, 1898 
a Mary J. widow of John G. house 20 Hammond 
« Susan, widow of John L. house 306 Washington 
a S. E. Mrs. sew. mach. agt. 2 Chestnut, li. rear 17 Exchange 

Noyes Frank C. teamster, house 91 Pleasant 
a Samuel, jr. died Aug. 0, 1897 

Nugent Edward, fish packer,- boards 302 Main 
« Frank, cooper, house 362 Haiti 

it John, bicycle repairer, 129 Main,, boards at RockpOrt 
it Nellie M. teacher, Hildreth primary, boards 302 Main 
a Robert J. clerk, 138 Prospect, boards Main st., Rock port 

Nunan Elisha F. clerk, Russia Cement Co. 

Nunes Antoine, hairdresser, 277 Main, boards 39 Perkins 
it Domingo P. clerk, boards 39 Perkins 
u J. Prady, saloon, 289 Main, boards 39 Perkins 
a Manuel' P. house 39 Perkins 
a Manuel P. jr. laborer, boards 53 Perkins 

Nute Charles H. master mariner, boards 22 Exchange 
u Charles H. jr. clerk, 180 Main, house 22 Exchange 

Nutton Isaac I), bookkeeper, Cape Ann Anchor Works, boards 
7 Myrtle square 
«;< John G. tallow renderer, house 5.0 Cherry 
u John T. tallow renderer, Norwood wharf, h. 7 Myrtle sq. 
a William H. iron moulder, boards 7 Myrtle square 

CAKES ANNIE, widow of Fit/. E. house 7 Summer 
a Arthur E. confectioner, rooms 100 Main 
a Charles C. grocer, 09 Eastern av. house do. 
ti C. Lester, removed to Boston 
a Fit/. A. removed to South Framingham 
a Fitz E. letter carrier, house 9 Orchard 
a George H. agent Atlantic Halibut Co. house 13 Granite 
« Henry L. machinist, house 202 Magnolia av.. W. G. 
« Howard H. (Oakes X' Foster), 55 Commercial, house 12 

a Manton L. bookkeeper. Sidney W. Oakes', Rocky Neck, 

boards 38 Rocky Neck av. 
« Mary E. widow of William E. house 15 Middle 





Oakes Roscoe El. laborer, N. E. Fish Co. house 10 Eastern av. 
u Sidney W. painter, Tan's wharf, Rocky Neck, house 38 

Rocky Neck av. 
a Walter A. carpenter, 108 Duncan, house 8 Tolnian 
ic William E. died Jan. 9, 1891) [55 Commercial 

a & Foster {Howard H. Oakes, George C. Foster), fishery, 

Oakley Nellie A. widow of Joseph, house '28 Addison 
« Thomas A. clerk, 141 Main, hoards 28 Addison 

Obear Jane M. widow of Josiah, house 115 Washington 
a Josephine T. bookkeeper, 14 Main, boards 115 Washington 
u Paul D. clerk, Railroad av. opp. passenger station, boards 
115 Washington 

Obed Ira, fisherman, boards 311 Main 
a Stephen, lisherman, boards 58 Duncan 

Ober Albert, captain steamer City of Gloucester 

Obrick Louis, fisherman, boards 10 Ivy court 

O'Brien Allen D. fisherman, boards rear 47 Prospect 
a Allen I), died Nov. 27, 1898 
ii Annie J. widow of Daniel, bouse 11 Forest 
a Catharine, widow of Michael, house 25 Addison 
a Charles, inspector of customs, house 4") Warner 
j< Charles L. boards 99 Maple wood av. 
a Cornelius, painter, house 138 Maplewood av. 
u Honora. widow of William, house 5 Millett 
it James K. lisherman, house 10 Sargent 
a James F. lisherman, house Springfield street 
u Joanna, widow, house 20 Liberty 
a John, lisherman, boards 19 Fort square 
a John, teamster, house 784 Washington 
it John (of 99 Maplewood av.), removed to Lynn 
tt John J. bookkeeper, boards 5 Smith 
a John M. laborer, boards 20 Liberty 
u John M. (of 20 Centennial av.), lost at sea 
a John S. teamster, boards 784 Washington 
ti Kate, widow of John, house 20 Centennial av. 
tt Margaret, teacher Collins school, boards 25 Addison 
tt Margaret, widow of Matthew F. house 20 Liberty 
it Margaret F. compositor, 211 Main, boards 20 Liberty 
tt Marie J. compositor, 211 Main, boards 20 Liberty 
a Mary A. widow of Oliver A. house 11 Washington 
it Matthew F. laborer, boards 20 Liberty 
a Michael J. painter, boards 25 Addison 
a Nellie Miss, dressmaker, house 5 Trask 
u Patrick, lisherman, house 89 Commercial 
tt Patrick (of 5 Smith), died Oct. G, 1897 
tt Patrick J. & Co. wholesale fish, 45 Rogers, bds. 5 Millett 
a Peter P. oiler. Duncan, cor. Rogers, boards 5 Smith 
a Sarah, widow of Lawrence, house 99 Maplewood av. 
a Thomas J. helper, boards 784 Washington 
a William, hairdresser, i)6 Pleasant, house 3 Sylvan 


O'Brien William C. laborer, boards 20 Centennial av. 

u William J. telegraph operator, 157 Main, h. 44 Mt. Vernon 

a William S. bookkeeper, 108 Main, boards 5 Smith 
Ocean Mouse, Hiram Nickerson, prop. 14 Western av. 
Oceanside Hotel, Geo. A. Upton, prop , Lexington av., Magnolia 
O'Connell Daniel J. clerk, 307 Main, boards 2 Shepherd 

a Elizabeth Miss, house 15 Shepherd 
Odell George K. clerk, 207 Main, house 4 Summit 
O'Donnell James, fisherman, boards Rogers 

a John H. sewing machines, 2 Chestnut, house 20.1 Mansfield 

u ,J. PM'iiiUiid, laborer, house 5 Calder 

u Michael, fisherman, boards Gould court 

u Samuel E. dentist, 9 Pleaeant, room 12, bds. Hotel Belmont 
O'Hanley George E. tailor, 15 Duncan, rooms do. 

u John, house 25 Maplewood av. 
O'Hara John, fisherman, boards 24 Gould court 
O'Hare Arthur, quarryman, boards 3 Mason square 
O'Keele James S. sign painter, 53 Rogers, boards 31 Duncan 

a John J. clerk, 199 Main, house 20 Chestnut 

u see also Keefe 
Oldbloom Edward, fisherman, boards 20 Sargent 
Oldenburgh Fred, fisherman, boards 433 Main 
Oldson Mary Mrs. house Willow Cottage, Fuller st., Magnolia 
Oleann Edward, fisherman, boards 20 Sargent 
Oliver James, laborer, house 45 Mansfield 

a Joseph, fisherman, house 53 Friend 

a Joseph, fisherman, house 1 Elwell 

u Joseph, hiotorman, boards 41 Bass av. 

a .Joseph K. tailor, 170 Main, boards 225 do. 

a Joseph It. fisherman, house 02 Perkins 

u Lawrence, fisherman, house 57 Friend 

u Manuel, fisherman, boards 02 Friend 

a Marshall A. fisherman, boards 350 Main 

u Robert, fisherman, boards 10 Smith 

u Victor P. fisherman, house 27.} Perkins 
Olkkonen Arthur, quarryman, house 50 Langsford 
Olsen Harry, fisherman, boards 40 Main 

u Julius, fisherman, boa-rds 40 Main 

« William, quarryman, house oft' High street 
Olson Albert, driver, 13 Chapel, boards 15 Plum 

4* Albert, fisherman, house 30 Perkins 

4 k Albeit. F. laborer, boards 15 Plum 

44 Alden, laborer, house 44 Friend 

44 Andrew, fisherman, boards 254 Main 

44- Andrew, quarryman, house 970 Washington 

u Andrew J. fishermen's outfits, 127 E. Main, h. 34 Friend 

44 Annie M. Miss, nurse, boards 547 Washington 

44 Anton, fisheiman, boards 25 Mansfield 

44 Arthur E. clerk, 30 Pearl, boards 547 Washington 

»4 Axel, fisherman, house 10 Columbia 



Olson A. William, fisherman, house 23 Mt. Vernon 

ti Carl R. fisherman, hoards 35 Mt. Pleasant av. 

a Charles, fisherman, house 44 Mansfield 

u Charles, fisherman, hoards 15 Plum 

a Charles, fisherman, hoards Vincent 

« Charles (of 8 Prospect), removed to Boston 

a Charles A. master mariner, house 16 Summit 

(t Edward, paving cutter, house 825 Washington 

a Elias M. laborer, house 547 Washington 

a Elrnina Mrs. house 118 Duncan 

a George, master mariner, house 10 Stanley court 

u Gustave. hoarding house. Vincent 

it Harry, fisherman, house 70(5 Washington 

tt Harry, fisherman, boards 19 Fort square 

a Herman. .fisherman, hoards 25 Mansfield 

it James, fisherman, hoards 7 Short 

tt John, fisherman, house 7 Staten 

a Julia A. widow, house 17 Commonwealth av. 

a Lars, fisherman, house 25 Mansfield 

u Lars, fisherman, hoards Blake court 

a Lais, laborer, house 9 Blackburn place 

u Lotta. widow of Andrew, house 15 Plum 

u Martin, fisherman, hoards 11 Eastern av. 

u Minnie, widow of Herman, house over 118 Duncan 

« Minnie M. Mrs. house 67 Duncan 

a Nina E. stenographer, Atlantic Halibut Co. hds. 11 Plum 

« Ole A. fisherman, hoards 7 Short 

a Ole A. fisherman, hoards 254 Main 

u Oil (of 238 Main), removed to Boston 

u Oliver, fisherman, boards 00 Main 

u Oliver, fisherman, boards 1 6 Locust 

u Olof, fisherman, hoards 208} Main 

u Olof J. fisherman, boards 332 Main 

a Olof M. fisherman, hoards Blake court 

a Olof N. laborer, house 70 East Main 

a Peter E. fisherman, hoards 238 Main 

a Peter (). fisherman, hoards Vincent 

a Stephen, fisherman, hoards 345 Main 

a Tobias, fisherman, boards 332 Main 
O'Maley Catharine, widow of Michael, hoards 3 Gould court 

u Charles, police, house 3 Gould court 

a John, laborer, house 4 Smith 

tt Mary E. dressmaker. 154 East Main, 

n Thomas, laborer, house 3 Gould court 

u Thomas, laborer, boards 15 Rogers 
O'Malley Patrick J. clerk, boards 31 Haskell 
O'Neal Charles 0. fisherman, house 255 East Main 

tt Dennis, removed to Boston 

a James, laborer house 8 Bass av. 

a James (of 2 Shepherd), died April 29, 1899 

bds. 14 Blake court 





O'Neal Jolm, fisherman, house 41 Washington 
« John H. fish skinner, house 3 Harmony square 
« Michael, fisherman, house 12 Gould court 
*< Michael T. fisherman, house 69 Pleasant 
u Redmond, fish skinner, hoards 8 Bass av. 
a Richard, fisherman, house 109 Pleasant 
u William, fisherman, house 1G Main 

O'Neil Patrick, paving cutter, house 733 Washington 

u Simon A. calker at Golden & Crawley's, 1). 9 Madison 

O'Neill Arthur, laborer, B. & G. Steamboat Co. b. 52 Wan 
u Hannah, widow of James, hoarding house 17 Locust 
« John, fisherman, house 30 Warner 
u Nellie May, bookkeeper, 7 ( .H~ Duncan, hoards 30 Warn 

Orchard Frank S. second mate steamer " ('ape Ann,'' boi 
10 Bellevue av. 

Ordway Fred A. motorman, house 9 court 

O'Reilly Ellen A. bookkeeper, Merchant Box and Coopei 
Co. hoards 11 Procter 
a Garrett, fisherman, hoards 67 Rogers 
a Honora C. boards 1 1 Procter 
a John M. house 11 Procter 
». Mary, widow of Michael, house 11 Procter 
u Richard P. police, house 1 1 Procter 
u Stephen, fisherman, hoards 16 Mai chant 

Orf'o Mary T. widow of Frank, house 23 Perkins 

Ome Augustus A. foreman, William C. VVonson ec Son, Ik 
12 Hammond 

Orowa Gustave, U. S. N. hoards 238 Main 

Osborn John, fisherman, hoards 6 Orchard 

Osborne Walter F. correspondent Boston Herald ; also 
Harbor View House, 1 Brazier court 

Osgood David T. grocer, 3 Staten, boards 12 Taylor 

Osier Charles W. fisherman, house 250 Fast Main 
a Charles W. jr. fisherman, house 9 Wonson 
a Frnest A. clerk, 139 Prospect, boards 39 Western av. 
u Everett, fisherman, boards 36 Rocky Neck av. 
a Frank, fisherman,, boards 5 Church 
a Frank, fisherman, boards 252 East Main 
a Freeman, ^fisherman, boards 9 Ivy court 
tt Matthew E. laborer, boards 250 East Main 
m Warren, lisherman, house 36 Rocky Neck av. 
a William, laborer, boards 36 Rocky Neck av. 

Osmars Rudolph G. lisherman, boards 274! Main 

Osmond Philip, lisherman, house 16 Smith 

O Toole Martin, fisherman, boards 252 Main 

Otto Augustus, fisherman, boards 7 Short 

Overback Edward F. removed to Providence, R. I. 
« Maria D. widow of J. C. house 29 Granite 
a Nellie Mrs. hoarse 355 Main 





PACCIORETTI FELICE, paving cutter, boards 54 High 
u Giulio, quanyman, boards 54 High 

Padelford Elliot S. jewelry, watches, etc. 205J Main 

Page Kilby, pres. Rockport Granite Co. house at Boston 
" T. Fred, painter, house G Beach court 
a & Savillo (C. C. Saoille), express, 4 Short 

Paige Levi W. laborer, house 110 Maplewood av. 
u Orra Mrs. prop. Hesperus House, Hesperus av., Magnolia 
it William L. laborer, house 110 Maple wood av. 

Painter George, laborer, boards rear 125 Eastern av. 

Palmer Arthur F. carpenter, boards 82 Washington 
a Julia D. widow of John, house 82 Washington 
u William W. driver, 29 Washington, house 9 Hammond 

Palomaki Pavali, paving cutter, boards G Mason square 

Palson Magnus J. inventor, house 15 Cleveland 
a see also Poison 

Paukam Oscar, quarryman, house Morgan street 

Paun Edward, fisherman, house 120 Duncan 

Parchico Manuel, fisherman, house 38 Friend 

Paris Thomas C. master mariner, house G Summit 

Parker Albion S. painter, house 303 East Main 
u Alon/.o B. fisherman, boards 20 Friend 
a Anna, widow of Charles 1\ died Feb. 23, 1899 
a Annif, widow of Benjamin F. house 1 Scott 
a Benjamin, whitewashes house G Parker court 
a Benjamin F. died May 30; 1899 
u David B. carpenter, 2 Brightside av. house do. 
u Edward E. (Boston), summer res. Shore rd., Magnolia 
a Frank clerk, 129 .V Prospect, boards 3G East Main 
u Gabriel, house G Winchester court 
t< George, clerk, 3 Sargent, house at Rockport 
n .John, master mariner, house 5 Chestnut 
u John, jr. painter, house 3G East Main 
a John A. laborer, house 20 Concord, W. G. 
i« John E. groceries, 21 Bass av. boards 3G East Main 
u Nannie Miss, teacher, Babson grammar, bds. 5 Chestnut 
a Sophia D. widow of Andrew, house 109 Washington 
a William L. dentirt, 2 Brightside av. boards do. 

Parkhurst Albion 1 J . apothecary, 7G Prospect, house 7 Allen 
a Charles & Son (Cliai'les JtJ.), marine railway, Railway av., 

Duncan's Point 
u Charles E. (Charles Pal'khurst & Sun), Railway av., 
Duncan's Point, house 18 Chestnut . [Bond 

a Etlie M. teacher, Sawyer school, boards Essex av. beyond 
a Elizabeth, widow of Charles, house 370 Main 
a Epes M. jr. clerk, 55 Commercial, house 135 Washington 
<< Fanny G. Miss, teacher, Babson primary, bds. 8 Granite 
" Fred G. clerk, 22G Main, boards 7 Warner 
" George, laborer, house 2 Summit 
" George E. fish skinner, boards 2 Summit 





Parkhurst George H. peddler, house 40 Dennison 

u Hugh, clerk, 67 Middle, house (Edgewood), Essex av. 
beyond Bond 

a Hugh & Co. fish, wholesale, Fears' wharf, house 7 Warner 

« Hugh W. clerk, 15 Main, house 59 Washington 

u John F. clerk, house 6 Langsford 

a Lucv L widow of Epes M. boards 8 Granite 

u Percy C. clerk, Fears' wharf, boards 7 Warner 
Parks Albert, foreman, 50 Commercial, house 4 Dexter pi. 

u Catharine, widow, house rear 32 Millett 

44 Daniel M. fisherman, house 58 Eastern av. 

44 Edward, fisherman, boards 13 Porter 

44 Elisha William, boatmaker, hoards Russell av. 

44 Everett L. hairdresser, 169£ East Main, bds. 10 Highland 

44 John F. fisherman, boards rear 32 Millett 

44 John H. carpenter, house Russell av. 

44 Louis R. baker, 142 Main, boards rear 32 Millett 

44 Mary A. house 20^y Taylor 

u S. Emily, widow of Matthew F. house 2 Cross 

4< Warren M. hairdresser, 169.]- East Main, h. 10 Highland 

44 William, laborer, house 20. \ Taylor 

44 William J. boards 20-J Taylor 
Parrott Charles W. clerk, 7 Elm, house 28 Lookout 
Parsons Aaron, clerk, Custom House, house 22 Middle 

44 Albert, fisherman, house 142 Eastern av. 

44 Albert, laborer,' boards rear 10 Liowe square 

44 Albert H. sailmaker, house 19 Warner 

44 Alexander, fisherman, boards 39 Friend 

44 Alfred C. gate tender, house Laurel street, \V. G. 

44 Amanda Miss, boards 05 Mt. Pleasant av. 

44 Amos P. laborer, boards Harmony square 

44 Annie E. music teacher, 12 Hammond, hoards do. 

44 Annie M. dressmaker, 26 East 'Main, boards do. 

44 Arthur B. clerk, boards 8 Trask 

4< Arthur C. clerk, house 13 Highland 

4t Austin, farmer, boards 30 Witham 

44 Benjamin, laborer, house 8 Railroad av. 

44 Benjamin F. hairdresser, 449 Main, boards 390 do. 

44 Betsey D. *Miss, house 155 East Main 

a Carleton H. clerk Police Court, boards 10 Middle 

44 Carrie E. teacher, High school, boards 20 Church 

44 Charles, fisherman, boards 140 Western av. 

44 Charles A. fisherman, boards 41 Mansfield 

4< Charles K. clerk, 9 Commercial, boards 358 Main 

44 Charles E. gluemaker, house 37 Friend 

a Charles F. T. insurance (Boston), boards 3 Maplewood av. 

44 Charles G. driver, house 112 Maplewood av. 

44 Charles H. clerk, 158 East Main, house 7 Highland 

u Charles H. laborer, house 12 Reynard 



Parsons Charles L. clerk, 44 Prospect; also (G. K. Parsons & 
Co.), 40 Warner., house 7 Trask 
a Charles M. clerk, William Parsons, 2d, & Co.'s, house 5f> 

Mt. Pleasant av. 
a Charles P. police, house (>4 Eastern av r . 
« Clarence C. fish skinner, house rear 37 Friend 
n Chester L. clerk, boards 418 Washington 

I^AUSONS DAVID, calker, office Marine Railway, Rocky 
Neck, near ferry landing, house 12 Chapel (see p. 51 G) 
a David, laborer, house 8 Trask 
u Edward, removed to Boston 

♦ « Edward I), stable, 13 Chapel, house 1 55 East Main 
a Edward H. ])ainter, 152 East Main, boards 6 Harmony sq. 
a Edwin A. laborer, house 5 Trask 
a Edwin F. fisherman, house 1 Harbor View court 
a Edwin 0. (IV. Frank Parsons & Pro.), 81 Main, house 

2G Church 
a Elizabeth M. teacher, Point grammar, boards 14 Chapel 
a Ellen, widow, nurse, boards 9 Blynraan av. 
a Emma A. Mrs. house 191 East Main [View court 

a Emma E. bookkeeper, 75 East Main, boards 1 Harbor 
a Ernest I), driver, boards 12 Marchant 
a Ernest S. bookkeeper, 44 Prospect, boards 8 Railroad av. 
a Esther., widow of Daniel S. house 140 Western av. 
a Eugene, supt. of Cut bridge, boards 140 Western av. 
<( Everett. W. shoemaker, boards 64 Eastern av. 
« Fitz W. house 328 Main 

a Frank li. stone cutter, house 530 Washington 
« Frank S. clerk, 158 East Main, boards 191 do. 
a Frank W. clerk, 7 Elm, house 8 Hancock 
a Frank W. iish skinner, boards rear 37 Friend 
a P'red, coal and wood, 23 Curve, house 527 Washington 
a Fred, fisherman, house Old Salem road 
a George, variety store, 392 Main, house 390 d •• 
a George, house 13 Highland 

a George, 2d, agent, clothing, 97 Main, house 10 Middle 
a George A. laborer, house 358 Main 

a George B. carpenter, 108 Duncan, house rear 42 Eastern av. 
a George E. clerk, 79 Wheeler, house 1 Wesley 
a George F. farmer, house 27 Witham 
a George F. fisherman, boards 2 Hart/, place 
a George Henry, fisherman, boards 358 Main 
a George H. carpenter, house rear 42 Eastern av. 
a George H. fish skinner, house rear 4 Calder 

IJAUSONS GEORGE It. & CO. (C. L. Parsons), gro- 
cers, 40 Warner, house 4 Beckfc'ord (see page 523) 
a Georgianna Miss, house 3 Granite 
a Georgianna Mrs. boards 10 Short 
a Gilman S'. carpenter, house 28 Acacia 
a Gorham A. house 112 Prospect 


Parsons Hannah, widow, house Magnolia av., W. G. 

« Harriet F. widow of Frank H. boards 37 Pleasant 

a Henrietta Miss, at Almshouse 

« Henry H. building mover, 25 Friend, boards do. 

a Howard, iisherman, boards 30 William 

a Howard, teamster, C. H. Boynton's, house 9 Lookout 

a Howard A- carpenter, house 128 Magnolia av. 

a Howard M. teamster, house 9 Lookout 

>l Ira, fisherman, boards 130 With am 

« Ira W. laborer, boards 217 Magnolia av., W. G. 

a Isabel S. cashier, 180 Main, boards 20 East Main 

« James E. peddler, house Magnolia av., W. G. 

a John, iisherman, boards 345 Main 

u John, foreman, George J. Tarr & Co.'s, house 4 Fort sq. 

u John E. house 123 Prospect 

a John L. teamster, 309 Main 

a John M. fish peddler, house Bond 

a John S. keeper of Almshouse, house do. 

I)AUS0NS JOSEPH (Estate of), clothing, boots and 
shoes, and gents' furnishing goods, 193 East Main ; also 

dry goods, 195 do. (see page 510) 

a Joseph, iisherman, house 30 Witham 

« Joseph (of 193 East Main), died Jan. 20, 1898 

u Joseph B. printer, 211 Main, boards 123 Prospect 

a Joseph M. {William Pcwsons, 2d, & do.), Parsons' whf. 

house 79 Mt. Pleasant av. 

a Joseph P. fish peddler, house 52 Eastern av. 

« J. Edward, jr. clerk, 95 Main, boards 123 Prospect 

u Lars, clerk, 180 Main, boards 20 East Main 

« Lemuel C. glue maker, boards 27 Witham 

it Lettie, milliner, 180 Main, house 15 Staten 

« Lillie M. house rear 37 Friend 

« Maitha 11. widow of Charles E. house 33 East Main 
u Mary A. widow of Theodore, house 31 Granite 
,< Mary E. widow of William, 2d, died Feb. 24, 1898 
« Mattie, clerk, 190 Main, boards 112 Prospect 
%. Melvin, Iisherman, house 32 Witham 
u M. E. grocer, 3 Allen, house 112 Prospect 
a Nancy E. Miss, house 155 East Main 
u Nathaniel B. laborer, house rear 175 East Main 
« Nettie L. Miss, saleswoman, boards 8 Railroad av. 
u Oren, mason, house rear 37 Friend [ington 
u Otis H. foreman, Hall & Co., Fears' wharf, h. 142 Wash- 
it Perry W. farmer, boards 27 Witham 
u Philip W. fisherman, boards 30 Witham 
u Ralph C. clerk, Cunningham & Thompson's, h. 47 Middle 
u Ralph P. student, boards 52 Eastern av. 
« Roscoe, driver, boards 30 Witham 
u Rufus, laborer, boards 191 East Main 
a Samuel A. fisherman, house 2 Haitz place 


Parsons Samuel A. jr. fisherman, boards 2 Hartz place 
a Samuel H. fisherman, house 20 East Main 
u Sarah K, widow of Joseph, house 12 Hammond 
a Sarah 11. widow of Eben, house 9 Chapel 
u Sarah H. widow of William N. house 527 Washington 
a Sidney, station agent, West Gloucester station, house 217 

Magnolia av., W. G. 
a Sidney G. gate tender, boards 217 Magnolia av., W. G. 
a Solomon, at Almshouse 
u Theodore, cooper, house 12 Marchant 
u Thomas H. laborer, house 14 Chapel 
tt Thomas L. house 197 Eastern av. 
tt Thomas L. house 05 Mt. Pleasant av. 
a Wallace, fisherman, boards 217 Main 
u Walter C. hostler, house over 158 East Main 
u William {Gardner <.t; Parsons), fisheries,, foot of Pearce, 

house 31 Granite 
tt William, 2d, & Co. (J. M. Parsons, John L. Stanley), 

fisheries, Parsons' wharf, oil' East Main street 
u William, 3d, manager, 193 Main, bds. 79 Mt. Pleasant av. 
a William A. fish skinner, house 15 Staten 
a William E. blacksmith, house 30 East Main 
« William E. with Gardner & Parsons, toot of Pearce, bds. 

28 Granite 
a William K. fisherman, house 397 Main 
a William II. laborer, house 10 Bend 
it William 11. laborer, boards 2 Hartz place 
a William S. fisherman, house 140 Western av. 
u Willis, reporter, Daily Times, 110 Majn, boards 32 Middle 
« Winthrop L. laborer, house Gould court 

I)AHS0N8 W. FRANK & HKO. (,#. 0. Parsons), boots 
and shoes, <S1 Main, h. 3 Maplewood av. (see page 517) 

Partridge George II. fisherman, house 10 Howe square 
tt George L. photographer, house 152 Leonard [Beacon 

a Parmenas W. trav. salesman, Shute & Merchant, house 25 

Pasto Samuel, fisherman, boards 20 Locust 

Patch Charles W. boards 12 Prospect 

a Harriet W. widow of Isaac, house 290 East Main 

tt Isaac, student, boards 290 East Main 

it Warren P. manager, J. H. Thomas Co. house 12 Prospect 

Patience Ann, widow of John, house 259 Main 
tt George, fish skinner, house rear 43 Warner 
u James P. clerk, 208.1 Main, boards 259 do. 

Patriquin Eliza, widow, house 7 Mt. Pleasant court 
tt Ida, clerk, 93 Main, boards 7 Mt. Pleasant court 
tt John, clerk, 122 Main, boards 7 Mt. Pleasant court 

Patten David, removed to Boston 
a George W. clerk, 74 Main, boards 388 Washington 
u James F. fruit, etc. 74 Main, house 388 Washington 


Patterson Freeman C. clerk, Eagle House, 291 Pearce, bds. do. 
a George W. ])roj). Eagle House, 29£ Pearce 
it Margaret Mrs. house 9 Highland court 
u Margaret, widow, died Nov. 8, 1897 
tt Richard, master mariner, boards 8 Middle 

PATT1LL0 ALEXANDER, dry goods, 120 and 122 
Main, house G Hancock (see front cover) 
IJATTILLO A. MANTON, furniture, carpets and window 
shades, 67 Middle, house 79 Prospect (see front cover) 

a Guy, clerk, 122 Main, house 337 do. 
Pattpass Herbert, fisherman, boards 20 Locust 

a James, fisherman, boards 20 Locust 
Patty Paul, fisherman, boards 37.1 Sargent 
Paul Frank, fisherman, boards 53 Friend 

a George, removed to Boston 

a Harding, removed to Boston 

u Joseph E). foreman, James G. Tarr & Bro. h. 10 Fremont 

« Patience, widow of Edwin, boards 4 Forest 
Paulson, see Palson and Poison 
Payne Annie Mrs. house 86 Prospect 

a Joseph A. laborer, boards 86 Prospect 

« Sadie, boards 86 Prospect 
Payson Benjamin F. license commissioner, house 9 Taylor 
Peabody Sarah C. widow of Oliver, house 6 Mechanic place 
Peacli George E. iisherman, house 124 Mt. Pleasant av. 

tt Joseph P. laborer, house 20 Orchard 

<< Richard K. fisherman, boards 243 Washington 
Pearce Betsey, widow of Charles H. house 100 Prospect 

a Frank C. bookkeeper, Cunningham & Thompson's, house 
233 Washington [100 Prospect 

a Frederick A. bookkeeper, Cunningham & Thompson's, h. 

a see also Pierce [Magnolia 

Pearson G. II. Mrs. prop. Oak Grove House, Magnolia av., 

a Henry, paving cutter, house 13 Woodbury 

tt Mary Miss, house 14 Franklin square 

a William E. supt. Cape Ann Granite Co. boards 636 Wash. 
Peart Charles, iisherman, boards 47 Warner 
Peavey Frank E. shoemaker, 363 Main, house 397 do. 

a George, blacksmith, house 969 Washington 

tt Mary L. widow, boards 397 Main 

u Newell, stone cutter, house 926 Washington 
Peddell William, fisherman, boards 22 Locust 
Pedrick Horace N. supt. G. St. R'y, 100 Main, house at Salem 
Peeples Edgar, mariner, boards 23 Exchange 

u Edwin W. fisherman, boards 26 Eastern av. 

a George H. master mariner, house 95 Maple wood av. 

it Samuel, fisherman, boards 67 Rogers 

it Thomas W. fisherman, house 4 Parker court 
Peirce, see Pearce and Pierce 
Peitriti John, laborer, house 23 Andrews 


Pellier Donald, fisherman, hoards 10 Tvy court 
Pelton George M. laborer, house 16 Hancock 

a John, paving cutter, house 42 Langsford 
Pembroke Henry B. iisherman, house 1 1 Pearl 
Pendergast John, laborer, boards 22 Shepherd 
Pendleton George W. (of 48 Wharf), died Feb. 6, 1897 
Penhallovv Charles 8. (Boston), summer res., Magnolia av. 
Pennell John N. foreman, house 75 Washington 
Pennery Abram, Iisherman, boards 11. Prospect square 
Pennington Alva, widow of James, boards 5 Blake court 

a Herman, Iisherman, boards 5 Blake court 
Pennis Lewis, rigger and boarding house, 16 Water 
Penny Frank, iisherman, boards 311 Main 

a Howard, Iisherman, house 10 Pew court 
Peno Alexander, blacksmith, house 78.3 Washington 
Pentecost John J. Iisherman, house 96 Maplewood av. 
Perkins Aaron C. clerk, 141 Main, house 2 Knowlton square 

u Aaron F. student, boards 2 Knowlton square 

« Carrie A. Miss, house 96 Washington 

u Charles H. master mariner, house 36 Warner 

u Edward, died May 2, 1898 

a George & Son {George H. Perkins), fish dealers, Perkins 
wharf, Rowe square ; also salt, 191 Main 

« George H. (Georye Perkins & Son), Perkins' wharf and 
191 Main; also vice-pres. First National Bank, house 
50 Pleasant [11 Mason 

a George H. Rev. pastor Prospect street M. E. church, house 

u Hannah I), died Oct. 23, 1896 

tt Hannah M. clerk, 186 Main, boards 2 Knowlton square 

u Horace W. stone cutter, house 24 Atlantic, W. G. 

u Jennie F. widow of Ralph \V. house 44 East Main 

h John F. {Perkins & Corliss), 69 Middle, house 5 Orchard 

« Joseph W. fisherman, house 16 Highland 

a Maria., widow of Dean, house 37 Mt. Vernon 

a Mary, widow of Edward, house 14 Riverdale place 

a Mary, widow of George, died July 30, 1897 

a Melvin H. apothecary, 272 Main, house 116 Prospect 

H Oliver Y. teamster, house 136 Washington 

u Perry, driver, house 85 Washington 

« Ralph W. died Dec. 23, 1898 

u Richard H. teamster, C. H. Boynton's, house 8 Grove 

u Stephen A. laborer, house 8 Grove 

u William, foreman Cape Ann Shoe Co. house at Essex 

u William H. clerk, house 3 Mason 

a & Corliss (J. F. Perkins, F. A . Corliss), bicycles, 69 Middle 
Perrin Caroline H. widow of William H. house 57 Prospect 
Perriway Martha, widow of Philip, house 350 Main 

a Philip C. laborer, house 1 Wiley 
Perry Albert H. laborer, house 13 Wheeler 

" Antoine, fisherman, house 18 Elwell 




y Antoine, jr. fish skinner, house 45 Perkins 

Antoine F. laborer, boards 5 Linnet place 

Antoine J. laborer, house 5 Linnet place 

Antonie clerk* 55 Prospect, boards 8 Fayal court 

Antonio, linemaker, boards 5 Leonard place 

Catharine, widow, house 8 Sadler 

Charles, fisherman, boards 11 Center court 

Charles, shoemaker, 71 Duncan, house do. 

Charles B. fisherman, boards 9 Staten 

David, fisherman, boards 104 Duncan 

Emanuel W. fish skinner, boards 14 Mt. Vernon 

Frank, fisherman, house 53 Friend 

Frank, fisherman, house 38 Friend 

Frank, grocer, 156 Prospect, house 8 Fayal court 

Frank F. fisherman, house 60 Perkins 

George II. master mariner, house 10.1- Hartz place 

George W. fisherman, boards 9 Staten 

John, fisherman, boards 1 Taylor 

John, fisherman, boards 4 Harvard 

John, grocer, 40 Friend, house 10 Klwell 

John, hairdresser, 297 Main, boards 3 Fayal court 

John A. clerk, 331 Main, boards 5 Linnet place 

John F. fisherman, house 26 Cleveland 

John W. died Nov. 25,1897 

Joseph, fisherman, house 5,3 Friend 

Joseph, fisherman, house 30 Webster 

Joseph, lish skinner, house 9 Rock wood place 

Joseph, laborer, house 48 Perkins 

Joseph H. picture frames, 210 Main, rooms do. ; branch 

Fuller street, Magnolia 
Joseph M. hairdresser, 42 Main, house 9 Fayal court 
Joseph R. (Rogers & P.erry), provisions, 293 Main, bils. 

48 Perkins 
Joseph W. fish skinner, house 65 Perkins 
Lottie B. Miss, milliner, 11)8 Main, boards 5 Orchard 
Manuel, fisherman, house at Rive Pound Island 
Manuel, fisherman, house 40 Friend 
Manuel, fisherman, house 18 Perkins 
Manuel, grocer, 18 Klvvell, house do. 
Manuel, laborer, house 14 Mt. Vernon 
Manuel, jr. fisherman, house 66 Friend 
Manuel A. shoemaker, 326 Main, bds. 36 Leighton's ct. 
Manuel F. fisherman, house 47 Perkins 
Manuel F. laborer, house 9 Green 
Mary, widow, house 8 Sadler 
Mary, widow of Anton, boards 14 Mt. Vernon 
Mary, widow of Manuel, house 8 Fayal court 
Olive A. widow of John W. house 25 Friend 
Reuben, blacksmith, house 5 Orchard 
Rose, widow, house 3 Fayal court 


Perry Samuel A. fisherman, boards 9 Staten 

a Samuel T. fisherman, boards 9 Staten 

a Simon, fisherman, boards 113 Pleasant 

a William, fisherman, house 19 Beacon 
Peters Anton, fisherman, house 40 Friend 

« Charles, quarryman, house off Hickory street 

a Charles J. (Cambridge), summer residence, 197 Western av. 

a Hannah, widow, house 24 Sargent 

u John, fisherman, house 42 Wharf 
Peterson Adolph, quarryman, house 842 Washington 

a Andrew, fisherman, house 105 Main 

« Andrew, fisherman, house 16 Main 

it Annie M. widow of Charles S. house 17 Mt. Vernon 

u Charles, baker, 44 Prospect, house 35 School 

a Charles, fisherman, boards 60 Main 

a Charles, paving cutter, boards 3 Mason square 

a Charles E. fisherman, house rear 11 Sadler 

u Charles F. laborer, house 10 East Main 

a Charles S. lost at sea 

a Charles T. fisherman, house 1 Rackliffe 

u Christian, fisherman, boards 11 Chestnut 

u Frank, fisherman, boards 46 Main 

tt Frederick, fisherman, boards 46 Main 

a Gustaf, fisherman, house 8 Perkins 

a Gustaf, fisherman, boards 2681 Main 

a Hans, fisherman, house 7 Wall 

u Henry, fisherman, boards 7 Wall 

u Henry, stone cutter, house 3 Norseman av. 

a Isaac P. engineer, Tari: & Wonson's, house 52 Mt. Pleasant 

a Jacob, fisherman, house 6 Herrick court 

a Jacob, quarryman, house 774 Washington 

« James, fisherman, house 26 Chapel 

<< James R. cooper, and boarding house, 311 Main 

u John, fisherman, house 11 Chestnut 

u John, fisherman, house 48 Friend 

u John A. eating house, 40 Main, house 19 Washington 

a John E. clerk, 62 Langsi'ord, house 7 Norseman av. 

u Magnus, fisherman, house 8 Davis 

u Mary K.^widow of John, boards 19 Trask 

« Matthew {Peterson ct' El well) ^ seine maker, Story's wharf, 
house 11 Plum 

a Michael, quarryman, house 19 North Kilby 

a Nels, fisherman, boards 132 Mt. Pleasant av. 

u Olif, fisherman, boards 11 Plum 

u Peter, fisherman, boards 16 Columbia 

<c Peter, fisherman, house 105 Main 

<< Peter C. fisherman, boards 26 Railroad av. 

a Peter H. fisherman, boards 7 Wall 

tt Ralph W. laster, boards 52 Mt. Pleasant av. 

a Reinert, fisherman, boards 34 Warner 


Peterson Rudolph, fisherman, boards 268.}- Main 

« Teresa, widow of William H. house rear 23 Mansfield 

<< Thomas, shoemaker, 62 Rogers, house do. 

a & Elwell (Matthew Peterson, Clarence A. Elwell)\ seine 
makers, Story's wharf 
Pettigrew James, house 8 Lookout 
Pettingill Charles I), house 34 Washington square 

« Gilbert N. chiropodist, 119 Main, house at Rock port 
Pettipas William, electrician, house 60 Warner 
Pettipaw Michael, fisherman, house 82 Duncan 
Peverell John R. farmer, boards 132 Mt. Pleasant a v. 
Pew Charles E. student, boards 308 Main [Pleasant 

u Charles H. {John Pew & Son), 327 to 331 Main, house 23 

a Edwin B. house 308 Main 

u Henry Mrs. boards 308 Main 

1)EVV JOHN & SON (G. IL and J. J. Pew, and J. K. 
Dustin), fisheries, and salt dealers, 327 to 331 Main 
(see page 522) 

u John A. removed to New York city 

a John J. (John Pew & Son), 331 Main, house 46 Summer 

a Mary E. Miss, music teacher, boards 308 Main 

u William A. cashier City National Hank, house 59 Essex av. 

a William A. jr. lawyer, First National building, 191 Main 
Phalen John, plumber, boards 4 Fort scjuare 

u Sylvanus D. teamster, house rear 150 Maplewood av. 

a Walter, fisherman, boards 12 Railroad av. 

a William, cooper, house 13 Sadler 

« William, fisherman, boards 18 Sargent 
Phalkanear Leander, carpenter, house rear 6 Traverse 
Phelan John, laborer, house 7 Fears' court 

PHELPS ROBERT W. photographer, 120 Main, house 
26 Chestnut (see page 533) 
Philbrick John F. fisherman, house 5 Beacon 
Philbrook David, teamster, house 808 Washington 
Phillips Anton, fisherman, boards 63 Friend 

« Candy, fisherman, house 06 Friend 

« Ezra L. architect, 201 Main, house 2 Gloucester av. 

« Jeremiah, fisherman, house 50 Friend 

« Mary Miss* died Oct. 27, 1897 

« N. H. treas. Russia Cement Co. house 17 Washington stp 
Philomena 8ister Superior, St. Anne's Convent, Pleasant St. 
Phipps Mary, widow, house 9 Pew court 
Picco Albert, fisherman, boards 11 Pearce 

« Nathan, fisherman, boards 11 Pearce 
Pickering Lizzie E. Mrs. boards 281 East Main 
Pierce Charles F. clerk, 143 Main, rms. engine-house, 8 School 

« Emma E. Mrs. dermatologist, 120 Main, h. at Rockport 

a George, laborer, house 455 Essex av. W. G. 

a John C. lawyer, died June 3, 1898 

« John E. motorman, boards 217 Main 





Pierce Mabel F. Mrs. restaurant, 52 Maplewood av. house do. 

a Ward A. died Dec. 9, 1896 

a William E. fisherman, house 389 Main 

u William S. laborer, house 93 Magnolia av. 

r< William S. B. house 52 Maplewood av! 

a see also Pearce 
Pigeon Abraham, summer residence, 292 Western av. 

a George W. summer residence, hoards 281 Western av. 

a Henry, summer residence, 281 Western av. 

a Henry L. summer residence, boards 281 Western av. 

a William B. (Boston), summer res. rear 281 Western av. 
Pike Robert, fisherman, boards 311 Main 

a Roger, fisherman, boards 217 Main 
Pills-bury Herman W. painter, house 324 Washington 
Pincin Chester P. boards 3 Hampden 

a Kate M. widow, boards 3 Hampden 
Pink Granite Works, Walter Graham, prop., works rear 9 
Acacia, ollice 33 Grove 

« Joseph, fisherman, boards 248£ Main 
Pinkham Albert C. fisherman, boards 258 Main 

a Albert H. fisherman, house 258 Main 

a Charles FI. elerk, .33 Washington, boards 54 Grove 

u Emma J. Mrs. house 14 Racklitt'e 

tt Fred G. laborer, boards 63 East Main 

« George C. fisherman, house 15 Uackliffe 

a George H. janitor, house 54 Grove 

u Gertrude M. widow of Walter G. boards 1 Harbor View ct. 

a Henry K. fish skinner, house 22 Hammond 

a Joseph, fisherman, boards 433 Main 

u Loring, fisherman, boards 9 Harmony square 

k Randall G. fish skinner, house 63 East Main 

(* Roswell W. carpenter, house 29 Bond 

« R. El wood (Pinkham tfc Foster), fish dealer, Dennis wharf, 
boards 16 Hammond 

it Solon M. teamster, 43 Duncan, house 5 Taylor 

« Walter G. died May 2, 1898 

u Watson, died Aug. 21, 1897 

« William, cook, boards 33 Elm 

it & Foster (K. Eiwood Pinkham, Frank F. Foster), iish 
dealers, Dennis wharf, 139 East Main 
Piper Charles, died June 13, 1897 [825 Washington 

it Charles F. coal and wood, at the Cove, Lanesville, house 

tt Fred, carpenter, boards 825 Washington 
Pittee Charles H. laborer, boards 7 Fremont 

tt David A. watchman, house 7 Fremont 
Pitts Daniel, mariner, house 17 South Kilby 

a Izare. mariner, house Sanderson court 

a Joseph, fisherman, house 295 Main 

it Peter, mariner, boards 17 South Kilby 

a William, fisherman, boards 58 Duncan 


Pitty Michael, fisherman, house 80 Duncan 

Place Charles E. bootmaker, 81 Main, rooms 2 Com' wealth av. 

Plaits Olive Mrs. hoards 32 Middle 

Plourde Thomas, (jiuirryman, house Col-barn street 

Plow Edward, baker, hoards 37 Washington 
tt Henry J. teamster, house 32 Friend 
« James, baker, 77 Duncan, house 37 Washington 

Plummer J. W. S. Mrs. rooms 03 Western a v. 
u Lurana T. widow, at Huntress Home, 11.0 Prospect 

Poan Edward, fisherman, house 120 Duncan 

Poland Chester P. clerk, 274 Main, house 02 Warner 
u Eflie A. teacher, hoards 031 Washington 
u Frederick L. blacksmith, boards 031 Washington 
a Gardner M. farmer, boards 283 Essex av. W. G. 
" Michael, laborer, house 039 Washington 
u Warren, fisherman, house 978 Washington 
« William, barn ess maker, 5 Main, bds. Granite st., Rockport 
a William H. master mariner, house 031 Washington 
a William H. jr. blacksmith, house 810 Washington 

Police Court Building, Duncan, cor. Rogers 

Polk Cyrus, fisherman, boards 10 Water 
u William, stone cutter, house 27 Colburn 

Polki Henri, paving cutter, house 50 Woodbury 

Pollard Joseph Henry, died March 11, 1897 
<i Sarah A. widow of Joseph Henry, h. 172 Concord, W. G. 

Poison Alfred, fisherman, boards 7 Short 
ii see also Palson 

Pomeroy Edward A. stone cutter, house 103 East Main 
a George, removed to New Bedford 

I)0MER0Y IRVING II. dentist, City National Bank 
building, 195 Main, house 32 Prospect, cor. School (see 
bottom line on front cover) 
« James L. stone mason, house 53 Mt. Pleasant av. 
tt John S. mason, boards 53 Mt. Pleasant av. 
u Sidney N. stone mason, boards 53 INI t . Pleasant av. 
Pommet Joseph, house 140 Duncan 

a Louis, fisherman, boards 140 Duncan 
Pool Gardner (Samuel G. Fool & Sons), boards '*' Edge wood," 
Essex av. beyond Bond 
" Herman E. (Suviuel G. Fool &So.n$), house " Edgewood," 

Essex av. beyond Bond 
a Samuel G. & Sons (Herman K. and Gardner Foul), 
wholesale fish, Parmenter's wharf; also (Atlantic Hali- 
but Co.), Atlantic whaif, house ''Edgewood," Essex 
av. beyond Bond 
" Thomas S. house 42 Holly 

u Waldo E. farmer, boards 42 Holly [58 Western av. 

Poole Beatrice I. copyist, city clerk's office, City Hall, house 
u Charles H. clerk, 854 Washington, boards 831 do. 
a Charles W. fisherman, house 831 Washington 


Poole Christopher Cat Addison Gilbert Home, 1 Western av. 

a Clara F. compositor, 211 Main, house at Rockport 

a Frederick C. upholsterer, 67 Middle, h. 58 Western av. 

it George, fisherman, boards 248.] Main 

u John F. teamster, house 3 Forest 

a Sarah Miss, at Old Ladies' Home, 110 Prospect 

tt Willard C. bookkeeper, Russia Cement Co. h. 25 Granite 

tt Willard G. master mariner, house 25 Granite 

tt William F. variety, 2 East Main, hoards 3 Forest 
Pope Isabelle Mrs. house 7 Ivy court 
Porper Bruce, fisherman, hoards 5 Burnham 

u John, iisherman, boards 12 Railroad av. 

a Robert B. iisherman, house 140 Prospect 
Porter Barney, fisherman, boards 28 Friend 

a Eliza, widow of Benjamin, house 20 Friend 

« Henry A. died March 13, 1898 

a Joseph, lost at sea 

a Raymond, fisherman, boards 28 Friend 

u William, foreman, house 32 Friend 

a William H. porter, 20 Main, hoards 19 Hampden 
Postal Telegraph Cable Co., John Favor, manager, 181 Main 

and 277 East Main 
Potter Harvey 0. removed to Lowell 
Poulson, see Palson and Poison 
Powell Josephine Mrs. house 8 Harold court 

a Stephen, fisherman, hoards 9 Columbia 
Power John (of 741 Washington), died Nov. 4, 1898 

a John W. plumber, house 7 Exchange 

a Mary A. widow of John, house 741 Washington 
Powers Catharine, widow of Patrick W. house 12-. \ Gould court 

it Charles W. {Nagle & Powers), 10 Fort wharf, house 40 
Fort square 

u David M. foreman, 35 Fort sq. house 77 Commercial 

tt Edmund, stone mason, 14 Harrison av. house do. 

u Edward K. sailmaker, house 13 Marcbant 

a Ellen, widow of Patrick, died in Jan. 1898 

tt Ellen, widow, house G Williams court 

a Ellen F. teacher, Sawyer school, boards 46 Fort square 

a Ellen P. widow of Michael, house 86 Main 

a Fra^nk, Iisherman, boards 16 Locust 

« Frank C. laborer, boards 12 Railroad av. 

a George, Iisherman, boards 217 Main 

a George H. plumber, 221 Main, boards 14 Harrison av. 

a James W. carpenter, house 33 Grove 

a Joanna, widow of John (of 48 School), died May 10, 1898 

a John, plumber, 221 Main 

t< John A. laborer, boards 46 Fort square 

a John D. laborer, house 1 Elwell 

« John H. clerk, 425 Main, hoards 1 Elwell [Perkins 

a Lawrence (Nickersou & Powers ),. saloon, 51 Duncan, h. 51 


Powers Margaret A. hoards 14 Cedar 
a Mary, widow of Matthew, house 77 Commercial 
a Mary A. widow of John, house 14 Cedar 
a Mary E. teacher, Stone-ct. school, hoards 31 Exchange 
a Matthew A. fisherman, house 38 Orchard 
a Maurice, foreman, 35 Fart square, hoards 49 do. 
a Michael J. tinsmith, 221 Main, house 7 Taylor 
a Patrick, fisherman, hoards 22 Loenst 
a Peter, fisherman, hoards 1 Cedar 
a Richard, fisherman, hoards 321 Main 
a Richard J. C. laborer, hoards 6 Williams court 
a Robert, iisli cutter, house 74 East Main 
a Thomas, fisherman, hoards 25 Commercial 
a Thomas F, stone cutter, boards 741 Washington 
a Valentine, fisherman, hoards 28 Commercial 
a William, quarry man, house 31 Exchange 
a William 11. stone cutter, house G66 Washington 

Powler Bertha, widow of Sandy, house 10 Bass av. 
a Frank, clerk, Magnolia av. hoards 10 Bass av. 
a Joseph, fish ski nnei', boards 10 Bass av. 
a Peter, clerk, 439 Main, boards 10 Bass av. 
a Weston, laborer, house 10 Stanley court 

Pradario Angelo, paving cutter, house Quarry street 
a Jeremiah, paving cutter, house G North ICilby 

Prady Frank, fish packer, hoards 8 El well 
a Frank, fisherman, boards 16 Friend 
a Louise, widow of Thomas, house 8 Elwell 
a Manuel, cigarmaker, house 10 Elwell eouit 
a Manuel, jr. fish skinner, house 53 Perkins 

Pratt Eliot W. (Boston), summer res. Boulder av., Magnolia 
a flattie A. widow, house 57 Western av. 
a Richard, fisherman, boards 3 Maple 
a William, teamster, house 11 Maplewood av. 
a William J. hoards 1 I Maplewood av. 

Pray Charles F. driver, Burnhani Bios.', h. 86 Essex av., W. G. 

Prescott Alvah, blacksmith, house 709 Washington 
a George A. blacksmith, house 9 South Kilby 
a Morris li.?elerk, 108 Main, rms. 25 Commonwealth av. 
a M. G. Rev. removed to Lynn 

Presson Alfred, house 1 1 Franklin square, cor. Prospect 
a Amelia F. widow of William, house G Liberty 
a Carrie Miss (of 9G Middle), died Feb. 13, 1899 
a Charles B. (Boston), house G Beachmont av. 
a David S. president Gloucester Mutual Fishing Ins. Co. 10 
Pleasant, house 2G Dale av. [Springfield 

a Edward B. trav. salesman, Shut.e & Merchant's, house at 
a Express Co., Benjamin A. Hotchkiss, pi op. 131 Main 

PUESSON HERBERT, insurance agent. Sawyer block, 
97 Main, hoards G Liberty (see page 517) 
. a John S. (Boston), boards 72 Main 
a Leonard J. house 3 Mansfield 


Price Augustus E. clerk, 134 Main, house 3 Angle 

u Stephen, removed to Chelsea 

it William, fisherman, house 3 Morton place 
Priestley Mary S. principal Rogers primary, hoards 25 Pine 
Prindall Charles, sailmaker, Cunningham & Thompson's wharf, 
house 18 Addison 

it David, hoards 18 Addison 
Pringle James R. reporter, Boston Glohe, 201 Main, h. 23 Pine 
Prior Claudin D. engineer, house 804 Washington 

<< Kirov, fisherman, hoards 9 Ivy court 

d Joanna, widow of George, house 301 Main 
Pritehard Charles F. treas. Gloucester Electric Co. h. at Lynn 
Procter Albert, farmer, hoards 25 Poplar 

a Belle H. teacher, Coll ins school, hoards (59 Western av. 

I)K0CTER BROTHERS (.Francis and George II.). editors 
Cape Ann Advertiser and Gloucester Daily Times, 
printers, publishers, booksellers, stationers, and news- 
dealers, 108 and 110 Main (see front cover and page 529) 

u Carrie A. Miss, boards G C J Western av. 

a Carrie M. Miss, house Magnolia av., W. G. 

■« Charles, house 54 Western av. 

« Charles W. removed to Boston 

<< Edward, fisherman, house 3 Beach court 

u Francis (Procter. Brothers), 108 and 110 Main, house 16 
Procter, corner School 

a Frank R. manager "Old Corner Bookstore," 108 Main, 
house 4 Conant av. [54 Summer 

tt George II. (Procter Brothers), 108 and 110 Main, house 

a Horace B. removed to Boston 

a John, fisherman, boards 9 Beach court 

« John, carpenter, died Oct. 25, 1895 

« John J. boards 7 Marsh 

« John J. jr. boxmaker, boards 19 Perkins 

u John VV. fisherman, house 2 Fort square 

" Joseph A. farmer, house 25 Poplar 

a Joseph O. house 83 Middle 

a Joseph O. jr. manager Gloucester Mackerel Co., Com- 
mercial court, house 8 rlovey 

" J. Howard, removed to Boston [Summer 

a J. Lester, reporter. Daily Times, 110 Main, boards 54 

a Lucinda, widow of Denmark, house 27 Elm §^2a 

»< Mary P. widow of John, housekeeper, 54 Western av. 

u Percy C. physician, 58 Middle, house 54 Western av. 

" S. Lizzie, compositor, 110 Main, boards 25 Poplar 

a William A. foreman printing department. 108 Main, house 

4 Conant avenue [Essex av., W. G. 

Proctor Carrie 0. bookkeeper. Duncan, cor. Rogers, boards 283 

a George A. died May 9, 1897 

a George W. surveyor, house 305 Essex av., W. G. 

u Hannah C. widow of William, house 305 Essex av., W. G. 

a Henry B. died May 12, 1898 


Proctor Humphrey B. farmer, house 283 Essex av., W. G. 

u H. Alice, stenographer, 1 1 1 Main. bds. 283 Essex av., W. G. 

u H. Woodbury, farmer, house Concord street [W. G. 

a Ida M. Miss, teacher, Hovey school, boards 271 Essex av., 

u Isaac J. farmer, house 34 Atlantic, W. G. 

u Joseph H. M. farmer, house 185 Concord, W. G. 

a Mary E. widow of Henry B. house 271 Essex av., W. G. 

u Wilbur F. farmer, house 250 Essex av., W. G. 

a William R. died July 22, 1897 
Proulx Edmond, foreman, house Quarry street 

a Frank, engineer, liouse Quarry street 
Puhlicover David I. laborer, boards 6 Angle 

u James L. prop. Grand View Hotel, Highland av., Annisqiiam 

a John M. carpenter, boards 33 -Elm 

a Stanley, fisherman, boards 6 Sylvan 

u Willard B. removed to Beverly Farms 

a William, fisherman, boards 6 Sylvan 

« William S. fisherman, boards 12.]- Cross 
Pulcifer Alden, painter, house 27 Exchange 

u Charles F. gardener, boards 208 Washington 

u Epes P. died March 13, 1898 

PULCIFER GEORGE H. florist, 208 Washington, house 
do. (sue page 525) 

a George W. (Chicago), summer res. 282 Washington 

a Jennie, widow of Obed. house 25 Exchange 

a John A. house 103 Western av. 

a Louis B. hoards 31 Leonard 

u Lydia, widow, 27 Exchange 

a Mary A. widow of Epes P. died March 19, 1898 

a Sarah C. widow, house 31 Leonard 

a Sophronia F. widow of Thomas L. house 31 Leonard 

a William II. carpenter, 7 Pearce, boards 211 Main 

a William II. grocer, 59 Eastern av. house 37 do. 
Purcell Frank, fisherman, boards 259 Main 

a M. W. removed to Lee 

a William, fisherman., boards 58 Duncan 
Purdon John G. (Boston), summer res. Lexington av., Magnolia 
Purdy Ada V. bookkeeper, 67 Middle, boards 77 Essex av. 

*i Albert H.%igger, 5 Rogers, boards 77 Essex av. 

a Charles W. rigger, 5 Rogers, house 77 Essex av. 

a George H. plumber's helper, 55 Main, boards 77 Essex av. 

a James A. removed to Boston 
Purnerf Gideon S. iisherinan, boards 332 Main 
Pushee Charles H. clerk, 4 Centre, boards 27 Mt. Vernon 

n William, carpenter, house 30 Prospect 
Puskala Henry, paving cutter, house Morgan street 
Putnam Charles, removed to Peabody 

Putney Freeman, supt. of schools, office High school building, 
house 34 School [Mansfield 

Puttner Harry L. laborer, B. & G. Steamboat Co. house 38 
Pyfrom James H. removed to Newbuiyport 


QUIGLEY EDWARD II. hostler, boards 4.3 Washington 

a James, driver, boards 43 Washington 

ci Martin, peddler, house 43 Washington 
Quimby Sumner F. physician, 79 Middle, house do. 
Quinlan Hugh, fisherman, boards 3 Millett 
Quinn Alexander, fisherman, boards 128 Duncan 

u Bridget, widow of William, house 7 Mason court 

a Cornelius J. laborer, boards 7 Mason court 

u George W. teamster, house 6(58 Washington 

a Hannah E. dressmaker, boards 7 Mason court 

tt Harry, boilermaker, boards 10 Smith 

it Joseph, fisherman, house 38 Wharf 

it William M. J. tinsmith, boards 7 Mason court 
Quint Louisa .J. widow of Thomas, house 22 Batman av. 
Quong Hong, laundry. 151 Main 

« Lee, laundry, 24 Main 

RACKLIFF WILLIAM, died Jan. 11, 1809 
Radcliffe Daniel, rigger, house 12 Sadler 

u John I. laborer, house 13 Elwell 
Ramaneughi Gacta. paving colter, house 54 High 
Ramas Joaquin J. fisdierman. house 40 Friend 
Randall Alice J. Mrs. Undertaker, 30 Main, house 28 do. 

u Charles, fisherman, boards 240 Main 

n George L. house 242 East Main 

u Joseph J. fisherman, house 145 East Main 

a Lucinda II. widow of Stephen P. house 101. East Main 

it Margaret, Mrs. house -7 Traverse 
Rankin Charles, master mariner, house 11 Exchange 

u Ervin, fisherman', boards rear 47 Prospect 

1) ANK1N e!01IN S. shipwright, 27 Rogers, house 10 Elm 
\j (see page 533) 
Rapp George E. fisherman, boards 9 Staten 
Rank/. Isaac, laborer, boards 43 Essex av. 
Raymond David, fisherman, house 53t Friend 

tt Emily W. S. Mrs. house 4 Foster 
Rayner William E. house 75 Leonard 
Kaynes Benjamin, laborer, house 107 East Main 

tt Joseph, laundryman, boards 8 Pleasant 
Real William, died Dec. 26, 189G 

Reardon Margaret, widow of Lawrence, house 45 Washington 
Reblin Austin M. printer, 1G8.1 Main, boards 4 Maple 

« William, confectioner, house 4 Maple 
Redmond Gertrude M. compositor, boards 1G Rackliile 

a Mary, widow of Frank P. house 1G Rackliffe 
Reed Abigail M. widow, house 4 Exchange 

it Alvan C. laborer, boards 1G Pine 

it Arthur E. carpenter, house 388 Essex av., W. G. 

a Betsey A. widow, house 174 East Main 

a Bradford E. driver, A. Dodge's, boards 2 Myrtle square 


Reed Charles A. {Reed & Gamage), fish dealer, 217 East Main, 

house 8 Highland 
a Charles H. hoards 4 Exchange 

*< Chester L. driver, Burnham Bros.' hoards 4 Exchange 
u Clarence E. teamster, house 21 Mansfield 
it Elizabeth H. widow of George M. house 2 Myrtle square 
44 Frank H. lahorer, hoards GO Essex av. 
a Frank H. Rev. pastor Lanesville Congregational Church, 

house 8 Langsford 
u George, fisherman, boards 24 Mansfield 

1>EED GEORGE A. & SON (George A. jr.), iron and 
_\j brass founders, Myrtle square, house 5 Knowlton square 

(see page 585) 
a George A. jr. (George A. Reed & Son), b. 5 Knowlton sq.. 
u George W. teamster, 43 Duncan, house It) Cleveland 
a Jacob, fisherman, boards 20 Railroad av. 
a James, fisherman, boards 13 Porter 
u John C. laborer, house 200 Essex av., W. G< 
u John F. fisherman, boards 174 East Main 
a John H. laborer, house 200 Essex av., YV\ G. 
a Joseph FI. laborer, house 00 Essex av. 
a. J. Walter, laborer, house 10 Bridge 
44 Llewellyn, teamster, house 42 Harrison av. 
44 Percy, laborer, boards 174 East Main 

REED THOMAS E. stevedore and teamster, baggage ex- 
press, furniture mover, freight lightering, etc.; also con- 
fectionery, 104 East Main, house Plum (see page 537) 

44 William, died July 30, 181)0 

44 William H. manager, City livery stable, rear 77 Main, 
house 2 Commonwealth av. 

44 William M. cigarmaker, 17 Duncan, boards 4 Exchange 

44 WilmOt A. broker, 92 Main, house 12 Washington sq. 

44 & Gamage (Charles A. Heed, C. II. Ga-niage), fish deal- 
ers, 217 East Main 
Reese Fanny, widow of Thomas, house 120 Magntlia av. 

44 Frank, at Almshouse 

44 Thomas, driver, boards 120 Magnolia av. 
Reeves William, tisherman, boards 18 Sargent ' [Prospect 

Regan Charles \V. Rev. asst. pastor St. Anne's Church, house 00 

44 Cornelius, fisherman, hoards 3 Maple [0 Trask 

44 Frank A. (Bolger & Regan), plumbers, etc. 153 Main, h. 
Rehn F. K. M. (New York), summer res., Villa Lots, Magnolia 
Reid Francis, farmer, house 5 High 

44 Francis J. bicycle repairer, 69 Middle, boards 5 High 

44 George G. foreman, 331 Main, house 15 Millett 

44 James, foreman, house 23 Quarry 
Reilly, see Riley 
Remby Boyd, clerk, 89 Washington, house 93 Western av. 

44 John, apothecary, 89 Washington, house 93 Western av. 

44 William, lahorer, house 175 Main 



Reno Peter, fisherman, boards 238 Main [Main 

Kenton Annie L. teacher, Point grammar school, bcls. 320 East 

u Frederick S. bookkeeper, boards 320 East Main [Main 

« Geoi'gie A. Miss, music teacher, 02 Main, boards 320 East 
a Thomas, summer boarding house, 320 East Main 
Resser Haltie, dressmaker, boards 57 Washington 
Revitt Grace Mrs. house 96 Prospect 

Reynolds Annie, widow of Charles G. house 19 Hampden 
« Fred, clerk, 128 Main, boards (52.} Prospect 
u George G. painter, 3 Main, house 46 Granite 
a John J. iisherinan, boards 9 Cedar 
a Mary, widow of William, died July 21, 1898 
u William R. Confectioner, boards 52 Prospect 
Rhinelander Jacob, fisherman, boards 433 Main 
Rhodes Frederick C. fish skinner, house 2 Highland 
Rhynard Uriah, fisherman, house 4 Fears' court 
Rice James W. Sail maker, boards 195 Eastern a v. 
a Joseph, salt fish, Fort wharf, house 9 Middle 
u Joseph W. stone cutter, house 37 Walnut 
a Robert, teamster, house 195 Eastern av. [cor. Hovey 

a Stillman, wholesale fish dealer, Parker St. h. GO Summer, 
a Timothy, shoemaker, boards 195 Eastern av. 
Rich Albert G. clerk, boards 44 Western av. 
a Charles G. clerk, 110 Washington, house 18 Harold av. 
a Charles H. clerk, 20 Main, house 4 1 Western av. 
u Charles W. saloon, 20 Main, house 320 Washington 
*< George H. at Almshouse [07 Western av. 

<i Hiram, cashier, Cape Ann National Hank, 150 Main, house 
a Sargent D. & Co. (Gtonjc W. Grant)', saloon, 2 and 4 

Parsons, looms 1 63 Main 
u Stephen, grocer, 110 and 112 Washington, h 13 Myrtle sq. 
Richards Abbie 0. Mrs. house 21 G Essex av.. W. G. 
a A. Putnam, laborer, boards oft. Concord, W. G. 
it Daniel, fisherman, boards 4G Main 
n George 0. laborer, house off Concord, W. G. 
u Peter, fisherman, boards 5 Water 
a William, fisherman, boards 15 Willow 
' a Williayi C. cooper, house 9 Harmony square 
Richardson Albert, fisherman, house 121 Gould court 
u Alexander, fisherman; boards 433 Main 
u Ahnira F. widow of Jasper, died May 28, 1899 
u Bessie A. Miss, dry goods, 2G8 Maio, boards 4 Wells 
a Carrie F. bookkeeper, Cape Ann Shoe Co. bds. 15 Bridge 
u Charles H. (IF. Mhhardson Sons), machinist, 10-1 Wash- 
ington, house 1G Wells 
it Clarence E. express agent, house 4 Concord, W. G. 
a Edward B. (Boston), summer res., Norman av., Magnolia 
u Edward C. (Boston), summer res., Norman av., Magnolia 
u Edward F. Mrs. house 15 Bridge 
n Effie B. stamper, P. 0. boards 4 Concord, W.. G. 


Richardson Elmer P. stenographer, Custom House, boards 4 
Concord, W. G. 
i* Frank C. collector of customs, Custom House, h. at Essex 
a Herbert A. driver, 173 Main, boards 8 Highland pi. 
et dames C. clerk, 136 Main, house 10 Federal 
u James H. boots and shoes, 186 Main, house 10 Federal 
u Nathan (A r . Richardson Sons), machinist, 104 Washing- 
ton, house Harvey place 
RICHARDSON N. SONS (Charles H. ami Nathan. Rich- 
j unison), machinists, 104 Washington, near the R. R. 
(see page 535) 
« Oscar, fisherman, boards 22 Main 

« Otis Weld (Boston), summer res., Norman av., Magnolia 
u William R. laborer, house 8 Highland place 
<< William R. shoe cutter, house 390 Washington 
Ricker Edson H. carpenter, boards 121 Leonard 
" George A. stone cutter, boards 1 LI 1 Leonard 
u Richard W. house Nashua av. 

IyiGKEU KOSCOE E. granite contractor ami dealer, oil 
\j Dennison street, house 1:21 Leonard (see page 519) 
Ridant Lesvis, fisherman, boards 3 Maple 
Riddle Thomas B. bicycles, and repairing, 320 Washington 
Rider Daniel, master mariner, boards 20 Locust 

w Hadley, fisherman, boards 20 Locust [Western av. 

u William H. Rev. pastor Universalist Church, house 77 
Rienstsou Gustave, lisherman, boards 345 Main 
Riggs Aaron, house 143 Washington 

u Benjamin F. stone cutter, house 652 Washington 

a Charles Edward, fisherman, house Springfield, near Acacia 

«t Charles Everett, lisherman, house 4 Lewis court 

a Edward W. clerk, 216 Main, bds. Springfield, near Acacia 

a Elbridge, farmer, house 45 Holly 

t< Fir/. B. baker, house Essex, near Trask 

" Fitz E. house 53 Summer 

it Frank 0. laborer, boards 12 Calder 

u Frederick, farmer, boards 29 Reynard 

« George B. stone mason, house 7 Dennison 

a Harriet F. widow of Joseph H. house 5 Maplewood av. 

a James; jr. laborer; house 27 Gee av. 

« John Mrs. removed to Danvers 

u Joshua, died Aug. 27, 1897 

a Joshua M. laborer, house 12 Calder 

«« Joshua 0, lisherman, boards 12 Calder 

a Leonard F. farmer, house 29 Reynard 

u William H. peddler, house 29 Gee av. 
Riihela Charles, paving cutter, boards 976 Washington 

" John, paving cutter, boards 976 Washington 

a Thomas, paving cutter, house 976 Washington 
Riley Addie Miss, boards 7 Langsford 

i* Albert, lisherman, boards 234 Main 

204 (JLOL'CE.STEK [ 1 1 ] DIKECTOKY . 

Riley Alfred W. fisherman, house 7 Langs ford 

a Ann, widow of Robert, house 19 Mansfield 

a Frank, fisherman, hoards 24 Pine 

a Fred W. mason, boards 7 Langsford 

a George, flagman, house Quarry street 

a George, jr. paving cutter, boards Quarry street 

a Howard, fisherman, boards 11 Locust 

a John F. foreman, house 61 Mt. Vernon 

a Julia JN1. widow, house 4 Tucker 

a Martin, laborer, house 27 Green 

it: Michael, laborer, house 19 Fort square 

a Owen H. teamster, A. Dodge's, house at Essex 

a Thomas, fisherman, boards 11 Pearce 

a William, paying cutter, boards Quarry street 

a William E. clerk, 141 Main, house 117 Washington 

a see also O'Reilly 
Rines Charles, fisherman, boards 18 Rogers [Summer 

Ring Edward P. {E. F. Ring & Son), 128 Main, house 47 

a Eliza G. widow of Edward P. house 19 School. 

a Everett, carpenter, boards 6 Harrison av. 

a K. P. & Son (A 1 , P. Ming), boots and shoes, 128 Main 

a Levi J. S. carpenter, house 6 Harrison av. 

a Mabel G. saleswoman, 268 Main, boards 6 Harrison av. 

a Melvin A. fish skinner, W. H. Moore & Co. boards 6 Har- 
rison av. 

a Otto, shoemaker, boards 6 Harrison av. 
Rintamaki Soloman, paving cutter, house 8S9 Washington 
Riou James, boarding house, 16 and 18 Locust 
Ritchie Ralph, fisherman, boards 27 Mansfield 
Rittal Franklin E boards 3 Knowlton square 

a John F. died Oct. 20, 1897 

a Lucy, widow of John F. house 3 Knowlton square 

a Millie P. Mis. house 7 Washington 
Ritzi Frank, fisherman, boards 22 Locust 
Riverside Harry, fisherman, boards 16 Locust 
Roach Daniel, stone cutter, house 4 Tucker [Willow 

a Ellen, widow of William M. grocer, 13 Cedar, house 11 

a George, fisherman, boards 4 Cross 
'a Helen, clerk, 122 Main, boards 16 Marchant 

a Jeremiah, paving cutter, house 2 High 

a Michael 1). teamster, house 14 Exchange 

a Patrick, house 19 Sargent 
Roakes Oana Mrs. house 58 Main 
Robbins George S. engineer, house rear 56 Eastern av. 

a Henry B. cook, house 16 Elwell court 

a Joseph, teamster, house 9 Cross 

a Mary F. milliner, 196 Main, boards ()() Washington 

a Parker, fisherman, boards 26 Addison 
Robblee Albert E. blacksmith, 78 Western av. rms. 17 Harvard 

a William, tea dealer, house 17 Harvard 


Roberta Annie, widow of Peter, house 320 Main 

u Azor H. B. tanner, house 402 Essex av. W. G. 

a Bertram M. laborer, boards 409 Kssex av W. G. 

u Charles E. tanner, house Walker street, VV\ G. 

a Charles F. provisions, 55 Prospect, house 41 Derby 

u Emerson, fisherman, boards 20 Locust 

u Frederick, netmaker, boards 124 Mt. Pleasant 

<< George, laborer, house rear 78 Rocky Neck av. 

a George W. provisions, 854 Washington, house 1 Andrews 

tt Gilbert, blacksmith, house 921 Washington 

tt Henry H. stable, rear 29£ Magnolia av.' home 29| do. 

a Henry T. nigbt watchman, Tail 1 ec Wonson's, h. 14 Fremont 

a Isaiah, fisherman, boards 20 Locust 

u James W. fanner, liouse 35 Sumner, W. G. 

a John L. shoemaker, 63 Eastern av. house 3 Williams ct. 

a .John L. jr. laborer, house 40 Harrison av. 

u John W.'died Nov. 7, 1896 

a Joshua, fanner, house 402 Essex av. W. G. 

tt Joshua E, clerk, house 409 Kssex av. W. G. 

a Lewis A. laborer, boards 201 Kssex a v. W. G. 

tt Marcia, widow of Gilman. house 834 Washington 

u Milford, fisherman, boards 44 Wharf 

ii Peter, lost at sea 

a Stanley, fisherman, boards 20 Locust 

ti Walter E. carpenter, boards 275 Essex av. W. G. 

u William F. carriage painter, boards 921 Washington 

u William (1. carpenter, house 275 Essex av. \V. G. 

a William L. laborer, boards Kssex av. W. G. 

u (Cambridge), summer residence, Fort Hill av., 

Eastern point 
Robertson James, stone Glitter, house 17 Revere 

n . Thomas B. anchor maker, house 28 V Grove 

it William, clerk, boards 17 Revere 
Robichaud August, fisherman, boards 5 Haskell court 

u Benjamin, laborer, house 97 Mt. Pleasant av. 

a Charles E. laborer, house 43 Bridge 

u Elaire, removed to Point Judith, 11. I. 

a Elizabeth Mrs. house 12 Locust 

a Frank, mason, house 21 Bridge 

a Henry E. plasterer, house 92 Maplewood av. 

a .lames, fisherman, boards 140 Duncan 

a Jerry, teamster, boards 105 Eastern av. 

a Mark, fisherman, boards 5 Water 
Robinson Allen B. fisherman, boards 720 Washington 

it Annie M. Miss, boards 808 Washington 

tt Benjamin, gluemaker, house 42 Granite 

a Benjamin F. teamster, house 5 Eastern ay. 

u Bertha J. widow of Daniel A. house 12 Hodgkins 

u Brothers (B. Oscar and Ferdinand), liquid fish glue, foot 
of Whittemore 


Robinson B. Oscar (Robinson Brothers), fish glue, loot of 
Whittemore, boards 42 Granite 

it Charles, glue maker, boards 42 Granite 

it Charles W. crossing tender, house 5 Morton place 

tt Charles W. teamster, house 351 Main 

a Clara B. Mrs. nurse, house 41 Warner 

u David I. (Atlantic Halibut Co.), Atlantic wharf, house 77 
Mt. Pleasant av. 

a Fdward, grocer, 78 Washington, house do. 

u Ernest, laborer, house 22 Washington 

a Ferdinand (Robinson Brothers), fish glue, foot of Whitte- 
more. house 145 Washington 
1)0HINS0iN FRANK, ship and carriagesmith ; also gal- 
.\j vani/.er, shop on Howe court, near Geo. II. Perkins & 
Son, house 10 Pew court (see page 534) 

tt Frank II. painter, boards 5 Beacon 

tt George B. shoemaker, 5 Beacon, boards do. 

tt Gertrude Miss, clerk, B. oc M. freight depot, boards 5 
Morton place 

tt Henry, sail maker, house 10 Bond 

u Howard, paving cutter, house 657 Washington 

a James E. granite cutter, house 50 Leonard 

it John J. laborer, house 8 Fast, Main 

a John J. jr. teamster, house 86 Bass av. 

it Levi A. shipsmith, house Woodman street, W. G. 

u Maria L. widow of William, house 7 Union court 

et Mary F. Mrs. house 808 Washington 

a Matilda, widow of James, house 654 Washington 

u Otis C. painter, house 724 Washington 

a Robert, mariner, house 247 Fast Main 

a Samuel W. fisherman, boards Woodman street, W. G. 

u Will A. teacher, boards 77 Mt. Pleasant av. 

a William II. driver, II. & L. No. 5, house 2 Taylor 

a William H. special police, bouse 16 llartz place 

it William II. jr. plumber, 75 Maplewood av. b. 16 Hartz pi. 

a William L. bookkeeper, 12 Montgomery place, house. 108 
Fast Main 
Robishaw, see Rohichaud 
Roche, see Roach 

Rockaway House, Prank Foster, prop. 7 Racklitfe 
Rockport Granite Co. 680 Wash., Bay View, and at Rockport 

\i Tarr, treas.. Rocky Neck (see page 521) 
Roderick Manuel, fisherman, house 8 Flwell 
Rogers Albert, laborer, boards 28 Willow 
u Allan (John C. CaleJ X- Co.), 83 Main, bds. 26 Pleasant 
a Annie F. music teacher, boards 8 Prospect court 
u Anthony C. apothecary, 189 Prospect, boards 49 Perkins 
a Antoine, fish skinner, boards 58 Mt. Vernon 
a Antoine, laborer, house 49 Perkins 


Rogers Augustus, fisherman, house 64 Friend 

ft Augustus, laborer, boards '28 Willow 

ft Charles, real estate, house 8 Prospect court 

a Charles H. laborer, house 02 Granite 

« Charles S. treks. Roekport Granite Co. house at Salem 

ft Eli, fisherman, boards 1.6 Water 

ft Ellen F. widow of Charles L. hoards 16 Mt. Vernon 

a Emanuel li. laborer, house 33 Perkins 

u Emanuel R". restaurant, 13 Center court, boards 33 Perkins 

a Frances, widow of Manuel, house 33 Perkins 

« Frank, fisherman.* house 59 Friend 

ft Frank, boards 58 Mt. Vernon 

i>. Frank A. (DiiiVart X' Rogers), cigar rnanuF. 24.8 Main, 

boards 49 Perkins 

ft Frank A. laborer, N. E. Fish Co. house 47 Perkins 

a Frank H. asst. janitor High school, house 4 Myrtle square 

u Frank V. (Jlor/ors & Terry), 293 Main, rooms 301 do. 

ft George I), student, boards 109 Prospect 

a George li. Rev. removed to Springiield 

it George S. laborer, house '20 Oak 

u Hattie Miss, boards 15 Mt. Vernon 

ft Herbert L. dental student, 4 Pleasant, b. rear. 47 Prospect 

it Jane, widow of John II. house '28 Willow 

ft John, laborer, house '27. V Perkins 

ft John, hairdresser, '245 Main, house 181 Eastern av. 

u John li. carriage painter, rear 35 Wash. b. Mason House 

a John F. teamster at A.- Dodge's, house '2H Willow 

« John J. cigar maker, '218 Main, boards 47 Perkins 

« John J. iish skinner, boards 8 Maple 

tt John S. died Aug. '22, 1807 

a John W. fisherman, house rear 47 Prospect 

tt Joseph (of 58 Mt, Vernon), died Aug. '2:5, 1898 

tt Joseph, jr. fish skinner, boards 58 Mt. Vernon 

tt Joseph II. oiler, Duncan, cor. Rogers, bds. 4 Arthur court 

tt Joseph King, Sailmaker, boards 33 Perkins 

tt Joseph R. teamster, house 20 (dwell 

tt Lucy D. widow of George II. house 56 Middle 

u Manuel, fisherman, house 57 Friend 

tt Manuel, fisherman, boards 12 Webster 

a Manuel, fish skinner, boards 58 Ml. Vernon 

tt Martha J. asst. bookkeeper, 221 Main. bds. 47 Prospect 

tt Martha K. widow of William C. h. rear 105 Eastern av. 

tt Mary, widow, house 8 Maple 

tt Minnie Mrs. house 48 Eastern av. 

a Percy S. supt. Gloucester Isinglass and Glue Co. house 

rear 195 Eastern av. 

a Richard, laborer, house 15 M.t. Vernon 

a Samuel H. driver, 5 Sargent, house 7 Harvard 

tt Sarah, widow of John S. house 109 Prospect 

tt William, cigarmaker, boards 33 Perkins 




Rogers William C. diet! Oct. 20, 1896 

u William E. P. supt. Gloucester Isinglass and Glue Co. 
house 50 Eastern av. 

« & Perry (Frank V. lloyers, Joseph li. Perry), meat and 
provisions, 293 Main 
Rollins Andrew N. electrician, house 140 Mt. Pleasant av. 
Ronan Edward, fisherman, boards 18 Water 
Rooney Annie, house 8 Cedar 
Roper Thomas P. cigarmaker, 248 Main, hoards 02 Friend 

a William H. hoards 30£ Friend [Washington 

Ropes Howard L. asst. ticket agent, B. &, M. R.R. hoards 101 
Ropper John J. painter, house (58 Prospect 

u John J. jr. police, house 24 Libel ty 

a Walter H. oil dealer, house 67 Eastern av. 
Rose Albert, fisherman, house 57 Warner 

u Antoine, fisherman, house 59 Friend 

u Antoine F. fisherman, house 69 Friend 

a Edward, fisherman, house 825 Washington 

u Frank V. fisherman, house 5$ Perkins 

a Fred"D. salesman, house 28 Elm 

u Joseph G. fisherman, boards 33 Perkins 

u Joseph L. laborer, house 5 Fayal court 

u Manuel, fish skinner, boards 23 Webster 

« Manuel, saihnaker, boards 02 Perkins 

it Manuel G. iish skinner, house 20 'EI we'll 

a Manuel P. fisherman, house 53 Friend 

u Manuel P. house 20 Webster 

u Manuel S. fisherman, house 20 Sadler 

44 Maria Mrs. house 17 Shepherd 

44 Mary, widow (of 25 Perkins), died in June, 1899 

44 Mary L. widow of Emilio, house 27.' Perkins 

44 Patrick, fisherman, house 55 Warner 
Ross Augusta, widow of Charles, boarding house, 208^ Main 

44 Charles, fisherman, boards 1 1 Maplewood av. 

44 Charles P. farmer, boards 7 Andrews court, W. G. 

44 Daniel, house Fruit court 

44 Edward, fisherman, hoards 40 Main [04 Grove 

44 Edward S. ship carpenter, Charles Parkhurst &Son, bds. 

44 John, iislterinan, boards 11 Maplewood av. 

44 Norman, fisherman, boards 12 Liberty 

« Oscar, fisherman, boards 11 Maplewood av. 

44 Susan B. widow of George, h. 7 Andrews court, W. G. 

44 William H. removed to Portsmouth. N. II. 
Rosser Michael, laborer, house 09 Poplar 
Rossiter Mary, widow of James, house 09 Pleasant 
Rourke John, removed to Philadelphia, Pa. 
Rouse Henry C. (Cleveland, O.), summer residence Fort Hill 

av., Eastern Point 
Rowan Peter, fisherman, boards 81 Commercial 


Howe Abigail, widow of John J. house 7 Foster 
u Alan S. clerk, 33 Wharf, house 3 Mansfield 
« Alfred J. iisherman, boards 27 Chestnut 
tt Andrew J. stable, Norman av., Magnolia, house 11 Angle 
« Arthur E. (1'Jdward L. Rowe & Son), 33 Wharf, house 
63 Washington 

I>0\VK ARTHUR if. livery stable, 1 Middle, house 107 
\j Washington (see page 535) 
u Augustus G. clerk, 1 68 Main, boards 7 Foster 
n Charles, house 240 East Main 
u Charles II. boards 240 East Main 
« Daniel, died March 4.1898 
a Kdvvanl L. & Son {Arthur 1C). sailinakers, 33 Wharf st. 

foot of Water, house 21 Granite 
« Edwin S. shoe cutter, boards 108 East Main 
u Erntst, blacksmith, boards 108 East Main 
a Frank, clerk, 14 Main, boards 7 Foster 
a Fundi W. painter, house 15 Hammond 
<* Fred H. clerk, 95 Fast Main, boards 240 do. 
u Frederick, clerk, 81 Main, house 9 Foster 

])0WE GEORGE, Jr. sawing, planing and turning, rear 
\j Derby, near B. & M. R.R. station, house 1 F Wells (see 

page 521) 
« George F. bookkeeper, 197 Main, boards 8 Marchant 
a George H. boards 15 Chestnut 
u John .J. 2d, cooper, house 5 Exchange 
it .John W. clerk, house 5 Exchange 
" John W. iisherman, house 20 Eastern av. 
4k John'W. jr. carpenter, house 56 Eastern av. 
u Joseph G. sailmaker, house 13 Dike 

u Joseph II. & Co. (Edward IV. Swan), oiled clothing man- 
ufacturers, Duncan, cor. Rogers, house 15 Chestnut 
a Lancelot K. artist, house 39 Wit ham 
a Lewis, ship carpenter, house 108 East Main 
« Lewis, jr. clerk, 33 Wharf, house 37 Chapel 
ti Lizzie M. Miss, house 53 East Main 
,44 Louisa, widow of Timothy S. boards 339 Main 
Lucy II. Mrs. house 43 Pleasant 


Luman €. Iisherman, boards 24 Cent 

Melvin II. lather, boards 24 Centennial av. 

Minnie W. clerk, 82 Main, boards 8 Marchant 

Nelson, iisherman, house 39 Witham 

Perie L. sailmaker, house 10 Caledonia place 

Rachel S. widow, house 15 Chestnut 

Rhoda B. widow of John, died March 10, 1897 

Samuel T. died July 28, 1897 

Sarah A. widow of George T. removed to Boston 

Sarah G. Miss, boards 50 Summer 

Solomon, house 9 Merrick court 

Solomon A. Iisherman, house 24 Centennial av. 





Rowe Wallace, removed to Boston 
a Walter L. clerk, P. 0. house 7 Blynman av. 
u William, fisherman, house Curve street 
« William A. dentist, 181 Main, boards Mason Mouse 
«•' William A. fisherman, boards 9 Hen irk court 
c< William E. died Jan. 29, 1898 
u William H. jr. hairdresser, 42 Main, house 8 Marehant 

Rowley. Elizabeth, widow of William, house 35 High 
u Frank, (quarry man, boards 35 High 
.. George, paving cutter, house 780 Washington 
u Thomas H. stone cutter, house 5 Duley 
U William, physician, 817 Washington, house do. 

Roy Frederick, fisherman, boards 58 Duncan 

Rove John, iisherman, house 2 Sargent [58 Duncan 

Ruckley Carrie N. Miss, stenographer and typewriter, boards 

Rudolf Charles, master mariner, boards 20 Locust 

Rnel George H. iisherman, boards 3 Wiley 

Rundquist John, Iisherman, house 25 Liberty 

Runnsala Ivari, paving cutter, house 976 Washington 

Rnshton Thomas, removed to New York city 

Russell Charles A. lawyer, 111 Main, and city solicitor, house 
57 Western av. [Point 

tt Edward T. (Boston), summer res. Fort Hill av., Eastern 
a James, Iisherman, boards 14 Staten 

a John T. removed to Melrose [plewood av. 

« Michael, yard man, Griffin's lumber yard, house. 162 Ma- 
ce William E. Mis. (Cambridge), summer residence, Cooledge 
Point, Magnolia 

Russia Cement Co. off Fssex av. beyond Bond, near the railroad 

Rust Abbie F. asst. clerk, overseers of the poor, City Hall, 
boards 19 Pine 
u Addie J. Miss, compositor, 110 Main, bds. 69 Washington 
» Addison W. boards 15 Addison 

« Asa J. driver, house Essex av., W. G. [Trask 

a A. Herman, foreman at George Perkins & Sons', house 19 
u Frank, laborer, boards Hi I Essex av., VV. G. 
u Frank B. groceries and provisions, 69 Washington, It. do. 
a George P. fish knives, Porter wharf, house; 9 Granite 
u Howard bf. harnessniaker, 1 33 Main, h. 393 Washington 
u Isaac II. laborer, boards 164 Fssex av., W. G. 
ti Lizzie . M. Miss, saleswoman, 12 Pleasant, boards 177 

Western av. 
« Mary A. widow, house 19 Pine 
u Michael, laborer, house 22 Sargent 
a Moses H. painter, house 12 Centennial av. 
it Samuel, house 177 Western av. 
u Samuel E. baker, 44 Prospect, boards 2 Liberty 
tt Svlvester, driver, 44 Prospect, house 8 Forest 
hi William, laborer, house 8 Acacia 
a William, laborer, house 164 Fssex av., AV. G. 


Rust William B. painter, house 15 Addison 

a William H. It. grocer, 392 Essex av.., W. G. house do. 

u William J. tanner, house 30 Bray, W. G. 

a William P. clerk, 69 Washington, house do. 
Ruth Charles J. rigger, house 4 Staten 

a Joseph B. rigger, Chisholm's wharf, house 17 Water 

<< Margaret, widow of Henry, house 4 Staten 
Rutledge George A. fisherman, hoards 7 Commercial 

it John II. clerk, 309 Main, house 10 Columbia 
Ruxton James 11. tinsmith, 221 Main, house 38 Orchard 
Ryan Ann Mrs. house 1G Sadler 

« Daniel, laborer, boards 87 Pleasant 

u Dennis, died Oct, 14, 1898 

« Edward, fisherman, boards 5 Church 

u .James, iisherman, boards rear 47 Prospect t 

a James E. iisherman, boards (54 Rogers 

a James EL salesman, house 17 Millett 

a James J. clerk, boards 1G Sadler 

(i John (of 21 Shepherd), lost at sea 

u John, laborer, house 45 East Main 

u Joseph, fisherman, removed to Boston 

u Katherine Mrs. boarding house, 217 Main 

«■« Lizzie, widow of John, house 'Jl Shepherd 

« L. Charles, baker, 44 Prospect, house 12 Shepherd 

a Martin E. fisherman, house 4 Willow 

u Martin E. fisherman, boards 23 Hancock 

a Mary, widow of Joseph, boards 9 Summit 

u Mary, widow of William, house 1 Millett 

u Mary, widow, house G Acacia 

t< Mary A. Mrs. house l(i Sadler 

a Michael, laborer, boards G Acacia 

(i Michael W. saloon, 270 Main, house 2 Maple 

u Neil, iisherman, boards G Orchard 

« Patrick, iisherman, house 217 Main 

a Peter, iisherman, house 1G Main 

k Peter, iisherman, hoards 345 Main 

u Richard S. iisherman, house 10 Sadler 

a Stanley, fisherman, boards 1 GG East Main 

u Stephen J. laborer, 5 Wharf, house 23 East Main 

« Timothy, fisherman, boards 2 Shepherd 

u Vincent J. clerk, U0 Main, boards 9 Summit 

<< William, iisbei man, boards 217 Main 

u William H. carpenter, house 243 Main 

a William II. laborer, house 11 Sadler 

« William M. student, boards 23 Harrison av. 
Rydberg Charles, iisherman, boards 7 Short 

>. Jolm (of G2 Landlord), died Nov. 20, 1897 

« & Co. grocers, G'J Langsford 
Ryder, see Rider 


SADLER ALBERT E. fisherman, house 37 Bridge 

»< Charles, lost at sea 

a George E. fisherman, hoards .'"57 Bridge 

a Sarah, widow of Henry S. house 7 Prospect square 
Saini Gaetano, died July 5, 1898 

n G. fisherman, house 53 Perkins 
St. Clair Douglass, bal<er, 142 Main, boards Belmont House 

tt Hector, variety store, 40 Commercial, house 22 do. 

ii Mary F. Miss, house 9 Winchester court 

u Peter, died Jan. 4, 1899 

u Peter, jr. flagman, B. & M. R.R. house 26 Shepherd 
St. John Louis, carpenter, house 12 Andrews 

a. Michael, fisherman, house 104 Maplewood av. 

a Patrick, engineer, house 781 Washington 
Salmon Charles, fisherman, house 3 Smith 
Sampson Alexander, fisherman, house 18 Buinham 

tt Ann, widow, died March 20, 1897 

tt Colin, fish skinner, house 73 Perkins 

a Daniel, fisherman, hoards 113 Pleasant 

a David, fisherman, boards 42 Wharf 

u Fred, fisherman, boards 15 Willow 

n Gilbert, fish skinner, house (51 East Main 

tt Henry, U. S. N. boards 15 Willow 

tt James, fisherman, boards 42 Wharf 

tt John, rigger, house 18 Webster 

a Joseph, fisherman, boards 15 Willow 

,, Matthew, stone cutter, house; 1 Norseman av. 

a Munroe, lisberman, boards 240 Main 

a Simon, fisherman, hoards 22 Shepherd 

it Victor, fisherman, house 14 Summit 
Samuels Alfred, fisherman, house 14 Calder 

it F. B. Mrs. canvasser, house 18 Western av. [at Rockport 
Sanborn Asa F. {Tufts & Sanborn), teamster. 1.24 Main, house 

a Bessie K. clerk, J. H. Perry's, Fuller street, Magnolia, 
boards at Manchester 

u Edward W. clerk, 129 Main, boards 31 Summer 

u Elizabeth Mrs, house 130 Magnolia av. 

u Ethel, clerk, 205 Main, boards 5 Burn ham 

it George, Infuse 55 Washington 

a George A. saiimaker at Benj. Cook's, house 7 Knowlton sq. 

a George O. died in December, 1897 

it Guy, clerk, 18(5 Main, boards Harold court 

i>. Howard F. farmer* house 130 Magnolia av. 
Sandberg Axel, baker, boards "3 Millett 

tt Charles, paving cutter, hoards 3 Mason square 

it Charles F. boarding house, 19 Commercial 
Sanders Frank, lisberman, house (5 Linnet place 

a George D. Rev. house 17 Highland 

u H. W. Mrs. boards 17 Highland [839 do. 

it Joseph (Dustiu <fc S(uulcis), grocers, 820 Washington, house 

it see also Saunders 


Sanderson Andrew, laborer, house 12 Decatur 

Sandowitz Simon, New York Store, house 18 Madison av. 

Sanford Blanche F. Miss, teacher, Bahson school, bds. 49 Middle 

a Henry F. clerk, boards 49 Middle 

a H. Frank, accountant, house 49 Middle 

- H. Gates, clerk, 74 Main, boards 49 Middle 
Sanger George J. Rev. removed to Danvers 
Sangster Beach, carpenter, house 1 Clifford court 
Santapaola Joe, fruit peddler, house 10 Howe 
Santos Manuel D. fisherman, house 49 Perkins 

u Manuel F. shoemaker, 139^ Prospect, house do. 
Sargent Alexander, fisherman, house 9 Mechanic place 

u Alonzo E. died June 11, 1898 
O ARGENT AL1M10NS0, postmaster, Hay View P. 0. ; also 
KJ groceries, dry goods, etc. 689 Washington, house 717 do. 
(see page 523) 

.. Alphonso B. clerk, (389 Washington, boards 717 do. 

.> Ambrose, peddler, house 10 Hodgkins 

- Amelia Miss, died June 25, 1898 

a Andrew, shoemaker, 7 North Kilby, house 5 do. 
« Arthur Hughes (Boston), summer residence, Lexington av., 

- Asa lv Mrs house 27 Liberty 
« Calvin, died June 13, 1897 

v» Carrie M. teacher, Bradstreet school, boards 9 Mechanic pi. 

a Charles W. painter, house 1 1 Beacon 

a Cyrus L. janitor, house 75 Langsford 

it Daniel, hi borer, house 07 Friend 

a David A. motorman, house 8 Friend 

u Edward W. clerk, 44 Leonard, house 48 do. 

- Elbridge H. fisherman, house 10 Andrews 
a Ella F. grocer, 44 Leonard, boards 48 do. 

.. Emily A. widow of Calvin, house (308 Washington 

a George, Iisherman, house 5 Langsford 

- George R. clothes cleaner, 2 East Main, house do. 
• w George W. iisherman, house 721 Washington 

.. Harriet E. Mrs. house 10 Andrews 

.. Harry P. brakeman, B. & M. U.K. boards 717 Washington 

.. Henry (Philadelphia), summer residence, Bass avenue, 

Bass Rocks 

tt Henry F. clerk, 108 Main, boards 27 Liberty 

>* Henry P. sailmaker, boards 38 School 

it Herbert K. clerk, 82(3 Washington, house rear 738 do. 

tt Horace, carpenter, (37 East Main, house 45 do. 

u Joseph (Boston), summer residence, Shore road, Magnolia 

a Lizzie A., Lavinia, and Edith J. Misses, house 10 N. Kilby 

a Luther W. laborer, house 28 Leonard 

i< Martha, widow of Alexander, house 28 Curve 

« Solomon, carpenter, house 9 Beacon 

a Susan Mrs. house 405 Main 


Sargent William H. clerk, house 848 Washington 

u William M. fisherman, boards '28 Curve 

Sartoris Nellie G. (Washington, I). C ), summer residence, 
Jones' cottage, Norman av., Magnolia 

Saul Leopold, fisherman, boards 22 Main 

Sauler George, laborer, house 10 Pearl 

Saul-bier Frank, stone mason, boards 3 Millett 

a John, blacksmith, boards 3 Millett 

Saunders Adelaide, confectionery, etc. 954 Wash, house 956 do. 

a Albeit, laborer, house 797 Washington 

a Aura A. Mrs. bouse 20 Langsford 

<■> 15. Franklin, fisherman, house 950 Washington 

a Caroline A. widow of Joseph, house 804 Washington 

a Charles I), fish skinner, rear 33 Main, house 1 Hampden 

a Charles B. fisherman, house Daley 

a Christian D. house 00 Perkins 

a Christian I), jr. cigarmaker, 105 Main, house 11 Summit 

a Daniel, hairdresser, boards 17 Main 

a Daniel D. apothecary, 200 Main, house 22 Washington 

it Daniel D. fish skinner, house 56 Ml. Vernon 

a D. Henry, machinist, boards 13 Addison 

a Elizabeth, widow of Reuben, house 839 Washington 

a Ellen M. widow of John E. house 12 Marchant 

a Emerson L. elerk, 2 Andrews, house 857 Washington 

a Emma Mrs. teacher, Collins school, house 13 Addison 

h Ernest, driver, boards 12 Marchant 

a Fitz J. H. canvasser, boards 44 Eastern av. 

<< Frances, widow of Charles, house 3 Hampden 

k . Fred 15. mason, boards Duley 

a George D. house 30 Highland 

t< George E. at life saving station, house 097 Washington 

u George H. sailmaker, boards 44 Eastern av. 

u Henry, died Nov. 20, 1898 

i\ Isaac E. iisherman, boards 22 Washington 

a. John, iisherman, house 7 Elwell court 

a John, fish skinner, house 22 Taylor 

a Joseph, fish skinner, house 57 Perkins 

a Lee, clerk. 6 Pleasant, boards 3 Hampden 

a Levi, physician. 827 Washington, house do. 

a Lewis E. fisherman, boards 4 Tucker 

a Lizzie A. Mrs. house 3 Grove 

a Louis, fruit and confectioner;., 35 Wash, house 10 Foster 

a Mary A. widow of Nathaniel, house 47 Prospect 

a Mary E. Mrs. at Huntress Home, 110 Prospect 

a Roscoe, driver, 247 Main, house 12 Myrtle sq. 

« Sally, widow of Simeon, house 800 Washington 

tt William, mariner, house 833 Washington 

u William L. hoots and shoes, 845 Washington, h. 800 do. 

a see also Sanders and Santos 


Savage Edward J. telegrapher, Atlantic wharf, house 66 Green 

a Margaret, widow of Thomas, house 13 Shepherd 

a Sidney H. confectionery (Rockport), boards 26 Elm 
Saville Charles, house 216 Essex a v., W. G. 

a Charles C. {Page & Saville), 4 Short, house 37 Granite 

tt Edward L driver, 7 Elm, boards 16 Beacon 

it Elizabeth, music teacher, and private school. 17 Elm, b. do. 

u Fannie M. widow of Edward E. house 16 Beacon 

a Guy L. driver, Page & Saviile's Express, boards 68 Middle 

a Mary P. widow of George, house 17 Elm 

ic Mary S. widow of Stephen, boards 37 Granite 

a Norman, driver, Page & Saviile's Express, house 68 Middle 

a S. Oliver, salesman, 221 Main, board-. i>7 Granite 
Savvler Aubry, clerk, Railroad av. near B. & M. 11. 11. station, 
boards 43 Mansfield 

a Everett W. ticket agent, B. & M. R. R. boards 101 Wash. 

u Ezekiel, fisherman, house 5 Commercial court 
Sawyer Aaron J. laborer, house 3 Hammond 

" Austin B. lunch room, 186 East Main, house do. 

a Carrie 11. Miss, teacher of drawing in public schools, 
boards 39 Prospect 

u Charles, laborer, boards 9 Locust 

u Charles II. teamster, house 102 Mt. Pleasant av. 

w David, laborer, house 166 East Main 
QAWYElt FRED II. prop. Surfside Hotel, ,'52 Western av. 
kj (see page 515) 

u Frederick, driver, boards 166 East Main 

u Free Library, 88 Middle, cor. Dale av. 

u George; A. conductor (Boston), house 130 East Main 

a George F. stevedore, house 174 East Main 

a George W. laborer, house 9 Perkins 

" Herbert E. laborer, boards 9 Perkins 

a John F. teamster, boards 9 Locust 

« John H. stone mason, house 26 Mansfield 

a J. Forest P. laborer, house 31 Beacon 

a Lillie M. hoarding house, 256 Western av. 

tt Lilly M. Mrs. boards 37 Beacon 

a Robert S. driver, 95 Main, house 14 East Main 

a Robert S. house 9 Locust 

" Thomas D. laborer, boards 17 Bass av. 

u Walter E. P. fisherman, boards 20 Locust 

tt William H. laborer, house 199 East Main 
Saxild Peter, master mariner, house 10 Decatur 
Sayward Bros. (Epes and George), fisheries, Sayward's wharf, 
65 East Main 

n Charles E. painter, house 56 East Main 

u Eliza H. Miss, removed to Springfield, 111. 

« Epes (Say ward Jiros.), 65 East Main, house 54 do. 

a Estelle Miss, house 59 East Main 

tt E. Gertrude Miss, removed to Boston 


iLorci:sTi:K [ S j imkpctory'. 

Say weird George (Saijivard Bros,), G5 East Main, house 81 
Mt. Pleasant av. 
U Horace, clerk, boards 59 East Main 
it Joseph, house 21 Mason 
u Joseph H-. boards 21 Mason 
u Mary A. widow of Epes, house 59 East Main 
a Mary 8. assistant librarian, Sawyer Free Library, boards 
54 East Main 

Scammon Howard M. student, boards 13 Forest 
^ John, wheelwright, Maplewood av. house 16 Washington 
<< Still man G. wheelwright, Maplewood a v. house 13 Forest 

Scanlan Charles P. fisherman, boards G Uiggs 
u Fied C clerk, 40 Warner, boards 6 Riggs 
a William H. clerk, 147 Main, boards 6 Riggs 

Sean ton Benjamin, fisherman, boards 5 Water 

Schelt'e Jacob, fisherman, house 23 Mansfield 

Sehemtdia Joseph, lost at sea [Maplewood av. 

Sihlosky Isaac, fishermen's outfits, 126 Duncan, house 90 

Sehmorow Albert H. fisherman, house 433 Main 

Mary E Mrs. boarding house, 433 M, 

[house dp. 

Schofield John J. (Schojield & Crouse), grocer, 28 Washington, 

u Maria, widow of Anthony, house 28 Washington 

n & Crouse (Jokn J. Schojield James W. Cvouse), grocers, 
28 Washington 
Sell ul tz Henry D. boarding house, 35 Main 

u William, driver, boards 43 Essex av. 
Schurady Michael, peddler, house Griffin's block, Maplewood av. 
Schwartz Alexander (Schwartz & Bernstein), 285 Main, bouse 
G Rowe square [Rovve sq. 

a William (Schwartz & Bernstein),, 313 Main, boards (5 

ii & Bernstein (Alexander Schwartz, Harry Bernstein), 
clothing and boots and shoes, 283 and 285 Main ~ 6 g 

a & Bernstein ( William Schwartz, Joseph W. Bernsteiii) y 
restaurant, 31 3 Main 
Scott Elmer B. painter, house 6 Mt. Locust place 

a Harry, fisherman, house 20 Locust 

u James, gardener, bouse 20 Magnolia av. 

« John, master mariner, boards G Procter 

u Judson, removed to Portland, Me. 

u Thomas, grocer, 4G Granite, house 3 Blyninan av. 
Scroggie Robert, paving cutter, house 89G Washington 
Scale Walter A. veterinarian, 1 Middle, boards 15 do. 
Seals Thomas A. rigger, Steele's wharf, house 33 Cleveland 
Searles Samuel, fisherman, boards 58 Duncan 
Sears Charles W. plumber, house Laurel street, W. G. 

" James, fisherman, boards 321 Main 

». Joseph, fisherman, house 12 Fayal court 

«< Joseph, fisherman, house rear 47 Friend 

a Manuel, fisherman, bouse rear 47 Friend 


:1, fisherman, bouse 27 Sadler 


Seaton Adam B. blacksmith, house 814 Washington 

u John, paving cutter, boards 701 Washington 
Seaver Elizabeth D. widow of James T. died May 9, 1899 
Seavey Josiah T. carpenter, house 422 Washington 

a Leonora Miss, boards 422 Washington 

u Moses P. died April 1, 1897 

u Susan B. Miss, clerk, 108 Main, boards 422 Washington 
Seely Frank, master mariner, house 8 Maple 

a Jacob, fisherman, boards 20 Locust 

a Osborn, muster mariner, boards 9 Harvard 
Seidel Sarah, millinery, 118 Main, boards 23 Granite 
Seltf Mary E. widow, house 37 Friend 
Seller Joseph, paving cutter, house Quarry street 
Selmer Louis C. cigarmaker, boards 4 Commercial court 
Semple John R. house 8 Fremont 

a John R. jr. grocer, 8 Fremont, boards do. 
Seppala Kalle, quarryman, house 911 Washington 
Severance B. Estelle Miss, teacher, Sawyer grammar, boards 
10 Hammond 

u Frank G. carpenter, 5 Montgomery pi. h. 10 Hammond 
Sewall Arthur B. bookkeeper, First Nat. Bank, bds. 35 Middle 
Shackelford Austin, laborer, house 146 Western av. 

a Fred A. clerk, 128 Main, house 209 Essex av. W. G. 

u Melvin E teamster, D. M. Hilton's, house 8 Rowe sq. 

u Minnie F. clerk, 122 Main, boards 171 Western av. 

ii Nellie G. bookkeeper, Cape Ann Shoe Co. boards 171 
Western av. 

u Susan Miss, house 32 Middle 

*< William, painter, house 171 Western av. 

« William, jr. sailmaker, 79vjr Duncan, house rear 26 Millett 

a William F. driver, house 44 Warner 
Shanahan Patrick, fisherman, house 71 Friend 
Sharp John, stone cutter, house 837 Washington 
Shaw Ellen M. widow, boards 63 Main 

a Francis T. blacksmith, house 647 Washington 

a Henry S. (Boston), summer residence Norman av. 

a Margaret Miss, hairdresser, 26 Bass av. bds. do. (ladies') • 

u Samuel, paviiig cutter, house 7 Albion court 

a Sarah E. widow of William, house 3 Blynman av. 

u Thomas, paving cutter, house 56 Revere 
Shawno Samuel G. painter, boards Leighton's court 

u William H. painter, boards Leighton's court 
Shea Ambrose, fisherman, boards 6 Orchard 

a Daniel J. clerk, boards 23 Harrison av. 

a Joseph, stone cutter, house 613 Washington 

u Patrick, fisherman, boards 16 Water 

n Thomas, fisherman, boards 6 Orchard 
Sheave William, fisherman, house 6 Gould court 
Sheedy Catherine, stenographer and typewriter, 201 Main, 
boards 22 Decatur 




Sheedy John, laborer, '24 Decatur 

44 Mary A. widow of William, house '22 Decatur 
Sheehan John, fisherman, house 55 Fort square 

a Joseph, fish packer, house 32 Essex av. 
Sheffield C. J. Mis. (Cleveland, Ohio), h. Shore rd., Magnolia 

u Henry E. (Cleveland, Ohio), house Shore road, Magnolia 
Shepherd Edward B. groceries and provisions, 138 Prospect, 
hoards 103 do. 

a Edward M. Mrs. house 103 Prospect 

a Everett, fisherman, boards '254 Main 

u Frank C. removed to Portsmouth, N. II. 

m George H. farmer, house 1'25 Eastern a v. 

a Joseph C. & Co. groceries and provisions, 141 and 113 
Main, house 7 Conant av. 

u Ralph C. clerk, 141 Main, boards 7 Conant av. 
Sherburne Alice M. teacher, Lane primaiy, hds. 37 Lang.->ford 

u Herbert E. paying cutter, house 925 Washington 

41 Jennie E. Miss, house 41 Langsford 

■a Linwood A. paving cutter, boards 37 'Langsford 

u Martha O. widow of Ezra, house 37 Langsford 
Shields Thomas, fisherman, house 45 Duncan 
Shine Thomas, laborer, house Griffin's blk., Maplewood av. 
Shivrie Alfred, laborer, house 1'2 Smith 

«. Alfred J. clerk, 216 Main, hoards 10 Smith 

u Bridget, widow of Frank, house 10 Smith 

u Frank, removed to Boston 

u see also Chivrie 
Sholes Delhert, fisherman, boards 311 Main 
Shorey Edward S. removed to Boston 
Shorrock Edward J. clerk, Surfside Hotel, boards do. 
Short Mary, widow of John, house Prospect 
Shrader Alfred J. fisherman, boards 07 Poplar 

it Euslis, fisherman, boards 16 Smith 
Shrider James, fisherman, boards 12 Howe 
Shrineit Arthur L. carriage painter, hoards 41 Warner 

a Hannah J. widow of John L house 11 Warner 
ShurtlelV Frank M. bookseller, stationer, newsdealer, and prop. 

Ne/w Corner Book Store, 106 Main, house at Maiden 
Shuto Frances G. hoards I Commonwealth av. [Beacon 

a Frank II. bookkeeper, Gloucester Nat. Bank, boards 34 

u Henry B. foreman, boards 70 Parker 

u James L. (Shute & Merchant), fisheries, Parker street, 
house 4 Commonwealth av. [Heights 

tit Kilbv W. teller Cape Ann Nat. Bank, house at Bellevue 

44 Robert T. with Shute & Merchant, bds. 4 Coin'weallh av. 

44 Sally M. boards 4 Commonwealth av. [av. 

44 William T. buyer for Shute & Merchant, house 9 Bellevue 
44 & Merchant (James L. Shute), Iisheries, Parker street 
Sibley George, carpenter, boards 14 Summit 
44 Richard L. laborer, boards 14 Summit 
<t Robert, house 14 Summit 


Siegel Myer & Co. cloaks and millinery, 66 Main, house 18 
Maclisori av. 
u Nathan, clerk, iji) Main, hoards 18 Madison av. 
Sigsworth Bessie 1). teacher, Hildreth school, h. 19 Eastern av. 
ki Hetsey, widow of John E. house 19 Eastern av. 
u .John E. lost at sea 
Silva Antoine, iisherman, house 12 Fayal court 
u Antoine A. expressman, house 23 Trask 
u Antoine E. fisherman,, house 33 Perkins 
a Antoine F. fisherman, house 30 Webster 
<< Antoine J. hairdresser, 172 Main, boards 9 Davis 
u Augustus, iisherman, house 64 Friend 
a Charles, Iisherman, house 12 Cross 
u Clara, widow of Joseph, house 22 Taylor 
a Claudina, widow of Manuel, 2d, house 22 Taylor 
a Dennis Mrs. house 16 Maplewood av. 
a Eliza A. clerk, 119 Main, hoards 85 Wheeler 
a Emanuel, Iisherman, house 59 Friend 
4i Fiances Mrs. house 15 Friend 
u Frank, iisherman, house 10 Fayal court 
u Frank, fish skinner, house 28 Addison 
tt Frank, foundryman, house 82 Pleasant 
u Frank, shoemaker, 52 Friend, rooms 51 do. 
it Frunk, house 7 El well court 
a Frank A. police, house 56 Mt. Vernon 
tt Frank I), laborer, house 15 Harrison av. 
u Frank F. Iisherman, house 33 Mt. Vernon 
tt Frank F. motorman, hoards 15 Friend 
u Gus. iisherman, hoards 76 Friend 
a John, iisherman, house 32 Webster 
a John P. iisherman, house 9 Elvvell court 
tt John P. iisherman, boards 10 Fayal court 
« Joseph (of 22 Taylor), died April 4, 1898 
a Joseph A. grocer, 21 Friend, house 29 Harrison av. 
n Joseph C. laborer, house 3-1 Perkins 
u Joseph F. master mariner, house 15 Friend 
« -Joseph F. jr. clerk, 315 Main, boards 15 Friend 
a Joseph G. fish skinner, house 29 Perkins 
a Joseph K. fisherman, house 22 Taylor 
k Joseph V. iish skinner, house 27 Perkins 
tt Luring, farmer, house 85 Wheeler 

Loring, jr. hairdresser, 299 Main, house 2 Oak 

Manuel, cigar manuf. etc. 1315 Main, hoards 15 B'rierid 

Manuel, driver, lire engine No. 2, house 6 Davis 

Manuel, iisherman, house 21) Sadler 

Manuel, fisherman. hoii>e 'J7 Perkins 

Manuel, iisherman, house 12 Perkins 

Manuel, iisherman, house 52 Friend 

Manuel, fisherman, house 18 Elwtdl 

Manuel, laborer, house 44 Friend 



Sllva Manuel C. fish skinner, house 50 Perkins 
« Manuel F. fisherman, house 13 Fayal court 
u Manuel F. fisherman, house 27 Perkins 
a Manuel F. laborer, house 46 Friend 
a Manuel P. fish skinner, house 18 Webster 
a Mary, widow of John, house 59 Friend 
a Mary, widow of Manuel N. house 47 Friend 
u Mary F. widow of Charles, died Jan. 19, 1897 
u Matthew, fisherman, house 73 Friend 
u Rose, widow of Antoine, house 4 Myrtle square 
a Rose C. widow of Antoine, house 47 Friend 

Silveira John, fisherman, house 10 El well court 
a Joseph, fisherman, boards 10 Elwell court 
tt Joseph F. fisherman, boards 34 Perkins 

Silver George F. laborer, house 232 Washington 

SILVER MANUEL S. photographer, 192 Main, house 125 
Prospect (see top and side lines on front cover) 
Simmons Albert, fisherman, boards 9 l\y court 

u Dighton, fisherman, boards 9 Ivy court 

a Ernest, fisherman, boards 9 Ivy court 

u Gertrude, widow, house 02 Perkins 

a Giles, fisherman, boards 9 Ivy court 

u Uartwell, fisherman, boards 321 Main 

ii John, grocer, 42 Friend, house do. 

a Joseph^ fisherman, house 70 Friend 

u Joseph L. fish skinner, boards 62 Perkins 

u Lysander, fisherman, house 9 Rockwood place [av. 

u Manuel, sailmaker at Isaac E. Stanwood's, h. 179 Eastern 

« Mary C. widow of Joseph, house 62 Perkins 

u Myron, fisherman, house 9 Rockwood place 

« Thomas, fisherman, boards 9 Ivy court 
Simmonson Bertha, widow of John, house 12 Perkins 
Simins Azubah, wi.dqw of Thomas, house 9 Maple 

u see also Syms 
Simonds Lincoln S. lawyer, 111 Main, rooms 21 Church 
Simons Louis, peddler, house rear 10.2 Washington 
Simpson Annie A. dressmaker, 2 Middle, house- do. 

it George, house 10 Vincent 

u Henry R. clerk, 109 Main, boards over 48 do. 

u James T. carpenter, house 92 Eastern av. 

u Rufus E. miller, Riverdale mil!, h. rear 373 Washington 

« Samuel, fisherman, boards 22 Shepherd 
Sinclair Carrie E. domestic at 1 Hovey 

u John, laborer, house Cross 

u Joseph, fisherman, boards 217 Main 

u William J. (Boston), house 104 East Main 
Sing Charles, laundry, 53£ Prospect 
Singer Alice, widow of Peter, house 12 Gerring 

:u Manufacturing Co., John II. O'Donnell, agent, sewing ma- 
chines, 2 Chestnut 


Siwerson Edward, fisherman, boards 254 Main 
S'killen John W. foreman, house 35 Derby 
Skinner Hugh, lost at sea 

« Robert M. fisherman, boards 15 Beach court 
Slade William, master mariner, bouse 37 Friend 
Slaney Leo, fisherman, boards 6 Howe 
Slate Hans, master mariner, boards 35 Friend 

a Otto, fisherman, bouse 70 Friend [Franklin sq. 

Slater Fred T. tailor and furnishings, 17-2 Main, boards 6 
Slay ton Mary J. telephone operator, boards 8 Western av. 
OLEEP BROTHERS (Soth E.cind Nicholas F.), masons 
KJ and builders, 10 Seeall and rear 53 Eastern av. (see 
page 51-9) 

a Nicholas F. {Sleep Bros ), stone mason, house rear 53 
Eastern av. 

a Samuel T. mason, house 373 Washington 

a Seth K. (Sleejj Bros.), stone mason, boards 10 Seeall 

a Susannah, widow of William, bouse 10 Seeall 

a William J. stone mason, house 379 Washington 
Sloane Charles, driver, rear 77 Main, boards 20 Gould court 

a William, master mariner, bouse 20 Gould court 

a William, jr. fish packer, boards 20 Gould court 
Slocomb Preston C. driver, 173 Main, boards 30 Addison 
Small Charles W. teamster, boards .3 Center court 

a Walter II. foreman, bouse 1 1 School 

a William H. fisherman, bouse 13 Porter 
Smalley Albeit F. laborer, 5 Wharf, bouse 12 Friend 

a Joseph, clerk, 21 Friend, boards 12 do. [place 

a Susan C. widow of Josiah, bouse Tolman street, cor. ilartz 
Smart George, fisherman, boards 10 Locust 

a Lizzie, widow of John A. removed to South Boston 
Smith Albert, fisherman, boards 150 Maplevvood av. . 

a Albert S. fisherman, boards 433 Main 

it Albina L. widow, house 9 Orchard [Washington 

u Alexander J. foreman, Shute & Merchant's, house 124 

a Alfred, fisherman, 'boards 101 Duncan 

it Alice C. Miss, teacher, Babson school, boards 21 Elm 

tt Alice M. asst. bookkeeper, 221 Main, boards 9 Oak 

n Alonzo, fishermen's outfits, 115 Duncan, h. 10 Madison av. 

it Andrew R. clerk, boards 1 Blake court 

a Angeline P. Miss, boards 60 Summer 

a Angus, fisherman, boards 22 Main 

a Annie M. widow of David, house 62 Middle 

a Anthony, laborer, bouse 10 Cedar 

a Arthur, carpenter, boards 8 Forest 

a Arthur, fisherman, boards 9 Ivy court 

a Asa T. fisherman, boards 13 Wiley 

a Aubrey A. fisherman, boards 11 Pearee 

.» Augustus, laborer, bouse 13 Fayal court [Pleasant 

a Benjamin A. (/>. B. Smith & Co.), 425 


Smith Benjamin C. fisherman, boards 34 Warner 

« Benjamin W. driver, 1 Webster, house 10 Hartz place 

u Benjamin W. jr. clerk, 1 Webster, bouse 70 Eastern av. 

a Carl J. manager, 75 Main, house 26 Lookout 

a Charles, fisherman, bouse 129 Prospect 

u Charles, fisherman., boards 58 Duncan 

« Charles (of 2 Lairgsford), died March 15, 1899 

(i Charles B. mariner, house 74 East Main 

a Charles C. stone cutter, house 8 Duley 

u Cbarles D. lawyer, 111 Main, house 53 Beacon 

a Charles K. laborer, house 5 Essex av. 

it Charles T. asst. bookkeeper, rear 33 Main, b. 10 Orchard 

a Charles T. laborer, bouse 364 Main 

a Charles W. clerk, 196 Main, boards 64 Western av. 

it Cbarles W. lisherman, house 10 Gould court 

« Charles W. (of 91 Maple wood av.), died'March 5, 1897 

it Christina, widow, house rear 102 Washington 

it Christopher L. janitor, G Elm, house 24 Bridge 

a Clayton R. clerk, 2 Andrews, boards 8 Duley 

u Daniel F. painter, 275 Main, bouse 22 Spring 

u Daniel S. laborer. 5 Wharf, house 100 Maple wood av. 

u David B. & Co. {Bcujunlui A . Smith), fish and oils, 417 

to 425 Main, house 42 Pleasant 

a David E. house 15 Wiley 

it Edward, clerk, 19G Main, boards 64 Western av. 

u Edward, lisherman, boards 22 Main 

it Edwin, painter, 3 Main, bouse 6 Addison 

a Elbridge, lisherman, boards 150 Maplewood av. 

it Elijah, blacksmith, bouse 856 Washington 

a Elmer D. peddler, house 121 Wheeler 

u Emma F. seamstress, boards 4 Winchester court 

u Enslow, job Wagon, house 146 Essex av., W 6. 

« Ernest, blacksmith, 95 Duncan, house 108 East Main 

« Eugene L. fisherman, boards 12 Railroad av. 

it Eva L. Miss, saleswoman, 196 Main, boards 24 Ti ask 

it E. Mabel, boards 100 Maplewood av. 

'it Foster, fisherman, boards 58 Duncan 

u Frank 1). carpenter, house 158 Maplewood av. 

u Franks, clerk, 28 Vincent, bouse 25 Elm. 

a Frederick, lisherman, boards 255 Main 

u Freelove A. widow of Charles, boards 490 Washington 

a George A. blacksmith, 14 Vincent, house 24 Trask 

« George A. treas. Gloucester Net & Twine Co. boards 1.00 

Maplewood a v. 

a George H. laborer, house 2(5 Grove 

n George 11. laborer, bouse 28 Hart/ place 

it George R. blacksmith, house 9 Perkins 

u George T. fish packer, bouse 89 Prospect 

« George W. sailmaker, house 21 Elm 

it Gorham 11. helper, boards 10 Mt. Vernon 

etc. 59 


Smith Harry, fisherman, boards 19 Fort square 

it Harvey C. fish dealer, rear 33 Main, house 10 Orchard 

a Henry, fisherman, hoards 332 Main 

a Henry O. jr. removed to Boston 

u Henry 0. 3d, carpenter, 108 Duncan, h. rear 53 Eastern av. 

u Henry R. grocer, 2 Traverse, house 1 Blake court 

it Henry W. captain tow boat, house 2 Hampden 

u Hiram, lost at sea 

a Homer H. law student, 201 Main, hoards 95 Prospect 

a Horace A. clerk, Gloucester Safe Deposit and Trust Co. 
house 155 Washington [Prospect 

a Howard F. (Sylvdnus Smith. & Co ), 401 Main, house 115 

a H. Edward- sanitary architect, 221 Main, hds. 95 Prospect 

a Isaac A. bookkeeper, 425 Main, house 13 Church 

a James E. blacksmith, house 33 Mansfield 

a James E. driver, hoards 78 Fast Main 
QMITH JAMES S. stoves, tinware, plumbing, 
^^7 Washington, house 29 Granite (see page 532) 

a Jeremiah, iish peddler, house 4 Harvey place 

it Jerry It. engineer, boards 18 Mason 

a John A. fisherman, boards It) Locust 

a John G. baker, 140 Prospect, house 16 Maichant 

■/a John P. fish skinner, boards 304 Main 

u John W. fisherman, boards 254 Main 

a John \V. boards 16 Locust 

a Joseph, master mariner, house 12 Warner 

u Joseph H. fisherman, house 78 East Main 

a Joseph K. iish skinner, house 30 Perkins 

it Joseph P. clerk, 196 Main, hoards 20 Columbia 

a Joseph It. bookkeeper, 153 Main, hoards 9 ( ) ik 

a Julia F. widow of Timothy A. house 4 Woodbury 

tt Julius A. W. fisherman, hoards 254 Main 

u J. Fred, clerk, 1 Webster; also grocer, 66 Fast Main, 
house 52 Fastern av. 

u J. Itanlet, physician, 18 Mason, house do. 

a Lawrence, lost at sea 

a Feudal, fisherman, boards 150 Maple wood av. 

a Leonard A. Lost at sea 

t< Lester G. clerk, 1 Webster, house 7 do. 

a Lizzie II. Mrs. saleswoman, 186 Main, house 89 Prospect 

a Lucinda H. Mrs. house 110 Magnolia av. 

a Lydia, widow, house 301 Friend 

SMITH L. Fj. hardware, stoves, furnaces, and plumbing, 
215 to 223 Main, house 95 Prospect (see inside back cover) 

.< Margaret, widow of James W. hoards 33 Mansfield 

a Margaret, widow of John F. house 4 Winchester court 
u Mark F. laborer, house 7 Carlisle 
« Mary, widow of Daniel, house 19 Trask 
tt Mary, widow, house 447 Main 
u Mary A. widow of Robert B. house 9 Oak 


Smith Mary E. boards 4 Winchester court 

u Mary J. house 28 Hartz place 

a Mary L. widow, house 6 Merrick court 

u Mary N. widow of Stephen, house 20 Columbia 

a Mortimer S. sailmaker, house 20 East Main 

a Nancy W. widow of David B. house 13 Wiley 

« Nathan L. pilot, boards 136 East Main 

a Nathaniel, foreman, 401 Main, boards 7 Pew court 

a Nathaniel P. master mariner, house 4 Tolman 

a Norman, fisherman, boards 143 Prospect 

« Peter W. fisherman, boards 364 Main 

a Roland H. clerk, 2 Traverse, boards 1 Blake court 

ti Samuel, fisherman, boards 9 Harmony square 

« Samuel E. fireman, boards 1 Blake court 

« Samuel N. fisherman, boards 12 Railroad av. 

tt Samuel P. grocer, 1 Webster, house 3 do. 

a Sarah Mrs. house 10 East Main 

tt Sarah E. widow of Peter, house 364 Main 

a Sewall W. Jisherman, house 10 Mt. Vernon 

it Sidney, fisherman, house 7 Highland 

a Sidney, jr. fisherman, house 99 East Main 

a Stephen, died Dee. 2, 1898 

« Sylvanus '& Co. (li. Archer . Bradley and Howard F. 
Smith), fisheries, 401 Main, house 126 Prospect 

QMITU SYLVANUS, Jr. coal and wood, 393 Main, 

k3 boards 1 26 Prospect (see page 520) 

a S. Lizzie, widow of Samuel, house 44 Eastern av. 

.< Theodore, fisherman, boards 15 Short. 

,.u Walter, captain tug "Joe Call," house 2 Hampden 

a William, fisherman, house 9 Peaice 

it William, fisherman, boards 58 Duncan 

a William, jr. foreman, 425 Main, house 8 Orchard 

tt William A. boat builder, boards 33 East Main 

a William A. fisherman, boards 236 Main 

it William A. B. clerk, 331 Main, house 31 Warner 

u William B. fisherman, boards 364 Main 

tt William D. fisherman, boards 231 Main 

a William H. removed to Aiken, S. C. 

A William J. fisherman, house 150 Maplewood av. 

a William S. plumber, 153 Main, boards 31 Warner 

u William T. cook, house 64 Middle 

ti William W. laborer, boards 78 East Main 

ti W. Henry, clerk, Belmont Hotel, 151 Main, boards do.- 

Smothers Frances A. Miss, house 15 Washington 

« Frank E. clerk, 76 Main, boards 107 Washington 

a George O. clerk, 35 Duncan, house 4 Madison court 

Snellenberg Arrt, fisherman, house 5 Hammond 

Snow George L. fisherman, boards 311 Main 

» James, steam fitter, 221 Main 

tt William B. variety, 1231 Prospect, boards 3 Winchester ct. 


Soffard William H. machinist at hatchery on Ten Pound Island, 

rooms 8 Middle 
Solberg Charles, fisherman, house 20 Millett 

a George, fisherman, hoards 8 Middle 
Somers Edward F. fisherman, hoards 28 Friend 

a James, cooper, house 28 Friend 

a James V. clerk, 270 Main, house 91 Prospect 

a Miles, master mariner, hoards 28 Friend 

a Samuel, laborer, boards 28 Friend 

a Thomas, master mariner, house 30 Warner 
Somes Cordelia Miss, house 31 Pleasant 

« Edward A. clerk, house 35 Western av. 

a George W. (Boston), summer res. Woodward av., W. G. 

a James R. (Johnson & Somes), laundry, Vincent street, 
house at Boston 

a John E. house 90 Middle 

a John J. city clerk, ollice City Hall, house 1C5 AVashiugton 

(i Warren D. carpenter, hoards 07 Washington 

a William, carpenter, house 07 Washington 
Sonia John, teamster, D. M. Hilton's, house 51 Warner 
Sorenson Ahbie, widow of George, house 28 School 

a George, died Dec. 7, 1897 

a John A. II. fisherman, house 124 Mt. Pleasant av. 
Soule Calvin, cooper, house 7 Parker court 
Sounier Charles, fisherman, hoards 5 Water 

a Fred, lost at sea 

a George, farmer, boards 18 Marble 

a Henry, ship carpenter, Burn-ham Bros, house 7 Davis 

a Isaiah, ship carpenter, house 13 Exchange 

a John, foundryman, hoards 3 Millett 

a John, laborer, boards 14 Marble 
Southard Thomas Bradbury, ship carpenter, house 14 Allen 
Southerland A. II. (New York), summer res. Sun Dial Cottage, 

Shore road, Magnolia 
Souza Antoine, fisherman, house 59 Friend 

a Arthur, house 09 Friend 

a Arthur, jr. fish skinner, boards 09 Friend 

a Christian J. fish skinner, house 3 Fayal court 

a Frank S. jteddler, boards 10 Rock wood 

a John, fisherman, house 53£ Friend 

a Joseph, fisherman, house' 20 Elwell 

a Joseph, fisherman, house 27 Sadler 

a Joseph F. fish skinner, house 55 Friend 

a Joseph H. laborer, house 70 Friend 

a Manuel, fisherman, boards 33 Perkins 

a Manuel, lobsterman, house 74 Friend 

a Manuel F. provisions, 48£ Friend, house 10 Rockwood pi. 
Spaft'ord Fred, manager, 205 Main, house 10 Exchange 
Spalton Thomas, blacksmith, house 8 Brierwood 


Spanks Abner, foreman Cunningham & Thompson., 1). 5 Carlisle 

w Charles M. carpenter, bouse 66 Grove 

a George W. carpenter, bouse 156 Maple wood av. 

a Howard, carpenter, boards 23 Bridge 
Spark Louis, tea dealer, bouse 42 Western av. 
Spates Arthur, conductor, boards 128 iMt. Pleasant av. 

a Frederick B. engineer, boards 17 Say ward- [a v. 

« G. Hartley, engineer, S. F. B. No. 2, b. 89 Mt. Pleasant 

u Henry A. salesman, bouse 128 Mt. Pleasant av. 

a Mary Mrs. house 17 Say ward 

(i William, at Almshouse [Centennial av. 

Spaulding Austin A. music teacher in public schools, bouse 16 
Spear Thomas T. painter, house 14 Curve 
Specbt Idella Miss, tailoress, boards 351 Main George, laborer, bouse rear 61 East Main 

a James J. foreman, Stillman Rice's, bouse 16 Perkins 

« Samuel, laborer, bouse rear 42 Friend 
Spencer William, fisherman, house 6 Prospect 
Sperry Elias, fisherman, boards 252 Main 

a John, iishermau. boards 22 Main 
Spidell Louis, fisherman, boards 16 Water 
Spinney Adin C. Iishermau, house 29 Friend 

a Alice, widow of Jonathan, boards 7 Trask 

a Alonzo, fisherman, boards 20 Locust 

a Angus, fisherman, boards 20 Locust 

a Benjamin F. iishermau, boards 150 Maplevvood av. 

>i Bowman, fisherman, boards 20 Locust 

it Eldred, fisherman, boards 9 Harvard 

u Herbert, fisherman, boards 20 Locust 

.... Irving, master mariner, boards 9 Harvard 

»*, Joseph, removed to Boston 

M Lemuel F. master marine]', house 20 Harvard 

it Leioy, master mariner, boards 4 Harvard 

• w Rudolf, master mariner, boards 20 Locust 

a Wilson, master mariner, boards 2()| Taylor 

u 1 sailmaker, house 10 Exchange 

Spittle Herbert, farmer, boards 22.1 Concord 

n Thomas E. removed to Essex 
Sponagle Nonfian, fisherman, boards 22 Main 

><■ Stephen S. hairdresser, 179 Main, house 6 Winchester ct. 
Spooner Herman W. draughtsman, city engineer's office, City 

Hall, boards 28 Granite 
Sprague F. M. Rev. (Springfield), summer res., Lexington av. 

a Nathaniel, stone cutter, house 5 Hickory 

a Nathaniel, jr. boards 5 Hickory 
Springham William, fresh fish, rear 199 East Main, b. 130 do. 
Spurling William, removed to Cranberry Island, Me. 
Spun- Alfred S. master mariner, house 8 Gerring 

4. Alfred W. deck hand, house 9 Gerring 

tt J. Edward, removed to Washington, D. C. 

n William S. dry goods, 9 Centre, liouse rear 8 Gerring 


Snydel Stephen, fisherman, house Stone court 
Stack Hanoi a, widow, died '•■•March 20. 1898 
a Thomas H- laborer, house 7 Morton place 
a William, fonndryman, house 14 Smith 
Stackpole Joseph Albert, blacksmith, house 3 Duley 
Stacy Annie W. liouse 103 Western av. 

a Benjamin K. clerk, 12 Pleasant, boards 56 East Main 

a Clifford F. farmer, house 125 Eastern av. 

« Fannie K. Miss, hoards 44 Middle 

u George O. prop. Hawthorne Inn, Hawthorne, F. G. ; also 
The Moorlands, Atlantic road, house 7 Angle 

u Harriet S. widow of Samuel A. house 7 Angle 

tt James I), clothing and huts, 1(58 Main, house 42 Middle 

u John H. trader, 108 Main, house 44 Middle 

a Lizzie I), widow of Frederick L. house 125 Eastern av. 

.. Mary S. Miss, private school, house 41 Middle 
Stafford Lizzie F. widow of Steuben, bouse 2'J Trask 

u William C. clerk, boards 22 Trask 
Standberg Axel, baker, 29 Washington, hoards 3 Millett 
Stanley Annie F. Miss, teacher, Hildreth primary, bds. 7 Green 

a Benjamin W. policeman, house 8 Alpine court 

a Charles, fisherman, boards 58 Duncan 

u David, fish skinner, boards 7 Green 

ti Edgar W. fisherman, boards 170 Fast Main 

a Hannah, house 170 Fast Main 

a James B. lish skinner, boards 7 Green 

ti John, house 7 Green 

u John, jr. iish cutter, boards 7 Green 

a John F. Iisbennan, boards 55 Duncan 

a John L. (William Parsons. 2d, X- Co.), Parsons' wharf, 
bouse 01 Middle 

« Joseph T. iisbennan, boards 7 Green 
k « Joshua L. fisherman, house 31 Cleveland 

a Philip, painter, house rear 78 Rocky Neck av. 

k Rufus, farmer, house 415 Western av. 

a Rufus N. fanner, boards 415 Western av. 

u William A. grocer, 23 Perkins, boards 7 Green 

« W T illiam P. student, boards 01 Middle 
Stanwood Addison G. clerk, 180 Main, house 454 Washington 

u Bernard, tanner, bouse 100 Washington 

a David W. lish peddler, house 450 Washington 

u Eliza J. Mrs', at Huntress Home, 110 Prospect 

« Elizabeth, widow of Isaac, house 7 Hammond 

t* Fugene, driver, 44 Prospect, liouse 208 Washington 

a Frank, fisheries, 35 Fort square, bouse 168 Washington 

u Frank W. lish peddler, boards 408 Washington 

.. Frederick A. clerk, 74 Main, boards 49 Leonard 

.. Frederick Y. lorgt ■man, bouse 25 Bridge 

a Frederick Y. Mrs. dressmaker, 25 Bridge, house do. 

a George G. house 458 Washington 





Stanwood George G. jr. at life saving station, house 14 Gee av. 

a Henry G. house 408 Washington 

w Isaac E. sailmaker, W.alen & Son's wharf, foot of Water, 
house 100 East Main 

a John E. laborer, house 48 Leonard. 

a John J. laborer, house 49 Leonard 

a John J. (Stanwood & Co.), fishery, 90 Commercial, house 
34 Summer, and St. Louis av , Eastern point 

a Margaret, widow of William R. house 7 Union court 

<( Otis, carpenter, boards 467 Washington 

a Susan Miss, boards 40 Granite 

a Susan A. widow of Joshua L. died Feb. '25, 1898 [mercial 

a &. Co. (John J. Stanivood), salted and canned lish, 90 Corn- 
Staples Frank, clerk, 174 Main, house 54 Granite 

a Fred W. gardener, bds. Fuller, cor. Hesperus av., Magnolia 

a George P. gardener, house Fuller, corner Hesperus av., 

a William H. fisherman, boards 16 Water 
Stapleton Charles F. boxmaker, boards '26 Willow 

it Charles H. carpenter, boards 26 Western av. 

a James EL lugger, house 26 Western av. 

a John J. clerk, boards 26 Western av. 

it Richard, carpenter, 108 Duncan 

a Sadie, widow of John, house 26 Willow 

it William J. carpenter, house 6 Balford 
Starka Harry, lisherman, house 10 Pearl 

Staten Lucy A. widow of Edward, house 29 Prospect square 
Stearns Ann, widow, house 80 Washington [Manchester 

it Daniel M. blacksmith, Lobster lane, Magnolia, house at 
Steele Albert W. clerk, boards 49 Prospect 

a Alexander, lisherman, boards 10 Looust 

a Arthur H. clerk, First National Bank, house 96 Prospect 

u Charles A. painter, house rear 7 Bond 

a Charles H. iisherman, boards 113 Pleasant 

a Edward, printer, 1 10 Main, house 9 Knowltbn square 

a Elizabeth, widow of Benjamin, house 427 Main 

a Frank, lisherman, house 16 Summit 

u Frank, house 18 Centennial av. [54 Middle 

u George* tfe Co. (Howard Steele), fishery, 1 1 Rogers, house 

STEELE GEORGE & CO. (Howard Steele), insurance 
agents and brokers, 201 Main (see inside back cover) 
a George, jr. clerk, 201 Main, house 40 School 
a George E. teller, Gloucester Nat. Bank, house 94 Prospect 
a Grace M. Miss, teacher, Forbes school, bds. 49 Prospect 
« Harry S. sailmaker, boards 114 Prospect 
u Howard (George Steele & Co.), 11 Rogers and 201 Main, 

house .5 Bellevue av. 
u Isaac A. S. sailmaker, Steele's wharf, house 98 Prospect 
(( James S. clerk, 11 Rogers, boards 54 Middle 
<> John, watchman, house Quarry street 





Steele John L. laborer, house 171 Western av. 

>» Josie, at Gilbert Home, 1 Western av. 

>. Margaret J. Mrs* dressmaker, house 4 Essex av. 

.. Peter, iisherman, boards 198 Main 

a Richard C. clerk, 201 Main, boards 54 Middle 

.. Sarah, widow, house 18 Centennial av. 

.. Sarah F. widow of Adrian L. house 49 Prospect 

k Thomas A. carpenter, 108 Duncan, house 20 Washington 

>. William L. sailmaker, house 11.4 Prospect 
Steer Alice K. teacher, boards 48 High 

« Blanche M. photograph retoucher, 120 Main, bds. 48 High 

». David, stone hammerer, house 48 High 

u Lillian Miss, boards 48 High 

.» Ralph, removed to Boston [138 Washington 

Steinberg Charles W. switchman, \l. & M. freight depot, house 

si George W. laborer, B. & M. freight depot, h. 3 Harold av. 
Stenman John, Iisherman, house 4 Commercial court 
Stenstream Charles, removed to Pigeon Cove, Rockport 

a Huldah, widow of Charles, house 9 Traverse 
Stephens Thomas, engineer, house 19 Butman av. 

u William, blacksmith, house 55 Langsford 
Stephenson William E. carpenter, boards Eagle House 
Sterling Carl, iisherman, boards 3 Dexter place 

it James, iisherman, boards 58 Duncan 

tt James, iisherman, boards 19 Fort square 

ti John, iisherman, boards 1(5 Locust 

u Lars, boarding house, GO Main 

.. Robert, fisherman, boards 16 Locust [Middle 

Stetson James A. manager Improved Process Glue Co. bds. 33 

u Minnie M. Miss, teacher. Collins grammar school, boards 
33 Middle 

u Thankful S. widow of James A. house 33 Middle 
Stevens Abby M. widow of Joseph R. died Feb. 14, 1898 

>. Addison M. died April 28, 1898 

.i Annie E, widow of Addison M. grocer, 35 Bridge, house do. 

k. Arthur, fish and lobsters, house 1 Balford 

• s Charles H. printer, boards 349 Main 

n Chester L. clerk, 81 Maplewood av. boards 33 Cleveland 

a Ernest, iisherman, boards 33 Cleveland 

.. Fannie P. Miss, house 50 Western a v. 

.. Fitz H. removed to Melrose Highlands 

U Frank, iisherman, house 07 Poplar 

u Frank L. carriage painter, rear 35 Wash. bds. 12 Mansfield 

a George B. music teacher, 201 Main 

tt Hattie M. widow, house 14 Marble 

u John, iisherman, boards 60 Main 

u John, 2d, iisherman, boards 60 Main 

.. Joseph E. boards 349 Main 

tt Joseph L. foreman, house 349 Main 

u Joseph L. (Milton), summer res. beyond 353 East Main 

230 (3l6ucesTeu [ g j dikectoky. 

Stevens Josephine J. widow, boards 4 Bridgevvater 

« Josiah W. clerk, 34 Washington, house 5 Ashland place 

kk Mary A. Miss, boards 319 Main 
QTEVENS MUNK0E-, lawyer, master in chancery and 
O notary, 10 Webster block, boards 16 Klin (see page 533) 

u Sarah E. widow, boards -113 Main 

u William, painter, house 269 East Main 

ik see also Stephens 
Stevenson Annie 1). widow of Charles J. house 238 East Main 

a Charles, laborer, boards 238 Kast Main 

a Robert, fisherman, house 19 Mansfield 
Stewart Alexander T. & Co. saloon, 94 Main, h. 59 Essex av. 

a Arthur E. J. paving cutter, boards 64 High 

a Charles A. carpenter, house 283 Western av. 

u David B. clerk, 94 Main, house 338 do. 

u Harold, waiter, boards rear 27 Addison 

a James W. paving cutter, house 64 High 

a John, boards 80 Maplewood av. 

u Mary, widow of Harold, house rear 27 Addison 

u Nellie F. Miss, died June 5, 1898 

it Robert, fisherman, boards 31.7 Main 

a Robert H. mariner, house 283 Western av. 

a Thomas, blacksmith, boards rear 27 Addison 

ti see also Stuart 
Sticklen Andrew, fisherman, house 8 Water 
Stickney Abbie D. widow of Alfred E. house 6 Prospect square 

»* Eliza, widow of James H. house 21 Liberty 

a William E. gardener, 9 Procter, house 1 1 Beach court 
Stimpson Ellen Mrs. house 8 Short 
Stinstream, see Stenstream 

Stoben John, fisherman, house 118 Kast Main 
Stockbridge Ebenezer J. toy boat builder, 249 East Main, h. do. 

a Eugene L. laborer, house 251 East Main 

a Willis A.' lishei man, house 5 Caledonia place 
Stockelbeig Peter R. clerk, 199 Main, boards 8 Middle 
Stoddard Alexander E. cook, boards 20 Locust 

it George, fisherman, house 4.1- Perkins 

a John, fisherman, boards 58 Duncan 

a Wilbur H. fisherman, house 44 Fort square 

a William, fisherman,, boards 254 Main 
Stoddait Adam P. & C. (John A. Stoddart), machinists, 236 
Main, house 13 Ti ask 

u Albeit, fisherman, boards 58 Duncan 

u John A. (A. P. Stoddart X- Co.), 236 Main, b. 11 Trask 
Stokes Charles 11. conductor. St. Ry. house 2 Tolman 
Stone Catharine, widow of James, boarding house, 321 Main 

a Edward, fisherman, house 5 Blake court 

« Ethel M. house 8 Porter 

a George, fisherman, boards 23 Hancock 

a Mabel A. clerk, 113 Main. 'boards 12 Mason 

GLUU&gitTEU [ § j DIU-ECTOUI. 231 

Stone Michael, iisherinan, hoards 81 Commercial 

u Peter, iisherinan, hoards 40 Main 

a Stewart T. iisherinan, house 35 Mt. Vernon 
Stonewall John, died Oct. 17, 1898 [Light-house 

Storey Richard (Boston), summer residence, Quarry Point, near 
Story Amos A. lumber, 227 East Main, h. 119 Mt. Pleasant av. 

u Charles E. house 39 Prospect 

u Charles G. died Oct. 20, 1898 

STORY CYRUS, hardware, real estate, and insurance, 70 
Main, house 7 Washington square (see page 515) 

a Edgar L. carpenter, house 412 Western av. 

u Edward A. died March 23, 1897 

u Fanny L. Miss, organist, house 7 Washington square 

t< Frank F. iish market, Hesperus av. cor. Lobster lane, 
house 485 Western av. [Western av. 

>; George B, clerk, Hesperus av. cor. Lobster lane, hds. 435 

.. Georgiana P. Miss, hoards 3 Granite 

u Henry K. house 01 Magnolia av. 

« Isaac N. died Feb. 13, 1899 

a .John P. foreman, 27 Vincent, house at Essex 

a Oscar [?. sub. letter carrier, house Western av. n. Magnolia 

« William W. clerk, 129 Main, boards 115 Washington 

(< Winslow F. carpenter, house 01 Magnolia av. 
Stout George, died Oct. 8, 1890 

u James, fisherman, boards 4 Fears' court 
Stowell Edward, Iisherinan, boards 58 Duncan 
Strachan Duncan D. cooper, house Beach court 

u George, Iisherinan, boards 124 Duncan 

a Sarah A. Miss, housekeeper at 14 Myrtle s<j. 
Stranberg Nicholas, lost at sea 

Strang Edward E. stone mason, house 205 Essex, W. G. 
Strangman Herbert T. laborer, house Concord st.. W. G. 

u William E. driver. 44 Prospect, house 109 Washington 
Strater Francis A. (Cambridge), summer res., Cambridge av. 
Strawbridge Andrew. Iisherinan, boards 9 Ivy court 

u Eli, iisherinan, boards 11 Pearce 
Stream Frank, iisherinan, house 32 Haskell 

u John G. master mariner, house 98 Washington 

a Peter H. house 13 Traverse 
Strieker Arnold, baker, 77 Duncan, boards 58 do. 
Strickland E. F. Mrs. (Warren), summer residence. Boulder av. 
Stripp Aspacio, foreman, house 4 Terrace 

« Katharine, teacher, Point primary, boards 4 Terrace 
Strong Annie M. bookkeeper, 221 Main, boards Pew court 

k Chester J. bookkeeper (Boston), boards 49 Warner 

u Cornelius F. driver, 183 Main, house 25 Liberty 

*4 Frederick G. constable and janitor Police Court building, 
house 49 Warner 

-» William H. apothecary, 445 Main, house do. 


Strople Alonzo, carpenter, house 23 Bridge 

u Charles S. fisherman, house 143 Prospect 

u Henry G. removed to Mansfield 

.v Jolui, carpenter, boards 14 Spring 

a John A. carpenter, 108 Duncan, house 37 East Main 

.. John L. foreman at gas works, house 5 Perkins 

a Preston C. driver, boards 30 Addison 

u William A. clerk, boards 143 Prospect 

u William S. clerk, 1P2 Main, boards 143 Prospect 
Strum John I. laborer, house 12 Blyuman a v. 

u Robert A. fisherman, house 65 Eastern av. 
Stuart George L. paving cutter, boards 5 Pond 

u Joshua G. paving cutter, house 5 Pond 

a see also Stewart 
Stubbs Catharine, widow, at Almshouse 
Sudbiiy James, fisherman, house 1 Cedar 
Sullivan Edwin F. clerk. Ill Main, room 7, boards 200 do. 

a James S. physician, 9 Pleasant, boards Hotel Belmont 

" Jeremiah A. liquors, 204 Main, house 200 do. 

<< John, died Feb. 1(3. ISO!) 

a John A. fisherman, house 4 Maplewood av. 

« John J. driver, house 41) Washington 

u Joseph, fisherman, house 1-4 Duncan 

it Mary E. Mrs. dressmaker, 2 Trask, house do. 

.. Micliael, quarryman, house 21 Brierwood 

a Michael J. police, house 2 Trask 

a Michael O. quarryman, house 70 Langsford 

a Theodore, fisherman, boards 17 Locust 

a William, fisherman, boards 28 Commercial 

n William, fisherman, boards 5 Water 
Sumner George S. (Boston), summer res. oil' Beach av. 
Sundberg Albert, fisherman, house 44 Friend 

tt George, fisherman, house 16 Highland 

a John J. driver, house 29 Prospect sq. 
Suiulerman Mary J. widow of William, h. 114 Maplewood av. 

k . William, lost at sea 
OUKFSIDE HOTEL, F. H. Sawyer, proprietor, 32 Western 
^3 avenue (see page 51.0) 
Surles John W. rigger, house 20. V Taylor 

a Thomas W. laborer, house 26 Hartz place 
Surratt Amos, fisherman, boards 28 Friend 

«< Augustus, fisherman, boards 10 Water 

>. Henry A. fisherman, boards oo Duncan 

> k Henry Frank, calker, house 44 Wharf 

k . Isaac, fisherman, boards 37. V Sargent 

*< James A. fisherman, boards 28 Friend 

u Jeremiah, fisherman, boards 28 Friend 

u Leander, fislierm an, boards 255 Main 

>< Levi, fisherman, boards rear 5 Mt. Vernon 

u Raymond, fisherman, boards 28 Friend 


Sun-att William, fisherman, boards 9 Cedar 

.4 Zachariah, master mariner, boards 110 Maplewood av. 
Sutherland Charles, fisherman, boards 6 Vincent 

a John, fisherman, house 12 Howe 

a John J. fisherman, house 234 Main 

.. Joseph, fisherman, house 124 Duncan 
Svenson Benjamin, fisherman, boards 15 Maplewood av. 
Swain Arthur, fisherman, boards 311 Main 

a Celia, widow of George, house G Willow 

a George, died Oct. 1, 1890 

a Thomas, carpenter, house 12 Cedar 
Swan Edward W. (Josc/j/l II. Howe & Co.), oil-clothing manut'., 

Duncan, cor. Rogers, house 159 Washington 
Swansburg Menus, fisherman, boards 345 Main 
Swanson Andrew, paving cutter, boards 3 Mason sq. 

- Charles, paving cutter, boards 3 Mason sq. 

a John, fisherman, boards 60 Main 

a, Peter, fisherman, boards GO Main 

a Peter A. fisherman, house 52 Langsford 

a see also Swenson and Swinson 
Swasey Calvin S fisherman, house 31 Friend 

a Mary K. widow, died Nov. 24, 1897 
Sweeney Patrick, teamster, house 36 Friend 
Sweet William A. shoemaker, boards 10 Harvard 

k . William E. master mariner, house 10 Harvard 
Swenson Albert, fisherman, boards 238 Main 

a August, fisherman, boards G Vincent 

u Henry, fisherman, boards 8 Staten 

a Olof, fisherman, house 78 Commercial 

a see also Swanson and Swinson 
Swett Antoine, died in February, 1899 

a David W. port warden, 97 Main, house 35 Western av. 

a Guy S. clerk, boards 11 Hovey 

« Marry P. teacher, boards 1 1 Hovey 

a Henry A. foreman, 42 Commercial, house 11 Hovey 

a Mary, widow of Antoine, house G Fayal court 

a Pcrley M. laborer, house 8-£ Myrtle sq. 
Swift Alphonso J\|. fish skinner, house 12 Exchange 

a Clara H. Mrs. matron Huntress Home, 110 Prospect 

a Ellen B. widow of Joseph G. house 2! 2 Alpine court 

a Fred H. insurance agent, hoards 110 Prospect 

a House, S. C. Swift, prop. 8 Pleasant 

a John H. manager, house 8 Pleasant 

... Mae E. bookkeeper, 40 Warner, boards 2| Alpine court 

a S C. prop. Swift's House, 8 Pleasant, house do. 

a Willis S. laborer, house 44 Bond 
Swim Benjamin L. fisherman, house 10 Perkins 

a Cornelius, master mariner, house 28 Trask 

a EM ward R. fisherman, boards 10 Perkins 

a Irad M. fisherman, boards 28 Trask 



Swim Join), removed to Beverly 

a Joseph L. master mariner, house G Procter 
Swinson Alhert, fisherman, boards 1(5 Columbia 

" August, fisherman, boards 33 School 

a Charles, teamster, house 7 Beck ford 

« Charles E. sailmaker, boards 60 Bass av. 

« Charles F. fisherman, boards 29 Prospect 

u Christina, widow of Alexander, house 10 Traverse 

u Emil S. sailmaker, boards 153 Mt. Pleasant av. 

u Frank O. laborer, boards 1.53 Mt. Pleasant av. 

tt John, laborer, house 10 Columbia 

it John, mariner, house 153 Mt. Pleasant 

a John, 2d, upholsterer, 7 Kim, house 7 Fremont 

a Peter, fisherman, house 30 Cleveland 

« William, fisherman, house 27 Haskell 

« William F. carpenter, house 20 East Main 

a see also Swanson and S-wenson 
Sylvester Bessie, tailoress, 112 Main, house 10 Hancock 

a Carrie P. Miss, house 16 Stanwood 

u Daniel W. house rear 530 Washington 

tt Frank, house 11 Highland court 

i< Frank, jr. sailmaker, house 47 Mt. Vernon 

it Frank H. peddler, house 13 Wheeler 

a Fied W. farmer, house 19 Gee av. 
QYLVESTER FREDERICK & CO. boilermakers. iron 
VCy workers, etc;. 140 Duncan, h. 122 Prospect (see page 534) 

*i Henry G. clerk, boards 449 Washington 

u Henry S. court and probation officer, h. 449 Washington 

a Sidney H. letter carrier, house 25 Lookout [Lookout 

« Sidney S. probatioti and court officer, Police court, h. 25 
Symonds Edward, carpenter, house 122 Magnolia av. 

a John F. driver, house 400 Western av. 

it William W. carpenter, house 114 Magnolia av. 
Synis Edward, constable, house 05 Main 

-tt George J. clerk, boards 05 Main 

a see also Simms 

TAFT &DGAR S. lawyer, 201 Main; also judge of Police 

Court, house 12 Bellevue av. 
Tagner John, sailmaker, house 8 Decatur 
Talbot Arthur E. manager, 9 Pleasant, room 12, rooms do. 

<» John W. laborer, boards 10 Pearl 

(< Mary J. widow of James, house 10 Pearl 

u William T. clerk, 140 Main, boards 04 Middle 
Tallaksen Carl E. fisherman, boards 29 Prospect 
Tanner Amos H. teamster, house 15 Williams court 
Tapago Mattie, fisherman, boards 254 Main 
Tappan Charles S. clothing, etc. 112 to 110 Main, h. 10 Mason 

u John S. house 22 Mason 

a Lucy Miss, boards 22 Mason 


Tarbox Fred, fisherman, house 6 Amero court 
« Osias, jr. fisherman, boards 3 Harbor View court 
». Richard, fisherman, house 3 Harbor View court 
tk Scott, fisherman, boards 8 Amero court 
a William, fisherman,, boards 3 Harbor View court 

Tarr Ada S. saleswoman, 190 Main, house 156 Washington 
it Addison W. carpenter, house 313 Washington 
a Addison W. jr. plumber, boards 313) Washington 
ik Albert K. clerk, James G. Tarr & Bro.'s, Rocky Neck, 

house 33 Elm 
a Alice and Bessie Misses, h. Washington, beyond Vine st. 
a Alphonso, house 167 Washington 
u Amos, fisherman, house 8 Avon court 

u Benjamin, laborer, house 144 Eastern av. [Rockport 

<( Benjamin N. {J. G. Tarr & lira.), Rocky Neck, house at 
it Blanche A. teacher, Sawyer school, bds. 26 Harrison av. 
a Caroline D. widow of David, house 6 Clarendon 
a Charles B. 25 Fort sq. house 12 Granite 
if Charles E. farmer, boards 52 Poplar 
.. Charles E. house 9 Allen 
« Charles F. fisherman, house 7 Plum 
a Charles M. carpenter, house 5 Commonwealth av. 
.> Charles W. fisherman, boards 13 Wall 
.. Clarence E. clerk, house 12 Harold av. 
a Clifford E. clerk, house 149 East Main 
- Coombs, died Oct. 21,1898 

.> Coombs, jr. hostler, Shute & Merchant's, house 30 Parker 
.. Daniel B. laborer, house 8 Clarendon 

^ Daniel S. bookkeeper, James G. Tarr & Bro.'s, Rocky 
Neck, house 12 Clarendon [Washington sq. 

%.* Daniel S. (Georye J. Tarr & Co.), 25 Port sq. house 19 
» David (of 6 Clarendon), died March 20, 1897 
« David Sherman, house 3 Bellevue av. 
u D. Chester, clerk, 221 Main, house 14 Chestnut 

THAU!! KLJUEIt E. grocer, 134 Washington, house 4 
JL Bridge (see page 522) 

»> Emily C. widow, grocer, 17 East Main, house 19 do. 
" Epes A. S. forwards 12 Clarendon 
u Ernest E. driver, house 17 Addison 
u Frank A. fisherman, house 7 Sayward 
a Frank B. fisherman, boards 149 East Alain 
a Frederick, carpenter, 108 Duncan, house 8 Mt. Vernon 
a Frederick E. motorman, G. St. R.R. house 14 East Main 
u Frederick E. teamster, boards 52 Poplar 
it Frederick H. lawyer, 111 Main, house at Rockport 
u F. Herbert, carj)enter, 108 Duncan, house 18 Highland 
n Gardner W. at James H. Tarr's, Rocky Neck, house 34 

a George, house 8 Hammond 

u George A. fisherman, house 149 Maplewood av. 
a George C. 89 Duncan, house 35 Derby 


Tarr George H. clerk, 127 Main, house 19 Chestnut 

k . George 11. agent, house 42 Eastern av. [Roekport 

a George I. (George J. Tarr & Co.), 25 Fort sq. house at 

it George J. house 42 .Summer 

u George J. & Co. (Daniel 8., George /., and Henry A. 

Tarr), fish oil, 25 Fort sq. 

tt George M. died Dec. 24, 1897 

a Grace 0. widow of Leander B. house 17 Bass av. 

^ Henry A. (George J. Tarr & Co.), 25 Fort sq. house 72 


a Henry H. expressman, 91 Main, house 155 Western av. 

.« Herbert, house 16 Hammond 

it Herbert, laborer, boards 79 Eastern av. 

it Horace J. tinsmith, 221 Main, house at Roekport 

tt Isinglass Co. 25 Fort square 

a James B. boat builder, 26 Harrison av. house 20 do. 

tt James E. cook, lllj Main, rooms do. 

a James G. & Bro. (J. G., B. N. and T. L. Tarr), fisheries, 

Rocky Neck, house 83 Prospect 

tt James H. copper paint manuf., Rocky Neck, house 19 Elm 

a Jennie and Ada, house rear 156 Washington 

tt John J. boards 13 Wall 

« John P. foreman, 331 Main, house 31 Warner 

tt J. Clarence, foreman, N. E. Fish Co. house 19 Harold av. 

.< Leander G. died Oct. 5, 1898 

t< Lewis, fisherman, boards 8 Hammond 

a Lewis H. clerk, 2 Main, boards 155 Western av. 

it Martha A. widow of William C. removed to Boston 

a Mary A. Miss, boards 10 Addison 

u Matilda, widow of John, died March 18, 1897 

tt Oliver A. carriage painter, boards 52 Poplar 

tt Percy E. died July 6, 1898 

a Rachel G. widow of John, house 52 Poplar 

a Raymond P. removed to New York city 

a Rebecca S. widow of Abraham, house 13 Wall 

tt0 Rhoda T. widow of Thomas, house 1.2 Chestnut 

a Roger, laborer, boards 8 Hammond 

u Roimilus, fisherman, boards 47 High 

u Samuel, sen. died March 31, 1897 

a Samuel, engineer, Gloucester Isinglass and Glue Co. house 

7 Maplewood a v. 

tt Silas S. carpenter, Vincent street, house 7 Summit 

u Susan D. widow of Albert, died June 27, 1898 

tt Thomas L. (J. G. Tarr & Bro.), Rocky Neck, house 4 


a Walter S. clerk, Samuel G. Pool &■ Sons, boards 52 Poplar 

a William F. night operator, 195 Main 

a William H'. laborer, boards 1 2 Clarendon 

a William H. farmer, house 202 Eastern av. [av. 

a William P. blocks and oars, 89 Duncan, house 69 Western 

». & Wonson (limited), copper paint manufs., Rocky Neck 


Tarrio Louis, laborer, house GrilRn's block, Maplewood av. 
Taryis Anthony, iisb cutter, boards 18 Harrison av. 

«< Joseph, fisherman, house 18 Harrison av. 
Tatters all James 11. jeweller, 4 Duncan, house 33 School 
Taylor Daniel, carpenter, house 12 Locust 

u George L. paving cutter, house 904 Washington 

u George W. removed to Quincy 

u Henry A. foreman, house 870 Washington 

u Herbert W. blacksmith, 28 Hancock, house 2 Alpine court 

.. Jotham, stone contractor, house 870 Washington 

.. Mary, widow of John, boards 11 Webster 

u William, fisherman, boards 9 Middle 
Teale Albert, fisherman, boards 255 Main 
Tebedo Charles, fish skinner, boards 19 Shepherd 

a George C blacksmith, boards 19 Shepherd 

« Henry, fisherman, house 22 Kast Main 

it John, fisherman, boards 19 Shepherd 

u Joseph, fisherman, boards 19 Shepherd 

tt Sarah, widow of John, house 19 Shepherd 
Tebo Alfred, iceman, boards Dike 

tt Eli, laborer, house 55 Bass av. 

u Joseph,, quarry man, house 792 Washington 
Tellefson Tellef, fisherman, boards 7 Short 
Telsch Manuel, house 30: Taylor 

Terra Frances P. Mrs. grocer, 27 Perkins, house 05 do. 
Terry Charles D. clerk, 90 Commercial, house 5 Harold av. 

tt Clifford B. bookkeeper, 33 Rogers, boards 7 Hovey 

a James H. died May 9, 1899 

u Russell D. master mariner, house 7 Hovey, cor. Babson 

it Susan, widow of James 11. house 28 Willow 
Testa Charles, quarry man, house 13 Vale court 
Thauer Albert (Hall & Co.), fish, Fears' wharf, bds. 163 Wash. 
Thayer Belle S. Miss, type writer, city treasurer's office, City 
Hall, boards 7 Orchard 

tt Elizabeth K. widow, boards 7 Orchard 

u George F. tinsmith, 221 Main, house 7 Orchard 

a Jennie M. bookkeeper, 55 Main, boards 7 Orchard 
Theriau Thomas, fisherman, boards 10 Water 
Thernstroui Charles, fisherman, boards 60 Main 
Thihodeau Benjamin, fisherman, house 99 Mt. Pleasant av. 

it Frank, shoe cutter, boards 5 Haskell court 

a Hattie, widow, boards Marble 

tt Henry, farmer, boards Marble 

tt Martin, teamster, boards 43 Essex a v. 

« Nicholas, fisherman, house 18 Calder 
Thomas Alden, died Feb. 25, 1897 

a Alice, bookkeeper, 205 Main, boards 19 Commonwealth av. 

a Augustus, fisherman, house 178 Eastern av. 

tt P]pes S. foreman, 13 Chapel, house 22 do. 


Thomas Fitz B. jeweler, house 29 Exchange 

« Frank L. painter, house 1 1 Fayal court 

a Frederick B. saloon, 42 Wharf, house 26 Warner 

a Jane H. widow of James, house 28 Chestnut 

u Jeffry F. fisherman, house 71 East Main 

u John, fisherman, house 10 Fayal court 

u John, master mariner, house 19 Commonwealth av. 

a Joseph L. painter, house 132 Prospect 

ii J. B. Co. beef wholesale, Maplewood av. cor. Railroad av. 

a Manuel, fisherman, house 50 Friend 

« Margaret G. widow of William, died Feb. 12, 1899 

a Martha W. Mrs. confectionery, 178 Eastern av. 'house do. 

u Mary, widow of James W. clerk, 122 Main, house 02 
East Main 

a Mary, widow of Lewis, house 10 Addison 

a Oliver G. laborer, boards 310 Main 

.. Phoebe Mrs. house 10 Fayal court 

a Richard, removed to Boothbay, Me. 

a Stephen, dealer in sterilized cream, 101 Wash, boards do. 

a Walter P. painter, house 1 Ashland place 

a William, died Jan. 6, 1897 

kk William II. lisherman, house 14 Marchant 

a William II. painter, house 7 Mt. Pleasant court 

it William H. boards 19 Commonwealth av. 

a William II. II. peddler, house 1 Ashland place 
Thompson Abby, widow of Charles P. house 17 Mason 

a Augustus, lisherman, boards 16 Locust 

.. Charles F. lisherman, boards 344 Main 

a Emeline It. Mrs. nurse, boards 359 Washington 

i. Frank, house 17 Friend 

u Frank H. paintei", house 12 Parker 

.. Franklin II. actor, boards 17 Mason 

it Frederick J. fisherman, boards 332 Main 

.. Frederick S. jewelry, 1G4 Main, house 93 Prospect 

u Geoige, lisherman, boards 30 Cleveland 

a George W. laborer, boards 3 Smith 

c< Grace Miss, boards 17 Mason 

.; Israel, removed to New York city 

40 James? painter, house 6 Amero court 

a Jane Mrs. house 3 Smith 

a John, lisherman, boards G Vincent. 

a John M. painter, house 118 Mt. Pleasant av. 

u John W. lisherman, house 4 Wonson 

i. John W. master mariner, boards 127 Prospect 

a J. Frederick, lisherman, house 34 Warner 

.< Percy G. P. (Boston), boards 344 Main 

<jE Peter, painter, house 344 Main 

u Philip, laborer, boards 3 Smith 

u William, fisherman, boards 2 Shepherd [32 Beacon 

u William (Cunningham & Thompson") ,88 Commercial. house 


Thompson William C. driver, boards 21 Prospect 

a William S. fisherman, house 5 Babson's court 
Thorb Alfred, iisherman, boards 246 Main 
Thorburn Kj)hraim, fisherman, boards 22 Main 

a .James, iisherman, boards 22 Main 

u Nelson, fisherman, boards 22 Main 

a Nelson, iisherman, boards 217 Main 
Thornal Thomas, iisherman, boards 67 Duncan 
Thornton Charles G. Mrs. (Lexington), summer residence, 81 

Magnolia av. 
Thomwald Motel, Mrs. Eli Jackman, prop., Bass Rocks, E. G. 
Thorpe Henry, clerk, 94 Main, house 7 Taylor 
Thurston Alfred, peddler, house 91 Wheeler 

« Annie Mrs. house 733 Washington 

n Arthur C. cigar manuf. 17 Duncan, house 75 Western av. 

u Benjamin, house 8 Alpine court 

« Benjamin, jr. died May 19, 1898 

u Charles S. iisherman, boards 14 Cross 

u Charles S. {Thurston & Atkinson), carpenter, Railroad at. 
opp. passenger station, house 1 Whittemore 

« Daniel A. with Shute & Merchant, house 13 Taylor 

u Fannie Miss, house 312 Washington 

*. Flora M. teacher, Riggs school, boards 442 Washington 

u George, grocer, Wash. cor. Grove, house 1.1 A Madison sq. 

a George E. S])armaker, 5 Rogers, house 15 Concord, W. G. 

u George F. stable, 16 Mansiield, house 134 Wheeler 

a George W. night watchman, D. M. Hilton's, h. at Rockport 

tt George W. upholsterer, 8 Centre, house 10 Traverse 

a Harriet P. clerk, 122 Main, bds. 41 Commonwealth av. 

« Henry R. M. removed to Exeter, N. H. 

« Howard L. tinsmith, 221 Main, boards 442 Washington 

u James, farmer, house 88 Wheeler 

a dames, 2d, laborer, hoirsH 442 Washington 

a John K. artist, boards 14 Cross 

u Lewis, laborer, house 4 Gee av. 

« Mary E. widow of William 11. boards 128 Washington 

it Nathaniel, grocer, 41 Commonwealth av. house do. 

ti Nathaniel F. farmer, house 4 19 Essex av., W. G. 

a Samuel S. shoemaker, 45 Main, boards 18 Western av. 

" Walter E. machinist, boards rear l>73 Washington 

a Wilbert, teamster, house 305 Washington 

« W?iliam, fisherman, house 429 Washington 

a William H. gluetnaker. boards 8 Alpine court 
rpiUJHSTON & ATKINSON (Ckcirles ,S'._ Thurston, 
JL Natltanlel C. Atkinson), carpenters and builders, Rail- 
road av. opp. B. & M. depot, L. B. Nauss & Sons' 
lumber yard (see page 518) 
Tiala Henry, paving cutter, boards 3 Tucker 

" Salla, paving cutter, boards "3 Tucker' 


Tian Margaret L. widow of Jacob, house 140 Mt. Pleasant av. 

u Mary E. widow of Jacob L. boards 5 Amero court 

a Thomas F. sailmaker, house 274 East Main 
Tibbets Edgar, sparmaker, 25 Vincent, house 364 Main 

u Edwin L. died'Sept. 25, 1897 

a Elden, engineer, rear 55 Alain, house 13 Procter 

u Eliza J. widow of Robert A. died Nov. 25, 1896 

« Fred W. 100 Main, boards Mason 

u Joseph H. spar maker, 25 Vincent, house 127 Prospect 

u Josepfi II. jr. spar maker, 25 Vincent, house 20 Beacon 

a Melissa A. widow of William S. house 5 Fremont 

a M. Helen, principal Babson primary, house G Mason 

a ' R. F. watchmaker, 27 Pleasant, house do. 

a Samuel, fisherman, house 30 Harrison av. 

^^ Samuel B. fisherman, house Sanderson court 
Tibbetts Clarence W. fisherman, house 27 1 I Main 
Tii])akka Matt, farmer, house 21 Leverett 
Tilden Bessie, widow of Isaac J. house 4 Liberty 

a Isaac J. lost at sea 
Tilley Abram, ensign, Salvation Army, house 129 Prospect 
Times Newspaper Co. 108 and 110 Main 
Timmons William, fisherman, house 3(5 Orchard 
Tingley X. D. principal Sawyer school, house 5 Hampden 
Tinker James, fisherman, house 13(5 Prospect 
Tisson Francis, fisherman, boards 15 Beach court 
Titus Edward M. laborer, boards 88 Maplewood av. 

u Ezekiel F., U. S. N. boards 88 Maplewood av. 

u Walter D. removed to Cambi idgeport 
Tjerman Ole, fisherman, boards 238 Main 
Tobin Edward, 10(5 Duncan, house 104 Shepherd 

a Frank, fisherman, boards 150 Maplewood av. 

a James, carpenter, house 6 Orchard 

« James, sen. (of G Orchard), died Aug. 1G, 1897 

a Jennie Miss, removed to Boston 

u John, fisherman, boards 58 Duncan 

a Lawrence, fisherman, boards 81 Commercial 

« Lawrence J. removed to Boston 

« Mary F. house 6 Orchard 

a Michael,*" removed to Boston 

u, Thomas, fisherman, house 21 Mansfield 
Todd George (Boston), summer residence % * Fernwood," W. G. 

it Nathan (of 12 Langsford), died Jan. 1G, 1897 
Tolman George W. plasterer, house 10 Bass av. [Exchange 

u James E. groceries and provisions, 35 Duncan, house 30 

« Sarah H. widow of John C. house 30 Exchange 

« Thaddeus R. carpenter, 425 Main, house 4 Harrison a v. 
Tonetti Henry, paving cutter, boards 22 Andrews 
Tonnesen Andrew E. fisherman, boards 7 Short 
Toole John, fisherman, house 14 Gould court 
Tornblad Fred, fisherman, rooms 10 Perkins 


Torretto Angela, quarry man, house Quarry street 

u Joseph, paving cutter, house 1 1 Vale court 
Torrey Charles W. fisherman, house 09 Pleasant 

n George, blacksmith, house 9 Grove 

a Helen, teacher, High school, hoards 21 Middle 

u Henry L. carpenter, house 24 Hammond 
Torsey Henry L. (Boston), hoards 88 Prospect 
Tovvle Arthur A. clerk, 681 Washington, hoards 9 Vale court 

it Fred W, gardener, house 645 Washington 

a George H. supt. stone cutting, Rockport Granite Co. house 
Young av. cor. Washington 

a James M. foreman, house 788 Washington 

a Lizzie (Boston), summer residence Fuller Cottage, Lexing- 
ton av., Magnolia 

a Richard, stone cutter, house 9 Vale court 

a Richard, jr. stone cutter, hoards 9 Vale court 
Townsend Alice Mrs. house 12481 Main 

a James, fisherman, hoards 104 Duncan 

a Letitia E. widow, house 6 Porter 

« William, fisherman, hoards 5 Church 
Tracy Catharine, widow of Patrick, house 8 Butman av. 

a James H. florist, hoards 41 Cherry 

a John J. grocer, 74 Prospect, hoards 72 do. 

« Margaret P. teacher, Lane school, hoards 8 Butman av. 

a Mary A. widow of Timothy, house 41 Cherry 
rpUACY THOMAS F. livery, sale, and hoarding stable, 
JL rear 20 Main, hoards 22 do. (see page 525) 

« Thomas F. hoards 8 Butman av. 

u Timothy (of 41 Cherry), died Dec. 22, 1896 

a Walter T. clerk, 74 Prospect, hoards 72 do. 

a William (of 6i) Washington), removed to Boston 

« W. Joseph, clerk (Boston), hoards 72 Prospect 
Trahon Charles, carpenter, house 4 Poplar court 

it Herbert W. fisherman, house 2 Bass av. 

« James, fisherman, hoards 17 Shepherd 
Trainor Lewis, iish dealer, house 23 Beacon 
Trask Anna M. widow, house 8 Federal 

u Charles W. clerk, Atlantic Halibut Co. hoards 8 Federal 

a Helen M. widow of J. Calvin, house 98 Washington 
Travers Joseph, painter, house 33 Friend 
Treat Leonard A. salt fish, McKeuzie & Co.'s wharf 
Trefry George B. laborer, house 303 Fast Main 

u George W. police, house 236 Fast Main 

a Melhourn F. fisherman, house 267 East Main 

tt Norman, fisherman, boards 44 Wharf 
Trenholm Howard B. harnessmaker, 5 Main, house 30 Pine 
Trevoy Alexander G. clerk, 141 Main, house 20 Millett 

a Fdward, fisherman, house 10 Milletl 

a George T. clerk, 12 Millett, boards 10 do. 
Tribou E. Harry, hairdresser, 42 Main, house 3 Balford 



Trohon Herbert W. fisherman, house 2 Bass av. 

Trott John H. carpenter, 108 Duncan, house 17 Madison av. 

Trout Mary II. Mrs. house 41 Magnolia av. 

Troy Alexander 1). laborer, house 348 Western av. 

« John J. laborer, house 280 WYstern av. 

a Josiah, laborer, boards 340 Western av. 

" Sarah E. widow of John J. house 348 Western av. 
Trumbull John T. laborer, boards Concord street, W. G. 

a Solomon T. stone contractor, house Bray street, W. G. 

a Theron T. stone cutter, house Atlantic street, W. G. 
Tuck Albert B. carpenter, boards 123 Washington 

n Albert E. dentist, 132 Main, boards 62 Prospect 

a Caroline, widow of A/or H. died June 1 1, 1808 

tt Edward E. sailmaker, house 17 Taylor 

tt Eliza, widow of George W. house 17 Taylor 

a George C. back man, boards 19 Taylor 

it George 0., D. D. S. dentist, 132 Main, house 02 Prospect 

a George W. house 19 Taylor 

a J. Addison, elocutionist, boards 4 Procter 

« Sophia J. widow of Jacob, house 4 Procter 

a Susan Miss, boards 123 Washington 

a Wallace J. clerk, 3 Washington square, boards 19 Taylor 
Tucker Allen J. mason, house 408 Washington 

a Alon/o K. mason, boards 4.39 Washington 

a Andrew, laborer, house 400 Washington 

a Andrew, jr. blacksmith, house 9 Stan wood 

a Arthur R. carpenter, house 405 Washington 

it Benjamin II. fisherman, house 452 Washington 

a B. Prank, driver, house 26 Hodgkins 

a Edward, carpenter, house 1 Gee av. 

a Fannie Miss, teacher, Haskell school, bds. 439 Washington 

u Fred M. farmer, boards 405 Washington 

a George L. {Tucker & Walsh), painter, 4 Railroad av. 
house 403 Washington 

tt Henry A. mason, boards 17 Beacon 

a Howard B. carpenter, house 440 Washington 

it Irene, widow of Henry C. house 703 Washington 

u Isaac, laborer, house 412 Washington 

« Isaac Horace, carriage painter, boards 412 Washington 

ik Jacob, mason, house 439 Washington 

a James D. teamster, house 417 Washington 

a John, laborer, boards 202 Eastern av. 

a J. Franklin, laborer, house 445 Washington 

a Lewis I), mason, boards 439 Washington 

tj Lucy, widow of Richard, house 448 Washington 
' « Margaret J. Mrs. house 8 Clarendon 

it Mary, widow of William, house 17 Beacon 

tt Mary J, house 418 Washington 

a Mary P. widow of David Y. boards 1 Procter 

« Osman, motor in an, boards 445 Washington 

tt Walter, carpenter, boards 9 Stanwood 


Tucker Washington G. clerk, 275 Main, house 11 Marsh 
tt William Edwin, tinsmith, hoards 17 Beacon 
« & Walsh (George L. Tucker, Peter F. Walsh), painters, 
4 Railroad a v. 

Tuckerman S. Salisbury, artist, summer residence 14 Bond 

Tufts Alfred, fisherman, hoards 28 Friend 

« Alorizo M. salesman, rear 33 Main, house 8 Granite 
a George P. fisherman, hoards 28 Friend [Rock port 

a H. C. foreman, Merchant Box and Cooperage Co. house at 
a Richard (Tufts & Sanborn), 124 Main, b. 37 Western av. 
« William II. (Boston), summer res. Brightside av. cor. 
Beach av. [124 Main 

a & Sanborn (Richard Tufts, Asa F. Sanborn), teamsters, 

Tupper Eliza J. widow of Alexander G. house 15 Plum 
u Joseph I. clerk, GG East Main, house 139 do. 
a Nellie W. teacher, Point grammar school, b. 139 East Main 
a Samuel, hostler, boards 15 Plum 
« Walter, laborer, boards 139 East Main 
a William W. hostler, boards 139 East Main 

Turner Charles P. fish skinner, boards 5 Montgomery place 
« George W. fisherman, house 19 Church 
it James W. fisherman, boards 5 Center court 
a John, fisherman, hoards 58 Duncan 

a John J. fisherman, h. Railway av. near Atlantic Halibut Co. 
a Lewis F. fisherman, boards 5 Montgomery place 
« Margaret, widow of Andrew, house 5 Montgomery place 
u Thomas, laborer, boards 5 Montgomery place 
" William M. fish skinner, house 10 Bass av. 

Turpi u Isabel F. Mis. boards 37 Beacon 

Turii Domenico, quarry man, house 13 Vale court 

Tilt tie Lincoln, engineer, boards 12 Railroad av. 

Tutty John,. fisherman, boards 5 Church 

Twombly Humphrey C. blacksmith, house 4 Butman av. 

Tyne Frank W. shoemaker, boards 8G Maplewood av. 

ULRICII FRITZ, hairdresser, 52 Main, house 5G do. 
Upham Ida, principal Babson grammar school, boards 4 Pro's- 

UFMAM JOrfN AV. tailor, 228^ Main, house 4 Prospect 
square (see page 517) 

u Simeon, house 4 Prospect square 
Upton George A. prop. Oceari-aide Hotel, Lexington av. 
Urdansky Louis, junk, house 17 Williams court 

« Max, peddler, house (5 Fayal court 
Urquhart Eva. clerk, 205 Main, hoards 274. V do. 
.. « George II. clerk, boards 274 V Main 

m John G. Mrs. house 274} Main 

« Lewis, special police, bouse 13 Myrtle square 

m Louis J. clerk, 230 Main, boards 27 IV do. 

" Thomas O. I). reuiov«'d,.to Manchester 
Utpadel Herman, laborer, house G Bond 


VALE PATRICK, fisherman, house 5 Forest 

« Peter J. cooper, house 14 Summer 
Valentine Charles, fisherman, house 23 Willow 
Valley Joseph, fisherman, boards 58 Duncan 
Van Amberg Rupert, fisherman, boards 82 Duncan 
Van Der Wei Melehert, carpenter, house rear 7 Bond 
Van Der Weyde Jacob, fisherman, boards 5 Hammond 
Vanner Fred, fisherman, boards 5 Church 
Varney Alonzo M. laborer, house 10 Plum 

<< Charles E. foreman, J. G. Tarr & Bro.'s, house 8 Wonson 

u Charles F. bookkeeper, 88 Commercial, house 8 Procter 

u Helen C. Mrs. house 7 Washington 

u Hicks S. carpenter, boards 281 East Main 

a Hiram F. painter, house 25 Wonson 

u James W. clerk, 164 East Main, boards 13 Clarendon 

a Jane S. widow of Hiram, house 13 Clarendon 

(t Minnie, tailoress, 112 Main, boards 8 Wonson 

a Robert C. engineer, house 5 Clarendon 
Vaugban G. E. clerk, 274 Main, boards Oxford House 
Vautier J. Frank, master mariner, boards 45 East Main 
Velin Axel, stone mason, boards 57 Middle [av. 

Venance George, janitor, City National Bank, house 18 Western 

a John K. painter, rooms 18 Western av. 

u Mary, widow, house 59 Friend 
Veno Charles, fisherman, house rear 102 Washington 

a Fred, fisherman, house 13 Exchange 

a Peter, painter, 3 Main, house 18 13 urn ham 
Venturini Francisco, stone cutter, house rear 7 South Kilby 
Vernon James J. supt. Rockport Granite Co. h. Mt. Locust pi. 

« John, foreman, house 6 Quarry 

a Mary, widow of John, house 701 Washington 
Viator Antoine, fish skinner, house 14 Mt. Vernon 

a Caroline, widow of Antoine, house 33 Mt. Vernon 

« Charles H. hairdresser, Prospect, cor. Railroad av. house 
17 Sadler 

u Christian, fish cutter, house 3 Spring court 

a Christian, lish cutter, house 28 Elm 

« Christian, fisherman, house 8 Elwell court 

a Fernance, fisherman, boards 17 Sadler 

u Frank, fisherman, house 50 Mt. Vernon 

u Frank E. fisherman, boards 17 Sadler 

« George, clerk, house 20 Railroad av. 

u John F. hairdresser, boards 3 Spring court 

« Joseph, fisherman, house 33 Mt. Vernon 

« Joseph M. boards 17 Sadler 

u Leopold J. clerk, 293 J Main, house 42 Perkins 

u Manuel, fisherman, house rear 47 Friend 

u Manuel, fisherman, house Taylor court 

a Manuel, fisherman, house 9 Elwell court 

u Manuel 11. tailor., 17 Sadler, house do. 


Viator Mary, dressmaker, 28 Klin, house do. 

a Mary A. widow of Manuel, house 3G£ Friend 

" Seraphin, fisherman, house 10 Elwell 

« Vineent, fisherman, house 14 Elwell court 
Vihert Harriet, widow of John A. house 98 -Maple wood av. 

u John A. lost at sea 
Vicari Pietro, stone cutter, house 6 Brierwood 
Victorine Joseph, fisherman, house 12 Perkins 
Viera Frank, fisherman, house 50 Mt. Vernon 
Vigneau Peter, painter, house 18 Burnham 
Vincent John F. lodging house, 26 Rogers 
Vine Edward, laborer, house 6 Willow 
Vining W. C. clerk, hoards 25 Pleasant 

\7IVIAN GEORGE E. window shades and carpet works, 
3 Washington sq. boards 5 Wells (see page 517) 

u Martha S. widow of Willard S. house 5 Wells 

a William H. carpenter, 108 Duncan, boards 5 Wells 
Voss Adolph, shipsmith, 140 Duncan, house 130 do. 

tt Allen, student, boards 130 Duncan 

a Carl N. A. merchant tailor, 119 Main, boards 130 Duncan 

n Diederich C. boards 130 Duncan 

" Julius, removed to Middletown, Conn. 
Votarits Nicholas, fruit, 31 1 Duncan, rooms do. 

WADDELL ALMON B. salesman, 215 Main, boards at 
Rock port 

a Clair, clerk, 221 Main, house at Rockport 

a Lillie, clerk, 196 Main, hoards ;it Rockport 
Wadding Richard, fisherman, house 19 Dei by 

a Robert, fisherman, boards 07 Duncan [Cleveland 

Wadsworth Addie M. bookkeeper, 75 Maplewood av. boards 30 

a Charles Dr. (Philadelphia), summer residence, Wadsworth 
cottage, Hesperus av. opp. Hesperus House 

M Mary E. widow of Thomas L. house 30 Cleveland 
Wagner Fred W. steward, steamer " City of Gloucester," house 
at Chelsea 

'n Isaiah C. printer, 211 Main, house 31 Langsford 

a John, shin carpenter, house 10 Staten 

w Lewis A. laborer, house 21 Commercial 
Wahlsten William, lost at sea 
Wall Sing, laundry, 171 East Main 
Wainwright Charles, clerk, 178 Main, boards Decatur 

a William H. laborer, house G Decatur 
Wait Alice Mrs. at Almshouse [street, Magnolia 

Wakefield Lillian F. Mrs. summer residence, house oil' Fuller 
Wakeling John, removed to Quincy 

a Simeon, engineer, boards 23 Langsford 

a William, paving cutter, house 23 Langsford 
Walden Gustavus, paving cutter, house 42 Langsford 


Waldron Mary A. widow of Matthew, died June 29, 1897 
a Matthew J. 8tone cutter, house 730 Washington 
a Michael J. motorman, boards 3 Kent circle 
<i Thomas, carpenter, house Laurel street, W. G. 
u Thomas (of Fort square), died July 9, 1897 

Walen Alfred, bookkeeper, M. VValen & Son, house at Salem 
« Alfred E. {M. Walen X' Sou), foot of Water, h. 1 Angle 
u Ann K. Miss, house 40 Pleasant 
a Ann E. widow of Michael, house 46 Pleasant 
a Annie, widow of Leonard, house 9 Clarendon 
a Arthur L. teamster, W. W. Witham's, boards 9 Clarendon 
a Emma E. Miss, boards 46 Pleasant 

. k Forrest, died Sept. 19, 1898 [Mansfield 

u Merman M. (J/. Walen cV; Co.), foot of Water, house 7 
a James C. sailmaker, house 18 Marble 
u Jennie M. compositor, '211 Main, boards 11 Clarendon 
a Kate F. and Mary F. house 24 Friend 
u Michael & Son (Alfred E. and Herman M. Walen,), 
fishery, foot of Water [Neck a v. 

a Seymour A. bookkeeper, Tarr & Wonson's, house 48 Rocky 
<» William, fish curer, house 11 Clarendon 
u W. Ralph, can solderer, house oil' Rocky Neck av. 
u see also Whalen 

Walker Edward K. boards 42 Beacon 
u Frank M. fireman, boards 45 High 
« Fred G. driver, house 810 Washington 
a Harry E. removed to Cambridge 
<< Henry H. police, house 45 High 
u Josiah W. foreman, boards 16 North Kilby 
»- O. fisherman, boards 128 Duncan 
u William, removed to Boston 

Wall Michael, teamster, house 9 Commercial court 

Wallace Daniel H. house 26 Washington square 
« Edward, laborer, boards 18 Cedar 
a Frank A. lisherman, boards 332 Main 
(i James W. shoe laster, boards 4 Harrison av. 
u Jane, widow, boards 17 Liberty 
M John, paving cutter, house 52 Langsford 

Walsh Edward L. painter, boards 10 Rowe square 
a Ernest L. clerk, boards 28 School 
(< M. Frank, laborer, boards 30 Haskell 
" Nicholas, lisherman, house 10 Rowe square 
u Nicholas, jr. lisherman. hoards 10 Rowe square 
u Peter F. (Tucker & Wulsh), painter, 4 Railroad av. boards 

10 Rowe square 
iu William D. laborer, boards 10 Rowe square 
a see also Welch and Welsh 

Walters Charles, fisherman, house 16 Vincent 

Walton Mason A. house old Salem road 

Wambolth John, fisherman, boards 3 Ivy court 


Waiihoft' A. Caroline, widow of George, house 1G Williams ct. 
Ward Daniel, house 30 Fort square 

u George H. paying cutter, house 56 Revere 

a Herbert (Newton Centre), summer residence, Eastern Point 
Wafdwell W. A. harnessmaker, 5 Main, boards 76 Western ay. 
Warinan Wellington W. removed to Beverly Farms 

« William A. clerk, 257 Main, house 24 Taylor 
Warner Benjamin, laborer, house 18 Grove 

a John W. printer, 78 Main, boards 18 Grove 

a Samuel, fisherman, house rear 259 Main 

u Sarah E. Miss, house 64 Middle 
Warren Alice, stenographer, 88 Commercial, bds. 19 Shepherd 

a Bridget F. widow of Nicholas, house 19 Shepherd 

u Catharine B. widow of George II. house 1 2 Beacon 

a George H. jr. telegraph operator, house 3 Fayal court 

u Henry L. fisherman, boards 2(1 Addison 

a Hughie A. boards 12 Beacon 

u Matthew I), fish skinner, 45 Rogers, boards 12 Beacon 

« Nicholas T. sail maker, boards 19 Shepherd 
Warton Joseph, fisherman, boards 11 Chestnut 
Washington Market, Howard F. Ingersoll, manager, 34 Wash. 
Wass Fannie F. teacher, Mt. Vernon school, bds. 18 Cleveland 

.<. Homer, clerk at Russia Cement Co.'s. house 19 j Derby 

u Lena M. compositor, 110 Main, boards 18 Cleveland 

u Lorenzo A. mason, house 18 Cleveland 

a Preston 0. {Ford dj Wass), boots and shoes, 6 Pleasant, 
house 14 Commonwealth av. 
Watson Abbie, clerk, 196 Main, boards 2 Tolman 

WATSON BROTHERS (Maylon and Frank S. Watson), 
carpenters and builders, 108 Duncan (see page r)',^>) 
u Frances, widow of 1). Somes, house 6 Mt. Vernon 
« Frank S. ( Watson Bros.), carpenter, 108 Duncan, house 

7 Howe 
a Frederick C. architect, house 8 Gening 
u George A. carpenter, 29 Taylor ; also provisions, 305 Main, 

house 1 1 Summit 
a George E. clerk, 305 Main, house 2 Winchester court 
a Maylon (tyatson Bros.), carpenter, 108 Duncan, house 
11 Maple 
Watton Edward E. fisherman, removed to Waltham 
Way C. G. ( Brookline) summer residence, Bass av. 
Webber Alexander P. clerk, boards 30 Wharf 
a Annie S. teacher, Hovey school, boards 'JO Middle 
u Benjamin S. laborer, 13 Parker, house rear 53 Eastern av-. 
u Caroline, widow of Benjamin, house 291 Western av. 
a Charles, stone cutter, house 7 I Leonard 
u Charlotte Mrs. house 11 Oak 
a Daniel S. fisherman, house 280 Western av. 
a Frank T. provisions, house 175 Washington 
a Isaac B. hairdresser, 172 Main, house 242 do. 



[ W ] 


Webber James J. died June 24, 18 ( J7 

James L. clerk, boards 30 Wharf 

Joseph, helper, 153 Main, boards 175 Washington 

Laura, widow of George A. jr. house 20 Hammond 

Margaret T. widow of John S. house 20 Middle 

Martha, widow of James J. house 36 Wharf 

Martha A. widow, house 427 Main 

Mary, widow, died Feb. 3, 1899 [20 Middle 

M. Isabel], assistant librarian, Sawyer Free Library, bds. 

Rachel S. Miss, librarian, Sawyer Free Library, 88 Middle, 
boards 20 do. 

William S. gas litter, Gas Light Co. house 5 Columbia 

Winslow L. city engineer, City Hall, bouse 7 Bellevue av. 
Webster Abby M. widow of Newell, house 17 Liberty 

Daniel, iceman, boards 8 Pleasant 

K. Everett, ice dealer, house 1 Mason court 

Nathaniel, ice dealer, 8 Pleasant, house do. 
Weeks Alonzo. musician, house 6 Gould court 

Charles, fisherman, boards 364 Main 

Joseph S. removed to Portland, Me. 
Welch Allan, fisherman, house 4 Smith 

Amos, confectionery, Fuller street, Magnolia, house do. 

Bonne, fisherman, boards f>8 Duncan 

Charles K. laborer, house 21 Sadler 

Dennis, tailor, 224 Main, house 60 Washington 

Elmer B. canmaker, house 32 Granite 

Fred, fisherman, boards real- 10 Rowe square 

George, fisherman, house 7 Commercial 

James E. Mrs. house 3 Millett 

James H. hairdresser, 11 Main, boards 60 Washington 

Jane, widow of Daniel, house 69 Commercial 

John, fisherman, boards 9 Middle 

John, fisherman, boards f)8 Duncan 

John, fish skinner, boards 68 Commercial 

John (of 733 Washington), removed to Boston 

John J. laborer, boards 89 Pleasant 

Joseph, fisherman, boards 6 Orchard 

Joseph, fisherman, boards 20 Shepherd 

Martin, fisherman, house 27 Cleveland 

Mary Miss, house 3 Millett 

Mary C. Miss, dressmaker, house 8 Dike 

Michael, fisherman, boards 67 Rogers 

Michael W. fisherman, house 4 Willow 

Peter, fisherman, boards 9 Ivy court 

Richard, fisherman, house rear 48 Fort square 

Roderick, carpenter, house 7 Arthur 

Rosanna, widow of Michael, house 18 Gould court 

Thomas, fisherman, boards 6 Orchard 

Thomas, fisherman, boards 9 Ivy court 

William, hostler, 59 Pleasant, boards 4 Smith 


Welch William J. blacksmith, boards 8 Lewis court 
u see also Walsh and Welsh 

Wellington Charles, farmer, house 288 Concord, W. G. ' 

Wellman Alexander, fisherman, house 31 Perkins 

Wells Elbridge H. teamster, boards 20 Millett 
u Eliza T. Mrs. house 140 Mt. Pleasant av. 
u Elmer E. teamster, house 391 Main 
a Frank, clerk, 180 Main, boards 26 Millett 
a Mary Miss, house 47 Prospect 
u Mary A. widow of Elbridge H. house 26 Millett 
u Mary J. teacher of music, boards 34 Millett 
« Minnie, clerk. 180 Main, boards 20 Millett 
<. William N. died Jan. 29, 1897 

Welsh Ernest L. printer, 21 1 Main, boards 28 School 
a John S. fisherman, boards 20 Burnham 
u Susan H. widow of Martin, house 20 Burnham 
a William V iisherman, boards 20 Burnham 
u see also Welch and Walsh [av. 

Wendell George A. blacksmith, D. M. Hilton's, h. 9 Western 
u Gertrude M. nurse, boards 74 Western av. 
« Morgianna, widow of Augustus J. house 74 Western'av. 

Wennberg John E. F. clerk, boards 8 Williams court 
i.t Julius P. fisherman, house 8 Williams court 
a Sadie M. bookkeeper at B. F. Witham's, 13 Parker, boards 
8 Williams court 

Wennerberg Edward B. master mariner, house 8 Chapel 
u Emil, engineer, house 12 Winchester court 
a Herbert P. water boat, boards 140 Mt. Pleasant av. t 

« John, clerk at A. M. Lyeell's, boards 8 Williams court 
t< John E. water boat, house 140 .Mt. Pleasant av. 
a John H. fireman, boards 140 Mt. Pleasant av. 
a Joseph, laborer, boards 15 Rogers 

Went worth James A. driver, 4.3 Duncan, house 10 Cleveland 

Went/.ell William A. iisherman, boards 317 Main 

West Dolly, clerk, 180 Main, boards 9 Middle 

^\7EST KN I> SHINING PARLOR, E C. Collins, man- 
V ager, 9 Main (see page 525) 
ti Frank B. iisherman, boards 9 Middle 
u Wilder Mik house 9 Middle 
Westerberg Carl, shoemaker, 23.8£ Main, house do. 

a Frank A. sail-maker, house 12 Myrtle square 
Western Union Telegraph Co., George A. Norris, manager,) 157 

Main and 193 East Main 
Westlen Andrew, teamster, house 29 Prospect 
Westley John, iisherman, boards 7 Short 
Weston William, iisherman, boards 5 Church 
Wetberbee Charles, laborer, house Bond street 
« Charles Frank, shipping clerk, Gloucester Net J and Twine 

Co. house 3 Ashland place 
a Walter, fisherman, boards 12 Railroad av. 



Wetherell B. F. station agent. Magnolia 

u Monson L. apothecary, 178 Main, house 13 Western av. 
Wetterer Eliza, widow of Charles, died June 24, 1899 
Wetzel Frank, fisherman, hoards 332 Main 
Whaleu Bartholomew A. clerk, 108 Pleasant, hoards 8 Cedar 

« Daniel, gardener, house Lobster lane 

a Ellen, widow of Maurice, house 23 Addison 

44 Henry, lahorer, house 22 Shepherd 

*< Honora, widow of Martin, house 16 Pine [8 Cedar 

44 Joanna, widow of Bartholomew, grocer, 108 Pleasant, house 

u Martin J. grocer, 56 Washington, house do. 

44 Mary C. Miss, teacher, died April 3, 1898 

44 Patrick, fisherman, hoards 234 Main 

44 Sylvester F. stenographer, hoards 8 Cedar 

44 see also Walen 
Whartf Eliphalet, fisherman, house 14 Washington 

44 Eliza, widow of William, died March 25, 1898 

44 George 1). house 92 Prospect 

44 George W. carpenter, Maplewood av. h. 100 Washington 

u John W. died Feb. 5, 1898 

44 William, fish skinner, hoards 7 Columbia 
"Wharton Essie Mrs. boards 248£ Main 

44 Lewis, master mariner, hoards 17 Locust 
'Wheal ty Margaret, widow of Philip, house 15 South Kilby 

44 Mary E. teacher, Bradstreet school, boards 15 South Kilhy 

4< Thomas F. blacksmith, boards 15 South Kilhy 
Wheaton Edward, fisherman, boards 28 School 
Wheeler Aaron, blacksmith, house 30 Hartz place 

44 Alfred I), died March 26, 1897 

.4 Andrew D. boat builder, 115 Wheeler, house do. 

44 Annie L. Mrs. boarding house, 22 Main 

44 Archie, carpenter, house 131 Wheeler 

44 Charles H. teamster, house 809 Washington 

44 Charles J. laborer, house 31 Cleveland 

44 Clara E. widow of Rufus G. house 3 Wiley 

44 Daniel Edward, clerk. 140 Main, house 22 do. 

44 David, student, boards 34 Exchange 

44 D. Alfred, died March 20, 1897 

44 Edwin R. blacksmith and carriage maker, 35 Pearl, house 
34 Exchange 

44 Elisha C. laborer, boards 3 Wiley 

44 Eliza P. widow of George H. house 87 Wheeler 

« Ernest, carpenter, house 3 Marsh 

4< Ernest, machinist, boards 227 Magnolia av., W. G. 

44 Everett, machinist, 236 Main, house at Rockport 

<4 Finson 11. supt. highways, house 4(57 Washington 

« George W. fisherman, house 40 Rocky Neck av. 

44 Harriet, widow of Isaac, house 115 Wheeler 

44 Harrison, carpenter, house 11 Say ward 

« Harvey, sen. died May 28, 1897 


TTrilEELElt HARVEY, boat and yacht builder and 

V T designer, Wheeler's Point, h. 92 Wheeler (see p. 521) 

tt Hattie E. Miss, principal H'ov'ey school, bds. 115 Wheeler 

tt Howard, boat builder, hoards 92 Wheeler 

a Howe, & Lovejoy, ladies' wrapper manufs. 303 Main 

tt James, carpenter, house 28 Curve 

« James E. carpenter, house 17 Arlington 

a John J. farmer, house 227' Magnolia av., W. G. 

tt Joseph, died Dec. 26, 1898 

a Justin E. carpenter, house Laurel st., W. G. 

tt Lucy W. widow of Harvey, house 121 Wheeler 

a Martha A. widow of Joseph, house 134 Wheeler 

a Mary J. Mrs. (Cambridgeport), summer residence, Fuller 
street, Magnolia 
"XXniEELHU PERCY W. coal and wood, 75 East Main, 

\ V house 12 Haskell (see page 520) 

a Roy E. laborer, boards 3 Wiley [Cleveland 

tt Rufus C. dyer, Gloucester Net and Twine Co. house 33 

tt Willis K. laborer, house rear 8 Fremont 
White Adolphus, fisherman, boards 55 Duncan 

u Alice W. boards Russell av. 

tt Arthur S. fisherman, house 7 Blake court 

tt Augustus, fisherman, boards 16 Locust 

" Catharine Miss, house Leighton's court 

t< Charles, carpenter, house 9 Sargent 

u Charles, fisherman, house 6 Blackburn place 

it Charles, fisherman, house 18 Harvard 

it Charles, fisherman, boards 14 Marble 

it Charles M. fisherman, house 12 Smith 

>t Charles W. wood carver, boards 9 Sargent 

»< Clii'i'ord, fish skinner, boards 72 Friend 

a Daniel, U. S. N. boards 15 Willow 

n. D. Augustus, master mariner, house 27 Elm 

a Edmund, fisherman, boards 14 Marble 

n Edward, fisherman, hoards 67 Duncan 

a Elbridge W. clerk, 115 Main, boards 6 Blackburn place 

u Eli, fisherman, boards 22 Main 

k< Eunice, widow of Ainmi R. M. house 366 Washington 

tt Frank, fisherman, boards 4 Cross 

tt Frank, ship carpenter, house 71 Friend 

u Frank (of 88 Duncan), removed to Boston 

a Frederick, U. S. N. boards 15 Willow 

a Frederick S. lather, house 428 Washington 

a Freeman, stone cutter, house 10 Gloucester av. 

" -George, fisherman, boards 67 Duncan 

tt George E. removed to Boston 

a George M. machinist, house 3 Curtis square 

tt Henry, fisherman, boards 22 Main 

a Henry, fisherman* boards 67 Rogers 

n Hubert L. boards 14 Marehant 


White James, carpenter, boards 271 Essex av., W. G. 

a James, peddler, boards 87 Pleasant 

u James J. stable, 61 Pleasant 

a Jeffrey, fisherman, house rear 99 Duncan 

u John, fisherman, boards 58 Duncan 

a John, rigger, house 28 Fort square 

a John B. rigger, house 27 Mansfield 

it John H. teamster, house 7 Howe 

u John W. died Jnly 19, 1899 

a Joseph, fisherman, boards 16 Water 

a Lewis, fisherman, boards 58 Duncan 

a Martin, hostler, house 21 Derby 

u Mary, widow of Patrick, boards 43 Prospect 

a Mary, widow of William, house 21 Pleasant 

a Mary, widow (of 149 East Main), died Nov. 20, 1896 

a Michael, fisherman, boards 17 Commercial 

a Nicholas Mrs. house 99 Mt. Pleasant av. 

.< Roy, printer, house 40 Derby 

ti Simeon, fisherman, house 112 Pleasant 

.< Simon, driver, 43 Duncan, house Shepherd street 

a Stanley, lost at sea 

n Sylvanus, fisherman, board's 22 Main 

" Sylvine, fisherman, boards 236 Main 

it Thomas, fisherman, boards 67 Duncan 

tt Walter W. lineman, boards 6 Blackburn place 

a William C. fish skinner, 45 Rogers, boards 72 Friend 

« William Daly, fisherman, boards 14 Marble 

a William D. fisherman, house 106 Pleasant 
Whiting Henry, restaurant, 283 Main, hous'i 3 Essex av. 
Whitman William C. fisherman, boards 18 Sargent 
Whitmarsh Walter, clerk, 186 Main, boards Harvard place 
Whittaker Martha E. widow, house 12 Bellevue av. 
Whittemore Gelston (Boston), summer residence, Decatur, near 
Beach av. 

a John, fisherman, boards 288 Main 

u John M. summer residence, Cambridge av. 

tt William E. fisherman, boards 6 Angle 
Whitten Daniel J. lineman, boards 51 Bass av. 

u Eli E. laborer, house 51 Bass av. 

a Owen A. fisherman, boards 38 Friend 
Whittendale Charles H. died May 26, 1898 

.< Christopher, cooper, house 5 Burnham 

a John A. fisherman, boards 8 Elwell 

(( Sarah J. widow of Alexander, house 8 Elwell 
Whittey Walter, master mariner, house 856 Main 
Whittie Christina, widow of Stephen, hoards 23 Pearl 

k < Daniel, laborer, boards 9 Harold av. 

a Frank, house 91 Prospect 

<t Stephen F. fish skinner, 45 Rogers, house 91 Prospect 
Wholf John P. fisherman, bo it da 254 Main 





Why not Bradford, fisherman, boards 11 Chestnut 

« Charles, fisherman, boards 11 Chestnut 

<(r Jonas, fisherman, boards 11 Chestnut 
Wieke Eveline, widow of Daniel, house 842 Washington 
Wickey August, quarrymah, house 9 Langsford 

tt Matt, paving cutter, house 819 Washington 
Wilcox George H. stone mason, house 303 East Main 
Wild Lyman, fisherman, boards 317 Main 
Wilder Mary E. teacher, High school, house 25 Prospect sip 
Wiley Albert W. fisherman, house 34 Perkins 

a Charles P. laborer, Atlantic Halibut Co. h. 53j Eastern av 

a Daniel W. fireman, house 6 Lewis court 

a Freeman, fisherman, boards (5 Wiley 

»» Horace, fisherman, house G Angle 

a Howard, fisherman, boards 6 Wiley 

it Lewis A. fisherman, boards (') Wiley 

a Samuel E. fisherman, house G Wiley 

ti William, master mariner, boards Mason House 

a see also Willey 
Wilkins Albert C. Mrs. (Brooklyn, N. Y.), summer res. lies 
perns Villa, Hesperus av. 

« Frank L. Rev. pastor First Baptist Church, h. 24 Middle 
George A. teamster, boards 8 Western av. 
Hattie Mrs. bouse Lincoln street, W. G. 
John, teamster, house 39 Magnolia av. 
John F. stone cutter, house 293 Essex av., 


W. G. 

John H. carpenter, house 25 1 Fuller 

Melvin F. clerk, boards 293 Essex av., W. 

William L. carpenter, house Western av. n. Manchester line 
lkinson Edward, painter, boards 41 Magnolia av. 

Joseph 11. painter, house Fruit court, Magnolia 

William II. janitor, bouse 59 Holly 
Hard Frank, master mariner, boards 20 Locust 
lley James S. cook, house 14 Bridge 
Mains Abraham D. hackman. boards 2 Gloucester av. 

Albert, fisherman, boards G7 Rogers 

Alphonso, fisherman, boards G Orchard 

Ann, widow of Gilman S. boards 289 Western av. 

Ann M. widow of John, house 12 Washington 

Bernard A. master mariner, house 3 Babson 

Charles F. watchman, house 11 Carlisle, oil' Grove 

Edward, bicycles and repairing, 33 Washington 

Edward, fisherman, boards 22 Main 

Edward, waiter, 99 Main 

Elizabeth A. Mrs. dressmaker, 40 Middle, house do. 

Fannie Miss, boards 10 Maple 

Gilman N. bouse 289 Western av. 

Gilman S. died Nov. 13, 1898 

Harry, fisherman, boards 113 Pleasant 

Herbert H. gluemaker, house 53 Warner 


Williams James, fisherman, boards 217 Main 

a James E. fisherman, house 12 Fayal court 

it Jessie M. bookkeeper, boards 11 Carlisle 

u John, fisherman, house 17 Sadler 

it John, fisherman, boards 22 Main 

it John F. trader, house 39 Cleveland 

a John J. teamster, house 2 Gloucester av. 

n Joseph, fisherman, house 104 Pleasant 

a Joseph, iishernian, boards 8 Myrtle square 

i,t Joseph A. house 10 Friend. 

a Lawrence, iishernian. boards 07 Rogers 

it Leonard, fisherman, boards 6 Orchard 

a Louis W. laborer, house 7 Acacia 

a Lucy A. widow, house 5 Harvard [Carlisle 

a Lucy Maud, milliner, 190 Main, boards C. F. Williams', 11 

a Martin J. police, house 10 Maple 

it Martin J. jr. conductor, G. St. R. Co. boards 10 Maple 

a Mary Miss, matron of the Home for the Aged' and Indi- 
gent, 1 Western av. 

tt Mary A. P. widow, house 179 Eastern av. EOS F^Ij 

a Matt, paving cutter, house 976 Washington la ^_:. it ^ 

n Paul, iishernian, house 115 Mt. Pleasant av. 

u Richard G. stone cutter, house 660 Washington 

a Robert B. (Boston), summer residence 57 Magnolia av. 

u Rose Mrs. house 18 Perkins 

u Samuel E. farmer, house 79 Eastern av. 

a Sarah E. widow, house 6 Lookout 

u Stephen, cook, boards 22 Main 

u Theophilus, Iishernian, boards 58 Duncan [40 Middle 

u Thomas R. clerk, Cape Ann Savings Rank, 109 Main, bds. 

a Walter J. laborer, boards C> Lookout 

u William, iishernian, boards 04 Rogers 

tt William, master mariner, boards 22 Main 

a William, shoemaker, 34| Washington, house Granite 

u William R. (Boston), summer residence 55 Magnolia av. 

u William C. iishernian, house tt Sadler 

a William II. house 35 Pleasant 
Williamson Gilbert, iishernian, boards 22 Main 
Willie Frederick, boards 58 Duncan 
WilneiL Obed, iishernian, boards 11 Pearce 

u Phineas, iishernian, boards 1 1 Pearce 
Wilson Alexander, iishernian, house 205 Main 

tt Annie, widow of Andrew, house 5 Church 

it Annie M. Mrs. house 90 Washington 

tt Charles, fisherman, lost at sea 

a Charles, iishernian, house 28 School 

it Charles, iishernian, boards Hi Williams court 

tt Charles, iishernian, boards 208.2 ^ 1;IU1 

tt Charles, grocer, 30 Western av. house rear 45 Mansfield 

tt Charles (of 5.V Racklilfe), removed to Boston 





lson Charles A. conductor, boards 18 Gould court 

Charles F. clerk, '36 Western av. house 41 do. 

Charles G. hostler, 1 Middle, boards 43 Mt. Vernon 

Daniel, fisherman, boards 236 Main 

Edward, removed to Philadelphia, Pa". 

Eli W. fisherman, house 283 East Main 

Forest, clerk, 196 Main, boards 3 Forest 

Frank 0. bookkeeper, boards 283 Fast Main 

Frank 0. fisherman, house 330 Main 

Frederick W. fisherman, house 15 Kacklifie 

Henry, letter carrier, house 3 Forest 

Henry, master mariner, boards 8 Middle 

Henry W. clerk, hoards 283 Main 

Hiram, fisherman, boards 10 Fort square 

Isaac, laborer, house Morgan street 

John, paving cutter, house 970 Washington 

John, teamster, E. 11. Bickl'ord's, boards 5 Church 

John H. laborer, boards 18 Gould court 

John J. stone mason, house 125 Washington 

Mary T. Mrs. house 11 Commercial court 

Oscar, paving cutter, house 13 Woodbury 

Sarah, widow of Charles, house 24 Mansfield 

Thomas, master mariner, hoards 236 Main 

Thomas, motorman, boards 18 Gould court 

Thomas, stone cutter, house 5 Butman av. 

William B. motorman, house 28 Washington 
naburg Samuel F. fisherman, house 15 M.aplewood ar. 
nchester Charles P. removed to Salem 

David D. bookkeeper, house 300 Main 

Edward G. carpenter, house 10 Oak 

George D. carpenter, house 10 Winchester court 

Herbert B. (Manchester), house 10 Summit 

Herman I), carpenter, boards 300 Main 

Nancy P. widow of William M. h. 10 Winchester court 

Thomas, died June 9, 1807 
nkapaw Abdon K. fisherman, house rear 301 Main 
nlow Arthur, fisherman, boards 9 Harmony sq. 
mi Margaret J. widow of William E. house 257 Western av. 

Thomas J. fisherman, house 9 Blynman av. 
nslow A. F. Mrs. summer residence Hesperus av. 

Winlield S. blacksmith, boards 43 Essex av. 
liter Fitz W. house 10 Pleasant 

Mary E. Miss, house 10 Pleasant 

Mary P. Miss, house 41 Pleasant 

see also De Winter 
nters James, fisherman, house 11 Blake court 

James, fisherman, boards 2 Blake court 

John, fisherman, house 31 Haskell 

Thomas, fisherman, hoards 2 Blake court 

William, fisherman, house 2 Blake court 


Winton Charles, clerk, 279 Main, boards 5 Church 

Wise Frederick, janitor Ilovey school, house 30 Hart/, place 

Withain Alzana, widow of John, house 4 Exchange 

a B. F. dry and pickled fish ; also wholesale grocer, 13 to 1 ( J 
Parker, house 84, Eastern av. 

u Charles S. teamster, house 5 Fremont 

a Charles W. teamster, house 10 Staten 

a Dorcas B. widow of Nehemiah B. boards 12 Oak 

a Edwacd, house 15 Witham 

a Edward W. foreman, 13 Parker, house 1.6 Harrison av. 

a Frank H. driver, house 55 Eastern av. 

a Henry L. fish skinner, house 14 Parker 

a John, saloon, 48 Main, house 4 Exchange 

u John P. with B. F. Witham, 13 Parker, house 1 Maple 

a Lucy A. Miss, bookkeeper, 401 Main, boards 312 do. 

a Sidney, house 59 Eastern av. 

a Susan E. widow of Sidney, house 55 Eastern av. 
"V\7"IT11AM WARREN W. teaming, furniture and piano 

T T mover, office 36-9 Main, house 312 do. (see page 524) 
Wixon Albert W. clerk. William W. Wixon's, bds. 28 Chapel 

a Margaret J. Mrs. boards 36 Haskell [28 Chapel 

a William W. salt fish, Lane's wharf, 103 East Main, house 
Wolfe Enos, fisherman, boards 317 Main 

a Parish, iisherman, boards 17 Locust 

a Henry, fisherman, boards 317 Main 

a James, carpenter, house 35 Bridge 

a James, jr. blacksmith, house Western av. near Magnolia av. 

a John P. fisherman, boards 311 Main 

a Lysander, Iisherman, boards 90 Duncan 

a Samuel, Iisherman, house 270 Western a v. 

a Samuel W. mason, house 278 Western av. [Exchange 

a William, caulker, Railway av., Duncan's Point, house 20 

a William, Iisherman, boards 11 Locust 

a William, jr. clerk, boards 20 Exchange 
Wolff Kate M. widow of -John P. house Leighton's court 
Wollard Frank, master mariner, boards 20' Taylor 
Wonson Addison ( W. 11. Wonson & Son)) foot of Parker street, 
house Haskell 

a Addison r. pres. and treas. Tarr & Wonson (limited), 
Rocky Neck, house 1 Clarendon 

a Albert T. clerk, 178 Main, boards 81 Western av. 

a Alonzo T. watchmaker and engraver, 104 Main, h. 1 Say ward 

a Ann E. widow of Joseph, house 35 Chapel 

a Arthur H. fish skinner, boards 22 Plum 

« Arthur K. farmer, house rear 70 Mt. Pleasant av. 

a Arthur S. clerk, boards 24 Wonson 

a Augustus D. trav. salesman (Boston), house 2 Clarendon 

a Austin B. laborer, house 13 Calder ( h. 11 Sayward 

a Benjamin ( IV. H. Wonson & Son), foot of Parker street, 

u Benjamin R. house 154 Prospect 


Wonson Carrie B. Miss, milliner, boards 88 Mt. Pleasant av. 
u Charles F. house 17 Highland 

a Charles H. inspector of customs, house 32 Highland 
a Clarence A. painter, h. 353 K. Main, beyond Hawthorne 
a Desire, widow of William H. 2d, house 261 East Main 
<i( Edgar B. fisherman, house G erring 
« Edith, clerk, 196 Main, boards 32 Highland 
u Edith M. Miss, teacher, boards 40 East Main 
a Edwin (). iish skinner, house 19 Highland 
« Elmer, laborer, boards 303 East Main 

a Ernest C. house 100 East Main [house 183 do. 

a Ernest H. (William C. Wonson & Son), 109 East Main, 
u Everett P. cigars and tobacco, and taxidermist, 14(5 Main, 

house 155 East Main 
XVTONSON FKANK P. variety store, 91 and 93 Main, 
7 T house 187 East Main (see page 532) 
u Frank S. laborer, house 23 Highland 
a Franklin A. (John F, Wonson. & Co.), 237 East Main, 

house 37 Highland 
a Frederick F. clerk, 10 Procter, boards 70 Mt. Pleasant av. 
u Frederick G. (John F. Wonson & Co.), 237 East Main, 

house 148 do. 
u George, laborer, house 3 Liberty 
k George, jr. fisherman, house 3 G erring 
a George H. contractor, boards 70 Mt. Pleasant av. 
a George II. painter, house 138 Maplewood av. 
u George M. farmer, house 88 Mt. Pleasant av. 
a Guy C. farmer, house 06 Mt. Pleasant av. 
a Herbert (Boston), house 20 Highland 
u Herman F. carpenter, house 98 Mt. Pleasant av. 
a Howard A. house Terrace 

n Ida E. principal Point primary, boards 261 East Main 
"Y\7"0NS0N JOHN Pi, ilorist, 98 Mt. Pleasant av. hoards 
T T 88 do. (see page 535) 
u John F. & Co. (F. <9., R. IF., and F. A. Wonson), iish- 

eries, 237 East Main, house 142 do. 
n John W. painter, house 23 Washington 
a Joseph S. motprman, house 18 East Main 
a Judith, widow of William 11. 3d, house 20 Elm 
« J. Warren, deputy collector of customs, house 1 Say ward 
a Laura Miss, house 20 Mason 
a Lydia G. widow of John W. house 21 Orchard 
a Maria S. widow of Henry F. house 34 Friend 
a Mary E. widow of William L. house 42 Rocky Neck av. 
u Mary P. widow of Samuel G. house; 19 Highland 
a Newman G. teamster, 1). M. Hilton's, house Harmony sq. 
n Orsamus A.. bookkeeper, W. H. Wonson & Son's, house 13 

Say ward 
a Percy F. farmer, boards 88 Mt. Pleasant av. 
« Ralph M. farmer, house 93 Mt. Pleasant av. 


Wonson Roger W. {John F. Wonson & Co.), 237 East Main, 
house 129 Mt. Pleasant av. 
u Sadie G. stenographer, Shute & Merchant's, hds. 22 Plum 
u Samuel G. 3d, lish skinner, house 22 Plum 
« Samuel G. 4th, laborer, house 70 Mt. Pleasant av. 
a Susan, widow of William 11. died April 13, 1897 
u Susan E. widow of Augustus H. house 24 Wonson 
u Waldo I. boards 129 Mt. Pleasant av. 
a Wallace, died Jan. 13, 1899 
« Walter W. house 7 School 
U William C. & Son (E. II. Wonson), fisheries, 169 E. Main 

WONSON WM. II. & SON {Benjamin and Addison), 
fishing, etc. foot of Parker, head of the harbor (see 

pj.g* 522) 
u William H. 3d, died June 1, 1897 
a William N. S. boards 6 Harmony square 
u William S. house 1 Highland 

u William T. teamster, boards 120 Maplewood av. 
Wood Charles, painter, house 6 Western av. [Held 

a Frederick W. horse sheer, 19 Commercial, house 22 Mans- 
u Susan A. widow, summer res. 285 East Main 
Woodberry Susie E. bookkeeper, Gloucester Gits Light Co. bds. 

99 Prospect 
Woodbury Abigail 11. widow of John E. 928 Washington 
i» Alphonso, farmer, house 971 Washington 
u Amelia, widow of Franklin, house (> Mason square 
u Anna M. teacher, ltiggs school, boards 3 Exchange 
« Asa (). died Dec. 28, 1897 

(i Carrie I. teacher, Bray school, boards 3 Exchange 
a Clara E. typewriter, boards 4 Bass av. 
u D. E. commission merchant, Gloucester Bank building, 

house 13 Washington 
n El bridge, fisherman, house 16 Hutman av. 
u Frank, fisherman, house 928 Washington 
u Frank P. painter, house 20 Acacia 
u George 11. fisherman, house 977 Washington 
u George W. ( Boston), boards 13 Washington 
ii G.eorgiana S. teacher, boards 13 Washington 
u Herbert *E. student, boards 13 Washington 
u Herman F. saihnaker, boards 4 Bass av. 
u Horace, farmer, boards () Mason square 
« James M. teamster, house 4 Bass av. 
u John D. assistant editor, Cape Ann Advertiser and Daily 

Times, house 3 Exchange 
u John J. fisherman, house 810 Washington 
a Joseph II. fisherman, house 22 Maplewood av. 
a Nathaniel, house 904 Washington 
u Theophilus, died Jan. 15, 1897 
Woodendale John, house 8 Klwell 
Woodland George, fisherman, boards 28 Fort square 


Woodley Mary Mis. house 132 Magnolia av. 

Woodman Joanna M. widow, house 58 Middle 

« J. Henry, clerk, 195 Main, hoards 58 Middle 
Woodro James, fisherman, hoards rear 47 Prospect 
Woods Henri N. attorney at law. 111 Main; also special 
justice, Police Court, house at Rockport 

« Timothy Rev. asst. pastor St. Anne's church, house (50 
Woodward Fred A. cooper, hoards 2 Summit 
Woolfrey Joseph, fisherman, hoards 26 Railroad av. 
Woolworth F. W. five and ten cent store, 205 Main, house at 

New York 
Wooster Frank C. iish dealer; rooms 100 Main 
TT^OKTU CHARLES A. cushion hoot and shoe] w store, 

IT Wehster's block, 9 Pleasant, rms. 29S Main (see p. 516) 

v< David, engineer, Engine No. 4, Fuller street, Magnolia, 
rooms do. 

a Lewis, iisherman, hoards 16 Smith 
Wortham George M. fisherman, hoards 20 Locust [Friend 

Worthley Ralph W. foreman, Parmenter's wharf, house 331 
Wright Francis D. Mrs. variety store. 58 Rocky Neck av. h. do. 

a Franklin B. iisherman, house 29 Friend 

« George, master mariner, hoards 3 Poplar court 

u George, paving cutter, house .39 Revere 

a John, teamster, hoards 43 Fssex av. 

it Robert, fisherman, house i)^ Rocky Neck av. 
Wriston Henry L. Rev. removed tit Hoiyoke 
Wykes Elijah, paving cutter, house 707 Washington 

a John VV. paving cutter, hoards 707 Washington 

u Thomas E. paving cutter, house 701 Washington 
Wylde Horace, iisherman, hoards 37 Bridge 
Wyman John S. house 15 Curve 

« Nehemiah C. shoemaker, 9 Main,Jiouse 15 Procter 

YARN MANUEL, fisherman, hoards 10 Fort sq. 
Yates Margaret, widow, hoards 67 Eastern av. 
a Walter, removed to Boston 
u William, house 46 Western av. 
Yollis Louis, grocer, 267 Main, house: 65 Poplar 
Yongherg Anton, iisherman, house 91 Commercial 
York Sumner 1). lawyer, Savings Bank hldg. Ill Main, house 

at Rockport 
Young Alhert iisherman, hoards 20 Locust 

.it Austin P. foreman, Central wharf, hds. rear 17 Exchange 
u Charles, peddler, hoards rear 17 Exchange 
u Charles O. master mariner, house 2 Mt. Vernon 
a Charles F. farmer, 43 High 
« Charles P. iish skinner, 45 Rogers, hoards 7 Haskell 
** Charles W. sewing machine agent, boards r. 17 Exchange 
i< Epes, sewing machine agent, hoards rear 17 Exchange 


Young F. Henry, laborer, boards 52 High 

a George It. (Boston), summer res. Lexington av., Magnolia 

a George W. laborer, house 75 Essex av. 

u James H. rooms 105 Main 

u John W. farmer, house 62 High 

a Mary A. house 45 Commercial 

u Mary J. widow of Franklin, died July 5, 1899 

it Mary T. house 4 Acacia 

a Men's Christian Association, 87 Main 

a Samuel C. carpenter, house 540 Washington 

it Thomas, fisherman, house 7 Haskell 
Younger Albert T. laborer, boards 4 Bridge 

tt Charles, laborer, house 4 Bridge 

it Edward P. teamster, C. H. Bovnton's, house 10 Aeaeia 

a Maurice, died March 16, 1897" 

it Maurice, jr. house Cherry, near Poplar 

u Oliver Mrs. house 96 Washington 

a William II. laborer, house 6 Ashland place 

tt William H. peddler, house 251 Washington 
Ysaksen George, boarding house, 46 Main 



Before you sign any order for Directories, see that it bears the 
name oi'SAMI'SON, MUKDOCK, Si CO., or some well known house. 
DON'T SIGN, if requested^ /'cash voucher," or any : other voucher. 
If you do, these frauds will have your signature for another Direc- 
tory. Notify us i^' any Order you arts in doubt about is presented for 
collection, or call a police otucer and have guilty party arrested. 

ir>:> fraulillii Street, Boston. 



Ale, Porter and Cider. 

DAVIS GEORGE A., Sawyer's block, 2 Porter, rear 95 Main 
(see page 5131 ) 

Anchor Works. 

Cape Ann Anchor Works, foot of Whitternore 
ROBINSON FRANK, Rawe court (trawl and dory, see page 

Antique Furniture. 

Griilin George F. 53 Main 


BARKER FRED A. 134 Main (see back cover) 

Delf Warren W. 81 Maple wood av. 

Foster & Co. 818 Washington 

Gerrard George II. 197 East Main 

HOLMES HERBERT C. 102 Main (see page 533) 

Howe Edward W. 18 Main 

Lane Fred, 29£ Washington 

Lycett A. M., Fuller, cor. Norman avenue 

Maddocks Albert S. 103 and 105 Main 

MacMillen W. W. 177 East Main 

Parkhurst A. P. 76 Prosnect, cor. Pleasant 

Perkins M. H. 272 Main* 

Rem'by John, 89 Washington 

Rogers Anthony C. 139 "Prospect 

Saunders Danier D. 2(5(5 Main 

Strong W. H. 445 Main 

Wetherell M. L. 178 Main 


Phillips Ezra L. 201 Main 

Smith H. Edward, 221 Main (sanitary) 

Artistic Photographers. 
CENTER ADDISON P. 119 Main (see page 516) 
PHELPS R. W. 120 Main (see page 533) 
SILVER M. S. 192 Main (see top and side lines front cover) 

[ 261 ] 



Adams Elliott, 97 Main (crayon) 

CENTER ADDISON P. 119 Main (photographic, see p. 516) 

Harvey George W. 47 Curve 

Hodgkins Belle D. 504 Washington 

Rowe Lancelot K. 39 Witham 

Artists' Materials. 

BROWN CHARLES D. 193 Main (see inside front cover) 


ANDREWS ALBERT C. 75 Main (see page 528) 
McKenzie It. C. 92 Main 

STEELE GEORGE & CO. 201 Main (see inside back cover) 
STORY CYRUS, 76 Main (see page 515) 

Back-Stop Nets. 

(see back cover) 

Baggage Express. 

DEDCOVICH JOHN A. 277 East Main (see page 525) 
REED THOMAS E. ollice 164 East Main (see page 537) 

Bait Dealers. 

Ice, Bait, and Fish Co. 33 Rogers 
Nagle & Powers, 8 Fort square 


HUBBARD AUGUSTUS, 40 to 44 Prospect (see page 310) 
Johnson N. M. 27 and 29 Washington 
NELSON ANTON, 5 Sargent (see page 522) 
Plow James, 77 Duncan 
Smith John G. 140 Prospect 

Bands of Music. 

Anderson's Orchestra, John [£. Anderson, leader, 47 Western av. 
Gloucester City Band, Millard F. Collins, leader, P. F. Bussell, 

manager^ Main, cor. Spring street 
Hutchins' Military Baud. Waldo L. Hutchins, leader, 19 Main 
Hutchins' Orchestra. Waldo L. Hutchins, lender. 19 Main 

CAPE ANN NATIONAL BANK, Hiram Rich, cashier, 1H6 

Main (see page 513) 
CAPE ANN SAVINGS BANK, Daniel T. Babson, treasurer, 

109 Main (see front colored page) 
City National Bank. William A. Pew, cashier, 195 Main 
FIRST NATIONAL BANK, John Gott, cashier, 191 Main, 
' "< opposite the Post-office (see page 514) 


Gloucester Co-operative Bank, 130 Main 


cashier, Gloucester Bank building, Main, corner Duncan 

(see page 513) 

Barge Lines. 

Davis Gorham, Washington st. opp. Prospect and Magnolia av. 
Davis W. H. IT, Parsons, cor. Rogers (Bass Rocks) 
Rowe Andrew J., Norman av., Magnolia 
TRACY T. F. rear 20 Main (sec page 525) 


LOTHROP L. D. 06 to 70 Duncan (see page 519) 


Cook Benjamin C. 259 Main 
Harris William F. 208 Main 

Bedding Plants. 
PULCIFER GEORGE H. 208 Washington (see page 525) 
WONSON JOHN F. 98 Mt. Pleasant av. (see page 535) 

Bell Rollers. 

LOTHROP L. D. 06 to 70 Duncan (see page 519) 

Bicycle Repairing. 

HODGKINS EMERY, Jit. 83 Maplewood av. (see page 519) 


Cape Ann Cycle Co. 379 Main 

GRAY CHARLES J. 129 Main (see page 520) 

HODGKINS EMERY, Jr. 83 Maplewood av. (see page 519) 

Perkins & Corliss, 69 Middle 

Riddle Thomas B. 326 Washington 

Williams Edward, 33 Washington 

WONSON FRANK P. 91 and 93 Main (see page 532) 

Bill Poster. 

Bradstreet J. Qsborn, 22 Beacon 

Billiard and Pool Rooms. 

Blackburn Howard, 293.1 Main 
Brown Robert M. 174 Main 
Davis George H. Ill East Main 


Ashley Henry P. 19 Commercial 
Bray George H. 51 Rocky Neck av. 
Butler Clarence E. 473 Essex av., W. G. 
Carter Hibbert B. 17 Western av. 


Bit i cks niitJts — Co nt limed. 
DAVIS DAVID L. 21 Porter place (see page 521) 
Dunbar William II., Maplewood av. near Cleveland 
Fraiier Benjamin, 32 Wharf 
Hadley Daniel E. 123 East Main 
Harvey Sidney R. rear 804 Washington 
Hayes M. W. S., Parsons, near Main 
Hilton William F. 35 Mansfield 
Marv Charles A. 95 Duncan 
McCarthy Timothy, Raymond street, Magnolia 
McOurdy Alexander, 133 East Main 
McDonald Charles W. 3 East Main 
Mclsaac Angus, 15 Mansfield 
McLellan Bryce E. 890 Washington 
MEARS HARRY W. 09 East Main (see page 533) 
Robblee Albert E. 78 Western av. 
ROBINSON FRANK, Rowe court (see page 534) 
Smith George A. 14 Vincent 
Steams D. M., Lobster lane, Magnolia 
Taylor H. W. 28 Hancock 
Wendell George A. 12 Water 
Wheeler Ed will R. 35 Pearl 
Wood F. W. 19 Commercial 

Blocks (Ship). 


Boston (see front cover) 
DAVIS DAVID L. 21 Porter place (see page 521) 
LUFKIN C. F. 353 Main (see page 521) , 
Tarr William P. 89 Duncan 

Boarding Houses. 

{See (i I so Hotels.) 
Anderson John, 332 Main 
Boudrow Julia, 255 Main 

Braewood Benj. 11. Mis., Essex av., W. G. (summer) 
Brown Christina M. Mrs. 17 Main - 
Gaboon M. ^A.. Mrs. 6 Howe 
Carlson Andrew, 1 1 Chestrut 
Clausen Seviren A. 238 Main 
Cotl'ey Joanna Mrs. 28 Commercial 
Driggers James Mrs. 6 Ivy court 
EricUson Edward (). 254 Main 
Gillis Flora R. Mrs. 58 Duncan 
Hafey John J. 11 Locust 
Hamilton N. D. 12 Railroad av. 
Harvey Mary Mrs. 9 Ivy court 
Landry Alexander, 317 Main 
Lufkin Moses, 11 Burnham 


Magnusson John, 15 Short 

Mailman John Mrs. 326 East Main (summer) 

Matson Louis, 113 Pleasant 

McAuley Patrick, 82 Duncan 

McDonald Archibald, 20 Shepherd 

McEachen Neil, 16 Smith 

McFarlane James, 11 Pearce 

Miller Theron E. 90 Duncan 

Mortenson Fred F. 7 Short 

Nelson Charles O. 25 Main 

Olson Gustave, G Vincent 

O'Neill H. Mrs. 17 Locust 

Pennis Lewis, 16 Water 

Peterson James R. 311 and 313 Main 

Richards Abbie Mrs., Saville cottage, Essex av.,W. G. (summer) 

Riou James, 16 and 18 Locust 

Ross Augusta Mrs. 268 .V Main 

Ryan Catherine Mrs. 217 Main 

Sandberg Charles F. 1 ( J Commercial 

Schmorow M. E. Mrs. 433 Main 

Schultz Henry D. 35 Main 

Sterling Lars, 60 Main 

Stone James Mrs. 321 Main 

Swift's House, S. C. Swift, prop. 8 Pleasant 

Vincent John F. 26 Rogers 

Wheeler Annie L. 22 Main 

Willow Cottage, Fuller street, cor. Magnolia av. 

Ysaksen George, 46 Main 

Boat Builders. 

Fenton Archibald. 56 Rocky Neck av. 

H1GGINS & G1FFORD BOAT MFG. CO., Parker street, 

head of the harbor (see page 520) 
Jensen Lawrence, Parker street 
Stockbridge E. J. 249 East 'Main (toy) 
Wheeler Andrew D. 115 Wheeler 
WHEELER HARVEY, Wheeler's Point, foot of Wheeler 

street (see page 521) 

f Boats to Let. 

Bickford John, 16 Fremont 

Boiler Makers, 

SYLVESTER F. & CO. 146 Duncan (see page 534) 

Boiler and Engine Repairers. 

SYLVESTER F. & CO. 146 Duncan (see page 534) 

Boneless Fish. 

FOLEY P. J. & CO. rear 31 Commercial (see page 534) 


Booksellers and Stationers. 

BROWN CHARLES D. 193 Main (see inside front cover) 
HASKELL H. C. L. 274 and 276 Essex uv. W. G. 
Hilton Richard H. 75 Pleasant, opp. the church (Catholic) 
PROCTER BROTHERS, Old Comer Book Store, 108 Main 

(see front cover and page 529) 
Shurtleii' Frank M., New Corner Hook Store, 100 Main 


WEST END SHINING PARLOR, 9 Main (see page 525) 

Boot and Shoe Dealers, 

ARMSTRONG MICHAEL, 29 Main (see page 532) 

Crawley James, 197 Main 


Webster block, 9 Pleasant (see page 516) 
Ford & Wass, G Pleasant' 
Goldman Harry, 821 Washington 

Hall F. T. jr. 2GG.V Main 
Harris William F."208J Main 
Harris William J. 22G and 228 Main 
Haskell Horace, G7 Main 
Jewett & Co. 113 Duncan (wholesale) 
Libberman Abraham, oil Main 
Nickel son Levi, 121 to 125 Duncan 

PARSONS JOSEPH (estate), 193 East Main (see page 516) 
PARSONS W. FRANK & BROTHER, 81 Main (see p. 517) 
Richardson J. H. 136 Main 
Ring Edward P. & Son, 128 Main 
Saunders William L. 845 Washington 
Schwartz & Bernstein, 285 Main 

Webster block, 9 Pleasant (see page 51G) 

Boot and Shoe Makers and Repairers. 

ARMSTRONG MICHAEL, 29 Main (see page 532) 

Blinn Julian, 11 Millett 

Bray Aaron W. 235 Concord, W. G. 

Bray Henry W. 243 Concord, W. G. 

Crockett William T. 67 East Main 

Klper Morris, 390.1 Main 

Gardiner J. N. 93 Maplewood av. 

Gill John, 38 Millett 

Gioves Edward, 2d, 19 Hancock 

Howard Darius, 3 Liberty 

Jacobson James, 32 Eastern av. 

Jensen Christian, 201 East Main 

Kelleher William, 4G Commercial 

Kinney James A. 11 Short 

Lairing Martin, 793 Washington 


Mann Michael, 47 Duncan 

McNeil Roderick, 68 Washington 

Mountain T. rear 277 Main 

Nelson John S., Maplewood av. opp. Cedar 

Nelson Oscar, 244 Main 

PARSONS W. FRANK & BROTHER, 81 Main (see p. 517) 

Peavey Frank K. 363 Main 

Perry Charles, 71 Duncan 

Perry Manuel A. 326 Main 

Peterson Thomas, 62 Rogers 

Roberts John L. 63 Eastern av. 

Robinson George E. 5 Beacon 

Santos M. F. 139£ Prospect 

Sargent Andrew, 7 North Kilby 

Silva Frank, 52 Friend 

Thurston Samuel S. 45 Main. 

Westerberg Carl, 2381- Main 

Williams William, 34 1 Washington 

Wyman N. C. 9 Main 

Boot and Shoe Manufacturers, 

Cape Ann Shoe Co., C. S. Fuller & Co. foot of Whittemore st. 

Boot and Shoe Shining Parlors. 

WEST END SHINING PARLOR, 9 Main (see page 525) 


Blatchford Brothers, 140 Washington 

DAVIS GEORGE A., Sawyer's block, 2 Porter, rear 95 Main 

(see page 531 ) 
Kendall Charles M. 156.1- Main 

Box Manufacturers. 

Cleveland (see page 515) 

Box Printers. 

Cleveland (see page 515) 

Box Snooks, 

Cleveland (see page 515) 


ROWE GEORGE, Jr. rear Derby, near B. & M. R. R. depot 
(see page 521) 

Brass Foundry. 

REED GEORGE A. & SON, Myrtle square (see page o'Sd) 



Amber Brewing Co. 25 Fort square 

DAVIS GEORGE A., Sawyer's block, 2 Porter, rear 95 Main 
(see page 531) 

NAUSS L. B. & SONS, 42 Commercial and Railroad av. opp. 
B. & M. R.R. station (see page 519) 


Bennett Francis, 10 Pleasant (insurance) 
Presson David S. 10 Pleasant (insurance) 
Reed Wihnot A. 92 Main 

STEELE GEORGE & CO. 201 Main (ship and money, see 
inside back cover) 

Builders' Finish. 
THE A. T. STEARNS LUMBER CO. at Neponset, 166 

Devonshire and 1 Sudbury, Boston (see page 536) 

Builders' Materials. 

GRIFFIN FRANK 0., Maplewood av. opp. Cedar (see]). 518) 
NAUSS L. B. & SONS, 42 Commercial and Railroad av. opp. 
B. & M. R.R. station (sec page 519) 

Building Mover. 

Parsons Henry H. 25 Friend 


Carter Fred 0. 74 Eastern avenue 

Butter, Cheese, and Eggs, 

CENTRAL CASH MARKET, 216 Main (see page 524) 
DAVIS BROS. 179 and 183 Main (see page 533) 
DOLLVER BROS 32 and 36 Main (see page 520) 
GARLAND W. H. 14 Pearl (see page 523) 
HODSDON F. 1). 158 East Main (see page 523) 
Lufkin William D. 37 Warner 

PARSONS GEORGE R. & CO. 40 Warner (see page 523) 
SARGENT ALPHONSO, 689 Washington (see page 523) 
TARR EEMER E. 134 Washington (see page 522) 

Cabinet Makers. 

Black John W. 168£ Main 
Dow Charles H. 20 Mansfield 

LUCE C. W. & CO., Elm-street Opera House (see line on 
front cover) 


Golden & Crawley, Burham Bros, railway 
Parsons David, Rocky Neck, terry landing 
Wolfe William, Railway av., Duncan's Point 


Carpenters and Builders. 

Abbott G. Frank, Russell av. 

Brooks John H. 3 Clifford court 

CRANTON & DAVIS, 4 Spring (see page 518) 

Crispin Andrew H. 396 Western av. 

Davis Gilbert, Leonard street, Annisquam 

Day John W. 15 Wheeler 

Garland Simon, rear 11 Pearce 

Gibson Samuel L. 47 Commercial 

Gorman Augustus F. 27 Lookout 

Griffin Edward S. 23 to 33 Pearl 

Haggart John, 129 East Main 

Hallerson James, rear 6 Harmony square 

Hart Joseph P. 936 Washington 

Hodgkins William, 3d, 61 Rogers 

Honnors John P. rear 18 Pearl 

MADDIX BROTHERS, 9 Millett (see page 518) 

May Jonathan, Fuller, cor. Hesperus av., Magnolia 

McDonald Charles R. 8 Chapel 

Norwood H. A. 44 Commercial 

Parker David B. 2 Brightside av. 

Pulcifer William H. 7 Pearce 

Roberts William H. 275 Essex av. W. G. 

Sargent Horace, 67 East Main 

Severance F. G. 5 Montgomery place 

Tarr Silas S., Vincent street 

THURSTON & ATKINSON, Railroad av. opp. B. ,t M. 

passenger station (see page 518) 
WATSON BROS. 108 Duncan (see page 535) 
Watson George A. 29 Taylor 
Wharf G. W., Maplewood av. 

Carpet Cleaning. 

Crowe C. W. 3 Washington square 

Carpet Work. 

VIVIAN GEORGE E. 3 Washington square (see page 517) 

* Carpetings. 

Calef John C. & Co. 83 Main 

HUNT THOMAS H. 125 and 127 Main (see page 533) 

LUCE C. W. & CO., Elm-street Opera House (see line on 

front cover) 
PATTILLO A. MANTON. 67 Middle (see trout cover) 

Carriage Dealer. 

Davis W. H. H. 87 Western avenue 

Carriage Manufacturer. 

BARNARD GEORGE K. 41 Commercial (see page 532) 


Carriage Painter. 
BARNARD GEORGE K. 41 Commercial (see page 5.32; 

Carriage Smith. 
ROBINSON FRANK, Rowe court (see page 534) 

Cedar Buoys. 
(see back cover) 


NAUSS L. B. & SONS, 42 Commercial, and Railroad av. 
opp. B. & M. R.R. station (see page 519) 

Chebacco Lake Ice. 

DAY ALVAH P. 15 Pine (.see page 524) 


Pettingill Gilbert N. 119 Main 

Cider Manufacturer. 

Andrews Jacob R. 35 Sumner, VV. G. 

Cider Press Manufacturers. 

RICHARDSON N. SONS, 104 Washington, near the railroad 
(see page 535) 

Cigar Manufacturers and Dealers. 

Burnham William S. 57 Washington, cor. Prospect 

Courant Joseph F. 272 Main (manufacturer) 

Doeble Charles F. 230 Main (manufacturer) 

Duwart & Rogers, 248 Main (manufacturers) 

Gacato John, 287 Main 

Hall F. T 58 Main 

INGERSOLL BROTHERS, 350 Washington, near Riverdale 

mills (see page 522) 
Martin James C. 105 Main (manufacturer) 
Silva Manuel, 315 Main 
Thurston Arthur C. 17 Duncan 
Wonson E. P. 146 Main (dealer) 

Cigars and Tobacco. 
ANDREWS ALBERT C. 75 Main (see page 528) 
Hadley William F. 87 Washington 
Hall Fred T. 58 Main 

Circulating Library. 
front cover and page 529) 

Civil Engineer. 

Cannon M. M. 201 Main 


Claim and Pension Agent. 
ANDREWS ALBERT C. office 75 Main (see page 528) 


(See also Churches in Miscellaneous Department.) 
Bragg Samuel A. (M.E.), 395 Washington 
Charlton Emanuel C. (Irishmen's Bethel), 7 Summit 
Cutler Temple (C.T.), 345 Essex av., W. G. 
DeBem Francisco V. (R.C.), 142 Prospect 
Ferguson William (M.E.), 714 Washington 
Healy J. J. (R.C.), GO Prospect 
Hibbard Rufus P. (Evan. C), 29 Church 
Mason L. Walter (Unit.), 15 Conant av. 
Mills J. A. (Epis.),5 Washington square 
Minear George L. (M.E.), 10 Plum 
Nohhs Samuel B. ( B.), 28 Highland 
Peity Charles E. (Univ.), W. G. and Essex 
Perkins George H. (M.E.), 11 Mason 
Reed F. H. (C.T.), 8 Langsfonl 
Regan C W. (R.C.), (50 Prospect 
Rider W. H. (Univ.), 77 Western avenue 
Sanders George D. (B.), 17 Highland 
Wilkins Frank L. (B.j, 21 Middle 

Cloaks and Suits. 
BUTMAN & FRENCH, 196 and 198 Main* (see page 517) 
PATTILLO ALEXANDER, 120 and 122'_l\Iain (see front 

Clothes Cleaners. 

Crowe C. W. 3 Washington square 

FITCH GEORGE B. 170 Main (see page 517) 

Sargent George R. 2 East Main 

Clothing Dealers. 

Anderson John, 290 Main 

Cape Ann Clothing Co., J. Frank Boy n ton, prop. 207 Main 
COAKLEY & CO. 150 Main (seepage 510) 
Cook Almon K 95 Main 
Frost D. O. 239 Main, cor. Pearce 
Goldman Harry, 821 Washington 
Jacobs Norman A. 147 and 149 Main 
Haley M. J. 250 Main 
Jackson Francis, 828 Washington 

JOHNSON GEORGE A. Capt. 99 Duncan (oiled, see baik 

Mcdonald Roderick, 54 Duncan (see P age{523) 

Naumkeag Branch, 199 Main 

Nickerson Levi, 121 to 125 Duncan 

PARSONS JOSEPH (estate), 193 East]Main (see page 516) 


Clothing Dealers — Continued. 
Rovve Joseph H. & Co., Duncan, cor. Rogers 
Schwartz & Bernstein, 285 Main 
Stacy James D. 168 Main 
Tappan Charles S. 112 to 116 Main 

Coal and Wood. 

BENNETT FRANK D. 43 Duncan (see page 531) 
BOYNTON CHARLES H., Boynton's wharf, rear 55 Main 

(see page 531) 
Clark F. M. rear 7 and 9 Middle (wood) 
Friend William H. foot of Vincent 
Gale William F. 28 Sargent 
Griffin & Co. 50 Commercial 
MONTGOMERY CHARLES & CO. 12 Montgomery place 

(see page 522) 
Parsons Fred, 23 Curve 
Piper Charles F. at the Cove, Lanesville 
SMITH SYLVANUS, Jit. 393 Main (see page 520) 
WHEELER PERCY W. 75 East Main (see page 520) 

Coffin Warerooms. 

LLOYD JOHN, 2 Western av. (see page 525) 
Commission Merchants. 

Bradley Fred, 187 Main 

GARLAND WILLIAM H. .14 Pearl (see page 523) 

Woodbury D. E., Gloucester National Bank bldg. (fish and salt) 

Confectionery, Etc. 
(See also Fruit and Confectionery.} 
Coffin H. Maekay, 105 East Main . 
Douglass Jonathan, 14 Bass av. 
Frost John L., Cleveland street 

Gilbert Andrew P., East Main, beyond Hawthorne 
Green George H. G. 25G E. Main and Rocky Neck, c. Wonson 
Hadley William F. 87 Washington 
INGERSOLL BROTHERS, 350 Washington, near Riveidale 

mills (se^e page 522) 
Lyle James J. 3 Rocky Neck av r 
Marchant Caleb L. 81G Washington 
Marshall & Marchant, 82 Main (maniir.) 
Merlin John A. 20G Main 
Mitchell Manuel, 254 Main 
Morgan John, 142 Main 

REED THOMAS E. 164 East Main (see page 537) 
Saunders Adelaide Mrs. 954 Washington 
Saunders Louis, 35 Washington 
Thomas M. W. Mrs. 178 Eastern av. 
Welch Amos, Fuller street, Magnolia 



CRANTON & DAVIS, 4 Spring- (see page 518) 
Cressy Walter, 149 Western av. 

Hilton David M. G Pearce and head of Perkins wharf 
LANK GEORGE It. Jk. 4 Gee av. order box at J. H. Rich- 
ardson's, 136 Main (see page 518) 
LANE WILLIAM M. 133 Maplewood av. (see page 518) 
MADDIX BROS. 9 Millett (see page 518) 
REED THOMAS E. 164 East Main (see page 537) 
Rockport Granite Co., Charles It. Rogers, treas. and manager, 

680 Washington, Ray View (stone of all kinds) 
SLEEP BROS. 10 Seeail and rear 53 Eastern av. (see p. 519) 
THURSTON & ATKINSON, Railroad av. opp. B! & M. 
passenger station in L. B. Nauss & Son's lumber yard (see 
page 518) 

Contractors and Builders. 

CRANTON & DAVIS, 4 Spring (see page 518) 
LANE GEORGE R. Jk. 4 Gee av. order box at J. H. Rich- 
ardson's, 136 Main (see page 518) 
SLEEP BROS. 10 Seeail and rear 53 Eastern av. (see p. 519) 
THURSTON & ATKINSON, Railroad av. opp. B. & M. 

Railroad station (see page 518) 
WATSON BROS. 108 Duncan (see page 535) 


HASKELL H. C. L. 97 Main (see page 515) 

Cleveland (see page 515) 


Crane Samuel It. 135 East Main 
Everdean John J. 13 Water (kegs) 
Friend William S., Rowe square 
Hull J. Harding, 27 Wharf 
Marlin Joseph, Commercial court 

t Copper Paint Manufacturers. 

Tarr James H., Rocky Neck av. near ferry landing 
Tarr & Wonson, limited, Rocky Neck 

Cork Manufacturers. 
(see back cover) 

Cotton Lines. 
BURNHAM L. A. & CO. 181 Main (see page 532) 
DAVIS BROTHERS, 183 Main (see page ZoS) 

(see back cover) 


Counters and Store Fittings. 
THE A. T. STEARNS LUMBER CO. at Neponset, 166 

Devonshire and 1 Sudbury, Boston (inunui's. see p. 536) 

Crayon Portraits. 

CENTER ADDISON P. 119 Main (see page 516) 
DALZELL JAMES, 98 Main (see page 520) 

Crockery, Glassware, Etc. 

Hartvvell S. S. 121 Main 

WONSON FRANK P. 91 and 93 Main (see page 532) 

Curers and Smokers of Fish. 
WONSON WILLIAM II & SON, foot of Parker, head of 
the harbor (see page 522) 

Curtains and Fixtures. 

LUCE C. W. & CO., Elm Street Opera House (see line on 

front cover) 
PATTILLO A. MANTON, 67 Middle (see front cover) 


SMITH L. E. 215 to 223 Main (see inside back cover) 

Cypress Wood. 

THE A. T. STEARNS LUMBER CO. at Neponset, 166 
Devonshire and 1 Sudbury, Boston (nianufs. see p. 536) 

Decoration Work. 

BARRINQTON FREDERICK B. 9 Procter (flowers, see 

page 525) 
PULCIFER GEORGE II. 208 Washington (flowers, see 

page 525) 
WONSON JOHN F. 98 Mt. Pleasant av. (flowers, see p. 535) 


Boston Medical and Dental Institute, 11 Pleasant 

Burnhain Allen S., Ferguson's block, 201 Main 

Hodgdon ElfiSer E. 800 Washington 

Howland S. Oscar, 148 Main 

Nelson Charles C. 4 Pleasant 

Newell George H. 156 Main 

Parker William L. 2 Brightside av. 

POMEROY IRVING II., City National Bank bldg. 195 Main 

(see bottom line on front cover) 
Rowe William A. 181 Main 
Tuck George O. 132 Main 

Derrick for Setting Vessels' Masts. 

BURNHAM BROTHERS, Wharf street (see page 520) 


Designers of Boats and Yachts. 

(see page 520) 
WHEELER HARVEY, Wheeler's Point, foot of Wheeler 

street (see page 521) 

Doors, Sash, and Blinds. 

GRIFFIN FRANK 0., Maplevvood av. opp. Cedar (see 

page 518) 
GRIFFIN & COOK, 275 Main (see page 521) 
THE A. T. STEARNS LUMBER CO. at Neponset, 166 

Devonshire and 1 Sudbury, Boston (see page 530) 

Dory and Skiff Builders. 


(see page 520) 
WHEELER HARVEY, Wheeler's Point, foot of Wheeler 

street (see page 521) 

Drain Pipe and Piping. 

BOLGER & REGAN, 153 Main (see front cover) 
COLE ALBERT R. 55 Main (see page 531) 
HALE J. P. & CO. 75 Maplewood av. (see page 519) 
SMITH JAMES S. 59 Washington (see page 532) 
SMITH L. E. 221 and 223 Main (see inside back cover) 


Allen Marion F. Mrs. 3 Warren 

Benson A. Edith Mrs. 6 Granite 

Blatchford Mary Mrs. 160 Prospect 

Byers Mary F. Mrs. 25 Webster 

Carter Einina F. Miss, 07 Washington 

Carter L. A. Mrs., Springfield, near Gloucester av. 

Cook Sarah E. 397 Essex av., W. G. 

Curtis Hannah, 5 Bridge 

Day Lizzie W. 28 Warner 

Day S. S. 2d, Mrs. 55 Western a v. 

Douglass E. Mr. Mrs. 132 East Main 

Ewer Elizabeth, 7 Middle 

Foley Mary A. Miss, 5.8 Middle 

Forsberg Dena S. Mrs. 57 Middle 

Gray Laura G. Mrs. 30 Elm 

Hanson L. E. Mrs. 1 Friend 

Hutchins Minnie A. Mrs. 350 Main 

Irving M. G. Miss, 1 Alpine court 

Low Lulu E. 72 Western av. 

Martin Elizabeth J. Miss, 78 East Main 

Morris Mary Miss, 37 Pleasant 

O'Brien Nellie Miss, 5 Trask 


Dressmakers — Continued. 
O'Maley Mary E. 154 East Main 
Parsons Annie M. 26 East Main 
Simpson Annie A. 2 Middle 
Stan wood F. Y. Mrs. 25 Bridge 
Steele M. J. Mrs. 4 Essex av. 
Sullivan Mary E. Mrs. 2 Trask 
Viator Mary, 28 Elm 
Welch Mary C. 8 Dike 
Williams Elizabeth A. Mrs. 40 Middle 

Dress Patterns. 

MASON CHARLES A. 54 Washington (see page 532) 

Drugs and Medicines. 

(See Apothecaries.) 

Dry Goods. 

Allen Frederick, 12 Pleasant 

Brown Hugh G. 117 Main 

Brown William G. & Co. 186. to 192 Main, branch Fuller 

street, Magnolia 
BUTMAN & FRENCH, 196 and 198 Main, and 2 Elm 

(see page 517) 
Calef John C. & Co. 83 Main 
Hilton Richard H. 13 Park 
Jackson Francis, 828 Washington 

MASON CHARLES A. 54 Washington (see page 532) 
PARSONS JOSEPH (Estate), 195 East Main (see page 516) 
PATTILLO ALEX. 120 and 122 Main (see front cover) 
Richardson Bessie A. 268 Main 

SARGENT ALPHONSO, 689 Washington (see page 523) 
Siegel Myer & Co. 06 Main 
Spurr W. S. 9 Centre 

Duck Preserving. 

Nelson Chresten, 307 Main 

t Dye Tubs. 

THE A. T. STEARNS LUMBER CO. at Neponset, 166 

Devonshire and 1 Sudbury, Boston (see page 536; 

Dyers and Scourers. 

Gloucester Dye House, C. W. Crowe, prop. 3 Washington sq. 

Eating Houses. 

Andrews Ira, 85 Middle 
Bennett Herbert E. 14 H Main 
Benson Charles A. 10 Rogers 
Davis John D. 40 Leonard 


Dennis William P. 38 Main 
Dias Joseph, 4 Spring 
Dolliver William C. 115 Main 
Gorman Joseph G. 10 Mam 
Grant Ivory, 57 Pleasant 
Leslie William, 271 Main 
Leslie William, jr. 69 Main 
Malonson George A. 19 Duncan 
Marshall Horace M. 32.J Washington 
McCormack John A. 2 Railroad av. 
Nickerson Hiram, 77 Main 
Peterson John A. 40 Main 

Electric Gas Lighting. 

CAMERON JOHN A. 181 Main (see page 519) 
GRAY CHARLES J. 129 Main (see page 520) 

Electric Light Company. 

Gloucester Electric Co., E. L. Hunger, supt. and manager, 
Vincent street 

Electrical Contractor. 

CAMERON JOHN A. 181 Main (see page 519) 

Electrical Goods. 

CAMERON JONH A. 181 Main (see page 519) 

Electrical Supplies. 

CAMERON JOHN A. 181 Main (see page 519) 
GRAY CHARLES J. 129 Main (electric gas lighting, etc., 
see page 520) 


American Express Co. 173 Main 

Merrill F. J., Magnolia av. 

Page & Saville, 4 Short 

Presson Express Co., B. A. Hotchkiss, proprietor, 131 Main 

Gloucester; 34 Court sq. 07 Franklin, 77 Kingston, and 

36 Merchants row, Boston 
REED THOMAS E. 164 East Main (baggage, see page 537) 
Tarr Henry H. 91 Main 

Eye Glasses. 

CHISHOLM W. F. 161 Main (see top line on back cover) 

Fancy Goods. 

BROWN CHARLES D. 193 Main (see inside front cover) 
BUTMAN & FRENCH, 196 and 198 Main (see page 517) 
Calef John C. & Co. 83 Main 

CHISHOLM W. F. 161 Main (see top line on back cover) 
Goon Charlie, 12 Main 


Fancy Goods — Continued. 
HASKELL H. C. L. 274 and 276 Essex av., W. G. 
Hilton Richard H. 75 Pleasant 
MASON C. A. 54 Washington (see page 532) 
PATTILLO ALEX. 120 and 122 Main (see front cover; 
PROCTER BROTHERS, 108 Main (see it. cover and p. 520) 
SARGENT ALPHONSO, 089 Washington (see page 523) 
WONSON FRANK P. 91 and 93 Main (see page 532) 

Fish Boxes. 
GRIFFIN FRANK 0., Maplewood av. opp. Cedar (see page 


Cleveland (see page 515) 

Fish Dealers (Fresh). 

Atlantic Halibut Co., Atlantic wharf, foot of Duncan 

BROWN EDWARD O. 7 Main (see page 523) 

Dennett William, Fort wharf 

Dennison John M. 81 Washington 

Fort Wharf Fish Co., Fort wharf 

Gardner & Parsons, foot of Pearce 

Gloucester Fresh Fish Co., Atlantic wharf 

Ice, Bait and Fish Co. 33 Rogers 

Nagle & Powers, Fort wharf 

New England Fish Co., Dodd's wharf 

Norwood John F. 32 Washington 

Springhana William, rear 199 East Main 

Fish Dealers (Salt). 

Ayer & Andrews Co., Wharf, cor. Pearce 

Burnham Edward L. 22 Pearce (shipper) 

Chisholm John, 33 Wharf 

CLARK JOHN 11. & CO. rear 31 Commercial (wholesale, 

see page 534) 
Cunningham & Thompson, 88 Commercial (shippers) 
DAVIS BROS. 13 to 19 Rogers (see page 533) 
Davis Frank jE., Central wharf, 39 Rogers 
Dennis George H., Dennis's wharf, 139 East Main 
FOLEY PATRICK J. & CO. rear 31 Commercial (see page 

Gloucester Mackerel Co., Commercial court 
Gorton Slade & Co. 95 East Main (shippers) 
Hall & Co.. Fears' wharf 
Hotehkiss & Co. 17 Rogers 
Ice, Bait, and Fish Co. 33 Rogers 
Lane Samuel & Brother, 28 Vincent (shippers) 
Lawson & Corliss, room 10 Webster block (commission) 
Low Brainard, 443 Main (shipper) 


Low Howard, 445 Main (shipper) 

MONTGOMERY BENJAMIN & SON, 12 Montgomery pi. 

(see page 522) 
■Moore William F. & Co., Parmenter's wharf 
Oakea & Foster, 55 Commercial 
O'Brien Patrick J. & Co. 45 Rogers 
Pai'khurst Hugh & Co., Fears' wharf 

Parsons William, 2d & Co., Parsons' whf. oft' East Main street 
Perkins George & Son, Rowe sq. (shippers) 

PEW JOHN & SON, 327 to 331 Main (shippers, see p. 522) 
Pinkham & Foster, Dennis wharf 
Pool Samuel G. & Sons, Parmenter's wharf 
Reed & Gamage, 217 East Main (shippers) 
Rice Joseph, Fort wharf 
Rice Stillman, Parker street 

Shute & Merchant, Parker street, head of harbor (shippers) 
Smith David B. & Co. 417 to 425 Main 
Smith Harvey C. rear 33 Main (shipper) 
St an wood Frank, 35 Fort square (smoked) 
Stan wood & Co. 90. Commercial (shippers) 
Tarr George J. & Co. 25 Fort square 
Treat Leonard A., McICenzie & Co.'s wharf (shipper) 
Witham B. F. 13 to 19 Parker 
Wixon William, Lane's wharf, E, G. 

Woodbury D. E., Gloucester Bank building (commission) 
Wonson John F. & Co. 237 East Main 
WONSON WILLIAM H. & SON, foot of Parker street, 

head of the harbor (smoked, shippers, see page 522) 

Fish Hooks. 

DAVIS BROTHERS, 183 Main (see page 533) 
LOTH HOP L. D. OG to 70 Duncan (importer Arthur James' 
tish hooks, see page 519) 

Fish Knives. 

Rust George P., Porter's wharf 

Fish Oils. 

Dodd A. W. & Co., Dodd's wharf, 5 and 7 Wharf street 

Norwood Joseph W. foot of Norwood court 

PEW JOHN & SON, 327 to 331 Main (see page 522) 

Smith David 15. & Co. 425 Main 

Tarr George G. & Co. 25 Fort square 


Allen Benjamin F. & Co., Five Pound Island, ollice end of 

Parker street 
Atlantic Halibut Co., Atlantic wharf 
Ayer James S. 52 Wharf street 
Chisholm John, 33 Wharf street 


Fisheries — Continued. 
CLARK JOHN H. & CO. rear 31 Commercial (see p. 534) 
Cunningham & Thompson, 88 Commercial 
DAVIS BROTHERS, 13 to 19 Rogers (see page 533) 
Gardner & Parsons, foot of Pearce street 
Gorton Slade & Co. 95 East Main 
Haskell Loring B. 33 Rogers 
Jordan William H. 373 Main 
King William A. & Co. 66 Commercial 
Lane Samuel & Brother, 28 Vincent 
Langsford T. A. & Son, 25 Rogers 
MONTGOMERY BENJAMIN & SON, 12 Montgomery pi. 

(see page 522) 
Moore William F. & Co., Parm enter's wharf 
Oakes & Foster, 55 Commercial 

Parsons William, 2d, & Co., Parsons' whf. off East Main street 
PEW JOHN & SON, 327 to 331 Main (see page 522) 
Rice Stillman, Parker street 

Say-ward Bios., Sayward's wharf, 65 East Main 
Shute & Merchant, Parker street, head of the harbor 
Smith I). B. & Co. 425 Main 
Smith Sylvanus & Co. 401 Main 
Stanwood Frank, 35 Fort square 
Stan wood & Co. 90 Commercial 
Steele George & Co. 11 Rogers 
Tarr James G. & Brother, Rocky Neck av. 
Walen M. & Son, foot of Water 
Wonson John F. & Co. 237 East Main 
Wonson William C. & Son, 169 East Main 
WONSON WILLIAM H. & SON, foot of Parker street, 

head of harhor (smoked fish dealers, see page 522) 

Fishermen's Outfits. 

Anderson John, 290 Main 

Conley Coleman, 8 Wharf (second-hand) 

Gray John J. 131 East Main (second-hand) 

Gray W. P. 79 Duncan 

Haley M. J. 250 Main (oiled clothing) 

Harding Denyis B. rear 385 Main 

Jodrey Peter, 96 Duncan 

JOHNSON GEORGE A. Capt. 99 Duncan (oiled clothing, 

see hack cover) 
Keefe Michael, 53 Duncan 
Kennedy T. 24 Rogers (second-hand) 
LOTHROP L. D. 66 to 70 Duncan (see page 519) 
McDonald Jerome, 47 Rogers 

McDONALD RODERICK, 54 Duncan (see page 523) 
McEachern John, 13 Pearce 
Murphy Augustus, 36 Commercial 
Nelson John, 309 Main 


Nickerson Levi, 121 to 125 Duncan 
Olseii Andrew J. 127 East Main 
Schlasky Isaac, 126 Duncan 
Smith Alonzo, 115 Duncan 

Fishing Lines, 

BURNHAM L. A. & CO. 181 Main (see page 532) 
DAVIS BROTHERS, 183 Main (see page 533) 

(see back cover) 
LOTHROP L. D. M to 70 Duncan (see page 519) 

Fishing Tackle Manufacturers. 

LOTHROP L. P. 66 to 70 Duncan (see page 519) 


BARRINGTON FREDERICK B. 9 Procter (see page 525) 
Bennie James, 60 Bass av. 

Curtis Samuel & Sons, Washington, cor. Marsh 
PULCIFER GEORGE II. 208 Washington (see page 525) 
WONSON JOHN F. 98 Mt. Pleasant av. (see page 535) 

Flour and Grain. 

BURNHAM BROS., Wharf street (see page 520) 
Dodge Albert, Maplewood av. cor. Cedar 
DOLLIVER BROS. 32 and 36 Main (see page 520) 
GARLAND WILLIAM If. 1,4 Pearl (Hour, see page 523) 
Hodgkins D. B. Sons, 30 Pearl 

NELSON ANTON, 5 Sargent (Hour, see page 522) 
PARSONS GEORGE R. & CO. 40 Warner (see page 523) 
TARR ELMER E. 134 Washington (see page 522) 

Fog Horns (Patent). 

LOTHROP L. D. 68 and 70 Duncan (see page 519) 

Freight Lighters. 

" Abbott Collin," Francis Locke, prop., Steamboat wharf 
" EAGLE," Thomas E. Reed, prop., office 164 East Main, cor. 
Plum (see page 537) 

Fresco Painters. 

GRIFFIN & COOK, 275 Main (see page 521) 

Fruit and Confectionery. 

(See also Confectionery.) 
Babson Waldo, 104 Main 
Carnesis George, 3H Duncan 

CENTRAL CASH" MARKET, 216 Main (see page 524) 
Dondero Philip F. 135 Main 
Francis Joseph, 91 Maplewood av. 
Frost John L., Cleveland, near the railroad 



Fruit and Confectionery — Continued. 
Herrick A. E. 158 Main 
Kennedy Dennis, 332 Main 
Levante Nicholas, 232 Main 
Morgan John, 142 Main 

PARSONS GEORGE R. & CO. 40 Warner (see page 523) 
Patten James F. 74 Main 
.Saunders Louis, 35 Washington 

Furnaces and Kanges. 
{See also Stoves', Furnaces, Etc.) 
BOLGER & REGAN, 153 Main (see front cover) 
COLE ALBERT R. 55 Main (see page 531) 
HALE J. P. &■ CO. 75 Maplewood av. (see page 519) 
SMITH JAMES S. 59 Washington (see page 532) 
SMITH L. E. 221 and 223 Main (see inside back cover) 

Furniture Dealers. 

HILL H. P. 257 Main (see page 534) 

HUNT THOMAS H. 125 and 127 Main (see page 533) 

LUCE CHARLES W. & CO., Elm-street Opera House (see 

line on front cover) 
PATTILLO A. MANTON, 67 Middle (see front cover) 

Furniture Movers. 

DEDCOVICH JOHN A. 277 East Main (see page 525) 
REED THOMAS E. 164 East Main (see page 537) 
WITHAM WARREN W. 369 Main (see page 524) 


ROBINSON FRANK, Rowe court (cast and wrought iron, 
see page 534) 

Gas Company. 

Gloucester Gas Light Co. foot of Duncan 

Gas and Water Piping. 

COLE ALBERT R. 55 Main (see page 531) 
HALE J. P. & CO. 75 Maplewood av. (see page 519) 
SMITH JAMES S. 59 Washington (see page 532) 
SMITH L. E. 221 and 223 Main (see inside hack cover) 

Gents' Furnishing Goods. 

COAKLEY & CO. 150 Main (see page 516) 

Frost D. 0. 239 Main 

McDONALD RODERICK, 54 Duncan (see page 523) 

Naumkeag Branch, 199 Main 

PARSONS JOSEPH (Estate), 193 East Main (see page 516) 

Slater F. T. 172 Main 

Tappan Charles S. 112 to il6 Main 


Gill Nets. 
(see back cover) 

Glue Manufacturers, 

Dodd A. W. & Co. 5 Wharf (fish) 

Gloucester Isinglass and Glue Co., George H. Perkins, tr'eas. 

191 Main 
Improved Process Glue Co. (The), Fort Point 
Robinson Brothers, foot of Whittemore 
Russia Cement Co. off Essex av, near Railroad 
Tarr George J. & Co. 25 Fort square 

Grain and Hay, 
KNIGHT WILLIAM A. & CO. 375 Main (see page 522) 

Granite Dealers. 

SLEEP BROS. 10 Seeall, and rear 53 Eastern av. (see p. 519) 

Granite Quarries. 

(See also Stone Contractors.) 
Barker William P. 27 Langs-ford, Lanesville 
Cape Ann Granite Co., Jonas H. French, prop., Pigeon Cove 
Pink Granite Works, Walter Graham, prop., rear 9 Acacia, 

office 33 Grove 
BICKER ROSCOE E. off D.ennison street, house 121 Leonard 

Annisquam (see page 519) 
Rockport Granite Co., Charles S. Rogers, treas. and manager, 

080 Washington, Bay View 

Granite Workers. 

KENNEDY PATRICK, 108 Washington (see page 532) 
RICKER ROSCOE E. off Dennison street, house 1.21 Leonard, 

Annisquam (see page 519) 
Rockport Granite Co., Charles S. Rogers, treas. and manager, 

680 Washington, Bay View 

Greenhouse Stock. 

THE A. T. STEARNS LUMBER CO. at Neponset, 166 
'Devonshire and 1 Sudbury, Boston (Cypress, see page 536) 

Grist Mills. 

BURNHAM BROTHERS, Wharf street (see page 520) 
Dodge Albert, Washington street, Riverdale ; store Maplewood 
av. cor. Cedar 


Abramson Arthur T. G6 Pleasant 
Allen M. L. 352 Washington, Riverd?,le 
Alphen James D. 30 Bridge 
Babson Moses S. 14 Main 


Grocers — Continued. 
Bell Thomas F. 129J Prospect 
Blanchard W. A. 232 Washington 
Bray Alphonse H., Summer street, W. G. 
Brown Charles H. 447 Washington 
Brown W. B. 150 Washington 
Caiter Bros. 89ijr Maplewood av. 
Chalmers Hugh, 102 Washington 
Cook Leonard, 75 East Main 
Corliss Fred Mrs. 150 Western av. 
Cressy Fred W. 12 Millett 
Cullen Michael, 39 Washington 

Curtis William H., Gloucester av. near Maplewood av. 
Dagle Edmund, 80 Pleasant, cor. Smith 
David T. F. 3 Taylor 

DAVIS BROS. 173 and 183 Main (see page 533) 
Davis George E. & Bro. 27,3 East Main 
Davis John D. 40 Leonard 

DOLL1VER BROS. 32 and 36 Main (see page 520) 
Dustin & Sanders, 826 Washington 
Ferguson Alexander, 45 Granite 
Finriegan Margaret A. Miss, 93 Pleasant 
French James M. 22 Fuller, Magnolia 
Fuller William J. 62 Grove 
Geary John, 43 Commercial 
Gheringbelli Joseph, 664 Washington 
Gray Charlotte B. Mrs. 39 Mt. Vernon 
Grillin Fitz E. 2 Andrews 
Harding Howard, 381 and 385 Main 
Hartz John E. 390 Western av., Magnolia 
HASKELL HENRY C. L. 274 and 276 Essex av., W. G. 
Haskell L. M. 274 and 276 Main 
Hodgkins Anniu Mrs. 83 Maplewood av. 
Hodgkins Daniel G. 79 Wheeler 
Hodgkins E. J. 360 Washington 
Hodgkins & Co. 31 Washington 
INGERSOLL BROTHERS, 350 Washington, near Riverdale 

mills (see page 522) 
Jodrey Peter, 94 Duncan 
Johnson & Hodgdon, 169 East Main 
Kelly Alexander J. 35 Sargent 
King Hugh J. 49 Friend 
Lawrence Frank, 63 Friend 
Lycett Artl*ir M., Fuller, cor. Norman av. 
Mansfield James & Sons, 17 Main 
Marr Charles A. 7 Mt. Vernon 
Martin Austin E. 126 East Main 
Martin Manuel D. 58 Friend 
McDonough John H. 25 Cleveland 


McDougaU Thomas, 25 Commercial 

McQuinn Samuel W. 43 Western av. 

Merchant Simeon, jr. 9 Derby 

Merridew George E. 23 Maplewood av r . 

NELSON ANTON, 5 Sargent (see page 522) 

Noble E. G. 8 East Main 

Oakes Charles C. 69 Eastern. av. 

Osgood David T. 3 Staten 

Parker John E. 21 Bass av. 

PARSONS GEORGE R. & CO. 40 Warner (see page 523) 

Parsons M. E. Miss, 3 Allen 

Perry Frank, 156 Prospect 

Perry John, 40 Friend 

Perrv Manuel, 18 Elwell 

PEW JOHN & SON, 327 to 331 Main (see page 522) 

Pnlcifer William H. 59 Eastern av. 

Rich Stephen, 110 and 112 Washington 

Roach Ellen, 13 Cedar 

Robinson Edward, 78 Washington 

Rockport Granite Co. 680 Washington 

Rust Frank B. 69 Washington 

Rust William H. R 392 Essex av., W. G. 

Rydberg & Co. 62 Langsford 

SARGENT ALPHONSO, 689 Washington (see page 523) 

Sargent Ella F. 44 Leonard 

Schoiield & Crouse, 28 Washington 

Scott Thomas, 46 Granite 

Semple John R. jr. 8 Fremont 

Shepherd Edward B. 138 Prospect 

Shepherd Joseph C. & Co. 141 and 143 Main 

Silva Joseph A. 21 Friend 

Simmons John, 42 Friend 

Smith Henry R. 2 Traverse 

Smith J. Fred, 66 East Main 

Smith Samuel P. 1 Webster, cor. Eastern av. 

Stanley William A. 23 Perkins 

Stevens A. E. 35 Bridge 

TARR ELMER E. 134 Washington (see page 522) 

Tarr Emily C. Sirs. 17 East Main 

Terro Frances P. Mrs. 27 Perkins 

Thurston George, Washington, cor. Grove 

Thurston Nathaniel, 41 Commonwealth av. 

Tolman James E. 35 Duncan 

Tracy John J. 74 Prospect 

Whalen Joanna Mrs. 108 Pleasant 

Whalen Martin J. 56 Washington 

Wilson Charles, 36 Western av. 

Witham B. F. 13 Parker (wholesale) 

Yollis Louis, 267 Main 


GRAY CHARLES J. 129 Main (see page .520) 

Gutters and Conductors. 
THE A. T. STEARNS LUMBER CO. at Neponset, 166 

Devonshire and 1 Sudbury, Boston (see page 536) 

Hack Stables. 

DAVIS GO.RHAM, Washington street, opp. Prospect, and 

Magnolia av. (see page 339) 
ROWE ANDREW J., Norman av., Magnolia (see page 535) 
ROWE ARTHUR H. 1 Middle (see page 535) 
TRACY T. F. rear 20 Main (see page 525) 

, Hairdressers. 

Bernard Joseph, 24 Main 

Bradstreet J. Osborn. 52 Main 

Brimer Harvey, ferry landing, Rocky Neck 

Brown James M. 11 Main 

Buckley Daniel V. 163 Main 

Carlz Joseph J. 219 Main 

Crosgrove William H. 365 J Main 

Dexter Samuel D. jr. 270$ Main 

Dion Silas, 812 Washington 

Dorley J. N. 2 Duncan 

Downes Benjamin E. 164$ East Main 

Fiahlo F. E. 431 Main 

Francis Manuel L. 319] Main 

Goldthwait Herman F. 60 Duncan 

Harnish John F. 17 Hancock 

Harvey & McDonald, 27 Main 

Hincklev William A. 182 Main 

Jodrey W. C. 104 Duncan 

Johnson Walter C. 87 Washington 

Kelley R. W. 167 Main 

Larson Henry, 67 East Main 

Littlefield Frank F. 77 Washington 

Marston Warren, 132 Main 

McCormack Daniel F. 31 Duncan 

McDonald William E. 259 Main 

McEachern H. Fred, 26 Washington 

Nunes Antone. 277 Main 

O'Brien William, 56 Pleasant 

Parks Warren M. 169', East Main 

Parsons B. F. 449 Main 

Perry John, 297 Main 

Pierce Emma E. Mrs. 120 Main (ladies') 

Rogers John, 245 Main 

Rowe William II. jr. 42 Main 


Shaw Margaret Miss, 26 Bass av. (ladies') 

Silva A. J. 172 Main 

Silva L. jr. 299 Main 

Sponagle Stephen S. 179 Main 

Viator Charles H., Prospect, cor. Railroad av. 

Hair Workers. 

Bennett Libbie P. Miss, 73 Western av. 
Shaw Margaret Miss, 26 Bass av. 

Hardware and Cutlery. 

Dade Jason C. 150 and 152 East Main 

Ellis G. W. & Co. 33 Main ' 

GRAY CHARLES J. 129 Main (see page 520) 

GRIFFIN FRANK O., Maplewood av. 6pp. Cedar (see 

page 518) 
McLellan Rufus, 864 Washington 
NAUSS L. B. & SONS, 42 Commercial and Railroad av. 

opp. B. & M. passenger station (see page 519) 
SMITH L. E. 215, 221, and 223 Main (see inside back cover) 
STORY CYRUS, 76 Main (see page 515) 

Hard Wood Lumber. 

THE A. T. STP:ARNS LUMBER CO. at Neponset, 166 
Devonshire and 1 Sudbury, Boston (ash a speciality, see 
page 536) 

Harness Makers. 

Bott Brothers, 5 Main 
McCulloch Henry S. 133 Main 

Mclaughlin james m. 45 Main (sue page 524) 
Hats, Caps, Etc. 

COAKLEY & CO. 150 Main (see page 516) 
Frost David 0. 239 Main 

Mcdonald Roderick, 54 Duncan (see page 523) 

* Hay, Straw, and Bricks. 
BURNHAM BROTHERS, Wharf street (hay and grain, see 

page 520) 
GARLAND WILLIAM II. 14 Pearl (see page 523) 
KNIGHT W. A. & CO. 375 Main (see page 522) 

Herring Nets. 
(see back cover) 

Horse Clothing. . 
Mclaughlin james m. 45 Main (see page 524) 


Horse Shoers. 
(See also Blacksmiths.) 
Hilton William F. 35 Mansfield 
MEARS HARRY W. 69 E. Main (see page 533) 
Wheeler Edwin R. 35 Pearl 


Aborn (The), Lexington av., Magnolia (summer) 

Beaehcroft House, Thos. E. Day, prop. Eastern Point (summer) 

Belmont Hotel, Fred S. Lufkin & Co. props. 151 Main 

Delphine, Simpson Lyle, prop. 325 East Main (summer) 

Eagle House, George W. Patterson, prop. 29V Pearce 

Fair View, Tliomas Renton, prop. 320 East Main (summer) 

Grand View, J. L. Publieover, Highland avenue, Annistmam 

Harbor View House, W. F. Osborne, prop. Brazier et. (summer) 
Hawthorne Inn, George 0. Stacy, prop. Hawthorne, E. G. 

Hesperus House, Mrs. Orra Paige, Hesperus av., Magnolia 
Magnolia Hotel, M. S. Gibson, manager, Lexington av., Mag- 
nolia (summer) 
Mason House, Ambrose Malonson, prop. Main, cor. Washington 
Oak Grove House, G. H. Pearson, Magnolia av. (summer) 
Ocean House, Hiram Nickerson, prop. 14 Western av. 
Oceanside House, G. A. Upton, Lexington av., Magnolia 
Overlook (The), I). W. Sylvester, prop. Highland av., Annis- 

quam (summer) 
Rockaway House, Frank Foster, pro]). 7 Rackliife (summer) 
Sunset Cottage, H. Roberts, Magnolia av., Magnolia (summer) 
SURFSIDE HOTEL, F. H. Sawyer, 32 Western av. (see 

page 515) 
Swift's House, S. C. Swii't, prop. 8 Pleasant 
Thornwald, Mrs. Eli Jackman, pro}). Bass Rocks (summer) 

Hot Water and Steam Heating. 

BOLGER & REGAN, 153 Main (see front cover) 

COLE ALBERT R. 55 Main (see page 531) 

HALE J. P. & CO. 75 Maplewood av. (see page 519) 

HILL H. P. 257 Main (see page 534) 

SMITH L. E. 221 and 223 Main (see inside back cover) 

House Furnishing Goods. 

HUNT THOMAS H. 125 and 127 Main (see page 533) 
LUCE C. W. & CO., Elm Street Opera House (see line on 
front cover) 

Ice Cream. 

INGERSOLL BROTHERS, 350 Washington, near Riverdale 
mills (see page 522) 


Ice Dealers. 

Abbott Freeman H. & Co. 126 Eastern av. 

Berry Lorenzo, 677 Washington 

DAY ALVAH P. 15 Pine (Chebacco Lake ice, see page 524) 

Fernwood Lake Jee Co., F. W. Humans, prop. 1 05 V Main 

Homans Arthur B. 4 Kent circle 

Homans William A. jr. 137 Main 

Webster E. Everett, 9 Pleasant, room 10 

Webster Nathaniel, 8 Pleasant 

Insurance Agents. 

Blatchford W. 11. 3 Fears' court 

Corliss Benjamin H. 201 Main 

Cunningham John, 195 Main 

Douglass T. Henry, 161 East Main (New York Life) 

Fears Robert R. 191 Main 

Follansbee LI. L. & Co. 187 Main 

Gilmore Edgar F. 92 Main 

HASKELL II. C. L. 97 Main (see page 515) 

HAZEL CHARLES H. M. 201 Main (see page 533) 

Presson David S. 10 Pleasant 

PRESSON HERBERT, Sawyer's block, 97 Main (see p. 517) 

STEELE GEORGE & CO. 201 Main (and brokers, see inside 

back cover) 
STORY CYRUS, 76 Main (see page 515) 

Insurance Companies. 

Annisqnam Mutual Insurance Co. 11 Leonard 

FIREMAN'S FUND INS. CO. of San Francisco, Cal., Her- 
bert Presson, agent, Sawyer's block, 97 Main (see p. 517) 

Gloucester Mutual Fishing Insurance Co. 10 Pleasant 

John Hancock Mutual Life Ins. Co. 92 Main, room 13 

MERCHANTS INSURANCE CO. of Providence, R. I., 
Herbert Presson, agent, Sawyer's block, 97 Main (see 
page 517) 

Herbert Presson, agent, Sawyer's block, 97 Main >( see 
page 517^ 

Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. 92 Main 

Iron Founders. 

REED GEORGE A. & SON, Myrtle square (see page 535) 

Isinglass Manufacturers. 

Cape Ann Isinglass Co., Railroad avenue, Rockport ; pres., 
Lowell Grimes; treas, George R. Bradford 

Gloucester Isinglass & Glue Co., George 11. Perkins, treas., 
191 Main 

Tarr's Isinglass Co. 25 Fort square 


Jewelry, Watches, Etc. 
(See also Watchmakers and Jewellers.) 

CHISHOLM WILLIAM F. 161 Main (see top line on back 

Counihan Thomas F. 234^ Main 
Flye Alden W. 4 Centre . 
Lane Everett, 130 Main 
Padelford Elliot S. 205V Main 
Tattersall James H. 4 Duncan 
Thompson F. S. 164 Main 

Junk Dealers. 

Brooks Isaac J. 63 Main 
Brophy Thomas W., Wharf street 
Hartz William F. rear 20 Commercial 
Howard D. G. 3 Sargent 
Howard Parker B. 3 Sargent 
Langsford L. B. 12 Water 
Mayo Ezekiel, 17 Buss av. 
McNulty & Kane, 58 Commercial 

Justice of the Peace. 

{See also Miscellaneous Department.) 
ANDREWS ALBERT C. 75 Main (see page 528) 

Kindling Wood. . 

BENNETT FRANK D. 43 Duncan (see page 531) 
BOYNTON CHAS. II., Boynton's wharf, rear 55 Main (see 

page 531) 
SMITH SYLVAN LIS, Jit. 393 Main (see page 520) 
WHEELER PERCY W. 75 East Main (sec page 520) 

Kitchen Furnishing Goods. 
BOLGER & REGAN, 153 Main (see front cover) 
COLE ALBERT II. 55 Main (see page 531) 
HALE J. P. & CO. 75 Maplewood av. (see page 519) 
SMITH JAMES S. 59 Washington (see page 532) 
SMITH L. E. 221 and 223 Main (see inside hack cover) 

Ladies' Furnishing Goods. 

BUTMAN & FRENCH, 190 and 198 Main and 2 Elm (see 

page 517) 
Calef John C. & Co. 83 Main 
Devis Joseph, 7 Pearce (underwear raanuf.) 
MASON CHARLES A. 54 Washington (see page 532) 
PATTILLO ALEX. 120 and 122 Main (see front cover) 


CAPE ANN STEAM LAUNDRY, P. F. Bussell,288 Main, 

cor. Spring (see page 531) 
City Hand Laundry, 88 Main 
EXCELSIOR LAUNDRY, Johnson & Somes, props., Vincent 

street (see page 516) 
Fun Charlie, 229 Main 
Goon Charlie, 12 Main , 
Goon Sham, 353 Main 
Gwong Charlie, 73 Duncan 
JOHNSON & SOMES, props., Excelsior Laundry, Vincent 

street (see page 516) 
Kee Teng, 30 Washington 
Lee Hand, 9 Centre 
Lee Jean, 7 Sargent 
Lee Jim, 62 Washington 
Lee Sam, 141 Prospect 
Long Goon, 55 Pleasant and 1 Burnham 
Lung Charles, 325 Main 
Mikado Laundry, 64 Main 
Quong Hong, 451 Main 
Quong Lee, 24 Main 
Sing Charles, 53 k Prospect 
Wall Sing, 171 East Main 


Burke John J. 201 Main 

Donohoe A. N. 11 Pleasant 

Flaherty John J. Ill Main 

French William W. 201 Main 

Hildreth Samuel D. Ill Main 

Hines Richard E. 12 Liberty 

Marshall James M. 132 Main 

McNeirny M. J. 132 Main 

Pew William A. jr. 191 Main 

Russell Charles A. 1 1.1 Main 

Simonds L. S. Ill Main 

Smith Charles {•). Ill Main 

STEVENS M UN ROE, 10 Webster block (see page 533) 

Tat't Edgar S. 201 Main 

Tarr Frederick H. Ill Main 

Woods Henri N. Ill Main 

York Sumner D., Savings Bank building, 111 Main 


(see back cover) 
LOTHROP L.- D. 66 and 70 Duncan (Lotbrop's patent, see 

page 519) 



front cover and pa^e 529) 
Sawyer Free Library, 88 Middle 

. Lightering. 

REED THOMAS E. office 164 East Main (see page 537) 

Lime, Cement, Etc. 
GRIFFIN FRANK 0., Maplewood av. opposite Cedar (see 

page 518) 
NAUSS L. R. & SONS, 42 Commercial and Railroad av. 

opp. B. & M. passenger station (see page 519) 


BURNHAM L. A. & CO. 181 Main (see page 532) 

(see back cover) 
LOTHROP L. D. GO to 70 Duncan (see page 519) 

Liquors (Wholesale). 

Sullivan Jeremiah A. 204 Main 

Liquors, Wines, Etc. 

(See also Saloons.) 
ANDREWS ALBERT C. 75 Main (see page 528) 

Livery Stables. {See Stables.) 

GRAY CHARLES J. 129 Main (see page 520) 

Lumber Dealers. 

GRIFFIN FRANK ()., Maplewood av. opposite Cedar (see 

page 518) 
NAUSS L. B. & SONS, .42 Commercial and Railroad av. 

near B. & M. station (see page 519) 
Story Amos A. 227 East Main 
THE A. T. STEARNS LUMBER CO. at Neponset, 166 

Devonshire and 1 Sudbury, Boston (see page 530) 


Davis Bros. & Co. 80 Grove (expansion bits) 
RICHARDSON N. SONS, 104 Washington, near the railroad 

(see page 535) 
STODDART ADAM P. & CO. 236 Main (see page 310) 

Mackerel Nets. 

(see back cover) 


Marine Railways. 

BURNHAM BROTHERS, Duncan's Point, foot of Water, 

ofiiee Wharf street (see page 520) 
Parkhurst Charles & Son, Duncan's Point, foot of Duncan 

& Brother, proprietors, Rocky Neck (see page 521) 


Higgins George E, 113 Prospect 
Jackman Eli, rear of Tlie Thornwald, Atlantic av. 
LANE GEORGE R. Jr. 4 Gee av. order box at J. H. Rich- 
ardson's, 136 Main (see page 518) 
LANE WILLIAM M. 133 Maplewood av. (see page 518) 
Marshall Benjamin, 35 Granite 
Marshall Benjamin E. 35 Granite 
Powers Edmund, 14 Harrison av. (stone) 

SLEEP BROS. 10 Seeall and rear 53 Eastern av. (see p. 519) 
Sleep Samuel T. 373 Washington 
Sleep William J. 379 Washington 

Masons' Materials. 

GRIFFIN FRANK 0., 'Maplewood av. opposite Cedar (see 
page 518) 

Mast Hoops. 

DAVIS DAVID L. 21 Porter place (see page 521) 
LUFKIN C. F. 353 Main (see page 521) 

Mast and Spar Makers. 

Andrews Charles H. 25 Vincent 
Andrews Walter H. 5 Rogers 
Fenton Archibald, Rocky Neck av. 

Master in Chancery. 

STEVENS MUNROE, 10 Webster block (see page 533) 
Meat Markets. (See Provisions.) 
Merchant Tailors. 

(See also Tailors.) 
FITCH GEORGE B. 170 Main (see page 517) 
MATTHEWS OWEN, 100 Main (see page 517) 

Milk Dealer. 

NELSON ANTON, 5 Sargent (see page 522) 

Mill Furnishers. 

STODDART A. P. & CO. 236 Main (see page 340) 



Bowker Carrie C. 101 Main 

BUTMAN & FRENCH, 196 and 198 Main and 2 Elm (see 

page 517) 
Key on L. U. 113 Main 
Lane Helen M. 22 Exchange 
Lesgold Julius, 118 Main 
Livingston C. M. Mrs. 90 Main 
Seidel S. 118 Main 

Mineral Water Manufacturer. 

DAVIS GEORGE A., Sawyer's block, 2 Porter, rear 95 Main 
(see page 531) 

Mittens, Socks, and Nippers, 

PATTILLO ALEX. 120 and 122 Main (see front cover) 

Monumental Works. 

KENNEDY PATRICK, 108 Washington (see page 532) 
Rockport Granite Co., Charles S. Rogers, treas. and manager, 
680 Washington, Bay View 

Mortgage Brokers. 

STEELE GEORGE & CO. 201 Main (see inside back cover) 

Mouldings (Wood). 

THE A. T. STEARNS LUMBER CO. at Neponset, 166 
Devonshire and 1 Sudbury, Boston (see page 530) 

Music and Musical Instruments. 

Boardinan Charles C. 75 Middle 
Hutchins Waldo L. 19 Main 

Music Teachers. 

Creasy Carrie S. Miss, 120 Prospect 

Davis Amanda S. Miss, 40 Granite (inst.) 

Friend Preston Mrs. 9 Angle (inst.) 

Grilfin Edward N. Andrews 

Howe Abby B. Miss, 13 Spring (inst.) 

Howe Lucy K. Miss, 13 Spring (inst.) 

Leseur Charles, 9 Pew court 

Little Bessie A. 63 Western av. 

Marsh Minnie G. 75 Middle 

Marston Annie W. Miss, 10 Prospect 

Miles Florence M. Mrs. 11 A Madison av. (vocal) 

Norwood Jennie L. 4 Woodbury (inst.) 

Parsons Annie E. 12 Hammond 

Pew Mary E. Miss, 308 l\jain (inst.) 

Renton Georgie A. Miss, 92 Main 


Rogers Annie F. Miss, 8 Prospect 
Saville Elizabeth Miss, 17 Elm (inst.) 
Spaulding Austin A. 16 Centennial av. (vocal) 
Stevens George B. 201 Main 
Wells Mary J. 34 Millett 

Nautical Goods. 

CHLSHOLM WILLIAM F. 161 Main (see tup line on buck 

Nets and Seines. 

near Grove (see back cover) 
Hodgkins George W. 43 Rocky Neck av. 
Merchant George, Shute & Merchant's wharf 
Peterson & Elwell, Story's wharf, E. G. 

News Dealer. 

(See also Periodicals.) 
SHURTLEFF FRANK M., New Corner Book Store, 106 
Main, cor. Centre (see page 340) 


CAPE ANN ADVERTISER, Francis and Geo. H, Procter, 
publishers and proprietors, 110 Main (see page 529 

CAPE ANN BREEZE, Cape Ann Printing Co. 211 Main 
(see line on back cover and page 530) 

GLOUCESTER DAILY TIMES, Times Newspaper Co. pub- 
lishers, and Procter Brothers, editors and managers, 1 10 
Main (see page 529) 

Notaries Public. 

ANDREWS ALBERT C. 75 Main (see page 528) 

Belden Harry L. 31 Pleasant 

Bennett Francis, 10 Pleasant 

Corliss Benjamin H. 201 Main 

Hildreth Samuel D. Ill Main 

Low David W. 7 Stan wood av., W. G. 

McKenzie Robert C.~92 Main 

STEELE GEORGE, Jr. 201 Main (see inside back cover) 

STEVENS MUNROE, 10 Webster block (see page 533) 

STORY CYRUS, 76 Main (see page 515) 

York Sumner D., Savings Bank building, 111 Main 


Babson Rosella Mrs. 50 Eastern av. 
Cosgrove Nora E. Mrs. 16 Addison*- 
Griffin Sarah M. Mrs. 1 Arlington 
Hanson Emma F. Miss, 6 Maple 
Lloyd Elizabeth P. Mrs. 13 Beach court 


Nurses — Continued. 
Maddocks Gertrude, 104 East Main 
Moore Hannah B. Mrs. 271 Friend 
Myers Sarah M. 45 Bass a v. 
Norwood Carrie E. Mrs. 12 Hartz place 
Olson Annie M. Miss, 547 Washington 
Parsons Ellen Mrs. 9 Blynman av. 
Robinson Clara B. Mrs. 41 Warner 
Thompson E. R. Mrs. 359 Washington 
Wendell Gertrude M. 74 Western av. 


LOTH ROB L. D. 06 to 70 Duncan (see page 519) 
LUFKIN C. F. 353 Main (see page 521) 
Tarr William P. 89 Duncan 

Oil Dealers. 

Smith David B. & Co. 417 to 425 Main (Jish) 

Oiled Clothing Manufacturers. 

Anderson John, 290 Main 

Cahoon Reuben J. 22 Rogers (repairer) 

Corliss C. R. & Son, 70 Rogers 

JOHNSON GEORGE A. Capt. 99 Duncan (see back cover) 

LOTHROP L. I). 60 to 70 Duncan (see page 519) 

Nelson John, 309 Main 

Niekerson Levi, 123 Duncan 

Rovve Joseph II. & Co., Duncan, cor. Rogers 

Smith Alonzo, 115 Duncan 

Oil Stoves. 

HALE J. P. & CO. 75 Maplewood av. (see page 519) 
SMITH JAMES S. 59 Washington (see page 532) 


CHISHOLM W. F. 161 Main (see top line on back cover) 

Pail Manufacturers. 

Cleveland (see page 515) 


Abbott James, opposite Burnham Bros. Marine railway 

Bragdon A. F. 2 Bridgewater 

Browne William N. 7 East Main (sign) 

Call William R. 42 Washington 

Clark William, 36 Washington 

Cunningham James, 3 Main 


Dade Jason C. 150 and 152 East Main 

Danforth & Griffin, 23 Main 

El well Kilby W. 73 Main (sign and ornamental) 

Gaifney & Adams, 53 Washington 

GRIFFIN & COOK, 275 Main (see page 521) 

Lane Albeit, 829 Washington 

Maguire J. B., Railway av., Duncan's Point 

Millett Charles F. rear 35 Washington (carriage) 

MITCHELL D. A. 11 Wharf (see page 519) 

Nelson George, 10 Railroad av. 

Nichols William H. 253 Main 

Oakes S. W., Tarr's wharf, Rocky Neck 

O'Keefe James S. 53 Rogers (sign) 

Tucker & Walsh, 4 Railroad av. 

Paints, Oils, and Glass. 

(See also Copper Faint j\fami facta rers.) 
Cunningham James, 3 Main 
GRIFFIN & COOK, 275 Main (see page 521) 
MITCHELL DUART A. 11 Wharf (see page 519) 
SMITH L. E. 221 and 223 Main (sec inside back cover) 

Paper Bags and Twine. 

BROWN CHARLES I). 193 Main (see inside front cover) 

Paper Hangers. 

GRIFFIN & COOK, 275 Main (see page 521) 

Paper Hangings. 

Dade Jason C. 150 and 152 East Main 
GRIFFIN & COOK, 275 Main (see page 521) 
PROCTER BROTHERS, 108 Main (see front cover and 
page 529) 

' Paper Patterns. 

BUTMAN & FRENCH, 196 and 198 Main and 2 Elm (The 

Standard, see page 517) 
MASON CHARMS A. 54 Washington (see page 532) 
PATTILLO ALEXANDER, 120 and 122 Main (Demorest's, 

see front cover) 

Patent Medicines. 

BARKER FRED A. 134 Main (see back cover) 
HOLMES H. C. 102 Main (see page 533) 

Pawn Brokers. 

Gloucester Loan Co., Jacob I. Brooks & Co. 61 Main 

Pension and Claim Agent. 

ANDREWS ALBERT C. 75 Main (see page 528) 


Perfumery and Toilet Articles. 

BARKER FRED A. 134 Main (see back cover) 

Periodicals and News Dealers. 

BROWN CHARLES D. 193 Main (see inside front cover) 
Burnhain William 8. 57 Washington, cor. Prospect 
PROCTER BROTHERS, 108 and 110 Main (see front cover 

and page 529) 
SHURTLEFF FRANK M., New Corner Book Store, 106 

Main, cor. Centre (see page 340) 


CENTER ADDISON P. 119 Main (see page 516) 
Emery William H. 162 Main 
Mear's George C. 8 Centre 

PHELPS ROBERT W. 120 Main (see page 533) 
SILVER MANUEL S. 192 Main (see top and side lines on 
front cover) 

Photographers' Supplies. 

GRAY CHARLES J. 129 Main (see page 520) 
PROCTER BROTHERS, 108 Main (sea front cover and 
page 529) 


Conant Thomas, 36 Pleasant 

Cook S. P. F. 132 Main 

Dakin E. Arthur, Fuller street, Magnolia 

Dakin Mary D., Fuller street, Magnolia 

Egan John J. 52 Pleasant 

Eveleth Edward S. 20 Highland 

Garland Albert S. 18 Pleasant, cor. Middle 

Garland Joseph, 17 Dale av. 

Garland Joseph E. 17 Pleasant 

Hale William, 14 Pleasant 

Hallett Edward B. 63 Middle 

Knowles James H. 6 Highland 

Logan Frank P. T. 42 Middle 

MacCabe Arthur, 87 Middle 

Mooney Philip, 23 Elm 

Morrow Charles H. 25 Pleasant 

Morse Abbie S; 22 Dale av. (horn.) 

Morse George, 22 Dale av. (horn.) 

Procter Percy C. 58 Middle and 54 Western av. 

Quimby Sumner F. 79 Middle 

Rowley William. 817 Washington 

Saunders Levi, 827 Washington 

Smith J. Ranlet, 18 Mason 

Sullivan James S. 9 Pleasant 


Piano Movers. 

REED THOMAS E. 164 East Main (see page 537) 
WITHAM WARREN W. 369 Main (see page 524) 

Piano Tuner. 

Boardman Charles F. 75 Middle 

Pictures and Picture Frames. 

BROWN CHARLES D. 193 Main (see inside front cover) 
CENTER ADDISON P. 119 Main (see page 516) 
Perry Joseph H. 210 Main 

Pile Drivers. 

Hall Bros, office 58 Main 

Planing Mills. 

BURNHAM BROTHERS, Wharf street (see page 520) 
ROWE GEORGE, jit. rear Derhy, near B. & M. R.R. station 
(see page 521) 


BOLGER & REGAN, 153 Main (see front cover) 
COLE ALBERT R. 55 Main (see page 531) 
HALE J. P. & CO. 75 Maplewood av. (see page 519) 
SMITH JAMES S. 59 Washington (see page 532) 
SMITH L. E. 221 and 223 Main (see inside hack cover) 

Plumbers' Materials. 

BOLGER & REGAN, 153 Main (see front cover) 
COLE ALBERT R. 55 Main (see page 531) 
HALE J. P. & CO. 75 Maplewood av. (see page 519) 
SMITH L. E. 221 and 223 Main (see inside hack cover) 

Polish Manufacturer. 

Crockett W. T. 67 East Main (odiliska silver polish) 

Practical Embalmers. 

LLOYD JOHN, 2 Western av. (see page 525) 
MILLER FRAyNK, 17 Washington (see page 339) 


CAPE ANN PRINTING CO. 211 Main (see line on hack 

cover and page 530) 
Jeffery George L. 168V Main 

McKENZIE F. S. & A. H. 78 Main (see page 524) 
PROCTER BROTHERS, 110 Main (see front cover and 

page 529) 

rnlN I tKu ioo milk st., bostoh. nULLtnu 


Printers on Cooperage Heads, 
Cleveland (see page 515) 


Bickford E. H., Maplewood av. eor. Cedar (wholesale) 
CENTRAL CASH MARKET, 216 Main (see page 524) 
DOLLIVER BROS. 32 and 36 Main (see page 520) 
GALILAND WILLIAM H. 14 Pearl (see page 523) 
HODSDON F. D. 158 East Main (see page 523) 
PARSONS GEORGE II. & CO. 40 Warner (see page 523) 
SARGENT ALPHONSO, 689 Washington (see page (523) 

Provision Dealers. 

Alphen James D. 30 Bridge 

Barrett C. Homer, 35 Washington 

Brown Samuel W. 15 Main 

CENTRAL CASH MARKET, 216 Main (see page 524) 

Coilin Benjamin P. 138 Main (butter, etc.) 

DAVIS BROS. 183 Main (see page 533) 

Dennen H. P. 2 Main 

Dennen Jacob W. 262 Essex av., W. G. (cart) 

HODSDON F. D. 158 East Main (see page 523) 

Keith Jeremiah E. 12 Harrison av. 

Lane E. A. 836 Washington 

NICKERSON HARRY S. 216 Main (see page 524) 

Noble Eleazer G. 8 East Main 

Pulcifer William H. 59 Eastern av. 

Roberts Charles F. 55 Prospect 

Roberts George W. 854 Washington 

Rogers & Perry, 293 Main 

Shepherd Edward B. 138 Prospect 

Shepherd Joseph C. & Co. 141 and 143 Main 

Souza Manuel F. 48V Friend [wholesale) 

Thomas J. B. & Co., Maplewood av. cor. Railroad av. (beef, 

Tolman James E. 35 Duncan 

Washington Market, Howard F. Ingersoll, man. 34 Washington 

Watson George A. 365 Main 


BOLGER & REGAN, 153 Main (see front cover) 
COLE ALBERT R. 55 Main (see page 531) 
HALE J. P. & CO. 75 Maplewood av. (see page 519) 
SMITH JAMES S. 59 Washington (see page 532) 
SMITH L. E. 221 Main (see inside back cover) 

Pore Ice. 

DAY ALVAH P. 15 Pine (Chebacco Lake ice, see page 524) 


Purse Seines. 

(see back cover) 

Qualifying Officer. 
ANDREWS ALBERT C. 75 Main (see page 528) 


Rockport Granite Co., Charles S. Rogers, treas. and manager, 
080 Washington, Bay View 

Real Estate Agents. 

Cook Benjamin F. 120 Eastern av. 

Cunningham John, 195 Main 

Eastern Point Co., Gate Lodge, Eastern Point 

Follansbee Hazen L. & Co. 187 Main 

HAZEL CHARLES H. M. 201 Main (sue page 533) 

Rogers Charles, 8 Prospect court 

STEELE GEO. & CO. 201 Main (see inside hack cover) 

STORY CYRUS, 70 Main (see page 515) 

Registered Pharmacist. 

BARKER FRED A. 134 Main (see hack cover) 


Andrews Ira, 85 Middle 
Deering James, 44 Wharf 
Grant Ivory, jr. 57 Pleasant 
Han nan John T. 70 Prospect 
Kippen A. E. 247 Main 
Lane Osborn W. 99 Main 
Leslie William, 271 Main 
Pierce Mabel F. 52 Maplewood av. 
Rogers Emanuel R. 13 Center court 
Sawyer Austin B. 180 East Main 
Schwartz & Bernstein, 317 Main 
Whiting Henry, 233 Main 

Riggers and Mast Setters. 

Drestrup A. A. & Co., Duncan's Point 

Nickerson J. D. S., Burnham's Railway, Duncan's Point 

Purdy C. W. 5 Rogers 

Ruth J. B., Chisholm's wharf 

Seals Thomas A., Steele's wharf 

Roofers and Roofing Materials. 

BOLGER & REGAN, 153 Main (see front cover) 
COLE ALBERT R. 55 Main (see page 531) 
HALE J. P. & CO. 75 Maplewood av. (see page 510) 
SMITH JAMES S. 59 Washington (see page 532) 
SMITH L. E. 221 and 223 Main (see inside back cover) 


Hope and Cordage. 
(see back cover) 

Safe Deposit and Trust Company. 
Fisher, treas. 1.91 Main (see page 514) 


Colby S. V., D. B. Smith & Co.'s wharf, 415 Main 
Cook Benjamin, Leighton's wharf 

HODGKINS EMERY, Jit. 83 Maplewood av. (see page 519) 
Lufkin J. W. & Co. 7iH Duncan [merc.ial 

Prindall Charles, Cunningham & Thompson's wharf, 88 Com- 
Rowe Edward L. & Son, 33 Wharf, foot of Water 
Stanwood Isaac E., Walen's wharf, foot of Water 
Steele Isaac A. S., Steele's wharf 


Carroll Daniel & Co. 20 Hancock 

Fredy Alfred & Co. 25 Duncan 

Garvey Michael J. 9 Commercial 

Gerry John, 169 Mam 

Greel Joseph F. jr. 230.1 Main 

Inge-rsoll Edward, 50 School 

Keefe John E. 29 Duncan 

Kelly James, 279 Main 

King J. Thomas, 227 Main 

Londergon Peter, 142 Duncan 

Lufkin Henry C. 27 Duncan 

Lufkin Robert K. 439 Main 

Moore John W. & Co. 1G5 Main 

Momssey M. J. 367 Main 

Munroe A. & Co. 237 Main 

Nickerson & Powers, 51 Duncan 

Nunes J. Prady, 289 Main 

Rich Charles W. 20 Main 

Rich Sargent if. & Co. 2 and 4 Parsons 

Stewart Alexander T. & Co. 94 Main 

Thomas Fred B. 42 Wharf 

Witham John, 48 Main 

Salt Dealers. 

Parsons William, 2d, & Co., Parsons' wharf 

Perkins George & Son, 191 Main 

PEW JOHN & SON, 327 to 331 Main (see page 522) 

Woodbury David E., Gloucester Bank building 

Sash, Blinds, Etc. 
(See Doors, Sash, and Blinds.) 


Savings Bank. 
CAPE ANN SAVINGS BANK, Daniel T. Babson, treasurer, 
109 Main (see front colored page opp. map) 

Saw Filer. 

Griffin Alvah H. 104 Washington 

Sawing and Planing. 
BURNHAM BROTHERS, Wharf street (see page 520) 
ROWE GEORGE, jli. rear Derby, near B. & M. R.R. depot 
(see page 521 ) 

Sawing and Turning. 

ROWE GEORGE, Ju. rear Derby, near B. & M. R.R. depot 
(see page 521) 

School Supplies. 

BROWN CHARLES D. 193 Main (see inside front cover) 
PROCTER BROTHERS, 108 and 110 Main (see front cover 

and page 529) 
SHURTLEFF FRANK M., New Corner Book Store, 106 

Main, cor. Centre (see page 340) 

Scroll Sawing. 

ROWE GEORGE, Jr. rear Derby, near B. & M. R.R. deppt 

(see page 521) 

Seeds, Plants, Etc. 

PULCIFER GEORGE H. 208 Washington (see page 525) 

Seine Repairers. 

(see back cover) 

Sewing Machines. 

Alderman Merit P. 4 Mt. Vernon (repairer) 

Boardman Charles C. 75 Middle 

Singer Mfg. Co., .John H. O'Donnell, agent, 2 Chestnut 

f Sheet Metal Workers. 

BOLGER & REGAN, 153 Main (see front cover) 
COLE ALBERT R. 55 Main (see page 531) 
HALE J. P. & CO. 75 Maplewood av. (see page 519) 
SMITH JAMES S. 59 Washington (see page 532) 
SMITH L. E. 221 and 223 Main (see inside back cover) 
SYLVESTER F. & CO. 140 Duncan (see page 531) 

THE A. T. STEARNS LUMBER CO. at Neponset, 100 
Devonshire and 1 Sudbury, Boson (Cypress a specialty, 
see page 536) 


Ship Bread Baker. 

HUBBARD AUGUSTUS, 40 to 44 Prospect (see page 340) 

Ship Brokers. 

Anderson John M. 97 Main 

McDONALD RODERICK, 54 Duncan (see page 523) 

STEELE GEORGE & CO. 201 Main (see inside back cover) 

Ship Builder. 

Bishop John, 27 Vincent 

Ship Carpenters. 

Andrews Horatio N. 28 Duncan 
Davis Adin A. rear 167 East Main 
Bishop Hugh G. head of Walen's wharf 
Bishop John, 27 Vincent 
Fenton Archibald, Rocky Neck avenue 

Ship Chandlers. 

Bradley James E. 52 Wharf 

DAVIS DAVID L. 21 Porter place (see page 521) 

LOTHROP L. D. 60 and 70 Duncan (see page 519) 

LUFKIN C. F. 353 Main (see page 521) 

STORY CYRUS, 76 Main (see page 515) ' 

Tarr William P. 89 Duncan 

Ship Painter. 

MITCHELL DUART A. 11 Wharf (see page 519) 


DAVIS DAVID L. 21 Porter place (see page 521) 
McCurdy Alexander, 133 East Main 
ROBINSON FRANK, Rowe court (see page 53-1) 
Viws Adolph, 146 Duncan 


Andrews Horatio N. 28 Duncan 

BURNHAM BROTHERS, Wharf street (see page 520) 

Fenton Archibald, 56 Rocky Neck av. 

McKenzie L. B. 41 Rogers 

RANKIN JOHN S. 27 Rogers (see page 533) 

Shipping Office. . 
McDonald Roderick, 54 Duncan (see page 523) 


PATTILLO ALEX. 120 and 122 Main (gent,', see front cover) 


Shoo Shining Parlors. 
WEST END SHINING PARLOR, 9 Main (see page 525) 

Shooting Gallery. 

Gardner Hollia, 303 Main 

Sign Painter. 

MITCHELL DUART A. 11 Wharf (see page 519) 

Silver and Plated Ware. 

CHISHOLM WILLIAM F. 161 Main (see top line on hack 

Silver and Sterling Ware. 

CHISHOLM WILLIAM F. 161 Main (see top line on hack- 

Skiff and Dory Builders. 

HIGGINS & GIFFORD BOAT MFG. CO., Parker street, 

head of the harbor (see page 520) 
WHEELER HARVEY, Wheeler's Point, loot of Wheeler 

street (see page 521) 

Smoked Halibut. 

WONSON WILLIAM II. & SON, foot of Parker, head of 
the harbor (see page 522) 

Smokers and Curers of Fish. 

WONSON WILLIAM H. & SON, foot of Parker, head of 
the harbor (see page 522) 

Soap Manufacturer. 

Marchant Charles S. 30 Wharf street 

Soda Water Manufacturer. 

DAVIS GEORGE A., Sawyer's block, 2 Porter, rear 95 Main 
(see page 531) 

Sou' Westers. 

JOHNSON GEORGE A. Caft, 99 Duncan (see back cover) 

Spar Makers. 

(See Mast and Spar Makers.) 

, Sporting Goods. 
BROWN CHARLES I). 193 Main (see inside front cover) 
GRAY CHARLES J. 129-Main (see page 520) 
WONSON FRANK P. 91 and 93 Main (see page 532) 

Squid Jigs. 

LOTHROP L. D. GO to 70 Duncan (see page 519) 



Chaney Ellen Mrs. 704 Washington 

City Livery Stable, A. C. Andrews, prop, rear 77 Main 

COMMONWEALTH STABLE, W. P. Alexander, proprietor, 

junction Main and Washington (see page 524) 
DAVIS GORHAM, Washington, opp. Prospect, and Magnolia 

av. (see page 339) 
DEDCOVICH JOHN A. 277 East Main (see page 525) 
Finnegan Patrick, 152 Main 
Harvey Charles A. 22 Leonard 
Harvey Sidney R. rear 804 Washington 
Hilton David M. 6 Pearce 

Johnson N. M. rear 25 Washington and 11 Mansfield 
Parsons E. D. 13 Chapel 

REED THOMAS E. office 164 East Main (see page 537) 
Roberts Henry H. rear 29£ Magnolia av. 

ROWE ANDREW J., Norman av., Magnolia (see page 535) 
ROWE ARTHUR H. 1 Middle (see page 535) 
Thurston George F. 10 Mansfield 
TRACY THOMAS E. rear 20 Main (see page 525) 
White James J. 59 to 01 Pleasant 

Stair Builders. 
THE A. T. STEARNS LUMBER CO. at Neponset, 100 
Devonshire and 1 Sudbury, Boston (see page 530) 

Stair Posts and Balusters. 

ROWE GEORGE, Jr. rear Derby, near B. & M. R.R. depot 
(see page 521) 


BROWN CHARLES D. 193 Main (see inside front cover) 
Burnham William S. 57 Washington, corner Prospect 
PROCTER BROTHERS, 108 and 110 Main (see front cover 

and page 529) 
SHURTLEFF FRANK M., New Comer Book Store, 100 

Main, cor. Centre (see page 340) 


Boston & Gloucester Steamboat Co., Edgar Merchant, agent, 
foot of Duncan 

Steamship Agent. 

MoDONALD RODERICK, agent Plant Line of Steamers, 
54 Duncan (see page 523) 

Steam Engine Builders. 

RICHARDSON N. SONS, 104 Washington, near railroad 

crossing (see page 535) 
STODDART A. P. & CO. 230 Main (see page 340) 


Steam Heating Apparatus. 
BOLGER & REGAN, 153 Main (see front cover) 
COLE ALBERT R. 55 Main (see page 531) 
HALE J. P. & CO. 75 Maplewood av. (bee page 519) 
RICHARDSON N. SONS, 104 Washington, near railroad 

crossing (see page 535) 
SMITH L. E. 221 and 223 Main (see inside back cover) 
STODDART A. P. & CO. 230 Main (see page 340) 

Steam Launch Engine Builders. 

STODDART A. P. & CO. 230 Main (see page 340) 

Steam Pipe Fitters. 

BOLGER & REGAN, 153 Main (see front cover) 

COLE ALBERT R. 55 Main (see page 531) 

HALE J. P. & CO. 75 Maplewood av. (see page 519) 

RICHARDSON N. SONS, 104 Washington, near railroad 

crossing (see page 535) 
SMITH L. E. 221 and 223 Main (see inside back cover) 
STODDART A. P. & CO. 230 Main (see page 340) 

Steering Wheels. 

RICHARDSON N. SONS, 104 Washington, near railroad 

crossing (see page 535) 
STODDART A. P. & CO. 230 Main (see page 340) 

Stenographer and Typewriter. 

Buckley Carrie N. 58 Duncan 

Stereoscopic Views. 

BROWN CHARLES D. 193 Main (see inside front cover) 
PROCTER BROTHERS, 108 Main (see front cover and 
page 529) 


Hilton David M. 6 Pearce 

REED THOMAS E. office 104 East Main (see page 537) 

Stacking Tommies and Splicers. 

LOTHROP L. D. 00 to 70 Duncan (see page 519) 
Stone Contractors. 

Cape Ann Granite Co., Pigeon Cove 

Cheves William II. 31 High, Lanesville 

Goodhue Warren B. 254 Essex av., W. G. 

RICKER ROSCOE E. off Dennison street, house 121 Leonard, 

Annisquam (see page 51 9 V 
Rock port Granite Co., Charles S. Rogers, treas. and manager, 

080 Washington. Bay View 
SLEEP BROS. 10 Seea.ll and rear 53 Eastern av. (see p. 519) 
Trumbull Solomon T., Bray street, W. G. 


Stone Cutter. 
KENNEDY PATRICK, 108 Washington (see page 532) 

Stone Work Contractor. 

Cressy Walter, 149 Western av. 

Storage (Soines). 
(see back cover) 

Stoves, Eanges, Furnaces, Etc. 

BOLGER & REGAN, 153 Main (see front cover) 

COLE ALBERT R. 55 Main (see page 531) 

Hackett William J. 138 East Main 

HALE J. P. & CO., 75 Maplewood av. (see page 519) 

HILL H. P. 257 Main (see page 534) 

Hull James H. 117 Duncan 

LUCE C. W. & CO., Elm Street Opera House (see line on 

front cover) 
McKinnon Norman J. 3G Washington 
SMITH JAMES S. 59 Washington (see page 532) 
SMITH L. E. 215, 221 and 223 Main (see inside back cover) 

Swivel Makers. 

LOTHROP L. D. GG to 70 Duncan (see page 519) 
ROBINSON FRANK, Roue court (see page 53-1 ) 


Baxter Elizabeth T., Webster block, 11 Pleasant 

Costello & McDonald, 11 Pleasant 

Douglass Herman F. 138] East Main 

Elwell Andrew, 92 Main" 

Ferreira Amaneio C. 250 Main 

FITCH GEORGE B. 170 Main (see page 517) 

Green Joseph, 281 Main 

Hayes Robert, 22 Fuller, Magnolia 

Hern Solomon L. 144 Main 

Kevany John J. 159 Main 

Lichtenstein Morris, 171 Main 

MATTHEWS OWEN, 100 Main (see page 517) 

O'Hanley George E. 15 Duncan 

Slater Fred T. 172 Main 

Tappan Charles S. 112 to 116 Main 

UPHAM JOHN W. 2281 Main (see page 517) 

Viator Manuel H. 17 Sadler 

Voss Carl N. A. 119 Main 

Welch Deanis, 224 Main 

Tallow Rendorer. 

Nutton John T., Norwood's wharf 


Tanks and Smoke Stacks, 
SYLVESTER F. & CO. 146 Duncan (see page 534) 

Tanks and Vats. 
THE A. T. STEARNS LUMBER CO. at Neponset, 166 
Devonshire and 1 Sudbury, Boston (see page 5.36) 

Tar Kettles. . 
SYLVESTER F. & CO. 146 Duncan (see page 534) 


Wonson Everett P. 146 Main 

Tea Dealers. 

DALZELL JAMES, 98 Main (see page 520) 


zell, prop. 98 Main (see page 520) 
PARSONS GEORGE R. & CO. 40 Warner (see page 523) 
TARR ELMER E. 134 Washington (see page 522) 


[See also Schools and Teachers tit Miscellaneous JDept.) 
Elwell Flora Miss. 44 Middle (private) 
Click E. L. 132 Main (business college) 
Hodgkins Belle D. 504 Washington (painting) 
Kincade Catharine J. 22 Sadler 
Saville Elizabeth Miss, 17 Elm (private) 
Sawyer Carrie H. 39 Prospect (drawing) 
Stacy Mary S. Miss, 44 Middle (private) 


Center William, 7 Center court 

Clark D. P. 27 Western av. 

Cressy Walter, 149 Western av. 

DEDCOVICH JOHN A. 277 East Main (see page 525) 

Favor S. P. 3 Madison court 

Hilton David M. 6 Pearce 

HOBART AUGUSTUS, foot of Water street and 13 Staten 

(see page 525) 
REED THOMAS E. office 164 East Main (see page 537) 
Tufts & Sanborn, 124 Main 
WITHAM WARREN W. 369 Main (see page 524) 

Telegraph Offices. 

Gloucester District Messenger Co., John Favor, supt. 181 Main 
Postal Telegraph Cable Co., John Favor, manager, 181 Main 

and 277 East Main (summer) 
Western Union Telegraph Co., George A. Norris, manager, 157 

Main ; branch offices, 193 E. Main and Post ollice, Magnolia 


Telephone Exchange. 

CO. 195 Main (see page 538) 

Tennis Nets. 

(see back cover) 

Tile Setter. 

LANE GEORGE R. Jr. 4 Gee av. order box at J. II. Rich- 
ardson's, 136 Main (see page 518) 

THE A. T. STEARNS LUMBER CO. at Neponset, 166 

Devonshire and 1 Sudbury, Boston (hard pine and cypress, 
see page 536) 

Tin Can Manufacturers. 

Gloucester Can Co. 30 Granite 

Tin Hoofing. 

BOLGER & REGAN, 153 Main (see front cover) 
COLE ALBERT R. 55 Main (see page 531) 
HALE J. P. & CO. 75 Maplewood av. (see page 519; 
SMITH JAMES S. 59 Washington (see page 532) 
SMITH L. E. '221 and 223 Main (see inside back cover) 


BOLGER & REGAN, 153 Main (see front cover) 

COLE ALBERT R. 55 Main (see page 531) 

HALE J. P. & CO. 75 Maplewood av. (see page 519) 

Hull James II. 117 Duncan 

McKinnon Norman J. 36 Washington 

McLellan Rufus, 864 Washington 

SMITH JAMES S. 59 Washington (see page 532) 

SMITH L. E. 221 and 223 Main (see inside back cover) 

Toilet Articles. 

HOLMES H. C 102 Main (see page 533) 

Tow Boats. 

' k E^eliath," Charles T. Heberle, capt, Steamboat wharf 

" Joe Call," Walter Smith, capt., Steamboat wharf 

"The Startle," Osborn P. Linnekin, prop., J. S. Ayer's wharf 


WONSON FRANK P. 91 and 93 Main (see page 532) 

Trawl Rollers. 

LUFKIN CHARLES F. 353 Main (see page 521) 
ROBINSON FRANK, Rowe court (see page 534) 



GRAY CHARLES J. 129 Main (see page 520) 

Trust Company. 
E. Fisher, treas. 191 Main (see page 511) 


PATTILLO ALEX. 120 ami 122 Main (see front cover) 


Browne George L. 30 Main' 

Chapman Frederick, 140 Leonard 

Greeley Bernard, 58 Prospect 

Griffin E. H. 417 Washington 

Harriman Elisha W. 820 Washington 

Lloyd Aaron C. 2 Western av. 

Lloyd Edward, 2d, 2 Western av. 

LLOYD JOHN, 2 Western av. (see page 525) 

Masters Charles, 19 Sargent 

MILLER FRANK, 17 Washington (see page 339) 

Randall Alice J. 30 Main 

Roberts Joshua, 402 Essex av., W. G. 


Black John W. 168V Main 

Bradstreet Frederick E, 12 Short 

HILL H. P. 257 Main (see page 534) 

HUNT THOMAS H. 125 Main (see page 533) 

LUCE C. W. & CO., Elm-street Opera House (see line on front 

Thurston George W. 8 Centre 
VIVIAN GEORGE E. 3 Washington square (see page 517) 

Upholstery Goods. 

BUTMAN & FRENCH, 196 and 198 Main (see page 517) 
LUCE C. W. & CO., Elm-street Opera House (see line on front 

Variety Stores. 

Bakeman Willis E. 98 East Main 

Barter Eliot, Rocky Neck av. near Wonson 

Calder John J. 44.} Mt. Pleasant av. 

Cunningham Charles E. 43 Curve 

Hartz John E. 390 Western av., Magnolia 

HASKELL HENRY C. L. 274 and 276 Essex av., W. G. 

Joseph Antoine, 24 School 

McDonald John N. 74 Mt. Pleasant av. 

Parsons George, 392 Main 

Poole William F. 2 East Main 


Variety Stores — Continued. 
St. Clair Hector, 40 Commercial 
Snow William B. 123V Prospect 

WONSON FRANK P. 91 and 93 Main (see page 532) 
Wright Frances D. Mrs. 58 Rocky Neck av. 

Vessel Windlasses. 

REED GEORGE A. & SON, Myrtle square (see page 535) 

Vessel Work. 

BOLGER & REGAN, 153 Main (see front cover) 
COLE ALBERT R. 55 Main (see page 531) 
HALE J. P. & CO. 75 Maplewood av. (see page 519) 
LUFKIN C. F. 353 Main (see page 521) 
REED GEORGE A. & SON, Myrtle square (see page 535) 
ROBINSON FRANK, Howe court (see page 534) 
SMITH JAMES S. 59 Washington (see page 53'2) 
SMITH L. E. 215 to 223 Main (see inside back cover) 

Veterinary Surgeons. 

Babson Elmer W. 11 Mansfield 
Scale Walter A. 1 Middle 


DAVIS GORHAM, Washington st. opp. Prospect and Mag- 
nolia av. (see page 339) 
ROWE ANDREW J., Norman av., Magnolia (see page 535) 

Watchmakers and Repairers. 

CHISHOLM WILLIAM F. 161 Main (see top line on back 

Lane Everett, 130 Main 
Tibbets R. F. 27 Pleasant 

Water Conductors. 
THE A. T. STEARNS LUMBER CO. at Neponset, 106 

Devonshire and 1 Sudbury, Boston (see page 536) 

Water Piping, 

BOLGER & I£EGAN, 153 Main (see front cover) 
COLE ALBERT R. 55 Main (see page 531) 
HALE J. P. & CO. 75 Maplewood av. (see page 519) 
SMITH JAMES S. 59 Washington (see page 532) 
SMITH L. E. 215 to 223 Main (see inside back cover) 
STODDART A. P. & CO. 23(5 Main (see page 340) 

BARNARD GEORGE K. 41 Commercial (see page 532) 

McCurdy Alexander, 133 East Main 

MEARS HARRY W. 09 East Main (see page 533) 

Scammon John, Maplewood av. 


Window Frames and Mouldings. 

ROWE GEORGE, Ju. rear Derby, near B. & M. R.R. depot 
(see page 521) 

Window Shades and Curtains. 

HILL H. P. 257 Main (see page 534) 

HUNT T. H. 125 Main (see page 533) 

LUCE C. W. & CO., Elm-street Opera House (see line on 

front cover) 
VIVIAN GEORGE E. 3 Washington square (see page 517) 

Windows, Doors and Blinds. 

THE A. T. STEARNS LUMBER CO. at Neponset, 160 
Devonshire and 1 Sudbury, Boston (see page 536) 

Winos and Liquors. 

ANDREWS ALBERT C. 75 Main (see page 528) 

Wood Dealers. 

(See also Coal Dealers.) 
BENNETT FRANK D. 43 Duncan (see page 531) 
BOYNTON CHARLES II., Boynton's wharf, rear 55 Main 

(see page 531 ) 
Burnhaui George, 14 Pearl 
Clark Francis M. rear 7 and 9 Middle 
Mayo Wilbur S. 30 Granite 

SMITH SYLVANUS, Jit. 393 Main (see page 520) 
WHEELER PERCY W. 75 East Main (see page 520) 

Wood Printers. 

Cleveland (see page 515) 

Wood Turner. 

ROWE GEORGE, Jr. rear Derby, near B. & M. R.R. depot 
(see page 521) 

Wooden Ware. 

SMITH JAMES S. 59 Washington (see page 532) 

Wrapper Manufacturers. 

Wheeler, Howe, <fe Lovejoy, 303 Main (ladies') 

Wrapping Paper. 

BROWN CHARLES D. 19o Main (see inside front cover) 

REED THOMAS E. office 164 East Main (see page 537) 




Yacht and Boat Builders. 

HIGGINS & GIFFORD BOAT MFG. CO., Parker street, 

head of the harbor (see page 520) 
WHEELER HARVEY, Wheeler's Point, foot of Wheeler 

street (see page 521) 

Yacht Boilers. 

SYLVESTER F. & CO. 146 Duncan (see page 534) 

3VC .A- ZF> S 


Sampson, Murdock, & Co M 

155 Franklin Street, Boston, Mass. 


Boston, Mass. 
Albany, N. Y. 
Troy, N. Y. 
Cohoes, N. Y. 
Providence, R. I. 
Newport, R. I. 
Pawtucket, R. I. 
Westerly, R. I. 
Warren and Bristol, R. T 
Woonsocket, R. L 
Manchester, N. II. 

Attleboro, Mass. 

Fall River, Mass. 

Lawrence, Mass. 

Lowell, Mass. 

Lynn, INIass. 

Newbury port, Mass. 

Newton, Mass. 

Salem and Peabddy, Mass. 

Taunton, Mass. 

Worcester. Mass. 

New England States. 

Gloucester and Rockport, Mass 

Procter Bros., Old Corner Book Store, 108 and 110 Main 

street, and Frank M. Shuktleff, New Corner Book 

Store, 106 Main street, will furnish any of 

the above Maps. 









President, James E. Tolmak. 

Ward 1— William II. Cross, Austin F. Coombs, Joseph I. Tupper. 
Ward 2— George E. Honnors, Osborne Knowles. John F. Uilev. 
Ward 3— John J. Cunningham, Frank \V. Lothrop. John A. Stoddart. 
Ward 4 -William B. Lautz, Roderick McDonald, Edward 11. Quigley. 
Ward 5— Waldo Babson, Wilmot A. Keed, dames E. Tolman. 
Ward C— Albert R. Cole, dames A. Lawrence, Addison O. Stanwood. 
Ward 7— Charles Chapman, William Stephens, Charles C. Smith. 
Ward 8— Epliraini K. Andrews, dames M. Chadbourne, James W. lugersol). 
Clerk of Common Council. JAMES R. JE1 i i:i;v. 


City Clerk and Clerk of Committees— John J. Somes. 

City Treasurer and Collector of Taxes— Edward Dolliver, 

City Auditor— Arthur II. Steele. 

City Solicitor— Charles A. Russell. 

City Marshal— Edward J. Hurton. 

City Physician— Arthur MacCabe. 

Superintendent of Streets— Finson K. Wheeler. 

City Engineer— Winslow L. Webber. 

City .Messenger— Fitz Mcintosh. 

Assessors— Charles F. Lane, Robert C. McKenzie, -Joseph II. Andrews. 

License Commissioners— Walter W. Wonson, Benj. F. Payson. dames R. Pringle. 

Board of Health— Arthur MacCabe. M. I)., Henry A. Norwood, Philip II. Gold- 
thwait. dames R. Jelfery, Clerk. 

Overseers of the Poor— The Mayor, ex-otlicio. James E. Tolman, President Com- 
mon Council, ex-oftieio. James II. Stapletou, William D. Lufkin. An. hew 
M. Collins, Secretary and Clerk. 

Registrars of Voters— John Cunningham, Addison P. Buruhain, Archied. Moure. 
John J. Somes, Clerk. 

Keeper of Almshouse — John S. Parsons. 

Harbor Master— John C. Foster. 

Superintendent of Schools— Freeman Putney. 

Sealer of Weights and Measures— Norman J. MoKinuon. 




Inspector Of Provisions and Animals, Milk, and Vinegar— Frederick Corliss. 

Inspector of Wires— Oscar P. Story. 

Superintendent of Cm Bridge, William S. Parsons. 

Superintendent of Annistjuam Bridge — John A. Going. 

Keeper of <'ity Pound— John S. Parsons. 

Keeper Of Hay Scales— William A. Romans. 

Undertakers — John Lloyd, Aaron C. Lloyd, Edward H. Griffin, Joshua Roberts, 

Charles Masters, Bernard Gtee'ly, Elisha W. liarriman, Frederick Chapman, 

Frank .Miller, George L. Browne. 
Lain]) Lighter— Edward A. Somes (gas). 
Contractors for Lighting Streets— Gloucester Electric Co., Gloucester Gas 

Light Co. 
Field Drivers— James Bennie, Samuel H. Griffin, Henry Lufkin, .Joshua Roberts, 

William A. Ilodgkins, George K. Lane, Daniel G. Croesy, Cornelius Murphy. 
Gaugers of Oil— Daniel B. Tarr. jr., Howard Low. 
Measurers of Salt— John J. Collin, Albert R. Duley, George G. Peed, Thomas 

H. Parsons. 
Surveyors of Lumber and Measurers of Wood and Hark— Amos A. Story, Eras t us 

Howes, William P. Dennis, Horatio N. Andrews, George \\ . Procter, Arthur 

W. Hall, Samuel N. Hardy, Hugh G. Bishop, John McJCachen. 
Water Commissioners— Charles C. Gres'sy, Pies., Samuel X. Hardy, Treas.; 

Henry S. McCulloch ; Fred F. Wonson. Clerk; John W. Morau, Supt. 
Weighers of Coal— Prank 1). Griffin, Philip H. Goldthwaito, E.Frank Locke, 

Joseph Sayward, Nathaniel I). Ilodgkins, Epes Davis. 
Weighers— William C. Procter, Howard Low, Elliot Adams, dames Heid, dames 

L. Hart, jr., James II. Stapleton. 
Weigher and Ganger— Horace C. Kelly. 
Fence Viewers— Fitz H. Lane, Amos A. Story, George M. Wonsou, Samuel Clark, 

Ebon D. Currier. 


Chief Engineer— Charles W. Crowe. 

Assistant Fngineers— Samuel .Montgomery, Otis (J. Robinson, Alfred P. 
Gorman, Parker Marr. 

Secretary, Samuel .Montgomery. 
Superintendent of Fire Alarm— Frank Griflin. 




12 East Gloucester, James G. 'lair's 

bldg., Rocky Neck 

13 E. Gloucester, F. Main at. cor. Mt, 


14 lilast Gloucester, Highland St. cor. 

East Main [street 

15 Fast .Main st. near Hawthorne 

10 East Gloucester, on poloopp. Parker 
18 Last Gloucester, cor. Hammond and 

Haskell streets 
23 Foot Lufkin hill, l.eiij. Low's shop 
25 Friend st. on Sawyer schooldiouso 
2(i Main st. near W. II. Jordan's store 

27 Foot Union hill, J. Pew Si Son's store 

28 Mt. Vernon st. cor. Perkins 

31 Main st. on pole near Custom House 

32 Wharf st.. Gloucester Steamboat Co. 
35 Marchant, cor. Prospect street 

37 Pleasant, cor. Liberty si. on polo 

38 Warner, cor. Miilett street 

•12 Procter Bros. 'store, Centre, e. .Mam 

45 City Hall 

47 Nearllubbard's bakery, Prospect St. 

51 Mason House,' on pole 

52 Commercial street, Cunningham & 

Thompson's store 

53 Western av. opp. No. t'>7, on pole 

54 Winter, near cor. Granite Btreet 
5(5 Wash, st., Kennedy's marble woi ks 
57 Washington st. opp. J. S. Smith's, 

on telegraph pole 
5.8 Lookout street, on telegraph pole 
5'J Centennial av. c. Commonwealth 

03 Bridge street, cor. Washington 
(14 Capo Ann Anchor Works 
05 Maplewoodav.Net& Twine factory 
G7 Riverdale, u. Riv'dale mills, on pole 

81 Western av. loot of Uoud's hill 

82 Kssex av., W. G. 

school .sKix.vr.s. 
Nino blows repeated at 8.05 a.m.— No school in forenoon. 
Nine blows repeated at 1.05 l'.-M. — No school in afternoon. 

E><; INK Kits' Mt.NAJ ,8. 
One blow tests the lire alarm. 
Two blows all out signal. 

Two blows repeated (four blows), second alarm. 
Two blows repeated twico (six blows), third alarm. 
Three blows calls Hose. 

Five blows calls Hook and Ladder Truck in waiting. 
Four blows repeated calls Steamer One to tire out of town. 
Five blows repeated calls Steamer Three to lire out of town. 
Six blows repeated calls Steamer Five to tire out of town. 
Seven blows repeated calls the Fire Boat. 
Military Call, ten blows repeated twice (30 blows). 




William H. T. Jameson Steamer, No. 1. House on School Bt. Captain, 
Edward Ileum. 

N. M. Jackman, No. 2. House on Mt. Pleasant av., Ea9t Gloucester. Cap- 
tain, Charles 0. Marston. 

Hay View Steam kh, No. 3. House on School st. Captain. F. E. Oakes. 

BirXKEU Hill, No. (J. House on NVashingion Bt., Bay View. Captain, 
Arthur Towle. 

Defiance Steamer, No. 5. House on Prospect St., Union Hill. Captain, 
Henry A. Cook. 

ClIAlCLES S. MAItCJIANT Hook AND LADDER Co., No. 1. House on Dale av. 
Captain, Cornelius F. Strong. 

Defiance Hooic and Ladder Co., No. 5. House on Prospect .->t., Union 
Hill. Captain, Charles A. Marr. 

Lanesville, NO. 7. House822 Wash, st., Lanesville. Captain.W. R.Cheevers. 

Deluge, No. S. House 83 Leonard st.-, Auuisquam. Captain, Fred Parsons. 

Standard Engine, No. -i. Magnolia, captain, William Symonds. 

CHEMICAL ENGINE, No. 1. House on Dale av. Captain, Samuel W. McQllinn. 

Chemical, No. 2, House 208 Essex av., W. G. Captain, Elmer 1*. 

Truck No. 4. Magnolia. Captain, Oscar 1*. Story. 


City Marshal, Edward d. Morton, captain of N 
ney. Keeper of Lockup, Sidney Hutehings. .Jan 
oriek G. Strong. 

Patrol Officers. Albert F. Barrett, John ,1. Ropfc 
P. Parsons. William E. Hums, Michael J. Sulliva 
V. Burke, Richard P. O'Reilly, Charles V. Moult. 
il. Walker, John G. Mehlman, Alanson B. Chapm 
\V. Marsh, Henry p. Brown. Herm m T. K nowk 
Silva. Charles U'Maley, George W. Trefry. A Lire 

Reserve Police, .John Pool Uodgkiusj Williai 
\V. Wallace Eason. 

Special Police, William II. Robinson, Lewis U 
F. Bums, Deiinisoii Hopper, William II. Cronin. 

Constables with Power to Serve civil Proeesse 
MeKenzie," William Cronin, Robert H. Callahan 
L. Morey, -John I). McDonald. 


Ight Watch, George B. Mch' 
itor of Police Building, Pi 

ier, jr., Kben B. Clark, Cha 
n, David E: Mehlman, Mai 
•n, Henrv S. Sylvest* r, He 
an, Martin J. Williams, Fri 
, Benjamin W. Stanley, Fri 


L. Alphen, Herman R. Jo- 

ihart, J tin J. Davis, Tho 

Ahlberg Otto R. E. 
Anderson John A. 
Andrews Fuller A. 
Barrett A Ibert F. 
Baxter William II. 
Betts Mazeppa D. 
Blackburn William 
Blaokenberg John 
Bickford .John F. 
Boynton .Joshua 
Bridges dames II. 
Brown Henry F. 
Burke Martin V. 
Burnhain Daniel S. 
Bums William E. 
Callahan Robert II. 
Campbell Hugh 
Carnrick Charles II. 
Carroll William P. t 
Cavanagh Thomas 
Chapman Alanson B. 
Chapman Charles 
Chapman Frederick 
CWids William F. 
Clark Fben B. 
Clark John W. 
Cook John IX, 
Cook William U. 
Cronin Benj. F. 
Cronin William 
Cunningham Augustus 
Cunningham John J. 
Day Jerome B. 
DeCoste Samuel S. 
Dickman Charles E. 
Doherty William II. 
Douglas Robert, 3d 
Douglass T. Henry G. 
Doyle Charles 11. 
Earle Osman 0. 
Edmondson Andrew 

Foster Alfred 
Friend Lemuel 
Garland Amos 
Gerriug Fred 
Harrison Kufus B. 
11 arty Fred M. 
Hinckley William A. 
Hobbs Levi W. 
HodgkillS .John P. 
Holmes Hard S. 
Hooper Denuison- 
Hooper George P. 
Hull John -J. 
Hutehings Sidney 
Joyce Herman it. 
Kane James J.' 
Karcher -John 
Kelley Coleman 
Knowles Herman T. 
LeSueur John G. 
Lui'kin Andrew 1'. 
Lufkin Charles S. 
Marehant Frank A. 
Marsh Prank W. 
Marshall Benjamin E 
Mayo Ezokiel 
McCallum James 
McDonald John D. 
McDonald Neil d. 
Mcintosh I'd!/. 
McKenney George B. 
MeKenzie Burton A. 
MeKen/.ie lloburi C. 
Meagher Michael d. 
Mehlman John («. 
Morey Kiehard L. 
Moullon Charles V. 
Mountain T. 
Murpbv Cornelius C. 
Nelson Pliai 

Otto R. E. Ahlberg, Rober 

John J. Cuiiiiiiigham. Rich 

Newhall -loin, I». 
O'Brien John 
O'Maley Charles 
O'Reillj Richard 1'. 
Pay Levi W. 
Parsons Charles P. 
Pinkham George II. 
Poland Michael 
Presson Leonard d. 
Robinson Charles W. 
Robinson William II. 
Rog< rs Charles l». 
Rogers Frank II. 
Rogers Samuel 
Ropper John J. jr. 
Rowe Soltimon A. 
Rust Michael 
Sanford II. Prank 
Sargent Cyrus L. 
Saville Edward E. 
Sawyer George W. 
Silva Prank A. 
Smith Christopher 1.. 
Stanley B.-ni. W. 
Strangmaii William A. 
Strople John II. 
Sullh m Michael -I. 
Sylvester Daniel W. 
Sylvester Henry s. 
Sylvester Sidney S. 
Syms Edward 
Thomas William II II. 
Thompson .John M 
Tihh -u- Fred W. 
•Trefry George W. 
Vernon John 
Walker Henry II. 
Whitney Uarrj 
Williams Martin d. 
Woodbury James M. 
Young JujiHia H 


oloccksteii court. 
-Justice— Edgar S. Tafc. 

Special Justices^- William W. French, Henri N. Woods. 
Clerk— Carleton II. Parsons, 

i ourt and Probation Olliee'r -Sidney S. Sylvester. 
Sessions for criminal business daily at '.) a.m. 
Sessions for civil business every Saturday at \> v.M. 


Chairman— Hon. William W. French. Mayor, ex-oflicio. 

Members— Thomas Conant, William II. Collins. W. Frank Parsons, William 
A. Few. John L. Stanley, William II. .Jordan, ,1. E. Garland, Henry C. I.. Haskell, 
Robert R. Fears. Regular meetings first Monday evenings of each month at 7.3U 
o'clock. Secretary— Freeman Putney. 

Superintendent of Schools-Freeman Putney. Office hours at High School 
building, .on days when schools arc in session, to 'J a. H. ; Wednesday after- 
noons, one hour after close of schools. 

Truant Ofticer— Andrew F. Lufkin. 



Principal, Albert W. Bachcler, Latin, Greek, History and English; Assist- 
ants, R. "Wesley Burnham, 1'hysics, Chemistry and Geology; Mary E. Wilder, 
German, Latin, History and English; Lillian' McAllister, French, Algebra and 
English; Helen F. Slade, Literature, Geometry and English; Dora M. Siblev, 
Latin and Greek; Caroline G. Howe, Botany., Civic.- and Algebra; Mary H. 
Woodbury, Latin, Mathematics and English; Mabel L. Andrews. Arithmetic, 
English and Civics; Mantou E. .Merchant, Drawing. History ami Astronomy, 
Annie P. Marr, Gymnastics and Algebra; Helen Torrey. Bookkeeping, Com- 
mercial Law ami English; .Mary A. Ivilburn, Stenography, Typewriting and 
English; Elizabeth E. Pentecost. Assistant in Book keeping. Music. Austin A. 
Spaulding. Drawing, Carrie 11. Sawyer. Physical Education., Elizabeth F. Gor- 
don, Director ; Katherine J. Kuicade, Instructor. 


Prospect Street. 

Principal, Ralph I*. Ireland. Assistants, [sabelle I). Babaon, Margaret A. 
O'Brien, Emma Saunders, Mary C. Dewah^Minnie M. Stetson, Belle 11. Procter, 
Mary H. Marlin, Anna B. Chisholm, Isabel B. Lane, Alice P. Friend, Laura R. 

Pleasant Street. 

Principal, Ida M. Upham. Assistants, Ella F. Day, Rose F. Fowle, Nancy 


Principal, M. Helen Tibbets. Assistants, Alice C. Smith, Fanny (i. Park- 
hurst, Alice B. Cunningham, Blanche P. Sanford. 


Summer Street. 

Principal, Hattie E. Wheeler. Assistants. Ida M. Proctor, .Josephine L. 

Andrews, Martha Chisholm, Margaret S. Millard. 


Principal, Annie S. Webber. Assistants, Emma L. Marshall, Fannie A. 


Friend Street. 

Principal, X. 1). Tingley. Assistants, Nora M. Lane, Ellen F. Power, 

B. Estelle Severance, Mabel C. Bryant, L. Edith Caswell, Sadie J. Dwvr, Eilie M . 

Parkhurst, Sarah A. Clement, Helen L.Grey, S. Elizabeth Hutchlugs, Planch- A. 

Tarr, Abbie F. Hearn. 


Plum Street. 

Principal, R. A. Montgomery. Assistants, Sarah E. Curtis, Anna L. UentOIi, 
Grace A. Gorman, Elizabeth M. Parsons, Nellie F. Tupper. 



Chapel Street. 
Principal, Ida K. Wonson. Assistants, Sarah E. Curley, Jennie E. Mailman, 
[Catherine Stripp. 


Teachel-s, Carrie M. Hodgkins, Lillie K. Harrison. 


Principal, Annie SI, Lakeman. Assistants, Clara \v . Hayden, Margaret P. 
Tracy, Alieo M. Sherburne, Teresa K. Erwin, Annn; I.. 11am. ' 


Principal, Clara Benton. Assistant, Carrie L. Uennison. 


Bay View. 
Principal, Bertha A. Lane. Assistants, Amy G. Hodgkins Carrie M. Sargent, 
Mary E. Whearty. 

Principal, Anna M. Woodbury. Assistants, llattie A. Day, Flora M. Thurston, 
.Mary B. Burgess. 

Washington Street. 
Principal, Martha A. Morey. Assistants, Alice M. Galiney, Marj A. Fanning, 
Grace M. Steele. 

Mt. Vernon Street. 
Principal, Susanne S. Center. Assistants, Josephine \Y. Hopkins, Amelia 
Caswell, Grace Caswell, Lizzie S. Curtis, Fanny F. Wass. 


Teachers, E. Mabel Smith, Mary K. 1'owers. 


Elm Street. 
Principal, Mary S. Priestley. Assistant, Alice V. Herrick. 


Eastern Avenue. 
Principal, Katharine J. Fafduv. Assistants, Nellifl Nugent. Mamie A. 
Nichols, Alice G. Everdean, Annie L. Stanley, Jennie B. pouglass, Bessie 1). 

West Gloucester. (Mixed.) 
Principal, Jennie Lane. Assistant, Carrie I. Woodbury, 

West Gloucester. (Mixed.) 
Principal, Fannie Tucker. Assistant, Mabel Lane. 


Western Avenue. (Mixed.) 
Teacher, May M. Strong. 


Magnolia. (Mixed.) 
Principal, Sarah A. Kinsman. Assistant, Mattie J. Burke. 


Major, Preston Bumhani. Adjutant, . Quartermaster, . 

Sergeant Major, Melviu Smith. Captain, Co. A, Frank More) ; First Lieut., 
Fred Woodbury. Captain, Co. B, John Kadcliffe ; First Lieut., Harold Bust. 



First- Baptist Church, Middle, cor. Pleasant street. Pastor, Rev. Frank h- 
Wilkins, D. D. Society Committee, Stillman Rice. Cyrus Story, John L- 
Stanley, John H. Lovett. Clerk, Charles Frank Wetherbee. Treas.,A. E. 
Price. Society Clerk, D. E, Woodbury. Society Treas., Alexander Pattillo. 
Sexton, P. Nelson. 

Chapel-Street Baptist Church. Pastor. Rev. Samuel B. Nobbs. Clerk, 
Clifford M.Curtis. Treas., j. Warren Wonson. Deacons, Thomas Reuton, 

Aspaeio Stripp, Clilford M. Curtis, J. Warren Wonson. Supt. of Sunday 
School, W. II. Cross. Sexton, Joseph M. Bearse. 

First Congregational (Unitarian) Church, Middle street. The lirst parish 
in Gloucester. Established 1G42. Pastor, Rev. L. Walter Mason. Treas., 
Frank H. Shute. Clerk, Harry L. Belden. Coinmittee, William A. King, 
William II. Jordan. Edward L. Rowe, Henry L. McCulloch, Fred A. Barker. 
Sexton, Frederick E. Bradstreet. 

Trinity Congregational Church, Middle, corner School. Organized Nov. 
17.1829. Incorporated 1802. Pastor, Rev. Rufus P. Hibbard. Deacons, 
John J. Pew, Charles Gardner, Leonard Bnrnham, Charles E, Fisher, 
Nathaniel Babson, James Pettigrew. Clerk, John J. Pew. Treas., Charles 
E.Fisher. Supt. of Sunday School, John Cunningham. Sexton, George II. 

Trinitarian Congregational Church, West Gloucester. Pastor, Rev. 
Temple Cutler. Clerk, A. Mantou Wilkins. Treas., William II. R. Rust. 
Supt. Sunday School, E. Walter Haskell. 

Orthodox Congregational Church, Washington, near Munsey, Lanesville. 
Organized 1830. Pastor, Rev. Frank II. Reed. Deacons, Edward F. Gordon. 
Newell Peavey, William Stephens. Clerk and Treas., Francis Reid. Supt. of 
Sunday School, J. II. Andrews. Sexton, Cyrus L. Sargent. 

St. John's Church (Episcopal), Middle st. Rector, Rev. J. A.Mills. Wardens, 
John H. Stacy, Fred T.Hall. Clerk, William S.Webber. Sexton, Charles 
W. Thompson. Treas., Fred T. Hall, jr. 

Prospect-Street Methodist Episcopal Church, Prospect street. Pastor, 
Rev. George H. Perkins. Treas. and See. of Si. -wards, Joseph E. Allen. 
Trustees, Samuel N. Hardy (I'res.). Charles M. Kilgore (Sec. andTreas.), 
George II. Perkins, William Jl. Collins, George C. Mears, William Hod- 
kins, 3d, Irving II. Pomeroy, George A. Smith, Sidney II. Savage. Supt. of 
Sabbath School, Fitz B. Riggs. Sexton, George D. Gardner. 

East Gloucester Methodist Episcopal Church, 1 5 i East Main street. 
Organized Sept. 23, 188,"). Pastor, Rev. George L. Minear. See. and Treas.. 
George E. Davis. Recording Steward, George E. Davis. Trustees and 
Stewards, Fit/. W. Davis, George E. Davis, J. II. lliggins, Edwin F. Parsons, 
Henry Jacobs, Constant Devear, David I. Robinson, "William L. Robinson. 
Supt. of Sunday School, I. II. Biggins. 

Riverdale Methodist Episcopal Church, at Riverdale. Organized 1835. 
Pastor,. Rev. Samuel A. Bragg. Recording Steward, Harvey X. Grillin. 
Treas., David Lane. Supt. of Sunday School, J. W. Day. Trustees, N. E. 
Allen, John W. Day, T. M. Bane, Isaac- Tucker, Thaddeus Grillin, Jacob 
Tucker, J. A. Lawrence, Warren Day, D. W. Stiuiwood, M. L. Allen, Newell 
Lane, H oil is Grillin. Sexton, Frederiek S. White. 

Methodist Episcopal Church, Bay View. Organized April, 1870. Pastor, 
Rev. William Ferguson. Sec, Treas. and Clerk, AlphouSQ Sargent. 
Supt. of Sunday School, Henry Ginns. Sexton, Henry Ginns. 

St. ANNE (Roman Catholic), Pleasant street. Organized \*r>-J. Pastor, .Rev. 
J. J. Healv. Assistants, Rev. C. W. Regan and Rev. Timothy J. Woods. 
Sexton, Richard H. Hilton. Sunday School, in charge of Sisters. Organist, 
Agnes E. Healy. Chorister, Mrs. John A. McGrath. 

Ouu Lady of Goj}© Voyage (Roman Catholic), Prospect street. Pastor, Rev. 
Francisco Vieira do Bern. Organist, Miss Vulant P. Lawrence. 

Church ok the Sacred Heart (Roman Catholic). Washington street, Lanes- 
ville. Organized 1877. Pastor, Rev. Thomas J. Toi. in. 

INDEPENDENT Christian ( Univorsalist) Church, Middle street, Pastor, Rev. 
William H. Rider. Clerk, George A'. Fisher. Treas.-, Fred S. Thompson. 
Committee, Leonard A. Bnrnham. C. H. M. Hazel, Fred Bradley. Supt. of 
Sunday School, Edward Dolliver. Sexton, Jsaac P. Morse. 

Universalist Church, West Gloucester. Organized March, 1 SC7. Pastor, 
Rev. Charles E. Petty. Clerk, Henry C. L. Haskell. Trustees, clarence 
E. Richardson, Edward Lufkin, Maria II. Bray, Charms G. Davis, Sidnoj F. 
Haskell. Treas., Edward Lufkin. Supt. Sunday School, .Maria 11. Bray. 

Universalist Church, at Annisquam. Pastor, Rev. . Clerk, James 

S. Jewett. 

UNIVERSALIST CHURCH, Washington, near Saunders court, Lanesville. Pastor, 
Kev. . Treas. and Clerk, Francis Jackson. 

Giles CHAPEL, No. G Wonson street, Rocky Neck. Supt. of Sunday School, 
Seymour E. Walen. 



Union Chavel (.Summer), Flume Street, Magnolia. Clerk and Treas., George 
A. Upton. 

McClukk CiiaFel, Fishermen's Institute, No. (5 Duncan street. Pastor, Rev. 

Emanuel C. Charlton, Services, Sunday, IO.30 A. m. and 7.30 i\ M. 
First Church qi? Christ (Scientist), 05 Middle st. First Reader, Miss Carrie 

II. Sawyer, Second Reader, Mrs. Alice F. Rowfi. Pres., Charles II. Boynton. 

Treas., William II. Perkins. Clerk, Alexander E. Elliott. 


addison GILRert hospi i • \l. 

Pres., Charles II. Pew. See., John K. Dustin. Treas.", Sylvauus Smith. 
Trustees, Sylvester-Cunningham, Allan Rogers-. John E. Somes, Isaac Adams, 
John K. Dust'm, Sylvauus Smith. Charles II. Pew. Matron, Miss Vida Mc- 


No. 4 Pleasant street. Pres., George R. Bradford. Sec, Fred A. Shackel 
lord. Treas., Edward Dolliver. Gen. Sec, Lucy Lawrence. 


No. 201 Main street. Pres., Joseph C. Shepherd. Treas., Chas. 11. M.Uazel. 
Sec, Fred A. Shackelford. 


Meets Wednesday at rooms o;n Beacon street. Pres., W. Frank E'nrsons. 
Rec. Sec, Helen Mansfield. Fin. Sec. ami Treas., I taniel T. Babson. 


' Meets in City Mali, the lirst Thursday in each month". Pres., Bennett Grillin. 
Sec, Alfred Presson. Treas., John (Jronin. 


Meets first Tuesday in the month. Pit's., ];. W. Smith, jr. Sec, Alfred- E. 


President., Thomas Conant, M.I). Vice-Presidents, George Morse, M !>., 
Miss Fannie L.Story. Cor. Sec, Mrs. George 11. Perkins. Clerk, Miss Sarah 
<;. Duley. Treas., David VV. Low. Hoar. I of Managers; .Mrs. 11, M. Tampan, 
1). Elwell Woodbury, Mrs. William H. Jordan, Miss Surah G. Duley, Sidney F. 
Haskell. Cnratrix, Mrs, George II. Perkins. Monthly meetings in Scientific 
Hal), 105 Main street. 


Pleasant street. Superior, Mother Philomenia. 

No. 1 Western a v. Incorporated 188'J. Pres., Allan Rogers'. Sec, John 
K. Dustin. Treas., Daniel T. Babson. Trustees, Allan Borers, Daniel 1. 
Babson, John E. Somes, Sylvester Cunningham. John Corliss, John K. Dustin, 
Dr. Isaac Adams. Matron, Miss Alary William.-. 


No. 110 Prospect street. Under the direction oi theTrusteesol ihelluutress 
Fund. Trustees, Mayor, Alderman Albert 11. McKenziu, Pres. Common Council, 
Messrs. E. K. Burnham, JamesTl . Tarr. Matron, Mrs. Clara II. Swift. 


No. 1U Pleasant street. President. Sylvester Cunningham. Vice-President, 
John K. Dustin. See., Edward K. Burnham. Treas., < lyrus Story. 


Meets annually second Mondaj in January, at Central station.. Pres., ( lias. 
W. Crowe. Sec, S. VV. McQuiuu. Treas., Samuel Montgomery. 


Nos. (i, 8, 10. and 12 Duncan street. I ncornoruted I8SH. Pres., Charhsi F 
Wonson. Vice-Fres., James G. Tarr. Treas., Geo. II. Perkins. Clerk. U i«;< 
A.Smith. Chaplain, Rev. E. C. Charlton. Directors, dosenh Profiler, Da\id 
I. Robinson, Emanuel C. Charlton. John K. Dustin, Dr. J. E Gail md, \\ illi mi 
H.Jordan, George H. Perkins, Maria M. MeClure, Jamcs.G. Tarr, G«orgc It. 
Bradford, J. W.Collins, Horace A, Smith, John J. Pew, James S. Aver, John 
Chisholin, F. T. Hall, jr., William Thompson, Mary P. lingers, Frank I . I ai 
menler, Charles F. Wonson, Fred A. Pearce, (.apt. William II. Colin 
Solomon Jacobs. 


Organized March, 18G2. Annual meeting lirst Mondaj in February. Pres., 
James G. Tarr. Sec, Joseph 0. Procter. Treas., Cyrus story. 




President, Charles C. Creasy. Vice-President, .Mrs. Louise P. Low. Sec., 
Carabe) Hudson. Treas., Arthur 15. Sewall. 


Building, Middle street, cor, Dal.e avenue. Open daily i'roni 10 to 12 \.. M. 
and 2 to 5 P.M.; evenings 7 to 0. The Lyceum was organized February L'.l, 1880. 
Library opened August 14. 1854. Number at volumes, about 10.000. Trusti-esj 
.Joseph O. Procter, Hiram Rich, Allan Rogers. ,Jos. L. S lev. ms, .Jolni K. lm-iin. 
Directors, Simeon A. Burnham, Edward Dolliver. W. Frank {'arsons, Joseph 
O. Procter, Allan Hogers. William II. Jordan, John K. Dustin, Hiram Uich, 
Alex. PattilTo. Clerk, Edward Dolliver. Treas.. Al.x. Paitillo. Librarian, 
Haehel S. Webber. Assistant Librarians, M. {sabel Webber, Mary S. Sargent. 
Janitor, John Crouin, 

The Female Charitable Association has rooms in' the Sawyer Free Library 
Building. 88. Middle street. Pres.. .Mrs. William II. .Ionian. Vice-Pres., Mrs. 
J. 0. Procter, Sec., Mrs.. J. O. Procter, jr. Treas., Mrs. Allan Rogers. 

Glouces'i eh mastek aiakinkks' association. 

No. Ziiiyu Main street. Incorporated April, 1887. Pres., Benjamin F. 
Payson. Treas., Benjamin M. Grover. Sec, T. Henry G. Douglass. 


Organized Jan. 25, L8.S8. Incorporated July 12, 1888. Pies.. Hurry C. 
Foster. Vice-Pres., Thomas J. Carroll. Treas., William A. King. Sec, Henrj 
P. Denne'n. Genera] Collector, John T. Knight. 


Mens in the old engine house, Washington street. Pres., Charles Gardner. 
Sec, Charles E. Story. Trcas., William Blatehford. 

Organized February 10, 1.873. Incorporate'! April 10, ls'.i::. Rooms 87 

Main street. Open daily, except Sunday-, from 8 a.m. to 9.80 V.M. Annual 
meeting third Monday evening in January. Pres., Reuben Brooks. Vice-Pres., 
Charles T. Her Del e. Clerk, A. S. Jliuuham. Gen. Sec, W. A. Fairbanks. 
Asm. Sec, Samuel K. Nason. Trea>., John Cunningham. Gospel meeting 
every Sunday at 4 (/clock. 


Pres., .Airs. .Mary P. Tucker. Sec, Mrs. George 0. Tuck. Treas., Willard F. 



Club House at Annisquam. Com., Frank W. Hastings. Sec, Fred Pierce. 

Treas., II. II. Wiggin. 


Com., Alexander McCurdy. Nice-Coin., Benjamin Colby. Fleet Captain, 

Joseph Merchant. Treas., Isaac E. Stanwood. Sec, Percy W, Merchant. 


Pres., Peter It. Stoekelberg. Vice-Pros., Fred a. Grant. Red. Sec., Alexan- 
der Chisholm. Fin. Sec, John Smith. Treas., John J. Rogers. 

(All: ANN CAMERA (1,1)1!. 
Rooms 148 Main street. Pres,, Robert II erne, of Rock port. 

<<HT.Air.IA CLUB. 
Meets in Pa.r'songs block, 11)5 East Main street. Pres., Charles if. Ganiage. 
Vice-Pres., T. II. Douglass. Sec and Treas., Ernest II. Wonsoh. 


No. 51 Alain street. Organized L884. Incorporated 1802. President, 
William W. French. Vice-Presidents, Henry A. Burnham, F. W, Homai - 
Secretary, Samuel I). Hihlreth. Truas., Ernest L. Blatehford. 


No. (5 Elm si. President, George II. Newell. Treasurer. John A. Collin. 
Secretary, Maurice F, Foley. 


No. 117 Main St. Pres., Frank StauwOOd. Sec and Treas., W.G. Freeman. 


Sec, Lucy Babsoii. 


Meets monthlv, at 27 Western av. G. S , Denmark P. Clark. W. C, Frank 

T. Webber. Scribe, Charles A. Brown. C.D.l 
Chester Marr. P. R., A. P. Clark. 

IU.-1 L. Gi 

p. p., 




Chartered by the M. \V. Joseph Warren. G. M., of the Continent of .America, 
March 2, A. L. 5770. Petitioners for the Cliarter, Philip Marett, John Fletcher, 
George Brown, Andrew Cidding, Barnett Harkin, David Parker, F.pes Sargent, 
jr. W. M., Charles II. M. Hazel. S. W.. .John J. Hopper, jr. J. W., Aaron 0. 
Lloyd. S. !>., Almon B. Cooic. J. J)., William H. Clark. S. S., Gardner Pool. 
J. S., Loring H.Nauss. Marshal. Frank 11. Davis. Sec, George H. Morse. 
Treas., Sargent S. Day. Chaplain. Hev. William 11. Kider. Inside Sentinel, 
Albert F. Barrett. Tyler, Francis M.Clark. Regular communications the first 
Tuesday in each month at Masonic Hall, Ferguson block, 


Instituted August 3, 1SG5. W. M., George D. Morey. s. W., William W. 
Palmer. ,\. W., Alonzo T. Wonson. S. D., William L. Alphen. ,1. I)., Freeman 
D. Hoclsdon. Chaplain. William H. Cross. Treas., William S. Wonson. Marshal, 
Ernest If. Wonson. S. S., Joseph 1. Tapper. .1. s., George II. .Martin. See., 
Charles II. Wonson. Inside Sentinel. John K. Wennerberg. Tyler, William 11. 
Sawyer. Kegular communications first Wednesday in each month at Masonic 
Hall, Independent block. East Gloucester. 


Constituted November, 1871. Regular communications third Wc-dnesdaj 
evening at Masonic Hall. 11. P., Almon B. Cook. K.. Charles H. M. Hazel. 
S., Aaron C. Lloyd. Sec., J. Warren Wonson. Treas., Edgar Marchant. C. II., 
Gardner Pool. P. S., William E. Parsons. K. A. C. David P. Gale. M. 3d V., 
Frank II. Davis. M. lid V., .lames P. Hart. M. 1st V., William 1'.. I. an/. .1. S., 
Maylou Watson. S. S., Alphonso Tarr. Chaplain, Edgar s. Taft. Tyler, 
Francis M. Clark. 

iii:TiiLi:iii:Ai cohmandehy of knights templar. 

Instituted <>et. L".», DS'.tO. Chartered June J 1 , 1801. State, 1 conclave second 
.Monday of each month, except July and August, at Masonic Hajl, Ferguson's 
block. Eminent Commander, W. A. Homans, jr. Generalissimo, Conrad It. 
Hanson. Captain General, Fred A. Fisher. Prelate, Uev. W. H. Kider. Senior 
Warden. Dr. George Morse. Junior Warden, Dr. A. P. Woodman. Treas., 
Edgar Marchant. Recorder, Samuel D. Hildrcth. Standard Bearer, liobert M. 
Brown. Sword Bearer, J. Lloyd. Warder, Frank II. Davis. Third Guard, 
Aaron Cog^eshall. Second Guard, William P. Pan/.. First Guard, J. Everett 
Maguire. Sentinel, Francis M. Clark. 


.Meets in Masonic Hall, every second and fourth Thursday. Worthy .Matron, 
Mrs. Mary P. Lloyd. Worthy Patron, George 11. Martin. Associate Matron, 
Miss p.essie D. SigsworUi. Sec, Miss Flora M. Thurston. Treas., Mrs. Helen 

A. Poole. 



Meets second and Fourth Monday in G. A. R. Hall. Begent, Preston Friend. 
Sec, Aaron Parsons. Collector, J. Warren Wonson'. Treas., Elliot't Adams. 


OCEAN LODGE, No. '.) 1 . 

Instituted Sept. 10, 1845. Meets Monday evenings at Odd Fellows' Hall, 89 
Main street. N. @„ Amos Tanner. V. G.. William Kdwin Tucker. Sec, Henry 
P. Dennen. Fin. bee, Andrew M. Collins. Treas., Fred T. 11, ill. 


Instituted November 8, 1880. Meets first and third Thursdays at odd Fel- 
lows' Hall, 80 .Main street. C. P., Albert C. Koblee. H. 1'..- Kiel, aid C. St- ule. 
S. W., Arthur E. Smothers. Scribe, Henry 1'. Peiineu. Treasurer, Asa G. 
A ml lews. 

sea shore lodge, no. 11, daughters of uebekah. 

.Meets second and fourth Tuesday, in Odd Fellows* Hall. N. («.. .M. Lizzie 
Andrews. V. G., -Mrs. Thomas F. David. Sec, Mary P. Procter. Fin. See., 
Lillie Smith. Treas., Annie .). Hopkins. 


Instituted Jan. PS'.iS. Meets first and third Tuesdays of eaeb month in 
Manchester Unity- Hall, 1)7 Main street, N. G., William II. Nutton. V. G., 11. 

B. Mitchell. Per. Sec, dames Dalzell. Treas., Fli Gale. 




P. N. L M Nettie 1). Johnson. N. 1,., Jane Pittee. V. L„ Emma Rowe. 
Chaplain, Elsie F. Bickford. Rec. Sec, Annie A. LngersolK Reporter, Caroline 
Gait'ney. Fin. Sec, Fannie W. Alderman. Treas., Izetta Smith. 



Meets second and fourth Thursday in Sons of Veterans' Hall. Gov. .John J . 
Phelan. Treas., A. A. Holland. Sec, Mary A. Rust. Cull.,, John 1>. Woodbury. 



Meets in Jeifery's Hall. Pres., Preston Friend. See', and Treas., Isaac A. 


Organized February 3, 188(1. Meet Wednesday evenings in Ked Men's Hall, 
Tarr'solock. S., George W. Grover. S. S., James E. Hart, jr. J. S., William 
G. Procter. C. of R., Stephen L. Dodge (J. of W., Willard K. Collins. 
Prophet, Charles W. Crowe. K. of W., Otis S. Fears. 


Meets every Tuesday evening in lied .Men's Hall. Pocahontas, Estclle G. 
Smith. Keeper of Records, C. Estelle Merchant. Collector of Warn pom, Clara 
S. Collins. Keeper of Wampum, Margaret Wiley. 



Sir Knight, Fitz K. (takes. Lieut., William S.Webber. 2d Lieut., Ed waul 
Carpenter. Recorder, Edward W. Howe. Treas.; Charles A. Mason. 


Meets Wednesday evenings at Village Hall, 8L>8 Washington St., Lanesville.- 
C. C, William R. Checvers. K. of It. and S., George E. Kerry. 

CONS I AN 1 J \i: LODGE, No. 68. 

Meets Thursday evenings at 111 Main street. CO., George R. Smith. K. 

of R. and S., C. D.Terry. M. of F., James S. Smith. 


Meets every Tuesday evening in Village Hall, S;j() Washington St., Laimsville. 
M. E. <J., Mrs. Joseph A. Stackpolo. E. V. C.. Mrs, (i. B. .Morgan. 1.. K. oi It., 
Mrs. John Woodbury. E. T., Mrs. Win, II. Sargent. 


Meets every Monday evening in Pythian Hall, 111 Main street. M.E.C., 
Jennie W. Dolliver. E. C, Lizzie Richardson. E. J., Sadie C. Arthur. E. M., 
Lizzie Adams. 


Meets first and third Thursdays in Village Hall, 830 Washington St., Lanes- 
ville. t 



Instituted March SO, 180S. Stated convocations each Monday evening in 

Malta Temple, Pleasant street. Sir Knight Commander, Geo. A. Smith. Gen- 
eralissimo, Sir E. Gilbert Winchester. Captain General, Sir P. Oscar Swinson. 

Prelate, Edward 11. Griltin. Recorder, James 11. Jelleiy. Treas., William II. 




Meets in Smith building, 141 Main street, second and fourth Frida;. . M \\ ' .. 

William Wolfe. Receiver, Howard Steele. Financier, Andrew M. ColllUS. 
Recorder; John \V. Going. 




Meets first and third Mondays in K. of (J. Hall, 120 Main street. Grand 
Knight, William J. Crawley. Deputy Grand Knight, William F. Moore. 
Chancellor, James E. Ryan, Kee. Sec., Peter K. Stockelberg. Fin. See., M. 
Francis Buckley. '.Treas., Francis A. Regan, 



Meets Wednesday following second and fourth Friday. Chief of Honor, 
Lizzie M. Dennison. Recorder, Millie F. Going. Treas., Clara S. Collins. 



Meets in Temple of Honor Hall. Dictator, C. F. Dauforth. Reporter, T. 11. 




Meets first and third Wednesday evenings at Temple of Honor Hall. N. 
Com., Mrs. E. A. Small. Vice N. G., Phar Nelson. Keeper of Records, J. IS. 
Ruth. P. K. R., J. Sidney Allen. 



Meets in Adams' Studio, 1)7 Main street, second and fourth Tuesday. Ruler, 
Herman W. Pillshury. Treas., Edward Jones. See., Edward HodgkiiiS. Fin. 
Sec, Elliott Adams. 



Meets second and fourth Wednesday evenings in each month. Coin.,!.'. 1.. 
Kowo. Treas., Edward P. Ring. Sec, J. Sidney Allen. Collector, Fred Bradley 



Excellent Senator, John A. Coleman. Kee. Sec, II. E. Pinkhain, Treas., 
Charles A. Mason. Meets second and fourth Tuesdays at K. A. F. O. Hall, 
Gloucester National Rank building. 


ST. ANN'S COURT, No. 47. 

Chief Ranger, Martin J. Whalen. Kee Sec, William M. Burns. Fin. Sec, 
James Livingston^. Treas., Chas. W. Powers. 


O.K., Mrs. Mary E. MePhec V. C. K., -Mrs. Catharine S. Harry. Treas., 
Mrs. .Margaret F.Moore, tt. 8., fai% Mary Somes. F.S.,Misa Hannah McGratb. 



Past Chief, Bernard I). Newman. Chief , John Kankiu. Thanist, Daniel I>. 
McKinnon. Kee Sec, Mrs. .James McDonald. Ein.See., .Miss Sarah J. .Maeauley. 
Chaplain, James A. McDonald. 


Meets second and fourth Thursdays, in Jacob's Hall. Fin. Sec. C. N. A. 
Voss. Rec. Sec, William A. Nicholson. Treas., Joseph A. McCormack. 



Meets first and third Thursday evenings in Sons of lateralis' Hall. Pres., 
Daniel Can-oil. Vice-Ties., Henry E. Robiohaud. Sec;., Josie 'J'. Steele. Treas., 
John Chishohn. 


Meets every Friday evening at 7.30, in Pew's Hall, 33 1 .Main Street. Pres., 
C. J. Souza. Yice-Pres., Alltouio J. Terry. See., ,J. J. Alves. Treas , M. 11. 
' Viator. 


Meets every Thursday evening in K nights of Columbus Hull. Tie-., .Mrs. 
M. Annual. Sec., Miss M. A. Duart. Treas., Mrs. IX A. Mitchell. 



Organized February 4, 1808. Meets in Grand Army Hall. 20 Washington 
street, Thursday evenings. Commander, Sidney Gardner. S. V. Com., .John W. 
"White. J. V. Com., Osmon Babson. n. M.. Daniel M. Favor. Chaplain. Geo. 
I). Gardner. Surgeon, Samuel W. .Mess, blhcer of the Dap, Robert Douglass. 
Officer of the Guard, Geo. \V. Sawyer. Adjutant, Samuel \V. Brown. quarter- 
Master Sergeant, E. B. Center. 



Meets every Friday evening in G. A. R. Hall. Pres., Mrs. Mary Nichols. 
S.V.I'., Mrs. Albert H. Bulkier. J. V. P., Mrs. Abby Dexter. See., Lizzie 
Center. Treas., Mrs. Edward G. Winchester. 


Meets every Monday, in G. A. R. Hall. Ties., Mrs. Albert C. Andrew.-. S. 
V. Pres., Mrs. Mary E. Bride. J. V. Pies., Mrs. Lucy A. Lul'kin. Sec.Mrs. John 
H. Ingersoll. Treas., Mrs. Lizzie T. Quinn. Chaplain, Mrs. Peter Nichols. 


J. T. DYEK ('AMI', No. 24,. 
Meets every Tuesday evening, in Sons of Veterans Hall, 101 Main street. 
Captain, Ernest IL Friend. 1st. Lieut., .Samuel Hodgkins, jr. LM Lieut.. Lemuel 
Friend. Orderly Sergeant, John J. Procter, jr. Quartermaster, Ralph Hazel. 


Regent, Mrs. Carrie A. Newell. Registrar, Mrs. Charlotte H. Clark. Sec, 
Mrs. Geneva W. Procter. Treas., Mrs. l/.etta B. Smith. Historian, Miss Mary 
E. Wilder. Meets second Wednesday evening of each mouth, except June, July 
and August, at the homes of members. 



Meets every Wednesday evening in Good Templars Hall, Main street. Couii., 
Nathaniel Maddix, jr. Treas., John M. Parsons. Kee. Sec., William Hinckley. 
Fin. Sec., Ida Merridew. 



Organized August 7, 1852. He organized Feh. IS, 18Sb\ Armory, K >gi rs 
street, cor. Duncan. Captain, Edward J. H or ton. 1st Lieut., Charles M. Mc- 
Isaac. 2d Lieiit., James C. Nutt. 


Armory, Duncan street. Lieut. William C. O'Brien. Chief oi Co. Lieut. 
Simon P. Meagher. Ensign. Herbert W. Winchester. Meets every Moudaj 
evening for company drill; every Thursday evening for gun drill. 




Instituted May 22, 1802. Meets second and fourth Wednesday evenings at 
132 .Main street. Chief 'Templar, Lizzie W. Clarke. See., Sarah K. Woodbury. 
Treas., John 1). Woodbury. 


Instituted March V,, 1807. Meets Monday evenings at Templars' Hall, 177 
Main street. Chief Templar, Daniel McDonald. W. K., J Sidney Allen. 


Instituted April 2-1, 1878. Meets Thursday evenings at Temple of Honor 
Hall, 193 Last Main street. \V. (J. T., Charles E. Krieksou. W. K., William L. 
Robinson. F. It., Sylvan' us Frost. Treas., John J. Collin. 

Instituted January 1, 1870. Meets Friday evenings at Good Templars' Hall, 


Instituted February 27, 18(18. Meets last Saturday of every month at 
Temple of Honor Hall, iiurnham's block. 


Meets last Saturday in the month at l'J3 Last Main street. 


Meets in Jell'ery Hall, l08Va Main st. Pres. ..Mrs. U. \i. L\ Tingley. Treas. 
Mrs. John J. Hull. liec. and Cor. Sec, Mrs. K. Seammon. 


Meets last Sunday evening Of each month, in Universalist Church. Pres., 

Frank F>. 1'arsons. See. and Treas., .Miss May H. Davis. 


.Meets Saturday evenings in M. F. Church, Lay View. 

FRANKLIN LODGE, No. 131, I. O. (.. T. 

Meets Thursday evenings in Hillside Hall, Kiverdale. 



No. 11 Leonard street, Annisqtiam. Pres., Ellas Davis. See. and Treas., 
James S. 


Incorporated 1888. l'res., Samuel G. Fool. See. and Treas., J. K. Dustin. 


Organized 18(H). Capital, $100,000. Works foot of Whittemore street. 
Pres., N. H. Phillips. Treas., George It. Bradford.- Agent and See.,F. A. Fisher. 
Supt., William F. Fisher. 


Meets lirst Monday in each month in Hoard of Trade rooms. Lies., II. L. 
Follansbee. Yice-Pres., David S. Presson. See. and Treas., George Steele, jr. 


Pigeon Cove, Roekport. Pres., Jonas H. French. Treas. ,• George E.Craig. 

Supt., William E. Pearson. 


No. 211 Main street. Pres.. George It. Bradford. Treas. and Manager, 
Sidney F. Haskell. (See page 513) 


Rogers street. Inc. duly 8,1806. Capital, #30,000. Pres., Samuel G.Puol. 

Clerk and Treas., Loring ii. Haskell. 


No. 181 Main street. Capital, $10,000. Pres., (J. S.Tappau. Treas. and 
Sec, John Favor. Supt., John Favor. 




Vincent street. Organized April, 18*8. Capita), $50,000. Pres., William 
H. Jordan. Treas. and Clerk) CLarles F. Pritchard, Supt. and .Manager, Ernest 
L, M linger. 


Atlantic wharf. Inc. 1807. Capital, $75,000. Pres., William if. Jordan. 
Vice-Pres., William Thompson, Treas., Howard Steele, Gen. .Manager, E. J. 


Foot of Duncan street. Incorporated 1854. Capital stock, §80,000. Par 
value per share, 850. Annual meeting of stockholders, third Tuesday in July. 
Pres., George It. Bradford. Clerk and Treas., David W. Low. Supt. and Agent, 
John A. Collin. 


Organized 1875. i'res., Edwin 0. Parsons. Treas., George II. Perkins. 
Supt., Percy S. Rogers. Factory on Eastern av. 


Incorporated April, 1888. Pres., Francis Locke. Sec. and Treas., Edgar 
Merchant. Agent, Francis Locke. 

No. 10 Pleasant street. I'res. and Treas., David S. Pressou. Vice-Pres., 
James G. Tarr. Sec, Francis Bennett. 


Incorporated 1884. Capital. $125,000. Pres., William L..Stowe, of Boston. 
Vice-Pres., Sylvanus Smith, of Gloucester. Treas. and Clerk, George A. Smith. 
(See back cover) 


Pres., E.C. Foster. Treas., Charles Williams. Clerk, E. L. Stone. Ueceiv- 
ing Clerk, Ralph W. Deunen. Supt., Horace N. Pedrick. Ofiice, 100 Main St. 


Parker street. Inc. 1805. Capital, $35,000. Pres., I. IE Wiley. Tie. is., 
Isaac H. Iliggins. Clerk. M. S. Andrews. (See page 520) 


No. 33 Rogers street. Pres.. Adolph Voss. Treas., L. B. Haskell. Director.-, 
Adolph Voss, L. B. Haskell, Melvin Haskell, Kichard 1'. O'Reilly, Gilman L. 



Willow, cor. Cleveland street. Pres., George II. Perkins. Sec, Hosea C. 
Tufts. Treas., George H. Perkins. (See page 5 1 5) 


No. 080 Washington street. I'res., Kilhy 1'ugo. Treas., Charles S. Rogers. 
Supt., J. J. Vernon. 


Rocky Neck. Inc. 1808. Capital, $20,000. Pres., James II. Tarr. Treas.; 

James G. Tarr. Directors. James (J. Tarr, , lames LI . Tarr, Gardner W. Tarr, 

Thomas L. Tarr, G. Sherman Tarr. (Sec p 



Established 187d. Incorporated 1882. Capital, $100,000. Pres., George 
R. Bradford. Treas., N. H. Phillips. Sec, Reuben Brooks. Works on Essex ay. 
beyond Bond. Manufacture lish-gluo and fertilizers. 


Fort Point. Pres., George I. Tarr. Sec. and Treas., Daniel S. Tarr. 

TARR Jc WONSON (Limited). 

Rocky Neck. Inc. 180^5. Pres. and Treas., Addison P. Wonsou. .Manu- 
facturers of marine paint. 


Freeman II. Abbott. Charles D. Brown, George McDonald. 




Main street, nearly opposite the Post- oihce. Capital, $300,000. Pres L A 
Buruhain. Cashier, Win. Bauson. Teller, Geo. E. Steele, bookkeeper, F. H . 

Shute. (.See page 513) 


No. 150 Main street. Capital, $150,000. Pres., John L.Stanley. Vice- 
Pres., Nathan II. Phillips. Cashier,, Hiram Rieh. Bookkeeper, George Center. 
(See page 513) 


Main street, opposite tlie Post-oilico. Capital, SI 50,000. Pres., Sylvester 
Cuni.inghain. Cashier, William A. ivw. Asst. Cashier, W. T. Cunuinghain. 
Bookkeeper, A. Foster Collins. 


No. 191 .Main street, directly opposite the Post-oiliee. Capital, 8200,000. 
Pres., George R. Bradford. Vioe-Pres., Geo, H, Perkins. Cashier, John (iolt. 

Clerk, Arthur H. Steele. (See page 514) 


No. 109 Main st. Incorporated 1.840. Amount of deposits, S2 909,705.81. 
Surplus, $229,501.25. Pres., Allan Rogers. Treas., Daniel T. Bahson. iSee 
front colored page) 


No. 130 Main st. Organized February 3,1887. Pres., W. Frank Parsons. 

Yice-Pres., Cyrus Story. Treas. and See., Everett Lane. 


No. 11)1 Main street. Capital, $100,000. Pres., Geo. R. Bradford. Treas.. 
Charles E.Fisher. (See page 514) ■ 



No. 121 Washington street, near Grove. Incorporated 185H. dames L. 
Shute, Prey. George O. Stacy, Sec. and Treas. Edward 11. Gritlin, Supt. 


Annisquam. James S. Jewett, Pres. John A. Going, Treas. and Sec. 


West Gloucester. Entrance 207 Essex avenue. Belonging to the city. 
Gardner M. Poland, Supt. 


Entrance from Washington street. Belonging to the city. Samuel II. 
Gritlin, Supt. 


Entrance from Poplar street. Roman Catholic. Bernard Greeley, Supt. 


Eastern avenue. Roman Catholic. Bernard Greeley, Supt. 

Magnolia Point. John Wilkin's, Supt. 


Located on Mt. Pleasant avenue, East Gloucester. John J. Calder, Supt. 


Junction of Washington and Langsford streets, at Folly Cove, Lauesvllle. 


At Riverside. Henry Stanwood, Supt. 

H I G 1 1 -ST R LET CEM ET ER V . 

Prospect, head of Church street. 


No. 104 Western avenue. Incorporated 1884. Isaac P. Morse, Supt. 




Boston to Gloucester and Rockport. II. [left Knowles, Station .Agent. 


Office 100 Main street. \V. 15. Ferguson, Pres. D. S. Piresson, Treas. H. E. 
Reed, Sup t. 



Wharf loot of Duncan street. Steamers "Cape Ann," "City of Gloucester." 
Agent, Edgar Merchant. Leaves Gloucester tor Boston daily at 3 A.M. Leaves 
Boston for Gloucester dally, from Central wharf, at 2 i\M. 


From Central wharf, foot of Larsons sti;eet, to Rock} Neck ami Kast Glouces- 
ter. Proprietor, Charles H. Boynton. Regular trips from 0.30 a.m. to 7 wit. 


GiOUCESTEK, .Main street, ( ornei? Pleasant.— Postmaster, Charles 1 >. Brown. 
Assistant Postmaster, John Lakeman. Office open daily (Sundays excepted), 
from 0.45 a.m. to 8 i\M., and Saturday nights till 1). Clerks, William H. Clark 
(mailing), Belle M. Clark (stamp), Margaret A. KLeefe (fert'l delivery), Waltei I.. 
ltowe (money order and registry), Robert K. Friend (asst. mailing), Effie 15. Uieh- 
ar.dson (stamper). Letter Carriers, James M. Allen (Siipt.), Lit/ E. Oakcs, jr. 
fAsst. Supt.), William K. Caig, Ralph .Marr, Hiram W. Bullinton, Henry Wilson, 
S.Walter Adams, John J. McDonald, Isaac W. Frost, Edwin C. Day, Sidney H. 
Sylvester. Substitute Carriers, Lorenzo M. Beaman, Uzro F. Dngle, •) din II. 
Gourville, Arthur E. Call, Daniel V. Buckley, Oscar P.Story. Collection from 
street letter boxes live times daily, with the exception of boxes at Lass Locks 
three, times, and Riverdale once. 'Lssex and Manchester roads twice. 

Suu Station No. l, 11) 8 Last .Mam street -William Parsons-, 3d, clerk 
in charge. 

Wi:st Gloi ci:sti;k, 27(J Lssex avenue— Postmaster. Henry C. L. Haskell. 

Anms.iuam, 43 Curve street— Postmaster, Charles L. Cunningham. 

LAMCS.VII/LK— Postmaster, Fitz E. Grillin. 

Lav Vn:w— Postmaster, Alphonso Sargent, 

Magnolia— Postmistress, Mrs. .Mary a. Lycett. 


.Main street, corner Pleasant. Office hours, '.) v.m. to 3 i\M. Collector, 
Frank C. Richardson. Deputy Collector, J. Warren Wonson. Inspectors, 
Charles H. Wonson, ErastuS Howes, Wihiam II. Cronin, Maurice F. Foley, 
Charles O'Brien. Janitor, Robert II. Callahan. Clerk, AarOn Parsons. Boat- 
man, Henry DeVries. Emigrant Inspector, William D. Lulkin, ollice 'SI » 
.Main street. 


Light House at Eastern Point,' George E. Bailey, Keeper. 

Ten Pound Island Light, Charles ,1. Hooper, Keeper. 

Annisijuain Light, .John W. Davis, Keeper. 

Commissioner of Wrecks and Wreck Master, T. Henry G. Douglass; 

Board- of Port Wardens for Gloucester ami Rockport, .John M. Anderson, 
David W. Swett, Jerome Day. Cilice t)7 .Main street, Gloucester. 

Harhor Master, John C. Foster, 2GU East Main street. 


Andrews Albert G. Flaherty John J. Pew William A. jr. 

Bahson Daniel T. Follansbee Ha/.eii L. Procter Joseph O. 

Babson Robert T. French William W. Russell Charles A. 

Behlen Harry L. Fuller Thomas H. Saunders. Levi 

Bennett Francis Garland Joseph Simonds L. S. 

Burke John J. Gott John Smith Charles D. 

Burnham Henry A. Haskell Henry C. L. Smith Horace A. 

Chapman Alanson B. Hihlreih Samuel 1). Somes John J. 

Corliss Benjamin H. H hies Richard E. Steele George, jr. 

Corliss John Hodgkins William A. Steele George E. 

Cronin William Jewett -James S. Story Cyrus- 

Cunningham Guy Lane Frederick T. Straugmaii \\ illiam E. 

Cunningham John Lane Howard G. Tafl Edgar S. 

Cunningham William T. Low David W. Webber Winslow L. 

Currier John J. May Jonathan Wonson J. Warren 

DonahoeA.N. McLellan Rufus Woods Henri N. 

Fears Robert K. MeXierny M. J. York Sumner D. 
Parsons Aaron 





CUieiE Justice, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Boston. 

This Comt is hehl at Salem on the third Tuesday of April and lir.-t Tuesday 
of November. Law and Jury term, .first Tuesday in November. 

Reporter oi' Decisions, George F, Tucker. 

Clerk Of Supremo Judicial Court for the Commonwealth, Henry A. Clapp, of 
Boston. Olliee in the Court, House, Salem. 

Clerk of the Courts for the County of Essex— K. B. George of Haverhill. 
OliiCe in the Court House, Salem. 

Assistant Clerk— Ezra L. Woodbury of Salem. 

Second Assistant — dames 1'. Hale Of Salem. 


Chief Justice, Albert Mason, Brookline. 

This Court is held for civil business, at Salem, on the tfrst Monday. of June 
ami December; at Newburypqrt, on the Hirst Monday of October ; [adj. mm. -I to 
Lawrence, and from Lawrence to Haverhill | ; at Lawrence, on the lir-i Mon.lay 
of .March ; ami for criminal business, at Salem, on ihe second .Monday of Janu- 
ary ; at Newburyport , on the second Monday oi May; and at Lawrence, on the 
second Monday of September. 

Judge, Roll in W. Harmon, of Lynn. Clerk ol the Court-, Dean Peabody, of 

Lynn. Is. Asst., Ezra L. Woodbury, of Salem. L'd Asst., -I as. 1'. Hale, of Salein. 
Registrar, , Jeremiah T. Mahoney, of Salem. Asst., Ezra 1>. Hines.of Danvers. 

The Probate records are kept at the olliee of the Registrar, in the Court House, 

The Probate Court sits as follows :— Salem, first and third Mondaj in every 
month, except third Monday in August ; Newburyport, fourth Monday in Janu- 
ary', March, May, dune, duly, September, and November ; Gloucester, fourth 
Monday in April and October ; Haverhill, second .Monday in April and October , 
Lawrence, second Monday in January, .March, May. J line, J illy, September, and 


District attorney for Essex County, W. Scott Peters, of Haverhill. Assis- 
tant, Roland 11. Sherman, of Lawrence. 

Probation Otticer, Supreme Court, \\ illiamT: Kimball, of Lawrence. 

County Commissioners, Edward B. Bishop, Haverhill; Samuel D. Smith, 
Marblehead; Wallace Hates, Lynn. Special Conrmissiouers, Nelson P. Cum- 
mings, Merrimac ; William B. Carleton, Dan vers. 

Their meetings are held as follows: -At Ipswich, on the second -Tuesday of 
April ; Salem, second Tuesday of duly ; Lawrence, last Tuesday in August ; New- 
buryport, second Tuesday in October; and on the fourth Tuesday of December, 
at Salem, Ipswich, or Newburyport, as the Court may determine. 

Clerk of County Commissioners, Edward B. George, Haverhill. 

.Master in Chancery— Munroe Stevens, lU Webster block. 

Bail Commissioner, F. E. Sherman, Lawrence. 

County Treasurer, E. Kendall Jenkins, Andover. Oilieo, Court House, Salem. 

Registrars of Deeds, Southern District, Willard J. Hale, of Newburyport J 
asst., Robert W.Osgood, Salem. Olliee, Court House, Salem. North, in District, 
A ret us II. Sanborn, Lawrence; asst., Jennie M. Marston, Lawrence. Office, 
Court House, Lawrence. 

Sheriff of Essex-County, Samuel A. Johnson, Salem. Special Sheriff William 
Cronin, Gloucester, f 

Deputy Sheriffs, George- S. Cole. Andover; Timothy D. Crowley, Danvers ; 
William Cronin (special). Gloucester; Fred O. Raymond, lied O. Raymond, jr., 
John W. Tilt.m, Porter 0. Croy, Haverhill: Elmer V. \U\m>, ('has. \. Stilling* 
tat jail), Lawrence ; Frank E. Wells, Lynn ; Charles E. Goss, Uetuueu , Charles 
L. Ayers. Newburyport; Charles W. Morrill (Hon-.: ol Correction}, Ipswich; 
Arthur Bishop, Rowley; Patrick b\ Tierney, George E. Bolisley, Warren D. 
Cobb (at jail). Salem. 

Keeper of Jail and House of Correction in Salem, Samuel A. Johnson. 

Keeper of Jail in Newburyport, Charles L. Ayers. 

Keeper of House of Correction in Ipswich, Charles W. Morrill. 

Keeper of Jail and House of Correction in Lawrence, Charles A. Stillings. 

Public Administrators, David W. Low, Fern wood, 7 Stunwood av. ; Thomas 
H. Fuller, ( J Exchange street. 

Medical Examiner, Dr. Sumner P. Quiuiby, 70 Middle street. 

Commissioner to Qualify Civil Officers, Henri N. Woods, 1 1 1 Mam street. 

Notaries Public — See Business Directory. 

36* — .J36 


CN CI 01JG1 s IN 


1874 to January 1, 1899. 


s as compiled by John J. Somes, City Clerk, 



]\1 EX. 



AV. ft ATU. 


YE Alt. 


M IN. 



<> 1 <> 








48 4 

• 1888 



. 85 


1 L' ,s 


9 1 






. 4 7 , 







! 1895 












25 ye 

ars. 2413 



•age for 25 years, 96 
erage per 1000 men, 

.52 men. 

I 5000 emp 

loyed as fishernieo. 


The above picture and information is furnished by courtesy of Procter Brothers, , ubllsl 

the "Capo Ann Advertiser." 



Established 1844 

Incorporated 1883 




If .lift 

|W! J -»j - 


i 1 iiiiiiiiiiiiiii 



\ Q \\^\ _~7 7\) tl f actories~n"o. I & 2. TV J5 

J^t^&v^-^- T~ j^---~~'\\ &JM---- 1.^.^^' •- -Usui ; 1 r 1 1 


YARD NO 3. Y^ty//- - -t££v>0 - 

. ' .$» /; -- .-^-^-- ; ■ . .i-wK'^ — - — _ 

'tSfe-riti. .„- bis 

YARD NO. 4. 



I \>'(0\>x\eW/ \Ae6\\c\x\es, Soav 5 

■ >mtowi^te«ei. \ 6ambndgeporr. 

r < 




Published by 


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German Noun Declension, by 0. H. L. Schwetzky 

English Method, First Book, 75c. Second Hook 

Spanish Metodo, $1.50 Itussian Methodo, $1.50 Italian Metodo 


1st Series, Comedies and Monologues. *0. :.'.■> Per Number. 

3nd Series, Nouvelles. >o.i.~> Per Number. 

Children's Methods in French or German. 

Each Paid, 8<>.~r> 

The IJerlitz Method for children. Everything laugUt by bilUple object kssout. 
Profusely illustrated. Large print. 



SU lSovlMtou Si 

New York, Madison Square (Broadway, Fifth Avenue and W. 25th St.) 


PHILADELPHIA. Betz Building. 
WASHINGTON. 723 14th St. 
CHICAGO, Auditorium, (Congress St.) 
ST. LOUIS, Odd Fellows Hall. 
CINCINNATI, Carew Building. 
HKdoKLYN, N. Y:.,JiX Court St. 
CLWVKLANI), Y. M. C. A. Building. 
RALTIMORK, 19 Saratoga St., VV. 
PITTSBURGH, Pon-n Building, Room 503 
ATLANTA, 17 and 19 K. Cain St. 

ISllAUFOItlJ, Eug.. 34 Klrk| 
I.l.i:i)S. Kng., 13 Bond St. 
BKKLIX, 1-13 I. \SM 

( Branch. 17 Kateer Wlllielui St.) 
HANOVKR, Kaxinarseluitra«se Bn 
DRESDEN, 21 Wala uhaiu St. 
LEIPZIG, 120 Kurpriux. 
HAM BURG, Alstei lam m 3ll| 
PARIS, 1- rue Aub.-r. 
LYON, 24 rue Me Helene. 





3 3 9 




A iirat class Stable fur Boarders only, with pleaBont Jtooms in 
Second Story for Coachmen. All the l.uu-bt Styles of Carriages 
with (ji»ud Sufo 1 1 1 j r Hri-ai ami Curoful Drivers, furnished promptly 
from the Livery Stable 

©ST Look for theiiaiiie, G. DAVIS, on the W&Kouettes. 


SAFEST. Telephone Connection. BEST 




and all other Funeral Supplies constantly 
on liaird and at reasonable prices. 


17 Washington St., - Gloucester, 






Papers for the use of Printers, Lithographers, Engravers, 

Stationers and Manufacturers. 

183 to 193 Congress Street 



CAUTION tf^fffL 

Iii view of recent swindling operations, carried on by 

»** unreliable Directory canvassers, we rendu our cautiou 

to Business men to pay No money in Advance to 

**« any persons claiming to be connected with tu 6i oui 


Deal only with well known Publishers. Beware of Swindling 

Concerns with High Sounding Name.-. 

Read your order before signing arul DON'T >i>;n duplicate 
"Vouchers" to be used fraudulent!) uiterv. jrdb. 

Sampson, Mlirdock, & Co., 155 Franklin St., Boston. 



Frank M. Siiurtleff, 

Bookseller and Newsdealer. 



Lynn, Springfield, Salem and Manchester Dailies. 



New Corner Book Store, 
:L£a,ian. St., Gor. Ce:m.tre St., 





Choice Family Pilot and Ship Bread, 






isis, nfl Billets 

i ill tore, 


Uliss Brothers' Agents for the Patent Worm and Gear Yacht Steerera. Thlfl Steere* hai 
given perfect satisfaction. Write for Circular and I'esttiuonlals. 








Atlantic avenue, from Mt. Pleasant, easterly 

Bear-skin Neck, from Dock square 

Beach, from Main to Granite 

Breakwater, from Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

Broadway, from Mt. Pleasant to Main 

Broadway avenue, from Broadway to High 

Burt's avenue, from Mt. Pleasant, above Norwood av. [Cove 

Castle lane, from junc. of Granite and Curtis streets, Pigeon 

Cathedral avenue, from Granite to Phillips avenue, P. C. 

Cedar avenue, from Phillips avenue, northerly, Pigeon Cove 

Cleaves, from Main to Broadway 

Cove avenue, from Phillips avenue, northerly, Pigeon Cove 

Curtis, from Granite to Granite, Pigeon Cove 

Dawn avenue, from Gale avenue to Long Branch avenue, 

Pigeon Cove 
Dock square, from junction of Main and Mt. Pleasant streets 
Forest, from King to Granite 

Gale avenue, from Point de Chene avenue, Pigeon Cove 
Garfield avenue, from Gott avenue, Pigeon Cove 
Gott, from School to Mt. Pleasant street 
Gott avenue, from Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Granite, from King to Gloucester lino 
Green, from Phillips avenue to the water, Pigeon Cove 
Hale, from Cleaves to Main 
Hale court, from Hale street 

Haven avenue, from Granite street, Pigeon Cove- 
High, from Mt. Pleasant square to Main 

Hillside avenu-e, from Curtis to the sheep pasture, Pigeon Cove 
Hooper avenue, from 17 Parker to High 
Jewett, from Main to Broadway 
King, from Beach to Granite 
King-street avenue, from King to King 
Lacrosse avenue, from Mt. Locust avenue to Phillips avenue, 

Pigeon Cove 
Land's End, end of South street 

Linwood avenue, from Phillips avenue, Pigeon Cove 
Long Branch avenue, from Point de Chene av., Pigeon Cove 
Los Angelos avenue, from Haven avenue to Phillips avenue, 

Pigeon Cove 

[ 342 ] 


Main, from Dock square to Gloucester line 

Marmion Way, from South street to the beach 

Marshall, from High to Pleasant 

Mill lane, from GO Main 

Mt. Locust avenue, from Haven avenue, Pigeon Cove 

Mt. Pleasant street, from Mt. Pleasant square to junction of 

South and Prospect streets 
Mt. Pleasant square, junction of Mt. Pleasant and Dock square 
New Wharf, from Pear-skin Neck 

Norwood avenue, from Mt. Pleasant to Atlantic avenue 
Oakland avenue, from Pigeon Hill street, Pigeon Cove 
Ocean avenue, from Phillips avenue, Pigeon Cove 
Parker, from Main to High 

Phillips avenue, from Granite to Granite, Pigeon Cove 
Pier avenue, from No. 1 Main 
Pigeon Hill street, from Curtis, Pigeon Cove 
Pine avenue, from Phillips avenue to Point de Chene avenue, 

Pigeon Cove 
Pleasant, from Mt. Pleasant to Beach Grove cemetery 
Point de Chene avenue, from Phillips avenue, Pigeon Cove 
Prospect, from June. Mt. Pleasant and South streets to Summer 
Railroad avenue, from Main to Granite 
Rowe avenue, from Granite, Pigeon Cove 
School, from Main to Pleasant 
Smith, from King to Beach 

Smith's court, 'from 7 Smith [End 

South, from junc. Mt. Pleasant and Prospect streets to hand's 
Stevens' lane, from King street 

Stockholm avenue, from Curtis to Pigeon Hill street 
Story, from Pigeon Hill street 
Summer, from 27 Pleasant to Prospect 

Summit avenue, from junction of Railroad av. and Granite 
Thornwood avenue, from Phillips avenue, Pigeon Cove 
Union lane, from 64 Main [Pigeon Cove 

Vine avenue, from Linwood avenue to Long Branch avenue, 
Walker, from Mt. Pleasant to School 
Woodside avenue, from Phillips avenue, Pigeon Co\l< 
Worcester place, from Granite, Pigeon Cove 



ABBOTT JAMKS, painter (Gloucester), house Pleasant, near 
School street 

Adams George H. clerk, Granite Shore Hotel, boards do. 
it William, proprietor Granite Shore Hotel, 15 -Main 

Ahern John, laborer, house Howe av. [cor. School 

Ainsworth Israel Rev. pastor First Cong. Church, house High, 

Airaksinen P. Rev. pastor Cape Ann Ev. Loth. Chinch, house 
6 Granite 

Allen Benjamin P. boards 22 King 
tt Ethan, asst. keeper Cape Ann Light Station, Thatcher's 

Island, house do. 
a Frank, laborer, house 17 Parker 
tt James, laborer, house 72 Main 
a James S. fish dealer, house 22 King 

it J. H. Mrs. (Cambridge), sum. res. South st. off Land's End 
tt Luther, tinsmith, L. E. Smith's,. Main st. h. Broadway a v. 
« Martha B. widow of Lemuel W. house School, cor. Gott st. 
a Nathan, laborer, house Main st. 

Almshouse, Leverett Lane, keeper, South street 

Amazeen Frank S. restaurant, 8 Main, house do. 

American Express Co., C. Tarr, agent, Bank building. Main st. 

Anderson Andrew, quarry roan, b. Mrs. H. Peterson's, .Main -t. 
tt Axel, paving cutter, house Pigeon Hill st., Pigeon Cove 
a Charles, paving cutter, house Curtis st , Pigeon Cove 
a Charles, paving cutter, house Story st., Pigeon Cove 
n Charles M. paving cutter, house Curtis st.. Pigeon Cove 
(( Christian G. fisherman, house Green st., Pigeon Cove 
u Eric P. laborer, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
u Jacob PC paving cutter, boards Phillips av., Pigeon Cove 
it John, paving cutter, boards Charles Anderson's, Curtis bt. 
tt John A. quarry man, house Pigeon Hill st., Pigeon ( 
« John P. paving cutter, h. oil' Pigeon Hill Bt, I': u Cove 
tt Lewis, paving cutter, boards Smith street 
a Otto, laborer, house Mt. Pleasant, cor. Atlantic av. 
it Otto, quarry man, house Oakland av., Pigeon Cove 
« Otto Rev. pastor Swedish M. E. Chinch, boards Granite 

street, Pigeon Cove 
tt Peter, laborer, house oil' High, near Marshall street 
a S. P. paving cutter,, boards 25 King 

[ 344 ] 


Andrews Chalks, house Granite .street, Pigeon Cove 
a Charles H. stone dealer, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
a Ida A. teacher, boards Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Annis Laura, widow of James, house Granite st, Pigeon Cove 

« Sarah E. widow of Elisha, house South street 
Appleton Zeno A. real estate, ins. agent, notary public and jus- 
tice oi' peace, Savings Bank building, house High, near 
Main street 
Arey James, fisherman, house Phillips av., Pigeon Cove 
.. William R. (Salem), summer residence, Land's End 
Armour John, plumber, L. K. Smith's, house Main street 
Averill Daniel S. carpenter, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Ayer Franklin J). Rev. (Concord, N. II.), summer residence, 
Gale av., Pigeon Cove 

BABCOCK JOHN R. fish peddler, house 17 Broadway 
Babson Caroline W. widow of David C. house Granite street, 
Pigeon Cove [cester line 

a Charles P. fisherman, house off Granite street, near Glou- 
u Frederick, fish dealer, house Granite street. Pigeon Cove 
a Isaac N. carpenter, house Granite street Pigeon Cove 
a Lisette, widow of David W. house Granite st., Pigeon Cove 
a Nathaniel H. trav. salesman, h. Pleasant, near School st. 
Bailey Adin, boatman, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
u Edward, carpenter, house Haven av., Pigeon Cove 
« William J. fisherman, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove- 
Baldwin John, paving cutter, h. Pigeon Hill st., Pigeon Cove 
Barber Guy AV. brakeman, B. & M. R.R. house Main street 
Barker Albert A. (Worcester), summer residence, Worcester 

place, Pigeon Cove 
Bartles Henry F. fisherman, house High, near School street 
Baitlett Benjamin W. mason, boards with Simon E. Bartlett 
« Mary E. P. Miss, house High, cor. School street 
u Simon E. mason, High, near Marshall, house do. 
Barton John W. fisherman, boards 13 Prospect 

a Thomas A. fisherman, house 13 Prospect 
Bass Nellie G. apothecary, Granite street, Pigeon Cove, house 

at Lanesville 
Batchelder Ben? Forest, brakeman, boards 57 Main 
a Lucy M. widow of Charles E. house 57 Main 
Bates Abner, fisherman, house Granite street, at Gloucester line 
a Howard S. fisherman, boards Granite st. at Gloucester line 
Bean Matthias M. engineer, B. & M. R.R. house 58 Main 
Beech Grove Cemetery, end of Pleasant street 
Belander John, milk dealer, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

« John, jr. driver, boards Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Bell Telephone Co., Granite, cor. Curtis street. Pigeon Cove 
Benson Martin S. fisherman, boards Phillips av., Pigeon Cove 
Bergstrom John, laborer, house Granite street. Pigeon Cove 


Bernard Anthony, paving cutter, house Jewell Street 

a John H. engineer, boards Jewett street 

it Joseph D. blacksmith, house Jewett street 

a Joseph P. mariner, boards Jewett street 

.. Peter, hostler, house Granite st. near Rockport Granite Co. 

a William, quarryman, house 15 Granite 
Berry George O. granite cutter, bds. Granite st., Pigeon Cove 
Bertram! Albert, laborer, h. Broadway, near Mt. Pleasant sq. 
Bigelow William P. (Natick), summer res., Marmion way 
Bishop Charles, laborer, house High, near Marshall Btreet 
Black Thomas, stone cutter, boards Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Blaikie Edwin K. (Winchester), summer residence, South Btreet 

a Luther (Somerville), summer res., Phillips av., Pigeon Cove 
Blatchford Alphonso, teamster, house Pleasant, cor. Summer .it. 

a Archie G. laborer, house Gariiield, cor. Maple av. 

a Eben, apothecary, <T2 Main, house do. 

a Fred E. teamster, boards Pleasant, cor. Summer 

a Helen G. widow of William, house 11 Broadway 

tt H. Philbrook, clerk, o2 Main, boards do. 

a William 0. clerk, 2 Dock square, boards 11 Broadway 
Blinn William, teamster, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Blood Peter, paving cutter, house Smith street 
Bluti' Joseph, laborer, boards Broadway, near Mt. Pleasant Bq. 
Bolles Charlton B. Rev. pastor Baptist Church, rms. 1 Dock sq. 
Bond Charles P. (Waltham), summer res. Marmion way 
Borjstrom Augusta, widow of John, house Forest street 
Bowman John, lobsterman, house Bear-skin Neck [cester 

Bradford George R. treas. Cape Ann Isinglass Co. h. at Glon- 
Bradley Eveline, widow of Edwin, house High, n. Broadway av. 

a George H. carpenter, house 9 Broadway 

a James W. auctioneer and cooper, Bearskin Neck, house 
Prospect street 

u Sally L. widow of William II. h. High, n. Broadway av. 

a William C driver, Am. Express Co., Bank bldg. Main St. 
house Prospect street 
Bragar Joseph J. fisherman, house Cleaves street 
Bragdon Mary O. widow of George, house 35 Broadway 
Bran n on Henry (Worcester), summer res. Worcester place, 

Pigeon Cove 
Bray Alden, Ifuteher, boards Main street 

a Catharine, widow of Caleb B. house Main, near Parker st. 

.< George L. farmer, house !> Railroad as. 

« George S. farmer, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

k Humphrey, farmer, house Main Btreet 

a Martha A. widow of Isaac, house 130 Main 
Breen Catharine A. widow of Peter, house Prospect Btreet 

a James, house South street 

n James M. mariner, house Main, near Parker Btreet 

u James P. engineer, boards Prospect Btreet 

a John, master mariner, house 21 Parker 

tt Mary A. widow of Peter, house Main Bt near water works 

; v 


Brewer David II. (Brookline), summer residence, Gale av., 
Pigeon Cove 
a James H. chair re-seater, house off Summer street 

Brewster John L. (Andover), summer residence, Lin wood av., 
Pigeon Cove 

Brooks Benjamin, boards 78 Main 
it David, carpenter, house 90 Main 
a Everett, teamster, boards G Cleaves 
« John F. teamster, G Cleaves, house do. 
it William S. baggagera aster, B. & M. R. R. house Main, 
cor. Railroad av. 

Broomfield Edward W. farm hand, boards rear 3 South 
a Herbert G., U. S. N. boards rear 3 South, 
« James H. painter, boards rear 3 South 
it William, house rear 3 -South 
a William N. mariner, boards rear 3 South 

Brown Charles Alva (Salem), summer residence, Land's End 
u Eugene M. teamster, boards Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
a George, teamster, house High, near Main street 
it Jabez M. fisherman, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
a Jane S. widow of Aaron M. house Ocean av., Pigeon Cove 
a Joseph, fisherman, house 1 Dock square 
a Joseph, laborer, boards with Lucy Burns 
it Michael, blacksmith, house High, near Main street 
a Moses, fisherman, house Pigeon Hill street. Pigeon Cove 
u Warren, mariner, house Norwood av. near Ml. Pleasant Bt. 
it William, boards 4 Hale 

« William M. wholesale fish, house Granite st., Pigeon Cove 
a William M. quarry man, house Ocean av., Pigeon Cove 
a Wilson A. paving (tatter, house Curtis street, Pigeon Cove 
a Zeuas, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

Bruce John H. blacksmith, house Mill lane, otf Main st. 

Bryant Louise M. clerk, boards with Geo. M. McLean 

Bundy Jane B. widow of George, house Ml. Pleasant st. 

BURGESS ELMEK F. undertaker and emhalmer, ware- 
rooms 34 Main, house do. 
Burke Alexander, quarry man, house Castle lane 

it Charles H. laborer, boards Norwood av. 

a George K. laborer, boards Norwood a v. 

a James, house Norwood av. 

a James W. mason, boards Norwood av. 
Burkland Charles, paving cutter, h. Oakland av., Pigeon Cove 
Burnham Charles, teamster, house Breakwater .->t., Pigeon Co\c 

a Newell, house G Dock square 
Burns Benjamin, laborer, boards with Lucy Burns 

« Lucy, widow, house off Main st. near High 

a Mary, widow of Charles, house Beach Bt. near Granite 

u William, laborer, boards with Lucy Burns 
Burt Samuel W. laborer, house Burt's av. 
Burton Clifton, cook, boards School, cor. Broadway 

348 kocivi'oirr DiitECXOUY. 

Batman E. A. Mrs. house Main st. cor. Beach 

a Julm, house 13 Granite 

u John W. teamster, house 14 Granite 

n Haston, dry goods, house 99 Main [Granite bt. 

u Sadie Miss, bookkeeper, L. E. Smith's, Main st. boards 
Buzzell George M. engineer, house Smith st. 

CAFFREY DENNIS, engineer, boards Granite st. near Rowe 
av., Pigeon Cove [Pigeon Cove 

u Hannah, widow of John, house Granite st. near Rowe av., 
Cairn Augustus, mariner, boards Granite st., Pigeon Cove 
Caldwell Eliza Miss, teacher, third grade, Broadway, h. 27 Main 

u William E. car driver, house Granite st., Pigeon Cove 
Campbell Albert, quarryman, house Granite st., Pigeon Cove 

ti John, farmer, house 2 Cleaves 
Canlett Thomas, cable operator, house 19 Prospect 
Canney Edward, granite dealer, house Phillips av., Pigeon Cove 
Cannon Annie B. widow of Madison M. house Granite .st., P. C. 
Cape Ann Isinglass Co., Railroad av. 

a Ann Tool Co. drop forgings, etc., Granite st., Pigeon Cove 
Carlson Carl 0. paving cutter, house Curtis st., Pigeou Cove 

u Charles, master mariner, house- olf Granite street, near 
Rock port Granite Co.'s ollice 

tt Eric M. quarryman, house Pigeon Hill st., Pigeon Cove 

a Isaac, paving cutter, house G King 

<< Sven, paving cutter, bds. Peter M. Lilja's, Pigeon Hill st. 
Carne Charlotte, widow of William, house Stockholm av., P. C. 

« William, paving cutter, house Stockholm av., Pigeon Cove 
Carpenter Thomas, teamster, h. Granite st. cor. Rowe av., P. C. 
Carter David A. (Boston), house 28 King 

u David A. Mrs., Round View Cottage, 2G King 

ti Joseph, engineer, house Forest street 

m Joseph E. driver, boards Forest street 

c< Lewis N. brakeman, B. & M. R. R. house 111 Main 

a Nathaniel E. clerk, F. Tarr & Bro. boards 2 Forest 

a W. Sargent, electrician, boards Forest street 
Carver Cyrus, brakeman, house Granite st. cor. Beach 
Casey Michael, quarryman, house Union lane, oil' Main st. 
Cederstrom Andrew A. paving cutter, house off Granite street, 

near Gloucester line 
Chadwick Joseph W. police, house Pigeon Hill st., Pigeou Cove 
Chamberland Elzeard, blacksmith, bds. Mill lane, off Main st. 
Charte John, fisherman, house rear 13 Broadway 
Choate Annie M. music teacher, boards High, near School 

u David L. carpenter, house High, near Main street 

« D. Edgar, carpenter, house High, near Main street 

a Ellen F. widow of Alden, b. Broadway, near Broadway av. 

« Frank, carpenter, houise Prospect street 

it Fred W. laborer, boards Mt. Pleasant st. 

« Georgo W. farmer and carpenter, house Mt. Pleasant st. 


Choate John N. carpenter, house 5 Pleasant 

a Mary, widow of Caleb 8. house Mt. Pleasant street 

it Maiy M. widow of Paul, house Mt. Pleasant street 

u Rhoda T. widow of Apollos, house King-street av. 

it Solomon, painter, house High, near School street 
Clark Albert, house 5 Norwood av. 

a Albert F. carpenter, 7 Norwood av. house do. 

tt Andrew F. gardener, house Main, junction High street 

tt Benjamin P. laborer, house Broadway, cor. School street 

a Charles, watchman, L. M. Raskins', house King street, 
near Beach street 

a Frank, painter, house 48 Main 

a Fred W. plumber, boards 3 Beach 

a George H. night watchman, R. R. depot, hds. King-st. av. 

it Henry, butcher, house Pleasant, cor. Mt. Pleasant street 

tt James H. paving cutter, house King-street av. 

a. Lemuel H, messenger, Am. Express Co., Bank bldg., Alain 
street, house Pleasant, near Mt. Pleasant street 

a Orville. carpenter, house 3 Beach 
Clarkson Edward H. (Newburyport), sum. res., Marmion way 
Cleaves Charles H. stone contractor, house oil* Granite street, 
Pigeon Cove [Pigeon Cove 

u Charles H. jr. ins. agent, 25 Main, house oil" Granite St., 

a Ezra A. medical student, bds. oil' Granite St., Pigeon Cove 

a Levi, ins. agent, house School, cor. Gott street 
Clement Gertrude, teacher, Broadway grammar school, boards 

at Gloucester 
Clements Gabrielle M. Miss, artist (Baltimore), house Granite 
street, at Gloucester line [Gloucester line 

a Gabrielle D. Mrs. (Baltimore), house Granite street, at 

Clerk William F. Mrs. (Roxbury), summer resilience, Phillips 

av., Pigeon Cove [ Pigeon Cove 

a William G. (Roxbury), summer residence, Phillips av., 
Coath Daniel, asst. supt. Commercial Cable Co. h. 33 School 
Cobb Amanda, widow of Harding K. boards 33 School 
Coburn Clarence P. telegraph operator, B. & M. station, house 

Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Cody Michael, farmer, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Cogswell James? house Cleaves street 

a James A. carriage painting and bicycle repairing. Cleaves 
street, house do. 
Colberg Charles, mason, house Smith's court 
Colburn Edward W. clerk, Rockport Granite Co.'s grocery, 
Granite street, house Pigeon Hill street, Pigeon Cove 

a Henry W. engineer, house Granite Btreet, Pigeon Cow- 
Colby Horace, mariner, house 24 King 

tt William H. (Natick), summer res. off South st., Land- I., i 
Cole Ernest M. engineer, house Railroad av. 

it Israel H. laborer, boards 35 Broadway 

tt Warren, blacksmith, house 3f> Broadway 



Culley Reginald It. cable operator, house South street 

< Colson Charles W. stone cutter, h. Pigeon Hill st., Pigeon Cove 

a Frank 0. paving cutter, Smith street 
^Commercial Cable Co., Norwood avenue, Robert Heme, Blipt. 
Como Archie, farmer, boards 43 South I Pigeon Cove 

ti Stephen, teamster, boards Orrin L. Hall's, Granite street, 
Condon Honora, widow of John, house Roue avenue 

u John, stone cutter, house oil Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Conley Eliza, widow of Philip, variety, Mt. Pleasant, cor. Gott 
street, house do. 

a John, fisherman, house 22 Summer 

u Sylvanus B. mason, house Mt. Pleasaut str.-.t. uor. Gotl st. 
Cook Harry L. fireman, B. & M. R. R. house li Smitli 
Cooney Antonio, boards 7 Parker 

At Frank, master mariner, house 7 Parker 

■a John S. hairdresser, 23 Main, house Norwood av. 

*< Joseph, fisherman, house 16 Norwood av. 

a Mary, widow of Marion, house Norwood av. 
Cooper Mellen 0. teamster, house Hooper av. 
Cosgrove George W. mason, boards 6 Beach 

a William, stone mason, 6 Beach, house do. 
Costa Joseph, laborer, boards Burt's av. 

u Joseph C. fisherman, house Burt's av. 
Cotter James E. (Hyde Park), summer res. Land's End 
Counihan Michael, laborer, house Curtis st., Pigeon Cove 
Craig K. papermaker, boards 22 King 
Crawley William, laborer, boards 41 Railroad av. 
Cross Irving N. papermaker, house King-st. av. 
Cummins Edmund R. (Worcester), summer res. Worcester pi.. 

Pigeon Cove 
Cunningham George F. janitor, house 2 Cleaves 

a James 11. laborer, bds. Mt. Pleasaut, near Mi. Pleasant sq. 

« Lucy, widow of William, house Cleaves street 

a Reuben, foreman, house Rowe av. 
Curtis Claude, clerk, J. Sidney Porle's, Main st. hoards do- 
it Jason L. blacksmith, house Roue av., Pigeon Cove 
Cushman Cassias, fisherman, house Main street 
Cusick David, blacksmith, house Curtis street, Pigeon Cove 

« Robert, paving cutter, house oil' Cleaves street 

it Thomas, paving cutter, boards 41 Railroad a\. 

« Timothy, blacksmith, house Curtis street, Pigeon Cove 
Cur.rie Martin, fisherman, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Cutter Frank E. (Concord), summer res. Phillips av., Pigeon 

DADE WILLIAM, butcher, h. Pigeon Hill st., Pigeon Cove 
u William, clerk, A. Goodwin's, house DaUe a v. 

Daggett Henry, mariner, house Union lane, off Main street 
n John II. fisherman, boards Union lane off Main Btreet 
a William C. mariner, house Mt. Pleasant Btreet 


Dagle Dulis, blacksmith, boards Oliver Dagle's, Pigeon Hill -t. 

> k Oliver, blacksmith, house Pigeon Hill st., Pigeon Cove 
Daley James, clevk, Pigeon Hill Granite Co. house Granite st., 
Pigeon Cove 

>. Pierce J. clerk, Rockport Granite Co.'s grocery, Granite at., 
house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Dalloir' Webster, crossing tender, Pigeon Cove, h. Granite Bt. 
Daly James, clerk, boards Granite street, near Beach 

a Minor, seaman, boards with Patrick Duly 

.. Patrick, engineer, house Granite street, near Rowe av., 
Pigeon Cove 

a Pierce, clerk, boards with Patrick Dal) 

u William, house Granite, near Beach street 
Dann Marion W. widow of William H. house Mt. Pleasant, 

cor. Pleasant street 
Darling Fred E. motorman, liouse 1'2 Main 
Darmon Charles, mariner, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Davis Charles H. engineer, Rock port Granite Co. h. King st. av. 

« Eliza A. widow of William G. liouse High, near School st. 

ti Henry, painter, house Railroad av. 

u Horace, engineer, house High, near Mt. Pleasant 

.i James P. house King-st. av. 

a Timothy, captain of tow-boat, house 8 [I ale 

u Wakeman, furniture dealer, h. High, near Ml. Pleasant 

a Washington, hostler, house Pleasant, beyond Marshall st. 

u William, house 10 Hale 

k > William G. gardener, house High, hear School street 

^ William H. carpenter, Bear-skin Neck, house High neai 
Broadway av. 

a William H. mariner, house Main street 

u William L. fisherman, house 10 Hale 
Day Charles 11. clerk (Gloucester), boards Main Btreet 

u David M. house Granite ht. cor. Rowe av., Pigeon Cove 

« Henrianna, widow of Charles H. house Main street 

a Wilbur I. house 62 Mt. Pleasant 

u William, house South street [ Phillips av. 

Dean Judson J. manager and treas. (Jape Ann LOol Co. house 

u Waldo L. student, hoards Summit av. 

k . William L. bookkeeper, Cape Ann Tool Co. h. Summit av. 
Dearborn Lama P. widow of John, house 28 King 
Decoste William, mariner, house Smith's court 
Demain Hannah S. house off High', near Marshall street 
Dennett William E. fishery, 1 New wharf 
Dennis Charlotte, widow of Henry, house 13 School 

a John H. house School, near Plea-ant street 
Deveau -Luke, fisherman, house Broadway Cot« 

Dexter Ellen E. Mrs. prop: Ocean View Hourfe, Philli] 
Dillaway Charles H. jr. (E. Boston), Bummei res. Blarmioti way 
Dillon Daniel P. papermaker, boards King-8treet avenue 

u Edward James, mariner, boards Kiug-btreet av< 


Dillon Margaret, widow of Daniel, house King-street avenue 

u Mary A. Miss, dressmaker, King-street av. -boards do. 
Dinn James, fisherman, house High, near Main 
Dixon Mary Mrs. dressmaker, 6 Dock sq. house do. 

a Peter, fisherman, house 6 Dock sq. 
Dobson Fred, fisherman, house High, near Mt. Pleasant 

44 Joseph T. fisherman, house 2 Dock sq. 

u Susan, widow, house 2 Dock sq. [High 

Dodd Asa F. baggagemaster, B. & M. R. R. house Main, above 

« Stephen, house Main, above High 

a Stephen J. farmer, house Main, above High 
Doherty George C. laborer, house High, near Marshall 

44 Isaac B. house Mt. Pleasant street 
Dolliver Joseph, clerk, house Rowo av. 

Donahue Joseph B. stone cutter, house Granite st., Pigeon Cove 
Doran Thomas, laborer, house Union lane, off Main street 
Dorman Alonzo, quarryman, house 15 Granite 

ti John E. stone cutter, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

4< Mary B. widow of George H. house 57 Main 
Dort Joseph, lobsterman, boards South street 
Doucett Edward, farmer, boards Leonard E. Hall's, Granite st., 
Pigeon Cove 

44 George W. fisherman, house off Railroad av. 

44 John, teamster, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Doyle Felix, farmer, house 158 Main 

44 Michael, house Beach street, corner King 

4< Sophia* widow of Peter, house 8 Granite 
Drew Bernard, blacksmith, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

44 Matthew, boards with Bernard Drew 
Driver Daniel L. laborer, house Main street 

44 Henry, clerk, L. E. Smith's, Main st. bds. Broadway av. 

4< John H. painter, house Broadway av. 

44 Joseph H. laborer, house Beach, near Main street 
Drolet Charles, carpenter, boards Mt. Pleasant street 

<4 Mary, widow of Anthony, house Mt. Pleasant street, near 
Mt. Pleasant square 

44 William, engineer, boards Mt. Pleasant street 
Drown Joseph, house 4 King 
Duguid George\ paving cutter, house Curtis St., Pigeon Cove 

44 George, jr. paving cutter, boards Curtis st., Pigeon Cove 
Dunaheu Charles L. laborer, house Granite st., Pigeon Cove 
Dunahue David, grocer, Granite st., Pigeon Cove, house do. 
Dunlap Charles L. foreman, Rockport Granite Co. h. 41 Main 
Durgin Carl, postal clerk, house 13 School 
Dwyer Edward, supt. house Phillips av., Pigeon Cove 

<4 William, laborer, house Phillips av., Pigeon Cove 

EATON JAMES H. coachman, Tail's stable, h. Railroad av. 
4 k James S. policeman, house 76 Main 
4. Robert L. carpenter, boards 76 Main 


Edmunds James, billiards, Granite St., Pigeon Cove, house do. 

a John, qnarVyman, house Granite street. Pigeon Cove 
Edwards Emma M. widow of Charles, house Broadway, near 
Main street 

a William C. J. cable operator, house Broadway 
Ekstrom August, paving cutter, house Curtis st., Pigeon Cove 

a John, laborer, boards Smith street 

a Sven, paving cutter, house Curtis street. Pigeon Cove 
Elmore Frank, laborer, boards Main, near High street 
Elroy Lottie Mrs. house South street 
Elso Frank, quarry man, boards Forest street 

a Jacob, laborer, house Granite, cor. Forest street 

a Jacob, quarry man, house Forest street | notice do. 

Elwell Benjamin F. glue manui'.. Main street, near water works, 

n Emma J. widow, house Mt. Pleasant st. 

a Frank E. optician, house off Mt. Pleasant st. 

a George W. gluemaker, boards Main st. near water vVorks 

a John, granite cutter, house Granite st., Pigeon Cove 

a William H. clerk. E. D. Nickersori's, li. off Mt. Pleasant st. 
Emery Stephen A. Mrs. (Newton Centre), summer residence 

Point de Chene av. 
Enos Antoine, fisherman, house off Mt. Pleasant st. 
Erickson Andrew, house Oakland a v., Pigeon Cove 

a Henry, quarryman, li. Granite st. n. Rockport Granite Co. 

it Hjalmer, paving cutter, boards Phillips av., Pigeon Cove 

a John, foreman, house Oakland av., Pigeon Cove 

a John, paving cutter, boards Phillips av.. Pigeon Cove 
Erikson John, laborer, house Forest st. 

a John, quarryman, house Forest st. 
Evans John, painter, boards off Cleaves st. 

a Martin, foreman, Sheahan's stable, house Main st. 

.. Martin, mariner, house oif Cleaves st. 

a Patrick, coachman, boards oif Cleaves st. 

a William H. coachman, house Main -t. near Railroad av. 
Everett John 11. engineer, house High, cor. School St. 

a Jonathan 11. engineer, house High, cot. School st. 

FAIRBANKS CALVIN 1). boot and shoemaker, Mt. Pleasant 

st. near Dock sq. house do. 
Fales Nathaniel, paving cutter, house Granite ->t.. Pigeon Cove 
Falk Gustaf, paving cutter, boards Phillips a... Pige • ( 
Fancy Mary A. Miss, house High. cor. School st. 
Farraday Joseph, quarryman, house Union I. me, oil .Main -t 
Farrow Annie, widow of Henry W house Smith - court 

a Charles H. driver, boards Smith's com I 
Fears Frank A. (7. I*. Fears X- Suns), carpenter*, res 
Main, house Hale court 
a Fred L. ( /. P. Fears X- So is), reai 59 M mi, li 
.. Isaac &.&Som(FmnkA.a)ul Fred L Ft r*),car| 
and builders, rear 59 Main, house do. 


Fears John, wharfinger, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

u Percy, carpenter, house Main street 

u Samuel 1*. house (>f> Main 

u William, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Fellows Annie, widow of James II. house Broadway 
Ferdinand Edward F. house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Ferguson Frank A. Rev. pastor Universalis* church, house (> 

Railroad av. 
Fernald Charles, stone cutter, house Granite St., Pigeon Cove 
Finney Laurence, pattern maker, boards Bryant Lurvey's, 

Curtis street. Pigeon Cove 
Fisher John F. carpenter, house Main stieet, mar water work. 
Fitzgerald Michael, paving cutter, house Reach streel 
Flagg Frank H. hairdresser, Granite street, Pig. -on Cove, h. do. 
Flanders George 0. fisherman, house Dock so. 

u John, laborer, hoards Dock sq. 
Flynn Joanna Miss, house Union lane, off Main street 
Foley Fred, hoards Granite street, Pigeon Hill 

a James, stone hammerer, house Granite street. Pigeon Hill 

u John, blacksmith, hoards Granite street, Pigeon Hill 
Forbes Charles S. (Worcester), summer res. Worce&tui place, 

Pigeon Cove 
Fortier George F. Pev. pastor Universalis church, Pi 

Cove, boards with George Tucker 
Foster Joseph, fisherman, house Norwood av. 
Francis Joseph F. fisherman, house Atlantic a v. 
Freitas John M. asst. station agent, B. & M. K. K house 11 
Norwood av. 

tt Joseph, house 11 Norwood av. | Norwood av. 

u Joseph G. hairdresser, Granite st.. Pigeon Cove, boaids 11 
French Albert H. (Gloucester), house King street, neai Granite 

kt Sarah A. widow of Charles, King .si. near Granite 
Fretcli Benjamin Mrs. house Curtis .street. Pigeon Cove 

u Martha I). Miss, public library, dressmaking, el Granite 
street, house Curtis .street, Pigeon Cove 
Frisbee Albert S. upholsterer, boards ."> ( .» Main 

u Charles 11. painter, boards South street, col'. Mai mi .n way 

u Elmer G. laborer, boards Mt. Pleasant btl .; Ml 

Pleasant square 

« Harry B. upholsterer, house 39 Main 
Frost George Franklin (Waltham), summer res., I..i; i - 

a George W. coal and wood, Graiuite st., Pigeon Cove. h. do. 
Full Fred M. foreman Pigeon Hill Granite C<> bouse Granite 
street, Pigeon Cove 

« John, master mariner, house Granite street, Pi ( 

u Thomas, watchman, Rock port Granite C<>. In Granite 
street, Pigeon Cove [Granite ->t . 1 I ove 

« Wilbur A. bookkeeper, Pigeon Hill Granite ('•< house 
Fuller Philip, laborer, house Pleasant, beyond .Mai. -.hall 

t IU86 


GAMAGE ALBERT, laborer, house 84 Main 

it Eliza A. widow, house High, near Main streel 

>< Martha, widow of John G. house High, near Marshall 

it Olive, widow of Daniel B. house Granite, cor. King st. 

k Stephen, variety store, foot of Main st. h-»nse do. 
Garlick John VV. paving cutter, boards Willi, no W. Gai lick's, 
Gott av., Pigeon Cove 

u William \V. paving cutter, house Gott av., Pigeon Co 

« William W. variety store. Granite st.. Pigeon Cove, I 
Gott av. do. [Gotl av.. Pigeon ( 

u William W. jr. paving cutter, bds. William W. Garlick's 
Gay W. Howard, engineer, house High, hear Main -i. 
Gee James, provisions, 21 Main, house do. 

a, Richard C. stone mason, house Prospect cor. Summer -t. 
Giles Hattie Miss, clerk. 2 School, hoards Broadway 

u [Catherine A. Miss, teacher, Rockpoil High school,. house 
26 Broadway 

o Thaddeus, mason, house 13 Broadway l-l-n, N k 

Gloucester Fresh Fish Co., George L Poland manager. Beai- 
Goday William A fisherman, house Granite si., Pi.;.-.,:! Cove 
Godey Alfred, fisherman, house off Mi. Pleasant st. 
Goldsmith Jacob B. house High, near Main street 
Goodwin Alpheus, grocer, Granite street, Pigeon Cove, h. do. 
Goon Harry G. laundry, 18 Main 

a Lee, laundry, 43 Main 
Gordon N. clothing and gents' furnishings, 30 Main, 

a Simon, manager, 30 Main, house 50 do. 
Goss Allan, conductor, B. ec M. R.R. house Main. c. 
Gosson Jeremiah, engineer, house 12 Granite 
Gott Abby A. widow of Daniel S. h. South st c. Ma 

tt Betsey G. widow of Addison, house Pleasant, n 

u Chester W. iisherman, house' Gott street 

tt Clayton II. farmer, house South, cor. M arm ion way 

<< Edgar S. stone inspector, house Granite st , Pigeon Cove 

<< Kli. grain dealer, School, near Pleasant street, house do 

a Fred P. farmer, boards Gott street 

tt George B. boatman, h. off Granite st. near Gloueestei 1 

tt George W. house Granite street, over Pigeon 11.11 Granite 
Co.'s gfocery, Pigeon Cove 

a J. Sanborn, carpenter, It) Broadway a., house do 
Grace Antoine, master mariner, house 6 Parker 

a Manuel, fisherman, boards Charles b\ Martin's 
Graham John A. F. farmer, house Main, above High street 
Granite Savings Bank, Nathaniel Richardson, treaa Main 

a Shore Hotel, William Adams, prop 15 Main 
Gray Harry El. Iisherman, boards Granite street I 

u Loring B. laborer, house 1 1 Main 

« William C. granite cutter, house Granite st., Pi 
Green Charles E. driver, house Smith's court 

u Clarence A. clerk, E. D. Nickerson's, board* Bit Pleasant 


50 Ao. 


i-ker st 


>ii way 


hool St. 



Green Frank E. freighter, Mt. Pleasant street 

a James, jr. carpenter, boards Summer Btreet 

u John, master mariner, house Summer .street 

a William W. real estate, house Green St., Pigeon Cove 
Griffin Andrew J. laborer, house Jewett .street 

a Benjamin W. iish inspector, house High, near li'way av. 

a Charles E. night soil, house Main, near High .street 

(t Edward E. clerk, J. Sidney Poole's, Main street, boards 
13 Hale 

« Edward G. boards Granite st. near Gloucester line 

a Elbridge W. mariner, house 13 [Iale 

»v Fred C. trav. salesman, boards Mt. Pleasant street 

m George, house 6 Hale 

u James A. house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

tt James G. clerk, A. W. Story's, h. Granite st., Pigeon Cove 

a Margaret, widow of John, house 2 Cleaves 

« Oliver D. house Granite street, near Gloucester line 

u Sarah, widow of Irving, house 10 Parker 

it William H. mariner, house 6'J Mt. Pleasant 

« Wilmot R. station agent and manager Western Union Tel. 
Co., B. & M. station, Railroad av. house 9 Pleasant 
Grimes Edward, driver, house 3 Beach [Pier av. 

tt George, foreman, Loring Grimes', Bear-skin Neck, house 

u George B. iish dealer, 30 Main, house do. 

tt James, house Hale, cor. Main 

4< Loring, fisheries, Bear-skin Neck ; also pies. Cape Ann 
Isinglass Co. house Main, cor. Cleaves 

" Luther, iish dealer, house Main street 
Grover Clarissa, widow of William, house GO Main 

u Fred W. grocer, King street, house do. 

a F. Forest, laborer, house II Dock s<j. 

tt George W. laborer, house Mill lane, off Main Street 

it Jennie W. Miss, boards 60 Main 

it Luther, boards 60 Main 
Gustafson Alfred, paving cutter, h Pigeon 11 ill St., Pigeon Cove 

u Sophia, widow of Oscar, house Forest street 

HAKALA HENRY, laborer, house Granite street, ne.u Rock- 
port (granite Co. 
tt Matthew, paving cutter, house Forest street 

Hale Albert G. {Thurston, Hale, & Co ). plumber, i. 
mer, oil' Pleasant 
it Albert W. clerk, 12 Dock sq. house 13 Sum me i 
u Arthur W (Winchester), summer res Laud's Entl 
(i Chai'les T. carpenter, off Granite st.. Pigeon Cow. h. do. 
a Chester P. painter, Dock sq. house Parker, near High 
tt Frank G. blacksmith, High, cor. Marshall, house d • 
« Herbert, boards High. cor. Mar-hall 
a John P. (Thurston, Hale, & Co.), plumber. k.atGUxi 
a Lewis, plumber, 12 Dock Bq. boards High street 


Hale William, painter ; also paints, oils, etc., Duck sipiarc, bouse 

High, near Marshall 
Hall Charles Brackett, physician, '20 Broadway, house do. 

a Charles F. A. physician, Broadway, cor. Parker st. h. do. 

i> Frederick INI. hoards 20 Broadway 

a Leonard E. farmer, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

" Orrin L. farmer, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

u Wend all H. farmer, hoards Orrin L. Hall's, Granite street, 

Pigeon Cove [Land's End 

Hampton Mary (New York), summer res. (Hampton Lodge), 

Handrail John E. driver, Geo. B. Shepherd's, house Curtis at., 

Pigeon Cove 
Hanson Charles, quarry man, house 25 King 

u Ferdinand, master mariner, house South street 

a James C. clerk, R. C. Pool's, hoards South street 

" Marie, dressmaker, house High, near Mt. Pleasant 

tt Martin W. fisherman, hoards Green street, Pigeon Co\e 

a Thomas, laborer, house South street 
Harbar Andrew, stone cutter, house Curtis street, Pigeon Cove 
Harris Betsheba L. widow of Samuel B. house 50 Main 

a Caroline B. Miss, clothes cleansing and repairing, 50 Main, 
house do. 

tt James H. (Gloucester), house 50 Main 

a John, fisherman, house Phillips av., Pigeon Cove 

it Lucretia, widow of John, house Phillips av., Pigeon C ove 

a William II. teamster, house 23 Main 
Hartley Warren, traveling salesman, house Parker st. 
Hartwell Joseph E. house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Harvey Albert E. engineer, house 14 Mt. Pleasant 
Harwood Thomas T. H. civil engineer (Boston), house Main 

street, corner Broadway 
Haskell Addison, teamster, house Bear-skin Neck, cor. Dock Bq. 

u Benjamin, farmer, house High, near School 

a Charles, mariner, house Hooper av. 

tt Emerson, lohsterman, house Summer st. 

tt John, mariner, house Atlantic av. 

«. Solomon, laborer, boards with Emerson Haskell 
Haskin L. M. (Boston), summer residence Summit av. 
Haskius Frank K. salt fish, wholesale, Bear-skin Neck \ ftlso 
restaurant, 8 Dock sq. house High, near School it 

tt George M. prop. Uockport Review, b. High, neai School - 

tt Leander M. isinglass manuf., Beach st. house Pool's Hill, 
King st. ["<»' 

tt Lottie, widow of George K. confectionery, 5W Broadway, 

a Nancy, widow of Samuel, house 8 Kil 
Hawley Peter, fisherman, house Main >t. 
Hayes Ellen, widow of Patrick, house Forest st. 

it M. \V. Scott, blacksmith, house Summit av. 
Henderson Samuel 6. crockery dealer, house High, n. M 

358 UOCKPOUT dii;i.( lnin . 

Hendrickson Andrew, laborer, house Granite si , Pigeon Cove 

" Gustaf, paving cutter, house Forest -t. 

a Henry, laborer, h, Granite st. near Rock port Granite I - 

<< Israel, quarryman, house Pigeon Hill st , Pigeon Cove 
Heme Robert R. supt. Commercial Cable Uo. house Pleasant, 
opp. School st. 

a Susan, widow of Andrew, house Pleasant, opp. School -t 
Herrmosson Jacob, paving cutter, house Forest st. 
Higgius John, laborer, house Uowe av. 
Hilliev Fred T. clerk, boards with George Tucker 
Himmelsbach John F. (Philadelphia), suiniiier residence I'liillips 
av.. Pigeon Cove 

nINGERS HENRY, merchant tailor, 52 Main, house Jo. 
_ (see page 517) 
Hobbs Joseph, fisherman, house High st. near Mt. Pleasaut 
a William J. (Maiden), summer residence, Marmion ivuj 
Hodgins James, blacksmith, house Granite st. near Beach 
a William H. house and carriage painter, Granite st. near 
Pigeon Cove Chaj)el, boards Granite st. hear Beach 
Hodgkins Ambrose, engineer, house Alain >t. above High 
« Benjamin, laborer, house South street 
u Charles, house High, near Main street 
" Howard, fish buyer, house Summit av. 
tt John B. (Hodgkins & Todd), High and Parker streets, 

house High street 
« J. Wakefield, laborer, boards South street 
u Mary K. Miss, compositor, !> School, boards Main street 
tt Sarah G. widow, boards Ambrose Hodgkius 
« William B. poultry dealer, house High, near Main street 
m & Todd {John H. Hodgkim* Georgi II. T ld) x ice deal- 
ers, High and Parker streets 
Hokkane Andrew, paving cutter, house Granite st . Pigeon Cove 
Hokanson John, laborer, rooms Granite (street, Pigeon Gove 
Holbrook David, stone hammerer, house King-street av. 
Holgreeu Charles, paving cutter, b. Phillips av., Pigeon I 
Holmes Joseph H. farmer, house School, cor. Broad WM J 
Holstead Thomas, milkman, house High, above Mai -hall street 
Hooper Alton S. carpenter, house 9 Hooper av. 
a Charles* T. carpenter, house Main st. near water works 
(< Eliza, widow of John, house 00 Main 
u John & Son (John ffooper), lumber, brick, lime and c< 
menr, 60 Main and Railroad av. house Main, i i H 
road avenue 
»» Susan P. widow of Robeit, house Hale street 
Hovey Hamblin L. (Walthaui), summer re*. Land's I 
Hull' Charles F. grocer. Granite Btreet, cor. Phillip*) M P 

Cove, house do. 
Humalamaki Israel, paving cutter, house Forest Btreet 
u John, paving cutter, house Forest street 
m Jonas, paving cutter, house Forest street 


Hurt] James A. V. painter, house Phillip's av., Pigeon Cove 

Hurley James, laborer, boards Forest street 
a John, quarryman, house Forest street 
a John, jr. paving cutter, hoards Forest street 

Hutchings Elizabeth A. widow of Reuben, house King street 
a Luella Miss, teacher, grammar school, Pigeon Hill, hoards 

» ' o 'to 

King street 
Hutchins Samuel, laborer, house 14 Dock square 

a Samuel E. engineer, house 14 Dock square 
Hutchkins Lucy, widow of George, house filain, near Parker St. 
Hyvonen John, grocer, Forest street, house do. 

INNIS GEORGE J. paving cutter, hoards Orrin L. Hall's, 

Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Isaacson Jacob, paving cutter, house Granite, cor. Forest street 
a John, quarryman, house Granite st. near Granite Co.'s office 

JACOBS MICHAEL, paving cutter, house Granite, comer 
Forest street 

Jacobsoh Jacob, paving cutter, house Forest street 
it Mikko, paving cutter, house Forest street 

Jasj>er Henry, quarryman, house Oakland av.. Pigeon Cove 

Jelmberg Elias, blacksmith, house Oakland av., Pigeon Cove 

Jeremy Fred, iceman, house Main, near Railroad av. 
a Peter, cooper, house South street, Land's End 

Johnson Adolph, quarryman, boards Sven Johnson's, off 
Pigeon J I ill street 
tt Alfred, blacksmith, house Cuitis street, Pigeon Cove 
a Andrew, fisherman, boards Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
it Hen A. paving cutter, house Stockholm av., Pigeon Cove 
u Betsey Mrs. house Phillips av., Pigeon Cove 
a Charles, laborer, house Forest street 

a Charles, quarryman, house Pigeon Hill St., Pigeon Cove 
<< Klias, clerk. Forest street, hoards do. 
u Emily Mrs. house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
u Esther, clerk, Granite street, Pigeon Cove, hoards do. 
a Gustaf, groceries, Granite street. Pigeon Cove, house do. 
a Gustaf, paving cutter, boards Peter Johnsons, Story street 
« Harold D. brakeman, B. & M. RR. house 78 Main 
« Jacob, quarryman, house Union lane, oil' Main street 
a John, laborer, house off Railroad av. 
a John, paving cutter, house Curtis street, Pigeon Cove 
a Lewis, quarryman, hoards Phillips av., Pigeon Cove 
4. Manley, paving cutter, house Story street. Pigeon Cove 
u Martha, widow of John, boards Smith's court 
a Peter, paving cutter, house Story street. Pigeon Cove 
tt Sven, paving cutter, h. off Pigeon Hill street, Pigeon Cove 

Jones Benjamin H. blacksmith, house Mt. Pleasant street, near 
Mt. Pleasant square 
u Charles E. blacksmith, house Mill lane, off Main street 


Jones George, laborer, Cleaves street 
a John R. quarryman, house 16 King 
u Sarah A. widow of Edward, house 80 Main 

Jordan Frank, clerk, P. Tarr & Bro., Mt. Pleasant Bquare, 
house 12 Dock square 
a Stephen, painter, hoards 12 Dock square 

Joseph Manuel, fisherman, house Parker, near Broadway 

KALLIOMAA JOHN, quarry man, house Forest street 

Kangus John, quarry man, house Forest street 

Karppi Gustaf, quarry man, house Pigeon Hill tit., Pigeon Cove 

Keating Michael F. junk dealer, Bear-skin Neck, house .Main st. 

Keefe Catherine, widow oi" John, house Granite, near Purest Bt. 
« Dennis, quarry man, house Granite street; Pigeon ( i 
a John, stone cutter, hoards Granite, near Forest street 
u Thomas, stone cutter, house Granite, near Forest street 
u William, stone cutter, house Granite, near Forest street 

Kendall Jahez, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

Kenefiek Eliza Miss, house Parker street 
" Philip, house 6 Parker 

Kennerson David, laborer, house Forest street 

Keyser John L. (Waltham), summer res. Land's End 

Kimball Frances M. saleswoman, 8 Main, boards Granite at., 
Pigeon Cove 
ti Thomas, laborer, house Phillips av., Pigeon Cove 

King Napoleon, quarryman, hoards 11 Railroad av. 
a Oliver, carpenter, house Smith's court 

Kinney George, laborer, boards High, near Main Btreet 

Kinsman Mary M. Mrs. house 3 Summer 

Knights Abigail Miss, house Granite, cor. King Btreet 
tt Benjamin F. laborer, house rear King street 
it Frances, widow of William, house 45 King 
a Francis N. fisherman, house Mill lane, <>ii Main Btreet 
a James, fisherman, house Mill lane, oil -Main Btreet 
u John S. restaurant, opp. U. K depot, house 1~> King 
u Warren, house Pigeon Hill Btreet, Pigeon Cove 
u William, fisherman, house Mill lane, of! Main Bt. 

Knowlton Alberta L. widow of Win. J. h. Granite, c. Beach it 
a Arthur K. clerk. Main street, boards ilo. 
« Benjamin H. baker, house 12 King 
a Catherine, widow of .Jackson, house Smith's court 
u Cutler 1). boards Granite, cor. Reach Btreet 
.. Daniel, carpenter, King Btreet, llOUSC 76 Summit av. 
a Daniel A. carpenter, house King Btreet 
u Kben, baker, rear 12 King, house 12 do, 
u Edgar, snpt. and asst. treasurer Pigeon Hill G l i 

house 29 School 
*. John K. insurance agent, house 58 Main 
.. Matilda, widow of Michael, house So ith »t. 
» Melville, engineer, house 1 1 Beach 


Knowlton Mercy W. widow of Addison, house 11 Beach 
u Rhoda A. widow of Orlando, house King »t. near Beach 
a Sidney, laborer, house Hroadway, cor. School street 
u Susie \V. widow of E. Seymour, house Broadway av. 
« William D. master mariner, house Granite st., Pigeon Cove 
u William P. clerk, boards 14 Beach 

Knutsford Lucy A. widow of William, house Cleaves itn i | 

Knutz. Andrew, quarry man, house Forest Btreet 
it Kusti, quarry man, boards Forest street 

Knuuttunen Herman, quarry man, house Forest Btreet 
<< John, paving cutter, house Forest street 
u John, quarry man, house Forest street 

Koivester Matthew, quarry man, house Forest street 

LAFO AGNES, widow of Joseph, h. High, near Broadway av. 

Laf ranee Edward, paving cutter, bds. David Mackay's, Curtifl -t. 

Laing James S. (New York), summer residence, High street 
above Broadway av. 

Lamb James, teamster, house oil' Granite .street, near Rock port 
Granite Co.'s oflice 
a John, house Smith's court 
" John, 2d, blacksmith, house off Granite street, near K-uk- 

port Granite Co.'s oiiice 
« Owen, quarry man, boards off Granite street, near Rock port 
Granite Co.'s office 

Lamberg Enoch, paving cutter, house Forest street 

Lamson Mary E. teacher, house Mt. Locust av.. Pigeon Cove 
a Samuel L. house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

Landergren John M. stone cutter, h. Curtifl stie. t. Pigeon L'u\e 

Lane Albert W. trav. salesman, house 14 Mi. Plea-ant 
44 Alfred, janitor, house Mt. Pleasant street 
»4 Andrew, farmer, house 41 South 
44 Arthur, farmer, house 60 South 
44 Emily, widow of Edward, house 10 Parker 
44 Everett', jeweller (Gloucester), house High, DOM Main st. 
44 Gorham N. gluemaker, house Mt. Pleasant, COl 
44 Hannah S. 1). widow of Andrew, house 43 South 
44 Horace, farmer, house 43 King 
4v John H. teamster, house Hooper av. 
44 Levei ett, keeper Almshouse, South street, house do. 

Larson Charles, paving cutter, house Curtis >ti«>: Pi I 

44 Charles, paving cutter, boards Phillip- av., P i( 

44 Charles B. quarry man, house Oakland at . Pu 
44 Gustavus, paving cutter, house Curtifl street, Pi l 

u Herman, quarry mat i, house Granite street Pigeon ( 
44 Louis, paving cutter, house Curtifl Btreet, 1" i ( 

Lauri Olive, qiiarryinan, house Granite Btreet, • 

Lawson John F. mariner, house 48 Mail! 

Le Court Francis A. patternmaker, h. Granite It, Pi 

Leedberg Walter, paving cutter, house Smith it 

362 WOG.KPOKT IMiitlCToin . 

Leemau Joseph, printer, [muse Gott street 
Le Gallee George W. tailor, house South street 
Leighton Kdvvin, house King st. near Railroad av. 
Leivonen Henry, lahorer, house Forest street 
Lemati Peter, fisherman, house GO Main 
Leonard David A. house Smith's court 

c» Hairy I 1 , mason, house Smith's court 
Lewis Frank (). blacksmith, house 13 Cleaves 

u Parker S. painter, boards 13 Hale 

u William, fisherman, house Granite St., Pigeon I 
Lilja Peter M. paving cutter, h. Pigeon Hill st., Pigf »n C**\ 
Lincoln Mary L. Miss, supt. of schools, bds. Beaeh View 11 .use 
Li ml Edward, clerk, A.. W. Story's, bds. Granite st., Pigeon C ■ •■ 

n Frank, paving cutter, house Granite street, Pigeon I 
Linder Franz, quarryman, house Pigeon Hill st., Pigeon I 
Lindholm Chat les, driver, house Granite street, Pigeon Ci»ve 
Linehau Cornelius, quarryman, hoards liowe av. 

a David, quarryinan, house Pigeon Hill st., Pigeon Cove 

(< Thomas, quarryinan, house Liowe av. 
Littlefield Hartwell R master mariner, house 3 South 

« Manly G. coal and wood, Railroad av. house Siioiiuit ft. 
Llewellyn Norman, shoemaker, If. Main st. near water m i 
Logan Frank, fisherman, house 20 Main 
Long Kdward, t,(M, k. house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Longley George W. engineer, house High, near Marshall 

tt Moses, engineer, house Smith's court 

« Moses, lahorer, house Beach street, near Main 
Loppi -John, paving cutter, house Forest street 
Low Brainard, lish dealer (Gloucester), house Main, neni High 

a Brainard, jr. boards Main, near High 

a Levi, house Main street 

it Martha J. widow of Daniel, house Main streel 

tt Willie, hoards Main street 
Lowe Ada F. widow of Fdward P. nurse, house C Doek ><) 

a Annie F. Miss, seamstress, hoards 6 Dork g<] 

»< Charles H. prijiter, hoards 13 Dock sq. 

u Everett B. cook, hoards 13 Dock sq. 

u George A. dentist. Bank hldg. Main st house 10 II ta.lwaj 

a Henry M. clerk, IVm. \i. Dennett's, house 13 IJ 

a Sophroma M. widow of Kben S. dressmaker, h 

u\ Susan A. nurse, house Ml. Pleasant, neai PI 
Ludberg Charles, paving cutter, house Oakland av., Pi 
Ludwig DeBenneville K. (Philadelphia), summer rea G 

Pigeon Cove 
Lufkin Allen, lahorer, house Breakwater street, Pigeon ( 

u Amos, house Granite street. Pigeon Cove 

a Emma, bookkeeper, A. Goodwiu's, boards Granite Itftet, 
Pigeon Cove 

« Sarah T. widow of Caleb, house Granite *>t., Pijj on I 
Lunden Gustaf, blacksmith, bouse Curtis >. . Pigeou Cove 



Lurvey Abraham, stone cutter, house Curtis st , Pigeon Cove 
a Bryant, foreman, house Curtis street, Pi eon Cove 
« Frank N. boards 20 Hale 
a Lucy W. widow, house; 20 Hale 

a Mary L. teacher, house Ml. Locust av.. Pigeon Cove 
>< 0. Lowell, boards Abraham Lurvey's, Curtis streH 

MACK MARY, housekeeper at 12 Prospect 

Mack ay David, quarryman, house Curtis street, Pige hi Cove 
.4 William, paving cutter, house 23 Main 

Mag u ire Edward, blacksmith, house Phillips av . Pigeon I 

Main Mayhew, paving cutter, hotn>e Curtis, neni Giatiitfe, 
Pigeon Cove 

Makiiien John, laborer, house Granite, near Beach 

Maimburg Peter, paving cutter, boards Peter M Lilju's, !' 
Hill street 

Manning Bertha, music teacher, boards 2 Railroad a\. 
u Chailes B. (Boston), summer res. Beach streH 
« [da, teacher, Broadway grammar school, b. 1*> Broadway av. 
« -John J. traveling salesman, house 16 Broadw \ av. 
u William N. jewelry, watches, etc. 40 Main. h. 2 Utilroad av. 

Mannix Thomas, laborer, boards Beach st ueai Granite 

Mansfield Ellen, widow of Martin, house Granite -t . P. C 
u James E. lireman, bds. Mrs. E. Mansfield's Pig*oii I 
u John II. Rev. (Gardner), summer res Maim ... way 
.> John M. laborer, bds. Mrs. K. Mansfield's, Pigi 
.. Martin J. machinist, bds. .Mrs E. Mansfield'.-, Pi«j Cove 

Manson William E. teamster, house Granite st . Pig a ■ ' 

Maichant Cynthia, widow of William, bds. Granite tit.. I' I 
a Roxanna, widow of Charles, house off Granite t*l. near 
Gloucester line 

Margesoij Gilbert V. artist, house Main st. 

Maiblmll Albert II. fisherman, house High, cor. Parkei »t. 
u Antoine F machinist, boards Burt's ay. 
c< Chas. E. (Marshall & Marchant), Main si. h ai Gloucester 
« George A. hairdresser, Savage blk , Mam si. I, 1-. ' I 11 g\\ 
ti James M. lawyer (Gloucester), boards Burt's av. 
u John W. coal and wood, 11 M t . Pleasant, h 27 liroadwaj 
u Manuel M. fisherman, house Burt's av. 
« Martha, widow (Boston), summer res. 30 Beach 
n William \V. house High, near Marshall til 
- ec Maichant (C. E. Marshall), con feet ioi rj M i i 

Mars ton Abraham, house 1<>.~> Main 

Martin Charles F. painter, house High st. neai B.roi Itray ai . 
« David Mel), cable operator, house 31 Sell < -1 
t< Edward J. fish dealer, Hah- at house do, 
m Fred W. foreman Gloucester Fresh Fish Co., B i 

Neck, house Cleave- st. 
a Fred W. boards Hah- st. 

ct Isabelle J. Miss, nurse, boards Hale Bt 


Martin John C. laborer, house Stockholm av. 

« Joseph, engineer, house 7 Smith 

a Lorenzo A. chairman hoard of selectmen, and tax collector, 
house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

« Mary, widow, liouse 17 Prospect 
INIason Adeline, widow of Isaac, house Granite St., Pigeon C'wv.- 

(i Almon, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

a Andrew J, apothecary, Granite street, Pigeon Cove, home 
Mt. Locust av. do. [Pigeon * 

a Edgar T. brakeman, B. & M. R. II. boards Granite street, 

it Elizabeth, widow, nurse, house Hale street 

a Henry P. clerk, boards Andrew J. Mason's, Mt. Locust av. 

" Ora A. teacher, Pigeon Cove, boards Granite street, do. 

.<. Thomas B. house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Matheson John, mason, boards Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

a Susan J. widow of Murdoch, house Granite Bt., Pigeon Cove 
M.itson Hamon, stone cutter, house Granite &t., Pigeon Cove 

u Holt, milkman, house Stockholm av., Pigeon Cove 

u John, paving cutter, house Forest street [Co. *8 office 

« Matthew, quarry man, house Granite street, near Granite 

.. Oscar, paving cutter, house Smith street 
Mattson Matt, laborer, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
May George, blacksmith, boards Granite St., Pigeon Cove 
McClain George M. ship modeller, house .'"5") Broadway 
McClellan Kenneth, boards Gott avenue, Pigeon Cove 

u Phoebe, widow, house Gott avenue, Pigeon Cove 
McClennen John E. fisherman, house Atlantic av. 
McDonald William, painter, boards loot of Mt, Pleasant 
McDonnell Peter, laborer, house Curtis street. Pigeon Cove 
McFarland Arthur J. carpenter, house 7 Norwood ;t\. 

u Peter, paving cutter, house Main street 
McGrath Andrew E. laborer, boards Granite, near Forest street 

a Michael, house Granite, near Forest Street 
MeHenry Estill W. (St. Louis, Mo.), summer m. Land'* Kl 1 
Mclsaac Daniel, teamster, house Pigeon Hill >t.. Pig ( 

McKenzie Robert, quarry man, house Granite Bt., Pigeon I 
McKinnon Henry J. stonecutter, house Broadway, i 

a Nehemiah, stone cutter, house 41 Railroad av. 
McLane George M. boots and shoes, 42 Main. ItOUSC 1 I 

above f Marshall 
McLeod Malcolm, quarryman, house Granite Bt . Pi( 
McNeil John, janitor, house Norwood av. 
Meader John H. farmer, house Marraion wa) 
Meagher Eugene, paving cutter, house Granite street, B6M 
Rock port Granite Co. 

(i Simon P. bookkeeper (Gloucester), beards Granite 
near Rock port Granite Co. 
Memorial Hall, Main .street 

Merguson Augustus, fiiherraan, boards Smith street 
Merridew James P. wholesale produce, 2 Jewett, hous4 


Merrill Dennett, carpenter, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

it Moss (Boston), summer res., Phillips av., Pigeon Cove 
Miller Benjamin, teamster, bds. Allied A. Heed's, Me Locust av. 
]\lillett Betsey, widow of Edward, house High, near School I 

u Edward, laborer, house High, near School street 

« James E. fruit dealer, 25 Mt. Pleasant square, house do. 
Mills Charles F. cable operator, house South, cor. Marinion way 

a Claude, with Cable Co. house 1 South 

u George, cable operator, house Pleasant, near Mt Pleasant st 
Mitchell Howard, shoemaker, house Cleaves street 

tt Howard Dudley, student, Bank bldg., Main st. bds. Jewett -t. 

a Howard AV. dentist, boards Cleaves street 

a L. Prescott, mariner, house Granite street, mar Bock port 
Granite Co.'s olfice 

tt Margaret H. widow of Freeman I), house Granite 
near Boekport Granite Co.'s oilice 
Moody Alvin, quarryman, boards Olof G. Moody's. Main st. 

tt Kben P. i'oreimui, house Main, near Hale street 

it Oloi* G. paving- cutter, house Main street 

<* Prescott, hostler, house 53 Main 
Moore Frederick, boards Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

a John G. hairdresser, Main street, opp. Post-otlice, hous< 
Pleasant, near School street 

it Orin, teamster, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Morgan Andrew F. house Granite st., Pig. on Cove 
Morse Sophia, widow of Ezrom, house Cleaves street 

a Stephen M. (Norton), house Granite st., Pigeon Cove 
Moseley John G. (Boston), summer residence, Marinion wraj 
Moulton Miss, house Granite street, near King 
Mu-ir James, at Cable office, house South street 
Munroe Andrew C. paving cutter, house Breakwater street 
Murdock Abram, carpenter, house Green st., Pigeon (\>\ ■ 
Murphy Michael J. paving cutter, house 57 Main 
Murray Albert, harnessmaker, School st. house (» Broadw 

u Effie, teacher, Broadway grammar school, bds. 6 B v. 

u Eliza, widow, house; off Granite street, Pigeon C 

tt Mary E. Miss, house Curtis .st. cor. Granite, Pigeon Co\ 

n Samuel B. foreman, boards Granite street, Pigeon t 

u William, engineer, boards 130 Main 
Myers William, lionise Beach street, cor. King 

NASON DEBORAH 1). Mits. house 3 Suiuinei 

Nelson Charles S. fisherman, boards Phillips av.. Pigeon I 

« Ernest, boards Broadway 

a Frank, teamster, boards at William 11. Evans' 

a John, grocer, 1 King, house do. 

tt John, quarryman, house Granite st. uear Rockport Gi 

.<■ Nels, foreman, house Pigeon 11 ill street. Pi D ( 

« Thomas, laborer, house Broadway 
Newbold John, stonecutter, house fool of lit Pleasant 



Newcomb Thomas, keeper Straitsmouth Light station. Iio i 
Newell George F. express messenger, house rear King street 
Newman John S. fisherman, boards Granite St., Pigeon I 
Nichols Edgar II. (Cambridge), summer residence, Laud i II 
Nickerson Annie L. Miss, teacher, Cove Hill primary, third 
and fourth grades, boards Hale street 

u Bessie, widow of Lewis E. house 88 Main 

u Ephraim D. grocer, Mt. Pleasant street, house Railroad 
av. cor. Summit av. 

a Fred L. grain dealer. Railroad av. opp. di pot, h. 88 Mam 

« Liz/ie, teacher, Broadway grammar school 
Niemi Gustaf, quarryman, hoards Granite street, ueai li >ckpoit 
Granite Co. 

u John, paving cutter, house Granite street. Pigeon ( 

« Matte, quarryman, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

u Matthew, (marry man, house Forest street 
Noble Ann, widow, house High, near Broadway av. 

« Finma, widow of John, boards Broadway av u. High -i. 

u Francis {Thurston cC - iVoZ/Ze), groceries, 1 Dock 

High, near Marshall street I 

Nordstrand Pontos, quarryman; house Pigeon Hill St., I' 
Norwood Albert, mariner, house South street 

•u Albert F. laborer, house High, near Marshall street 

•« Carrie P. widow of John B. house South street 

u Charles, cook, house 78 Main 

» Charles E. laborer, house Summer street 

u Fiducia Miss, house Main street 

a Gorhain, fruit and produce, house High. cor. School street 

a Henry li. teamster, house (55 Main 

« James, fisherman, house Granite street, Pigeon ( 

c< Martha, widow of John P. boards William J. !> 
Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

u Martha, widow, house foot of Mt. Pleasaiit street 

a Reuben, teamster, house Mill lane, oil str< 

u Sarah, widow of Ferdinand, house High, u. Broadw 

u Sarah J. widow of William II, house -7 Pleasant 

u Seward, engineer, house Cleaves street 

u William K. fisherman, house Hale sti »et 

u William T. painter, house King street 
Nozell Eugene Mrs. house Broadway, neai School sir** 

u Joseph, laborer, boards Broadway, ueai S .. >l 
Nugent Charles J. farmer, boards Main st u. Glum 

u Patrick J. farmer and milkman, house Maiu • 

Gloucester line 

u Robert J. clerk, boards Main st D rG r line 

OAKES GEORGE, carpenter, house Swumei 

t( Lawson, mason, boards Summei il 
O'Brien 0. St. C. pliysician, 8 Broatlway, house do. 

a Terrence, laborer, house Main, neai U 


Odd Fellows Hall, Broadway, cor. School 

O'Hearn Henry, mariner, hoards Granite street, Pigeon C 

« John, clerk, Chas. F. Huff's, bds. Phillips av., Pi 

u John, stonecutter, boards Thomas 0' fleam's, PhiUips av. 

a Patrick, stone cutter, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

u Thomas, stone cutter, house Phillips av., Pigeon I 

tt Thomas, jr. clerk, George H. Shepherd's, boards Phillips 
av., Pigeon Cove 

u William, engineer, boards Granite street, Pigeon ( 
Oiler Christopher, quarry man, house -1 King 
Olson Aaron, paving cutter, house off Granite Bt. ueai R 
Granite Co.'s office 

« Carl G. stone mason, house Oakland av., l'i (OH < 

a Charles, laborer, house off Railroad av. 

u James, fisherman, house South street 

a Maurice, mariner, boards off Granite street, neai K 
Granite Co.'s ollice 

a Olof, quarry man, hoards Peter Johnson'-, Story sti 
Oman Antti, paving cutter, house Granite st., Pigeon C 
Onderdonk Albert P. clerk, Rockport Granite Co. h. ut S 
Orne Angelina, widow of William, h. Curtis street, Pi 

«<• Ferdinand, manager Rockport Granite Co.'a 
Granite, near Forest 
Ornellas George W. master mariner, house Mt. Pleasant - 

u Louise G. widow, house Mt. Pleasant street 
Orr Charles, mariner, boards 16 Granite 

t< Charles S. C. watchman, house 16 Granite 

u Edmund S. 11. master mariner, house 1<> Granite 

u Fthel, clerk, 88 Alain, boards 1(5 Granite 

PALMQUFST HANS, paving cutter, house Forest street 
Palo Emil, quaiTyman, house Forest street 

ii John, quarry man,- house Forest street 
Paradis John H. quarryman, house Uuiou lane, ofl Main 
Parker Angle Miss, house off l>roadua\ 

u Charles, house Pleasant, near School 

u George W. laborer, bouse Cleaves ut 

ii Henry S. blacksmith, house Granite St., P ' 

ii Howard S. asst. keeper Cape Ann Ligh - 
15 road way 

.. Lyman W. foreman, house Granite I . 1' 

« William Howe, quarry Foreman, Pigeon lldl U1..1.: 
house Granite st., Pigeon ( love 
Parsley Martha, widow, house Hale st 
Parsons Benjamin, supt. lieech Gi I 

u Calvin T. fisherman, house Granite St., I' I 

u Charles \V. laborer, board* oil Main, • 

a Charlotte, widow, house uff Main, neai Hi 

ii Daniel 1). janitor High sell Mil, Ii 

ii Ervin C. fisherman, boards! with Ual.iu 1. Paw 


Parsons Fletcher W. laborer, boards School, eor. Plea* u 

a Fred F. carpenter, h. Granite, cor. Curtis St., P I 

it George II. mariner, house High, neai School -t. 

a Howard, farm hand, boards South t. 

a Jannette Miss, house 39 Main [cor. Sell 

» Jennie 15. teacher, Mt. Pleasant-st. school, board* I' 

« John, ins, agent and notary public, Savaj •• block, Main i 
house Pleasant, cor. School st. 

u John B, fisherman, house 1 Hale 

it Louise, widow, house It) Hale 

n L. Cleaves, clerk, house Railroad av. 

it William, postmaster, house Hale st. 

.i Zehulon, laborer, house South St. 
Patch William 13. engineer, house Phillips av., Pi eon < 
Patriquin Archibald, quarry man, house Forest st. 

a James W. (Gloucester), hoard- Forest st. 
Paul Annie M. widow of Oliver, house oil Parker st. 

« Dvvight M. iireman, boards oil Parker -t 

u Harriet, widow, house 27 Main 
Pearson Andrew, blacksmith, house Pigeon Hill st., P. (' 

« John, paving cutter, house Pigeon Hill st., Pigeon 1 
Peck ham Walter G. painter, house 52 Main 
Pelrine Frank, mariner, house Granite >n>-. i. Pi 
Penman John H. cable operator, house 1" South 
Perkins Albert, laborer, boards King, mar lieacli 

u Arthur K. [dumber, 12 Dock sq. boards Kil . . I 

« Frank H. freighter, house School, neat- I! 

« Henry W. AI is. (Salem), summer res. Laud - End 

a James G. mariner, house 20 King 

« Parker S. artist, house High, near Ml PI 

u Samuel (Jr. fisherman, house Parker street 

« Stephen, house King, near lieacli 

u Stephen A. laborer, house King, near Mcach 

k William, engineer, hour High, near School 
Peterson Andrew, fisherman, house Mt. PI 

u Axel, paving cutter, boards Pliilli| 

.... Ellen J. widow of William, boards Schoi I, Plea 

it Francis A. paving cutter, ho I ■■ Stn li 

« Helena, Vidou ol Carl K. hou ureal U M I 

it John, laborer, house Green street, 1' l 

u Joseph, paving cutter, house Pigeon lldl ■• 

u iMaitha A. widow of Alexander A. I Gru 

Pigeon Cove 

u Mat. paving cutter, house Granite at i 
Pettingill Edward, board, I'D Hale 

.. Ephraiiu S. master mariner, bouse 1 I I 

u Gilbert N. chiropodist, board* 11 Clea 

u Joseph, house 20 11 ale 
Philbrook Charles A. teamster, board* I ( • 

u David M. teamster, boards Granite it 


Philbrook Ernest I), teamster, boards Granite -< . Pi 
a Hiram J. house Smith street 
« Isaac C. teamster, boards Granite street, Pit" hi I 
tt [sane T. teamster, house Granite street, Pi I 

a William T. farmer, hoards Granite street, Pig i I 

Pickering Eben, laborer, liouse Mt. Pleasant street 
tt Sarah G. widow of John J. liouse High, neat liroad 
a Winthrop, stone mason, liouse High, near Marshall 

Pierce Abhie M. widow of Ward A. postmistress P I 

P. O. house Granite street, opp. the church. Pi 
u Aloiv/.o, master mariner, house 1 1 1 .* 1. 1 .. .1 , av. coi High 
u Annie E. widow ol' Sylvester, h. Granite st , Pi i ( 
.. Frank N. mariner, boards Iiroadwa) av. cor. Uijh 
.. John, hairdresser, -1 Dock square, house School I 
.« John B. mariner, boards liroadway av. cor. High 
n Samuel, engineer, house .Main street, iieai wal I 

Pigeon Cove Tool Co., Z. L. Sault, treas., Curtis st., 1' 
;> Hill Granite C\»., Granite street, Pige 

Pimley Wlliam, cable operator, bouse Suinui treel 

Pingree Arthur Rev. hoards Bryan! Lurvi , s, Curtis ■' I' 
.. Sarah J. widow of Henry 0. bouse Granite st . H 

Pittee Albert F. watchman, house High, near M irslin 

Poland George L. manager Gloucester Kim I. 1 

skin Neck, house High, near Marshall treel 
u Howard, fisherman, house Granite street, at i ■ ^ 
u William F. harnessmaker, bds. Granit< it G 

Pool Calvin W. town clerk and ri\il engineer, h I 
tt'- George, mason, house Main, cor. Hale street 
u Moses, mariner, house 9 Hale 
a Moses W. mariner, boards '.) Hale 
tt It. C. & Co., dry goods and genu' furuishi I 

Main, house School street 
tt Theodore L. cigars, etc. IG Main, house J) 

Poole Albert, farmer, boards South street 
tt Albert, laborer, house Atlantic av. cor, Ml PI isant 
« Albert F. fisherman, hoards oil Mi. Pleasant 
a Augusta Miss, house '11 Beach 
tt Burrill, laborer, house rear •'> South 
« Caleb, borse shoer, house 5.'i Mail) 
it Charles, farmer, house GO Mt. Pleasant 
tt Charles A. clerk, boards Atlantic a\ i »i Mt PI 
tt Clarence, I'arm hand, boards South it 
a Edward C. farmer, boards Main, above II 
a Klla E. Mrs. dressmaker, house Mt. P 
tt Esther K. widow of Joshua, house Mt. PI 
a Eva, house Atlantic a\ , 
« Frank W. farmer, boards M lin, al >v< 11 
u Fred E. optician, house 27 Beach 
« George A. farmer, boards So ith 


Poole George Ff. farmer, boards 8 Prospect 

u Harvey C. painter and paperbanger, liouse High, cornei 
> School street 

« Jerome, farmer, liouse 60 iMt. Pleasant 

u John P. mariner, hoards off Ml. Pleasant street 

« John J. farmer, house Granite street, Pig soil Cove 

u John J. Mrs. dry goods, Granite st , Pigeon Cove, housi do 

u Joseph, farmer, liouse 8 Prospect 

u Joseph H. electrician, boards John J. Poole's, Granite St. 

u Joshua II. fanner, house Mt.. Pleasant street 

a J. Howard, mariner, hoards South street 

v. J. Sidney, apothecary, 44 Main, do. 

u Kate, widow of Caleb N. bouse oil Mt. Pleasant street 

a Loring G. teamster, house Atlantic av. 

« Mary, widow of James J. house South strei t 

k» Mary J. Mrs. house South street 

a Melville C. farmer, house Main, near High street 

u Nathaniel, milk and produce, house Main, above Higb -t. 

u Newton H. engineer, house 28 King 

« Ralph C. dry goods, house School, cor. Gott street 

k< Rhoda, widow of John, bouse Granite street, Pigeon 

a Rufus, house High, near Main* street 

u Story D. house 80 South 

a William, laborer, bouse Summei street 

a William H. fanner, house South strict 

u William O. farmer, house 15 South [ Pigeon I 

Pope Mary Miss (Roxbury), suibmer residence, Phillii 

.. William C. prop. Turk's Head [nn, Land's Lnd. bouse at 
Powers Catherine, widow of John, boards Granite, near H.cucli ^r. 
Pratt Frank H. prop. Pigeon Cove House, Granite si. I< . 

u James G. paving cutter, bouse Granite St . Pigi n ( 

« James M. paving cutter, boards James G Pratt - Granite 
street, Pigeon Cove 
Price Henry E. (table operator, bouse Pleasant, i H ol st. 

Prindall William H. driver, American Kxpresa ( ... lini I 

Main street, house South street 
Prindle Charles W. clerk, bouse Main, above Higli street 
Prior Mary S r widow of Eugene K. bouse ofl lli_h. nefti 

Marshall street 
Public Library, Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Pulsifer Louis I), clerk. Pigeon Cove House, boards do. 
Pushee Albert H. foreman, bouse Pigeon Hill it., P nCo\ 

u John R. foreman, bouse Granite street, P ,< >n I 
Putnam Granville 1>. (West Newton), ftuiniuei resid 
Branch av., Pigeon Cove 

QU1NN DENNIS, stone cutter, bouse Cleaves itreel 
u John, engineer, boards Cleaves street 


RAFFERTY FRANK, paving cutter, house Granite street, 

over Rockport Granite Co.'s grocery 
Rainsdell Edward II. engineer, house 58 Granite, Pigeon Cove 
Randa Jacob, laborer, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Ranta William, cpiarryman, house Granite street, near Rockport 

Granite Co. 
Ratta John, paving cutter, house Curtis street, Pigeon Cove 
Reardon Michael, railroad section hand, bds. 41 Railroad av. 
Reed Alfred A. teamster, house Mt. Locust av.. Pigeon Cove 
it Harriet N. widow of, Merrill El. house High .street, near 

Broadway a v. 
u Joseph M. house Granite street. Pigeon Cove 
>< William M. baggagemaster, B. & M. R. R. house High st. 
near Broadway av. 
Rice Albert, laborer, house High street, above Broadway ay. 
Rich Albert F. mariner, house 27 Main 
u Arthur W. fisherman, boards Norwood av. near Atlantic ar. 
.<. Gilbert, fisherman, house Norwood av. near Atlantic av. 
.. Gilbert, laborer, Win. K. Dennett's, house; Norwood's .Head 
it Melvin G. fisherman, boards Norwood av: n. Atlantic av. 
Richards Fred G. (Haverhill), summer res., Marmio'n way 
Richardson Nathaniel, treas. Granite Savings Bank', house do, 
Ridley William, blacksmith, house King street 
Riley William, laborer, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Robb Andrew, groceries, 2 Dock sq. house 10 Broadway av. 
Robbius Betsey, widow of Nathaniel, house King street 
. k Rosanna, widow of William, house It) Granite 
>* Thomas H. conductor, house High, near Marshall street 
Roberts David, stone cutter, house Curtis street, Pigeon Cove 
u Ernest W. (Chelsea), summer residence, Land's End 
u Stephen, variety store, Bear-skin Neck, house do. 
Robertson William W. clerk, Rockport Granite Co. house Bay 

View, Gloucester 
Robinson Fred, engineer, house Main street 
u George, mariner, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
it Laura E. widow of William 11. house School, cor. B'way 
u Mary A. widow of Levi, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
u Melville, D. laborer, boards Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Rockport Granite Co., Charles S. Rogers, treas. and general 
manager. Granite street 
« National Bank, George W. Tufts, cashier, Main street 
.. Review, George M. Haskins, 3 School 
Rodlitr' Ferdinand (Lowell), sum. res., Haven av., Pigeon. Cove 
Roenholm August, mariner, house Cleaves street 
Roffey Charles, clerk, L. E. Smith's, Main st. h. Broadway av. 
ii Lillian, assistant postmistress, boards Broadway 
u Robert H. watchman, house 15 Pleasant 
Rogers Charles S. treas. Rockport Granite Co., Granite street, 
house at Salem [st. near Forest 

u C. Harry, asst. treas. Rockport Granite Co. house Granite 

372 ROOKrouT dikkctoky. 

Rogers Louis A. purchasing agent, Rockport Granite Co. house 
Granite, near Forest street [Pigeon Cove 

Ronkainen August, paving cutter, house Pigeon Hill street, 
Roop Clarence, laborer, house Parker, cor. Hooper av. 

a Fred, laborer, boards Parker, cor. Hooper a v. 
Ross Charles O. P. fisherman, house 1.2 Prospect 
u Samuel B. house 12 Prospect 
u Sarah H. Miss, house 17 Broadway 
Howe Annie L. widow of Herbert A. house 24 Male 
.i Arthur, laborer, house Rowe av. 

u Charles A. laborer, boards Pleasant, cor. Marshall street 
.. Charles W. carpenter, house Main street 
a Eben, laborer, house 19 Parker 

a Eben II. house Mill lane, oil' Main street [Cove 

u Edgar C. artist, boards James Story's, Granite st., Pigeon 
a Edward G. laborer, house Rowe av. 
u Elizabeth A. widow of Amos, house Mt Pleasant sheet 
t< George W. mariner, house Summer, cor. Prospect street 
u James B. laborer, house Beach, near Main streel 
« Lucy and Augusta, house 13 Parker [street 

a Rachel II. widow of Charles, house Pleasant, cor. Marshall 
a Sarah, widow of Samuel, house High, near Main street 
u Walter R. (Gloucester), boards 28 King | Main street 

u Wilbur II. clerk, F. 'I'arr & Bro.'s, hds. Frank \\ r . Tarr's, 
n William A. hairdresser, 2.'> Main, house Hooper av. 
Rusengren John, stone cutter, boards Bear-skin Neck- 
Russell Byron G. Rev. house High, cor. Marshall street 

SANBORN ALVIN, milk dealer, house Beach street 
a Asa, teamster, house Beach street 

a Enoch, paving cutter, house Granite, cor. Forest street 
a George Mrs. boards Granite Shore Hotel 
u Hiram L. engineer, house foot of Main street 
■it Lewis C. engineer, boards 13 Dock square [station 

a Marv, widow of Levi, house Railroad av. near B. & M. 
Sanders Edward, fisherman, boards Cleaves street 
« Samuel, fisherman, house Cleaves street 
u William, house Beach, cor. King 
Sarel Matthew, paving cutter, house Forest street 
Sarvari Alexander, quarryman, house Forest street 
Sault Zephaniah L. treas. Pigeon Cove Tool Co., Curtis street, 

Pigeon Cove, house Granite street, do. 
Saunarata Jacob, quarryman, house Forest street 
Saunders Alfred, watchman, h. Mt. Locust av., Pigeon Cove 
a Charles, carpenter, house Haven av., Pigeon Cove 
a Edward H. fisherman, house Granite st., Pigeon Cove 
u Emerson, fisherman, house Curtis street, Pigeon Cove 
u Fred E- fisherman, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Savage Jesse, carpenter, house 25 Beach 
u Sidney H. confectionery and stationery, .'32 Main; also 
hairdresser, 28 do. house at Gloucester 


Savillo Foster II . clerk, boards 3 Summer 

« Robert G. baggageraaster, B. & M. MR. boards 3 Summer 
Scripture Frank, manager Pigeon Hill Granite Go. bouse King, 

cor. Granite 
Seablom Anna B. widow of John F. b. Phillips av., Pigeon Cove 
Seamans Clarence W. (New York), summer res. Granite St., 

Pigeon Cove 
Seaward James F. fisherman, bouse Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Sellman Anton, laborer, bouse Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Sewall Joseph, laborer, bouse King, near Reach 

(< Levi S. house King, cor. Granite 
Sbeaban Catberine, widow of William, h. Union lane, oil' Main St. 

u Dennis, driver, boards 12 Parker 

a Jeremiah T. baggage master, Kastern li. LI. bouse Broad- 
way, near Main street 

a Julia, bookkeeper, Sbeahan's stable, boards 1 k i Parker 

« Timothy, engineer, boards Union lane, oil' Main street 

a Timothy, grocer, 12 Parker, bouse do. 
Q I1EAHAN TIMOTHY, Jr. back, livery, boarding and 
\3 sale stable, Broadway, corner School street ; also prop. 
Turk's Head Inn stable, boards 70 Main (see page 527) 
Sbeeban Jeremiah E. fisherman, bouse Summer street 

u William, cable operator, bouse Parker, near Broadway 
Shepherd George B. groceries and provisions, Granite street, 

Pigeon Cove, house do. 
Sherburne Charles K. laborer, boards Summit av. 

tt Frank, teamster, bouse Smith's court 

« Herman S. mason, bouse Summit av. 

a llosea H. laborer, bouse Summit av. 
Sborey Charles K. Mrs. (Denver, Col.), summer residence, 

Long Branch a v., Pigeon Cove 
QHUIiTLEFF FRANK SI. periodicals, etc. 38 Main, 
O house at Maiden (see page 340) 
Silva John, grocer, Broadway, near Parker, bouse (3 Parker 

u John, 2d, fisherman, bouse 11 Hooper av. 

u Joseph, laborer, boards G Parker 

it Manuel, clerk, Broadway, near Parker, boards 6 Parker 
Simonds Charles, foreman, boards Angeline Orne's, Curtis st. 
Simpson Edward, grocer, 74 Main, house do. 
Slavin Hugh F. fisherman* boards Atlantic av. 

a John II. driver, boards Atlantic av. 

u Michael, driver, house Atlantic av. 

u William Q. fisherman, boards Atlantic av. 
Smith Albert, quarryman, house Pigeon Hill st., Pigeon Cove 

tt Allen, farmer, bouse 15 South 

tt Alvin, house 14 King 

tt A. Clifford, farmer, bouse South street 

a Cephas, fisherman, boards Granite st., Phjedn Cove 

u Charles H. house Granite St., Pigeon Cove 

« Edward E. qharryniatt, bds. Albert Smith's, Pigeon Cove 


Smith Frank P. stone cutler, house Curtis st... Pigeon Cove 

» Fred E. laundryman, house Main, near High st. 

u Fred S. painter, boards Granite st., Pigeon Cove 

a George E. fanner, house Main st. near Railroad av. 

it Hat tie E. Mrs. house Main street, near water works 

a James, groceries, Main st. house do. 

« James A. clerk, James Smith's, Main st. hoards 16 Hale 

tt John, mariner, house 7 Broadway 

a John M. laborer, house Main st. near water works 
OMITII L. E. hardware, house furnishing, plumbing, wall 
kj papers, stoves, etc., Whipple block. Main street, and 
Granite St., Pigeon Cove, house at Gloucester (see inside 
back cover) 

a Martha Mrs. house 78 Main 

a Minerva, widow of David, house. King st. 

it M. P. Miss, saleswoman, Li. C. Pool & Co.'s, bds. South st. 

it Otis E. groceries, Main st. house 3 Gott 

<< Rutherford, carpenter, 58 Mt. Pleasant, house do. 

a Sidney L. teamster, house 25 Beach 

a Solomon, farmer, house South st. 

H William H. farmer, house South st. 

.. William T. mason, house High st. 6pp. Broadway av. 
Snow Anthony, iisherman, house 10 Parker 

a Charles H. longshoreman, hoards 10 Parker 

a James H. steam fitter, house 70 Main 
Spates John E. blacksmith, house Smith st 

Stafford Thomas, blacksmith, Granite st., P. C, house 46 High 
Stanley Samuel, wheelwright, house Granite st., Pigeon Cove 
Stean Ernil, paving cutter, house Story st., Pigeon Cove 
Steen John, quarry man, house Pigeon Hill st., Pigeon Cove 
Stenstreem Charles A. caulker, house Granite St., Pigeon Cove 
Stevens Andrew .J. iisherman, boards Hooper av. 

a Andrew J. jr. freighter, house Mt. Pleasant street 

a Charles M. compositor, 3 School, boards King street 

(< George, laborer, house King-st. av. . 

u George, laborer, house foot of Mt. Pleasant 

u G. Forrest, florist, King-st. av. house do. 

a James II. painter, house King street, cor. Smith 

« Mary/ widow of John, house 13 Norwood av. 

m Nellie I), assistant postmistress, boards King-st. court 

a Oliver, laborer, house toot of Mt. Pleasant 

a Scott E. farmer, boards Mt. Pleasant street 
Stickney John E. house 36 Main 

u John E. jr. clerk, 138 Main, boards 36 do. 
Stilhnan Daniel F. foreman, house '27 Pleasant 

ti Daniel W. engineer, house High, near Main street 

a John J. iisherman, boards Atlantic av. 

a Robert B. carpenter, Granite street, Pigeon Cove, house do. 

u William, fisherman, house Atlantic av. 
Stimsou Fred A. iceman, house Pleasant, near School street 

KOCKPORT directory; 



Stolpe August, laborer, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Stone George A. physician, house Granite street, PigeOn Cove 
Story A din., fisherman, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
tt Albert, fish dealer, house 13 Main 
u Alberta Miss, music teacher, 13 Main, boards do. 
tt Amanda, widow of John, jr. house Granite, tor. Phillips 

ay., Pigeon Cove 
it Austin W. grocer, Granite street, Pigeon Cove, house do. 
u Ennice, widow of Isaac: N. house Summit av. 
a George L. clerk, II. L. Story's, boards Granite street 
a Henry L. wholesale fish and variety store, Granite street, 

Pigeon Cove, house do. 
it II. Chester, bookkeeper (Boston), house Granite street, 

Pigeon Cove 
n James, carpenter, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
■a James W. carpenter, house Cleaves street 
a Margaret A. Miss, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
u Martha, widow of Elbridge, house Granite St., Pigeon Cove 
Stowell John (Boston), summer res. Phillips av., Pigeon Cove 
Strandahl Charles, quarryman, h. Pigeon Hill St., Pigeon Cove 
Strople George K. B, ins. agent, boards 2 Jewett 
Sullivan Joseph, conductor, house Broadway, n. Broadway av. 

tt Maggie, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Supple John, laborer, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

a William H. foreman, house King street, near Railroad av. 
Surratt Constant, laborer, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Swan John L. quarryman, house Pigeon Hill st,, Pigeon Cove 
Swanson Alfred, paving cutter, boards Smith street 
tt Andrew, stone cutter, house Bear-skin Neck 
n Ben, foreman, house Pigeon Hill street, Pigeon Cove 
a H jalmar, blacksmith, house Smith street 
it John A. quarryman, house Oakland av.. Pigeon Cove 
u John P. quarryman, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
a Manuel, laborer, house Green street, Pigeon Cove 
Swenson John, paving cutter, boards Phillips av., Pigeon Cove 

tt Magnus, stone cutter, rooms Granite st., Pigeon Cove 
Swett John P. prop. Glenacre House, Granite St, Pigeon Cove 

TAFT MARY A. Mits. (Worcester), suiume 

de Cheue av., Pigeon Cove 

esidence, Point 
eon Cove 

Tait Horace M. engineer, house Bleak water st., 1 

tt Thomas, laborer, house Summit av. 
Tarr Abner, bouse High, near Broadway a v. 

« Addison F. keeper Cape Ann Light station, Thatclter's Is- 
land, house do. 

u Albert C. laborer, boards at Alden Tari's 

a Albert W. clerk. Rockport Nat. Bank, Main street, lldlise 
33 B load way 

« Alden, laborer, house High street, near Broadway av. 

« Amanda, widow of Levi, house Pleasant, opp. Summer st. 




r Annette, widow of Francis, house Main street 
Asa F. house Mt. Pleasant, cor. Gotl street 
Benjamin N. wholesale fish (Gloucester), house Railroad 

av. above B. & M. station 
Charles A. fruit peddler, boards at Alden Tan's 
Clarence, agent, American Express Co., Bank bldg., Main 

street, house Main street 
Daniel T. house o3 Broadway 
Edward, laborer, house Cleaves street 
Edwin, asst. keeper, Cape Ann Light station, Thatcher's 

Island, house do. 
Kineline, house High street, near Broadway av. 
Emily, widow of Washington, house C>1 Main 
Emma Miss, hoards (H Main 
Fannie Mrs. house 62 Mt. Pleasant 
Frank Lewis, laborer, boards 66 Main 
Frank W. (F. Tarr &. Bro.), Mt. Pleasant sq. house Main 

street, near Broadway [near High street 

Frederick H. lawyer (Gloucester), boards Broadway av. 
F. & Bro. (Geo. \V. Tarr, Frank. W. Tarr), groceries 

and meat market, Mt. Pleasant square 
George H. fisherman, house 13 Broadway 
George I. fish dealer (Gloucester), house Main street 
George W. (F. Tan- & Bro), Mt, Pleasant square, house 

Broadway av. near High street 
Grace, widow of Horatio, house 2 Cleaves 
Harvey, stable, 38^ Main, house (') 1 do. 
Horace, plumber, house Broadway av. 
Horatio, jr. fisherman, house 17 Parker 
James F. cook, boards 158 Main 

James G. student, boards Mt. Pleasant, cor. Gott street 
John, boots and shoes, '20 Main, house 'J Beach 
John R. fisherman, house 6 Hale 

Judson, fish dealer, 2 New wharf, h. School st. near Pleasant 
J. Edwin, painter, house; High, near Broadway av. 
Laura Miss, house Main street 
Lois J. widow of Reuben, house (>(> Main 
Lucia^A. widow of Charles S. house- Railroad a\. 
Mary A. house Main, near High street 
Nancy M. widow of Joseph, jr. housekeeper, Mi. Pleasant, 

cor. Pleasant 
Robert, inspector of animals and provisions, h. South st. 
Robert AV. caretaker, Turk's Head Inn, h. Marmioii way 
Roger Hi manager L. E. Smith's, Main st. h. School st. 
Sally, widow of Joshua, house 52 Main 
Sarah E. widow of David, house High, near Marshall st. 
Sarah J. widow, house 20 Hale 
Stephen N. house 1 Dock square 
Storey, house 2 South 
Sylvester, fisherman, house 109 a Main 



Taylor Charles A. blacksmith, boards Main st. near water vvks. 

a Edward, quarryman, house Granite street, near Beach 
Temple of Honor Hall. Jewett street 

Thacher Caroline B. JMiss (Boston), summer res., Land's End 
Thalheimer Mary E. Miss (Cincinnati, 0.), summer residence, 

Gale aw, Pigeon Cove 
Thibaudau Jolm, paving cutter, house rear 4 Duck square 
Thibeault Israel, blacksmith, house Mill lane, o!V Main street 
Thomas Lewis, hairdresser, Savage block, Main st. b. R. K. av. 

it Lewis F. hairdresser, Main street, house '11 Railroad av. 
Thompson Ella Miss, house Granite street, near King 

u Frank, quarryman, b. Granite st. cor. Curtis, Pigeon Cove 

u Henry, quarryman, boards Phillips a v., Pigeon Cove 
Thurston Elizabeth 1). widow of William, bouse VS Broadway 

« George, hostler j house Main, near iiigh street 

u Hale, & Co. {Levi W. Thurston, Albert (1. Hale, John F. 
Hale), plumbers, FJ Dock sq. [ PP- Summer 

a Henry H. (Thurston & Noble), 1 Dock sq. house Pleasant, 

a .John l\. house Main street 

a Levi W. foreman, house King-street avenue 

a Levi W. ( Thurston, Hale, & Co,), 12 Dock .mj, h. 5 Parker 

a Samuel, lobsterman, house Atlantic avenue 

a Samuel, quarryman, house King street 

« William H. laborer, house Mill lane, oiV Main street 

u W. E. Mrs. millinery and fancy goods, K l School, h. B'w.ay 

a Sc Noble (Henri/ //. Thurston* Francis Noble), groceries 
and provisions, 1 Dock' sq. 
Tibbetts Abigail, widow of Luther C. boards School, near High 
Tilison John L. teamster, house Pigeon ilill St., Pigeon Cove 
Tobin Thomas J- Rev. pastor St. Joachim's Church, house 14 

Broadway av. 
Todd Asa, farmer, house High, near Marshall 

it Asa C. boards High, near Marshall 

a Charles ft. & Son ( Frank ('.), undertakers, 22 Parker, h. do. 

.. Frank C. (Charles E, Todd & Son), 22 Parker, boards do. 

u George 11. (Hodf/klns & Todd), ice dealer, High and 
Parker streets, house Parker sheet [Cove 

ti Thomas (^Concord), summer res. Point de Ch< ne av., Pigeon 
Tonison Jacob, paving cutter, Pigeon llillst. Pigeon Hill 
Toppari Matthew, quarryman, house Forest street 
Torrey iihoda W. Miss, house 58 Granite, Pigeon Cove 

a Susanna N. widow of Solomon F. house Mt. Pleasant ••'t. 
Tresnon Charles C. cable operator, house 24 Mt. Pleasant, 
Triehy Mary, widow of Patrick J. house 5b* Main 

a Maurice, laborer, boards 53 Main 

a Michael, quarryman, house Granite, near Beach 
Tucker Abram, stone cutter, house off Parker street 

it Arthur G. physician, boards Main, cor. Jewett 

« Augustus M. physician, Main st. cor. Jewett, house do. 

« Catharine, widow of Joshua, bds. with Geo. Tucker, P. C. 



Tucker George, iish peddler, house Castle lane, Pigeon Cove 

4v Lewis, house foot of Main Ktreet 
Tufts Edward, teamster, house Granite St., Pigeon Cove 

a George W. cashier, Rockport Nat. Hank, .Main st. house 
Summer st. [ Railroad av. 

t< Hosea (Marchant A' - Co., Gloucester), house King .st. near 

u John, supt. Cape Ann Isinglass Co. house Granite st. cur. 
Summit av. 

it Joseph, house 1 Main 

u Lucretia, widow of George, liouse School, near High st. 
Tapper Augustus M. physician, Main st. cor. .Jewell, liouse do. 
Turks Head Inn, Wm. C. Pope, prop., Land'.-, End 
Tuttle Aaron L. engineer, house High st. near Mt. Pleasant 

u Alonzo, patternmaker (Boston)-, house Granite st., P. C. 

a Daniel W. painter, house off Main st. near High 

« Herbert, laborer, hoards Castle lane 

a John, laborer, house Castle lane 
Twichell Herbert A. engineer (Boston), house 60 South 
Tyer Horace H. (Andover), summer res. Phillips av., P. C. 

UMLAH GEQRGE, quafrymau, h. Pigeon Hill st., 1'. C. 

Upham Winston C. cable operator, house Norwood av. 

VARNEY ERNEST R. hoards High st. near Broadway av. 

Viator Manuel, laborer, house Norwood av. 

WADDELL ALMON, clerk, hoards Jewett st. cor. Cleaves 

u David M. shipbuilder, house 80 Main 

a Edwin, fireman, hoards Jewett st. cur. Cleaves 

a James, shipwright, house Jewett st., cor. Cleaves 
Waite Silas N. quarry man, house Pigeon Hill st., Pigeon Cove 
Waldron John, paving cutter, house Beach street 
Walen Arthur C. clerk, Rockport Granite Co.'s grocer}', Granite 
street, house Granite St., Pigeon Cove 

ii Arthur C. lisherman, house Green street. Pigeon Cove 
Walimaa Jacob, paving cutter, house Pores! street 

u William, laborer, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Walker Ethel M. bookkeeper. Roekpoit Granite Co. h »1 Salem 
Wallace James S. carpenter, house Granite, near King street 

« Jane F. widow of David, house Summit av. 
Walton Sarah J. widow of Edward, liouse 20 Main 
Ward Heman L. gardener, house Granite street. Pigeon Cove 
Watts John M. (Beverly), house Phillips av., Pigeon Cove 
Way F. D. Mrs. (Boston), summer resilience. Long Branch av., 

Pigeon Cove 
Weber Jennie T. widow of. William T. house S Pleasant 

U J. Paul, cable operator, house 8 Plea-ant 

a W. Guy, clerk, hoards 8 Pleasant 
Webster Edward, master mariner, h. Pigeon Hill 6t.,Pig< " ll Cove 
Wedelius Edwin, laborer, house oil' Railroad av. 



Welch Fred, quarrynaan, boards Granite street, near Rock port 

Granite Co. [Co.'s grocery 

« Jesse, blacksmith, house Granite st. over Rockport Granite 

tt Margaret, widow of Jefferson, house Granite street, near 

Rockport Granite Co. 

« Walter, laborer, house Smith's court 
Wendel Charles, painter, house foot of Mt. Pleasant 
Wendell Catharine F. widow of George J. h. 13 Norwood av. 

u Robert* iisherman, house Mt. Pleasant street 

« Robert, jr. farm hand, hoards Mt. Pleasant street 
Winn Albert W. laborer, house Cleaves street 
West Lydia V. widow of Joseph \V. house Pigeon Hill street, 
Pig-eon Cove [station, Railroad av. 

Western Union Telegraph Co., YV. R. Grilin, manager, B. & M. 
Wetherbee Charles A. sti])t. at pumping station, Main si. h. do. 

a E. Reuben, engineer, house 7-1 Main 

.> Sophia M. widow, boards High, near Main street 
Wheeler Addison G. painter, house Granite st., Pigeon Cove 

a Addison G. jr. master mariner, h. Granite st., Pigeon Cove 

.. Alonzo Mrs. house High, above Marshall street 

t< Everett, machinist, boards foot of Main street 

.» Lester G. painter, boards Addison G. Wheeler's, jr., 
Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

a Louis, clerk, A. Goodwin's, bds. Granite St., Pigeon Cove 

»< Rebecca F. widow of Howard, house 42 Broadway 

« Thaddeus, painter, Granite street, Pigeon Cove, house do. 

u William, stone cutter, house Curtis street, Pigeon Cove 

« William, house Prospect street 

it William, jr. stone cutter, house Curtis Street, Pigeon Cove 
Whigham Thomas, gardener, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
White Ernest W. carpenter, house Summer street 

i. Lawrence, teamster, boards Oliver Dagle's. Pigeon Hill st. 

.i Murray C. blacksmith, boards William F. White's, Granite 
street, Pigeon Cove 

a William F. carpenter, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Whitney Alonzo, laborer, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

tt Alonzo L. gardener, house Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Whittaker William, bds. Granite st. near Rockport Granite Co. 
Whitten Albert L. assistant keeper, Cape Ann Light station, 

Thatcher's Island, house do. 
Wiggin Wesley Rev. pastor First, M. E. Church, bouse 15 Hale it. 
Wiinamaki Henry, quarry-man, house Forest street 

u Kusti, paving cutter, house Forest street 
Wiitala John, laborer, house Forest street 

Wilder Helen Mrs. house Cleaves street [Marmion way 

Wilkinson Ella S. Mrs. (Wellesley Hills), summer residence, 

it Joshua B. & Son ( Willuurd A . ) , blacksmiths, High, near 
Mt. Pleasant street, house do. 

u Willard A. (J. II. Wilkinson & Sun), High, near Mt. 
Pleasant street, house do. 



Williams Anthony, U. S. inspector, house Granite at., Pigeon Cove 

a August, paving cutter, house Curtis street, Pigeon Cove 

u Chailes A. stone cutter, boards Granite St., Pigeon Cove 
Williamson John, laborer, house Forest street 
Wilson Adin D. mason, house Granite st., Pigeon Cove 

u Martha A. widow of Andrew J. h. Curtis st., Pigeon Cove 

.< Thomas, carpenter, house oil' Parker street 

44 Victor, laborer, house Granite, near Beach 
Wingood William, foreman at L. M. Haskins', house School st. 
Winn Charles II. ship carpenter, house Granite, near Beach 
Wires Harrison P. civil engineer, house IV way, cor. B'way av. 
Witham Elbridge, house High, opp. Broadway av. 

u Elbridge, jr. mason, Granite st., Pigeon Cove, house do. 

44 Eliza and Lucy, house School, neai i I i - 1 1 

u George B. teamster, house Cleaves street 

a. John, mariner, house High, near Marshall 

44 Martha, widow, house High, near Main [Cove 

Wood Edward N. (Lowell), summer res. Phillips av. Pigeon 

44' James, stone cutter, house Mt. Pleasant street 
Woodbury Addison 11. fisherman, house oil' Granite street, at 
Gloucester line 

44 Andrew J. fisherman, h. oil Granite st. at Gloucester line 

44 Chester A. laborer, bds. oil" Granite st. at Gloucester line 

44 Ezra L. carpenter, house Granite st., Pigeon Cove 

.. George, house Head,, cor. King 

44 Gibson S. laborer, hoards Granite st., Pigeon Cove 

44 Nellie A. Miss, asst. postmistress, Granite st., Pigeon Cove, 
boards Mrs. Abbie Pierce's 
Woodfall John, mason, house 9 Summer 

a J. Loring, house 27 School 

a William N. foreman, house 32 School 
Woods Henri N. lawyer (Gloucester), house Mt. Pleasant st, 

u John P. boards Mt. Pleasant street 

a Marietta N. widow of I tin i , house Mt. Pleasant street 
Woodward William A. teacher. High school, house 5-1 Main 
Woolford Austin Li. teamster, house Phillips av., Pigeon Cove 
Worcester Benjamin (Waltham), summer res. Land's End 

YORK CHARLES, traveling salesman, house Broadway, ueal 
Broadway av. 

« Edwin H. conductor, B;. & M. U.K. house 11 King 

u Frances A. widow of Nathaniel F. S. house 42 Broad w a) 

a Louisa, widow of John, house 25 Beach 

44 Lucy J. widow of Edwin, h. Railroad av. n. B. & M. sta. 

a Mary E. Miss, house 1.6 King 

<< Mary E. widow of Samuel, house King street 

»< Nathaniel S. oil clothing manufacturer, house Main btreet 

a Samuel I), lawyer (Gloucester), h. King st. n. Kailroad av. 

44 AVilliam S. (Woburn), summer res. Mar mi Oil way 




Bass Nellie J., Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Blatcliford K. 32 Main 
Mason A. J., Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Poole J. Sidney, 44 Main 


Clements G. D. Miss, Granite street, near Gloucester line 


Bradley J. W., Prospect street 
Parsons William, Hale street 


Knowlton Eben, rear 12 King 


Rockport National Bank, George W. Tufts, cashier, Bank build- 
ing, Main street 

Bicycle Repairing. 

Cogswell James A., Cleaves street 

Billiard Halls. 

Edmunds James, Granite street. Pigeon Cove 
Moore John, Main street, opp. P. 0. 


Cape Ann Tool Go., Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

Hale Frank G., Marshall, near High 

Pigeon Cove Tool Co., Pigeon Cove 

Stafford Thomas, Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

Wilkinson J. B. & Son, High, near JMt. Pleasant street 

Boot and Shoe Dealers. 

McLane George M. 42 Main 

Story Henry L., Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

Tarr John, 20 Main 

Boot and Shoe Maker and Repairer. 

Fairbanks C. D., Mt. Pleasant, near Dock square 

25 [381] 


Carpenters and Builders. 

Averill Daniel 8., Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

Babson Isaac N., Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

Choate John N. rear 5 Pleasant 

Clark Albert, 7 Norwood av. 

Davis William H., Bear-skin Neck 

Fears Isaac P. & Sons, rear 59 Main 

Gott J. Sanborn, 1(5 Broadway av. 

Hale Charles T. off Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

Knowlton Daniel, King street 

Savage Jesse, 25 Beach 

Smith Rutherford, 58 Mt. Pleasant 

Stillman Robert B., Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

Story James, Pigeon Cove 

Cigars and Tobacco. 

Pool Theodore L. 16 Main 

Civil Engineers. 

Pool Calvin W., Gott, near School 

Wires Harrison P., Broadway, cor. Broadway av. 


Ainsworth Israel (Cong.), High, cor. School 
Airak Sinen P. (Luth.j, G Granite 
Anderson Otto (Swed. M.K.), Pigeon Cove 
Bolles Charlton B. (B.), 1 Dock square 
Ferguson Frank A. (Uv.), G Railroad av. 
Fortier George F. (Uv.), Pigeon Cove 
Pingree Arthur (Cong.), Pigeon Cove 
Russell Byron G. (Uv.), High, cor. Marshall' 
Tobin Thomas J. (R. C), 14 Broadway av. 
Wiggiu Wesley (M.E.), 15 Hale court 

Clothes Cleaning and Repairing. 

Harris Caroline B. Miss, 50 Main 

Coal and Wood, 

Frost (jeorge W., Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Littlefield M. G., Railroad av. 
Marshall J. W. 11 Mt. Pleasant 

Confectionery, Etc. 

Amazeen Frank S. 8 Main 

Fretch M. D. Miss, Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

Haskins Lottie Mrs. 33 Broadway 

Knight J. S., Railroad av. 

Marshall & Marchant, Main street 

Savage Sidney H., Savage block, Main street 


Appleton Zeno A., Savings Bank building 
Pool Calvin W., Gott, near School 




Bradley J. W., Bear-skin Neck 

Crockery, Glassware, Etc, 
SMITH L. E., Whipple blk., Main st. (see inside back cover) 


Lowe George A., Bank building 


Dillon Mary A. Miss, King-st. avenue 

Dixon Mary Mrs. 6 Dock sq. 

Fretch M. D. Miss, Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

Drop Forgings. 

Cape Ann Tool Co., Granite. street, Pigeon Cove 

Dry Goods. 

Pool R. C. & Co. 24 and 26 Main 


American Express Co., C. Tarr, agent, Bank bldg. Main st 

Fancy Goods. 

Thurston W. E. Mrs. 2 School 

Fish Dealers (Fresh). 

Brown William M.. Granite St., Pigeon Cove (wholesale) 
Gloucester Fresh Fish Co., Bear-skin Neck 
Tarr Judson, 2 New wharf 

Fish Dealers (Salt). 

Haskins F. K., Bear-skin Neck (wholesale) 

Fish Markets. 

Grimes George B. 36 Main 

Martin Edward J., Male street 

Story Henry L., Pigeon Cove (wholesale) 


Dennett William E., Howard Hodgkius, agent, 1 New whail 
Grimes Loring, Bear-skin Neck 


Stevens G. Forest, King-^t. avenue 

Flour and Grain. 

Gott Eli, School, near Pleasant 

Nickerson Fred L., Railroad av. near the depot 

Fruit Dealer. 

Millett James E. 25 Mt. Pleitsatit square 


Furniture Dealers. 

Davis Wakeman, High, near Mt. Pleasant 

SMITH L. E., Whipple bile Main st. (see inside hack cover) 

Gents' Furnishing Goods. 

Gordon N. SO Main 

Pool R. C. & Co. 21 and 26 Main 

Glue Manufacturers. 

Elwell Benjamin P., Main street, near water works 
Poole Nathaniel, 117 Main 

Granite Quarries. 
(See also Stone Contractors.) 
Canney Edwin, Phillips av., Pigeon Cove 
Pigeon Hill Granite Co., Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Rockport Granite Co., Charles S. Rogers, trcas. and manager 

Granite street 
Umlah & Co., Pigeon Cove 
Waite Silas N., Pigeon Cove 

Granite Tools, 

Cape Ann Tool Co., Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Pigeon Cove Tool Co., Curtis street, Pigeon Cove 

Grist Mill. 

Nickerson Fred L., Railroad av. near the depot 


Dunahue David, Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

Goodwin Alphens, Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

Graver Fred VV., King street 

Haskins Frank K. 8 Dock sip 

Huff Charles F., Granite, cor. Phillips av., Pigeon Cove 

Hyvonen John, Forest street 

Johnson Gustai", Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

Nelson John, 4 King 

Nickerson Ephraim D., Mt. Pleasant street 

Pigeon Hill Granite Co., Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

Robb Andrew, 2 Dock square 

Rockport Granite Co., Granite street 

Sheahan Timothy, 12 Parker 

Shepherd George B., Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

Silva John, Broadway, near Parker street 

Simpson Edward, 74 Main 

Smith James, Main street 

Smith Otis E., Main street 

Story Austin W., Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

Tarr F. & Bro., Mt. Pleasant square 

Thurston & Noble, 1 Dock square 



Croney John S. 23 Main 

Flagg Frank H., Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

Freitas Joseph G., Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

Moore John Z., Main street 

Pierce John, 4 Dock square 

Savage Sidney H., Main street 


SMITH L. E., Whipple block, Main .street, branch, Granite 

street, Pigeon Cove (see inside back cover) 
Thurston, Hale, Sc Co. 12 Dock square 

Harness Maker. 

Murray Albert, School street 


Glenacre House, John F. Swett, proprietor, Pigeon Cove 
Granite Shore Hotel, Win. Adams, 15 Main (open all the year) 
Linwood (The), F. H. Pratt, proprietor, Pigeon Cove 
Ocean View House, Mrs. E. E. Dexter, prop., Pigeon Cove 
Pigeon Cove House, F. M. Pratt, proprietor, Pigeon Cove 
Turk's Head Inn, W. C. Pope, prop. Land's End 

Ice Dealers. 

Hodgkins & Todd, High and Parker streets 

Insurance Agents. 

Appleton Zeno A., Savings Hank building 

Cleaves Charles H. 25 Main 

Parsons John, Savage block, Main street 

Isinglass Manufacturers. 

Cape Ann Isinglass Co., Railroad av. 
Haskins L. M., Beach, near King 


Public Library, Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

f Laundries. 

Goon Harry G. 18 Main 
Goon Lee, 43 Main 

Lumber Dealer. 

Hooper John & Son, GO Main and Railroad av. 


Bartlett S. E. 45 High, near Marshall 

Cosgrove William, G Beach 

Giles Thaddeus, 13 Broadway 

Pool George, Main, cor. Hale 

Smith William T., High street 

Withain Elbridge, jr., Granite street, Pigeon Cove 



Merchant Tailcr. 
HTNGKRS HENRY, VI Main (see page 517) 

Milk Dealers. 

Bt lander John, Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Nugent Patrick J., Main street, near Gloucester line 


Thurston William E. Mrs. 2 School 


Rock port Review, George M. Haskins, 3 School 

Notaries Public. 

Appleton Zeno A., Savings Bank building 
Parsons John, Savage block, Main street 


Lane Susan A., Mt. Pleasant street, near Pleasant street 
Lowe Ada F. Mrs. G Dock square 
Martin Isabella J. Miss, Hale street 
Mason Elizabeth Mrs., Hale street 

Oil Dealer. 

Grimes Loring, Main, cor. Cleaves 


Elvvell Frank E. off Mt. Pleasant street 


Cogswell James A., Cleaves street (carriage) 

Hale William, Dock square 

Hodgins William, Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

Hodgins William H., Granite street, near Pigeon], Co vej'chapel 

(house and carriage) 
Wheeler Thaddeus, Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

Paints, Oils, Etc. 

Hale Willia f m, Dock square 


Pierce Abbie Mrs., Granite street. Pigeon Cove 
Savage Sidney H., Savage block, Main street 
SHURTLKFF FRANK M. ;*8 Main (see page 340)- 


Hall Charles Brackett, 20 Broadway 

Hall Charles F. A., Broadway, cor. Parker 

O'Brien 0. St.C. 8 Broadway 

Stone George A., Granite street, Pigeon Cove 

Tapper A. M,, Main, cor. Jewett 




SMITH L. E., Whipple block, Main at. (see inside hack cover) 
Thurston, Hale, & Co. 12 Dock square 

Post Offices. 

Pigeon Cove, Granite street, Abbie M. Pierce, postmistress 
Rockport, Main street, William Parsons, postmaster 

Poultry Dealer. 

Hodgkins William B., High, near Main 


Haskins George M. 3 School 

Produce Dealer. 

Merridew James P. 2 Jewett 


Gee James, 21 Main 

Goodwin Alpheus, Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Shepherd George B., Granite street, Pigeon Core 
Tarr F. & Bro., Mt. Pleasant square 

Real Estate Agent. 

Appleton Zeno A., Savings Bank building 


Ama/.ean Frank S. 8 Main 

Haskins Frank K. 8 Dock square 

Knights John S. opp. Railroad depot, Railroad av. 

Savings Bank. 

Granite Savings Bank, N. Richardson, treas. tj Main 

SHEAHAN TIMOTHY. Jit., Broadway, cor. School; also 

Turk's Head Inn stable (see page 527) 
Tarr Harvey, 38 J Main 
Woolford A. R., Phillips av., Pigeon Cove 

Stone Contractors. 

Canney Edwin, Phillips av., Pigeon Cove 
Cleaves Charles H. off Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Pigeon Hill Granite Co., Pigeon Hill 

Rockport Granite Co., Charles S. Rogers, treas. and manager, 
Granite street 

Surveyor (Land). 

Pool Calvin W., Gott, near School 

HINGERS HENRY, 52 Main (see page 517) 



Choate Annie M., High, near School (music) 
Story Alberta Miss, 13 Main (music) 


Brooks John F. 6 Cleaves 

Norwood Reuben, Hill lane, oil' Main street 

Woolford A. R.j Phillips av,, Pigeon Cove 

Telegraph Companies. 

Commercial Cable Co., Norwood av. near Mt. Pleasant 
Western Union Telegraph Co., T. T. Margeson, manager, Bos- 
ton & Maine R.R, station 

Telephone Offices. 

Pell Telephone Co., Granite street, Pigeon Cove 


CO. at L. E. Smith's, Main street (see page 538) 

Tinsmiths and Stove Dealers. 

SMITH L. E., Whipple block, Main st. (see inside back cover) 
Thurston, Hale, & Co. 12 Dock square 

Todd Charles E. & Son, 22 Parker 

Variety Stores. 

Conley Eliza Mrs., Mt. Pleasant street 
Gamage Stephen, loot of Main street 
Garlick William W., Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Roberts Stephen, Bear-skin Neck- 
Story Henry L., Granite street, Pigeon Cove 
Thurston W. E. Mrs. 2 School 

Watchmaker and Jeweller. 

Manning William N. 40 Main 


Selectmen, Assessors and Overseers of the Poor— Lorenzo A. Martin I 

tlodgkins, Andrew P. Clinic 
School Committee— Rev. B. G. Russell, Joseph M. Reed N. i. 

Supt., Miss Mary L. Lincoln 
Town Clerk— Calvin \V. Pool 
Town Treasurer— George \V. Tufts 

Constables and Police— Joseph Chadwiek, John L. Sullivan, Al raham Liu 
Collector of Taxes — Lorenzo A. Martin 
Keeper of Almshouse— LevereLt Lane 
Superintendent of Highways*— James Morridow 
Auditing Committee— George F. Cunningham, Vsa ['odd, Kli G 
Engineers of the Fire Department— Andrew Robb, Chiol Ki.gincci ; -l> -- 

Clerk ; JClbridge Withain. jr.. The force eonsisl • ul ...'. mcmbui 
Sleamer No. 1 (.Sandy Bay), Beach street, Frank Fears, < iptaiu 
Engine Company, No. 2 (Sliced well), Main street, North Village, ■ 1.. 

Morgan, Captain 
Hook and Ladder, No. 1 (G. P. Whitman). Dock sijuare, William 1! . ■ 
Hose (C. II. Parsons), Dock square, Frank Jordan, Cant tin 
Sealer of Weights and Measures— Roger II. I'arr 

Fence Viewers John C. Martin, Frank G. Hale, Hosea II. SI 

Measurer of Wood and Bark— John Hooper 

Surveyor of Lumber— Jesse Savage 

Ganger of Oil -Loring Grimes 

Pound Keeper— The keeper of the Almshouse 

Board of Health— The Board of Selectmen and Dr. 0. St. < laii I >'Ri ie 

Town Physleiau— Dr. O. St. Clair O'Brien 

Trustees of the Library John IS. Sliokucy, J. Loriug \V Ifa .11 Roll 

Registrars of Voters l>aniel T. i'arr, Calvin W. Pool, G. J. Margi I I 

T. Hale 
.Justices of the Peace— A . A ppleton, Charles 11. Cleaves, Jus 

Gilbert T. Mix rgeson, John Paraons.'Calvin W. Pool.Storj D. Pool, N 

Richardson, Otis E. Smith, Geo. \V. I'ufts, Henri N. \\ Is, s 

Robert R. Heine 
Water Commissioner:-;- -Georde 1. 'I'arr, Dr. George A. Lowe, Joseph 


Baptist ("in urn, foot of .Mi. Pleasant >i cor. High at. Pastor, 
P. Boiles. Clerk, George F. Cunningham. Treim., Nil 
Deacons I'j.hraiin PeUingill. George \V. LoGallai . S ll 
Supt. of Sunday School, Charles A. Wethorboe. II • I 

A. M. and 7.30 V. .M. Sunday School, L2.15. Clli -1 
evening, 7.30. Prayer meetiug, Friday evening, 7.30. 

FIRST CoNURKUATION vi. Cm lull, Main, cor. School stn I I 
Ainsworth. Deacons, Andrew F.Clark, Fphraiin D S 
Pool Henry C. Davis. Clerk, Calvin W. Pool. - 
Henry G. Davis. Treas., Zeno A. Appleton. Sexton, < liarles Murtl 

Pigeon Co\ k First Cosoreg \ i ion \i. Cm it< u, >•• 

Organized 1874. Pastor, Lev. A. II. Filigree. Deacon . 
Treas Mrs John Newman. Clerk, Mrs. 0. V. Ilnl • Sec. Ol 
Mrs Uon/o Tuttle. Treas. of the Society, Mrs. J. J.U i 
School, Thomas Wliigham. Hours ol service, 10.30 \ u and . P 
day school, 11.40 a. m 

First Methodist Ei-iscoiLvl Cjilbch. Broadway. Pa \\ - 

Wiggin. Sec, Daniel C.ath. Treas., Cbltrfe* II. I< 
Longley, Charles II. Koffoy, John L. Wooril i 
Cole, Jeremiah (iosson. Joseph Martin. Supt. ^)J 
CoatU. Hours of service, 10.45 \. M. and 7.30 l\ M - 
Prayer meeting, Friday evening, 7.30. Classmeei iijj luesdayi 


390 ROCKPORT Dllii.i roui . 

Swedish m. E. Cmnteir, Granite street, Pigeon i .. 

Pastor Rev. Otto Anderson; Trustees, A. I . St. ,. .]. ... 

son Patrick Swenson, E. W. Carlson. I'rens.. it. . Ii 

Sunday School, A. -E. S ten. Hours ol service Io.UOa.M. 

11'. Prayer meeting, Wednesday evening, 7.:;". 
Umvkk.salist Ciiikcji, Hale. cor. Cleaves street. Pastoi 

guson. Clerk James W. Ilnulley. Trustees, Jj •• W 

Holbrook, John 15. Ilodgkins, i Hgunist, Gertrude I 
Pigeon Coa i: Uxiveksalist Cm kcji, Granite street, em r.. 

Kev. George F. Portier. Clerk. Charles II. Andrew i . 

Sexton, George Tucker. Organist, Mr-. Edward Bailey. 
St. Joachim Cmmcir, Broadway. Pastor. Kev. 1 1, mat J. . 

Thomas Quinu. Organist, Mrs. William Sin eliau 

Cai'e Ann Evangelical Lutiiekas <'hi it< u, Fun 



Organized 1852. W. M., James Abbott. S. \V*. < liai . • l 
Clarence Tarr, jr. Treas., John Parsons. Sec, John E. kiiuulioi 
George Cunningham. .Marshal, \V. C. .J. Edwards. S. JJ 
J. I*., Charles II. Rogers. S. S.. Thomas II. Itubbins. .1 
J. S.., James E. Tarr. Organist, Will Parsons. I'yler, E. H 


GRANITE LODGE, No. 1 .' 7 . 

.Meets Tuesday evenings, at 7.30, at Odd Fellows Hull, Hi 
Rec. Sec, Charles W. Howe. Treas., David Holbrook 
A. Lowe. 


OCEAN VIEW I oim;i;, No. m. 
C. C, Fred Larsons. V. 0., Preseott Moudy. P., 1. ■ ■ lib. n Cm 
-M. of W.., William Calwell. K. of It. and S.. I Ii I.. M< rgan. M. •• 
Lull. .M. of !•:., .lobn Swanson. M. at A., William Uidloy. 1. <., 
Hanson. O. (',., Kobert McKenzie, 


Gov., Charles Tresnon. Sec, George H. Larr. I 
Col., O. T. Margeson. 



C, Cora Wilkins. A. C, Emilj Unggett. \.«' 1 . 



No. I? Main street. Pres., II. I'll urs ton I 


Pres.. -Lorlug Grimes. Cashier, George W. I 
plus, $20,000. 



Pres., Loring Grimes. Treas., George It. M uU ■ 


ROCK PORT mm I * I ill I. 
Governing Committee: Isaac 11 Fears P - 

tary and Treasurer), T. l\ II. Ham I I ol I . I . K 




Addison, from Southern avenue, at shoe factory , to Southern av. 

Andrews, from junction of Southern avenue and Apple 

Apple, from Western avenue, at Essex Falls, to Southern av. 

Belcher's lane, from Western avenue to Choate 

Burnham court, from Main, opposite Congregational Church 

Burnham place, from Western avenue, near power station 

Choate's court, from Main, opposite Martin 

Cogswell court, from School street [Southern av. 

Eastern avenue, from Gloucester line to junction of Main and 

Forest avenue, from 36 Southern avenue to heyond Milk 

Grove, from 21 Eastern avenue 

Harlow, from Eastern avenue 

Haskell's court, from Eastern avenue 

Island, from Northern avenue to Choate Island 

Joshua's Corner, junction of Main, Eastern av. ami Southern av. 

King court, from Southern avenue, beyond Andrews 

Lufkin, from Eastern avenue to Harlow 

Main, from junction of Western avenue ami Northern avenue 

to junction of Eastern avenue and Southern avenue 
Martin, from Main to Western avenue 

Milk, from Grove to Forest avenue (to [pswicll line 

Northern avenue, from junction of Main and Western avenue 
Pickering, from 9 Martin to Western avenue 
Fond, from Western avenue 
Prospect, from Martin to Western avenue 
School, frem 16 Southern avenue to Grove 
Southern avenue, from junction of Eastern avenue and Main to 

Manchester line 
Spring, from Main to Northern avenue 

Spring court, from Spring, near Main [near Wiuthrop 

Story, from Western avenue, near Martin, to Western avenue, 
Water, from Eastern avenue to the water 
Western avenue, from junction of Main and North. -in avenue 

to Hamilton line 
Winthrop, from Martin to Western avenue 
Wise's road, from Northern avenue 


E S S E X 



4 DAMS ALLEN B. grocer, Western av. mar Apple, 

A house 31 Eastern nv. (see page 526) 
u Ellen, widow of Moses, h. rear Main, next Universalis! Ch. 
ti Philip T. engineer, house Spring court, cor. Spring st. 
Allen Caroline E. Mrs. house Eastern av. opp. Grove 
u Fanny L- widow of Humphrey C. house Water street 

ALLEN JAMES, lunch room and piano tuning, I 1 .Main, 
rooms do. (see page 526) 
a Joseph G. house Western av. near Hamilton Hue 

Almshouse, Conomo Point 

American Express Co., B. &, M. station, Southern av., S. 1.. 

Andrews Albert, shoemaker, boards Charles A. Parker's, South- 
ern av., South Essex ■ 
a Albert R. conductor, house Western av. near Pond street 
« Alburn, carpenter, house Southern av. cor. Addison st., s E 
a Asa R. ship carpenter, house Eastern av. near Water 
u i>. Franklin, house Grove street, near Eastern av., S. K 
u Charles M. laborer, house Pickering street 
n Cyrus, ship carpenter, house oil' Main, next to ship yard 
« Daniel W. conductor, Street Railway, h. Addison St., S. E 
u David A. ship joiner, house 79 Main, S. E. 
.< Edgar, laborer, house Western av. near Hamilton line 
w Elias, farmer, house Grove street, South Essex 
u Elihu li. milk dealer, house Milk street, South Essex 
a Elmer, cattle dealer, house Main street, South Essex 
u Ephraim H. ship carpenter, house Addison street, S. i 
h Frank F. farmer, house Northern av. beyond Wise's road 
U Fred W. shoe cutter, house Main Street, South Ess< , 
u Henry W. butcher, house Apple st. near Southern av., S I 
u Herbert, trav. salesman, b. Elmer Andrews', Mai;, si S.E 
a Herbert L. conductor, house Eastern av. near Urove 
« Herbert P. organist, house Northern av. neai -Mam 
« Israel, laborer, house Forest av. cor. Milk, S. E. 
« Israel F. farmer, house Southern av., S. E. 
c< James P. farmer, house Eastern av. near Grove S • 

« Jane S. widow of Fitzhugh, house Fasten, av. Deal G 
« Lavinia L. Miss, house Water street 
« Leonard G. shoemaker, house Southern av., S. 1-.. 
" Levi, at Almshouse 

[ 393 ] 



Andrews Mary Miss, house Eastern av. near Grove 
<• Mary, widow of Elihu, boards Milk Btreet, S. E. 
u Mary A. widow of Daniel, boards Alvin Burnham's. South- 
ern av., S. E. | 1( , i 
a Miles S. milk dealer. Southern av. cur. Addison, S. E. 
a Moses A. shoemaker, house Eastern av. near Water 
u Nancy C. widow of Timothy, prop. Hotel Essex, 43 Main 
u Nathan P. farm hand, boards Israel F. Andrews', South- 
ern avenue, S. E. 
a Orrin M. printer, hoards Addison street, S. K. [Holden'a 
" Samuel J. upholsterer, Main, near ship yard, bds. Samuel 
u Samuel S. house Southern av. near Addison, S. K. 
a Sarah, widow of Ezra, house 14 Southern a v. 
a Stephen P. house Southern av., S. E. 
a Susan, widow of William A. house Southern av., S. Iv 
u Webster H. stuck fitter, house Addison street, S. E. 
u Willard S. clerk, 83 Main, S. E. boards 79 do. 
u William H. teamster, house Addison street, S. E. 
« William N. laborer, house Addison street, S. E. 
a Zeno P. ship carpenter, house Winthrop street 

able Amelia, widow of Jacob, house Main street, S. K 



Elisha B. expressman, house Western av. near power-house 


BANNISTER WALTER G. watchman, house Grove st . S. E 
Barber Frank E. dry goods, Southern av., S. E. h. 1 'J Addisou 
Hartlett Daniel \V. notary public, house 1G Winthrop 

a John B. dentist (Boston), h. Western av. n. power station 
Bellington George, blacksmith, house 3G Southern av., S. E. 
Billings Robert, carpenter, house oil' Martin, near railroad 
Bingham Lucy M. Mrs. house Southern av. near Addison, S. E. 

n Thomas, house Grove, near Eastern av., S. E. 
Blake Lyman Rev. pastor Essex North Congregational Church. 

house Northern av. 
Boutchia Robert W. cabinetmaker, house Choate's court 
Buutchie Thomas, laborer, house Northern av. near Main 
Boyd Charles A. farmer, house end of Spring 

u Charles L. farmer, boards end of Spring 

" Fraj-ik A. farmer, boards end of Spring [ \N inthrop 

Boynton Eugene W. (Portsmouth, N. II. j, engineer, boards 1"> 
Bromley Lewis 0. painter, house Eastern av. 
Brown Joseph, farmer, house Eastern av. near Water 

^ Nelson A. motorman, house Western av. neai powei si 
Buckley John D. conductor, house Main, cor. Spring 
Bufi'um Frank B. milk dealer, Western av. near Hamilton line 
Bullock Arthur M. baker, Main st, S. E house Western ay. 
Burnham Aaron 0. ship carpenter, .Main Btreet, S. K. 

it Abigail W. widow of Calvin, house Winthrop Btreet, near 

« Albert, ship carpenter, house Eastern av. 

a Albion, house Main street, S. E. 


-• 1! 


Burnhara Alden C. (0. P. & A. ('. Burnham), carpenters, 
Burnham court, house Martin, opp. Town Hall 
a Alonzo L. shoemaker, house Main street, v E. 
u Alvin, gardener, house Southern aw. S E. 
« Amanda, widow of William, house Eastern av. neai I 
u Caroline, widow of Noah, house Main street, S. E 
u Charles A. painter, Eastern av. cor. Main, S. E. house d 
a Charles A. jr. teamster, house School, near Grove, S. 1. 
(i Charles F. carpenter, house 7 Addison 
a Chester C. general store, 73 Main. S. E. house G9 do. 
u Constantine, clerk, 73 Main, S. E hoards 13 do. 
i> Constantine, clerk, house Eastern av. near Grove, S. E 
a Daniel W. ship carpenter, house Water street 
a David B. postmaster and general store, 94 Main, S E 

house 75 do. 
« Eben. laborer, house Water street 

it Edward, farmer, house Eastern av. near Gloucester line 
« Edward. 2d, clam dealer, house Water street 
a Edwin H. teamster, house Eastern av. near Watei - 
it Eliza, widow of Henry W. house Southern av. neai A i I. 
son, S. E. 
Elizabeth, widow of William G. house Eastern a\ 
Elzina A. H. Miss, house 12 Southern av., S. lv 
Emily P., Eunice G. and Matilda B. house 61 Main. S 1. 
u Erastus S. printer and jeweler, 13 and 1 . » Martin, house 

Spring court 
a Everett, farmer, house Western av. beyond Pond street 
u E. Bennett, physician, boards 2 Southern av., v 1. 
tt Francis, farmer, house Grove street. S. E. 
<< Francis A. carpenter, house Water street 

» Frank, mason, house ( .) Burnham court 

u Frank A. edge setter, house Forest av., S. E. 

a Frank N. motorman, house Apple street 

u Frank S. shoemaker, hous.' 1 Western av. 
Fred K. clerk. 94 Main. S. E. house Main sti 

)CitNHAH FRED 31. -table, rear Hotel Ess 
13 street, near ship yard, house Main street | 

n Gardiner, market gardener, house Western av. 

« George Alvin, farmer, house Eastern av. 

ti George A. clerk, 13 Martin, boards Spring court 

« George A. fancy pigeons, bds. School, near G S G 

it George W. shoemaker, house Western av. 

tt Gideon, farmer, h. Southern av. beyond Andrews si , Js E. 

a Gilbert 0. ( Boston), lawyer, house Main street 

« Hannah M- widow o! Noah, house Wintlirop sti 

u Harlan 1*. laborer, house Western a\ near Stor 

tt H. Clarence, farmer, house Eastern av. 

u Ira O. farmer, house Western av. h yoi d I' 

a Isaac A. sale stable. School st. It. 16 S s I 

u James Henry, fisherman, bds. Southern J 
street, S. E. 



Burnhain James 11. house Southern av. near Addison St., S. 10. 

u Jesse, ship carpenter, house Eastern av. near Grove, S. 10. 

« .John, fisherman, house Water street 

a John J. carpenter, house Eastern av. near Gloucester line 

u Joseph L. fisherman, house Eastern av. near Water 

n Josephine L. teacher, Central primary school, hoards Han- 
nah M. Burnhatn's, Wiuthrop st. [av. near Main at. 

u Joshua 0. blacksmith, Southern av., S. E. house Eastern 

u J. Horace, ship carpenter, house Martin, cor. Prospect 

h Lamont G. summer residence, Northern av. [station 

u Levina L. widow of Osmond, house Western av. near power 

« Lucy, C. manager Essex Echo, h. Western a v. n. Story st. 

" Lucy G. widow of David, house (> Burnhain court 

>. Luther, house oil" Apple street, at Essex Falls 

it Luther E. caulker, house Western av. near Story street 

a Mabel Mis. house Milk street, South Essex 

« Margaret, widow of Nathan, hoards 9 Burnham court 

it Martha M. widow of Geo. F. b. E. S. Burnham's, Spring ct. 

a Mary, at Almshouse 

a Mary, widow of Ezra, house Western a v. 

« Mary A. widow of William M. h. 1G Southern av., S. E. 

ii Miles 0. caulker, house Eastern av. 

u Muses, farmer, h. off Southern av., S. E. beyond King ct. 

it Nehemiah, farmer, house Western av. near power .station 

u Olivei' P (0. J\ & A. C. Burnhum)* carpenter and 

builder, Burnham court, house Wiuthrop street 

h Otis, fisherman, house Eastern av. near Water 

a O. P. & A. 0. carpenters, end of Burnham court 

a Rachel, widow, house Western av. near Martin 

a Rebecca 1). widow of Olivei', house 7 Burnhain court 

u Robert, motorman, boards Grove street, South Essex 

u iiufus E. painter, Main street. South Essex, house do. 

it Sally, widow of Zaccheus, house U) Southern av., South 

Essex (!).'") years old) 

« Sarah C. widow of John, house Main street 

u Sarah J. Miss, house School street, South Essex 

u S. Perry, carpenter, house, l l Southern av., South Essex 

a Washington, farmer, house Northern av. 

ii Willard A. ship builder, off Main St. h. Southern av., S. 10. 

a William, painter, house Eastern av. near Water 

a William P. shoemaker, house Main street, South Essex 

n Willis G. house Main street 

it X. William, pilot, house Main street, South Essex 

Bushee William F. motorman, house Apple, cur. Western av. 

Butler Albert L. traveling salesman, bouse Main Street 

ii David, at Almshouse 

« Edward, ship carpenter, boards 40 Main 

« J. Warren, farm band, boards Milk street. South Essex 

Butman Ansel K. laborer, house King court. South 1 

ii Archie, laborer, house King court, South Essex 

a Charles H. farm hand, h. Southern av. near Addison. S.IO 


lli ftV. 


u Ha 



CALLAHAN BRIDGET, widow, house Pond street 

« Dennis, laborer, house Water street 

it Eugene, inotorman, house Eastern av. near Water 

a John, laborer, boards Water street 

u Michael, laborer, boards Water street 
Cameron Angus, motorman, house Apple street 
Campbell Joseph, fireman at power station, hoi 

near Prospect street 
Carey Charles B. laborer, house Western av. 

u George W. carpenter, house Western av. 
Carnrick Desire, widow of John, house 85 Southern av., S. K 

u James E. farmer, house 85 Southern av., S. E. 
Carpenter Benjamin, driver, h. Southern av. tor. Addison, S. K 
Chapman Eliza A. widow of Amos S. b. Eastern av. n. Wat« 1 
Chennell William, watchman, house 2 Spring 
Chick A. Frank, ship joiner, boards Hotel Essex, Main street 
Chipman Seymour L. conductor, house Martin, opp. town I. all 
Choate David F. (Boston), boards William C. Choate - 

u Francis, carpenter, house Main, opp. Martin 

a John C. ins. agent, 21 Alain, bouse do. 

a Rufus, farmer, house Spring, near the cemetery 

u William C. farmer, house Spring, opp. the cemeter) 
Claiborne Amelia C. widow of George C. house Western av. 
cor. Martin 

u George W. mason, boards Western av. cor. Martin 

<< Lizzie M. dressmaker, Western av. cor. Martin, bds. do 
Closson John M. painter, 20 Southern av., S. E. house 1 I 
Coilill James, laborer, house oil' Martin, near tin railroad 

u Thomas, house Martin street 
Cogswell Aaron, house 4 Spring 

» Albert E. house 6 Spring 

u Caleb M. farmer, house Western av. cor. Pond 

« Charles E. shoe laster, boards Cogswell court, S. E. 

m Charles G. carpenter, 11 Western av. house do. 

k Daniel, blacksmith, house Main, opp. Spring 

4. 1). Choate, farmer, house Choate, near Northern a\ 

a D. Webster, farmer, house Main, opp. Spring 

tt Edward? fisherman, house Cogswell court. S. E. 

u Elvira D. widow of Addison, house Southern av., S. E. 

a Francis, carpenter and builder, Martin, c Prospect, h. do. 

a George, house Cogswell court, S. L. 

u George E. farmer, house Choate street 

« Henry W. shoemaker, house Cogswell court, S. B. 

« William A. farmer, house Choate, near Northern iv. 
Collicutt Anion 11. station agent, house 13 Main 
Condon Eugene, engineer, boards Hotel Essex, Mam stunt 

« John, ship carpenter, boards Seth W. Johnson's, Main 
street, S. E. 
Comeau Reuben, farmer, Almshouse, boards do. 
Conorao Cottage, Morris C. Fitch, prop., Conomo Point 

26 I 


Cook Clarence E, supt. Almshouse, house do. 
a Clarence E. Mrs. matron, Almshouse, house do. 
« Frank A. fish market, Main street, at bridge S. I. house 

Main street, do. 
a Moses, house Main street, S. E. 

Coose Charles R. shoemaker, h. Eastern av. near Main, S J. 
a Fastina, widow of William 1). h. Eastern av. n. Main »t. 

Corcoran David, prop, stage line, Couomu Point, hum* 69 

Main, S. E. - I. 

« John, ship carpenter, hoards Setli W. Johnson's, Main -i.. 

Corporau James P. laborer, house Prospect stri 

Coy Michael, house off Spring street 

Craft Franklin L. house Story st near Belcher's lane 

Craig Susan J. widow of William M. house Martin, u. Pi 

Cressey George H. conductor, house Western av. bey. pow 

Cromhie Abbie A. widow of John H. house Southern av., S I. 
u Burley S. farmer, house Andrews, cor. Southern a\ , S. K 
u Ezra S. baker, A. M. Bullock's, house Forest St., S. h 
a John A. shoecutter, house Eastern av. opp. Grove sti 

Cundy Lucy A. widow, house School street, S. K. 

Curtis Albert C. mail carrier, bds. Geo. A. Curtis', Pick* 
<i George A. section foreman, house Pickering street 
a George 'W. laborer, boards George A. Curtis', l'i. k ri 
<t John H. section hand, house Pickering street 

DADE SYLVESTER, farmer, house Southern av. neai Kil g 

court, S. E. 
Dak in James A. laborer, house Southern av., S. K. S i 

Daniels John, ship carpenter, boards Seth W. Johnson's, Main 
Dt-utremont Mngloire, engineer, house Choate's court 
Dodge Elizabeth, widow of Nehemiah, liouse 28 Main 

« Henry F. (Boston), house Main street 

a Mirandi, widow of Grover, house Main street 
Doty George T. ship carpenter, house Spring 

u Mary A. widow of Charles, boards George L\ U 
Doueette Timothy, ship carpenter, house Piekeri 
Doyle Allen W. shoemaker, house 10 Pickering 

u James J. carpenter, Main street, S. K ise do. 

« John, ship carpenter, house Pickering street 

u John J. ship carpenter, house 40 Main 
Duggan Daniel, laborer, house Choate's court 

u John Henry, musician, boards ( koate's court 

ELWELL ZENO, farmer, bds. Zeno P, ElweU's, N >rtli 

.. Zeno P. farmer, house Northern av. 
Essex Echo, Lucy C. Burnham, manager, C Martin 
Evans Emily, at Almshouse 
Eveleth Helen M. widow of Warren, boards 11 
drews', Northern av. 


FARNHAM HENRY P. house Grove, near Eastern av.. 8 I. 

u II. Newton, painter, house Grove, near School, S. E. 

a John C. ship carpenter, house Grove street, S. E. 
Fernald John, caulker, hoards Hotel Essex., .Main street 
Finlayson Donald, house Prospect street 
Firth John, hostler, Scott's Motel, [)() Main, S. K. boardt do 
Fitch Morris C. pro}). Conomo Cottage, Conoino Point, house do. 
Foster Charles S. meat cart, house Western av. 
Freeman George, hoards 2 Main 
French Charles E. house Cogswell court, S. E. 

a Charles R. printer, boards Cogswell court, S. E. 

a Luther K. bookkeeper (Gloucester), boards Cogswell court 
Fuller George A. supt. house Main streel, S. E. 

a John E. shoemaker, house Addison street, S. E. 

.. J. Bennett, farmer, house Western av. near Prospect ^t. 

tc Lucy B. widow of Edmund B. house 36 Southern a\.> 1.. 

a Thomas B. farmer, house Forest av., S. E. [Apple St. 

Furbush Nancy T. widow of Nahuni M. boards Edward Si 

GAFFNEY WILLIAM M. Jr. farmer, house Eastern av. 

near Lufkin 
Gage Caleb, boards Thomas Gage's, Northern a\. 

u Thomas, wheelwright, house Northern av. near Main 
Garni on Peter, at Almshouse 

Gates Isaac R. & Son (William A.), saw mill, carpenters 
builders, Southern av., S. E. house Forest av. 
a William A. (Isaac R. dates & Son). Southern av., S. E. 
house Southern av. near Addison street 
Gavin Richard, laborer, house Water street 
Gilbert John F. blacksmith, house Southern avenue, 
Addison street, S. E. 
u Louis, farmer, house Addison street, S. E. 
a Noah, farmer, house Addison street, S. E. 
a William II. farmer, b. Apple st. near Southern nv., S I 
Glines Edgar G. fireman, house Pickering street, near Mai 
Gloucester, Essex, and Beverly St. R. R., oih'ce Western 

Essex Falls 
Goldthwait Margaret, widow of Geo. D. Ii. Southern a 
Goodhue Albert F. carpenter, bouse Western av. t%] !' 
a Frank A. mason, house Main, near Spring street 
« Joseph C. mason, boards Albnt F. Goodhm W tern av. 

opp. Pond street 
n Lizzie, widow of Jeremiah, Ii. Martin, neai W< itei 
m Walter C. linemaker, boards Lizzie Gondii 
Goodwin J. William, laborer, house off Martin, neai the de| 

u Wesley S. teacher, Iligb school, h. Main, 
Gorton George A. farmer, house off Grove street, S 
Gosbee David II. carpenter, house Prospect ol 
Gray Samuel, ship carpenter, house Northern av. neai M I 


400 KS,SK\ hii;i.i IOKY . 

HALL GEORGE E. sign painter, shoe factory, Southei 

S. E. boards Scott's Hotel I . S. EC 

Hanson George H. shoemaker, house Southern av. beyond An- 
Ilardy Francis, tanner, house off Northern av. 
Hart George A. butcher, house Spring court 
Harvey Cheater, motorman, boards Isaac liarvej s, Western av. 

.. Isaac, laborer, house Western av. near power station 

it John T. peddler, house Water street 

« Joseph A. teamster, house Water street 
Haskell Abratn, laborer, house lo forest av., S. E 

u Albert A. student, boards U Main 

u Archie F. shoemaker, bds. W. II. Haskell's, Mum -t . S. 1. 

». Augusta M. widow of Calvin, house Main street, S. E. 

a A. Frank, .shoe laster, house Main street. S. E 

a Bannister, farmer, house King court, S. K. 

a David L. farmer, house Northern av. cor. Wise's road 

tt Edward, clerk, 94 Main, S. E. house Jo. 

tt Francis P. blacksmith, 6 Main, house 2 do. 

tt Frederick, blacksmith, house oil* Martin, neai Town Hall 

u George, farmer, house Haskell's court 

tt Horace C. farmer, boards Thomas M. Proctor's, Stor) st. 

tt J. Fred, farmer, Charles F. Patch's, Northern av. 

u Louisa, widow of Fitzwilliain, house Eastern at 
Main street, S. 10. 

a Lucy, widow of Nathaniel, house Cogswell court, S. E. 

a Walter II. mo tor men, house Main street, S. E. 

tt William C. bookkeeper, b. Eastern av. cor. Mam st . S. K 
Haywood Lillie A. widow of George H. house Mai tin street 
Hermenson Andrew, farmer, boards Harlow street 
Herriek Charles G. farmer, house Harlow street 
Hewitt Isaac S. painter, bouse Pickering, near Martin 
Hieken Albert A. (II. L. Story & Co.), heel man ufs. Martin 

st. near depot, house 11 Southern av., S. 10. 
Hobbs Addie B. teacher, Thompson [sland primary, boards 7 
Western av. 

u Edwin, shipwright, house 7 Western av. 
Hoilgdon Albert, farmer, house Story street 
H olden Samuel A. conductor, house 11 .Main 
Holmes Isaac A. shoemaker, house Story street 

u John H. shoemaker, Story street, house ^\o. 
Homans Henry li. painter, house Western a v. opp. Apple 
Hotchkiss Frederick M. sailmaker, BuruluilU place, llO M 

ern av. near power station 
Hotel Essex, Nancy C. Andrews, pi op. 43 Main 
Hove.ll Martha, widow, house Western av. 
Howes Hattie, at Almshouse 
Hubbard John, laborer, house rear U* Main 

u William, iceman, boards rear U* Main 
Hume Ernest, farmer, Charles W. Mears*, boards Western av. 

i:ssk.\ niKF.rioKY. |oi 

JAMES EVEREtT B. ship carpenter, house Wiothrop st 

n Fit/ H. ship carpenter, h, Winthrop st. app. school house 

« John F. (Tarr & -: James) , ship builder, Main street, house 
Martin, opp. Town Hall 

« Lyman, groceries, Main Street, house Martin Street 
Jeir's Henry, shoemaker, house Eastern av. near Water 
Jenkins Annie F. widow of John, h. Milk st. cor. Grove, S. I-.. 

it Harold, fanner, house Milk street, S. 10. 

n Preston, fanner, house Grove st. opp. Milk -1 . S. E. 
Jerrett Rogers E. laborer, boards Story, near lielcher h lane 

a William A. laborer, house Story, near Helchor's lane 
Johnson Abbot C. herbs and spiers, house Western av. 

ti Seth W. fish peddler, house Main street, S. E. 

a Walter It market gardener, Western av. 
Jones Caleb Q ship caulker, house <S 1 Main, S. E. 

u James B. motorman, house belcher's lane, near Story 

a Samuel Q. ship joiner, house 84 Main, S. E. 

KARREY JAMES, conductor, house Martin streel 

Kelleher John, house Spring street 

Kelley Fred M. baggagemaster, house Martin, cor. Winthrop 

Kelly John, laborer, boards Parker L. Roberts', Southern av. 

Kent Eben G. fireman power station, house Mail in street 

Kimball Enoch B. plumber and tiorist, house Apple strei 
Essex Falls station 
tt James B. carpenter, house Apple st. near Essex Eall 
it John S. driver, boards J. B. Kimball's, Apple street 
« Robei't G. carriage painter, oil' Martin, near depot, house 
Apple, near Western a v. 

Knight John, gardener (Orchard Home), house Northern .... 

Knowlton Aaron, fanner, house Harlow stiv<-t 
a Alphonso M. house Addison street, S. F. 
u Charles L. farmer, house Harlow street 
u Edward F. milk dealer, house Western av. mar Stor) 
u Jessie M. widow of Alvah L. house Eastern av. n. Grove 
a John C. brakeman, boards Hotel Essex, -l.'J .Main 
.. Moses, house 96 Main, S. F. 

a Perry B. rhotorman, house Eastern av. near Grove, S. E. 
u Richard D. farmer, house Western av, near Stor} 

LAKEMAN EDWARD W. house 20 Wintkrop 

Lander Edward 11. clerk, Lyman James', house Pickeri 
u Edward W. hairdresser, Main ,-t., S. F. house 7 Pickering 
t.t Edward W. jr. hairdresser, boards 7 Pickering, s E. 

Lane Charles R. fisherman, house oil' Spring street 
- Margaret, widow of William, hoards Hi Main 

Langill Angus, ship carpenter, house Pickering street 

Lanzell William M. farmer, house Forest av., S. E. 

Larrabee Samuel C. hairdresser, h. Story st. near Belcki r*s laue 
n Warren A. supt. G. E. & B. St. Uy. Co. Western 

av. at Essex Falls 



S. I . 

Lawson William X. horse shoer, h. Western hv. neai Main 
Leo Edward, conductor, St. ky. ).. Eastern ;,v. n. Grove, S I 
n Edward K. fanner, liousc North, rn av. cor. W 
u John K. house Southern av., S. E. 
« Richard H. trader, house Grove street, S. E. 
Lepd.ill David II. fanner, h. Southern av. bey. Andrew 
I a George A. shoemaker, house Southern av., S. K 

u William, farmer, house King court, S. E. 
Lingwood Emily J. widow of George \V. h Western av. n. Aiinl 
Low Albert F. (Boston), summer res. Winthiop Ktreet 
u Annie E. widow of WilHam B. house I.") Main 
a Caleb, meat cart, house Main, opp. Spring 
a Caroline N. widow of Josiah, liouse Choate streel 
it Charles G. farmer, liouse 7f> Main, S. K. 
a Daniel W. house Western av. near Winthiop 
a David, manager Centennial Grove, house Apple sti 
'a D. Evans, fanner, house Story street 
a Edward, teamster, house Martin, cor. Winthrop 
tt George W. farmer, house oil' Apple, u. Essex Kails 
u Herbert, farmer, boards David Low's, Apple streel 
u James 0. farmer, house Apple street 

u James (). jr. farmer, hoards James 0. Low's, Apple street 
« Jessie W. Miss, teacher, Thomj)son grammar school, ImIs. 

.James (). Low's. Apple street 
a Josiah, farmer, house Northern av. 
a Josiah M. farmer, house Northern av. 
a Lyman D. milk dealer, bds. Augusta S Story's, V. 
<< Nathan, house Choate, near Northern av. 
u Pearson II. fanner, house Mai tin, near Prospect 
u Reuben S. fanner, house Andrews street, S. K. 
Lucas Frederic!; W. farmer, house King's court, S. I 
Lufkin Albert K. harnessmaker, Eastern av. near Main H i 
house do. 
u Albert P. shoemaker, house Water street 
a Alfred M- fanner, house 10 Southern av., S. V 
a Alvin P. fanner, house Lufkin stud 
j it John K. fanner, house Kastern av. near \\ ater 
a Ma5rc,ius M. shipsmith, Main st. near the brid 

Eastern av. cor. Water 
« Marv, widow of Samuel, house Lufkin streel 
a Sally A. widow of Alfred, house 10 Southern av., S I 

MALONSON PHILIP, laborer, house Stor) Bin 

Marsh William, conductor, St Ry. house Milk St., S 
Marshall Anthony, ship carpenter, house Fores! av., S I 
it Bertha, widow of Joseph M. house 81 M iii , - s r 

u Joseph M. (estate), grocer, 83 Main. S. ['.. 

a William, fanner, house Northern av. 
Mathews Albeit E. engineer at power station, house M 
Mc.Callum William, painter, boards Milk street, S. 1 
\ i McDonald Daniel, fanner, liouse Pond stud 



Mclntire Alphonso A. blacksmith, boards Fore»t av., S. E. 

a PLli/.abeth, widow of George W. bouse Water street 

u Emily J. widow of Edward E. house av., S. Ei 

u Lewis J. carpenteri boards Forest av.. S. K. 

it William II. carpenter, house Giove', mar Eastern av., S. K. 
McKenxie Edward, farmer, boards Story, opp. Belcher's lane 

a Frank E. station agent, B. & M. 11. B., South Essex, house 
Addison street, do. 

a Jacob H. farmer, house Story, op]). Belcher's lane 

u Leonard, ship carpenter, house It) Main 
McPherson John 1). ship carpenter, bds. with Cyrus Andrews 
Mears Alonzo S. milkman, house Pond St. 

» Asa B. farmer, house Western av. 

a Charles W. tanner, house Western av. 

u David E. shoemaker, h Andrews av. cur. Southern av., 

u David 0. Rev. (Albany, N. 1".), summer residence (Oi- 
chard Home), Northern a v. 

u Edward, fanner, boards Alonzo S. Mears', Pond >t. 

a Francis, house Southern av., S. E. 
li, TEAKS HENRY W. %hing line manuf., Pickering st. 
IT I, house Northern av. (see page 526) 

u Julia S. widow of George F. bouse 31 Main. cor. .Mai tin 

a Loren E. teamster, house Southern av., S. E. 

a Martha J. widow of Solomon, house Western av. near 
Hamilton line 

a Walter, farmer," hoards Alonzo S. Mears', Pond st. 

ik William E. laster, bouse Western av. near Hamilton line 

u \V. H. Mrs. widow, house Main, near Spring 
Morris Beuben, shoe buffer, b. Augusta S. Story's, Western av. 
Morrison John E. farmer, L. G. Burnharn's, b. Northern av. 
Morrissey William, carpenter, house Addison st., S. K. 
Morse Flora, widow of Victor, house 8.7 Main. S. Iv 
Morson Richard D. painter, b. James J. Doyle's. Main st., S. E. 
Mudge Cynthia B. widow of George W. house Western av. cor. 

.. George B. bookkeeper, hoards Western av. cor. Prospeel 
Mulcahy Edward, laborer, boards Western av. opp. Prospect 

a John, laborer, house Western av. opp Prospect 
Murp'hy John J. ship carpenter, board.-, Main st. next ship yard 

« Patrick, ship fastener, house Alain .-t. next to ship yard 
Murray Daniel L. farmer, house Addison st., S. K. 
Muse F. Paid, laborer, house Western av. beyond power station 
Myers Joseph H. laborer, bouse Western av. cor. Prospect 

NOBLE FRANK, shoemaker, house Southern av. near Addi- 
son, South Essex 

a Rachel, widow of John, h. Southern av. n. Addison -!.. S.E 
Nolan George W. laborer, bouse Pond street 
Norton Arthur M. teamster, bouse 10 Main 

u George H. farmer, house Western av. beyond Pond st. 

« Susan F. widow of Daniel, bouse Western av. near Story 


O'BRIEN JOHN, ship joiner, house -Southern av., S. E.„ 
Oliver Frederick A. shoemaker, bds. Eastern av. n. Grove, S. E. 

<< Josiah, mason, house Eastern av. near Grove, S. E. 

u Samuel Mrs. house Belcher's lane 
Osborn Warren, rnotorman, h. Western av. hey. power station 
Osgood Mary C. widow of John P. house I Northern av. 
Oxner Edward, ship carpenter, house Story street 

PARKER CHARLES A. laborer, house Southern uv., S. E. 
Patch Charles F. farmer, house off Northern a v. 

a James W. laborer, house Western av. bey. power station 
Payne Edward W. rnotorman, h. Western av. near Pond st. 
Peahody Edward C. musician, house Southern av., S. E. 
Perkins Arthur F. rnotorman, house Western av. near Martin 

" Charles E. farmer, hoards 5 Western av. 

ti Clarence S. clerk, Post Office, boards Martin st. 

u Clarissa W. widow of William, house Eastern av. 

a Eben, milk dealer and farmer, bouse Northern a v. 

u Edwin C. carpenter, bouse Western av. near Story 

a Elbridge,. carpenter, house Martin street 

a Elizabeth, widow, bouse 77 Main, S. E. 

« Frank, carpenter, house Martin, op]). Prospect 

u Frank H. shoemaker, boards Grove, near School; S. E. 

a Frank P. clerk, 4 Martin, house Western av. 

« George G. trader, boards 5 Western av. 

a Jacob S. farmer and poultry dealer, bouse Apple st. 

a Leighton E. postmaster, G Martin, hou.«e do. 

« Leonard, shoemaker, bouse Grove, near School St., S. E. 

u Martha, widow of Gardner, house 5 Western av. 

a Proctor P. ship joiner, house Western av. near Story 

« William F. shoemaker, house Cogswell court, S. E. 

u William F. jr. boards Cogswell court 
Perry Albert 1). laborer, house Winthrop, near Western av. 
Peterson Abel E. conductor, house Western av. near power station 
Pettey Charles E. Rev. pastor Unirersalist Church, house Main, 
near Martin [near Addison st. 

Pierce George II. blacksmith, Main st., S. E. bds. Southern av. 

a Nathaniel, engineer, power station, house Apple st. 
Poland Archie B. marine draughtsman, School st., S. E. bds. do. 

« Daniel, marine draughtsman, and vessel moulds, School St., 
S. E. house do. 
Polleys Sarah, widow, house Main street 
Post Office, Leighton E. Perkins, postmaster, G Martin 
Prest Robert, wheelwright, house Story street 
Prince John, house off Main st., rear ship yard 
Proctor Abagail W. widow of Mitchell, house Milk st., S. E. 

a Geoi'ge W. shoemaker, boards Milk st., S. E. 

a John J. laborer, house Southern av. near Addison st., S. E. 

a Thomas M. laborer, boards Milk st., S. E. 

a Thomas M. house Story st. near Belcher's lane 


QUIMBY ALBERT, travelling salesman, bds. 82 Main, S. E. 
a Horace M. manager, 83 Main, S. E. house 81 do. 
tt Jacob, expressman, house 82 Main, S. E. 

RAYMOND BENJAMIN F. apothecary, 1 Martin, house 

29 Main 
Reynolds & Hodges, cider mill, Addison st, S. E. 
Rhodes John J. hairdresser, Main st., S. E. house do. 
Richardson Frank C. lawyer (Gloucester)-, house Martin st. 

u Jonathan M. groceries, hardware, etc. 4 and t) Martin st. 
house Martin, near Town Hall 
Riggs Albion, ship carpenter, house Main street, S. E. 

a Daniel B. shoemaker, house Southern av., S. E. 

u Frank 0. clerk, 73 Main st., S. E. boards oil Eastern av. 

a Moses, laborer, house oil Eastern av. 
Riley Owen H. teamster, house Eastern av. near Grove 
Roberts Parker L. laborer, house Southern av. near Manchester 
line, South Essex 

a Thomas H. farmer, house Conomo Point 

a Wilfred, farmer, boards at Geo. \V. Mears', Western av. 
Ross Wallace, shoemaker, house Eastern av. near Water 

« William H. shoemaker, bds. W. H. Haskell's, Main st., S. E. 
Rowe William, sailmaker, house Story street 
Rust Fanny P. widow, house 27 Main 

SAMPSON WARREN P. shoemaker, h. 26 Southern av., S. E. 
Sargent Epes, town clerk, and carpenter, house Martin streets, 
opp. Town Hall 

a Perley, line maker, house Northern av. 

n Perley A. line maker, house Northern av. 

it Robert, farm hand, boards Milk street, S. E. 
Scott Charles I. prop. Scott's Hotel, 90 Main. S. E. house do. 
Scroones William, ship carpenter, boards 10 Main 
Shepard William H. laborer, house Prospect st. near Martin 
Simpson Joseph Rev. pastor M. E. Church, h. Main st., S. E. 
Singer James, ship carpenter 4 , house Eastern av. 
Smith Daniel, shijp carpenter, boards 40 Alain 

a Joseph F. undertaker, Martin st. near Prospect, house do. 

a Willard C. farmer, house Eastern av. cor. Lufkin 
Spinney John, painter, boards Pickering street, near Martin 
Spittle Thomas E. milkman, house Main street. S. E. 
'Stan wood E. Frank, shoemaker, house 5 Martin 
Stevens George 0. electrician at power station, bouse Western 

av. at Essex Falls 
Story Albert, carpenter, house Martin street, near Western av. 

a Albert II. ship carpenter, house Martin, near Western av. 

it Alice L. widow of Epes, house 8 Burnham court 

a Arthur D. ship builder, Main, street, house Winthrop street 

a Amelia A. widow of Epes S. house Western av. 

a Charles A. ship joiner, house Winthrop. near Martin street 


Story Charles II. fish dealer, house Mai tin. near Prospect street 
tt Charles 0. slop carpenter, house 7 Muitin 

OT0IIY I). AUSTIN, wheelwright and livery stable, Main, 

KJ cor. Spring, house Main, near Spring st. 

QTOUY EDWARD, lumber, -rain, ami feed, Apple street, 

k3 at Essex Falls, house <l<>. (see page 526) 
tt Edward C. ship joiner, hoards Martin, near Western av. 
u Edwin J. musician, house Western av. 
a Elbridge F. ship carpenter, boards Martin, n. Western av. 
u Enoch, ice dealer, house Apple, near Western av. 
« Ernest P. ship joiner, boards Martin, near Western av. 
u Ethelyn B. dressmaker, Main, cor. .Martin st. boards d < 
« Eveline and Susan B. house Martin, cor. Western av. 
u Frank N. shoe cutter, hoards .Martin, near Western av. 
a Frank W. laborer, house Stoi y street 
u George II. farmer, house Western av. 
n George M. ship joiner, house 15 Winthrop 
« George W. farmer, fiouse oft" Belcher's lane 
«i Harry L. & Co. {Albert A. fl token), heel inanufs i II 

Martin, near depot, house Martin, near Western av. 
tt Henry 0. janitor, house 7 Martin 

a Horace I. section hand, house Story, cor. Belcher's lane 
tt James F. hoards Arthur M. Bullock's, Western av. 
u John C. farmer, house Belcher's lane 
« John P. ship builder, Main street, house Winthroj) str< I 
a Joseph A. bookkeeper (Boston), boards 5 Mai tin 
. k Leonard A. farmer, boards Mary J. Story's, S 
a Leonard 1$. carpenter, boards Mai tin st. neai West in at 
it Lester W. laborer, boards Story, cor. Belcher s lane 
u Lewis E. shoemaker, house 21 Eastern av., S I 
tt Lewis II. shoemaker, hoards Main, coiner Martin st. 
a Louisa A. widow or" New ion. house Main, cor. Martin st. 
tt Lucinda, widow of David A. house Main street, S I. 
u Lucinda G. widow of Job, house .'^1 Main. cor. Martin 
u Lydia, widow of Abel, house Western av. neal A 
a Lyndon J. tailor (Boston), house Winthrop street 
«. Manning, music, teacher, house Stor) street 
a Maiia A. M. widow of Asa, house Main street, S. I'. 
u . Mary Josephine, widow ol Aaron H. house Si reel 

ti Mary P. Mrs. station agent, Essex Falls station, I 

Mai tin street [av. neai A, 

u Nathan, grocer, Apple st. cor. Western a v. ha m W 
» Orville G. tinsmith and sheet iron worker, Main An 

shipyard, house next to church, Main sti 
u Otis, farmer, house Story street, neai Belch 
(i Otis 0. blacksmith, 60 Main. S. E. house 5 Will 
« Samuel, coal dealer, house Winthrop st. ueai M 
u Samuel L. ship joiner, house Winthrop street 
« S. Augusta, widow if David, house Wi 

Prospect street 


Stowe Walter, farmer, Iiouse Grove street, South Essex 
Stowell Charles, conductor, boards E. B. Annahle's, West ru av. 

near power station 
Sullivan Cornelius, farmer, boards Haskell's eourt 
Suuberg William, motorman, bds. Thos. M. Proctor's, Story st. 

TA.R.R WASHINGTON (Tarr X- James), ship builder, -Main 

street, house Martin, near Prospect st. 
rpARIl & JAMES {Washinytoii Tarr, i\ James), 
J_ builders of yachts and schooners, Main street (sec pa e 

Taylor Nathan G. cook, house 'J Main 

is William P. conductor, street railroad, h. off Main st, S. K. 
Tebo John E. farmer, house Western ay. 
Thomas Stephen, carpenter, house Forest av., S. E. 
Towne Charles J. physician, Martin st. next to P. (). house do. 
Tucker Joseph N. confectionery, Main street, boards \~> Eastern 

av., S. E. 
« Joseph AV. carpenter, house 15 Eastern av., S. E. 
Turner John L. bicycle mfr. and repairer, Main street, S. I\ 

house Andrews street 

VALLETTE SAMUEL, boards Oliver P. Burnham's, Win- 

throp street 
Varney Addison, farmer, house off Andrews st., S. E. 
Variuim John L. shoemaker, house Western av. 

WADE HENY 0. ship joiner, house 2 Spring 
Waite Chester R. motorman, h. Western av. n. powei station 
Warren Patrick, cattle dealer, house Eastern av. near Water st. 
Watson Mary, widow of Julian 1>. Iiouse Prospect Btreet 
Welch Georgianna B. widow of John 11. h. off .Main st., S. K. 
Wentworth Ellen M. widow of George, Iiouse Southern av. 

Addison street. S. E. 
Weston George A. ship carpenter, Iiouse off Spring Bt. 
Wetmore Abbie M. teacher, Centra grammar school, btls. John 
C. Wetmore's, Martin street 

a John C ship carpenter, house .Mai tin St. 

« Oscar F. tailor (Boston), li. Winthrop st., n, Western av, 
Whipple Lewis A. farmer, Amelia A. Story's, Western av. 
White Nicholas, shipwright, house rear <"> Main 
Whitman Jacob, ship carpenter, boards 40 Main 
Williams George P. fanner, bds. Western av. t >r. Proh| 
Wilson Horace, fisherman, Iiouse Eastern av. n ar Wat. i t 
Woodman Alpheus G. teacher (Boston), boards 38 .Main 

u Aurin P. physician, 38 Main. opp. Martin, house do. 

« Jennie H. librarian, public library, boards 

u Sarah E. widow of James II. house Western av. 

ESS E . 



Raymond Benjamin F. 1 Martin 

Bullock Arthur M., Main street, S. E 

Bicycle Manufacturer. 

Turner John L., Main street, S. K. 


Burnham Joshua A., Southern av., S. K. 
Haskell Francis P. 6 Main 
Pierce George II., Main street, S. E. 
Story Otis 0. 00 Main, S. E. 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 

Burnham George W., Western av. 
Holmes John H., Story street 

Burnham 0. P.^k A. C. end of liurnliuui court 

Cogswell Charles 6. 11 Western av. 

Cogswell Francis, Martin street, cur. Prospect 

Doyle James J., Main street, S. E. 

Gates Isaac R. & Son, Southern av., S. E., n. 1> & M. 

Sargent Kpes, Martin street, 0|>p. Town Hall 

Story Albert, Martin street, near Western .i\. 

Carriage Painter. 

Kimball Robert 6. off Martin street, ueai I 

Cattle Dealor. 

Andrews Elmer, Main street, S. E. 



Cider Mill. 

Reynolds & Hodges, Addison street, S. K. 

Clam Dealer. 
Burnhatn Edward, 2d, Water street 


Blake Lyman (C. T.), Northern av. 

Ceal Dealer. 

Story Samuel, oft' Martin street, near the depot 


Tucker Joseph N., Main street, S. E. 

Cotton Lines. 
MEARS HENRY W., Pickering st. (.nana!., see pa a 520 


Poland Archie B., School street, S. E. (marine) 
Poland Daniel, School street, S. E. (marine) 


Claiborne Lizzie .M., Western av. cor. Martin 

Story Ethelyn 15., Main .street, cor. Martin 

Dry Goods. 

Barber Frank E., Southern av., S. E. 

Eating House. 
ALLEN JAMES, 44 Main street (see page 526) 

American Express Co., B. & M, station, Southern av., S. 1 
Annable Elisha B., Western av. near power station 

Fish Markets. 

Cook Frank, Main si. near the bridge, S. E. 
Story Charles EL, Martin, near Prospect 

Fishing Lines. 
MEARS HENRY W., lackering st. (inamif., 


Kimball Enoch B., Apple str« I 

Flour and Grain. 
STORY EDWARD, Apple street (see page 52 



General Stores. 

Burnham Chester B. 7 Main, S. E. 
Burnham David B. 94 Main, S. E. 

Grain, Meal and Oats. 
STORY EDWARD, Apple st. (sec page 526) 

Grist Mill. 
STORY EDWARD, Apple st (see page 526) 


ADAMS ALLEN B., Western av. near Apple (see page 

James Lyman, Main street 

Marshall Joseph M. (estate), 83 Main, S. E. 

Richardson Jonathan M. 4 and () Martin 

Story Nathan, Apple St., cor. Western av. 


Lander Edward W., Main street. S. E. 
Rhodes John J., Main street, S. E. 


Richardson Jonathan M. 4 and I) Mai tin 


Lufkin Albeit E., Eastern av. near Main St., S. E. 

Heel Manufacturers. 

Story Harry L. & Co. oil' Martin st. near the depot 

Herbs and Spices. 

Johnson Abbot C , Western av. 


Conomo Cottage, Morris C. Kitch, prop., Coiiuinu Point 

Essex, Nancy C. Andrews, prop. 4*3 Main 

Scott's Hotel, Charles I. Scott, prop. ( .)*» Main, S. E. 

Ice Dealer. 
Story Enoch, Apple street, near power station 

Insurance Agent. 

Choate John C. 27 Main 

Jewelry, Etc. 

Burnham Erastus S. 15 Martin 



Burrihatn Gilbert 0., Main .street 

Line Manufacturer. 
MEARS HENRY W., Pickering street (see page 526) 

Lumber Dealer. 
STORY EDWARD, Apple street (see page 526) 

Meat Cart. 

Foster Charles S., Western, av. 

Milk Dealers. 

Andrews Elihu B., Milk street, S. E. 

Andrews Miles S., Southern av. cor. Addison, S. E. 

Buft'mn Frank B., Western av. 

Low Lyman D., Western av. 

Spittle Thomas E., Main street, S. E. 


Essex Echo, weekly, $1.00; Lucy C. Burnham, manager, (> 

Notary Public. 

Bartiett Daniel W. 10 Winthrop 


Burnham Charles A., Eastern av. cor. Main, S. E. 

Burnham Rui'us E., Main street, S. E. 

Classon John M. 20 Southern av., S. E. 

Hall George E. shoe factory, Southern av., S. E. (sign) 

Homans Henry B., Western av. opp. Apple- street 


Towne Charles J., Martin street, next to post office 

Woodman Aurin P. 38 Main, opp. Martin 

Piano and Organ Tuner. 
ALLEN JAMES. -11 Main (see page 526) 


Burnham Erastus S. 13 Martin 

ADAMS ALLEN B., Western av. near Apple btreet (see 
page 526) 

Saw Mills. 

Gates Isaac R. & Son, Southern av., S. E. near B. & M. station 
STORY EDWARD, Apple street (see page 526) 


Ship Builders. 
Burnham Willard A. oft' Main street, S. E. 
Story Arthur 13., Main Street 
Story John P., Main street 
TARR & JAMES, Main street (see page 526) 

Lufkin M. M., Main street, near the bridge, S. E. 

BURNHAM FRED M. rear Hotel Essex, Main street (see 

page 526) 
Burnham Isaac A., School street, S. E. (sale) 
Scott Charles I. 90 Main, S. E. 
STORY D. AUSTIN, Main, near Spring (see page 527) 


Burnham Charles A. jr., School street, S. E. 
Burnham Edwin II., Eastern av. near Water street 


Story Orville C. 45 Main, opp. ship yard 


Smith Joseph F., Martin, near Prospect 


Andrews Samuel J., Main, near ship yard 

STORY D. AUSTIN, Main, cor. Spring (see page 527) 

Yacht Builders. 
TARR & JAMES, Main street (see page 52G) 


Moderator Annual Meeting— F. Frank Stun wood 

Town Clerk— Fpes Sargent 

Selectmen. Assessors. Overseers ol the Poor and Hoard o J Health— Fran I I 

McKenzie, John Prince Story, Albert F. Goodhue 
Town Treasurer and Collector of Taxes— Benjamin F. Bayinond 
School Committee— Erastus S. Burnham, term expires IUOO; Fveretl B 

term expires 1001 ; Herbert P. Andrews, term expires 1002 
Highway Surveyors— S. Howard Norton, Kssex Kalis; Arthur M. S'orto i 

Centre ; David Corcoran. Thompson's Island ; Fdward Burnhai i I 

Alvin Burnham, South Essex; Frank Hardy, North F: ■ < 
Auditor— Everett Burnham 
Trustees Burnham Fund and Library- Arthur D.\Story, term expires I 

Willard A. Burnham, term expires 1U01 ; Herbert P. Amli 

Hook Committee— John Prince, Henry O. Wade, Henry 1''. Dodge Herbert P 

Surveyors of Lumber— John C.Cboate, Frank F. McKenzie, Fnoch I. I 

Charles 0. Story, S. Perry Burnham, Edward Story, J. Jim e bun ban ' 

Fdwin Hobbs, Albert Story 
Surveyors of Wood and Bark— George A. Lendall, Isaac K. Gates 
Fence Viewers— Alvin Burnham, George A. Lendall 
Field Drivers— Charles H. Butinan, Fdgar Antlrews 
Keeper of Town Pound Perley H, Sargent 

Constables- John F. Gilbert, George A. Lendall, Tlumias M. Proolci 
Engineers Fire. Department— Horace C. Haskell, L\maii .1 

Inspector of Animals— David L, Haskell 
Superintendent of Almshouse— Clarence F. Cook 


Fssi-.\ NOK'i'il CuNCii{i:<;A i 'lOSAL Citum n, Main street. Pastoi i:.\ | \ , , 
Blake. Deacon-, Keuben Morris, David L. Haskell. - 
D. ChOUto Cogswell. Treas., Mary C. Osgood. Chrk, Kulu- < 
of Sunday School, Gardner Iiurnham. organist, llerhei P. \. . lJ'isror.\i, Cm itcii, Fastern avenue, >>. 1.. Past •. II 
Simpson. Sec. and Treas., Mrs. Zono p.^. Clerk. \\ 
ham. Sexton, Lewis Story. Supl. of Sunday Sel I, Mrs. Xeuo 1*. \. 

IM\ i.ksai.IsI' (Jiiumu, Main street. I'astor, Itev, Charles K. V 
Lyman dames. Sec, Mrs. Annie James. Parisli Coiiuniltt 
Andrews, NeheiniaU; Burnham, Everett B. Jai us. Supl 
Susan Andrews. 


T. O. H. P. Iiurnham Librai y, Town Hall. IYust«-e.s Arthur J) - 
expires 1000 ; Willard A. Iiurnham, ten, expires I'.'. I li • :i I'. I 
term expires 1002. Book Committee: Join, prince, Hour) il. Wn 
Dodge, Herbert P. Andrews. 


O. II. P. KAllCStiXT POST 153. 

•Meets at G. A. R. Hall, Main street. Com., I-. el F. 
Isaac s. Hewett. J. V. C, George A. Lendall. Adj.. Kd wa I \V.| 
Phillip T.Adams. O. D., Albert Andrews. 1). (i., (Se .. M i 
F. Conrade shaller. Chaplain, Reuben Morris. Q. M. S 
S. SI., John F. Gilbert. Meets every Monday bvi 

27 i #13] 




<). II. P. SAKGKNT I'll. Ill CORPS Ol KS.SI'X, Xo. Ill 
■ Meets at G. A. R. Mall on. Thursday evimings. Pre*., .M re. Mji 
S. V. P., .Mrs. Eliza J. Law. ,]. V. p., Mi - I /elim Uiiiiil i . ,-.. ,h, 

Hattio Andrews. See., Miss Luey Uurnliam. Chaplain, .Mrs. Wi . 
Color Bearers, Mrs. Jessie Knowlton Hiss Anuk- Cnonih* Mi |.u 
.Mrs. Sarah Oliver, Mrs. Abrani Haskell, Mrs. Olivo Moans. 


STARK KIN (J LODG12, No. 81. 

Lodge meetings Tuesday evenings. C C, Cheslu U. liuriihaiii Ivi i I 
Records and Seals, Kpes Sargent. 


'Meets at Conomo IT.-ill every Thursday evening. \V. P. I: ■ . I 
Petty. W. A., Miss Minnie Johnson, li. S., George \. Itiiruhti \ l:. S 

Mattie L. Haskell. P. S., Eva M. Kiggs. Treas.,Ett:i A. l-i. .!.-;. ..[. < 

Eva C. Bijruhain. Conductor, George E. Buruliain. Assl I .'■..!•>■ 


Essex Post Office. Postmaster, Loightou II. I', rkius. 
South Essex Post Oilice. Postmaster. David \i. liiiruhuiu. 



Sampson, Murdock, 6: Co., 

155 Franklin Street, Boston, Mass. 

I* III 010, 25 CENTti EACH. 

Boston, Mass. 
Albany, N. Y. 
Troy, N. Y* 
Cohoes, N. Y. 
Providence, R. I. 
Newport, R. I. 
Pawtucket, R. I. 
Westerly, R. J. 
Warren and Bristol, R. I. 
Woonsoeket, R. I. 
Manchester, N. H. 

Attleboro, Mass. 
Pull River, Mass. 
Lawrence, Mass. 
Lowell, Mass. 
Lvnn, Mass. 
Newbury port, Mass. 
Newton, Mass. 
Salem and Peabody, M 
Taunton, Mas: . 
Worcester, Mass*. 
New England States. 

Gloucester and Rockport, Mass. 




Arabella, from Pleasant to Lincoln 

Ashland avenue, from Bridge .street 

Beach, from Union street to Singing Beach 

Bennett, from Bridge to Bridge 

Boardman avenue, from Bridge street 

Bridge, from Central to Beverly line 

Brooks, from 39 School to Norwood avenue 

Burnhaiii's court, from School street 

Central, from Beach to Bridge 

Central square, junction School, Central and Beverly 

Chapel court, from 11 Union 

Church, from Union to the water 

Clairmont place, from School street 

Coolidge Point, from Summer, near Magnolia 

Desmond av. from 35 School to Norwood av. 

Elm, from 31 Central 

Essex, from Pleasant to Essex line 

Forest, from Summer, near railroad crossing 

Friend's court, from 54 School 

Harbor, from Bridge to the water 

Highland avenue, from Bridge to .Jersey av. 

Jeffrey's court, from Lincoln street 

Jersey avenue, from Bridge to Highland av. 

Lincoln, from School to Summer 

Magnolia avenue, from Magnolia station to Summer Street 

Masconomo, from Sea street 

Morse court, from 41 Central 

North, from 29 School to Union 

Norwood avenue, from Washington [ Point 

Ocean, from Summer, at poor farm, to Summer, mar Coolidift 

Pine, from Central to Pleasant 

Pleasant, from Arabella to beyond Pine 

Proctor, from Masconomo street 

Putman court, from Brooks street 

Raymond, from Summer, near Magnolia 

Rosedale avenue, from 95 School to Arabella 

School, from Central square to Essex line 

Sea, from junction of Summer and Washington 

Summer, from Washington to Gloucester line 

Tappan, from Beach street 

Union, from Central square to Washington street 

Vine, from 61 School 

Windemere park, from School street 




ABBOT GEORGE W. (Cambridge), summer res. Harbor st. 

Allain George 0. section hand, B. l^ M. It. Li, hoards Central, 
cor. Bridge 

Allen Benjamin L. clerk, house Ashland a\ . 
a Benj. L. 2d, clerk, Union street, house Ashland ;iv. 
« Carrie E. teacher, George A. Priest school, hoards 7 Vine 
u Clarence, gardener, house Summer, near Ocean 
it David G. house Summer, near Magnolia a v. 
tt Elizabeth P. Miss, house 7 Washington 
(< rClmer E. clerk, 16 School, house 6 Union 
u George F. dry and fancy goods and gents' furnishing 

goods, Union, cor. Central, house do. 
u flattie P. Miss, house Bridge, near Central 
it Henry 0. clerk, B. S. Bullock's, hoard-, Washington street 
t* -John Capt. (Boston), house Washington street 
». John F. engineer, house 17 School [house do. 

u John K. contractor and teamster, Summer, near Lincoln, 
u Luther F. wood carver, C. Dodge Furniture Co. h. 7 \'n,i! 
♦* Mary A. Miss, house Bridge, near Central 
a Raymond 0. civil engineer, boards 7 Norwood av. 
u Solomon I), shoemaker. Bennett, near Central, house do 
tt William II. carpenter, house 7 Norwood av. 

American Express Co. office ai freight* house 

Anderson Alfred, clerk, Frank P. Wonson's, 37 Central, house 
at Gloucester 

Andrews Charles, shoemaker, house 53 Pleasant 
« Charles T. laborer, house Hi Pleasant 
u Ernest W. driver, boards George K. Andrews' 
a Everett, care taker, house Essex street 
n Francis M. supt. Manchester watei works, house Lincoln »t. 
u George, teamster, house Essex street 
.. George E. janitor, house Summer, near Lincoln 
tt George F. painter, house 2G*Union 
« Horace E. driver, boards George E, Andrew* 
« Leonard, police, hoards Summer, near Line. .In 
« Lewis E. painter, hoards Summer, near Lincoln 
tt Lottie S. widow of George S. In, aid. Pl< asant, n ai Pine 
a Nathaniel M. gardener, house Summer, near Lincoln 


Amiable Alfred, house 14 Union 

Ashley Walter II. Rev* pastor Congregational Church, house 

Chapel court 
Aveney Henry J- bicycle manuf. boards .Joseph F. Aveney's 

it Joseph F. lamp lighter, house Summer si. at. R. K. crossing 
Ayers Brothers {George F., Francis /'. and Edward J/'.), iee, 
48 Summer 

u Edward W. (A i/ers Brothers), 48 Summer, house do. 

n Francis P. (Ayers Brothers), 48 Summer, house do. 

u George F. (Ayers Brothers); 48 Summer, house do. 

u Martha A. widow or Isaac, house IS Summer 

BABCOCK ALHANAN, undertaker and sunt, of cemeteries, 
house Pleasant, junction Essex st. 
u Arthur P. mason, hoards Pleasant, junction Essex st. 
a Jane, widow of John F. house Bridge, near Central 
a John F. laborer, boards Pleasant, junction Essex st. 

Baker Abby S. widow of Joseph F. house Pine, near Central 

* a Kben, carpenter, house '-!(') Suininer 
a Edward W. driver, boards 60 Summer 
u John, supt. Essex County CJluh grounds, house Pleasant, 

near School street 
a John Davis, carpenter, house 38 Central 
a Lizzie,, widow of Edward, house 60 Suininer 
a Lorenzo (U. & L. Baker), School street, house do. 
a Mary, widow of Ira, house 18 School 

.< Mary A. Miss, llOUSe 18 School 

u Nancy A. widow of John, house School st. near Essex line 

« Richard J. clerk, 18 Union, boards 60 Summer 

u Robert (Ji. c£ L. Baker), School street, house do. 

u Robert and Lorenzo, teamsters and milk dealers, School st. 

a Thomas, carpenter, boards Union, near School 

(c Thomas II. driver, boards GO Summer 
Barnard William, baker, house Washington street 
Barry Patrick, laborer, boards 10 Norwood av. 
Barstow George P. (Boston), summer residence, Harbor street 
Bartlett Matthew Mrs. (Boston), summer res., Masco nomo st. 

a Nelson S. (Boston), summer residence, oil Proctor staeet 
Bartol Cyrus A. (Boston), summer residence, Harbor strict 
Bates Lawrence, laborer, boards Jeffrey's court [ W. M. 

u M. L. Mrs. bookkeeper, F. K. Hooper's, boards Harbor St., 
Beaton Duncan T. plumbing and heating, '21 Central, house 9 

u James, plumber, Morse court, house School, near Lincoln 

u John, boards School, near Lincoln 
Bell Charles E. clerk, Central sq. boards 79 School 

a Frank W. clothing, and boots and shoes, Beach st. house 
7 ( J School 

a Walter R. clerk. Beach st., boards 7i) School 
Bement Gerard, lawyer, house Bridge street 



Bennett Amos F. ice denier, liouse Ashland av. 

u David K. house Bridge, mar Bennett 

a John, stone mason, house School street 

u Walter R. clerk, 6 School, hoards Bridge, ueai B -tt 

Berry Frank A. telegraph operator, B. & M tt.R. station, hoards 
Norwood av. 

« John, farmer, house Union street 
Betteucourt James, Lailor, Beach street, house do. 
Belts David, carpenter, house Pleasant, near Pine 
Bigelow Prescott (Boston), summer residence Oeean St. 
Bigwood Mary J. widow of John, house 15 Pleasant 
Bingham D. L librarian, public library, house b7 School 

a [IenryT. commissioner of emigration (Boston), boards 5 

« Mary J. widow of Henry T. house 5 Central 

u William 11. house Summer si. near Magnolia av 
Bishop John, teamster, hoards Highland av. 
Black George N. (Boston), summer res. Masconomo i 
Biaisdell George W. physician, Union, near Beach, hou b 
Blake S. Parkinan (Boston), summer res. Jei -y av'. 
Bliss Harry A. telegraph operator, .Magnolia station, boards 

Railroad street 
Boardinau T. Dennie (Boston), summer res. Boardman ... 

u William J. (Washington, I) C). mihiiihm res. Seu st. 
Bohaker Henry 0. gardener, house Masconomo street 

it John, gardener, house Masconomo street 
Bomhower Moses, teamster, house <S'_! Sumine) 
Boudilier Ezekiel, teamster, 30 Central, liouse Allen's Ian 

Union street 
Boyd Robert W. carpenter, house Summer, uear Magnolia 

.. Willard K. carpenter, house Summer, near. Magnolia 

u William, house Bridge, near Bennett 
Boyle Catharine, widow of Joseph, house 28 Summer 

u Kllen, house -ft Summer 

a Patrick II. Stable, Summer, near Lincoln, house do 
Bradley Edward S. plumber, Lt. Uobertsoii's, house Pine Bt. 
Brandenberg Fran-k, laborer, house Pine, near Pleasant 
Bray Albert A. driver, house Bennett street 
Bremer John L. Mrs. (Boston), summer »es ofl Masconomo St. 
Briggs Frank C pastor Baptist Church, boards 5 \ 
Brooks Wade A. gardener, house 1'-' Brooka 
Brown Charlotte 10. widow of George A. le.i:-.- Union, corner 
(i Daniel, laborer, hoards 7 North 
a Frank, laborer, house 50 Forest 
.•■ Thomas, teamster, house Bennett street 
Bryant Thomas II. butler. Caleb Curtis', liousi 

near Crow Island 
Buckle Henrv. coachman, house 15 Brooks 


Bullock Ably S. widow of lirniaiiiiii I, .,,-,- IV, l.i , 
«». bookkeeper "7 C I ' 

« Henjatoiu L. {Bullock Lcl) "7 Co ,' ' l,„ 

gram, 27 Central j ' fl "'' ' ,m 3 l: ' 1 

a Prank P. (Bullock Bros.) 27 Centi ,1 I 

Burgess Ihomas, teamster, 36 Central 

Burnham Frederick, teamster unci contractor, hou,e School cor 

Vine .street 

« John A. (Boston), summer residence, Flaibor si 
.< Nancy, widow of Addison, liouse 11 Pleasant 
Butler David, house School, near Lincoln street 
« I). Elmer, carpenter, house 7 Pleasant 

CABOT WALTER C. (Brookline), summer re,, Flarbo, u 
Ca Ito-FredA clerk, M H. Davis* hoards Cen tnd ^ 
Call Charles A. teamster, house School, near Vine M. 
Callanan M J. pro,,. Manchester House, Central street 
Campbell John A. clerk, J. A. Culhert's, Beach street 
at Beverly Farms r„ c , 

« John W. (^ V ,// (t . // ^, /)Jsr|i > , | ' 

« & Hubbard (JoAm //'. Campbell, John F. Uut 
visions, 18 Union 
Cappelio Leonardo, laborer, house 50 Forest 
Can- Alexander, gardener, house School st. mar Fn, , { \\ L . UU|1 

« Samuel (Boston), summer residence, Jerset ttV . 
Carroll Annie, widow of Frank, house Kim street 

" Thomas J. laborer, house 18 Desmond av. 
Carter Alexander, expressman, house Pine, near Cei Hal M 
«' John W. stoves, tinware, and house fiumsliiuj. ,r, ,1s, 10 

School, house do. 
a Leon W. baggageinaster, B. & M. R. K. board* 1" - 
» Obed, laborer, house off School street 
« Susan B. widow of John, house School, near Desmond m 
Cawthorne Joseph W. drive.. Am. Fx. Co house 1 School 
Chadwick Thomas, laborer, hoards 31 Summer 
« William, driver, house 1 Morse com i 
" William, laborer, house ."!1 Summej 
Channing Walter Dr. (Brookline), bummer re»id i Sum- 

mer St. near Magnolia av. 
Chapman Harvey, laborer, board- IS [Jnion 
Charles Harvey (Pittsburg, Pa.), summer u-. i 

near Magnolia av. 
Chase Henry, farmer, house Sea street 

Cheever Frank G. station agent, house Bri Igo st. I I Ira I 

« John H. manager, J. B. Don-, Beach at. i. 
« John II. photographer, Unioo street, house 
a Lester T. boards 35 School 


Cheev6r Mary F. and Nancy H. house 'J.^ School 
a Richard L. clerk', Am. Ex. Co. bds. Beach ^t. cor. Dniou 
a Susan H. widow of Samuel, jr. house 9 Friend's court 
^ William M. fanner, house Summer street, near Lincoln 

Clarke Kliot (Boston), summer residence, Coolidge I *<>i uL 
»4 Joseph, gardener, house Bridge street 

Cleary Jeremiah, laborer, house Bennett street 
i» Patrick J. laborer, boards Bennett street 

Clements William, laborer, boards North street, near School 

Cochrane Hugh (Boston), suuuner residence, 53 School 
a John F. laborer, house 18 Desmond av. 

Colson George K. section foreman, H. & M. house Central 
street, cor. Bridge 

Collins John, cabinetmaker, \)~> School 
a John, laborer, boards Bennett street 
u Lewis E. carpenter, boards 9."> School 

Comiskey Matthew li. coachman, house IS Desmond av. 

Condon Nellie M. Mrs. dry and fancy good-, and dressmaking, 
Central street, house do. 

Connors John, coachman, E. C. Hodges', School street, h. do. 
« Thomas, laborer, house Friend's court 

Cook Chester, tinsmith, boards 11 Pleasant 

Coolidge T. Jefferson (Boston), summer res. Coolidge Point 
d T. Jefferson, jr. (Boston), summer res. Coolidge Point 

Cooney Daniel C. blacksmith, house School st. neai Desmoiitl av. 
u James T. laborer, house? Sea street 

Corrigan Patrick, laborer, house Union street 

Getting Charles F. (Boston), summer residence, Harbor street 

Coughiin Ann, widow of Michael, house 88 School 
a Garrett, laborer, house 10 Norwood av. 
.4 John H. mason, house School, near Pleasant street 
a John W. carpenter, house 28 Union 

Crafts Chester L. carpenter. School street, house do. 
u Deborah, widow of Walter, house 22 School 

Crane Joseph, laborer, boards 1 < School 
u William C. laborer, boards 17 School 

Crocker James f. (JUdmumh & Cruel r), ice dealer, H i i 

Crombie Abby, widow of Enoch, house Pleasant, it< ai 1 
a Benjamin M. teamster. Pleasant, cor. Ksse* street, 
.. Carroll P. stenographer, boards Pleasant, neai Km 
u Cyrus A. mason, house School, near Vine t 
« Fli'/.a, widow of Charles P. house Pleasant, ■ ... I 
u Fva M. Miss, clerk, Central street, boards i 
.4 Frank II. laborer, house 2 Beach 
44 Granville, painter, house b'> Sumiuei 
a Samuel A. carj)enter, house Pleasant street 

Cronin Daniel T. laborer, boards 15 Friend's court 
44 James, gardener, house 1~> Friend's court . 
44 Timothy J. laborer, boards 15 Frieud's court 
44 William H. hostler, boards 15 Friends court 


Crotto Alfred, laborer, house Jeffrey's court 

Crowell Albert II. painter, Bennetl street, house 77 School 

a Edward, painter, boards 22 School 

a Leonard P. painter, bouse 22 School 

tt Mary A. widow of Samuel, house Union, near s liool I 

u Susan II. widow of Charles, house 22 School 
Crowley Aubrey, laborer, bouse Forest street 

« David P. gardener, house Bridge street 
Colbert ..Juiu-es A. baiuessniaker, Beach st. h. at Dudley Farms 

u Mamie L. Miss, bookkeeper, Beach >t. b. at Dudl \ I 

u Robert It. baiuessniaker. Bridge, cor. Bennett, h I'm,, 
Cunningham James II. Mrs. (Boston), summer res. II irlmr -i. 

a Joanna, widow, bouse Washington, cor. Suinin I 
Curriea Julia A. widow of Charles M. boards Ashlautl av. 
Curtis Caleb (Boston), summer res. Crow fsland, Ocean street 

a Greeley (Boston), summer residence, off Summer -;, 

DALEY WILLIAM, laborer, boards Jeffrey's court 

Dana Richard II. (Cambridge), summer res. oil Suuimei street 

Davis Melvin II. bicycles and tennis suppli . C( tral ft. house 

at Gloucester 
Denegre Walter D. (New Orleans), summer res. Hriil e street 
Dennis Alpheus, carpenter, house .* I School 

a Frank II. clerk, 10 School, house Lincoln street 

a Henry S. gardener, boost' Bridge street 

i.i Jennie P. widow of James, boards Union, cor. Beach 
Desmond John, coachman, house 18 Desmond av. 

a John, boards Washington street 
Diamond Peter, laborer, lions.- Forest street 
Dillon B. Theresa, saleswoman, Geo. F. Allen's, boards Broaki 
near School street 

« John, master mariner, house Brooks street 
' Diviney James J. coachman, house .'>•> Central 
Dixon Walter S. (Salem)* summer res. Central, neai r 
Dodge A. & Son, Hour, grain, and hay, foot ol Aslriai il 

u Charles C. manager, C. Dodge Furniture Co 
bouse 30 School 

« Cyrus tit. wood worker, C. Dodge Furnituri I 

DODGE C. FUltNITUltB CO., ( C. IXxl 
off North street (see page 527 ) 
u Jennie, widow of John M house 30 Sclio d 
« John C. Mrs. (Boston), summer res. Mas< 
(< John II. P. (Boston), summer res. Maseon 

Dole George P. carpenter, house 1 1 Noi I a. 

Donning Patrick, hostler, Manchester House, 1 
Donovan Frank, stable', Tappan, boards Union, near hi 
Doucette George M. teamster, 30 ( entral house M 
Dougherty Mary J. widow of William 11 house H 
Douglas Ida F. widow of Henry C. boards II Central 


Dow A rthur S. fish dealer, Beach st. near depot, house do. 
a Frank, laborer, boards Thomas Dow's, Vine street 
^ Jacob II. cabinetmaker, house 2 Beach 

DOW JAMES B. coal and wood, Beach st. neai depot, 
yvharf foot of Ashland av. house at Beverly Farms (see 
pa#e 528) 
a Josiah, laborer,- house 11 North 
u Thomas, fisherman-, house Vine street 
Dunbar Ernest W. bookkeeper, (> School, boards at. Gloucestei 
Dunn Augustus B. laundryman, house Bennett street 
a Barney, laborer, boards Finest street 
tt Levi A., Salem and Beverly Express, house Central St. 
D wight Henry tjy tie (Boston), summer residence, oil' Summer st. 
near Magnolia av. 

EATON WILLIAM S. (Boston), summer residence, Sen -t. 
Eddy Augustus Newland (Chicago, 111.), summer residence 

(Seawold), Summer st. near Magnolia av. 
Edgveomb Daniel, stone mason, house '2b' Forest 
Edison William H. foreman, W. H. Willmontou's, bds. 3 Pleasant 
Edmands Everett L.{Edmands& Crocker), Bennett st. house do. 
a <Sc Crocker (A 1 . L. Edmunds, J. A. CrocJctr), ice dealers, 

Bennett street 
Elwelj Henry, house I North 
Euos Manuel, laborer, house 50 Forest 
Erick.son Erie \V. laborer, house Forest street 
Essex County Club, off School street 
Estes Charles \V. horse shoer, boards Lincoln street 
Evans George F. plumber, 11. Robertson's, house Brooks st. 
Everest E. B. Mrs. (Boston), summer residence, Boardman av 

FABYAN FRANCIS W. (Boston), summer res., Harboi st. 

Fanning James, laborer, boards 10 Norwood av. 

Faulkner Joseph (Lynn), summer residence, Central, cur. Pine 

Fenton David, boat builder, ft. of Ashland av. house 12 Beacli 

Ferris, Meyer, laborer, boards 43 Forest 

Ferry Gesta, laborer, bouse Forest street 

Fields James T. Kirs. (Boston), summer res. Masconoino st. 

Fitch Charles. E. (Boston), summer res. off Bridge st. 

Fitz Elizabeth, widow of William F. house 1 Church 

a Mary E. Miss, boards 4 Church 

it Walter S. (Boston), summer res. Masconoino -t. 
Flaherty Martin, section band, house Bridge, n. Ashland 

u Peter, laberor, boards 7 North 
Fleming William It. driver, Smith's express, Central st. 

Desmond av. 
Floyd Lyman W. confectionery, etc., Central st. house do. 
Flynn JEdward, blacksmith, bouse 22 School 
Foley Michael, laborer, bouse Lincoln, near Arabella street 
Follett William, gardener, house off RIaseonoine street 



Foster Reginald (Boston), summer res. Cotdidge Point 
Francis Charles, hairdresser, 7 Central, house Brook* -i 

a Joseph, laborer, house Jeffrey's court 
Fratus John, hairdresser, house Jeffrey's court 
Fiiend Alfred W. boards 4 Church 

tt Daniel W. house 54 School 
Fritz Charles W. painter, house 61 School 
Full Elmer D. clerk, 16 School, boards North streel 

GARRELL FRANK M, carpenter, li. Bridge, near Central 

Gates -Joseph S. fisherman, boards Summer, near Lincoln 
Gentlee Abigail, widow of Thomas P. house 51 School 
Giles Mary D. Miss, bouse 41 School 

« Willis L. gardener, boards 69 School 
Gillis Archibald A. hostler, Samuel Knight's, h. Morse couit 

it John, laborer, house 13 Friend's eourl 

a John A. teamster, 36 Central, house I.'j Friend's court 

.» John G. carpenter, house Pine, near Pleasant 

a Neil A. teamster, hoards Morse court 
Gilinan Albion, bouse 'M School 
Gilson Frederick W. laborer, bouse 1 North 
Girdler Amos II. farmer, house Bridge street 
Glendenning Robert T. physician, 13 School, house do. 
Godsoe Clara G. bouse 3 Summer 

Goehling William F. clerk, Union street, rooms School btre< i 
Goldsmith Charles P. laborer, bouse 8 Lincoln 

it Upton, cabinetmaker, C. Dodge Furniture Co. h. 69 School 
Goldthwait Maggie, widow of Frank, house Jeffrey's court 
Good ridge Isaac P. clerk, F. Iv. Hoojier's, h. Highland .t\ 
Goodwin William D. teamster, h. Summer st. at li U 
Gorman Michael E. mason, house Bridge, mar Dennett 
Gott Charles S. crossing tender, Sea street, do. 
Gray James, carpenter, bouse; School, near Vine 
Green. Arthur L apothecary, Central s<] house Norwood ft\ 
Grew Edward S. (Boston), summer residence, Beach street 

a Henry S. (Boston), summer residence, Masconoiu i treel 
Griffin John, laborer, hoards Forest street 

u WilliamfJ. gardener, bouse Bridge street 
Grimes E. L. laborer, boards 89 School 

HALL HERBERT A. carpenter, house Bennett neai C 
Hamilton Mary L. widow of James R. board ii Wai 

ington street 
Hamlen Nathaniel P. (Boston), BUIllIliei i .M 
Hannahell Charles T. yachtsman, house 2 Was 
Haraden Albeit, carpenter and builder, Bi 

n Alice J. Miss, telephone operator, Central st. bds 

u Annabel, telephone operator. Central street, board 

tt Edward, carpenter, house Ceutral stl 

tt Edward W. carpenter, hoards Central 


Hart John Francis, stone mason, house Summer, near Ocean St. 
u Nathaniel W. stone mason, boards Summer, near Ocean 

Hartley Fred H. baker, house North street 

Harvey William II. carpenter, boards 96 School 

Haskell Albert, boards Lincoln street 
« Alma C. mason, et<\ 13 Vine, house do. 
u Amy B. teacher, Cove school, boards 9 Vine 
u Florence C. teacher, boards Bridge street 
a George L. coachman, house Summer, near Ocean street 
a George T. engineer, pumping station, house ( .' Vine 
« Jacob A. stone mason, house Jeffrey's court 
u John G. carpenter, liouse Bridge street 
a Mary E. L. Miss, house Bridge street 
u Simeon, gardener, house Bridge stieet 
« William D. stone mason, house 15 Vine 
u William H. supt. Manchester poor farm, house do. 

Heath Edward W. fisherman, house Summer, near Ocean .-t. 
" Ella J. Miss, liouse Summer, near Ocean street 
a. Harry E. gardener, boards Summer, near Ocean street 
« John, lish market, Ocean st. house Summer St. 
u Nancy A. widow of John G. house Summer, near Ocean st. 
u Warren E. fisherman, house Summer, near Ocean st. 
« Warren W. driver, hoards Summer, near Ocean street 

Height Edward F. carpenter, house Desmond av. 

Hemenway Ellen L. Mrs. (Boston), sum. res. Masconomu >t. 

Henderson Howard C. carpenter, h. Summer, near Lincoln >t. 

Herrick Eben P. clerk, Manchester House, boards do. 

Hersey Alfred E. carpenter, house ( .) Friend's court 

Higginson A. S. Miss (Boston), summer residence, Summer 
street, Manchester Cove 
a Henry L. (Boston) summer residence, Harbor street 

Hildreth George E. tinsmith. Morse court, house 13 Pleasant 
« Irving. laborer, boards '.)(> School 

Hitchcock Abbie C. liouse Union street, near School 

Hoare Emma F. bookkeeper, boards School street 
u James, foreman, Roberts & Hoare, house Norwood av. 
u Jessie M. music teacher. Elm street, boards School -ti.-<t 
.> Robert, carpenter, Roberts & Hoaie's. boards 3 Sunimei 
a William, clerk, F. K. Hooper's, boards Uniou sli 
u William (Roberts & fioare), carpenter, Kim si li. Scl 

Hobbs George H. clerk, F. K. Hooper*-, h. Pine, near Cei 

Hodges Edward C. stock broker (Boston), house School 

Hodgkins I). B Sons, hay, grain, etc huinch store, Summer 
street, at railroad crossing 

Hood George II. (Boston), summer residence, ":l Bri Ige 

Hooper Alfred C. clerk, 6 School, boards Watdiingl 

Arthur K. bookkeeper, Central street boai 

"' Charles, boots and shoes, 11 Central, I I S bool 

« Edward P. foreman for Mrs. G. S. Cuftit, bou 
street, cor. Summer 


Hooper Eliza H. and Abbie Misses, house Bridge rtreet, 

HOOPER FRANKLIN K. provisions, Central street, 
house 11 Union (see page ~>'21 ) 
it George, clerk, 6 School, boards Washington street 
u George W. grocer, G School, house Washington street 
a Robert C. (Boston), summer residence, Boardman av. 
Ilorion Myriek C. driver, Smith's express, Central street, house 

5 Brooks 
Howe Charles 0. painter, house Washington street 

« George W. (Boston), summer residence, MascODOtllO tttl 
Hoyt Claudius B. house G Union 
a Claudius L. dentist (Boston), house Morse court 
a Eva C bookkeeper, Smith's Express, Central street, L 

Morse court 
u Nancy B. boards rear 79 School [ house d>». 

Hubbard John F. {Campbell & HubOuvd), provisions, 18 Union, 

a John P. clerk, house Desmond av. 
Hughes Clarence W. section hand, house Forest street 
a C. Adeline Miss, boards Central, cor. Bridge 

IRELAND JAMES H. house 2 North 

JACKSON M. C. Miss, (Boston), summer res. Moore Col 
off Summer, near Magnolia av. 

James Jane, widow of William, house Elm street 

Jewett Alfred S. (.1. S. S: G. II'. Jewett), furniture dealer, 
Desmond av. house Central street 
u A. S. & G. W . furniture dealers, Desmond av 
»< George W. (J. 6'. & G. \V. Jar, ft), furniture dealer 

Desmond av. house 7 Washington 
a Orrin W. hoards Bridge, near Ashland av 

Johnson Andrew J. upholsterer, house Bridge, near Bennett 
« Edward A. house 26 Bridge 

i< Fred M. (Boston), hoards Bridge, near Bennett 
u L. J. Miss, asst. to postmaster, hoards Bridg« street 
it William, upholsterer, Bridge, near Bennett, hou 
u William P. ginsmith, Morse court, house at Salciu 
« William J. real estate, insurance and nolarj public Bi 

near Bennett, house do. 
a , carpenter, hoards LV> Union 

Jones Benjamin, blacksmith, boards Purest street 
« D. Crowell, fisherman, house 10 Washington 
i. George A. mariner, house Ml Central 

Jordan Eben 1). (Boston), summer res. Bri I 

KANE MICHAEL, gardener, house Summer, neai Li 

Katon Joseph S. gardener, house 6 Purest 

Keano Patrick, coachman, Edward Robin son's, off School, h. do. 

Kehoe Michael, carpenter, house Summer, neai Magnolia a\. 


Kelleher John, laborer, boards 71 School 

a Michael, mason, boards 7 1 School 

a Michael Mrs. house 71 School 

H Patrick; mason, hoards 71 School 
Kelley William F. coachman 'for Itoland C. Lincoln, house 

Summer st. near Magnolia av. 
Kennelly Jeremiah W. laborer, house Summer street 
Kerr Mary E. Miss, house 3 North 

Kiliam Augustus M. (/''. A. P. Klllam & Son), cai , 
Desmond av. house 10 Vino 

« Cyrus B. hoards 11 Vine 

» F. A. P. & Son (A. M. Klllam), carpenters and builders, 
Desmond av. house 11 Vine 
TZILLAM LEWIS, carpenter and builder, Desmond av. 
I\ house do. (sec page 528) 
Kimball David B. (Salem), summer res. Muscoooino st. 

a George, supt. of streets, house 5 Pleasant 
Kino- John R. laundry, 99 School, house do. 
Kinsman Elizabeth II. widow of George F. h. Union, cor.; Beach 
KiLlield Jacob II. carpenter, Summer, near Ocean, house do. 

a Sarah F. widow of Jacob, house Summer, n. Magnolia av. 

a William E. farmer, house Summer, mar Magnolia av. 
Knight David M. -expressman, boards Morse court 

u Edward S. florist, 44 School, house do. 

« Ernest M. expressman, hoards (> Morse couit 

a Frank P. (Samuel Knight), coal, wood, and luillh 
Central, house (3 Church 

u George L. (Samuel Knight), coal, wood, and lumb 
Central, house 15 Brooks 

a John T. missionary, house Magnolia station, Railroad st 

u Maltha C Miss, rooms 13 School 

a Samuel (Frank P. and George L. Knight), coal, 
and lumber, 3G Central, house 33 do. 

<< Susan B. widow of David C house l) Morse court 
Knowlton Albert, laborer, boards Forest street 

u Edgar W. teamster, boards Elm street 

.. Frank, blacksmith, house Pine, mar Pleasant 

<< George V. laborer, hoards Elm street 

k Mary E. Mrs. house Elm street 

c< Warren F. prop. Blynman Hotel, off Summer' 

Magnolia av. 11. at I 

Kretchmar A. (George Sauer & Co.), upholsterer, D mi 

LAMASNEY JOHN, Brooks street 

.. Thomas W. clerk, house Brooks street 
Lampion Abraham, expressman, house 1 - s 1>'" >k« 
Lamson Darius F. Rev. house 27 School 
Landall John, house School, near Pleasant | % J[Vii 

Lane Edward A. painter and paper hanger, 59.S •!. i ■'.. Ii 

u Francis A. (St. Louis. Mo.), Biimmei 
iner street, near the line 


Lane Fred W. painter, house 96 School 

a John Beach (St. Louis, Rio.), summer resilience, Suiuinei 
street, near Magnolia line 

« Otis, carpenter, house 4 Vine [house at Salem 

Larigmaid Fred P. manager. Telephone Exchange, Central -t. 
Latioris John P. carriage maker, Beach st. house 1 (| North 

« Jonathan P. carriage builder, Beach at. house North St. 

« Louis 0. carriage painter, house Union, near School 
Leach Albeit L. farmer, house Bridge street 

« Eliza E. widow of Daniel, house Ashlai. ; av. 

a George F. carpenter, B. & M. car 'shop, hds. 41 Central 

u Henry C. (Salem), summer residence, School stre I 

a Lewis A. clerk, F. K. Hooper's, house Central street 

u Sarah F. widow of George A. house -11 Central 

a Susan Miss, house 2 Washington 
Lee Andrew, fish market, 3 Central, house 3 School 

« A. & Sons (Charles 0. and Frank /£.), apothecaries, 
Union, cor. School, and hardware. School street 

tt Charles 0. (A. Lee & Sons), Union, cor. School, house 
Union, cor. Beach 

tt Downing, engineer, house Pleasant, near Essex [ ^t. 

a Frank E. (A. Lee & Sons),- Union, cor. School, h Bridge 

« George, laborer, house School, near Pleasant 

tt Jacob VV. laundry man, house Harbor street 

a John E. cabinetmaker, house Harbor streel 
Leland Lester (Boston), summer residence, Boardman av. 
Leman Abigail, widow, house Summer st. near Coolidge Point 

it Joseph, printer, Beach st. near depot, at ttockport 
Lendall Charles W. expressman, Smith's express. Centi 
house 18 Union 

u Edward E. gardener, house Bennett street 

« Everett N. teamster, house Bennett street 
Leonard Nellie M. teacher, G. A. Priest school, h. Ashland .c. 
Letbbridge Ezekiel, teamster, 36 Central, h Washii 

a Richard, laborer, house Sea street 

a Thomas, laborer, house 17 School 

a William, tinsmith, boards Washington st. 
Lincoln Roland C (Boston), summer residence. Suiuniei »L 
Littlefield Chailes, teamster, boards Highland ai 
Lockwood Thomas S. (Boston), summer residence, oil S i in i tier, 

near Magnolia av. 
Lodge Charles A. gardener, house Bennett str< 
Long Bros. (T. JJ r and M A.), laundry, foot ol Ashlan I ai 

i. Fliza A. widow, house Summer st. at Kettle I 

it Merritt A. (Ldng Bros ), laundry, foot ol Ashland a?. Ik 
Bridge st. off Ashland av. 

« Thomas W. (Lony Bros.), laundry, foot ol Ashland ai h 
Biidge st. off Ashland av. 
Loomis Charles T. jeweler and optician, 37 Cent 
Lord Sarah E. widow of Radford, h. Desmond at t 


Lovejoy Qhai'les E. asst. engineer, pumping station, U. Fori 

Low Albert E. house Ashland av. 

Lucas Albert J. farmer, house Ocean, cor*. Summci 8t. 

a Charles L. carpenter, house 1T> Pleasant 

u Ernest C. carpenter, house School st. cor. Clairuiont pi. 

u James H. laborer, boards Ocean, cor. Summer st. 

t< Robert T. boards D. J\I. Stearns', Summer, i ear Oei 
Lutz Stanley A. blacksmith, house i> Summer 

MAHONEY ELLEN, widow of Daniel, house Elm st. 

t< Patrick, laborer, house Washington st. 

u Timothy M. carj>euter, house Pine, near Central *t. 
Manchester' Poor Farm, William H. Haskell, siipt.. Ocean 
near Summer 

k Public Library, Union street 
Manion Byron J. coachman, house Bridge stre< 
Marble Benj. C. supt. bouse 9 Washington 
Marshall Isaac M. publisher, house Bridge street 

a John W. (Boston), slipper inanuf. house i>l Central 

a Percy E. W. harnessmaker, Beach street, hnar()s do. 

(< Nejhemiah C. carpenter, house Bridge street 
Martin Arthur S. golf player, boards Summei street 

.. Elmer J. foreman, hoards Summer street 

a Frank, painter, boards Burnhain court 

<.< Fred W. laborer, boards Burnham court 

.. George 11. bouse Burnham court 

... Israel, brick yard, Summer at. h. do. neai I!, li ci i 

a Orrin A. brickmaker, boards Summer streel 
Mason Charles A. painter, house School, near Lincoln 

u Emily Mrs. bouse Summer, near Lincoln 

« Mortimer B. (Boston), summer res. oil Proctor street 
Mather-son George, carpenter, boards William Fleinin 

mond av. 
May Abbie P. Miss, house Bridge street 
McCarthy Cornelius, laborer, hoards Purest *ti 

.. Timothy, horse shoer, Raymond st. in »lia."l 

MeCollom H. B. steward (Boston), boo 81 School 
Mc.Cormack Ellen, widow of James, lion • S i miner, n. 1. 

u Lucius G. driver, boards Summer, near Lincoln 
McOiarmid Harry, carpenter, house 18 v 
MeDonough Coleman, laborer, hoards I 1 H 
McDougal Angus D. laborer, house 26 Union 
MeEachern Alexander I), painter, hoairds ■< Pl< 
McGregor James, gardener, house Ilighhi 
McKelvey Adam, laborer, boards North, i S iool 

u Alexander, laborer, house North ti el S liool 

McKim Elias, laborer, house 131 Summer 
McKinnou David A. carpenter, house 17 North. 

a Lawrence, farmer, house Bridge street 
McMillan James II. (Detroit. Mich), summer res. - 




McNeary James, foreman, house 51 Summer 

McNeill Joseph F. carpenter, house Friend's court 

McQuai'ie Edmund, carpenter, boards at William K. Fleming's, 

Desmond a v. 
Mead Mary G. Mrs. saleswoman, Geo. F. Allen's, heat. I- tie 
Meaney Daniel J. laborer, house Summer street, near Lincoln 
Mears Charles S. boards School street, cor. Pleasant 

a Simon, jr. gardener, house School street, cur. Pleasant 

a Susan, widow of Si'mon, house School street, cor. Pleasant 
Meegan John, laborer, boards Forest street 
Meld ram Nathan P. real estate agent, house 51 School 
Merriam Arthur M. (Boston), summer res. Bridge street 
Merrill Benjamin F. janitor, Priest school, house 9 North 

a Enoch F. telegrapher, boards 9 North 

a Frederick J. prop. Smith's express, Central street, house 
Bridge street, near Central [ M tscoiionio -i 

a Hannah B. Mrs. (Providence, R. I.), summer residence, «»:1 

a J. Warren (Brookline), summer res. oil' Proctor street 
Miller Augusta Mrs. house 20 Union 
Mitchell Patrick J. gardener, boards Highland av. 

<>. Sarah, widow of William, house Pine street, near Central 

a Walter J. (Cincinnati, Ohio), summer res. Magnolia av. 

a William F. gardener, house 12 Beach [Clairmonl place 
Monteiro Augustus G. hairdresser, 1A Central square, house 
Moore Ellen, widow of Philip, house oil' School street, rear 11 

a Newell Mrs, house Summer street, near Magnolia 
Morgan Charles, tinsmith, house Lincoln street 

a Gecirge II. laborer, house Pleasant, near Pine 

a George M. carpenter, house Putman court 

a George M. (Boston), summer residence, off Masconomo St. 

a Harlan G. carpenter, house School, cor. Pleasant 

<< Harry N. laborer, boards Pleasant, near Pine 

a Lewis, cabinetmaker, Brooks street, house 55 School 

u Nathaniel, janitor, house Bennett street 

tt Sarah M. widow of William, house Clairmont place 

a William, laborer, house Clairmont place 
Morrison Eliza A. widow of Elbridge G. house 28 School 
Morse Benjamin P. laborer, boards Highland av. 

a Charles H. carpenter, house 4 North 

a Daron W. shoemaker, Bridge, cor. Jersey av. bouse do. 

a George A. gardener, house Highland av. 

a Harriet, widow of James, house Highland a v. 

a Thomas A. shoe repairer, 11 Central, house 1 North 
Mossgrabber Philip, gardener, house Summer, near Oceail 
Mozell Edward, laborer, boards 17 School 
Murphy Thomas, laborer, boards 53 Pleasant 
Murray Anthony, hairdresser, boards Morse court 

a Asa, expressman, boards Washington street 

a Emma L. widow of Joseph P. house Beach street 

^ James, teamster, house Jeffrey's court 

a Lydia, house Union, cor. Washington 


NEEDHAM ALFRED C. (Boston), house 11 Union 

Nelson Edward, laborer, boards 53 Pleasant 


XI CO., Fred P. Langtuaid, manager, Central street (see 

page 538) 
Nichols Henry G. (Boston), summer residence, off Suramei -t. 

near Magnolia av. I I ■, •:■ n 

u Joseph W. fisherman, bds. Nancy Heath's, Summer st. near 

Nickerson Archer M. teacher, boards 7 Brooks 
u David, carpenter, house 7 Brooks 
a Thomas H. station agent, West Manchester, li. Bridge st. 

Noyes Herbert F. mason, house Pleasant, near Essex 

OLSEN ARTHUR E. bookkeeper, boards Norwood av. 

it Nels M. carpenter, house Norwood av. 
O'Neil Cornelius, house 16 Union 

a Theresa Miss, dressmaker, 1(5 Union, boards do. 

ORE ANDREW J. painter, paperhanger. etc., Brooks bt. 
house 12 do. (see page 528) 
O'Sullivan Dennis, horse shoer, house Lincoln, cor. Arabella st. 

PAIGE WILBUR B. tanner, house Proctor street 
Paine Robert Treat, 2d (Brookline), sum. res. Coolidge Point 
Parker Charles A. driver, boards Bennett sheet 
Parkhurst Clarence, laborer, boards 89 School 
Parsons Caroline, widow of Chas. C. h. Central, cor. Morse rt. 
a Charles W. laborer, house 57 Pleasant 
a Ernest M. clerk, 27 Central, house at Gloucester 
a Perley B. carpenter, boards Central, cor. Morse court 
« Solomon A. plumbers' helper, R. Robertson's, boartu ( 

tral, cor. Morse court 
a Tyler F. carpenter, boards Central, cor. Morse court 
Peabody Samuel S. salesman, house .58 Central 

1)E0K GEORGE P. bicycles, electrical goods, and variety, 
44 Central, house 46 do. (see page 527; 

Peirce Benjamin F. house 35 School 

Perry Annie, widow of Louis, house Elm street 
u Frank C. painter, boards Clairmont place 
u Joseph C. hairdresser. Central street, boo-- MofM I 

Pert Charles R. janitor, High school, h. Bridge, near Central 
a William J. gardener, house Bridge, near Central 

Peters Albert E. gardener, house School, near P 
a Sinclair C coachman, house Morse court 
a Thomas C. commercial traveler, house Morwe 

Phillips Anna A. widow of Henry L. house b*J Sttiumei 

Pickering Henry (Boston), summer residence, v I 

Pierce Benjamin F. foreman, foot of Ashland av. li 

Pine Antoine F. fisherman, house Korea! street 

Pinkliam Leslie A. gardener, house Bennett - 

Porter Sarah A. widow of John A. house Bennett >t. 


MANCiitiSTKi: hiKi.i roin 

Prescott Mary, widow of Joseph 0. Ii. Suwmei n . i I 

street ( ( J5 years old) 
Prest Grace J\I. bookkeeper, 1(1 School, l». School, u< 

... Robert, shoemaker, house School, near Lincoln 
Preston Edward F. carpenter, house Brid n . i utral -i 

u Harlan 11. carpenter, house II Brooks 
Price Henrietta 1. widow oi John, house -■> Scl 
Prince Gordon (Boston), summer residence, II: 
Pulsifer James K. house 72 School 
Putnam George (Boston), summer residence oil M. 

QUINN ANN. widow of James, house Kim street 

RABARDY JULIUS F. insurance agent and uotar) | 

Central st. house Central, cor. Bridge st. 
Kainville Horace B. clerk, 2(3 Central, boards 10 d >. 

a Leah Mrs. dressmaker, 10 Central, house il \ 

Ramsdell Harry A. bookkeeper, Kssex Count) ( I . 
Ray Jennie M. widow oi Thomas, house I nut 

a J. A. plumber, R. Robertson's, boards 1 riend's 

a T. William, clerk, boards Frieiul's court 
Read Charles A. (Boston), summer residence oil I'i 

u James, carpenter, boards .'5 Summer 
Reed Amanda F. widow of Dana K. house 1- Summer 

« JeoJVrey S. restaurant, Beach at. ueai dejMit I. • ise d>> 
Richardson Asa, house Ashland ay. 

U Isaac P. blacksmith, Kim street, house H Ashland %\ 

a Ruins C. clerk, boards Ashland av. 

a Samuel D. shoemaker, Washington, cor. Uuiun, h. 1U 
Riordan John, laborer, house L> Friend's « 
Rivers James II. cabinetmaker, lions* Sell 

a L. M. Mrs. milliner and dresstnuki i. 22 S 

u Waller M. painter, house 22 S( 1 1 

Robbing Thomas A. carpenter, house i ■• School 
Roberts Arthur, boards 11 Washington 

« Henry Iv. boards 11 Wellington 

.. Oliver T. {itotn rt* X" H< in >, Kim il house 

1S0HEUT8 .v no vim: 
\j carpenters and contractors, Klin Li 
Robertson Robert, plumber, liea< h 1 

ii William, gardener, house liri I • lrc< : 
Robinson Edward, house oil Sclw 1 

« K. J. Mi^s v New l'ork). tuutuiei 1 1 

Rockwell Alfred 1'. ( Bosti . 
Rogers Fllery L carpenter, house liri 

. k Louisa W. Mrs. (Boston), nun 
Rosedale Cemetery. A. Babcock, 
street, aild Rw-edale i\ , 

Rotch Thomas M. Dr. (Boston), suniinei 1 
Rowe Abraham, house l .» Washington 
. k Frances C. bookkeeper, i 6 


Rowe Frank C. clerk, 27 Central, boards 2 ScjIiooI 

u George A. cabinetmaker, house 1 Summci 

u Theodore 0. carpenter, house 2 School 
Russell Joseph P. shoemaker, house Summer, near Lincoln 

« William E. Mrs. (Cambridge), summer residence, Lily 
Pond Cottage, Coolidge Point 

« W. S. C. teacher High school, house Brooks street 
Rust Franklin B. grocer, 1 (> School, house North Ktreel 

« Melvin C. hoards Bridge, cor. Ashlaml av. 

u William C. house Bridge, cor. Ashland av. 

SAMPSON ROBERT De WOLF, house Summer streel 

Magnolia av. 
Sanborn Ellen, widow of George, house Jeffrey . court 
Sanger William T.Mrs. (Morristown, N.J.), summer residence, 

Harbor street 
Sargent Charles, lobs term an, house Ocean st. ueai [>o n I 

« Ernest W. clerk, Union street, do. 

u Fit/. W. painter, house 5 Vine 

» J. C. Miss, asst. librarian, boards 5 Vine 

a Louis O. lobsterman, boards Ocean. st. near poor farm 

it L. M. Mrs. (Boston), summer residence, Coolidg< !' 
Sauer George & Co. (A . Kretchmar), upholsterers Desmond a v. 
Saunders Daniel I), house Bennett, near Central 
Sawyer Arthur W. (Boston), summer residence, Bridge st. 

n Charles W. painter, house 5 Vine 
Sehirmer Gustaf (New York), summer residence, > 
Schlu singer Barthold (Brookline), summer res. off Sninmei -i 
Schmidt E. J. Paul, gardener, house 17 School 
Schoctl'el Agnes Booth, prop. The Masconomo Masconoiue 
Scott C. P. Mrs. dressmaker, Union street, house <!«». 

u George E. plumber and steamfitter, boards; Union sti 

u John, painter, house Union street 
Sennicks Albert, driver, house 5 North 
Shad rick George, laborer, house 28 Summei 
Shaw Herbert, gardener, hoards Highland av. 
Sheehan Daniel, laborer, house end ol Norwood av. 

u Patrick, gardener, house 49 Summer 

u Peter A. elerk, house Forest street 

a Thomas \\. carpenter, house Summer, ueai I ■ 
Sheldon Charles 11. house Harbor itn ei 
Silva Frank, hostler, hoard, 43 Forest 

« .John F. laborer, house ■!•') Forest 

« Joseph, farm hand, boards I . Forest 

a Manuel, farmer, house 1« Horest 

« Manuel C. laborer, house II Forest 
Simmons Edward ,J: clerk, 18 Union, board* t 
Sinnicks George S. mason and contractor P 
house Ashland av. 

u Samuel A. teamster, house North street 


Sjolund Gustaf, iloiist, house 6 Morse cwut 
Slade Henry L. bowling alley, Beach street, near le| ul 
Putnam court 
ti Joseph J. carpenter, boards H) Brooks 
a Susan L. widow of Thomas VV. house 1<> Brook 
Slater Andrew C. (Boston), summer res. Mascjnutttu sin t 
Smith Annie J. widow of Albert, house School stieel 
it Charles N. driver, house 2 Washington 
tt Express, Fred J. Merrill, prop., Central street 
it Herbert C. hostler, house Washington street 
u Lydia Mrs. house Proctor street 
u R. 1). Mrs. (Boston), summer res. Highland av. 
« William R. baker, Bridge, near Central, boar,!. ,(,, 
Smothers Arthur E. clerk, F. K. Hooper's, house Baym i ! 
Souza Joseph, laborer, house Forest street 
Spalding Francis It. (Boston), house Bridge street 
Spencer Henry L. laborer, house Forest street 
Spinney William A. farmer, house oil Bridge street 
Spry William F. (Tdjjpan & Spry), florist, Pine, heal Central, 
house Morse court 

Standley Horace, blacksmith, Beach street, house Noi wl av, 

Stanley Curtis, mason, house School street, near Frii nd's roittt 
a Curtis B. boards School street, near Friend's court 
« Edwin P. town treasurer, house Summer street 
a E. Wallace, blacksmith, boards Bridge Street 
u Herbert, mason, house 62 Summer 
it Jeffrey S. house 87 School 
tt Mary, widow of Ezra, house G'J Summer 
u Otis M. mason, 11 Vine, house do. 
a Ralph G. mason, boards School st. neat' Fiietld 
a Roy, clerk, F. K. Hooper's, boards Union street 
u Roy B. meat cutter, boards School St. near Friend's 
u Seuter, mason, Vine street, house do. 
Stan wood Francis M. (Boston), summer u'v oil M miiu »t 

Stearns Daniel M. blacksmith (Magnolia), It. Suiiiiu • 
Stevens Horace II. (Boston), sum. res. Suuiuiei Bt H. Mag 

« -Joseph C. (Boston), house off Summer st. u< ai 1 . 
Stewart Rtta Miss, house 11 Washington 
Stidstone Isabefle F. widow of James T. hous< Bl 
Stone Chailes H. carpenter, boards f>5 Sclto >1 
« Howard W. teamster, boards Burnluim's court 
it Richard (Boston), summer residence, M 
« Thomas B. shoemaker, boards 1 1 Norwoo 
Stotesbury E. F. (Philadelphia), summer 
Strople George It. carpenter, board- 3 Summei 
Sturgis John Mrs. (Boston), summer res. oil Suiumel si 
Sullivan Dennis 0. horse shoer. Morse court, ho . I 
Swanson Join, carpenter, boards Washington street 
Swett Frederick K. clerk, 21 Central, boards U 
« Simeon T. stable, Bennett, cor. Fine, ho ise U ( 


TAPPAN ANNIE S. Miss, house Bridge, near Ashland av. 

« Benjamin VV. grocer, Bridge, near Central, house do. 

k Bethiah Miss, house Bridge, near Central 

u James K. (Tdppan & Spvy), Pine, near Central, house I ,. 

k William H. notary public, h. North st. next to seliool I, i . 

" & Spry (J". K. Tajyxm, Wm. F. Sjn'y)< Horists, I' 
Taylor Randolph S. gardener, house Summer, cor. 
Tenney Frank E. teamster, house Bridge st. near Bennett 

.. Jane H. widow of David, house Pleasant, neai i 
Thayer A. G. Miss (Boston), summer res Highland av. 

u Ezra R. (Boston), summer res. Maseonomii sheet 

a William R. (Cambridge), boards Mrs Kobeii DeWoll 
Sampson's, Summer street 
Thomas Frank L. painter, house 2 Potest 

u Joseph, mason, boards 2 Forest 
Thorndike John L. (Boston), summer res. Bridge street 
Tifft John B. Mrs. (Buffalo, N. Y.), summei res. - 

near Magnolia av. 
Timmins Arthur, stable, Beach street, house at Boston 
Tit field George A. house Ashland av. 

« Lucy A. widow of Henry, bouse Ashland av. 
Torrey Joseph A. house 12 Union 
Travers Manuel, painter, house 9G School 
Trowt Ada S. widow of Andrew 11. house Brooks street 
Tucker William A. (Boston), summer n-s. oil Bridge street 
Turby field Annie Miss, h. off Magnolia av. n. M ignolia 
Tuttle Jane, widow of Daniel Y. house Kim Btreel 

a Jason C. teamster, boards Elm street 

« Warren C. hairdresser, 1A Central sq. house CI irti 

UNION CEMETERY. A. Baheock. supt.. School 
Urquhardt Thomas 0. D. chief of police, li. Brid 

WADE DANIEL, laborer, house 14 School 
Wagner Hiram, bouse Elm street 
Walen William, painter, house School, e»r. Pl< iisnul 
Walker William - B. (Chicago, lib), summer res I 
Want Hugh P. laborer, house 7 North 
Warner Isabella M. dressmaker, 22 School, 
Washburn George II. Dr. ( Boston), suinmei I M 
Watson George H. clerk, 16 School, house i r 79 .S 

« John, gardener, house Church street 

u Lawrence J. baggagem aster, B. & M. R R 

a William J. coachman, house Washington 
Webb Lucy A. widow of John C. house S I 

« William A. painter, house School, m u 
Welch Bulkeley (Boston), summer resicl I 

« D. laborer, house Forest street 

u Michael J. fish dealer, Beach stre 

o Rhoda A. bread store, Bridge, near Central, 


West Charles E. lamplighter, boards Joseph F. A \ 

a Isaac S. (New Orleans), summer residence, Smiiii 
Magnolia av. 
Wetherbee J. Otis, lumber dealer (Boston), lion 

« Winthrpp (Boston), hoards,!. Otis Wetheihee ■ 
Wetherell Byron F. station agent, B. iV M. I: i: . M ignoliu 
station, house near depot, Railroad -iit.i 

n Lucius J. baggagemaster, Magnolia hta. bds Railro 
Wheaton Alice G. widow of William IV. house Noi I 

a Samuel L. postmaster, house 10 Norlh 
White George It. (Boston), summer res. off Maseoi 

a Henry, carpenter, boards Win. K. Klciniug's, l> 

u John J. boards Summer, near Lincoln 

a Mary, widow of Patrick, house Summer, ueai Lincoln 

it Timothy L. boat builder, foot of Ashland av. h U 
Whitehouse Francis M. house Crowhurst cott:i 

Whitman Jeremiah N. farmer, house Pine, near & ntral 
Widger James W. laborer, house Union, cor. Beach 

u Thomas, gateman, B. & M R. It. h. Suinmer, i 
Wigglesworth George (Milton), summer i«--. Sea stiet't 
Wilcox Edward 11. clerk, Central sq. boards Noi 
Wilkinson Joseph It. painter, house Summer, near O 

« Joseph It. Mrs. groceries, Summer, near Ocean, In* i 
Willmonton George, house ',*> Pleasant 

it George E. carpenter, Clainnont pi. house IViudeiuen 

a Louisa A. widow of Thomas, house School street 


\ T Beach street, near depot (see page 527) 

« Howard L. (Boston), boards .')1 Central 
Winston G. S. physician (New York), summei res S 
Winthrop Llobert C. (Boston), summer res. J. 
Wong Sam, laundry, Beach street, near depot 
TT70NS0IN IK INK P. bicycles and *|j 

H Central, house at Gloucester (see | 
Wood Edward L. (Brookline), summer i< -> Masctinoiiio t»l 

a John, teamster, house Forest street 
Woodbury Annie B. widow of John, house olf K*ri 

u Etta F. teacher, G.A. Priest kcIiooI, bcls ntl I 

it George, janitor at B. & M. R.R. Static 

« Lydia, widow of Levi, house Sun,:: 
Wry Mary J. widow of Henry, house 28 Summei 
Wyman Gerald (Boston), summer res. Harli >i 

YOUNG HERBERT, gardener, house Pine, i 

Younger George, driver", Smith's express, Central »il 

Washington, cor. Norwood av. 



Green Arthur L., Central square 
Lee A. & Sons, Union, cor. Beach 


Bullock Benjamin S., Washington street 


Davis M. H., Central .street 

PECK GEORGE F. 41 Central (see page 527) 

WONSON FRANK P. 37 Central (see page i 

McCarthy Timothy, Raymond, near Magnolia 
Richardson I. I*., Elm street 
Standley Horace, Beach sheet 

Boat Builders. 

Font on David, foot of Ashland av. 
White Timothy L. foot of Ashland a\ 

Boots and Shoos. 

Bell Frank \V., Beach sheet 
Hooper Charles, 1 1 Central 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 

Allen Solomon 1)., Bennett, neai Central 
Morse Daron \V., Bridge, cor. Jersej at 
Richardson Samuel 1)., Washington, cor. I 

Bowling Alley. 
Slade Henry L., Beach street, near depot 

Bread Store. 
Welch Rlioda A., Bridge, near Central 

Brick Manufacturer. 

MartinJTsrael, Summer street 

L «» ] 

438 M ANCIIKSTKll liUSINKSS 1 >l I! I < I ui; V . 

Cabinet Makers. 
C. DODGE FURNITURE CO. olf Nuitli st. (see page 52 < | 

Morgan Lewis, Brooks street 

Carpenters and Builders. 

Crafts Chester L., School street 
Harraden Albert, Brooks street 
Killam F. A. P. & Son, Desmond av. 
KILLAiM LEWIS, Desmond av. (see page 528) 
Kitfield Jacob II., Summer, near Ocean 
ROBERTS & HOARE. Kim streel (see page 528) 
Wilhnonton George E., Clairmoirt plan- 
Carriage Builder. 
Lations Jonathan P., Beach street 

Carriage Painter. 

Lane Edward A. 59 School 


Ashley Walter H. (Gong.)* Chapel court 
Briggs Frank C. (B.), 5 Vine 

Clocks and Jewelry. 
WINCHESTER HERBERT B., Dow's block, opp. 

(see page 527) 


Bell Frank W., Beach street 

Coal and Wood. 
DOW JAMES B., Beach street, near depot, wharf 
Ashland av. (see page 528) 

Confectionery, Etc. 
Floyd Lyman W., Central street 

Contractors for Building. 

Allen John R., Summer, near Lincoln Mint 
KILLAM LEWIS, Desmond av. (see pagfl 5'J 
ROBERTS & HOARE, Kim Btreet 

OUR ANDREW J., Brooks street (see pa 


Hoyt Claudius L M Morse court 


page 527) 



Condon N. M. Mrs., Central street 
O'Neil Theresa Miss, 10 Union 
Rainville Leah Mis. 46 Central 
Rivers L. M. Mrs. 22 School 
Scott C. P. Mrs., Union street 
Warner Isabella M. 22 School 

Dry and Fancy Goods. 

Allen George F., Union street, cor. Central 

Condon N. M. Mrs., Central street 

Electrical Goods. 
PECK GEO. F. 44 Central (sec page 527) 


American Express Co., Freight Mouse, B. & M. K. K. station 
Dunn Levi A.. Central street 
Lamson Abraham, 18 Brooks 
Smith's Express, Central street 

Fish Dealers. 

Dow Arthur S., Beach street, near depot 

Heath John, Ocean street 

Lee Andrew, 3 Central 

Welch M. J., Beach street, near 

PECK GPX). F. 44 Central (see page 527) 

Knight Edward S. 4 1 School 
Tappan & Spry, Pine, near Central 

Flour, Grain and Hay. 
Dodge A. & Son, loot of Ashland av. 
Ilodgkins D. B. Suns, branch store Slimmer Bt. at R. R 

Furniture Dealers and Manufacture! . 
C. DODGE FURNITURE CO. off North str< 
Jewett A. S. & G. W., Desmond av, 

Gents' Furnishing Boc 

Allen George F., Union street, cor. Central 


Bullock Bros. 27 Central 

HOOPER F. K., Central Btreet (see ; 

Hooper George W. 6 School 

Rust Franklin B. 16 School 

Tappan Benjamin W., Budge, near Central 

Wilkinson Joseph R. Mr>. Summer, near Ocean 


Francis Charles, 7 Central 
Monteiro Augustus G. 1A ("rut nil square 
Perry Joseph C, Central street 


Lee A. & Sous, School street 

Harness Makers. 

Colbert J. A., Beach street, near the depot 

Colbert Robert, Bridge, cor. Bennett 

Horse Shocr. 

Sullivan Dennis ()., Morse court 

Blynman Hotel, Warren K. Knowlton, prop, off Summer, neai 

Magnolia av. 
Manchester House, M. J. Callahan, prop., Central street 
Masconomo (The), Agnes Booth Sehoeti'el, [nop., Ma* 
street (summer) 

Ice Dealers. 

Ayers Brothers, 48 Summer 
Bennett Amos R, Ashland av. 
Kdmands & Crocker, Bennett street 

Insurance Agent. 

Rabardy Julius F., Central street 

Jewelry, Watches, Etc. 
Loornis C. T. 37 Central 
WINCHESTER HERBERT B., Beach street, near ill 

(see page 527 ) 

Kindling Wood. 
DOW JAMES B. oil' Beach, opp. U.K. station 


King John V y 99 School 

Long Bros, foot of Ashland av. 

Wong Sam, Beach street, near the depot 


Public Library, Union street 


Gorman Michael E., Bridge, near Bennett 

Haskell AhnaC. 13 Vine 
Sinnicks George S., Ashland av. 
Stanley Otis M. 11 Vine 
Stanley Senter, Vine street 


Milk Dealers. 

Baker R. & L., School street 

Mill Work. 
C. DODGE FURNITURE CO. off North m. (see pa 

Notaries Public. 

Johnson William J., Bridge, near Bennett 
Rabardy Julius F., Central street 
Tappan William If., North struct 

Crowell Albert 11., Bennett street 
Lane Edward A. 59 School 
ORR ANDREW J., Brooks street (see page 528) 

Paints, Oils and Glass. 

Lane Edward A. 59 School 

ORR ANDREW J., Brooks street (see page 528) 

Paper Hangings. 

Lane Edward A. 59 School 

ORR ANDREW J., Brooks street (see page 528) 

Cheever John R. 19 Union 

Photographic Views and Water Col 

(see page 527) 

Blaisdell George W., Union, near Beach 
Glenderining Robert T. l.'> School 

Pianos and Piano Tuning. 
PECK GEORGE K. 11 Central (.see | ige 527) 

Planing, Sawing, Turning and Mc 

C. DODGE FURNITURE CO. oil North m. i 


Beaton Duncan T. 21 Central 

Robertson Robert, Beach street, near thu il 

Leinan Joseph, Beach street, near the depot 

Produce and Provi 
SHELDON'S MARKET. E. K. Hooper, | | I 

(see page 527) 

Real Estate. 

Johnson William J., Bridge near Bennett 



Reed J. S., Beach street, near the depot 

Sawing, Planing, Etc. 
C. DODGE FURNITURE CO. off North st. (see page 527 j 

Sewing Machines. 
PECK GEORGE F. 41 Central (see page 527) 

Silver and Plated Ware. 
WINCHESTER HERBERT B., Dow'a block, opp ilepol 
(see page 527) 

Sporting Goods. 
PECK GEORGE F. 44 Central (,ee page 527) 


Boyle Patrick H., Summer, near Lincoln 
Swett S. T., Benrett, cor. Pine 
Timmins Arthur, Beach street 

Stoves and Tinware. 

Carter John W. 10 School 


Bettencourt James, Beach street 


Hoare Jessie M., School street (music) 


Allen Jolin R., Summer, near Lincoln 
Baker R. & L., School street 
Burnham Frederick, School, cor. Vine 
Crombie Benjamin M., Pleasant, cor. Essex 

Telephone Office. 
CO., Central street (see page 538) 


Johnson William, Bridge, near Bennett 
Saiier George & Co., Desmond av. 

Watchmaker and Repairer. 
WINCHESTER HERBERT B., Dow'a block, opp depot 

(see page 527) 

Wood Dealer. 
DOW JAMES B. off Beach street, opp. R.R station 

page 528) 

Wood Workers. 
C. DODGE FURNITURE CO. oil North at. (see 


selectmen, Assessors and Overseers oJ the I'oor— Alfred S. Jewell I 

-John H. Cheever, George J'. Dole 
Town Clerk— Alfred S. Jewell 

Constables—Lewis 0. Lations, George K. Hihlreth, Leonard Andrew - 
Town Treasurer and ( lollector- Kdwin r. Stanley 
.Measurers of Wood ami Uark— "William C. Bust, p. A. 1'. Ivillan U 

Fence Viewers- William C. Rust, V. A. 1'. Killam, Oliver '1 Boberls 
Measurers of Lumber— O. T. Boberls, \\\ C. Bust, t'liai I us C. U I 
Superintendent of Streets -George Kimball 
Sealer of Weights and .Measures Kdwin 1'. Stanley 
Chief of Police— Thomas O. I). Un'iuhart 
Police Officers'- Leonard Andrews, George F. Ilildretii Chai 

ence W. Morgan 
Registrar of Voters James 11. Rivera 
School Committee— Rev. Waller H. Ashley, Chairman : Kd ward A. 1 i 

W. Floyd 
Superintendent of Schools— George P. Armstrong 


Steamer No. 1, Engineer, Charles C. Uodge. Chiel Kngincm-, .1 . i 

Assistant Engineers, George S. Sinnicks, John W.Coughlin. II - u I . 

Chemical Engine. Hose Wagon. 


Fikst Baptist ChukOjj of Manchester. Pastor, Bev. Frank I I in 
Clerk, J. Davis Baker. Treas., Mrs. Abbie S.Bullock. I' 
mouton, T. B. Stone, W. Iv. Flemming, Robert Baker, .1. 1»..\ id Hal 

tciiclenl of J J i L 1 < • School, Chester Craft.-. 

Coxgukgatioxal Cm itt.u. Central square. Organized 1 7 1 tj ['a* 

Walter li. Ashley. l>eacons, Alberl K. Low. Franeis a. I*. I 
Torrey, otfver T. Roberts. Clerk and Treasurer, Georgu F. Allen S i 
dent of Sunday Sehool, Albert Cunningham. Hours 61 -■ v'u , liM 
7. 150 p.m. Sunday sehool in, mediately alter morning servi 


Memorial building. Union street. Trustees, Roland C. Lil 
Sec, 1). L. Bingham; Tresis., Alfred S. Jewott. 


KS.SKX <<)l N I V (II IS. 
Chairman. T. Jefferson Coolidge. Sec. and Tr< is , Uei ird Bel 
of (Grounds, John Raker. Steward, John lirilliu. 

4CKTTLK < <>\ i: (.oil < II It. 
Club house off Summer street, near Magnolia line, l'res., I»r. I 

M.-rrill. Sec. and Treas., Charles S. I'enhallow. 


Rosedale Cemetery, Sehool ai d Pleasant st reels and II 
Union Cemetery, School street. A. Babeoek, supol lUluiuh I 


Opeu daily, except Sunday, from 7 i.M. to H p.M r • 
Wheaton. Assistant, L. J. Johnson. Mail Ai i 
Mails due at this office from Boston and wav statious Sew ^ 
and South at 7.10. L1.4G a.m.; 3.15, •'..«'" l'.M. •■• 
7.55. 10. 3U a.m. ; 1.40. 5.2G P.M. Magnolia al ! 

Mails close for Boston ami wav stations. N •• Vork. 1 
South, at 7.18, 9.50 a.m. ; 1.05, 4.51 l'.M. lilou 
A.M. ; 2.40; 5.25, 8.00 l*.M. Magnolia at 2.4 





Alabama l,5l::.i.i; , Michigan ■ . 

Arkansas ,128,179 M.unesoli i 

California 1,208,130 Mississippi 

Colorado 412,108 Missouri v.. ; .. i-i \ 

Connecticut 740,258 Muiitum i.i ,'J \ 

Delaware 108,40! Nebraska l,(j 

f , ; iuri,1 » t EH;t S evu, , , , u ; ' 

tieorgiu 1,835 ,353 New Hampshire 

Idaho 81,385 New Jersey 1,414 

Illinois 3,s'j.;,:;m New V „l , 

Indiana 2,lyj,404 North Curoliiiu l.UI i; 

lowu 1,011,800 Nur.Hi Dakutu I 

Kansas.. 1,-il7,u'.ii; Ohio \ . 

Kentucky 1,858,6:15 Oregon 

Louisiana 1,118,587 Pennsylvania 5.i I . 

Maine (101,080 I Rhode Island (1805) -i. 

Maryland 1.042,300 Smith ( 'uro.ii.a 1.1 

Massachusetts (1305} 2,500,183 South Dakota - | 

l*0|»ltllll l.. I, ..I I ' • It. ,,. . | 



i .| .. . , 



Albany, N . Y .07,120 , Nabhuu, N 11 . 

Allegheny, I'enn ...105,287 Nashville, Ttnn. 7- i- - ! 

Atlanta, deorgia .i \.w; j Ncw.irk, N .1 I8I,K.U ■ 

Auburn, Me 11,250 New Ucdtord.Musd 

Aiigustu.Me 10,527 I New lirilain, Ciui 

Baltimore, Md 134,4.(0 ] Neubui n»"i, V, li 

Buugor, Me I'J.hfl New llu\ci.,Coiin - 

Biddeio.d, Me 14,44:! N( w Orleans, Lu -i- 

Boston, Muss l'.r,,.in Newport, U. I 

Bridgeport, Conn;o , Newton, Mu = s 

Brockton. .Muss 3i,10o New York, N. Y 

Bullalo, N. Y 278,700 I North Adums, Muss 10.1 > ■ 

Burlington, Vt 14..VJU Northampton. Mass. 

Cambridge.- Muss 8I.1M0 Norwalk, Conn I. 

Camden, N.J r .8.3ft Norwich, Conn I 

Charleston, S. C M,0i5 Oakland, Cul... W.I 

Chelsea, Mass 31.201 Oiuului, N.-b 

Chicago, 111 l,4.'J.s,('lil I'.u ersini N 1 i 

Chioopee, Mum 10.420 l»n 1 tm k< 1, It 1 

Cincinnati. Ohio LIW.'.nw IWia. Ill 

Cleveland, Ohiu 201.3.-.3 I'hiludclphui I', u I.O-" 

Colioea, N. Y 2;;; I'itl.-buig, 1'. 

Columbus, Ohio 88,150 Hi . Hi :ld, Mu ••■ ■ 

Concord, N. II 17.004 l'i/rtland, Me 

Dayton, Ohio 11,220 I'ortluml Oregon 

Denver, Col K)ii 713 I'oughki p -. N. V 

Dei Monies, lowu- 50,003 Hovidein. U.I I ■•uimiI I 

Detroit. Mich Su5,J»;ti 0.uincy, 111 j:H ' 

Dubiuiue, lowu 30,311 Uuiii | . M 

Elizubcih, N. J ::;'.. :«1 Ken liiiy I ' 

Erie, Hon 40.034 Uicliunmd \ 

Evan-ville, I lid 50,7 i l: • N V 141,- 1 ; 

Evere t. \lu«s 18 57 I Uul mid VI II 

Fall Uiver, Mass 80/-O3 Sacramento. Cal ■ 

Fitchburg, Mass L'ii,400 Si. Joseph. M 

Fort Wayne, Ind 35,303 SI Linus Mo - 

Galveston, Texus 2'.».«>S4 St. 1'itul. M 

Qlouces'cr, Muss ..SSV-'ll Salem. Mil. 

Grand ltapids. Mich ¥ liv.Xi Suit Luki 1 1 

llurrislnn-g, l'enn 30..W Sun Ulti ■• 

Hartlurd, Conn. ! I.83M . San Fiui > ■ 

Hoverhil), Mas. »!,»•'.• S11 ut< .... 

Holyokc, Mass I" ' Savun 1 • * ■ 

Honolulu, Hawaii li.vnu" Scruuiun, I'eiu 

Indianapolis, lud 1 1> . i >; >i il •• 

Jeraey City. N. J lilt.iMi.3 So.nei > 

Kaiirtti City, .Mo 132,710 Sprii M ; 

Lawrence, Mass 52.hH SyrucuiHs N V... 

LewMton, Me 2I.TiH T. v ^ ........ 

Line.. In. Nell W 154 I •■ • 

l.os AiiRelcB.Col .'■»>" Toll lo.Uluu 

Loin, villi-, Ky I'll."' '■ 

Lowell Ma»s m. ;..r I'reiil 11, N .1 

Lynn, Mass 02.351 l.\ ' 

Maiden. .Muss 20.708 lllica, N ^ * 

Manchester N. 11 -4 4 1 1_. ; vValths 1 V- 

Marlboro, Mass I l.i»77 v\ is, .id. Muss 14.474 Wi 

Memphis, Tenu IH.41U Wilmiiijcttiu, Del «•' 

Metiden.Conn 21.1152 WoburnJM.u 

Milwaukee. Wis »M.4«8 Wooii.ockH, l; I 

MmneupoIis.Minn »U.«:W ^,„ ■, .t«r M«h 

Mobile, Ala 3LU7ti Y,ik,,.NY ■ ■ 



of Gloucester, Mass. 

156 Main Street. 

CAPITAL, - - $150,000 

Surplus and Undivided Profits, $81,000 

JOHN I. STANLEY, President. 

N. II. PHILLIPS, Vice President. 

Ill HAM RICH, Cashier, 







Dealers with (his Hank have the benefit of its numerous connections ml i:.< i icilltlofl 
it lias for the transaction of any business pertaining to legitimate banking. Mi m I 
their interests to it are assured of prompt and faithful service. II Hi AM KICK < i 



1&5 Main Street. 

CAPITAL, - - $300,000 

Surplus and Undivided Profits, - $1*3 

•A General Banking Business Conducted. 


L. A. BURNHAM, President. 

QEOliGE STEELE, Vice President. 

U 1 1. 1.1 i M /•' i B s " N • Cuskii 

i>uti:< ITOR8 : 







Safe Deposit and Trust Co. 

No, 191 MAIN STJ&EET. 
CAPITAL, - $100,000 SURPLUS, - $48,000 

Stockholders' Liability, $100,000 Total Guarantee, 24 

GEO. R. BRADFORD, President. C. E. FISHER, freasurer 

Money deposited here goes on interest at once. Interest rumpoun i. I 
month. Certificates of deposit issued if desired. Monej loai ■! on Ileal 
Estate, Mortgages, Collateral or Endorsements, withoul delay. 


Safety Boxes in the Vault to rent from $5 Oo per annum 

Auxiliary Banks furnished any one who deposits sj.ix). In this way you I. 
Savings Bank in your own house always open for deposits, 
•where you can drop in small amounts. 




Capital Stock, $200,000 Surplus I Profits, $86,000 

President, GEORGE 11. BRADFORD. 

lice President, GEORGE II. PERKINS. 

Cashier, JOHN GOTT. 



D. 15. SMI I'll. 

\\ i 





S VI. VAN lis SMI HI. 



,1. J. STAN WOOD, 

t The oldest National Bank on Cape Ann, and its facility - 
and doing all Legitimate Banking are of the very best. This 
Bills of Exchange in all countries, and Is situated directly in froul 

and Custom House. 




I . n. SAWYER 
i j i prlelor. 


Always Cool. Only Hotel on Cape Ann directly on a beautiful ■and i i h < 
Attendance of the best. Luxurious itrds Rntl Cto»nllne*». 
Popular rates for periuaneiit and transient guesil 

OPEN FROM JUNE TO OCTOBER ,,,,11111111111... 





Fancy Wood Printing. Wayside Signs. 


Wax and Parchment Papers, Toilet Paper, Sisal and Twine 
and Fish Packers' supplies of all kinds. 





Justice of the Peace and Conveyancer, 

Insurance placed in first-class Stock and Mutual Companies. El 
of Titles and Qenealogical matters promptly atta 




Notary Public, Auctioneer and Conveyancer. 

411 Risk3 Placid in First-class Companiei. 

76 Main St., - Gloucester. 







Ro< 'in 1 < 

, Elm 9 

i. 1 01 » 

1 - 1 1 1 . hi ASS 







150 Main Street, Gloucester, Mass. 




Unexcelled Laundry Work of Every Description. . . 
Hotel, Restaurant and Steamboat Work a Specialty. 


David Parsons, 

CA TTT «f^p«p 


Marine Railway, Rocky Neck, 


The Improved Cushioned I 

For Tender Feet ±>> 

i ii.\ M 


rests every loe 

uoi i. i ■ I III 

They stop the drawing and tu 

and pic ' - 
i i > U n Pail ...;■• 


9 PLEASANT ST. MfttatM I B ... BUN I 

Boots, Shoes, Clothing- and Dry Goods. 




Fine Portraits, Landscape, Marine and In. r Woi 

Finished promptly and Well. 

'.T Tnni? ommw/'k 1 "I « » AT A 1 M 

«T.. <. I .<>i < i - i i " *i * — • 


Owen Matthews, 


We Guarantee Satisfaction on every 
garment we make. 


100 Main St., cor. Centre St., Gloucester. 

Henry Hingers, 


Cleansing and Repairing Done 
Promptly and at Low Prices. 




First Class Work Guaranteed. Cleansing and Repairing 
done in a Superior Manner. 






J". "\A7". TJPHAM, 




Repairing Promptly Attended to. 
IVo. Si JYI^VIIV HTREET, <; i .o i < I :-* l i : I c. m v • 

Window Shades, Rods, Draperies, Carpet Work 



Representing Merchants Ins. Co. of Providence, R. I.i M«rrlm»el M..I....I l I i I 

Andover; Fireman's Fund In*, t ... of Su 1 II ■«>- « ll 

SAWYER BLOCK, ROOM 5, MAIN ST., opp. Street Railwaj D«ei ,GLOU€B8TBI 


ULOUCKSTKU 1 > 1 1 ; I : * TOltt 



Vv 1 

^^^-srA Cariaentsrs * Contractors 


lobbing l'runi|illj \i:. 
I'Imiih, Simm in. ,i Ion - llM.llt n ! in 111*1,. li 

Gloucrstew - . . 

J. U.CRANTON, 1U Sadler St. H. W. DAVIS, 20i Taylor St. 



m i b 


Shop, 4 Spring St., Gloucester. T 

I*. (). BOX ^17 



Iffes MM 1I1J 

Building Materials Furnished to Order, 

Asphalt Walks a Specialty. 

!Mor8<orRcpaiiiiiKiir luyinjj Tile pro iniitly uticndcU I k I 
work wurrautt-d tu give gutistactlon. Guu.l Jobbing u Specially 




I. ; 




V i :n I 1 .. <.!<>! * I - I Bll 



Have had 33 years oxperieuee, and will gfce P«« - i 
, »...i„, it,.v »t .i n. ItlCHAltDSON'S, 130 II iln * 

L. ii. NAUS8. 


■ C. s NAUS8. 



L. 33. NAUSS & SON'S, 

— di:ai.i:ks m — 

Lumber, Brick, Lime, Cement, Etc. 

42 COMMERCIAL ST., and RAILROAD AY., near Passenger Depol, GLOUCESTER. 




Ship Painting a Specialty. 

Shop formerly Burnbam Bros.' Railway Office. 



? Uontractcrs 


Rough anil Hammered Gtaniie. 

10 SBEALL ST., and rear 53 BASTEM IT. 

Gloucester, U 

a". :f». hale «Jb co. 

Personal attention given tu Sanitary Plumbing. Ventilation und ii'"' « 1 >rali 
by Hot Water, Steam Or Warm Air. Till Koottng, l*wii | 
General Jobbing Promptly AttemlaU to. 
Vis M7VPLEWOOD JVV., - - <il.t>» c i:-.i lit M \-.*.. 











Fishermen's Outfits. 

66 and 70 Duncan St., Gloucester. 


Electrical Conlruclor. 

181 Main Si 

Power, Fai 

Electrl Ca I 

Su« ikln i i 

i i. . ( 1 1. ii iifiu 

i in,- i < i. i'i' •■"• - ' 

\\ |l log ol i I 


roscoe n:. RICKKn 

1)1 Al.hil IN 


4.„a L>avin» Block* <•'" '»" ••'"•'--• 


n,-8i«ieiue. 1S1 Leonard Street, \. i 





I*vjjre> Tea 

A IN 1> 


Jas. Dai.zell. <>?-< Main Street, Grloweeator, Ufa 



Flour, Grain, Etc. 

Also Pork, Lard, Hams, Eygs, Salt Fish, 
and Produce of all kinds. 




High Grade Bicycles d E::y:i; i':::!:-:j, 

Guns, Spotting Goods, Firearms Skatci 

Keys, Fireworks anJ Fjnc/ Bttdl 

129 Main St. cor. Hancock St., Gloucester. 

Gun and Lock Repal ng of .. 
promptly .uu- n )< • i to 

Elias P. Burnham. Parker II. Burnham. Enoch Burnham. 




Marine Railways, 

And Derrick for Setting Vessels' Masts. 
Saw, Planing and Grist Mills. 
And Dealers in Hay and Grain. 




No. 75 East Main Street 


Telephone Connection 


iil'U.u TO oil »l it 


Orders taken in Summer for next 
Spring Delivery. 


Parker St., Head of the Harbor, 



393 Main Street, 

Gloucester. Mass. 





Room ZE^svipcx-fc* and Borders. 

Graining, Glazing, Paper Hanging, Sign Painting, Etc. 

House and Ship Painting. 

Fresco and Interior Decorations a Specialty. Sashes and Ullndi always oi band. 


C. F. Lufkin, 



Oars, Trawl Rollers, Etc. 


All Work Warranted to give Satisfaction. 

353 Main Street, Gloucester. 


Blacksmith >»* Block Factor} 


Westerly End of Rogers St., 

The following trticlei an 

in 1)1 v 

Blocks Strapped and Un I 

Block Repairing,* Mast Hoops of a 

e>es, Belaying Pin-, Jib Haunt, t 
Gatt Handles, Trawl Buu,\ Tra* - 
Trawl Rollers, Tholepin 
and anything that man a* ■ 
A Share ol your pattonaj 



The Rocky Neck Marine Railway Co. 


Repairing a Specialty. 



All kinds of House Brackets, Pence l'ost.-, SUlr Potts and Baliu 
Mouldings Done in the JK-.-t btfauw 

Shop, Rear of Derby St., near B. & M. R. R. Station, (,: ' 


Buceeuor 10 QEORQI D u lit ! 


Black Cloud, Alpine, Climax, Mavis. Madcap and others. 

Also Bailder of Kou Boats, Guualas BoaU, Dorlo* Bad »l 








Head of the Harbor, 




Groceries and Notions. 

Dairy and Creamery Butter 
a Specialty. 


134 Washington Street, 


i'OK SAXjE tl ^' 

Hay and Grain 

All ordei - promptly filled for an ■ 
of Hay desired, cither Eastern <•: \\ 
at lowest possible prires, as *w buy direct 
in the country anil bale our uhm Hay. 




Curers, Inspectors, and 
Wholesale Dealers in 

ESU impokteks or salt. 

Western, Central, Eastern and Brown Wharves, 





Jb ' JL S3 JlTZj — 


12 Montgomer} Place, 

QL0UCE51 L.R. 


Sargent Street Bakery. 


Fresh Country Milk and Sterilized Cream at w holeealfl and U< I ill. 
INTo. 3 S^.«.Gr333STT STREET, GLQUCEfesTLin. 



Une Groceries, Confectionery, Cigars and Tobacco. 


r i v r r n a r f 


ukai.i.k in 


Apples, Beans, 


COFFEES, f\ f) f\C* C O BUTTER. I M't). 


Also Dry and Fam-\ Goods. 


E. O. BROWN,. DE — J Jk 

^p^N ; Fresh Cod, Haddock, Mackerel, ^^< ,-, 
^ U< -V , Halibut, Clams and Shell . ^V. 

Orders Delivered in :>li Put-, ol the Citj Fre« 


AND Dl.Al.l U IN 


ANU — 

Agent for Plant Liuo of Steamera to Novu Booth 

GEORG-E 1*._J\A ICON'S ,v UO. 

Flour, Grain, Butter, Lard. Fork, Teas, Cofl 
Vegetables, Fruit and ( 



Vegetables and Canned Goods I 






Furniture and Piano Moving a Specialty. 

Telephone 332-5 


Meats and Provisions. Poi,,tryaSpca,ty 

- Fruits of all kinds. ■ 


Our low prices help you pay your house rent. H. 8. NICKER SON 

A-Zlw^ih: if*. iD-&rs:, 

A I. Ml . 

i •mlllei Sapplh d \» Ilk 
Pun i 



James HfcT. Mx53L.angrIi.lixi, 

Horse Clothing and Stable' Supplies. Speoial Attention 



W. P. ALKXAXDKK, Proprietor. 

First Class Board with Good Care. 



Veterinary Supplies. 


Junction of Main and Washington Sts, 


F. S. & I II. ItDIS, 

hook and Job 


No. 78 Main Street, 






Coffins and Caskets furnishi rder 

on the most reasonable tei 


J < l« J lioin- < .,111m . Hon. 

Orders left at above, or at my residence, -1 WKSTICltN AVENUK, will me 



Teaming and Jobbing. All Ortleris Promptly Attended to. 

Residence and Stable, 277 EAST MAIN STREET, 


GE H. 




All kinds of Floral l>esi^ni 
DFui'Jii sited, to Oi'dei'. 



r. l\ TjRACY, 




Rear 20 Main Street, Gl 


to S i.-tli L. Col..- 6. Soi 


Designs. Plants, ('ut [•'lowers. 

i'iiik i iii \\ ..1 k i S|m • 



II. F; WILKES, Proprietor. I-:. C. UH.llW II mm 

The West End Shining Parlor is the only establishment in the rity 
get her shoes polished. Electric fans in motion white you are gelt 
No. 1>